The McGillicuddys & Their Great Pregnancy Announcement

I thought the whole name on the Coke can thing was nothing but a lame marketing ploy until this announcement. Hope the McGillicuddys are getting free Cokes for life!

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loranda 1 year ago

Too funny! Wishing you both a very healthy baby. CCongratulations!!

Concerned 1 year ago

The LAST thing a woman with child should be consuming is POISON.

cute idea though…

Lizz23 1 year ago

you must be fun at parties

Kelly 1 year ago

Am I the only one that didn’t think this was particularly funny or cute? Happy for them though!

NYCMom 1 year ago

They will sacrifice far more than that…and in the end every bit of difficulty, every lost hour of sleep, every
dollar saved on fun stuff to pay for necessary stuff will be worth the absolute joy that a child brings into your life. My husband and I have 6! They are nearly grown and they are some of the most wonderful, hard working, fun productive people I know. Every second, every minute, hour, day, week ,month, year of dedication towards keeping our relationship strong and raising our children was worth it. I would do it all again tomorrow.

Chimpo 1 year ago

This is the worst one I have seen. So lame. Sorry but why do people do this? Yes you are brewing a sex trophy, big deal. You people are morons.

redlildevil 1 year ago

that was stupid

Dawn 1 year ago

Idiots galore on here……Can you just watch the ad and appreciate it????

lisak 1 year ago

Ehhh you’re just jealous and tired. They’re happy and young- let them have that bliss :) Everyone knows parenting isn’t some dreamland but at the end of the day you wouldn’t trade it for ANYTHING. (And yes I have kids and the busted bank account to prove it. Two OLD teens and a twentysomething) The only thing I have to nag on is—drink the real sugar :) Aspartame/diet is called baby brain killer at our house!

Catherine Ricee 1 year ago

Adorable and well done!Hope to see pictures of the baby come Febuary. So agree this happy couple should get free coke for life,congratulations!!

sarah 1 year ago

Cutest video EVERRR

Kevin 1 year ago

Beautiful, now I wish I had a wife so we could have a baby and an announcement so well done, but more have have a baby, I think they are great. Yes they are stressful, but a good stress; lots of things are stressful, but that’s life isn’t it. Ok, off to find a wife..

Jus 1 year ago

This was hilarious & so creative but I was also worried the whole way through it was a pregnancy announcement because dirty coke with caffeine not to mention all the nasty chemicals is the last thing the little bubba needs. ;/ hope all is ok! Xx

Strich 1 year ago

Could you provide a link to the Live Action Video? I would like to see it!

Tara H. 1 year ago

I absolutely agree with you, 100%! I was shocked to see this because of the whole Diet Coke thing! I’m 19 weeks and my son is due Dec. 31st.! I have eliminated pretty much all caffeinated beverages out of my diet since I found out I was pregnant and if I do indulge, I drink a regular soda with real sugar in it!

Tara H. 1 year ago

That’s really neat and all but you shouldn’t be drinking a Diet Coke or anything when you’re pregnant!

Brian 1 year ago

Inventive, funny, engaging. What a great way to let people know the best news a couple can deliver.

she 1 year ago

Drinking sodas during pregnancy is not recommended or even when your not.

Joe 1 year ago

Cute ? Yes … Funny ? Yes … but all I was thinking was how sad a mother to be, is drinking the chemicals in the diet coke and that’s some of the first horrible chemicals introduced into a first stage of a baby fetus life. Does everyone think eating or drinking poorly while preggos is O.K. ? Too me this was very sad to see. A parent should be held to strict dietary standards for the health of the baby … we have more child obesity and diseases than ever before and eating and drinking crap as a child bearing mother is the start of poor health for that baby. Sad sad sad !

leah 1 year ago

that was a really cute announcement

Eva Nicole Tabron 1 year ago

Ugggggggggghhhhhhhhh I LOVE ITTTTT!

raybaker 1 year ago

I cannot even express how far off your statement is. I am truly sorry if you are experiencing something like that, but that isn’t the way things have to be.

Mary Edwards 1 year ago

What an amazing way to share the announcement. ….awesome! !! I want one says WE ARE ADOPTING!!!! I HAVE 3 amazing kids but now we get to adopt an older child…ya know …since all the older kids get left out once they reach 6 they not babies anymore..; ( BUT THATS OK…;)

Lish Dish 1 year ago

That was incredible…. what a great birth announcement

Alicia 1 year ago

That was THE best announcement I have ever saw!!!!…. this couple is awesomely creative!!!!

Nigel 1 year ago

I want a can with ” Nigel ” on it

Becki 1 year ago

Makes my…hey guess what…we are having a baby seem super lame.

Abry 1 year ago

Aspartame is very dangerous

Shelly 1 year ago

Foolish judging aside….why is nobody asking the important questions??? Who were all the voices?? I heard Morgan Freeman, and Arnold Swarzenegger (sp?) but who were the two after that? I need to watch more movies I guess.

Abry 1 year ago


Abry 1 year ago

A lady poisoning her baby with aspartame! Great video…..NOT.

steph 1 year ago

Um.. Except you’re not supposed to have aspartame while pregnant. Hope she didn’t drink any of that.

erica 1 year ago

Aspartame in diet is the problem. Not the caffeine.

erica 1 year ago

Probably shouldn’t be drinking diet then…. cute, but not that bright.

L.L. 1 year ago

Wow. Here’s to hoping you never need taken care of in the future. I have a feeling the kids won’t be answering that knock on the door. I sure as hell wouldn’t.

BSZ 1 year ago

…. do you ever see her actually drink it?

Oliver 1 year ago

Best comment yet! Hahaha!!!!

Jaimi 1 year ago

You shouldn’t be drinking any beverage that is full of aspartame, especially when you’re pregnant.

Julia 1 year ago

Do you have a friend you can talk to?

kelly 1 year ago

So cute !

pcpm4 1 year ago

@WTM III. From your post, it sounds like you may have a child(ren) with a disability or other physiological condition. As a parent of two children with diagnostic conditions, I can empathize with your exhaustion, frustration, anger, and financial stress. You may have just needed a place to vent all of these pent up emotions. If you have not had your child tested, consider doing so, as some of the issue you are experiencing my have a physiological basis.

However, I read an acutely unhealthy level of these emotions that will require some intervention. You post communicates an extremely high level of stress, anger, and frustration. For your own good and that of your wife and child(ren), please see a counselor as soon as possible to help you identify healthy and direct means to cope with and respond to the issues you uplift in your post. For things to improve, you will need to get out of “victim/martyr” thinking and starting taking actions and making decisions that will bring positive change to this situation. You are going to have to be the change.

Jenn 1 year ago

LOL perfect

Mary O’Quinn 1 year ago

That was good!!

Elise 1 year ago

exactly what i was thinking! was horrified to see she was drinking Diet Coke! AGH! aspartame is so, so baddd…

Ash87 1 year ago

You just suck. Boo on you :-/

Bobo 1 year ago

Pregnant, better stop swilling down the diet soda!

Kate 1 year ago

I have children and I do not resent giving up privacy and personal time to raise them. I feel sorry for your children WTM. Your children will know that you don’t like them and resent their existence.

Veronica 1 year ago

I really want them to have a girl and name her Lucy.

Multop 1 year ago

Very cute! Loved it! This is our video for our announcement! Let us know what you think!

Shortcake 1 year ago

We are changing your name to Debbie Downer. sounds like you’ve never shared this joyous occasion with anyone or if you have you now regret it. I’m sorry for you.

Rachel 1 year ago

Nobody should drink that garbage, especially if pregnant. Funny video though.

Kara Kranz 1 year ago

I drank diet soda and coffee thru both of my pregnancies and my kids are perfectly healthy. Stop being so judgemental.

Kara Kranz 1 year ago

I drank soda and coffee the whole time I was pregnant with both my kids and they are perfectly healthy. Stop being so judgemental people!

Roz Reymers 1 year ago

Funny! Hope they don’t feed their kids that stuff!

Melissa 1 year ago

It’s adorable, but the people who are commenting are most likely concerned about her health and the health of her baby. I ate a lot of junk and drank soda at the end of my pregnancy because we were moving and couldn’t cook for a good month before my son was born. (Not really an excuse, but I hadn’t educate myself). The closing on the house got delayed so I consumed the junk even longer, and at the end I had developed preeclampsyia because of my bad diet. I ended up with an emergency c-section. There are countless other stories like mine. I doubt most women want to go through that.

Tiffany Nunez 1 year ago

That is the cutest thing ever

Melissa 1 year ago

Cute. But stop drinking that junk while you’re pregnant. Unless you want diabetes and high blood pressure.

momjeanz 1 year ago

hahahahaha KEC263. Someone keep the razors away from WTMIII.

ange 1 year ago

Dumbest thing ever, sure they didn’t drink all that pop, but the fact she drank Any DIET pop while pregnant and used it to announce it is sad. Guess the ultrasound techs should do away with the pink or blue cookies and hand out girl or boy diet cokes for the mom lol? Seriously if you have to have a pop during pregnancy stick with regular and better yet try gingerale. Canada dry has less junk in it then coke. Juice, milk and a healthy diet, new mommies, make healthy babies

Liz 1 year ago

I wouldn’t change a day of my life with my 4 kids its worth the sleepless nights,teething,tantrums and throw up for my favorite saying in the world I LOVE YOU MOMMY so grow up and let this couple be this is an adorable way to announce they are going to be parents!!!

Kristie Abbatiello 1 year ago


MMM 1 year ago

SAA, you are spot on. All the joy of raising children outweigh the negatives some attribute to it. Life is the most precious gift.

jennifer 1 year ago

wow. must be a pepsi fan. geez. either you do not have kids, hate your kids or just hate your life. that was such a harsh reply.
I thought the video was great.
why did you even bother posting all the garbage that you did? so childish and pessimistic of you. May God bless you and watch over you always and help you change your attitude towards your fellow man and woman.

Katie 1 year ago

Diet coke is bad for the average person, definetly wouldn’t drink it while pregnant!

Julia 1 year ago

Cute but hope she realizes caffeine is not recommended for pregnant women!

Cristina 1 year ago

This is so cute I love it! I do hope for her baby (and herself) she switches to regular coke. Otherwise she’ll end up with a baby with four legs! Diet anything is complete poison.

Billy 1 year ago

Soda isn’t a problem, diet soda with Aspartame is the problem.

Billy 1 year ago

Diet Coke has Aspartame. Aspartame is poison. Don’t poison your baby.

Paula Porter 1 year ago

Me, too…..Very scared of diet drinks…..or anything with artificial sweeteners!

deb Masterson 1 year ago

Love this. Congratulations!

Megan 1 year ago

I agree….if you are pregnant PLEASE avoid diet soda’s with aspartame….it’s a BRAIN TOXIN dears…please!!! <3 Especially to a developing baby's brain.

summergirl 1 year ago

hahahaha KEC263.

WTM III, why ruin their happiness or the good feeling people got when watching this video? Let it go… don’t you think the couple has a clue? Even if they don’t-most don’t… until they need to.

Jessica’s Mom 1 year ago

Preborn babies???? Did your mom drink too much diet coke when pregnant with you??

Jody Breckenridge 1 year ago

That is clever, hilarious, and just plain awesome! Congratulations, McGillicuddys!!!

Deirdre Thomey Carlisle 1 year ago


Lisa 1 year ago

Awwwww LOVE this…. and love that I brought 3 wonderful children into this world and raised them from young kids on up to wonderful young adults after my husband passed… I’d do it again in a heartbeat!

KiKi 1 year ago

How miserable does your life have to be to think like this? I had my baby boy at a young age, and yes I may not party, get drunk and otherwise make a full out of myself like most young women my age, but there is nothing in me, NOTHING, that makes me regret my child. I find spending my time playing with him, making him smile and hearing his laugh more rewarding than any amount of wealth, rest, or down time. Every little shirt I fold, diaper I change or sleep I miss is no regret of mine. I AM blessed, more than you will EVER have the satisfaction of knowing. Ass.

Kirsten Johnson 1 year ago

So clever.

Ginger Wheeler 1 year ago

Who are the McGillicuddy’s??

Katie 1 year ago

Yikes, who pissed in your coke??

David 1 year ago

… and yet, they, like most of us, will cherish every broken camera, folded bit of laundry, and diverting the paycheck to the college fund instead of that new lift kit. All three of my kids have been worth every problem they have given me, and the grandbabies doubly so! Out of all the challenges that I have faced in my life, raising children is the one that came with the greatest rewards.

The commercial was adorable too!

Kathy 1 year ago

This disgusts me. She should not be drinking diet coke if she is pregnant her child is going to be so messed up.

Jo 1 year ago

Very well said. Thanks for speaking out for LIFE!

Kerrie Bascomb 1 year ago

I just LOLed

Daniel Shackelton 1 year ago

Should be used as a TV commercial!

Kelli 1 year ago

I loved it… thought it was a great way to announce your pregnancy. .. and children are a joy to have… congrats

Crystal 1 year ago

Wow such negative comments from rude and ignorant people! It is you folks who need to get a life! This was their unique way of announcing it so don’t rain on their parade!

Jeremiah 1 year ago

Perfectly put, I will pass on that aspartame

Jeremiah 1 year ago

May want to stop drinking that then, aspartame is the main ingredient and has,more than enough studies to prove how harmful it is to people.

Jeremiah 1 year ago

Yeah with that aspartame in it, look it up plenty of studies that prove what that poison does.

Kelly Corcoran Eddy 1 year ago

This was so cute!!!

Lauren Elizabeth Tryon 1 year ago

This is cute and creative. It’s an adorable way to announce a pregnancy. The message isn’t about drinking soda. Why do people feel it’s necessary to add their negative two cents? To feel superior and better about themselves? Drinking soda isn’t what’s wrong with our society, what’s wrong is that people have forgotten the golden rule. Treat others how you would like to be treated. That being said, if you do not have anything nice to say, do not comment.

Laur24a 1 year ago

I think that this is super cute and super creative!!! Kudos to them!! and Congrats!!!

Doug 1 year ago

Wow, WTM III…what a pathetic ass you are. Go piss on some other thread, troll.

Amy S. 1 year ago

I LOVE this video. How adorable is that!!!

Lauren 1 year ago

Well played, SAA. Well Played!

Emma 1 year ago

I couldn’t have said it better!!!! ~ says the mother of a toddler.

Susan McCarthy Nevers 1 year ago

That’s cute!

AEL 1 year ago

Hahahahahaha KEC263

Jess 1 year ago

Then they and the unborn baby died of Aspartame poisoning. The End. Morbid maybe? Yes, just don’t drink diet soda people.. it’s literal poison.

Bozenna Lynch 1 year ago

I like the dishes Polish Pottery!

Sherri Ganget 1 year ago

My favorite was “If the blood not gushing or the bone is not sticking out,; get up. I am not raising of bunch of babies! ! I have 4 boys and they were always fighting. .

Lala 1 year ago

WTM you should click on the confessional section, I am sure we have already read from your wife.

Catherine Weightman 1 year ago

That was AWESOME!

Samantha 1 year ago

^^^ Exactly. Regardless it was an extremely stupid comment anyway. Guys who drank caffeine through both of her pregnancies??? This girl. Ohh the horror!! I know!! Guess what? My kids are fine. No health issues, no extra limbs. Geeze!!

Pat 1 year ago

WOW such a wonderful life changing event and you can only see those negative things you must have an exciting life! (NOT)

Annette 1 year ago

You need help. This is a very sad comment on your life.

Deborah Bartlett McKay 1 year ago

I hope they are in marketing. I would hire them.

Sonal Jain 1 year ago


Debbie Douglass Skelton 1 year ago


Jacque Gagin 1 year ago

Kinda dorky.

lauren 1 year ago

I was thinking the SAME thing!!!!!!

Katarina Sapp-Lessick 1 year ago

I think this is super cute!!!! I drink one soda a day, and I’m currently pregnant. That being said… It’s the aspartame in DIET soda that everyone on here is freaking out about. It’s a very hot topic that is up for debate even between medical professionals. My doctor personally doesn’t feel it’s safe so I have abstained.

However!!!!!! There’s no way she drank enough to do damage making this video so everyone needs to chill out!!!! It’s cute! Let them have fun!!!!

GMO free mama 1 year ago

Agree! Diet sodas are so bad for you, and the baby. She needs to stop drinking them now!

Jill Weyer Ross 1 year ago

Why not? I thought this was a parenting forum, and all opinions were welcome. :)

Shannon L. Lawrence 1 year ago

Um, you’re an idiot!

SAA 1 year ago

Cute, as in a creative way to announce one of the greatest gifts and joys imaginable, complete with sleepless nights, diaper explosions, tantrums in the grocery store, trips to the emergency room, disagreements over parenting style, educational goals, rebellious kids, kids that grow up to wreck your car, you name it. Because LIFE IS GIFT, always, and working out the above is possible and worth it.

Life! I feel brokenhearted for those who have bought in to the lie that giving ourselves for others is idiotic and each man for themselves is the way to fulfillment.

Live Action recently released videos of Planned Parenthood teaching our 15 year old girls about choking, whips and handcuffs, 50 Shades of Grey and The Joy of Sex. Sorry, but I’ll take a glance from the other side of the nursery that says, “Is it possible we’re not too exhausted?” any day of the week. Committed husband and wife, for life, through thick and thin, whether you fit in my current life goals or not, whether you rival the sexy images on t.v. or not, whether we have the house of our dreams or not, whatever – you fill in the blank.

Beautiful ad. Love it. Shared it.

Oso 1 year ago

lets get that baby hooked on chemicals long before it’s born! excellent marketing coke, excellent ( wrings hands in a Mr Burn’s like fashion)

Vikki Clingman 1 year ago

That was COOL!

Gina Smith Denney 1 year ago

So creative!! Awesome

Misses Anna Smith 1 year ago

Oh…that’s cool 😉

Joan Durante Beaudry 1 year ago

Very cool

Rachele Stoops Brown 1 year ago

No, they’re not – they made the video for their friends and family.

Rachele Stoops Brown 1 year ago

Um, if they don’t make wedding announcements, no one will come.

Rachele Stoops Brown 1 year ago

Then why on earth did you watch the video? This isn’t the forum to ‘inform others’.

KEC263 1 year ago

Well, aren’t you a ball of sunshine. Christ.

Laurie 1 year ago

I thought that was so cute!! Don’t know who they are but I loved it!! Very original!

WTM III 1 year ago

That’s sooo… cute. Cute in the fact that the time it took to make that video will now be filled with folding laundry and trying to catch a nap. Cute in the fact that the energy physically and mentally to make it will now be consumed by exhaustion… mentally and physically. That the money to make it… will now be POOF, the camera, destroyed by age 5… the Soda’s, a vain attempt at restoring your life and improving the childs will eliminate all sugar in a can from your house. And the very thing that caused all this to happen, will be pushed so far down the list by your wife that painting the bathroom will sound more appeasing to her. Yeah… Irony. This is what this video is about to those already “blessed” with rug rats.

Sarah Williamson 1 year ago

They both should be offered acting jobs after this! Ha ha! Awesome announcement…wish it were with something other than diet coke though. :(

C 1 year ago

Me too! Diet Soda is the devil!

Paula Rigano-Murray 1 year ago

1. You never see the name on the cans…could be the same can used over and over again, filled with water. 2. Is the one she put to her lips even really open? 3. It’s really none of our damn business anyway. McGillicuddys, great announcement and Congratulations! Here’s to a beautiful, healthy baby!

Jeanne Merritt Kurtz 1 year ago

Pregnant women shouldn’t be drinking DIET anything…

Marianne Malloy 1 year ago

Lol too funny

Adam 1 year ago

Awesome. Caffeine and pregnancy. Good message

Kimberly Whitcher 1 year ago

That was amazing. :)

Mandi Bennett Briggs 1 year ago

For those of you who are hatin’ on the momma for drinking soda…. could it be that she’s only pretending for the video and not really drinking any at all? Seriously…

Linda Rojean Claycomb 1 year ago

Stupid comments! Like she really drank all those diet cokes! There really are some STUPID people in this world!!!!!!! Scary.

Kristy Wood Kell 1 year ago

Very cute announcement! And I love those plates!

Heather Odlum 1 year ago

If she is preggos she shouldn’t be drinking coke or diet coke.

Suzanne Kennedy Thomson 1 year ago

That was awesome!!! Congrats

Dee Davey 1 year ago

Very cute.

Jeanne Sanders 1 year ago

Yeah….pretty sure my name’s not on any of those either!

laura 1 year ago

She shouldn’t be drinking Diet soda if she’s pregnant, though.

Reilly O’Donnell Figenscher 1 year ago

This is adorable. And there are a lot of tin foil hat wearers here haha.

Amber Kamika Brown 1 year ago

Shame its diet coke and they are potentially harming their child, aspartame is one of those chemically produced sweeteners that can cause autism in preborn babies…

Doug Knowlessr 1 year ago

So funny

Andrea Marshall Pitones 1 year ago

Too cute! Great way to announce the arrival

Megan Dudley 1 year ago

That was sooo cool!!

Kim Blaisdell Osborne 1 year ago

Very cute!

Miriam Patin 1 year ago

Absolutely wonderful. I hope your baby has your creativity and sense of humor!!! Coke should put you both on the payroll!!!

Denise Dupont Bott 1 year ago

Cute !!!!

Olivia Erin 1 year ago

that’s awesome!!!

Kelly Guttenberg 1 year ago

Adorable announcement =) Congratulations!

Flo McNichols 1 year ago

No more coke for her and he could do better too

Jen Martel 1 year ago

just because a mom drinks soda when she is pregnant doesn’t mean her baby will have birth defects get your info correct before you judge someone you don’t even know

Shellie Lynn Pulaski 1 year ago

This was cute. It was totally different then the normal when people are pregnant. Love the idea.

Lori 1 year ago

Love the commercial…but I hope that was the last Coke she drinks during her pregnancy.

Heidi Ricco-Payeur 1 year ago

Love this.

Lisa Gardner 1 year ago

no one should drink that crap…brilliant marketing , indeed.

Beth Hardey 1 year ago
Tami Weaver 1 year ago

I loved this!!

Jane Quinn King 1 year ago

That’s adorable!

Janell Ciarlone 1 year ago

OMG awesome I love it!!

SA 1 year ago

Something really tragic about people who think this is so awesome when the woman is drinking pure poison in the form of aspartame!!! Poisoning herself and her unborn child, huh, hilarious?! Even if she’s not having much more than a sip it’s completely glorifying drinking this crap!!!

Sherri Damiano 1 year ago

This is great !

Jenny S Frank 1 year ago

Soooo super adorable!

Julie Katz 1 year ago

so creative

Janice Sousa 1 year ago

That was the best

Heather Bugay Hood 1 year ago

Love this!! And I also had diet coke with both of my pregnancies – dr said 1 or 2 a day was okay. My daughters are perfectly fine!

Aundrea Scholem 1 year ago

Super creative! Congrats!

Marlene Goncalves-Paquet 1 year ago

That’s awesome….totally didn’t see where they were going with it!

Kimberley Berrick Tipton 1 year ago

very cute!! congrats to them!!

Jackie Dowell 1 year ago

OMG so cute!

Kyle Icard 1 year ago

I really don’t think Morgan freeman is good for the baby. Terrible parents

Valerie Ann 1 year ago

That is sooooo awesome!!!

Amy KS Sterndale 1 year ago

These people will be fun parents. Or at least funny parents.

Sandra Burgess 1 year ago

Cutest pregnancy announcement ever!!!!

Rachel Bednarek 1 year ago

This is so awesome!

Kathryn 1 year ago

I was thinking the exact same thing!!

Wee Jules 1 year ago

Hehe love it

Sherri 1 year ago

awwww…..come on Coke….that’s better than you did!! I hope Coke gives them a great baby gift…like a scholarship for college or something….NOT Coke for life!

Andrea Sprinkle 1 year ago

That was so cute!!!!

Augustina Burns 1 year ago

Absolutely love this!

Jamie Bell Griffin 1 year ago

That’s awesome!!!!!

marie 1 year ago

And exactly how much caffeine did she have???

Michelle Ferrell 1 year ago


Melissa Adams 1 year ago

Brilliant!! I love it!!

Jennifer Blackburn 1 year ago

Soo cute!

Jessica Jagodzinski 1 year ago

Awwww baby time

Lyndsy Chavarria 1 year ago

That is the best ever!! Love it! :)

Jennifer Wallace-Lawnicki 1 year ago

Holy crap! This is awesome! Get a life people! This is totally original, took a long time & do you really think she drank all that coke? Duh!

Theresa Anne 1 year ago

Clever! Best of luck kids.

Rebecca Breton 1 year ago

Best ever

Sheila Macchi 1 year ago

This would be a fabulous commercial! Hope somebody sends this to Coke Co.

Kristie Carty 1 year ago

Wow! That’s a great announcment!

Kathy Storch 1 year ago

Love this

Mary Hurley 1 year ago

You guys are awesome

celtic1441 1 year ago

My thoughts exactly, Kelli! And no one has yet mentioned the adverse effects lip-syncing by parents can have on a fetus!

Lisa Vexler Gehring 1 year ago

Why can’t I ever think of anything this creative?!?

Chris Jackson 1 year ago

Awesome job!

Louise Roberts Steve Gaudet 1 year ago

Fun parents = great kids! Congrats! You are doing it right already 😉

Kimberly Olortegui Jose 1 year ago

This is awesome!!!!!

Susan Gabel 1 year ago

Amazing. Absolutely loved it!!

Wanda Clark 1 year ago

oh my gosh too much cute!!

Kathleen Veres- Lux 1 year ago

GREAT VIDEO… Congrats !!!!

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

WHAT a FANTASTIC announcement!!! Seriously some people on here. I drank Diet Coke with all four of mine, and they came out healthy. If you can’t say anything nice, shut up! Appreciate the creativity!! Jesus F’n Christ.

Tracy Hohler 1 year ago

That was awesome. I totally got the chills when they turned the cans :)

Christy Horvath Lajeunesse 1 year ago

That was awesome!!

Joseph Rapczynski 1 year ago

is it just me or is anyone else tired of everyone trying to do everything over the top to get their 5 mins of internet fam, baby announcements flash mob proposals its all annoying i dont find the ppl to be smart or clever but more desperate and annoying i dont know could just be me but im just over it all.

Judi Herrera 1 year ago

But, don’t feed Coke to your kid, its bad for them. LMAO

Amy Werner 1 year ago

ADORABLE!!! Love it!!!

Julie Cugini 1 year ago

Cutiest !

Heather Camuso 1 year ago

Yes! Great announcement.

Breann Milam 1 year ago


Ann McKellar Hatch 1 year ago

Too cute!!

Jessi 1 year ago

That is AWESOME!!!

Catherine McCormack 1 year ago

Hmm gassy.

Adam Friedman 1 year ago

Well done!

Sarah Wuerfel 1 year ago

Cutest thing everrrrrrrr!!!

Charis Andrews Hanberry 1 year ago

So CUTE!!!

Sue Manning Heyman 1 year ago


Krista Skinner 1 year ago

That is too cute! Congrats to them and their creativity!

Alicia Haller 1 year ago

I don’t think anyone is being judgmental. Coca-cola is not honest about how extremely extremely harmful their products are. Those that realize how tainted and sickening big food companies are, and how much they profit off of our misguided belief in their products, feel a duty to point it out.
It WAS a hilarious video however; I hope everyone is cautious that Diet Coke and pregnancy should not be mixed!

Jessica Sato 1 year ago

Just plain fun and silliness. Not everything has to be so damn serious all the time. Congrats to them :)

Becca Cordes 1 year ago

I don’t drink soda anymore. …. But regardless this was an adorable announcement. Some people need to quit over analyzing and just give them props for creativity. Sheesh

KellyandJohn Kraszewski Trugon 1 year ago

Very clever

Joline Fehr 1 year ago

So freaking cute!!!

Pamela Schramm 1 year ago

I want free coke for life but I’m not having more kids want the coke glad for the new baby

Katherine Johnston 1 year ago

Awe that’s cute!

Amanda Adams 1 year ago

Totally freaking hilarious! Love it!

Julie Dorethy Garfield 1 year ago

You know, Coke ought to pick that up as their next commercial.

Shannon Quinn 1 year ago

This is great.

Sarah Ortiz 1 year ago

How cute

Nicole Gerber 1 year ago

I think this is adorable. It’s a freaking pregnancy announcement people…I’m sure she’s not sitting on her ass drinking diet coke all day long. Heaven forbid anyone could think of a creative way to announce their wonderful news without people being negative about it. Seriously people, just because Facebook has given you an outlet to voice your opinion doesn’t mean you should.

Linda La Page 1 year ago

Very clever!

Adrienne DeAndre Kameron 1 year ago

Super cute.

EdandTara Rittersdorf 1 year ago

That was the best thing I’ve ever seen.

Patricia Atkinson Marino 1 year ago


Deidre Westover 1 year ago

I lived on Dr pepper and ramen noodles during my pregnancy because they stopped me from throwing up and my kid was fine.

Grace Perez Woodard 1 year ago

Too cute.

Martha Holmgreen 1 year ago


Heather Mayes 1 year ago

Awe it’s cute

Judy Hagan 1 year ago

Lots of aspartame for that baby! I’m sure it’s really healthy for its development.

Jessica Schlee Whitford 1 year ago

They are going to have fun kids! Great announcement!

Tracy O’Drain 1 year ago

Friggin awesome!!!

Jennifer Elahi 1 year ago

Boring commercial. Diet is bad enough for any individual- now add pregnancy? Not even about to get started on pop in general. My sink sparkles after I pour the extra from guests down the drain- certainly meant to clean pipes rather than drink. Just not feeling this irresponsible ad. Sure a drink or two of it may not hurt but people live on it like water unfortunately

Ginger Godin 1 year ago

This was a cute way of making an announcement.

Bonnie K. D’Ginto 1 year ago


Tenisha Ashley Lebeau 1 year ago

Tequila made my babies :)

Amber Preston 1 year ago

I am pregnant and drink soda. Did with my first and he Is perfectly healthy. There always has to be that one person to find something to bitch about.

Amber Whitt Mercil 1 year ago

that’s awesome!!

Ellen Crahan 1 year ago

Very clever … I love it

Sandy Drowns Wareing 1 year ago


Jane Denton 1 year ago

Definitely an ad. But still cute

Lisa Marie Sorrentino 1 year ago

This is not sanctimommy, this is just curious and confused: are those pats of butter on their plates? And, why?

Meghan Davis 1 year ago

This is fantastic!

Nikki Taylor Brauning 1 year ago

And how long has Coke been around???? Lol

Sara Edvalson Wutzke 1 year ago

That is so clever!

Amanda Brelage 1 year ago

LOL, super cute:)!

Amy Burr Bast 1 year ago

Really really cute.

C.j. Bedair 1 year ago

That was cute…..but yeah, I can’t help but think of aspartame. Lol

Marti Dreschel 1 year ago

so. totally. adorable.

Patricia Neville 1 year ago

Sooo cute! Congratulations!

Jenn Shain 1 year ago

I came here for the sanctimommy Coke comments. I was not disappointed.

Nichole Boyovich 1 year ago

Thats awesome! Super cute!

Artoria Quintella 1 year ago

That was adorable!

Kathleen Campbell Neafsey 1 year ago

I wonder if they found any good ideas for baby names on the cans?

CB 1 year ago

Ummm…that was a cute commercial.

Lisa Bowles Martens 1 year ago

Teary! Loved it!

Pamela Heckathorn 1 year ago

Oh my adorable

erin 1 year ago

that was really cute! Congrats to them :)

Sara Lloyd Lang 1 year ago

For the love of Pat!!!! Can’t y’all just enjoy the announcement and not judge her caffeine intake!!!?? GoodNESS!!!

Michelle Brown 1 year ago

Coke should so air
this as a commercial! Awesome!

Deedee Fronius 1 year ago

Cute announcement!!!

Kimberly Anne 1 year ago


Kelly Lape Carter 1 year ago

Loved it!!!!

Kat Cook Aviles 1 year ago

It is sad to read these comments. People are so judgmental. It was a cute video.

Ashlee Baird 1 year ago

That was clever!! Also…did anyone stop to think maybe she wasn’t actually drinking said soda? Hmmm…

Jennifer McMinn-Culver 1 year ago

Lol! Love it!

Pamela Ela Ela 1 year ago

SODA IS SO BAD FOR YOU OMG…. get off it people, it’s a freaking video. Whether they really drank it or not your words on the Internet won’t do a damn thing.

Heather Kare-Bear 1 year ago

That is adorable!

Megan Currie-Bluhm 1 year ago

That is awesome!

Ro Geiger 1 year ago

She probably only sipped each can during the making of this.

Monica van Buul 1 year ago

That is so beautiful and original!!!! Awesome

Brii Acosta 1 year ago

Wasn’t diet either, does that mean I’m a horrible parent, nope.

Suzanne Rogatschnigg 1 year ago

Okay sensitive ppl…some of us were tongue in cheek about the coke. Its okay to joke!

Marya Corrado 1 year ago

Love this!

Christine Bastardi 1 year ago

Awesome- should have been a Super Bowl commercial!!

Michelle Langham 1 year ago

Looks fake to me. But that’s just my 2 cents. Clever coke marketing ploy.

Brii Acosta 1 year ago

I drank soda when i was pregnant, so what.

Laurie Neff Fritzen 1 year ago

Excellent! Congratulations to them!

Mia Sutton Cantrell 1 year ago

So freaking cute

Tracy Lurkins 1 year ago

That’s awesome! And to all the people bitching about her drinking diet coke… Bitches please! My 19 year old I drank dr. Pepper, 10 year old I drank mt. Dew with, 5 year old was sweet tea and mt. Dew, and my 10 month old I drank dr. Pepper with. No problems and all four are healthy amd were born healthy. Get off your high horses.

Totally cute announcement!

Tammy Dushel Carr 1 year ago

Too cute

Heather Reid 1 year ago

Hahaha, love it!

J Florian De Leon 1 year ago

Loved it!! Too cute!

Kimberlie Turnbaugh 1 year ago

Great announcement! Well done hope they send it to Coca Cola.

Amie Walsh 1 year ago

Sooo cute

Judy Burgess 1 year ago

Very creative

Lisa Sampson Morgan 1 year ago


Lisa Massaro Mackenna 1 year ago

Super cute!!

Becky Zeiner 1 year ago

So cute!!

Lynne Tessier 1 year ago

STOP DRINKING DIET DRINKS IMMEDIATELY your baby’s health depends on it

Becky Satchell 1 year ago


Lindsay Lea 1 year ago

This is too cute

Kathleen McGillicuddy Cunniffe 1 year ago

Haha that’s great!

Rachal McKee Sager 1 year ago

They deserve Coke for life. That was wonderful

Chrissy BeGood 1 year ago

Congrats to them on their baby and that’s it. Will keep my opinions to myself regarding the soda.

Rachel Wiggett 1 year ago


Linda Ode 1 year ago

Too cute!

Erin Billet Bray 1 year ago


Marta Milea 1 year ago

She should not be drinking Diet Coke, those chemicals are a no no for the baby.

Angelica Castro 1 year ago


Kelli Miller 1 year ago

And cue the judgmental, perfect parents who can’t just appreciate a fun thing and congratulate them.

Teresa Stokes 1 year ago


Heather Malnofski 1 year ago

I drank pop during all 3 of my pregnancies and my kids are beautiful and healthy! Leave her alone and be happy for some people geez!

Becky Venuti Gould 1 year ago

Awesome! I hope Coke uses it for a commercial

Suzanne Good Butz 1 year ago


Laura Nunez 1 year ago

That was the cutest thing ever!

Darcie Hannah 1 year ago


Brandy Garma 1 year ago

So creative and awesome!

Brittany Meckes 1 year ago

Can’t anyone just laugh with judging? There are worse things people do while pregnant than drink soda.i had soda and my son is just fine! Anyways congrats!

Kim Mittelstadt-Moreno 1 year ago

Could be a commercial for coke! Lol

Katie Schwarz 1 year ago

That’s awesome!

Katie Schwarz 1 year ago

That’s awesome!

Sarah Egerhei Pitkin 1 year ago

Hope the baby likes aspartame. Haha. Jk – cute video

Sara Statkowski 1 year ago

Lol epic!!!!

Sara Statkowski 1 year ago

Lol epic!!!!

Kathryn Coon 1 year ago

That was adorable

Kelly Edwards 1 year ago

That was AWESOME!!! So creative.

Angelina Rausch 1 year ago

Way super cute! Love it!

Carla Campbell Pierce 1 year ago

That’s soooo cute!

Michelle Wilson 1 year ago

How friggen adorable!!!!

Scott Bard 1 year ago

And this isn’t just more marketing?

Kate Lorene Steed 1 year ago


Shannon King Gomez 1 year ago


Liz Aschebrook 1 year ago

Stupid hormones. Stupid tears. Stupid stupid awesome announcements.. 😛 Congrats to them!

Suzanne Rogatschnigg 1 year ago

Haha…all I could think about was how she shouldn’t be having all that caffeine!

Christina Newton 1 year ago

So cute!

Lorraine Rainy Shaw 1 year ago


Monica Seuferer Mesecher 1 year ago

Love it.

katherine hooker 1 year ago

That was an awesome idea!

Deven Dearick 1 year ago

Coolest announcement ever. Wish I was that creative

Cäroline Gee 1 year ago

I thought Oregon shouldn’t drink diet?

Theresa Sano-De Block 1 year ago

She better stop drinking diet coke or the baby is going to have problems

Kerry McKenney 1 year ago


Stacy Hebein 1 year ago

That was freaking awesome!!

Helen Whitehurst Novielli 1 year ago

Seriously cute!

Leslie Renee Cline 1 year ago


Maegan Vondal Koelker 1 year ago

So awesome!

Rachel Annette Olivas-Hernandez 1 year ago

Very cute

Christine Guenther 1 year ago

why am I tearing up at that??

Nichole Heilbron 1 year ago


Teresa Jackson Ziegler 1 year ago

That’s awesome. I barely had the energy/motivation to watch the video so kudos to their motivation level to create it!

Bethany Leigh Cochran 1 year ago

How cute! Love this!

Monica Aguirre 1 year ago

Cute!! Plus, I want that last name!!

Dina Krupen Epstein 1 year ago

Love it!

Jamie 1 year ago

That’s awesome…congratulations to them

Mary 1 year ago


LOL!! Awesome.

Janet Adkins 1 year ago

That was awesome!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

That’s hilarious!! My pet skunk was McGuillicuddy. (Yes, really). lol!


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