Quite Possibly One of The Best Letters From Camp, Ever

Last year, my eight year-old son went to summer camp. It was the first time he had been away from home for more than a night. An hour after I dropped him off, I missed him. By the time I went to bed, I found myself wandering into his bedroom, just to feel close to him.

As the days passed, I wrote to him daily. Each hour dragged as I’d wait for the mailman, hoping for just one letter from him. By that point I missed him so much, I began to imagine what he might write.

I fantasized that one of his letters from camp would look something like this:

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Dear Mom,

Thank you so much for letting me go to camp. I have learned so many cool things, like how to take a fish off the hook, tie sailing knots, and how to groom a horse. Thanks for packing sun screen. I’ve been out on the lake a lot, so it’s really come in handy. You think of everything! I’ve been drinking tons of water since it’s so hot. See? I do listen to all your good advice.

The other boys in my cabin are really smart and nice. I’m making  lifelong friends I will cherish forever. We’ve had fun learning camp songs, playing cards, and catching frogs in our free time. During quiet time, I read the book you sent along. What a great selection! 

Like you suggested, I’m trying a lot of new foods. You were right, the oatmeal at breakfast isn’t bad if I add raisins. And don’t worry, Mom, I’m using all the manners you’ve taught me over the years.

We’re camping under the stars tonight. I hope to see fireflies.

I love you,



P.S. Tell my brothers I miss them! 

The next day I received an actual letter from him. It was just slightly different from what I imagined:

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 This year I’m sending a whole book of stamps to camp with him.

Can’t wait to see what he writes!

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Liesl, publisher of the website Hairpin Turns Ahead, uses humor and humility to write about navigating life’s twists, turns, and inevitable changes.  A divorced mom of three, she has come to accept that even though her white-picket-fence dream life blew up in her face, it was probably the best thing to have happened.  Follow Liesl on FacebookPinterest,and Twitter.

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sarah 4 months ago

Am I the only person that thinks this is completely fake? even the writing seems stylized and the wrongly spelt words seem obviously faked. the author is a writer, I think she made it up!

Pashta 7 months ago

Um, I have an 8 and 9 year old. They don’t spell that horribly. I had a feeling this was fake because of the spelling and the way it was written.

kip eaton 1 year ago

I have never in my life laughed so hard in my life tears are just rolling because I can’t stop laughing thank you so much for sharing that letter! My son is six now I can’t wait to see what he wrights me! Oh god I’m still laughing!

barbara 1 year ago

i love this its too bad that its completely fake though
https://twitter.com/LieslTestwuide the woman who made it runs a comedy blog where she writes fake letters

Ann 1 year ago


Vanessa 1 year ago

#soveryfunny #LOLforreal

Barbara 1 year ago

WOW. A brilliant, articulate letter. My daughter’s came the day after she got home, shattering my illusions. ‘I will never leave you again. I hate this place. The room smells of damp. The food tastes like plastic. I miss you with my whole heart. I TRY NOT TO CRY. – your loving, ‘dorter’….(had it come sooner we’d have driven through hellfire, if needed, to get her home.

Barbara 1 year ago

I have read this probably seven times, and I still end up laughing until I cry. Do share on the next camp letters-to-home!

Heather 1 year ago

For those of you with girls the letters won’t be the same!!!! The boys are just boys from the beginning…… and they think as males!!!

Jonah 1 year ago

Really? This is so fake. Totally cute and adorable in a “Tina Fey writes a movie about a little boy at camp” kind of way but I don’t for a second believe this is real. It is way to obvious and cliche. Everything an adult imagines a kid thinks about and makes bad early 90’s movies about.

bob 1 year ago

youR grammar is god awful. Get a life

JD @ Honest Mom 1 year ago

That is hysterical. I was a camp counselor for years. I only once had a cabin of boys. THAT was an experience. And quite possibly why God graced me with two girls.

Baba P 1 year ago

I remember camp. There’s so much truth in both letters. Kids learn so much at camp; just not what parents expect!

Justin 1 year ago

Lol right. Next time you insult a CHILD be sure youre not on his level. He has a reason for not being able to spell. Whats yours?

Heather 1 year ago

That was hilarious! I almost got envious of the first letter…until I read on. Ha ha. My now 6 year old boy would prob have similar stories- loved it!

kim 1 year ago

As the mom of three teen boys, this was FUNNY! Our 9 yr old girl just rolls her eyes. Boys are hilarious and always unpredictable. :) :)

ace 1 year ago

Aww, his spelling’s not so bad…he’s only eight! I do like that his general theory on vowels seems to be, if in doubt, use an “e.” :-) So cute.

Michelle 1 year ago

I sent my son away for camp two years in a row and am still not sure if I sent him to an autism camp or a super secret spy academy. Either way I got absolutely no information at the end, least of all letters.

So, did he show you how to light farts?

Unclejoe 1 year ago

I couldnt read it too small where can i go to read it better my nephew wants to go to camp this year gmaw said no next year so my wife ,taking him camping

ELM 1 year ago

I am so glad that I read this TODAY and not this past week while my kid was at camp! HOLY COW! Awesome. Just awesome.

Nana 1 year ago

That is priceless!! I had my best laugh in years. lol

Gary 1 year ago

Needs to learn to spell a little better but he got his points across very wel!!!…lol Reminds me of the old song “Hello Mother, hello Father, here I am at camp…..” if you are too young to remember this song look it up and listen to it and you will laugh again…lol

Jennifer 1 year ago

I already love your blog and now I know your kids are amazing! I love this letter!

Jayla Burnette 1 year ago

I was dying laughing and crying that letter is way too funny I just cant

Angie In My 30s 1 year ago

LMAO that was amazing. As the mother of 2 boys that is perfectly on point. They’re all the same!!

Thanks for the laugh

Morgaine Swann 1 year ago

That’s precious! Thanks for sharing!

Walter White 1 year ago

I hope you are not serious. This letter is FAKE, if you look through the omments its pointed out several times how it is provenly fake and you would like to get children for a fake message that is just created, because someone wants to get attention?

Susan 1 year ago

Don’t touch any little kids, Calvin. We’re watching you.

Susan 1 year ago

This is cute but completely fake. At least people got some enjoyment out of it.

Holly 1 year ago

K, I don’t have kids – don’t really want them – but this letter almost makes me want to have them!! LOLOL!!! Absolutely hilarious!! XD

Pat B 1 year ago

absolutely priceless! I needed a laugh this morning, and this was just perfect…….especially with summer camps ahead!

Dovonna Cruz 1 year ago

Seriously the most enlightening literature ive read in awhile. Im sending my son to camp for the first time and I imagine I’ll be you come July. Refreshing to know the kids will have alotta extra curricular activities.

Kristine 1 year ago

Thanks for the morning tears!

ShermCraig 1 year ago

Sorry, not buying it. There’s just no way….

Ellis Jayus 1 year ago

I think this came from my #3 child. The older two never wrote letters…now I know why!

ellisjayus 1 year ago

I think this came from my #3 child. (The older ones refused to write letters…now I know why!)

Karen 1 year ago

I thought someone was pulling my leg!

Karen 1 year ago


Is this for real? It truthfully happened and her 8 year old wrote that letter?
I’m so gullible and have fooled often enough that I’m skeptical now.

(It is very funny!)
I’m just super impressed if that is truthfully the original letter sent by her 8 year old child :-).

Mary Thompson 1 year ago

Wow love that I laughed until I had tears. It is so honest & sweet.

Calvin Wood 1 year ago

Well, it may be fake. If so, who cares. As a senior staff member at a scout camp. I can assure you that this stuff happens. We have a camp for 9 & 10 years olds. We take away quite a few lighters. The boys wear the same clothes for the time they are there. When the 12 to 17 year olds show up. I have to have some of the boys go take a shower before I allow them on the riffle range. The contest is to see who can collect the most dirt on their body and wear the same clothes during their week at camp. They also see who can drink the most milk at meals, who go with out sleep the longest, who can buy the most candy, drink the most soda. pee on the weather rock(and not get caught), eat the most cobbler, and yes light the biggest fart. As the rifle instructor, have seen boys run up to their moms telling them they got to shoot a real gun Then smile at horror in moms eyes. Because, she does not like guns. Oh well. The best one, is when I have them empty their pockets to shoot from the support prone position(laying flat on their bellys). I have counted up to 8 pocket knives. Of all shapes, sizes and styles.So, I can relate to this letter. My son came home from a church camp with a burnt butt. I asked him what happen and he just smiled. I said ” lighting blue dart were you?” Boys never change.

Reggie 1 year ago

That sounds like some of my weekend adventures in the NC mountains. There’s really not too much difference between 46 year old boys and 10 year old boys, just add alcohol!

mike 1 year ago

Hilarious! So faked, but still hilarious!

Rachel 1 year ago

This had me in stitches! I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time.

Patrina Hurt 1 year ago

Wonderful! I just couldn’t stop laughing. Such a letter. Must be read.

Susan S 1 year ago

As an elementary school teacher (2nd and 3rd grade) for many years, I have never seen such punctuation in an 8 year old. Nearly perfect. You should be proud of your school! In many elementary curriculum punctuation is focused on after spelling. Amazing to know that some schools are a. teaching letter writing, and b. teaching postscript and post super-scriptum. Haven’t seen that taught since I was a young girl in school. Wow!

rick im 1 year ago

This seems pretty fake you wrote the letter and got your som to write it

haley 1 year ago

So cute! I loved going to camp as a kid. I sometimes donate to our Y so local poor kids can go. At my camp on your b day you got to “kiss the moose” (a huge taxidermied moose head above the fireplace) my b day is in december and so i didn’t get to kiss the moose my first year. I was quite bummed, so the next year my mom put my birthday down as July something so I would get to kiss it. Moms are great right?! She also mailed me a giant- like 6oz- jawbreaker, cause getting mail was a huge thing there too. She didnt just mail the jawbreaker in a box or envelope though, it was sealed in its own cellophane wrapper and she stamped and wrote the address right on the wrapper so everyone could see this huge jawbreaker with a stamp on it. She did a lot of stuff above and beyond to make me feel special, still does too. Did you know as long as there are no laces you can even mail a shoe without being otherwise packaged?

Juniper 1 year ago

It reads fake to me. The choice misspellings seem very methodical.

MARY 1 year ago


Linda White 1 year ago

Hilarious! My kids went to church camp every year from about ages 8 – 17 or 18 and loved it and had so many fun stories and met lot of friends.

Cathy 1 year ago

My nearly-8yo son’s handwriting is about like that on a good day. And his spelling is about like that too. But he would never write a 3-page letter. If I got 3 sentences that would be good going for him. And he spends more time figuring out how to use a 3-letter word instead of a 6-letter word than it would actually take to write the longer word!

I do agree it’s fake. But very funny and well-thought out fake. It’s not how 8yos WRITE, but a lot of it is how they THINK. Obviously written by a parent of boys!

Adam 1 year ago

I have 5 brothers, this brought me back! I laughed so hard it hurt!

Brenda 1 year ago

My daughter started going to overnight camp at age 8. She continued every year through CIT and as a counselor for a few years. She is now 25 and still has “camp friends” across the country. What a great experience for both of us. And by the way, I still have every single letter she wrote while she was away.

fallon 1 year ago

SO FUNNY! I’m sitting in a hospital waiting room laughing hysterically at this post while everyone just stares!!!

Jennifer Huston Derouiche 1 year ago

I cried. So funny.

Jenny Schultz 1 year ago

OMG these made me laugh out loud!!!

Clare Bridgford 1 year ago


Lisa Twoinbush 1 year ago

It’s so funny that the rubes that read this nonsense think this is real.

Johnsey 1 year ago

Is this 8 year really that bad at spelling? I’m a little suspicious. If this is real…please teach your kid what spelling is.

Kathryn Taylor 1 year ago

All I can say is ‘Holy crap! ‘

Pat Musolf 1 year ago

That is the funniest thing

Suzie Platz 1 year ago

Writing from the perspective of a child is fine, unless you’re passing it off as a real letter that a child wrote, and then it’s dishonest and manipulative.

Suzie Platz 1 year ago

This letter is complete, self-aggrandizing bullshit. A child of 8 didn’t write this and there are some pretty glaring reasons why. I’m happy to debate those reasons if anyone feels strongly enough to reply. I feel bad that writers feel the need to pass off fiction – even when it’s inspired by the truth – as anecdotal history.

Cathy Ann Parker 1 year ago

Hilarious !

Rebecca L Cornell Medeiros 1 year ago

She need a to send him with extra stamps and an extra toothbrush. Lol

Kimberleih Edwards 1 year ago

They need a LOVE IT button on here! I laughed till I cried! Kids! gotta love ’em.

Stacy Winternitz 1 year ago

Laughing so hard crying. Everyone at work staring at me. Lol!!!!

Kathy 1 year ago

So funny. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Lindsey Bast 1 year ago

Too funny! :)

Ames 1 year ago

Agree!!! So obviously crafted by an adult! C’mon people you’re smarter than that. Fart jokes, poop, eating sugar…puh-lease. You forgot to add that he never washed his hands. Kids are way more creative than the fake one in this letter!

Ames 1 year ago

Ok people that’s SOOO fake. The handwriting is clearly an adult writing lefty. No kid writes like that. And no kid would refer to his brothers like that. They would say “Tell Jim…” – this is some person looking for publicity. Everything is very camp cliche. And camps don’t give unlimited food. They don’t have a budget for all the kids to eat 30 Popsicles.

Stacey Bass McPherson 1 year ago

So. Freaking. AWESOME!

Ina Midgett 1 year ago

I am still laughing…what a cool kid

Choogie` 1 year ago

This is probably as real as the Rolex I bought for $20 from a guy on the street.

Tina Leone Rook 1 year ago

You do realize the mother penned this letter? This was not written by a child.

Paula 1 year ago

So glad it didn’t get on his pillow!! That was the funniest thing I’ve read, maybe ever! I love having boys :)

nic 1 year ago

lady, you OBVIOUSLY wrote those letters that were from your 8 year old son. You either made him write what you had to say. Or you , (very creepily i might add) got into the mind of an 8 year old and tried to write like one. This is sad… SMDH

kathie 1 year ago

Coffee just came out of my nose! This was awesome, thanks so much for sharing.

Jameson Lovell 1 year ago

Ummm….everyone knows these letters are fake, right? I admire the creativity but they are clearly fake. The handwriting is too perfectly consistent in its childlike imperfection, and plus it’s all just too much to be accurate. Great fiction though!

Kim 1 year ago

Well at least you know the cause of the “diyareeya.” Too many push pops!

Christen Lackey Hawthorne 1 year ago

Omg. That is so funny!

Monica Empowering Parents 1 year ago

This is a RIOT! :)

Parri Sontag (Her Royal Thighness) 1 year ago

Absolutely HILARIOUS! This is a framer!

Jennifer Aucoin Bruker 1 year ago

I love this!! My son is exactly like this

Melissa Owens 1 year ago

All my mommy friend should read this. It’s awesome.

Freitag Debbie 1 year ago

so true! and having kids, I learned toothbrushes are as functional as a swiss army knife

Ellen Fransen Thielen 1 year ago

Smoke came off the poop! It was awesome!!!

Funny Is Family 1 year ago

HILARIOUS. I can’t wait for this summer’s recap!

Julie Crites 1 year ago

This was the best early morning read ever.

Becky 1 year ago

don’t worry it continues when they grow up too. The sentences are just a tad different. but when you let your children know that they can tell you anything. Well they do…. especially boys. lol

Pat Martens Engle 1 year ago

I have 3 grown sons!!!!! Can so relate to this! I’m still laughing! Good way to begin my day!!!!! Thanks!!!!:) :) :)

Kathy Moyer Brady 1 year ago

To funny

Kevin Jones 1 year ago

Too funny and I can relate for sure… thanks for sharing

why 1 year ago

Why make up fake stories and post it as your “private life”?

Your 1 year ago

your letter seems much more like that of an 8yo then the one from the newsstory.
great grammar, great punctuation…

Shane 1 year ago

then I am very sorry for the kid.
Time of his life the first time he is away from the parents. Wow some ppl should give up parenting then, obviously they take a lot of fun away from the kids.

Also: thank god it is fake

thewho 1 year ago

yeah as if 8yo would write such stuff… fake

thewho 1 year ago

how can you laugh at a story that is made up?
Do you laugh when I say “dude, this story is absolutely for real: my son went for a p**p and he sh*t pink flies!”

Walter 1 year ago

even older kids mispell that much. It is not the mispelling, it is the handwriting, the point of view of the kid (already the first sentence saying the mum did a good job, leading to an explanation/intentionally funny climax), the way it explains things… it is just how a grown up would imagine a 8yo would think but everyone who read a lot of letters from kids knows they think different.

Walter 1 year ago

Actually the INTERNET is what brought you this obviously fake letter

Esther 1 year ago

Plus its FAKE, if you think about it, you can tell

Elenor 1 year ago

Why do so many parents send their kids away to a camp and not do things with them on their own?
Like going out, camping, being several days/weeks in the nature?
You just send your kids away so you can do what? Work? Instead of making these experiences WITH your kids, you send them away?
I remember every of my nature experiences between 6 and 10 (after 10 every kid should start to do things on its own) and it I will always remember that it was with my loving parents with me, that tought me many things instead of digging into work and send me away to have fun. No wonder so many kids don’t have a good relationship to their parents.

Duncan 1 year ago

its absolutely fake. You can tell by the handwriting, style, grammar, point of view (don’t freak out), thought processes…

Enrico 1 year ago

yeah. I wonder how many people here think it is real? They must have never seen a real 8yo writing a letter or making experiences

Esra 1 year ago

Yeah it’s fake. Absolutely not written like a 8yo, but written as grown ups would imagine a 8yo would write.
I don’t understand all the ppl here that laugh about a faked text…

Tadaa 1 year ago

It’s a pity it is fake.
The writing and Ideas don’t fit a 8yo (“don’t freak out” and many more, as a kid would first tell such a thing and then think it through out of the view of a parent, or the first phrase “good you packt…” yeah, like a 8yo would start like that, by saying “you did a good job here my dear mum, but now I am taking over” , the handwriting itself should also be joint writing, kid does miss the brothers but not mummy and daddy? and so on and so on.
I work with kids everyday, this is fake.
And even if it is not fake, most of the experiences kids should make way before that age, on their own and it feels like this one isn’t allowed to go out much or doesn’t go out with the parents much.

Marisa Perez 1 year ago


Philana Marie Boles 1 year ago

So cute and absolutely hilarious!

DezzNutz1001 1 year ago

Funny letter by lii dude….BUT Leave it to a mother to ruin what camp is for…1 week, no annoying parents, no stupid letters. Thank goodness my Mom wasnt this suffocating

Linda Childers Jennings 1 year ago


Jonathan Fisher 1 year ago

Hey, lighting farts on fire is an acquired skill. Not easy, takes days of practice :)

Guy Manningham 1 year ago

That boy has a bright future ahead of him and it started with good parenting. The best thing a parent can do for their children is to encourage them to just have fun being a kid and never fully grow up.

Krista 1 year ago

I don’t know how people actually believe this is true. It is absolutely written by an adult pretending to be an 8 year old.

Luke Krieger 1 year ago

This is pretty funny

Alicia Schenk 1 year ago


Lavinia Morozan 1 year ago

I love it. Just you want to hear from your boy in camp. So much fun.

Nicolle Duffy 1 year ago

OMG! I don’t even have kids and I was rolling … that was just PRICELESS!!!

Liz Louise 1 year ago

Lol I just died!!

Karen Lynes Mirynowski 1 year ago


Arlee Kunz Crapo 1 year ago

This just made my day.

Jessq 1 year ago

That’s great! I can’t wait to have a disgusting boy of my own!

Heidi 1 year ago

Oh my goodness, LOL! I was a counselor/lifeguard/health and safety officer for a number of summers at various camps. Most of them were girls-only. Two of them were co-ed and I would occasionally sit in boys’ cabins during rest period while the staff were at a meeting. Believe me, it was an eye-opening experience, especially since my own little brother was not quite that age yet. I highly recommend the book “Salute Your Shorts” by Thomas Hill and Steve Slavkin, which is by a former counselor about working at an all-boys camp. (The Nickelodeon TV show was based on this book.)

Kristin Johnson 1 year ago

OMG! That is awesome!!

Jennifer Gannon Lynch 1 year ago

This is awesome!

Astrid Chatham 1 year ago

I laughed so hard:)

Stacey Masetti 1 year ago

This is why I never sent my kids to camp!

Debra Vallillee 1 year ago

This is a Crack up! Thanks.

Aurora 1 year ago

Hey, who cares ….. even more Kudos for having thought of it …… made a lot of people laugh and laughter is good medicine.
If all you have to share is ‘sour grapes’ why share at all – to spoil everyone else’s enjoyment?

Aurora 1 year ago

My daughter sent me the link – and after my usual late night TV marathon, I am roaring with laughter, tears streaming and stomach hurts! What a GREAT letter to share with Mum! Love it!!

Crystal Mace Lawrence 1 year ago

This is great !! Made my night .. Thank you for sharing this one

Emeline Elliott Parillo 1 year ago

That is freaking awesome!!

Darla Bindl Chavez 1 year ago

That is priceless!

Shannon Phillips Rogers 1 year ago

You can add one more FB share from me. Law, I’ve not laughed this hard in quite some time!

Patty Palochko McLaughlin 1 year ago


Wayne Gibson 1 year ago

Too funny!!!!

Michael Kaney 1 year ago

I laughed out loud: ah parenthood: even better when the parents have humor and understand the realities of it all

Jill Smokler 1 year ago

Have you checked lately? 341,000 Facebook shares!!

Lynn Ondreicka 1 year ago

That is hysterical. I love it!

Melissa Smith Atnip 1 year ago

Omg! My boys kept asking me why I was laughing so hard!

phil 1 year ago

Here’s an idea: how about instead of devaluing the precious moments you have with your children by posting them on the internet in hopes of gaining personal notoriety (not to mention what I hope isn’t substantial financial gain) and attention you just keep that stuff to yourself and people you actually care about?

Ashley Fuchs 1 year ago

Shared this hilarious piece with my 8 yr old son before bed. He lept out of bed to drink water and start burping the alphabet. “Please stop. I’m not impressed by that, remember?”

“You SHOULD be!”

Barbara Barnes Woirol 1 year ago

Lost it at the horse taking 3 huge dumps!

Raysha 1 year ago

I love this! Kids are amazing. Thanks for sharing…

Melissa Battle 1 year ago


Lisa G Ellis 1 year ago

Thats really funny

Julia Embree Wade 1 year ago

Very funny !

Elizabeth Matter 1 year ago

I went to camp and loved it…. this letter is hilarious!

Alice Cardie Dalton 1 year ago

Gotta share…Thanks!

Sutton Cecil 1 year ago

That. Was. Awesome.

Sherri Downing 1 year ago

Oh so true!

Molly Hague 1 year ago

I was crying I laughed so hard!

There mama 1 year ago

Awwwwe I miss these days with my baby girl. 14 and 19 now don’t get stuff like this no more. Enjoy ur children everyday. Time goes by so fast.

Nicholas Cummins 1 year ago

That is awesome, ahh if I could just go back in time

Terry Saverice 1 year ago

I’m still laughing

Karli Porter Beier 1 year ago

Oh god that was great!!! I started laughing at the first sentence!

Marie Glathar 1 year ago


Kayce Foster 1 year ago

Lol that’s hilarious!

Karin Versteeg 1 year ago

Mine leaves for camp Sunday… Miss her already

Carolyn Dawson Stillman 1 year ago


Say NO to Corporal Discipline on kids in Australia 1 year ago


Kate Woods 1 year ago

Bah ha ha ha…. Bah ha ha ha

Linda Henderson 1 year ago

That’s hilarious!

Nell Ann Herbert 1 year ago

Good one..

Don Wilkes 1 year ago

LMAO……I hope he broke the record.

Bridgette Haile Springer 1 year ago

This is fabulous

Kerry Lush 1 year ago

Sounds like my DAUGHTER

Jennifer Forknall-Rocha 1 year ago

Luv it lol…still will be later too!

deedwan 1 year ago

I’ve read it like three times now! What a riot!!!
Thanks for the laughs!

Cindy Stanek 1 year ago

Sounds like my brother wrote it.

Natasha NC 1 year ago

Lol the farts and tooth brush really cracked me up

Diane Harvey Porritt 1 year ago

For all my friends with boys who can relate.

A 1 year ago

Omg please read this at his wedding someday!

rick 1 year ago

Stupid if you can’t tell this is a fake.

Julie Anderson 1 year ago

Don’t care if a set up – made me laugh put loud!!!

Nerissa M. Crowe 1 year ago

Definitely the best camp letter. Ever.

Gitta Kahn 1 year ago

I think my kids were his bunk-mates!:)

Jeffrey Starke 1 year ago

Linda and I have a similar stories about Matt. 7 days at camp .we picked him up and Linda asked if he was taught how to do his laundry because his suitcase was full of clean clothes and he was wearing the same clothes we dropped him off in. Boys

Linda Knizak Gillis 1 year ago

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah, Here I am at…Camp Granada….

Kim Konsler 1 year ago

Cryin! And just so you know boys dont change. As I imagined my son’s first call to me from college would be: my grades are great, im student body pres, my teachers love me. Instead the actual call ( not kidding) was ” can you send me laundry soap, I won a karaoke contest, and can I go to Puerto Rico this summer?” L

Mike Hoang 1 year ago

Hahaha! Yes! Great job sending him to camp! #motheroftheyear

Henrietta Willbanks 1 year ago


Liesl Testwuide 1 year ago

The camp my son attended was Camp Anokijig and kids as young as 7 can spend a week there. http://www.anokijig.com/

Brenda Brown 1 year ago


Bill 1 year ago

So incredibly fake. Embarrassingly fake, even. What kind of lame-ass parent fakes this shit for laughs on the internet? Oh wait…that would be you.

Keith Wang 1 year ago

Qualifies as an Uff da!

Gayle Rogers 1 year ago

LOL! That is hilarious!

Caroline Shelton Benedict 1 year ago

Ha,ha having fun pa.

Roberta Martin 1 year ago

So funny

Marie 1 year ago

This is AWESOMELY funny. If our son ever writes a letter like this, we’ll consider ourselves a success as parents!

Sandra Textor 1 year ago

Sounds like your mother’s right before the desperate phone call saying,”Come and get me!”

Jan Heinsen 1 year ago

I LOVED this!

Gregory Graves 1 year ago

SO TRUE !!!!!!

Liz Hermse 1 year ago

Quite the funniest letter I’ve read!!!

Melanie Fuller 1 year ago

I literally just LOL’d at work. Really loudly!! 😀

Gaye Mueller 1 year ago

This is adorable. I hope mom saves it!

Casey Fogarty 1 year ago

Please read. I hope it’s real.

Lori Jones 1 year ago

Omg “I shot a rifle!”

Amanda Haines 1 year ago

Like mother like son on the fart lighting….;) hahaha

Nikki Pitts Parshall 1 year ago

This is so cute!!!!

Alexis Coutu 1 year ago

Oh my God. I’m dying! This kid. Lol

Jodie McInnes Thompson 1 year ago


Leandra Fatone 1 year ago

Boys, you gotta love em!

Mary Lee Craig 1 year ago

That is hilarious!!!

john 1 year ago

Haha so funny it’s fake.

Jolynn Altimore-Pickens 1 year ago

Oh my life with little boys lol

Joyce Tudor King 1 year ago


Tracy Dickson 1 year ago

As I read this, I pictured my son. At 10, this will be his first year going to camp. This is the kind of letter he would write, whether it really happened or not.

Valerie Morrow 1 year ago

This is the funniest thing ever.

Diane O’Brien 1 year ago

I love this ;).

Carrie Rice Marino 1 year ago

Anyone that believes that letter is real certainly is gullible.

Not Real 1 year ago

It would be wonderful if this were not fake, but like most things nowadays, it’s faked reality. Sorry to burst anyone’s bubble. :(

Hugo Rice 1 year ago

Hardy hardy har har

Raven Preisinger 1 year ago

Lol lol lol!!

Jennifer Skinsacos 1 year ago

I had a hard time getting past the first sentence!! Tears were streaming from laughing so hard!

Joelle Wisler 1 year ago

Oh my god, I am crying. And boys are funny.

Emily L L Ladner 1 year ago


Leah Cusick 1 year ago


Anne-Marie McFarlane 1 year ago

That is genius!!

Cindy Utley Jones 1 year ago

I laughed so hard I cried

Jennifer Kehoe Whyte 1 year ago

Don’t know if it’s fake or not but the spelling is about right for an 8 year old. They still spell phonetically in second and even third grade. I have some 8th graders that still spell like that

Jennifer Kehoe Whyte 1 year ago

Classic. I love it

Jeseth Vitug 1 year ago

It’s not funny when it’s all made up!

Jeseth Vitug 1 year ago

So fake!!!

Tristan Junglas 1 year ago


Lucy 1 year ago

Oh my that is just priceless!!! I cried laughing. I bet the letter was worth every second waiting for it. Lol

Julie Chapman Hayes 1 year ago

That’s too funny to be real….

Stacey Skenandore Olsen 1 year ago

With three boys (and a little princess) this is the best letter ever! Frame worthy even. Lol!

Mark Scott 1 year ago

He’s 8 years old and misspells that much? It’s a fake.

Kiah Domoracki 1 year ago

That was the funniest thing I ever read the poop smoked !!! Hahahaha

Jolene Mitchell 1 year ago

This is the best thing, ever!

Amanda Yount-Bucher 1 year ago

Oh boys. ..

Laurie Winakor Miller 1 year ago

Love this! Sounds like my son when he was 8yrs old! I miss those days….

Lisette Rivera 1 year ago

This made me laugh so hard!

Marissa Ritter Dreibelbis 1 year ago

This was AWESOME! I definitely laughed while reading:)

April Molina 1 year ago

Wow… Everyone’s a critic…

Steven Acosta 1 year ago

I laughed

Donna Shipley 1 year ago

Toooo funny!

Stephanie ‘Huelskamp’ Overgaard 1 year ago

Haha! this is awesome.

Jooley Pena 1 year ago

lol. Oh my God …

Michelle LaFeir DeLong 1 year ago


Amber Bryan Winslow 1 year ago


ML 1 year ago

This is the best letter ever. If everyone could get letters like this one, the USPS would be back in business and email and the internet would die!

Ashley Raboin 1 year ago

Parenting: You’re doing it right! Hilarious!

Dayna Lambo 1 year ago

Man, I hope my son turns out this hilarious!!! That is the best letter, ever. I especially like the poop on the shoes, but not on his pillow- bit!

Kristi Coop Gordon 1 year ago

This. Is awesome.

Kristin Weatherford 1 year ago

This is absolutely hysterical, it had me in tears!

Kristina Johnston 1 year ago

Lol!! That is so totally my boy as well!

Jeanine Raghunathan 1 year ago

So funny!!!

Brandi Bacci Holub 1 year ago

Lmao.. Love it!

Victoria Bellavance 1 year ago

nonetheless hysterical. smoke off the poo!

Christine Higgs 1 year ago

That’s great!! Exactly what my boys would have written to me!

Corina Vigil 1 year ago

This is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carol Williams 1 year ago


Cathy Allen 1 year ago


Loretta Van Riper Bates 1 year ago

very, very funny! Mom, you must have laughed enough over this letter to cry tears!

Tammy Gatton Green 1 year ago

Lol too funny

Nancy Lain 1 year ago

My best letter from camp was: “Sorry I didn’t write before…my pen got lost in the earthquack!”

Susan Newman 1 year ago


Emmi 1 year ago

Thank you! I needed this laugh today!! My husband accepted a job as summer camp director this year and we just moved to camp for staff training as the first session starts Monday. I never went to camp, and after this letter, I can’t wait to see all the shenanigans the kids get up to!

Shannon Day 1 year ago

Love this. It’s absolutely hilarious and just keeps getting better as it goes on!

Lee Campbell Caruso 1 year ago

gake or not … just enjoy a good laugh

Jessica Hanson 1 year ago

Best. Letter. Ever.

Kathryn McGinnis Class 1 year ago

It’s fake because the words “stuff” and “left” in the first page run right off the page and onto the table. It’s also a little too much of the kids antics and I have an 8 year old. Their spelling is much batter at that age than this letter shows.

Rachelle Willgren 1 year ago

Nope. Obviously fake. Funny though.

Han Nah 1 year ago

that is awesome

Melissa McMillan Covarrubias 1 year ago

Fake or not it’s still funny!

Adrianne Johnston 1 year ago

This is awesome!! I imagined my middle child when I read this!

Andrew David 1 year ago


Adrianne Johnston 1 year ago

This is awesomr

Jane Schofield 1 year ago

Oh what fun when you show his girlfriends this letter when he’s older!

Alisha 1 year ago

Lol..my 7 yr old said the other day “mom u know what Matt(my husband) does in the store” me”no what” Isaiah” he looks at other girls boobies & butts” me” well, as long as he don’t touch em its OK” then in walks my husband” nu uh, Isaiah says hey Matt, is she hot, you like her butt so I gotta look” (notice the boobies never came up from him) then they commence to fight like little 5 yr olds both scared I’ll get mad at them!m! Lol Boys are waayy different!m I’ve always been around my bookoos of nieces & I only have 1 girl out of 3 so I am so glad I found such a great man to teach him all about butts & boobies!! Lol, how can ya get mad???

Amanda Palacios Partridge 1 year ago

Oh my gah this is good stuff!! Needed a good laugh this morning!

Lesa Smith 1 year ago

Made my day.

Leen De Weerd-Mosley 1 year ago


Vicki Loopyladoodle Hunt 1 year ago


Andrea Kanaar 1 year ago

OMG my face hurts.

Lindee Vincent 1 year ago

Forcibly misspelled words and outrageous detail for an 8 year old. I can’t imagine any 8 year old boy to sit still long enough to write such an in depth letter to his mom when he’s surrounded by other boys his age. Nice handwriting too. Perfectly straight and so legibly written! It would be funny if the woman hadn’t claimed it to be real. Yuck.

Michelle 1 year ago

Can’t wait for my son to go to a camping to share all his bad maners and learn new bad maners! Keep that letter so you can show it to a future girlfriend you don’t like!!!

Christina Damm 1 year ago

Cutest thing ever! Lmao!

Lindsay Johnson 1 year ago

Funny But truly hope it’s fake .. I would like to think an 8 year old would spell better… But yes it’s funny

Sue Kimball 1 year ago

Im laughing so hard im crying !!! I love the innocence of childten!! Pure & untainted! Xo

Shannon 1 year ago

I’m in tears with a huge smile on my face! The joys of raising boys…I have 3. He seems as though he is having the time of his life! LOL!

Blake Fults 1 year ago

Oh my goodness that was hilarious!! I can’t wait for my boy to be older so I can recieve awesome letters like these.

Julie Enderle 1 year ago

I have 2 grown boys, this def brought back memories…hahaha. Fun!

Melynee Fontenot Finch 1 year ago


Bobbi Smith 1 year ago

This is hilarious and as the mom of three sons it could absolutely be true!! Where there’s a will there’s a way is the motto is mine and most little boys!!

Emily Parker-petersen 1 year ago

I wish i went to this camp when i was a kid.

Laura Wilson Antonelli 1 year ago

I want to send my kids to camp just for the letters. It’s not really a way of life in our area to send our kids to overnight or week long camps. We get ripped off with no funny letters. Haha

Andrea Haywood 1 year ago

Sounds like the sort of things my 8 year old daughter would write x

Jenny Cobb 1 year ago

best letter ever!

Laura Fettig Johnson 1 year ago

Explains the diarrhea.

Linda Steller Raber 1 year ago

Fake or not, it made me laugh.

Judy 1 year ago

That letter is fantastic! I want to send my kids to camp just in the hopes of getting that ind of letter! Thank goodness your “spaketti” is better than the camp’s!

Amy Kenny 1 year ago

Agreed so fake – What camp would allow kids to have lighters or matches to “light farts” and then admit to a parent they were playing with fire? And what 8 year would use their toothbrush to dig for worms when they could easily use a stick or spoon?

Just a couple examples…

Sandra Brindley 1 year ago

Too bad it’s fake.

Christian Canzoneri 1 year ago

So unbelievably fake

Kris Troutman 1 year ago

Thanks!!! Made my day!!!

Tim Breedlove 1 year ago

How did they get my letter?

Candy Ennis 1 year ago


Debbie Hurtado 1 year ago

That’s awesome!!

Grace Lynch 1 year ago

Very funny

Barbara Pollak-Lewis 1 year ago

He sounds like my son! Love it!!!

Monica P. Maher 1 year ago

Hahaha! So cute!

Lisa Marie 1 year ago


Queen of Evil 1 year ago

Camp would totally be worth it if I knew I was getting a letter like that.

Linda Mcalpine-Mcomish 1 year ago

Awesome !!!!!

Jane Matheny 1 year ago

OMG it sounds like a letter my brother, Bill Bozeman would’ve written!

Mary Taylor 1 year ago

Omg i love it!

Laura Kuznia Dickinson 1 year ago

Oh wow! Lol!!

Kelly Rhodes Darby 1 year ago

I cannot wait to send my kid to camp if it means a letter like this!

Julie 1 year ago

The contrast between the letter you were hoping to get and the actual letter is priceless. I love that you love his letter warts (farts?) and all. What a terrific mom and a terrific metaphor for parenting. They are who they are no matter how much civilizing we try to do. I’ve read this twice already and just love it.

Amanda English 1 year ago


Karen Prince 1 year ago

Too funny

Jacob Junglas 1 year ago


Manon Keller 1 year ago

Omg that is hilarious!!!!

Kristi Prohaska Bloom 1 year ago


Janine Keller Schmelz 1 year ago


Ashley Clark Haymore 1 year ago

that is awesome!!!

Gary Mark 1 year ago

push-up pops always gave me diarrhea back in the day too!

Lori Kayed 1 year ago

This is the best!!! I was cracking up and the mom in me wanted to cry…happy, sad, funny tears. (Only moms will understand) :)

Wanda Ring 1 year ago

That’s awesome!

Dariela Castaneda 1 year ago


Jennifer Miranda 1 year ago


Jeena Patel 1 year ago

Dying laughing!

Tara Eilers 1 year ago

Awesome! Sounds like a great camp:-)

Cynthia Lingley-Boudreau 1 year ago

OMG — best post ever!

Ashley Schmidt 1 year ago

Awesome, except the diarrhea part, that kinda sucks because they usually don’t wash clothes at camp haha

Jody House Pedersen 1 year ago

Lmbo, This is awesome.

Jessie Wallace Oxford 1 year ago

Now that is funny!

Miranda Yebba Prue 1 year ago

That’s funny

Kelly Rodgers Kemps 1 year ago

Love it!

Kimberly Law 1 year ago

so funny!

Katie Lauren 1 year ago

Haha! I Don’t Mind Waiting To Find Out!

Tracy Shaw 1 year ago

So funny and sweet

Lo Sutcliffe 1 year ago

i like how u totally knew he’d write about oatmeal. That was awesomely hilarious. made my day.

Michelle Klaus O’Hanlon 1 year ago

That was tooo funny!!! Such boys!

Carrie Anderson Pfeiffer 1 year ago

Oh my… Best laugh EVER!

Lisa Falls 1 year ago

ha ha ha!!!!

Jemima Bush 1 year ago

Pure gold. That is definatley a show piece for his 21st.

Gina 1 year ago

That is the funniest thing I have read in a while. I am crying from laughing so hard.

Kristie Avery Nelson 1 year ago


Melanie Cooper 1 year ago


Monique Martino Anstine 1 year ago


Allison Coleman-Fabian 1 year ago

This is legendary

Angela Colvin 1 year ago

Omfg I have two little demons leaving for camp for the very first time Monday. I feel for the camp counselors. Boy are they in for a treat.

Darci Ashford 1 year ago

I imagine these will be the kinds of camp letters ill receive. Lol

Pamela Henderson 1 year ago

Absolutely brilliant!

Mariah ‘esslinger’ Walberry 1 year ago

That’s good !!

Miranda Lewis 1 year ago


Jo O’Hare 1 year ago

My son is 10..oddly enough thats how he talks haha.cool letter 😀

Michele Johnson Mott 1 year ago


Laura Arthur Baker 1 year ago

Love this! Perfect way to start the day!!!

Michelle Brill 1 year ago

Boys and their farts!

Nicole Kirch ODonnell 1 year ago


Kimberly Eberhardt 1 year ago

I’m crying laughing

Jamie Siegal 1 year ago

Oh my gosh… roflmao! I needed that today. Thank you!

Maddy Reyes 1 year ago

Cute and funny!

Cindy Booth Patton 1 year ago

Sounds like a boy lol

Shanteen Manzanet 1 year ago

This was great, made my day.

Steffy McCourt 1 year ago


Mandy Renfro 1 year ago


Priscilla B. Coronado-Galvan 1 year ago

That was too cute!

Mel Efficent 1 year ago


Heather Liquore Aaron 1 year ago

Hilarious! The part about the toothbrush killed me.

Laura Henry 1 year ago

Kids are hilarious.

Lisa Marie Timpanaro 1 year ago

Too freaking cute!! Sounds like something my 8yr old boy would write

Kiren Ward 1 year ago

this is amazing.

Amy Hardaway 1 year ago

Love this!

Katherine Essex 1 year ago

Pmsl love it

Beth 1 year ago

Okay where did you find a sleep away camp for 8 year olds?? I have been looking with no luck lol.

Katie Crank 1 year ago

This made me laugh! Im about to send my oldest son to camp next week….I dont even know why I pack fresh clothes and underwear!! He always comes home in the same clothes I sent him in!!! ….

Robyne Chabant 1 year ago

Ha haha!! Yup!! Sounds like the Cub Scout camps my son went on!! Left and came back in the same underwear…toothbrush???? not even damp!!

Rhiannon Bishop 1 year ago

So funny lol

Megan Wampler Crane 1 year ago

Love this!!

Kristie Bunt 1 year ago

Bahahaha love this so much!

Mary Thomas 1 year ago


Jillian Wiebe 1 year ago

A fore shadowing of my future lol

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 1 year ago

Amazing I wish I got letters like that instead I get texts like “its raining my service sucks and I’m bored.. Soo whatcha doing mom” lol

Haley Gunnink Brown 1 year ago

Life lesson #248: it is safe to share a toothbrush with someone as long as they can burp the alphabet. Noted.

Becky O’Leary Straub 1 year ago

That was the best letter ever. Thank you so much for my morning laugh!

Kim Sanders Mango 1 year ago


Michelle Bosslady Booth 1 year ago

Funny! Yep boys are gross mom of 2.

Gina M Fenech 1 year ago


Alison Colyer BlissfulLiving 1 year ago

Love love love!

Brian P. Kurtz 1 year ago

Failed that dare.

Kiara James 1 year ago

Lmao o my God. Moms of boys always tell me how gross they are. I finally see.

Joyce van Rijswijk 1 year ago


Ashley Brown 1 year ago

That was awesome, simply awesome. Best money spent

Jennifer Ford 1 year ago

Omg hilarious I love it

Erin McDonough Remillard 1 year ago


Linda Roberts Horsman 1 year ago

Too funny! Gotta love boys!

Vickie Curtin Mabey 1 year ago

LMFAO…… I needed this laugh badly…… LOVE IT

christina 1 year ago

My kids are getting ready to go to camp at the end of the month. I know I won’t get a letter like this from my daughter. But my son? A whole book of stamps!!! Can’t. Wait.

Renee Hawkins 1 year ago

Hahahah love the PPS

Julie Mackey 1 year ago

This is hilarious and such a good metaphor for parenting. I love it!

Virginia Pepe 1 year ago

This is great!

Amanda Jane Saggers 1 year ago


Karen Radzyminski 1 year ago

Show you on Saturday….. bwahahaha!!!!!!!

Mindi Kovers-Campbell 1 year ago

That was awesome!

Alison 1 year ago

Oh my god, tears from the laughing!! This is awesome.

paige 1 year ago

This is seriously adorable!!

Erica 1 year ago

This is the cutest letter ever. Boys and farts…. and Mommy makes the best spaketti….love it…

Katie 1 year ago

Amazing! Are they framed somewhere in your home!?

Kylie 1 year ago

I’m crying!! That was the best thing I have ever read!


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