25 Reasons My Six Year Old Won’t Eat That



1. There’s green stuff on it.

2. He doesn’t like that anymore, starting today.

3. It might make him throw up.

4. It’s staring at him.

5. It’s too fancy.

6. It doesn’t look like he thought it would.

7. His tummy is afraid of the color red.

8. It might make his tooth fall out.

9. Someone once told him it was bad.

10. It could be spicy and might make him cough.

11. It’s not ice cream.

12. It’s too warm.

13. Now it’s too cold.

14. He’s never had it before, so couldn’t he be allergic?

15. All his tummy wants is a peanut butter sandwich.

16. It’s not on his usual plate.

17. It came from the garden?! In dirt?

18. Dessert doesn’t look that great, so it’s not worth eating dinner for.

19. The dog wants it more than he does.

20. It looked better the last time he had it.

21. It smells funny.

22. His food tummy is full, only his dessert tummy is empty.

23. It’s too mushy.

24. It’s too crunchy.

25. It used to be alive!?

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  1. 2

    Danger Dad says

    Number one reason: you have failed to stimulate his appetite. The more physical activity you pack not his day, the less you will have this problem.

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      • 5

        dorene says

        hmmm,looks like we got another dummy,ok,i will shut up,but all kids & some older people,got into it too,,,,,,i can live on ice cream & toast-,fruit…………….

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    • 6

      MummyOfSeven says

      My son is on the move from 7am til midnight, sometimes later. He is never still, never runs out of energy and is a hugely picky eater. He also has ASD.
      Your argument is invalid.

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    • 9

      Marcy says

      Being smug is unattractive btw. Let me tell you that what she listed in this blog was completely accurate, as my 5 year old son has tried that and more! I am a foodie, I cook from scratch every day, I use my garden and locally sourced products and meats. He still prefers chicken nuggets, at least now he will eat the ones I make. Sometimes all I can get him to eat is peanut butter and a smoothie(with all kinds of things he has no idea I sneaked in!) My four year old daughter on the other hand eats everything, she will often eat a red pepper as a snack, she loves poached Salmon and wild rice. Kids are different, and as a parent all we can do is encourage good eating habits and make sure they get enough protein and veggies during the day, even if you have to disguise them as fruit smoothies. This was a fun and encouraging article to parents that deal with picky kids, I say kudos to her!

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    • 15


      Omg. My kid LOVES eggs but loathes anything green and is not adventurous with fruit. I gave him scrambled eggs and attempted blueberries for breakfast one morning. The blueberries touched the eggs and turned a very small portion of his eggs green. He freaked out about it and ended up eating nothing. Lol…scurvy…seriously. ;-)

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  2. 21

    MummyOfSeven says

    My eight year old – all of the above except no.19, we don’t have a dog, lol.
    Bubble has ASD, there are certain textures and smells that make him turn a worrying shade of green. :-/

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  3. 30

    Amanda says

    Unless its cheese, yoghurt, cookies, mac n cheese or strawberries, My 2 year old wont eat it.

    And also, since he started talking, “ice cream” means breakfast.

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