Much Needed Smiles


Because there has been too much sadness and we could all use some much needed smiles right about now…

My heart is with the families in Newtown, Connecticut who have lost their funny faced little clowns. The world will not be the same without them.

{Thank you to my Facebook community for lending your children’s faces to us}



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    Southern Angel says

    Darn it Jill I have cried all weekend looking at the faces of those innocent babies and this post made me smile till I read the last line.. My heart is just broken for them, just broken.

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    Sarah M. says

    My son had his 3rd birthday party over the weekend. I must say that after Friday’s horrific “event” I spent more time watching all of the children laughing and playing together. No one spoke of CT during the party but I’m pretty sure we were all thinking about it and enjoying what we had. My heart continues to break for the families of all the victims… especially those that barely had a chance to live.

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    Jenny From the Blog says

    I was thinking about how you would handle today’s post and I’m pleased. I wrestled with what to do, as a humor columnist, and came up with an a post that started an amazing discussion on the role of humor!
    XO – You rock!

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    Charlotte says

    Thank you for posting something beautiful. I just want to hide my head in the sand. No, I take that back. I want to grab my kids, husband, cats, parents, friends, neighbors and everyone who is good in the world, jump all together into a huge, fluffy bed, pull the comforter up over our heads and just -be- together.

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