10 Tips On How To Be A Good Friend

10 Tips on How to be a Good Friend

I have spent the last five years mastering the art of  how to be a good friend to other mothers. From eating Crisco straight out of the can to leaving floaters in my guest toilet, I can say that I’m a better friend now than I’ve ever been. Lucky for you, I’m sharing my top 10 tips…

1. Be an average-sized person. Do you like hanging out with really skinny people that make you feel fat? Me neither. That’s why I eat ho hos and bon bons on a daily basis. I never want to make my friends feel fat while they’re hanging out with me. Sometimes I get a little too thin, and when I see this happening, I just eat more Crisco straight out of the can. It’s the least I can do for my friends.

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2. Don’t do a great job cleaning your house. I don’t know about you, but whenever I’m at someone’s house, and I see a little counter-top clutter, I feel more comfortable. And – a dirty toilet or fingerprints on the bathroom mirror? Thank the Lord – I feel like a normal person. I work hard to make sure my house is never too clean for guests – and I can always count on my dog or one of my kids to make it smell like a giant fart, which I think is a nice touch.

3. Make sure your kids scream bloody murder while you’re on the phone. My friends know that when they talk to me on the phone, they’re going to hear my kids yelling and screaming. I like to think of this as a special gift I can give my friends. It either makes them feel totally normal when their kids are also screaming in the background. OR – it makes them feel like they are great mothers because their kids are NOT screaming in the background.

4. Burn dinner when you have dinner guests. When you have dinner guests, it’s usually a good idea to royally mess up something – just to make everyone feel like great cooks themselves.One Thanksgiving I purposely left the bag of guts inside the turkey and made a big show of taking it out of the cooked bird while we were at the dinner table. Everyone immediately felt like they were better than me. Mission accomplished.

5. Never look too put together. This is a tough one for me, because I tend to be fairly put together. But before I leave the house, I try to mess myself up a little bit so that no one feels dumpy when they’re with me. Sometimes I smear a little baby poop on my pants or on my shirt. I’ve been known to tear holes into the knees of my jeans… you get the idea.

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6. Forget your kid somewhere. I haven’t done this yet, but I’m keeping it in my back pocket in case of a friendship emergency. Forgetting your kid somewhere pretty much guarantees that no matter which one of your friends is having a bad day – they’re still a better mother than you!

7. Update your Facebook status wisely. You will never see me posting things on Facebook like, “My kids LOVE picking up their toys” or “Oh my gosh, I have to buy myself smaller jeans (again)!”  No, you won’t. Because I am a good friend. Instead, I post things like: “Man – this lice just won’t go away.” or “Bedbugs suck!” or “How did I manage to gain 15 pounds this week?” Be a good friend – think before you Facebook.

8. Stop cleaning your minivan. Minivans were made for smashed goldfish crackers, spilled milk, stinky socks, and maybe a little vomit. Once I stopped cleaning mine, my friends felt normal. And I found that it helped to ward off any minivan jealousy from my friends that haven’t gotten theirs yet.

9. Wear your pajamas everywhere. No matter what I’m wearing, I feel amazing when I see another mother wearing Sponge Bob pajama pants while she’s dropping her child off at preschool. Seriously. You want to be a great friend? Rock the PJs in public!

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10. Leave some floaters. I always make sure I have a few floaters in the guest toilet, especially when company is coming over. Nothing makes people feel like they’re a better all-around person than me than finding a few floaters in my potty.

Some are easier to implement than others, but once you get the hang of it, we can all be better friends!

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About the writer

Anna Luther is the mom behind the blog, My Life and Kids, where she strives to make you feel better about your messy, crazy, fabulous life. Find her on Facebook, on Pinterest and Twitter @LifeandKidsBlog.


Gina Glandorf Contrucci 1 year ago

The #1 way to be a good friend (to me anyway). Is to UNDERSTAND SARCASM!! Oh and to like alcohol!

Ashton Cargile 1 year ago

Bahaha!! Love this!!

Sarah Kennedy Lembo 1 year ago


Beth 1 year ago

Awesome post!

Jaime Silvano 1 year ago

The point is to be real. Our flaws make us who we are. Real friends will be okay with some flaws because they have their own.

Cathy Davis Donnabella 1 year ago

Laughed till I cried!!!

Wendy Clarke 1 year ago

lol … best thing about this is I don’t even have to try or think this way!! shame on me!

Sarah Neely 1 year ago

Still laughing

Tracy Ann McCollough 1 year ago

too funny!

Maureen Mulcahy Purcell 1 year ago

Lol a little gross. But I am 100% on jammies for drop off.

Lydia Lettrick 1 year ago

Baha!!! One thing’s for sure…I do not want to be friends with anyone who took this seriously! Sarcasm is a must have in my friends..because let’s face it I can not be taken seriously most of the time

Melissa Merideth 1 year ago

Less pressure and more fun ? I’m in ! LOL

Beth Arsenault 1 year ago

LOVE this. ..i have lots of GREAT friends & am apparently one myself :)

Trisha Arkoumanis 1 year ago

Bahahaha! Yes, I feel much better about myself now.

Erin Bracewell 1 year ago


Melanie 1 year ago

I love it! You can be MY friend!

Jill Cornacchione 1 year ago

Volunteer for every school committee. lol

Amy Steel 1 year ago

Now I realize why I have so few friends. Lol

Cynthia Battle Shafer 1 year ago

I have purpose….I am a “good friend”:)

Christy Cernech Whittington 1 year ago


Brandy Lee LeCompte 1 year ago

I am a PERFECT friend according to these tips! :) As for the first few comments….. I feel like those people have stumbled into the wrong room and are very lost. Leave.

Susan Hardin Burgess 1 year ago

Alrighty then …..

Kim Sunshyne 1 year ago


Lisa Benveniste 1 year ago


Jennifer Boers 1 year ago


Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 1 year ago

Jealous of the minivan HA!! I love it. I actually miss my minivan. HATE the stupid little puddlejumper I drive now. The big, ugly people-mover would’ve been SO much more convenient now for hauling teens around!

Kelly Martin 1 year ago

Thanks for the belly laugh!!!awesome :-)

Andrea Wegrzyn 1 year ago


Terri 1 year ago

My kids are no longer in the baby stage but I can rock boogers all day long. United we stand!

Ana Hughes 1 year ago

Omg this is hilarious!

Rebecca Schemmerling 1 year ago

Lmao!!! Thanks for that I needed a good laugh after last night 😉 Carina Jakovleski

Ana Lopez 1 year ago

Seidy sounds legit lol

Karen Surry 1 year ago

LMAO!!! So funny, another great read

Kaitlyn Rosa 1 year ago

I’m so glad I follow this page. I read so many of the articles and think “thank god I’m not the only one” lol

Amanda Journey 1 year ago

Judging by some if the comments, sarcasm is a lost art.

Aimee Bermingham Miller 1 year ago

Floater in the toilet is because kids FORGET to flush!!! Never fails. Flush like clockwork until guests are over. Then, someone has forgotten.

Aimee Bermingham Miller 1 year ago

So funny lol


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