10 Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way


1. Fire really is hot.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way number 1: Fire really is hot.via senorgif.com

2. You shouldn’t mess with cats.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #2: You shouldn't mess with cats.via 4gifs.com

3. There’s a reason for not jumping on the furniture.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #3: Don't Jump on the table.via imgur.com

4. You can’t trust everyone.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #4: You can't trust everyone.via 4gifs.com

5. It’s not smart to annoy your brother.  

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #5: It's not smart to annoy your brothervia imgur.com

6. Or your sister.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #6: It's not smart to annoy your sistervia gifak.net

7. Too much sugar can make you crazy.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #7: Too much sugar can make you crazyvia weknowgifs.com

8. Affection isn’t always returned.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #8: Affection isn't always returnedvia 4gifs.com

9. You do need to look where you’re going.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #9: Look where you're goingvia gifbin.com

10. Your parents don’t always know what they’re doing.

Lessons Kids Learn The Hard Way #10: Your parents have no idea what they're doingvia gifbin.com


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  1. Mary says

    Omg that last one… we did that. But it worked. Crib mattresses are the key- they’re much stiffer than regular ones.

    Pretty sure that’s an older sib at the top of the stairs. lol

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  2. BeNiceToLittles says

    I love this list and i did laugh. But I HATE that cat/kid gif. I’ve seen it on YouTube and -yeah, I’m totally judging- that is terrible parenting. The kid is crying and scared because the cat is scratching him; the cat is scratching the kid to protect itself because the kid is messing with him, and the goldarn mom is filming and laughing the entire time. It’s horrible.

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    • blahblah98 says

      I grew up w/ cats’n dogs’n gerbils’n fish’n siblings’n etc… Mess w/ animals, they’ll teach you a lesson on the spot. I don’t resent any of those lessons, there was no one to blame but me, and I still loved them all dearly.
      Lesson 2: try to earn their trust back. Having your pet exclude you from their play is tough.
      Lesson 3: when your pet gets old, low-energy, in pain, and eventually dies, the fleeting importance of life & love are revealed to full impact. You resolve to be better to the loved ones around you.
      There’s a lot we can learn from animals; I wish more of us did.

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      • ArtRach says

        Heck, one of my brother’s favorite stories is the origin story of his facial scar – how he mistook the hole under the dogs tail for a pencil sharpener. He still speaks fondly of that dog to this day.

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    • undrgrndgirl says

      that’s the best one. i’m betting mom/dad has told the kid to stop teasing the cat over and over and over again. sometimes the best lesson is the one learned first hand. and the kid TOTALLY deserved it!

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      • Missy says

        Actually, in the video, you can hear a couple people convincing the child to hit the cat, and then laughing after the cat attacks him. It is bad parenting, and it’s actually kind of hard to watch in context.

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    • SCB says

      Because the movies aren’t Real Life, so it’s safer to steer clear of anything your parents tell you not to do — unless a director yells “cut!” and you get a check and a percentage of the profits.

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  3. Heather says

    I was horrified by several of these! Am I the only one? The cat one is just horrendous. The table dancing, it looks like she broke her ankle. The one with the kid riding into the tree – he WAS looking where he was going and clearly didn’t know how to steer away from the tree therefore smashed his face! These made my stomach hurt, and not from laughing.

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