The McGillicuddys & Their Great Pregnancy Announcement


I thought the whole name on the Coke can thing was nothing but a lame marketing ploy until this announcement. Hope the McGillicuddys are getting free Cokes for life!

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    • WTM III says

      That’s sooo… cute. Cute in the fact that the time it took to make that video will now be filled with folding laundry and trying to catch a nap. Cute in the fact that the energy physically and mentally to make it will now be consumed by exhaustion… mentally and physically. That the money to make it… will now be POOF, the camera, destroyed by age 5… the Soda’s, a vain attempt at restoring your life and improving the childs will eliminate all sugar in a can from your house. And the very thing that caused all this to happen, will be pushed so far down the list by your wife that painting the bathroom will sound more appeasing to her. Yeah… Irony. This is what this video is about to those already “blessed” with rug rats.

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      • SAA says

        Cute, as in a creative way to announce one of the greatest gifts and joys imaginable, complete with sleepless nights, diaper explosions, tantrums in the grocery store, trips to the emergency room, disagreements over parenting style, educational goals, rebellious kids, kids that grow up to wreck your car, you name it. Because LIFE IS GIFT, always, and working out the above is possible and worth it.

        Life! I feel brokenhearted for those who have bought in to the lie that giving ourselves for others is idiotic and each man for themselves is the way to fulfillment.

        Live Action recently released videos of Planned Parenthood teaching our 15 year old girls about choking, whips and handcuffs, 50 Shades of Grey and The Joy of Sex. Sorry, but I’ll take a glance from the other side of the nursery that says, “Is it possible we’re not too exhausted?” any day of the week. Committed husband and wife, for life, through thick and thin, whether you fit in my current life goals or not, whether you rival the sexy images on t.v. or not, whether we have the house of our dreams or not, whatever – you fill in the blank.

        Beautiful ad. Love it. Shared it.

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      • David says

        … and yet, they, like most of us, will cherish every broken camera, folded bit of laundry, and diverting the paycheck to the college fund instead of that new lift kit. All three of my kids have been worth every problem they have given me, and the grandbabies doubly so! Out of all the challenges that I have faced in my life, raising children is the one that came with the greatest rewards.

        The commercial was adorable too!

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      • jennifer says

        wow. must be a pepsi fan. geez. either you do not have kids, hate your kids or just hate your life. that was such a harsh reply.
        I thought the video was great.
        why did you even bother posting all the garbage that you did? so childish and pessimistic of you. May God bless you and watch over you always and help you change your attitude towards your fellow man and woman.

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      • Shortcake says

        We are changing your name to Debbie Downer. sounds like you’ve never shared this joyous occasion with anyone or if you have you now regret it. I’m sorry for you.

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      • Kate says

        I have children and I do not resent giving up privacy and personal time to raise them. I feel sorry for your children WTM. Your children will know that you don’t like them and resent their existence.

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      • pcpm4 says

        @WTM III. From your post, it sounds like you may have a child(ren) with a disability or other physiological condition. As a parent of two children with diagnostic conditions, I can empathize with your exhaustion, frustration, anger, and financial stress. You may have just needed a place to vent all of these pent up emotions. If you have not had your child tested, consider doing so, as some of the issue you are experiencing my have a physiological basis.

        However, I read an acutely unhealthy level of these emotions that will require some intervention. You post communicates an extremely high level of stress, anger, and frustration. For your own good and that of your wife and child(ren), please see a counselor as soon as possible to help you identify healthy and direct means to cope with and respond to the issues you uplift in your post. For things to improve, you will need to get out of “victim/martyr” thinking and starting taking actions and making decisions that will bring positive change to this situation. You are going to have to be the change.

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      • L.L. says

        Wow. Here’s to hoping you never need taken care of in the future. I have a feeling the kids won’t be answering that knock on the door. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

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      • raybaker says

        I cannot even express how far off your statement is. I am truly sorry if you are experiencing something like that, but that isn’t the way things have to be.

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      • lisak says

        Ehhh you’re just jealous and tired. They’re happy and young- let them have that bliss :) Everyone knows parenting isn’t some dreamland but at the end of the day you wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. (And yes I have kids and the busted bank account to prove it. Two OLD teens and a twentysomething) The only thing I have to nag on is—drink the real sugar :) Aspartame/diet is called baby brain killer at our house!

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      • NYCMom says

        They will sacrifice far more than that…and in the end every bit of difficulty, every lost hour of sleep, every
        dollar saved on fun stuff to pay for necessary stuff will be worth the absolute joy that a child brings into your life. My husband and I have 6! They are nearly grown and they are some of the most wonderful, hard working, fun productive people I know. Every second, every minute, hour, day, week ,month, year of dedication towards keeping our relationship strong and raising our children was worth it. I would do it all again tomorrow.

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    • KiKi says

      How miserable does your life have to be to think like this? I had my baby boy at a young age, and yes I may not party, get drunk and otherwise make a full out of myself like most young women my age, but there is nothing in me, NOTHING, that makes me regret my child. I find spending my time playing with him, making him smile and hearing his laugh more rewarding than any amount of wealth, rest, or down time. Every little shirt I fold, diaper I change or sleep I miss is no regret of mine. I AM blessed, more than you will EVER have the satisfaction of knowing. Ass.

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