Maisy’s Housecleaning Service


The worst puppy in the world

Is your house cluttered, messy or in need of a makeover? Maisy is here to help!

Open your doors to this five month old pup, and watch your belongings vanish in an instant!.

Your kid’s clothes will be ripped to shreds! Old magazines eaten like bacon! Furniture that needed updating anyway will literally disappear before your very eyes!

Having trouble deciding which of your belongings to keep and which to toss? Maisy will swoop in without abandon and make that decision for you! No more hemming and hawing or sentimental attachment; Maisy will enter your home and immediately get to work. You’ll swear she’s a machine!

You might question her choices, but don’t: There is a method to her madness! Those brand new jeans really weren’t all that flattering on you and your kid could certainly benefit from doing his or her homework three times. Maisy knows best!.

Maisy’s services are available daily from 9AM-4PM. Don’t delay!..

{Maisy will not be held responsible for the destruction of baseboards, rugs, photo albums, baby books, one of a kind antiques, school projects, manuscripts, expensive shoes, new winter coats, unread newspapers, rolls of toilet paper or important receipts. Use at your own risk.} 


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  1. 1

    Eddie - The Usual Mayhem says

    Oh yeah, that sounds really familiar. The first year we had one of our dogs, the rescue we got her from (who had called for regular check-ins) sent us a card reading “Merry Christmas, and we hope your basement stairs survive the holidays”!

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  2. 2

    The Sadder But Wiser Girl says

    My big overgrown puppy is ready to go into “biznizz” with Maisy. I’m convinced that he is part dog, part goat. I’m a cat person who was talked into getting this dog. He’s sweet, he’s cute, but can’t be left alone with anything that he can get his big mouth around for more than 15 seconds.

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  3. 5

    Dawn says

    ..and this is why I read your blog first thing every morning! Laughter IS the way to start the day! I have a blue heeler pup who steals socks from the laundry baskets, just socks,….now if only I could get him to put them in the washer….. Have a Great Day!

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  4. 8

    Karen says

    My little demon is just over a year and has destroyed countless things – including the entire bottom of our boxspring mattress. Her latest fascination – pens & markers! Can’t tell you how many pairs of shoes she’s ruined.
    But that sweet face & snuggly personality keeps her around!

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  5. 12

    adrian says

    Oh man, I had that dog! You have my sympathies. Ours never got better and after he ate a mattress, a 50 foot hose, the wiring off our house, the bra off my husband’s car, and everything else he could get his mouth on, he started using my son for a chew toy. That’s when we showed him the door. He was a purebred Golden Retriever, so we found a breeder who would take him because no family in their right mind would adopt him. I’m hoping he calmed down after he got a bit older and had someone who was more experienced to train him. What a nightmare dog!

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  6. 14

    Kiinu says


    We’ve done that, I have/had (she lives at my mothers, I used to too) a puppy named Baylee, she has stopped chewing stuff for the most part, but when she was a puppy… she chewed through the house.

    My mother had to put her lead out farther from the house, because she chewed through the siding and insulation and drywall so that she could go in an out of the breezeway as she pleased! No door needed!

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  7. 15

    Kerrie says

    Ahhh, the joys of puppyhood! Our two rescue mutts, ages 1 and 3 yrs., have respectable “house cleaning” skills as well. The younger one has a “gift” with shoes, boots, flip flops, slippers, and anything foot related. The older one is practicing “interior design” with his uncanny gift on finding, slobbering on, and then leaving ALL throughout the house various stuffed animals. For every stuffed animal we find, however, he makes up for in the various wrappers, pencils, toilet paper rolls, food leftovers, etc. he quickly inhales never to be seen from again (unless puked on whatever carpet he can find if the mood strikes him.) With that said, as frustrating as it gets to keep track of two more moving, breathing bodies in our household, their addition of huggable, squeezable, furry, and fun love is worth it.

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  8. 17

    Lollie ~ The Fortuitous Housewife says

    Don’t forget Maisy’s Modeling Service…when you’re family & friends are fed up with your shutterbugging and run screaming whenever they see you wielding a camera, Maisy will save the day with her overwhelming cuteness, floppy ears and charming head tilts.

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