The McGillicuddys & Their Great Pregnancy Announcement

I thought the whole name on the Coke can thing was nothing but a lame marketing ploy until this announcement. Hope the McGillicuddys are getting free Cokes for life!

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loranda 2 years ago

Too funny! Wishing you both a very healthy baby. CCongratulations!!

Concerned 2 years ago

The LAST thing a woman with child should be consuming is POISON.

cute idea though…

Kelly 2 years ago

Am I the only one that didn’t think this was particularly funny or cute? Happy for them though!

Chimpo 2 years ago

This is the worst one I have seen. So lame. Sorry but why do people do this? Yes you are brewing a sex trophy, big deal. You people are morons.

redlildevil 2 years ago

that was stupid


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