The Shitty Options For Preventing Pregnancy

birth control pills

Awwww shit, the six-week, post-baby checkup. You know what that means? I have to have sex again. Uhhhh, I mean I get to make magnificent love to my adoring husband. Not that I don’t enjoy sex. It’s just that right now I’m kind of exhausted, breastfeeding, hormonal, in pain down there, want to murder him because he doesn’t have to breastfeed, and did I mention exhausted? I mean I could literally fall asleep crowd-surfing at a Metallica concert, but you want me to waste valuable horizontal sleep time having sex? Besides, do you know what can happen when you have sex? You can get preggers. Been there done that. So anyways, this is what my six-week checkup was like.

OB: So what are you using for birth control?

ME: Our baby.

OB: (blank stare)

ME: Seriously, he’s like constantly laying between us and cockblocking my husband.

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OB: What about when your baby’s not there?

ME: (blank stare)

OB: Have you thought about what you might want to use when he does start sleeping in his own room?

ME: I don’t know, isn’t there like some magic pill that I can take that will make me temporarily infertile?

OB: Yes, it’s called the pill.

ME: Nahhh, F that shit. I have to remember to take it like every single day. I’m talking about ONE pill I can take and it’ll make my whole system go kaput for a while.

OB: Yes, it’s called the Kaput pill.

ME: Really?

OB: No, not really. What about a vasectomy?

I’m pretty sure she’s suggesting this because she thinks I shouldn’t breed anymore.

ME: I don’t know, that’s just so final. I mean my husband’s 100% done but I’m only like 98%, so we’ll probably have another. And yes, I know I’m 40 (quit looking at me like that, biatch), but didn’t you see that lady who just had a baby at 62? So I ain’t closing that door yet.

Yada yada yada, we discuss some of my choices, and here’s my take on why a cockblocking baby is a better birth control choice for me than any of the options on the market:

1. The IUD. So all of the sudden I have all these Mommy friends who are using IUDs and at first I was like, “Hmmm, that could be kinda cool,” until I heard them all bitching about the little strings. The WHAT?!!! The little strings. Yeah, apparently these little strings hang out of your cervix and you’re supposed to reach in there and check once in a while to make sure they’re still there. I’m picturing a permanent tampon string in there, only there are two so it’s like you accidentally put a second tampon in because you forgot there was already one in there. Grrr, I hate when that happens. Or maybe they’re more like threads like when the hem of your sleeve has a little thread dangling off it and you try to rip it off but every time you pull it it just gets longer and you finally have to bite that shit off. Only these threads are dangling from your cervix, and I’d constantly want to rip them off so thank God I’m not flexible enough to bend over and bite them off with my teeth. And this is why I can never have an IUD.

2. Condoms. First of all, condoms cost like $9,000. Not really, but they cost money and I remember when there were like buckets of free ones in college (unless you went to some religiousy college where the teenagers with raging hormones practice abstinence, bwahahahahaha!). But seriously, paying for a condom each time I have sex makes me feel like I’m paying for sex, which is hilarious because these days you pretty much have to pay me to have sex. Hmmm, wait, does that make me a prostitute?

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Plus, can we discuss the physical condom itself? You pop it on the tip of his peeper and you’re like why the F won’t this thing unroll? Unroll damn it! Forty seconds later, you figure it out. Awww shit, that sucker is upside down. Well, if that’s not a buzz kill, I don’t know what is. And once he’s “done” with the condom, it’s basically like a water balloon full of spluge that he tosses in the trashcan so the whole trashcan smells like sex. Awesome. Not.

3. Female condom. Do you know anyone who’s ever used this? Nahhh, me neither. So I looked it up and here are some of the advantages to using a female condom— it’s 95% effective (which basically means if you have sex 20 times, you’ll get preggers, at least according to my F’ed up math). It’s safe for anal sex (if you can handle the idea of putting a ring up your tush hole. I don’t know why that sounds worse than putting a penis in there, but it does). And the outer ring may possibly stimulate the clitoris while you’re having sex (so let me get this straight? Not only am I the one dealing with birth control, but now he doesn’t even have to work hard to get me off?). Okay, so those are the advantages to using this method of birth control.

The way I see it, here is the biggest disadvantage to using a female condom—you have to say you use a female condom. Blagggh. I guess you can say you use a Fem-Con and make it sound a little cooler like Comic-Con, but then people will just ask you what a Fem-Con is and you’ll have to whisper, “It’s a female condom,” and they’ll laugh and think you’re kidding, but then when they realize you’re not kidding they’ll stop laughing and look at you weird and think you’re gross. No way ho zay.

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4. A Diaphragm. There are two reasons I am not wearing an F’ing diaphragm (shit, that’s a hard word to spell). 1. Aren’t diaphragms only for people who were born in the 1950’s? And 2. All I can picture is carrying the case around in my purse and then one day it falls out in front of the cashier at Tarjay and she sees it and she’s like, “Heyyyy, I wear a retainer too,” and I’m like, “It’s not a retainer, it’s a diaphragm.” And then it’s just a whole lotta awkward silence while she packs my bags.

5. Cervical Cap. Okay, I really didn’t know what this was so I looked it up and according to Planned Parenthood, “The cervical cap is a silicone cup shaped like a sailor’s hat.” Ennnnh, wrong, F that. I am NOT putting anything inside me that looks like a sailor’s hat. Hey look, it’s Fleet Week in my vajayjay! Then again, if I were single and living in New York, I would totally wear this for Fleet Week. Damn straight I support the Navy, check out my cervi cap!

6. The Sponge. Blaggggggghhh, I feel gross just typing that word. Do I seriously need my birth control named after a cleaning product? I clean enough shit around here already. Plus, what the hell is the point of using a birth control that is only 80% effective? I shit you not. Twenty out of 100 women get preggers on the sponge. It’s like Russian roulette in your hoo-ha. Only you don’t die if you lose. It’s worse. You have a crying, screaming, cockblocking, pooping baby.

About the writer

Karen is the ridiculously hairy, self-deprecating writer of the blog Baby Sideburns. She also likes to make people pee in their pants with her daily entries on Facebook and twitter @BabySideburns, but that's not saying much since most of them had babies.


anaspider 2 years ago

If you do get to the point where you know you’re done having kids, you should know that getting your tubes tied is waaaaay different and easier than it used to be. They do it laporascopically now, so you only have two really tiny cuts. And anesthesia has come a long way, so at least for me I was completely with it when I woke up. I remember having surgery as a kid and being really groggy upon waking up — this was completely different! The worst thing for most people is you might have some upper body pain for a couple of days from gas leaving your body, but that’s it.

Heather Donda-Bitzer 2 years ago

lol! lol! lol!

Michelle 3 years ago

Since none of these appeal to me, I went back on the pill. But as you mentioned, you have to remember to take it every day. And I didn’t. At one point, I remember my husband saying to me, “you’re on the pill, how did this happen?” Um, well, the thing is…you’ve got to remember to take it every day.

Frankie Laursen 3 years ago

I can’t take the pill because I have depression (wish someone had told that when I was in my 20s and very depressed!). Between baby 1 and baby 2, my husband ordered custom-fitted condoms which worked well, but yeah, cost money.

Now he’s shooting blanks, which is the best. There’s an optional checkup at 1 year after a vasectomy, and he was like, “Naw, I don’t have to do that,” and I said, “If they have this checkup available, it’s because sometimes the vasectomy didn’t work or shit grew back together. You do need to do this checkup.”

Rose Mary Mitchell 3 years ago

LOL loved this IUD not so awesome flipped upside down and the threads got stuck in places you won't wanna know about caused alot of issues

Jessica 3 years ago

I am still on the Pill after child #2, but want my husband to get a vasectomy. Like, now! I don’t have an issue with remembering to take my pill, but don’t want to be on it for years and years.

By the way, I’m always surprised when people say they struggle to remember to take their pill. Leave it next to your toothbrush…pill, then brush, every morning. You do remember to brush your teeth, right? Or better yet, leave the pills next to the crying baby :)

Joanne 3 years ago

During my 6 week follow up after my first child, I answered “condoms” because I was too embarrassed to say “rhythm method” since that’s how we ended up with a first child to begin with. Guess who now how a second?! Going with vasectomy this time!

Amy Wruble 3 years ago

Best birh control = wanting another baby, because thenit definitely won't happen. So just concentrate on wanting one, and maybe come up with some cute names. Safest form I know.

Ash 3 years ago

This post made my day. I’m about to have my first little a-hole in a few months and will be referring back to this article when the time comes. 😛

JillAlison 3 years ago

HAHAHAAA! Hilarious. Seriously cracking up. I have an IUD. Don’t be afraid. It’s truly fabulous. I’ve NEVER tried to check mine or had a single issue. I actually just got my 3rd. (my son is 10) Yea, still didn’t talk the Hubs into the big-V. Total pansy. So, IUD is it! And, I can’t say anything negative about it. I just revel in the fact that you don’t have to remember to take a damned pill AND I’m ~99.9% protected against pregnancy.

Jill Beagen Carpenter 3 years ago

HAHAHAAA! Hilarious. Seriously cracking up. I have an IUD. Don't be afraid. It's truly fabulous. I've NEVER tried to check mine or had a single issue. I actually just got my 3rd. (my son is 10) Yea, still didn't talk the Hubs into the big-V. Total pansy. So, IUD is it! And, I can't say anything negative about it. I just revel in the fact that you don't have to remember to take a damned pill AND I'm ~99.9% protected against pregnancy.

Katie 3 years ago

Nexplanon. Or implanon. Seriously. It’s like a birth control piercing – lol – they just insert a little wire in your arm, and you’re good for FIVE YEARS!

FYI, totally removable/reversible. It’s the way I’m going (later).

    Katie 3 years ago

    ** three years. Got a little excited there.

Sandy 3 years ago

I had the Meridia IUD and made my ob/gyn take it out once I discovered that the warning about irregular bleeding meant you bled all the time but would never know just how much — it’s ending! wait, no, it’s not — yes it is! — no it’s not … I also had some slight cramping and period symptoms to make it extra fun, but it was the bleeding that did me in. I gave it months, not weeks, btw, so if it does eventually stop, it’s after a l-o-n-g period of adjustment. It was an expensive, miserable mistake for me. Your mileage may vary.

Grace | Yummy Baby Gifts 3 years ago

Yeah having kids can make you not have more!! Lol

Pam 3 years ago

So buying the book!!

Jules 3 years ago

Got my tubes tied after #2. I love my kids, but NO MORE PLEASE!

thedoseofreality 3 years ago

HA HA HA! I love when the doctors ask what you are using for birth control at the 6 week check-up, and you laugh in their face. Like the torn up vay-jay-jay and the milk spewing breasts aren’t enough! 😉 Not to freak you out or anything, but I have more than a few good girlfriends with IUD babies! ;)-Ashley

Caroline 3 years ago

IUD….. Never again…. 99.9% effective my a**, got pregnant with it! Ok yes I have an adorable extra little one now but the idea for the IUD is because I didn’t want a third one so soon…. I would have like to wait for my 2 oldests to be in school! So IUD never again! We (more he than we but he was saying that we were pregnant so I can say we!) went for Vasectomy! More drastic but more efficient! Did I say that the 1st one is a condom that barely ripped? Yeah! vasectomy!

Marie 3 years ago

OMG this was hilarious!!! I hated that appt too. If u finally decide ur 100% done, consider essure…. I did it bc my husband was unable to have a vasectomy (don’t ask) and now I’m barren as the Dead Sea. No more worrying, and no cutting!! The only downside is that u don’t get to sit around and watch tv all weekend like the guys do when they have their jewels violated, but I’m sure you could talk your spouse into allowing you some additional non-medically-required free time in return for not making him get his balls singed by a cauterizing device. Just a thought.

Jill 3 years ago

Haha! I had an IUD and loved it; don’t be afraid. I never checked or noticed the strings (which I told my doctor about and she didn’t mind), and I fully intend to have one put back in after my current pregnancy… Because really, when you have kids, remembering to take that stupid pill at the same time everyday is impossible.


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