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    Carrie says

    Wow…these are great.

    Having just acquired a teen daughter (so that kinda makes me a mom now, I guess), I can add:

    May your Mother’s Day consist of a shower with hot water and not one eye roll. Or long sigh.


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    grownandflown says

    Eye rolls are perfected in the teen years, a skill like riding a bike since I still eye roll my 80+ year old mom. Have a great Disney trip and a fabulous Mother’s Day – with or without duct tape.

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    Oblivion says

    I have to share mother’s day with my husband. Not only is it his birthday, it’s his 50th! So unfair. I never get mother’s day all to myself :-( Yes I’m pouting.

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    Stephanie ( says

    Have a FABULOUS time at Disney!!!!!!!! (Thanks for the “gifts;” I done grabbed that shit like nobody’s bidness!)

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    Marta says

    Love the bathroom door one especially!

    Jealous of DisneySMMoms! I don’t understand how people get invited to that. I never hear anything about it and then all the sudden everyone’s going!

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  6. 14

    Amanda says

    Have a wonderful time. Cannot wait to hear about the special magic they make. Crossing fingers it’s not overflowing toilets, barfing mid-air or, like my youngest does, identifying (loudly) people who look like movie characters, “Mom, that lady looks like Fat Amy.”

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    Stacey says

    I saw a card today that had basically that “Have the Mother’s Day you deserve…whatever it takes” message on it. On the front was a picture of a mom telling her small son, “Go ahead and hide. I’ll come find you.”

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