I voted today

I voted today because, as a mother, I can’t imagine not wanting my children to someday marry whomever they choose.

I voted today because love is love, and I can think of no cause more important.

I voted today because nobody has the right to dictate what me, my daughter, or any other woman does with her own damn body.

I voted today because rape is rape. Period.

I voted today because my friends with special needs children deserve every possible resource the country can give them.

I voted today because I care about the earth that my children and their children and their children will inhabit.

I voted today because I believe we should help those less fortunate than us.

I voted today because this election is too important not to vote in, and every single vote counts.

I’m not telling you who I voted for.

But I’m pretty sure you can guess.

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Galit Breen 3 years ago

Love every word of this, girl.

{Also, YAY!}


ReeAnn Young 3 years ago

I voted bc my husband fights for the freedom to vote.

Beth 3 years ago

I’m a reader from the UK so I couldn’t vote but thank you! I am aware that the presdent of the US has great influence over us all and I believe that the right choice was made :) x

Amy I. Bloom 3 years ago

Somehow I missed this last week. What an absolutely lovely post.
Go Obama!

PS. I would vote for you if you ran for Office.


Valerie Washington 3 years ago

My daughter was aboe to vote for the first time this year! I think we’re all on the same page of who needed to win. Women are taking back the world! Hoorah!

Old School/New School Mom 3 years ago

We need to clone you so that more of us like-minded people can vote!

Lark 3 years ago

FWIW, anybody keeping tabs on the seriously shrinking spending on the U.S. Dept. of Education since 2009? Some mommies read budgets, when they are available from federal outlets…

Cat 3 years ago

Am I better off than I was four years ago? Yeah. I actually can get affordable health care, so that’s a good thing. And my children understand that it is important to share what you have, even if you have worked hard to get it, because some people weren’t born as lucky as they were. And they understand that people are different, and being different is not a bad thing. It’s not all about the economy. They understand responsibility to each other, that it’s not just about what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country! Didn’t someone important say that? 😉

Lollie ~ The Fortuitous Housewife 3 years ago

My grandmother, the most passionate patriot I’ve never know, always told me “Voting isn’t a privilege or a right, it’s a responsibility.” Years after her passing, as I step into that voting, I feel her presence.

slowlylosingit 3 years ago

Very well said! Thank you for voting!

confused 3 years ago

So what is this “fact check” website? I’ve heard that Obamacare is funded with money from retirement funds from civil servant agencies (postal service, military, etc), but I can’t find anything on it. Where do I look? The money has to come from somewhere…I know I’ll never see any social security when I’m old enough to draw it. Additionally, I’m getting ready to retire from 20 years of active duty military next year. I’m extremely concerned that my pension will be affected!

    Shannon 3 years ago

    One of the sites is:

    And thank you for your years of service!

Marta 3 years ago

I voted for all the same reasons and I am so glad we won.

Jennifer 3 years ago

Sounds like we voted for a lot of the same reasons.

heather 3 years ago

i voted for all those reasons, too. and my kids voted. and my son’s girlfriend voted. and i am glad that everyone who could voted……..were the people affected by sandy given options to vote?

Megan 3 years ago

I voted yesterday, for all of those same reasons. I voted the same way in 2008, and will vote the same way in 2016. I also voted for my very good friend, Stacey Lihn, who spoke at the DNC in support of the Affordable Care Act and how it is saving her daughter’s life. People say we can’t afford the Affordable Care Act. I think we can’t afford to NOT have the Affordable Care Act. We need to invest in our citizens, especially those who are young who will be the future of America.

Yay Obama!!!

Beadzoid 3 years ago

Excellent reasons. As a UK citizen I don’t feel I have a right to a preference as such, but I think that US citizens made the right choice and I was strangely relieved when I awoke to President Obama’s re-election. It does make me laugh though when I see Democrat supporters labeled ‘liberals’ as your left- wing is about as right-wing as our party of the right (if that confusing statement makes sense!) Anyway, refreshing to see an electorate so informed and engaged.

Guerrilla Mom 3 years ago

Beautifully said, Jill!

Jill 3 years ago

Couldn’t have said it better myself. I voted with my 5 y.o. daughter in mind to ensure that she will have the same rights and protections that I currently have, to move forward on equality for all and to make this world a safer, healthy place to live and love.

Tia 3 years ago

Those are almost all the exact reasons I voted too! :)

Danielle 3 years ago

Simple and very well said.

Holly 3 years ago

This post is beautiful. Thank you for writing this. I voted for the same reasons, but you stated those reasons much more eloquently than I ever could. :)

Andrea 3 years ago

So incredibly well said. For that, I adore you more.

Kristen Mae 3 years ago

I voted for those same reasons… and I love the comment above by Liz about her grandma. She gets a high-five.

Amy 3 years ago

Yes. Thank you for saying this so succinctly and so, so well. THIS is exactly why I voted the way I did, too…

Jeni Kramer 3 years ago

Simply perfect. Thank you for this post – and for being all around freakin’ amazing. You rock my socks off.

Scroogy 3 years ago

I voted too, Jill! For all those reasons also! Hoorah for living in a country where women are allowed to vote with their own hearts and minds! How lucky we are! I voted so that we’ll stay that way!

Suzanne @ Fit Minded Mom 3 years ago

We can’t afford Obamacare but we can afford another war, right?! Why don’t we throw out some numbers on how much THOSE have costs us? Instead of helping the sick and poor in our country we should spend it elsewhere, I guess.

I voted as well for so many of the reasons you do but also for many more!!!

Erin 3 years ago

All six of of proudly went to vote today…it was good stuff…

I am fingers crossed and faith in humanity that ‘Merica will do the right thing…:)

Keely 3 years ago

Voting for the first time in a swing state and feeling like I count!! But as always sad about the lack of female representation on my ballot. What’s up with that? Hope that changes before my 2 year old daughter is ready to vote!!

Julie 3 years ago

I love this! Thank you!

Jessica 3 years ago

Let’s hope that we are not all rage blogging tomorrow. Go America! You can make the proper choices… Can’t you?

Liz 3 years ago

Yes, yes, yes! Some people are using scare tactics (like Voted comment above) to try to argue their point. I am better off financially now than I was 4 years ago. And if we’re lucky enough to have the same President, I’ll be even better 4 years from now. But that’s just me, and I don’t vote in this election for me. I vote for my grandma, who worked hard all her life to raise a family but never earned enough to have a retirement plan. Now she relies on social security as her only source of income. I should know, I balance her checkbook and do her banking. If she didn’t have that, she’d have to sell her home that she’s lived in for 40 years. My grandpa was a laborer and left her with a small pension, that’s not nearly enough each month to even cover a mortgage, let alone utility bills or food. She has so many doctor’s appointments, that she wouldn’t be able to afford her healthcare and monthly prescriptions for her diabetes and other ailments if it weren’t for Medicare. My grandparents have always worked hard and lived a very frugal life, but it wasn’t enough to retire and without things like Social Security and Medicare – things Democrats created – she’d not only be homeless, but possibly not even alive today.

So I vote today, not for myself, but for my grandma and everyone like her. One candidate sees her as a deserving human being; the other one calls her the 47%.

    Christina 3 years ago

    I voted for my grandma, too, and she would have been proud of me.

    Maggie 3 years ago

    This. This is the reality of it. Thank you Liz.

MarySunshine 3 years ago

Vote your conscience.

That’s all that needs to be said.

Chrissy 3 years ago

Thank you for this. These are all the reasons I voted too but well stated.

Jodi 3 years ago

I voted last week. I voted for my country and the freedom we have/had. I voted because I can. I voted because I believe the government does not have the right to invade my privacy. I voted because I know I can do better for myself then the government can do for me. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” JFK

I do believe, as women we have the right to our own bodies but the government does not belong in it. It is our right and our body. You have choices, one way you may suffer for a little while but if you have a mind-shift it can be a beneficial and beautiful opportunity. The other way, you suffer for a life time until you reach heaven to embrace what you banished from your life. Believe me, I know first hand.

I do believe in loving who you want to love. Again, the government has no right to be behind my home door saying who I can love and who I cannot. I have beautiful people in my life who bring me joy and happiness because they are who they are.

I believe in making it on my own and what is unfortunate is, I have stooped below my ethics, standards and principles to receive food stamps and I am ashamed for it because I am better then that. I have discarded this service for the betterment of myself. I now have several opportunities of multiple income streams working for me so I can help others.

I believe in ethics not rules. Rules were in place in Nazi Germany. Unfortunately these rules were put first before ethics and humanity. I ask, what happened?

All in all, we have the wonderful freedom to vote. We may not believe in the same thing right now nor possibly ever. Bottom line, we can vote and make a choice we have convictions toward. Thank you.

    Christina 3 years ago

    Me too, Jodi!

Megan King 3 years ago

I’d only add two things to my list: I am a Women’s Health nurse. I see first hand the incredible need for affordable, reproductive healthcare. Also I have a pre-existing condition which requires visits with Specialists, expensive medical tests, and multiple, daily medications. This is personal. Shit just got real. Forward!

Amy 3 years ago

Yes, this.

Stephanie 3 years ago

Kids, yes. No lollipops, though. We’re about to bathe them!

Stephanie Wilson 3 years ago

Thank you for your post! I voted for the same reasons and more. I get my information from unbiased stations that don’t include Fox News or entertainment shows like Entertainment Tonight. I don’t believe all Republicans are as ignorant as the person above me but Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will take us back in time, not Forward. But don’t trust one comment. Do your research. Knowledge is power. Period.

    Jill 3 years ago

    Thank you for saying what I wanted to say but could not articulate without sounding angry to the poster above. Now I will go back to sitting and worrying about the results :)

Julia 3 years ago

This sums up all the reasons why I voted and more. Took my 2 year old with me and the lady in front of me was nice enough to let me in front of her in line.

Jane 3 years ago


Voted 3 years ago

I also voted. I voted for reduction in our Federal government spending
Put an end to Obamacare. A program we can’t afford.
$6+ trillion is more debt than was accumulated by all U.S. presidents from George Washington through Bill Clinton combined

If Barack Obama wins re-election, the national debt will hit $20 trillion. America’s gross federal debt will reach $20.3 trillion at the end of 2016 under Obama’s budget path

10,215 new federal regulations from the Obama administration are costing consumers, businesses and the economy overall $46 billion annually, more than five times the regulatory price tag of former President Bush in his first three years in office.

Republicans are not going to repeal Roe v Wade, period. If the only thing you are concerned about is birth control and same sex marriage (he was against it until just this year) you haven’t been paying attention. I am sure this falls on deaf ears and I am saddened by the lack of information most liberals have about the real issues. Continue to watch Entertainment Tonight for your all your political news then wonder why you have less money due to increased taxes, fewer jobs, sky-high gas prices.

    Jodi 3 years ago

    Thank you!

    Grits 3 years ago

    Oh, Lordy…you’re gonna make me fact check you…

    Obama’s deficit is the direct result of two wars that were “off the books” and massive tax cuts for the wealthy. Only $1 trillion of that debt is actually spending on the part of Obama. It funded the bailouts on Wall Street and in the Auto industry…two entities that if failed would have destroyed our country. Republicans are the ones who took our country’s credit rating with AAA down to its lowest ever. Ever.

    A vote for the GOP is a vote for a step back for society, not just women. We cannot afford another G.W. Bush, and I’ll thank you not to be so insulting as to assume that women with a voice against nonsense get their news from Entertainment Tonight. I get my news from everywhere…I am informed. You should probably do the same unless you are okay with being denied your social security benefits upon retirement, having no health care, and watching our economy hit the tank.

      momof3 3 years ago

      What she said!!!!

        lisa 3 years ago


      Megan 3 years ago

      Thank you for educating her!!! Love you, Grits!

      Kimber 3 years ago

      woot woot! Educated women united in this election :-)

        Evalynn Rose 3 years ago

        Voting is fantastic. The thing that saddens me is this mentality:

        You are uneducated because you think differently than me. Also insert: stupid/liberal/conservative/republican/democrat/ “not one of us”

        I am an independent, and I always will be. I watched both candidates closely, and followed unbiased sources like factcheck.org to JUST get the facts. You know what? They both lied. They both played politics. They both pandered to those who payed them. It is upsetting to me that we are so blinded by political loyalty and an “us vs. them” mentality that we don’t hold our leaders accountable. We learn by their example, hating people on the “other side,” smug and self satisfied that *we* are different, because *we* are right. And in the end, besides being down right rude and disrespectful to others, that tears our country apart and creates a system that is steeped in corruption that won’t be undone because everyone is too busy getting in pissing contests with each other. If your guy wins, you won’t critisize him, because he’s *your* guy and he is just so beautiful, responsible and fantastic, and he has all the answers. If the other guy wins, *everything* he does is wrong because he’s *their* guy, and he is stupid, and he is trying to destroy us all. I don’t know when people decided that we had to find and elect God as president, but I’m a little frickin sick of it. No one is perfect, least of all a politician… and to play that they are is dangerous because they have a lot of power – and they will use it. We keep them in check – the little guys.

        The reality is that for a while now, we haven’t had good candidates. Our government is corrupt and so we vote in the lesser of two evils, and hope that things will get better. But the cycle continues: we fight, we disrespect, we hate, and nothing gets done.

        I am so glad that the election is over. I hope we can move forward… to that part where I hope things get better. But I don’t think it ever will get better from the top down. I think it has to start with us, the people.

          Bozwa 3 years ago

          I couldn’t have said it better myself. I read this and wanted to shout it from the rooftops. Thank you for articulating what would have been difficult for me to do lacking a bitchy tone! <3

          Evalynn Rose 3 years ago


      I hate fatties 3 years ago

      I wish your kids good luck in paying back all that debt.

      Oh and they should enjoy the stories you will be able to tell them of the glory days when medical care in this country was actually good instead of just “being available” for everyone.

Sarah 3 years ago

Love this! Me too me too!

Gladys A. 3 years ago

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker

Allie 3 years ago

Rosanne Barr? LOL!

I voted because women were fighting for the right to vote 100 years ago. I thank them by voting.


    cheesehead4ever 3 years ago

    I still get choked up every time I vote for this reason and I have been eligible to vote for 20 years.

Susan Smith 3 years ago

THANK YOU for being YOU.

Lu 3 years ago

What a blessing it is to live in a country where we have the freedom to express what we believe. Don’t understand those you do not vote when it is such a priviledge.

Sili 3 years ago

I was going to write my post about voting but I think I’ll just put a link up on my blog directly to this. Thank you for voting!

Denise 3 years ago

I am voting for all those same reasons.

Roshni 3 years ago

Amen to that!! If we care enough about them and about ourselves, we should know who to vote for!!

tracy@sellabitmum 3 years ago

Love you. For all of this and more. Fingers fucking crossed for all of us. xoxo


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