I Am My Mother. And….

We’ve all done it.

“Don’t run with scissors!” And you clap your hand over your mouth the instant the words are out.

You have become your mother.

I knew it had happened to me when I told one of my kids to be sure they were wearing clean underwear in case they got hit by a truck.

What the…?

Upon further reflection, however, I’ve come to realize I have become not just my mother, but many women.

Remember watching the movie Sybil when you were a kid? How Sally Field had a couple dozen “personalities” living inside her, each coming out when he or she was most needed? Well, same thing here. Not to disrespect those suffering the affliction of Multiple Personality Disorder. I’m just sayin’, many hands make light work of this parenting game.

Most of the personalitites I channel are Moms from TV or the movies. Some are not even Moms, but I still need them. I pull them out of my neurological wallet and channel them as the situation mandates.

I am my mother and…

1) Martha Stewart. I call on Martha anytime one of my kids has a school project due in 12 hours. With her composed assistance I am able to procure styrofoam balls, hot glue, and sequins from me arse, and help them to craft a Nobel-worthy creation.

2) Carol Brady. There’s nothing about her I really need. I’ll admit it: I’m jealous. She is a stay-at-home Mom of six (check) with a handsome, professional husband and a lovely home (check) with full-time domestic help (no check). I want an Alice! If I had an Alice I could float through the house with perfect make-up, nails and dress, while Alice took care of the cooking and cleaning so I could tend to Marsha’s broken nose or try to discern if Greg is telling the truth about those cigarettes in his pocket. My right arm for an Alice. My firstborn for an Alice. Seriously. Someone get me an Alice.

3) Gloria Pritchett. (from Modern Family) I wah uh kih-er bah-ee. Sorry, I was eating a Ring Ding. Lemme try again: I want a killer body.

4) Minnie (from The Help) With a can of Crsico in hand, Minnie could rule the world. She could fry up a chicken, get a tangle out of someone’s hair, and quiet that squeaky hinge.

5) Roseanne Connor. I sometimes need Roseanne’s tell-it-like-it-is mouth, with no PC filter. Problem is, she usually shows up late and I end up telling someone off in my head on the drive home. We need to work on coordinating our timing.

6) Nurse Ratched. (from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest) OK, not a Mom, but nevertheless. I want her cool, quiet, composure while all hell is breaking loose around her. “Mr. Cheswick, sit down. I will answer your question when you are calm. Are you calm now, Mr. Cheswick?”

7) Shirley Partridge. I need her when it’s time to get all the kids someplace. Now, the psychadelic bus helps, to be sure, but anyone who can get five kids out the door and to a gig on time has got my vote for having it all together. Plus, she can solve any of the kid’s problems by singing a song. Nice, as abilities go.

8) Morticia Addams. Let’s face it, she looks fabulous in black, and she runs her family smoothly, all while keeping just enough of a kooky edge about the place. Non-conformity rules!

9) Ree Drummond. Aka The Pioneer Woman. Aka PW. Who wouldn’t want a healthy dose of Ree in her mental make-up? She’s the effortless homeschooling mother of four little ranch-hands and the adorable wife to one gorgeous hunk of cowboy. She writes, she cooks, she makes it all look easy. When she comes out in me, she makes me chocolate sheet cake and iced coffee in a mason jar and I love her.

Oh dear. What is this? I only have nine women on my list and that’s just all lopsided and uneven and yucky. Someone please! Suggest a 10th for me. I must have 10 women in my multiple personalities file. Otherwise my OCD will throw a tantrum.

About the writer

Anne Kimball has worn many hats throughout the years: waitress, paint salesman, telemarketer, chambermaid, Occupational Therapist.  Her most challenging profession by far, though, has been SAHM to six (that's right, six) kids, five of whom are teenagers. She writes her blog Life on the Funny Farm to maintain her tenuous grip on sanity.  


Anne Kimball 4 years ago

I agree, Gina. Only problem is, I’m already too much like her!

Jessie D. Klass 4 years ago

This website is my inspiration, real superb style and design and Perfect subject matter.

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

Thanks, Kimberly, you just made my day! You and I can share a spot.

Kimberly 4 years ago

Maybe number ten should be YOU. Surely you bring something to the table? Perhaps a deep love for those kiddos of yours? That would be an absolutely essential component to the mix!

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

Look, who am I to judge? So she’s made a few poor judgement calls, haven’t we all? If she’s resourceful and smart and looks good, count me in!

Mod Mom Beyond IndieDom 4 years ago

Nancy Botwin. Okay, so she sells weed…and she married a DEA Agent, got him killed, married a Mexican drug Kingpin, had his baby and got him killed, her son committed murder, she spent a few years in jail…BUT!…she’s resourceful and smart (good qualities in anybody, right?), always looks fantastic, if a bit slutty at times, and…uh…did I mention resourceful?

Tricia 4 years ago

I’d totally add Loralei Gilmore. I’ve got the coffee addiction, I just need the wit. Awesome list!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Now if you coupled that coffee addiction with a splash of sumpin, you might just get that wit!

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

“Come out” as in… come out? I don’t know if she swings that way….


Shirley@motivatedmommyoftwo 4 years ago

I so want to be like Ree Drummond, I wish she would come out some day :)

Sarah 4 years ago

Annie Camden from 7th Heaven…she could handle all those kids and manage a home without yelling or nagging, yet had the non-nonsense ability to pull out the power tools and take care of whatever needed fixing…which would be perfect for me who has a not-so-handy-but-thinks-he’s-a-handyman husband.

Loralei Gilmore is another great one…I wish I had that quick wit! I’m not so sure about being my kids’ best friend though…I do have the coffee addiction part covered though!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Another one I don’t know! I firmly resolve to let my kids take care of themselves from here on in so I can research all these great shows!

Marta 4 years ago

Love it. I want Gloria’s body too.

I’m thinking Rachel Green. Great group of friends who are always there for you. You’re gorgeous and always perfectly dressed. Career in fashion and lots of downtime for coffee.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Yes. Yes to Rachel.

sarahwaldin 4 years ago

I love this – it’s a push to view our many selves … and I can tell you I have a few too!
anything that gets us self-reflecting, laughing, sharing the story and the joke is great therapy by my book.
love and light to all our personalities.
sarah xxx

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Thanks, Sarah. Love and light to yours, as well. I love the way you put that ….

Amanda 4 years ago

Roseanne! Shes so witty & on het feet. Love her!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    You’re going to have to do better than that, Amanda. Roseanne is on my original list! Then again, given her quick wit, maybe she deserves 2 spots on the list.

theresa zunino 4 years ago

Look at these comments…you are so popular:)
And me, I’m your 10th mom, me.
Why are you laughing hard enough for that coffee to come out of your nose??? LOL

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Out my nose and my ears and my nether regions, Theresa!

Amber 4 years ago

I have to vote for Erma Bombeck. Witty, gritty, and real – not afraid to show the imperfections.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    I definitely need Erma’s sense of humor when things get dicey. Most important trait of all.

Adrienne 4 years ago

Debra from “Everybody Loves Raymond”. She was ‘real’ — house wasn’t sparkling, kids were running all over the place. Had an over-bearing MIL, but still managed to hold her own. Loved her hubby and found him sexy when he vacuumed. Had her ups and downs but kept it together. Kids were happy, hubby was happy, she was happy, family was happy. :-)

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Adrienne, I don’t think anyone’s mentioned her yet. She’s a perfect choice, and yet managed to fly under the radar.
    And yes, isn’t just about ANY man sexy when vacuuming (or washing dishes or making dinner, or….)? Good one!

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

Hmmm, if I had to choose one of those three, it would be…..
Mrs. Doubtfire!

K. 4 years ago

Mrs. doubtfire!

Clara Mayfield from “Clara’s Heart”

Florida Evans from “Good Times”

Tanya Doyle 4 years ago

Rochelle from Everybody Hates Chris. I’m more her than I am me.

A close second is the mom from Wizards of Waverly Place. Totally embarrassing.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Tanya, don’t be embarrassed! I’ve been there, and you’re right!

Nana Moore 4 years ago

Claire Cosby would round out your top ten. Talk about a moon who always managed so much with a look

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Nana, yes! The LOOK! She could do so much with that. I need to learn it….

Sweety Darlin 4 years ago

I have a few options.

Lois Griffin from Family Guy
Lois Lane
Donna Reed
Betty Page (only because she is too pretty for words)
Annie Potter (from Overboard with Kurt Russell)

Oh and me! I am an inspiration to millions in my head! I am disrespectful, foul mouthed, and have a tendency to offend people in the first five minutes without even trying. Plus my kids teachers usually only ask me to help with events ONCE.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Good suggestions, one and all, Sweetie Darlin!

Bee @TheJugglingAct 4 years ago

Caroline Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie. She was always so composed no matter what was happening around her. Personally, I need more of her in my chaotic life.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Bee, I’m with you. I swear she could cook dinner while fending off a bear attack and darning socks. Composure.

Heidi Lippy Sprinkle 4 years ago

Nanny McPhee!!! How could I have forgotten to suggest her!? 😉

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Heidi, YES! Gotta have me a snaggle tooth when the kids want me to bring in the math homework they forgot. Love it!

Gina 4 years ago

OH….MY…..GAWD….can’t believe I forgot about KATE Gosselin!!!!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    OLD Kate Gosselin? Sure.

    NEW Kate Gosselin? I’ll take a pass….

Cassie 4 years ago

I say Nigella Lawson! She is an amazing cook and all the boys think she’s quite foxy.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Cassie, I have to ask. Who the hell is Nigella Lawson? With her credentials, it almost doesn’t matter. The job is hers!

      Cassie 4 years ago

      She’s like the Martha Stewart of Europe. Google her, she is amazing! Oh, and she’s a mommy too.

    Mercy 4 years ago

    Haha, my husband watches her show sometimes and I’m sure it’s not just for cooking ideas.

Brandy 4 years ago

Kitty!!! (from that 70’s show)!!! She’s fun, doesn’t hesitate to have a drink when she needs it, can put Red in his place, and has the knowledge of what battles to choose and which ones to hide under the rug!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    You’ve sold me, Brandy. I need a Kitty.

Mary Ellyn Rozell 4 years ago

Michaela Quinn from Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, you’d be married to Sully – need I say more?

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    No. You need not say more, Mary Ellen….

A Teachable Mom 4 years ago

Love this! Alicia Florek from The Good Wife gets my vote – cool, calm, collected and always having those meaningful talks with her two sensitive, responsive children. Actually, maybe I’ll just take the kids!! Thanks for the great laugh today!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Teachable, I’m sorry to say that I do not know Alicia Florek from The Good Wife. But I think you’re on to something — why waste time wishing for the powers of these other Moms when I could be wishing for their kids!

Jen 4 years ago

How bout Lois (Jane Kazcmrick) on Malcolm in the Middle? Some days I can so relate to her. Lol. :)

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Augh! Another Mom I am sad to say I don’t know, Jen. But I’m sure she would be a welcome addition to my wallet. Thanks for the suggestion!

Kathy V. 4 years ago

Sarah Connor. Sometimes you just need to be that mom that nobody would dare to f*** with.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Omg, Kathy V, I laughed out loud in my car (parking lot) when I read your suggestion. Sarah Connor (from T2) is DEFINITELY someone I need to call on from time to time!

Corey Feldman 4 years ago

We could all use an Alice

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Yes, Corey, it’s true. So true….

Hatton 4 years ago

This post made me laugh!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Thanks, Hatton!

Mercy 4 years ago

I know I’m turning into my mom, cause I often catch myself saying things to my kids that she used to say to us all the time. Like today, my son was repeating something non-stop. So I told him to stop cause he was driving me coo-coo, and caught myself when I realised I sounded just like my mom when she used to say that.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Isn’t it frightening, Mercy?

      Mercy 4 years ago

      Terribly. I’ve realised that my voice sounds exactly like her’s, and I look like her. Arrggg, there is no escape!

Corina 4 years ago

I would love to have Mary Poppins, a little magic would make this wounderful. Think of all the things you could do.

    Corina 4 years ago

    Mary Poppins is practicly perfect in everyway.

      Anne Kimball 4 years ago

      Corina, you’re right: Mary Poppins would be practically perfect in every way for one of the women I channel! But wait ….. Mary Poppins, Maria from the Sound of Music, maybe I should cut to the chase and just call on good old Julie Andrews herself!

Paige 4 years ago

Lorelai Gilmore! She’s smart, independent, runs her own successful business, and single-handedly raised an awesome daughter. She’s who I channel when I have a million things to do and want to sail through my day with beautiful hair and clever quips.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Paige, I’m beginning to hate this Lorelai. Sounds like the perfect woman for the job!

Gina 4 years ago

I second Frankie from The Middle. She’s a mess!

Gina 4 years ago

Maybe Claire Huxtable from The Cosby Show or
Marion Cunninham (clueless) from Happy Days or
Nancy Botwan from Weeds…lol

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Good suggestions, Gina! If I had to pick one, I’d be hard-pressed….

Gina 4 years ago

10th: the “best friend” ugh. “Lorelai” from “Gilmore Girls”: witty, quirky, addicted to coffee, very smart, best friend to her teenage daughter and of coarse a smart business woman.

    Jenn 4 years ago

    You say “addicted to coffee” like it’s a bad thing ;-D

      Anne Kimball 4 years ago

      @Jenn, hahahaha!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Gina, I’ve never seen the Gilmore Girls (yes, I live under a rock). If Lorelai is “witty, quirky, addicted to coffee, very smart, best friend to her teenage daughter and of coarse a smart business woman”, then I hate her. So she’s probably the perfect woman to add to my wallet!

Heidi Lippy Sprinkle 4 years ago

Great post!!

I’d have to add Mrs. Walton or Mrs. Ingalls (yes, I am an old mommy of little ones!)…They are both down home women with wisdom who can do anything from making a fine pot of tea to tilling the fields.

But then again…Jill would be a great choice too!! :)

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Oh, yes, Heid LS, those two women are near and dear to my heart. I swear I would buy those series on DVD if I thought my kids would watch them.

      Heidi Lippy Sprinkle 4 years ago

      Anne…My girls are 10, 6, & 4 and we have almost worn out the multi season one we have … haven’t found the Walton’s yet. :) Give it a try… if not you will at least have a memory lane to stroll!

The Mommy Psychologist 4 years ago

10) Mommy Dearest. Not that I would ever beat my child with a hanger or be so brutal. However, sometimes you have to bring out the mommy bitch card for a brief moment to get the job done.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    I am quite familiar with the Mommy bitch card, Mommy Pscychologist. Definitely needed to get the job done sometimes, you are so right about that!

Heidi S. 4 years ago

If I could channel one tv mom, it would be Samantha from Bewitched! All Moms can use some magic every now and then!

    Ali 4 years ago

    Yes! Samantha from bewitched! Every time the kids come to me with some kind of ridiculous request, I say, “Let me just get my magic wand and make that happen for you.”

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Heidi, if only I could twitch my nose like that! Great suggestion!

Katy @ Experienced Bad Mom 4 years ago

Mrs. C from Happy Days!! I can hear her now, “Oh, Howard!”

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Mrs. C seemed to let everything roll off her back, didn’t she, Katy?

Alex 4 years ago

Madea. Sometimes you just need to get old school…not the new school. Madea kicks ass and takes names! She also rings together family and makes things work out somehow.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    @Alex: You are on the money in that “sometimes you just need to get old school”. Love it!

momofteengirls 4 years ago

momofteengirls April 24, 2012 at 12:21 pm
I am basically Mrs. Heffly from the Diary of a Whimpy Kid Movies. When the kids were younger I was always coming up with methods for behavior and chores that involved charts and rewards, always teaching some kind of lesson about kindness, etc., (like mom-bucks). The kids pretty much know that I am a teacher/lecturer/life coach type of mom, and I hate hate hate punishing, and usually offer redemptive ways to avoid doing it.
I had to laugh about the nurse Ratched comment. I use this at work all of the time, in working with behaviorally challenged children : ”Mr. Cheswick, sit down. I will answer your question when you are calm. Are you calm now, Mr. Cheswick?”
This made me laugh because that”s exactly what I sound like!!

Tay 4 years ago

Joan Crawford….OH, wait…..I have to go put my hangers away real quick. Then think about the question.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Tay, Joan definitely comes out in me at times, called upon or not. Sad but true.

Helle 4 years ago

My favorite TV mom is Frankie from The Middle. She’d be at the top of my list.

    momofteengirls 4 years ago

    I am basically Mrs. Heffly from the Diary of a Whimpy Kid Movies. When the kids were younger I was always coming up with methods for behavior and chores that involved charts and rewards, always teaching some kind of lesson about kindness, etc., (like mom-bucks). The kids pretty much know that I am a teacher/lecturer/life coach type of mom, and I hate hate hate punishing, and usually offer redemptive ways to avoid doing it.
    I had to laugh about the nurse Ratched comment. I use this at work all of the time, in working with behaviorally challenged children : ”Mr. Cheswick, sit down. I will answer your question when you are calm. Are you calm now, Mr. Cheswick?”
    This made me laugh because that”s exactly what I sound like!!

      Anne Kimball 4 years ago

      Momofteengirls, you and I need to chat.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Yeah, she’s a good one. And my kids are kind of kooky like hers….

      momofteengirls 4 years ago

      Any Time! (LOL!)

Cynthia 4 years ago

The Mom from Brothers and Sisters. Nora Walker is the solid foundation upon which that family was built and grows. Proof that a solid foundation can get a family through anything.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Shoot, Cynthia, now you’ve added something to my To-Do list, b/c I want to go watch Brothers and Sisters now. Haven’t seen it. But I couldn’t agree with you more on the solid foundation thing. Like my grandmother. Can’t believe I didn’t put HER on my list!

      Cynthia 4 years ago

      You have to watch it. So sad it’s over. Was really a great show, and while I can’t relate with being as good off as the Walker family is, the family dynamic is really the same for everyone. I come from a large family and I could totally relate to the chaos and rumor mill. But having a family you can count on is truly priceless and that’s what Nora really strives for with her family. To really get through to her kids that family is the most important thing in life. Gosh, I really miss it now!

    Judes 4 years ago

    Sounds like the Mom I was looking for.

      Cynthia 4 years ago

      Yes! Nora is really a strong woman and not perfect, but doing her best!

Jennifer 4 years ago

I vote for June Cleaver. She’s just so darn cute. Hilarious post!!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Thanks Jennifer! But if we’re voting for cute, I vote for you. The picture of you and your baby? Adorable.

      Jennifer 4 years ago

      Thank you! :)

Judes 4 years ago

The mom that can get her teenage daughters through anything and still hold her self together emotionally. That is the mom I want. Not sure who in the entertainment world fits. Maybe Clair from Modern Family. Maybe not, she uses wine to cope, which most of us do anyways.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Did I miss something? Is there some kind of problem with wine?

      Judes 4 years ago

      No problem at all with wine! Love it.

        Anne Kimball 4 years ago

        Thank you.

Vera. 4 years ago

Maria, from the Sound of Music. the way she was managing all those 7 kids _and_ the Captain, even without noticing she’s doing it!… and all her singing, sewing, directing dance-and-sing performances with freshly-taught how to sing kids…

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    I just want to dance with the captain to that “folk song” so I could have that bitch tell me I was blushing in his arms!

      Vera. 4 years ago

      yeah… and have him blush back…
      ahem, not so ‘mommy’ moment, but everyone deserves a brake)

Stephanie 4 years ago

Yes!! Edith Bunker was AWESOME!! And Marge, and Peg, and Kitty! What a great list!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    So many to choose from!!!

Cate8 4 years ago

Peg Bundy— then I can finally smoke inside. (JK)
Seriously I would need the Dad from Cheaper by the Dozen (the old version) That whistle would come in handy here with 8 kids….well 3 down 5 to go…(to Adulthood)

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    I don’t think I knew there was an older version of Cheaper by the Dozen. I only know the Steve Martin one. But I have to admit, I have used his line ’em up routine when I need to give them all “The Lecture”. Very effective.

      Jenn 4 years ago

      Try to books, they’re much better than either movie! I have channeled the Galbraith parents a couple of times, although not been nearly as effective!

Sarah May 4 years ago

What about Bree (Desperate Housewives)? Always able to rustle up some muffins in every crisis (even when she’s drunk) and her house always looks like she has 15 people cleaning it (mine on the other hand looks like 15 people are dumping on it – although there are only 6 of us).

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Only problem with Bree is that she’s so perfect her kids end up hating her for it. But yes, clean house, perfect dinners, and time to write a book/start a business? Sign me up. I can take a little hatred.

      Sarah May 4 years ago

      Ah but you wouldn’t have the hatred as Bree would only be one tenth of you. 😉

        Anne Kimball 4 years ago

        Hadn’t thought of that. That’s why I NEED these other women (maybe you should be one of them???)

          Sarah May 4 years ago

          Now you’ve got me laughing. 😉

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

Yes, yes, yes to Maria! She and Scarlett O’Hara could get together and open up a boutique (well, not so much Scarlett. Maybe Mammy). Good one! Thanks Sarah!

Monica DeLaCruz 4 years ago

marge simpson is on my list. who doesn’t need a little high blue hair once in a while?

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Marge does rock the tall blue hair, this is true. And she never seems flustered….

Sarah Negovetich 4 years ago

Sign me up for a dash of Maria from the Sound of Music. She has the stamina to sing while running up a mountain and can make dresses from anything. Plus, she helped her family escape Austria. Not too shabby. Great post, Anne. MNINB rocks!

    Meg 4 years ago

    Very true!! Talk about frugal — she can turn out clothing for 7 children from three windows’ worth of curtains. Plus, she not only loves them as her own, but simultaneously pulls their father’s head out of his arse.

      Anne Kimball 4 years ago


MommaC 4 years ago

That was hilarious and I totally relate to it… Scary Mommy would be my suggestion to balance the scales. Gotta have a nice even number! Also, I kinda snorted and choked on my coffee, while reading this one, so thanks!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    MommaC,if I got you to snort and choke on your coffee, then my work here is done.

    MSMommy 4 years ago

    LOL I read that as snorting cocaine… I had to shake my head and read over!
    Scary Mommy is a great one though…Or the house Mom from Facts of Life!

Kate in Ohio 4 years ago

I am always channeling Frankie from “The Middle”. Just barely keeping it together, but she always gets the job done. When I was little I thought I would be June Cleaver. I guess that is just one more of the shocking realities of life.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    I don’t want to channel her b/c I think I’m too much like her already. She gets frazzled. Unlike me, though, like you said, she generally gets it done.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 4 years ago

Mcguyver. There is nothing I cannot accomplish with just a knife, some twine and a match.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Yes. After all, why not include the men? Aren’t we all liberated by now?

steph 4 years ago

June Cleaver – I would love to be a happy homemaker in heels and pearls!

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Let’s not forget the apron!

OHN 4 years ago

Victoria Beckham. She wears killer clothes, has more hired help than she knows what to do with, jet-sets all over the world and gets to witness David slowly lifting his exquisite physique out of one of their pools every day….not to mention what else she gets to do with him.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Yes. I could stand to channel Victoria Beckham. Ahem.

      Rebeccah 4 years ago

      Totally distracted now. What were we talking about?

Anne Kimball 4 years ago

You know, I never really watched that show. But if she knows when to pour a drink and put her feet up, I’m in….

Mama Melch 4 years ago

I like to channel Kitty Foreman from That 70’s Show, because that woman always knows when it is time to pour a drink, put her feet up, and send in Red!!

    Bridget Forney 4 years ago


    Scarlet 4 years ago

    Absolutely!! Kitty Foreman is a must!!! My favorite character on that show by far.

      Aimee 4 years ago

      YES! Kitty is the best.

Jadzia@Toddlerisms 4 years ago

Edith Bunker. Not as daffy as she appeared to be at first glance. Loved her flawed family with all of her heart, but grew into her voice and was able to tell them straight-on when they were wrong. Stood up to her husband when she wanted to keep working at the Sunshine Home. Let poor Mr. Klemmer down easy.

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Who doesn’t love Edith? And I loved her little chair. I want one.

Alison@Mama Wants This 4 years ago

#10 – Jill Smokler. :)

    Anne Kimball 4 years ago

    Ah, Jill Smokler! Now why didn’t I think of that?!


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