How to Ruin The Last Day of a Disney Vacation

1. Don’t ever agree to the first outfit mom chooses; that’s why she brings extras — she wants to see you wear all of them! Peruse the suitcase at will and don’t bother to clean up after yourself. Mom lives for that crap.

2. Don’t eat breakfast. It’s a waste to eat the junk they already have in the hotel room. Wait until you leave the room for the day and ask for something obscure. Be adventurous and creative in your request.

3. If the bus to Downtown Disney is 45 minutes late, wait until you see it rounding the corner before mentioning that you have to pee. Mom always did want to be a runner. No better time than the present!

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4. Fight for your right to sit four rows away from your parents on the bus. It’s a time to make new friends, and they can’t monitor you as well from a distance. This works if you have a sibling who likes to choose her own seat as well…four rows up from yours. Divide and conquer, friends.

5. Do not, under any circumstance, get into that stroller willingly. It is a 100 lb restrictive torture device that your father lugs around for his own pleasure. Rage against it!

6. Eat only four bites of rice at lunch. The parents have carbolicious snacks in the bag for the plane that are way better than “lunch”. They keep the best stuff in there to appease you on the flight. Hold out for it.

7. When it’s time to head to the airport, keep reminding them that you want to stay. A tantrum is warranted; it shows the degree of commitment and love you have for the vacation. Melting completely to the ground is the ultimate thank you for a good time had.

8. Fun fact: Airports are incredibly fun to run through. Lure parents into a false sense of security by sticking close during check in. Encourage them to check the stroller. Once it’s gone, run. Be free! Everyone thinks its adorable. Especially security.

9. Voice your grievances while waiting to get through security, or right before boarding the aircraft. Anything that’s on your mind. Get it out now. In line. Melt into the floor in a fabulously theatrical performance. Scream “Let go! You’re not my parents!” when Dad attempts to carry you onto the gangway.

10. Once on board, establish your space. Don’t tolerate younger siblings and their baloney. Don’t share your toys. Don’t allow them to touch you or your things. Alert parents if this is a problem. Loudly and with gusto. Remember yesterday when you encouraged your sister to play on the metal bars at the Speedway ride and she fell and busted her face open? Now is a good time to open that wound back up. Literally.

11. Order apple juice to drink. When the stewardess brings you an amber beverage, stiff arm it. She clearly has no clue that apple juice is orange. She is an idiot and should be fired. Kick the seat in front of you until she corrects her mistake.

12. Drink as much as you can, so you can check out those awesome airplane bathrooms. It’s like peeing in a closet. Bucket list material.

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13. Ask Mom if she farted. Many times. Claim she did. Loudly.

14. High five siblings for any extra fun behavior. Dumping an entire Dr. Pepper in Mom’s lap is a high five and a fist bump. She gets to smell like Dr. Pepper, but she doesn’t absorb the calories. How grateful she shall be!

15. Approximately three minutes before landing, send the signal to siblings to check out. Fall asleep on Dad, and let sister fall asleep on mom. The juggling act that follows of parents attempting to gather belongings without waking us is priceless. The passengers and flight crew think its hilarious and precious, and Mom and Dad turn into ninja acrobats. Win. Stay asleep juuuust until you get to the car. Then cry the whole way home because you’re tired.

Bonus points: Pee the bed once at home.

About the writer

Crystal Henry, author of Naked Salsa, is a freelance writer glad to be back in her native Texas land. She is a University of Florida alumna who stays true to her Florida writing roots through her work with Our Town Magazine and her award-winning column, Naked Salsa. She is a boobs out breastfeeding advocate and semi-crunchy mom whose work has been featured on sites such as eHow, LIVESTRONG and ModernMom. Her world-domination-smart husband and two hilariously inappropriate little girls constantly provide fodder for her #preschoolproblems blog. But having two newborns of her own broke the baby fever that once burned deep within her. Instead she is renting out her oven to another woman's bun and documenting her surrogacy journey with humor and honesty through her blog, Her Eggs My Basket.


Kera Marie Reidy 2 years ago

We just did a “trial run” and took the kids to six flags this past weekend. None of this happened. Lol Win! Can’t wait to take my kids to Disney next year!

Rhonda Hudson-Brand 2 years ago

So NOT the happiest place on earth!!!

Sophia Lee-Spencer 2 years ago

I’d share this but… One day my kids will learn to read…

Kristen Mae of Abandoning Pretense 2 years ago

If only they only did things like this at Disney World… 😉

Sarah Goewert 2 years ago

We took our four girls to DW in April. Ages (then) 2 months, 2, 4, & 6. My 4yo wanted to lick things so we spent our last day in the hotel room with her throwing up the whole day. My husband, 2 and 6yo joined her on the 8hr drive home. No fun!

Leslie Sansom 2 years ago

I am not going to Disney!

Leslie Sansom 2 years ago

I went to Disney when I was 7 and we had a wonderful time. But if I am going to spend $10 on a vacation

Nicole Slaughter 2 years ago

no, i’ve never been to disney! and every one who is bitching about it should be thankful that you got to go. my idea of vacation is taking my daughter to the park. must be nice to be able to afford a vacation!!! :(

Elliot London 2 years ago

#3, 8, and 10…and traveling ALONE with the children. There should be awards ceremonies, cash and prizes for parents who run this gauntlet!

Cathy 2 years ago

We had our first family trip to WDW this past March when my boys were 7 and 9. They were able to handle the walking and long days like champions. Still part of me wishes I’d taken them sooner, especially knowing that when my oldest turns 10 he’s considered an adult for tix and dining plans!

Shelly Petryga 2 years ago

Way to make me want to take my kids ANYWHERE.

Bianca Rodriguez 2 years ago

We leave in southern California, no airports, hotels, or shuttles to deal with, but we did have to deal with early morning car sickness. We also had to deal with my 4 year old being afraid of every ride we tried going on… that was fun. :/

Steve 2 years ago

We just got back from Disney World, and my daughter paid us back by trying on all the nice Disney hats (though she was told not to), and of course, she got lice. And then, we found out that no Disney store carries lice shampoo, because that never happens there, right? Bonus!!

Nicole 2 years ago

Because if we can’t laugh about some of the unpleasant moments of family travel, we’d cry. Love this post so much!

Kate Hulett 2 years ago

#13-15 were dead on. Who wouldn’t want to smell like DP all day?

Gloria Isabel Carrillo Fernandez 2 years ago

Lmao while reading this article !

Megan Ferguson 2 years ago

Lick the railing of Spaceship Earth 2 days before, so the last day at Disney you are barfing :(

Lesley May 2 years ago

This is too funny! I think most kids must read this before they go! As for the conversation about the best age, I think it depends on the child. We took our little boy at age 3.5 and it was great. Yes, he did cry at the end, but nothing too bad. To see the joy on his face and to watch him enjoy all the characters and rides was priceless. It is worth the antics to me. We have been back twice since then and are about to go back in 2 weeks. Perhaps with multiple children it would have been a bit much. I think little girls would love the princesses and seeing it at a young age would be awesome for them!

Carly Phillippie 2 years ago

I used to think my mom was this bitch because she always made my dad take us, now I know she was a genius. I will NEVER go back, never

Crystal Smith Henry 2 years ago

Be sure to keep a sense of humor when the parenting karma hits. First rule of parent club:judge not. Second rule: never say never

Angie Earl Brennen 2 years ago

My kids don’t know we are going yet:) they think we are going somewhere else! Pretty sure my 7 year old will do the here comes the bus and I REALLY GOTTA PEE!
Anyways…..any suggestions for when we get there?

    Crystal Smith Henry 2 years ago

    Just pack a sense of humor and go with the flow. You’ll be fine. The people who hate Disney are just doing it wrong. 😉

Wallace McWallerson 2 years ago

Hmm…I wonder why Linda?

Brandi Worrell 2 years ago

Haha, we are driving home today from a week at Disney and I’m positive my kids had that all plotted!

Annette Langmead 2 years ago

Funny !! And so true.

Amber 2 years ago

Yep. I know Crystal. She’s amazeballs, right?! I’m pretty lucky to have had her classic, and endless, entertainment at my disposal. Miss you bunches, love. So VERY proud of you.

Andrea Kleinman-Parker 2 years ago

We skipped this rite of passage.

Mary 2 years ago

This is one of the many reasons we waited until the kids were 8 and 12 before flying from Minnesota to Disneyland. Even though finances were a big part of it I would still have waited almost that long.

Courtney Handl 2 years ago

Hilarious!! So glad my kids never read this!!!

Synthony Tregoning 2 years ago

They forgot: “don’t buy your child a pickle in Adventureland”, right Elliot?

Stacey Critchfield Crate 2 years ago

We just got back with our 11yr old, 8 yr old, and 3 yr old twins. Thank God my kids didn’t pull anything like this stuff. There was some crying from a 3 yr old because he didn’t want to leave, but otherwise good behavior and fun times had by all. Worth every penny!

Angela Carpenter 2 years ago

We are going in September. Our kids are older though: 8,10 & 15. So hopefully we will not experience the things on this list!! We are driving and we are planning free time so hope fully it won’t be soooo exhausting.

Melissa Osburn Marhefka 2 years ago

Luckily when I take my niece or my daughter they are great and completely overjoyed and entertained being there

Sarah Louise Christiansen Masten 2 years ago

On the way home from Grandma’s house a woman asked my son if he was going to fly on the plane. My 3 yr old says, “Ya, we are going to fly in the clouds, and then we will crash, and then there will be lots and lots of FIRE!”

Jill Miller 2 years ago

Bring pull ups..even if they r 8!

Christine NK 2 years ago

Mine where 7, 7, and 2 on our last trip, and we had a great time. No problems or meltdowns at all. Perhaps because we were clear in our expectations regarding behavior, and we skipped the nighttime entertainment in order to get them to bed at a decent time. We’re going back soon and they’ll be 9, 9, and 4. (We’re also going in 2016 and 2018….)

Cynthia A. Santiago 2 years ago

We just went to 3 southern California amusement parks this week. It was interesting seeing different perspectives of parent and child interaction. Very amusing. ..

Adriana Hernandez Arnold 2 years ago


Lauren Maloney Konecni 2 years ago

Oh Stephanie, say it ain’t so. I already have nightmares just contemplating a trip to Disney. This just provided new material for those nightmares.

April Arteaga 2 years ago

This awesome and so true. Do you think there is a training they take before a Disney trip:) lol

Jenny Skroski 2 years ago

Well written!

Valeria Jamison 2 years ago

This is amazing.

Roberta McAtee Coburn 2 years ago

Going on Monday with son and daughters families and 4 grand kids…CANNOT WAIT!

Michelle Sneed Schmitt 2 years ago

So funny! So far, we have had pretty good luck taking our kids to DW. A few weeks ago it was my teenager who did not want to wear what I packed…mom gets blamed for everything!

Jay Tsar 2 years ago


P. C. Zick 2 years ago

Love this post. Crystal Smith Henry is a fabulously funny writer.

    Crystal Henry 2 years ago

    Thanks Pat! I learned from the best 😉

Kristin R. Hills 2 years ago

We are taking our 7, 5 and 2 year olds this September. Now I’m nervous. 😛

Tricia Lombardo Gianino 2 years ago

Kristina Sauerwein I read these out loud to the kids cuz I thought they were so funny. They both said, “yeah I don’t think those are too funny.” I said “just wait, one day you’ll be parents and understand.”

Gaby de LopezSoto 2 years ago

We took our twins and baby when. They were 3 and baby was 8 months. My sister and mil came along, as well as my bil and his bf; we had a blast, went there during “slow” season in sept, and never stood in line for more than 20 mins. Now they are 5, 2.5 and we have a new squishy who is 10 weeks old. If we do go again we will go around the same time and try to get my sis or mil to come along to help juggle the younger ones while we go on the big boy rides :).

Robyn Geller Kaminski 2 years ago

Fyi- the boy in pic is mine!!!! I love this blog & a million times more since you used his pic! Kinley is a sweet girl too!!!! Lisa Cirillo Rice

Stacy Petromanolakis 2 years ago

LMAO! We’re going for the first time in December. My kids wil be 7 & 4. I’m super excited — I know they will have a blast!

Sarah Fadden Mackridge 2 years ago

My kids are 6, 4 and 10 months. We go every year and outside of one or two issues are always fine!

Kalyn Cook 2 years ago

We take our one year old all the time! We are pass holders, you just have to realize you can’t conquer everything, you can’t spend 12 hours in a park without a melt down, designate time to go back and nap/relax/cool down and go back to the park at night. Or do pool time during the day and Disney at night. Use fast pass no lines, pack lightly- you are not on a deserted island in Disney no need for 47 backpacks for each family member. Relax & Enjoy it! It doesn’t have to be chaos or stressful.

    Crystal Smith Henry 2 years ago

    Totally agree! It’s all in your perspective. Just chalk any mishaps up to funny stories for later…sometimes MUCH later…

Kristy May Marks 2 years ago

Some propels have well behaved children who can handle a lot of stimulation. Others, not so much. My kids don’t like rides or too much sensory stimulation and it would be a complete nightmare. I wish I could say we will go someday but no way in hell that’s going to happen! We stick to low key vacations closer to home. Gotta do what’s best for your kids.

Beth Tann Carr 2 years ago

I worked there when I was 18, I remember seeing many parents and children frustrated, at the time it was funny to me until I had kids. We live in Orlando and went last year when our kids were 4 and 2 with my in laws. By four o’clock everyone one was finished except my daughter and I, we went on two more rides and then took our tired family home. It was a magical day I’ll always remember. I think the key is to go with the flow and have fun.

Keah Young-Mroz 2 years ago

Lmaoooo! We’re going in November and I’m sure we’ll get some of this behavior.

Rebecca Bogen Smith 2 years ago

Headed there in 6 days. 3 days at the beach after to recover :-)

Barbie Parr 2 years ago

We took 3 kids. 8,7and 6! They loved it but most of it was buy me a hat or anything they saw! Four years later they were fine!

emily 2 years ago

WOW. I feel bad to any parent that has had these happen, though they are funny now not sure they were when they happened. THE one I love the most is when you are sharing a hotel room with other family members and your kids decide to wake at 3 am because they are so excited to go to Disney Land and see all the princesses.Thanks for sharing

    Crystal Henry 2 years ago

    We are actually big Disney lovers believe it or not. We’re the crazy people who go at least once a year, but we always keep an open mind. I’m writing a blog post dedicated to all my Disney tips and tricks on my preschoolproblems blog (http:/ This trip to Disney in particular was just very…special….on the last day. But honestly we just play it fast and loose, and any mishaps are just blog fodder. So we’ll be back in March!

J.t. Patterson 2 years ago

Go to Disneyland. It is smaller and only has the good stuff, not all the other crap in between.

J.t. Patterson 2 years ago

3, 4, 13

Louise Brad 2 years ago

I waited until my son was tall enough to ride all the rides. He is on the short side, ok he never makes it onto the growth chart at his physicals so he was 12. Everything we did was stupid and after we did it, he wanted to do it again. We were there 8 days and enjoyed every second bonding with my boy.

Chrissie Quez 2 years ago

Looks like a good last day! Yikes lol I take my kids, since they were 1, its all good.

Heather Sponholz 2 years ago

We took our boys at 2 & 4 and at 4 & 6 and we are going again this year at 6 & 8! We love Disney, and I plan our days to the T, we wake them up early, get to everything we want to get on, and only have minor melt downs here and there! Each time has been a blast! BUT I would agree Disney is not for everyone! My husband and I can rattle off at least a dozen families that we know wouldn’t do well at Disney with little ones :-) funny read nonetheless!!!

Joelene Michele 2 years ago

We went when our boys were 3 and 5 and had a blast. After 4 days at the park from open to close, they begged us to add a 5th. We spent our last day swimming at the resort. They are 6 and 8 now and we cannot wait to plan another trip back. We packed snacks and rested when they wanted (no strollers). Best trip ever!

Sally Adams 2 years ago

We’ve been taking both boys since they were 6 weeks old (3 years & 4 months respectively). Annual pass holders.

    Crystal Smith Henry 2 years ago

    Us too! It’s all about flexibility and a sense of humor!

Emily Ann Farmer Dabney 2 years ago

Well, if this is true, I’m never taking my kids to Disney.

Tiffany Sadberry Whittington 2 years ago

We took our twin boys to Disneyland when they were 2 1/2, had a blast!! Then our whole family went back to Disneyland when our kids were: my 3 month old nephew, my 5 yr old twin boys and 6 yr old niece, and again had a good time. Then we all just went to Disney World for 5 days this last April (right before Spring Break rush) kids this time, my Breastfeeding 4 month old, 8 month old niece, 3 yr old nephew, 7yr old twin boys and 8 yr old niece.
I won’t lie, there were hard times! BUT it is about limiting your activity! We set goals as a family of what we wanted to accomplish that day, which ride to focus on and that sort of thing. I had plenty of snacks/drinks…… And we used the little hunts as distractions (agent P in Epcot & pirate treasure maps at Magic kingdom & then the passport thing at animal kingdom).
As for the plane, we separated the cousins, for us it’s better, and grandma had little activity packs put together with their names on them including gum and gift cards to Disney.
There are hard times, but so many incredible memories!!
I am sure in 2 years we will be ready again, but want Disneyland…… For us it’s more enjoyable with California Adventure and the weather is more enjoyable!
Sorry for the long post! I loved reading this list! Was funny!

Jessica Megan Dupree-Kilbourn 2 years ago

Just went in June with my 2 kids, their daddy, my parents, my sister and her baby…. it was hell to say the least

Mary Schneider 2 years ago

lol Nice!

Only way to do Disney is with a LOT of planning, and flexibility. We went a few years ago with my mil and sil, and 2 kids. It was actually not bad at all… My sil is a Disney veteran and knew all the tricks.

The biggest things were-
Before you go, get on eBay and stock up on the pins for trading. Trust me, your kids, if they’re old enough to notice them, WILL want the pins. EBay is much cheaper than the park venues, and you can get a better variety. We found 100 for $50 on there. Those we bought at the park ran around $10-15 for 7 pins and a lanyard. They’re hawked at every stand throughout the parks, and the workers wear lanyards around their necks with them for trading. The workers will, btw, trade with your kids. Other people usually will too, if you ask. The pins are very cool because they represent various attractions, characters, scenes, and so on. Sometimes you run across a vintage pin. There’s a world of Disney history in the pins, and they’re just a lot of fun.
We learned a trick- keep the pins you want to trade on one side of your lanyard, and the ones you want to keep on the other. That way you can point out the “available” pins to potential trading partners.

Second, splurge for the “character breakfast”. For the love of all that is holy, do not subject yourself to standing in line for 45 minutes (or hours) to get an autograph, when you can have a nice sit-down breakfast and meet Mickey and whoever else at your leisure. Best part of the trip, and we got great photos. Definitely worth it if your kid is determined to meet a character.

Finally, use the heck out of the FastPass system. You can only get so many passes per day, so relegate them to the rides your kids “Absolutely Must Go On”, and take full advantage of the line-hopping they offer. Schedule your day around your fast-passes, and try not to make yourself too crazy. There’s SO much to see and do at each park, chances are you’ll never get to do everything, so plan ahead, make a schedule, and be flexible.

We did 6 parks in 5 days, and saw all the major attractions. The kids never stood in line for more than about 20 minutes. They had a blast and still talk about it, 8 years later. It’s definitely a trip worth doing, but yeah, it’s expensive, so make it worth while. :)

    Crystal Kelley 2 years ago

    That’s how we do Disney, as well. We stay on property and do the dining plan so that we can meet the characters during a meal and avoid those awful lines. Good idea with the pins, mine aren’t quite old enough to have gotten into that, but I’ll remember this for future reference. I think to really make it as stress-free as possible, and to enjoy it, it takes a lot of planning. Oh, and we go during the lowest crowd period (usually either January or Sept.) Going in 7 weeks!

    Mary Schneider 2 years ago

    I think the pins were one of the highlights of the trip. My kids are pretty outgoing, and love meeting new people. People were really friendly, and willing to talk about the pins. A lot of Disney regulars collect them just to trade.

    We honestly saved a small fortune on souvenirs because the kids were more excited about the pins than the overpriced stuffies. lol

    Alexis Guarino 2 years ago

    Usually the lots of pins on eBay are fake. That’s why I won’t let my kids trade…not spending $17 on a pin only to be traded a knock off.

    Danielle Vales 2 years ago

    My son doesn’t know about our trip yet so I hope we are still able to get fast pass for our rides when he finds out

Molly Coburn 2 years ago

“Melting completely to the ground is the ultimate thank you for a good time had.” <---reaction to any fun thing I try to do!

Barbara Mastroddi-Lackey 2 years ago

I only took my daughter once, when she was 4, and she was perfectly fine — and remembers her visit. (She also went again with my mom when she was 7). Trick is to know your kid’s limits (endless park-hopping doesn’t work with little ones, and they, like the parents, could benefit from down time at the hotel pool or a rest in the room). I can’t see why anyone would subject infants and small toddlers to a Disney-fest, however (although usually there are older, better-behaved children involved).

    Bonnie Nicoll Ciesluk 2 years ago

    I think the “Disney fest” is because it’s so ridiculously outrageously expensive that parents feel like they need to fit it all in to get some money’s worth! I totally agree with you though, and won’t even consider taking my kids until they are older (and we win the lottery)! 😉

    Barbara Mastroddi-Lackey 2 years ago

    Exactly, Bonnie. I know some people who are OBSESSED with Disney and go almost yearly, although I wonder how they CAN afford it (especially if you are talking about a family with three, four, or more kids…) It’s expensive, and honestly, there are so many other places I’d rather visit than just Disney World. (Which is why my daughter’s first few family vacations were beach ones, where we’d rent a house, go to the beach, the local amusement area, and just chill. And so much cheaper too…)

Jennifer Sinnett 2 years ago

Too funny

Cindy Streeter-Chacon 2 years ago

We got back last night. Drove from Md to Fl with four kids. Im happy to say not ONE complaint the whole ride down or back and noone complained about the crazy heat , rain or long lines. The only issue was my three yr old was overly picky with foods but thats nothing new with her. We even had to drive close to 2 hrs to and from disney every day/ night to get back to where we stayed . Wed leave at 7am to get there by 9 and would leave when the parks closed. We packed our meals and drinks ( much cheaper) and a change of clothes since it rained a lot but I was really happy with how things went…It really was a awesome vacation.

Jessica D DiMilia 2 years ago

Lol, 7 and 13 are my favorite

Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 2 years ago

There is no way in HELL we are taking kids younger than 6 or 7 to Disney. A. We want them to remember it. B. We want SOME ability to control their behavior.

    Heather Folks-Lambert 2 years ago

    We took a three year old who behaved beautifully and still talks about (I kinda couldn’t believe it myself)

    Courtney Handl 2 years ago

    We went when ours were 6,3 and 2. The older 2 remembered a ton and they did fabulous! Better than when we went at 12, 9 and 8!!

    Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 2 years ago

    Still not doing it haha. Won’t risk it!

    Melanie White 2 years ago

    At what age can you control your kids… !??? Lol 😉

    Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 2 years ago

    My sister and I could mind our parents at a young age

    Jennifer Martin Baldwin 2 years ago

    I’ve been taking mine since they were tiny. They actually behaved better when they were little than they do now at 10 and 6 1/2.

Jennifer Bell 2 years ago

We just took our bunch to Disney a few weeks ago. We drove from TX to FL because we have a family of 8. We have 6 kids.. 18, 13, 12, 12, 10 and 3… It was quite the experience … Never again. Lol

    Emma Uttley 2 years ago

    From my perspective (I have four year old twin sisters and I’m a teenager) you are arguably the bravest person/mom I have ever encountered… Bravo!

    Jennifer Bell 2 years ago

    Well thank you! We just couldn’t afford $3000 flight tickets on top of the Disney trip. We all know that place is high! Lol I use to live in FL when i was a teen, so I know the trip like the back of my hand. We also drive straight through. 22 hrs on the road there and the same coming back. :) it was definitely an adventure!

Mona Ziadi 2 years ago

And the ultimate way to ruin it: Get a gastro. And pass it on to your mom.

    Crystal Henry 2 years ago

    We’ve done that one as well! My oldest started hers on the plane ride TO the Mouse House…memories.

Kristin Zornes 2 years ago

Took my kids when they were 2,3,4…. Now our kids are 3,4,5,5,6 (we’ve added). Let’s put it this way. Our condo is 3 miles from Disney, has a free shuttle, and no way are we going. We will be hanging by the pool and visiting Orlando Science Center. Not trying again until they are a few years older.

    Rachel O Connor 2 years ago

    So what’s the optimal age for it, ladies? For us there would be transatlantic flights and all the fun that goes along with those as well. Girls are only two now so I had been thinking 2017 but maybe that’s still too soon…

    Jade Miller 2 years ago


    Mary Schneider 2 years ago

    Mine were almost-9 and 6 when we went. 6 was a *little* young still, but he was able to go on all the rides… Some of the rides are bigger, so it’s good to wait until they’re tall enough. The shows might be scary for very-young kids too. I’d say 6-7 is the lowest age I’d go with, but it really depends on your child and your family.

    Stacey Payne-Izzo 2 years ago

    my daughter and nephew were 2.5 and 3.5 the first time we went and it was an awesome trip! seeing Disney magic in their eyes when they still don’t fully understand that there are people playing the characters is just magic and they were free to get in the park. Daughter at 6 wasn’t as cool she’d rather be in the pool but enjoyed it and never melted down. We would have just done less days in the park. this year we are going again son is 2 and daughter is 8. It really depends on the kids :)

    Rheanna Rocha 2 years ago

    I won’t be going until my daughter is 6 or older I think. Seems like an exhausting nightmare before then.

    Erin Flanagan Bell 2 years ago

    We went last fall with our boys, who were 6 and 10 at the time. Fantastic time — perfect vacation. Staying on property and the meal plan are a must. We’d go every year if we could afford it.

    Adele Warner 2 years ago

    Headed there in 2 weeks with 13,12,12,10,7,7,6,5 and 1 year olds (no not all mine!!) that many kids though and I might be the one having the full melt down tantrum 😉

    Kristin Zornes 2 years ago

    I planned on trying again when my youngest is 6 :) but by then we might have more littles. I think kids need to be in strollers and free or 6-9. Of course a smaller family could get by younger. Primarily your child should be past needing a nap or you need to stay on site and head back to the room for a break. I think 9 is when price goes up. So my frugal mom says 8 is a good age 😉

    Ursula McConaha 2 years ago

    My kids were 1.5 and 3.5 when we went to Disneyland and it was awesome they both had such a blast they didn’t have time for a meltdown my son fell asleep in the stroller and we kept going. The only “problem” they had was waiting in lines but honestly who doesn’t and they weren’t screaming or whining jus antsy pantsy

    Crystal Henry 2 years ago

    Just go hit up the Boardwalk for live street shows, giant delicious corn dogs and a free outdoor movie on the beach at the Beach Club hotel! It’s all the Disney you need.

    Crystal Smith Henry 2 years ago

    Honestly it depends more on the parents than the kids. If you can take mishaps with a sense of humor than any age will do! :)

    Kristin Zornes 2 years ago

    I will also say my kids are foster and typically walk through my doors with minimal manners and/or life skills. So if you see me frazzled at Disney, it’s because I’m frantically trying to keep kids from running off, picking their nose, having a meltdown, missing their biological families, and demanding everything in sight. So my ideal age ( when they should understand safety concerns ) is vastly different because my “family” is unique.


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