Scary Mommy and Toys“R”Us #NoWishTooBig


As parents, we say no quite a bit. No, you can’t go outside in the thirty degree weather wearing a tank top and shorts. No, you can’t have pancakes for dinner after eating them for breakfast. No, just because you bathed yesterday does not mean you don’t have to bathe today if you’re covered in dirt and smell. No, no, no!!

Sometimes, it feels really good to say yes.

Yes, you can have that video game. Yes, you can get that stuffed animal. Yes, I’ll buy you that toy.

Unfortunately, many parents aren’t able to say those yeses, much as they may want to. And there is no time that’s harder to face than during the holidays.


For the last ten years, Toys“R”Us, Inc. has partnered with the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation to spread holiday cheer to some of the 16 million children living in poverty in the United States. Through in-store and online fundraising and awareness campaigns, Toys“R”Us has raised over $31.6 million and collected 3.75 million toys for Toys for Tots. The program is also supported by the Toys“R”Us Children’s Fund, a public charity affiliated with Toys“R”Us, Inc.

This year, NBA Legend Shaquille O’Neal joins the campaign, donning his holiday alter ego – Shaq-A-Claus – to encourage customer donations and help make even more wishes come true for kids in need. As part of this year’s program, Toys“R”Us has introduced a series of #No Wish Too Big initiatives designed to inspire families to join Shaq-A-Claus in paying it forward through Toys for Tots. It’s just fantastic, and I encourage you to get involved.

Now for the really amazing part…

Inspired by the many stories of the Thanksgiving Project applicants, Toys“R”Us, Toys for Tots and we at Scary Mommy have joined together to help continue to make this holiday season easier for mothers and families in need. To help them make their kids’ wishes come true, together, we’re providing one hundred $250 gift cards to Scary Mommies who need it most. That will make an awful lot of kids very, very happy come Christmas morning, and I wish I could be in all 100 houses to see their faces.

Even more amazingly, three very special Thanksgiving Project families will be the incredibly lucky recipients of a once in a lifetime $1,000 Toys“R”Us shopping experience. ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS — can you imagine the impact that will have on those children and their parents? I get chills every time I think about it.

Each of the 100 $250 gift cards will arrive in the mail within the next week (recipients have already been notified to be on the lookout), and next week, the three families will be receiving the shopping experience of a lifetime. I can hardly wait. If you haven’t heard from us and need help with a present for your child, you can apply for a gift through Toys for Tots here.

A million thank you’s to Toys“R”Us and Toys for Tots for their support of Scary Mommy Nation and their commitment to helping kids and families in need. You can learn more about the program here, get your kids involved here, or find out how to donate a toy here. Be sure to follow along with their social media channels below, too, and help spread the word. Because every child deserves a Merry Christmas, and every mother should be able to provide one.

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About the writer


What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


Devon B 1 year ago

I know it was hard picking all the families but there are more families out there that really need help. I wish we could have been picked it would have been nice to be able to get my kids something for Christmas because I know what it’s like not to get presents. My dad had a heart attack 15 years ago, I was 11 and we didn’t celebrate Christmas that year. My kids are younger then me so I know they won’t remember these memories of not having a Christmas, but it saddens me to have no money to get them presents. This is my preemie son’s 1st Christmas and I just hope something works out so we can get money to buy the necessities to make it this Christmas. I would like to have the money to buy them clothes because they are growing too fast but there is probably other families out there that have it worse off. I do want to thank you for the help for thanksgiving, we made it through and got my son a birthday cake since his birthday was the day before but we all celebrated on thanksgiving and being with family is the best.

Tara 1 year ago

I cannot contribute much to the site about having children of my own but I do look at your site every day. My sister is a huge fan. While she is at work she reads all the stories hints etc that everyone has to share. You give her hope in her everyday life. She is currently raising 4 children all on her own, and seldom has anyone to turn to for help. She tries with all her might to give them kids everything she can. She lost her job in August, and hit the ground running to find something new. She is currently working two different jobs to make ends meet, and if she is lucky enough to pay the bills at the end of the month she puts whatever she has left back for Christmas. She has asked for assistance through the state out of pressure from us here. They told her she made too much money, she could pay her bills on her own but they didn’t include that her daughter has asthma and needs a $40 inhaler. She called me last night barely able to breath in tears over the fact that since August she was only able to save up $84 for Christmas and herhere electric had a disconnect notice. I volunteered to help as much as I could, but I don’t have much to give. My sister more than anyone I can think of this holiday season needs your help. I know she filled out to be one of your $100 gift card winners, but she feels there are more deserving people. Help her show her kids the Christmas Magic she truly believes in. Thank you.

Www.Blogger.Com 2 years ago

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Fran Thompson 2 years ago

back in late sept on sunday during service a tree in our parking lot fell on my van and 4 other vechiles, mine ended up being totaled after a month of haggling over insurance companies , because i only had plpd. when i was able to replaced my van, i saving the balance for christmas, but that did'nt happen . power and LP heat was more important. im on a very limited income, plus trying to finish my degree while raising my 6 yr old grandaughter.this is a horrible month as it is 3 yrs ago , both of my kids passed away a 1 1/2 of each other , and this was their favorite season, i was able to purchase my son's grave blanket, which left my funds really scarce, i received your thanksgiving gift card on black friday, and i was able to buy christmas dinner for the both of us, im just trying to make christmas a little more special for my grandaughter . it will never make up for loosing her moma, but at least be able to make her happy on this special day thank you again for the help in the past , a truely wonderful organization,, Merry Christmas to all

Frances Thompson 2 years ago

back in sept, on a sunday during service a big tree fell on my van and totalled it out, after a long time of haggling , because all i carried was PLPD on my van , i received payment, after replacing my van with another , with what was left over i was planning on using for Christmas for mygranddaughter, but it came down to keeping LP gas for heat and power for everything else, it left me scarce.. this tme of the year is already hard, in the past 3 yrs both of my kids passed away , and i am raising my granddaughter, ty for the gift card for thankgiving . i used it for Christmas dinner.. ty .. and Merry Christmas

Christina 2 years ago

I just received a FedEx envelope and I was completely stunned when I opened it! I somehow missed the email telling me we were chosen, so this came as a complete surprise. I came straight to Scary Mommy to make sure it was legit (Lol) and to give my many thanks and appreciation. I still haven’t purchased any gifts for our kiddos and wasn’t sure how to do it. You have literally made our entire Christmas. So thank you, very, very MUCH Scary Mommy, Toys R Us and the Toys for Tots program!!!!

Kate 2 years ago

That is AMAZING. What a fabulous gift to those children and families.

Liz Durkin 2 years ago

I am truly amazed at the amount of negativity in the comments. There is a person behind this page. A freakin stellar and extremely generous person, who deserves nothing but gratitude for arranging both the Thanksgiving Project and The Toys R Us/Toys For Tots donations. Thank you, Jill. Thank you, to all those who donated. THANK YOU, FOR BEING PART OF THE GOOD IN THE WORLD.

Kristen 2 years ago

Jill –
If you email me directly, I would be happy to help someone.

Candy Kelly 2 years ago

I wish I would have saw this sooner! Our local sign up ended on Nov 15th and I didn't make it.

jaimedawn 2 years ago

this is such a great way to help people out . unfortunately i was not one of those that recieved this awesome gift but really glad others did.

Storm 2 years ago

Congrats to those who received it.

I wish I were in the US to help with those who couldn’t.

Every year my children happily pick out gifts to put under the Wishing Tree Kmart does, gifts for kids who’s parents can’t afford to buy any for them.
Every year I’m so proud of them for thinking hard and picking the best gift they can find for the age group and gender I give them.

So many people need help at Christmas, it’s so so sad.
That’s where the legend of Santa came from, St Nick helping out those who couldn’t afford to help themselves (look up his tales on wiki).

If you know someone doing it rough for Christmas, someone who will have to tell their children that Santa is sorry, someone who doesn’t do Christmas because they just can’t afford it, help them.
Be the Santa for their family. Buy their children a gift from Santa.

Every child deserves to believe in Santa and the good of the world. Every child deserves a wonderful Christmas.

My heart breaks for those families who can’t provide that for their kids, so we do what we can for them.

Make your own lunch today and buy that little girl next door a barbie doll from Santa with the money instead.

Sarah 2 years ago

Jill, you have touched my family in so many ways. Your kindness and love move mountains and encourage other people to be more open with their hearts and their pockets. This is the second year you have rescued Thanksgiving for my family, with one year of self-sufficiency between.

Every year instead of writing a list of what gifts our children want from Santa they write a list of all the toys they give away and all the service projects they completed throughout the year. Santa writes them a thank you note and gives them a gift of gratitude for their kindness. This year was heart breaking to watch them continue our tradition, knowing that they wanted to selflessly give away what they thought others would appreciate more and knowing that their dad and I had no money for the gift of gratitude. When I received your email I was overwhelmed with gratitude, myself, and felt so blessed to be a part of your world.

Charlotte Wise 2 years ago

I think raising money is a great idea, but what about donating food instead of toys? It’s great if a child receives a Christmas toy, but not so great if the house isn’t heated or there’s no food in the pantry.

Shannon 2 years ago

I just started reading this blog, but this is absolutely amazing! When you can help those in need, it is an amazing thing. It breaks my heart to read all these stories in the comments. I was there….too many times. Still am somewhat. I hope that each of them find a way and the true spirit of Christmas finds each of them. I wish I could help each individually. Maybe one day. Just remember, someone out there does understand….

Anonymous 2 years ago

I’m actually surprised by the comments. We should all be so grateful for the help received so far with the thanksgiving project. I was almost in tears learning about the extra help that’s being given to some lucky families. Of course I’d love to be one of them, but there are many families that have it worse than me (and a lot of us on here). I would hate to be the one making this decision…especially after the thanksgiving project hate mail. I’m amazed by the generosity of the scary mommies out there and especially that of Jill. You are an angel and the work you do has affected thousands of women and their families and I’m sure brought many of them to tears. From the bottom of my heart..THANK YOU!!

Crystle 2 years ago

What an angel you are, god bless you.

Christina Jackson 2 years ago

As one of the Thanksgiving recipients, but not a Christmas recipient I just want to say that I totally understand. I can’t imagine only being able to pick 100. I personally feel like the worlds worst mom for not beinng able to afford christmas. I still haven’t paid all of December rent. I am a full time student and single parent to 3 kiddos… of which has autism and has the mental capacity of a 7 y/o even though she is 17. I can’t afford my watwr or power most months. My ex husband doesn’t pay child support because he resents not being allowed contact with the kids after molesting one of them. I don’t have a car…. I just had emergency surgery and almost lost my life due to blood clots in my lungs. I feel as if life just keeps knocking me down and throwing dirt upon dirt on me. Someday, after I graduate I will have a great job and be able to afford christmas and a car and my electric bill. Someday, I will be a donor to scary mommy instead of being a recipient. I don’t share all this because I am upset not being chosen. I share because I am terrified every single day. I am terrified that at any given moment I will be evicted or have my power turned off. I am terrified my kids won’t understand that I work my heart out to better our situation so that someday I can provide a normal christmas. :) someday, I will no longer be terrified.

Mychelle 2 years ago

I’m pretty sure that Jill didn’t just pick favorite recipients. I would imagine that with that many entries it had to be done randomly to make it fair for everyone. What she is trying to accomplish together with Toys R Us is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Everyone’s situation is different, and different miracles happen at different times to different people. I am a single parent who struggles this year, and am quite familiar with isolation, desolation…but I never give up hope-for my children’s sake. I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive a gift card, but I haven’t forgotten what it is like to be the one hoping. I pray that everyone finds even a small miracle this holiday season, in the name of Christ our Savior! It is his birthday afterall, but he is the one who never stops bestowing gifts!

Crystle 2 years ago

Jill, I am sorry everyone looks to you like you can help everyone, its a lot of pressure I’m sure.. I honestly appreciate all you do.

I am honestly also so happy for everyone that got chosen, I’m sure you all will have a very merry Christmas.

I still can’t help but feel so depressed and heartbroken. Yes, we still understand the true meaning of Christmas but it does not make it any easier to look at your kids on Christmas morning and they have nothing to open from Santa. Its heartbreaking and makes you feel like a sorry excuse of a parent. We already lost our house in a fire and lost every single thing in that fire including our cat. Nothing was salvageable. We took every last penny we had to move into a new home. I have not been able to replace any of my daughters toys between rent, electric bill and my husband being laid off. I even have a hard time feeding us. Its really hard to push through all this! Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe. This is so hard. I am grateful for our lives that came out of the fire, but replacing 30 years of your life will never happen. I just want my daughter to wake up christmas morning and feel that special magic and joy. I need a miracle, I keep trying to keep my head up but it gets pushed down more and more by the second. I tried toys for tots in all my surrounding areas and they said registration was over.. That was my last hope.

Larissa 2 years ago

We were one of the extraordinarily lucky 100 families chosen… I was floored! I was staring at my phone with tears rolling down my cheeks reading this amazing news. But I also felt guilty because I know other families need help just as much. I am praying that next year we will be in a position to help! Jill, a million thank you’s, tears and hugs would never be enough to show you just how grateful I am for everything you do (delays and all!) Toys R Us, thank you so very much for your generosity. You have given this family renewed faith that some corporations really do still care for those in need. Scary Mommy Nation: just more thank you’s to those who could contribute to make holidays just a bit less stressful. Love and gratitude are just flowing from my heart right now, as well as prayers for blessings for the other families who still need help.

Laura 2 years ago

Jill, I can’t even imagine how difficult it was for you to narrow the recipient list down to so few, and I realize you’re backed up from Thanksgiving. That said, can you perhaps enlist some volunteer help to assist you with setting up a Christmas program? I’d love to be able to donate something to help one of the families that I’ve been reading about here, and I know I’m not alone.

I still remember the Christmas when I was in sixth grade; my parents had NO money that year, and my gifts were old, leftover boys’ games and toys, many with missing parts or pieces, that a kind friend gave my mom to give me so I’d at least get *something* (I’m a girl, obviously). I was old enough to know to smile and say thank you (which my mom still appreciates these many years later), but it was a difficult year for everybody. So I know what it’s like to be one of those kids whose parents can’t do anything for them. Please, is there a way to help?

Grace | Yummy Baby Gifts™ 2 years ago

I’m happy for all the winners!! Good for them and hope their holidays will be that much better!! Great job JILL!

Keith N Carrie Bilyou 2 years ago

Congrats to those who got chosen I wouldn't want to be put in the position to chose when so many families have it hard including me but god bless for the things u do.

Pat 2 years ago

Happy for everyone, but with that 3000 dollars you could have helped 12 more heartbroken families ;(

Dawn 2 years ago

This is beyond amazing!

Alexandria Rozzi 2 years ago

Jill you are the most amazing person!! You have made it your mission to make sure struggling families like mine are not left out during the holidays. My whole family is crying because my kids will be happy to know that they weren’t forgotten!!! Thank you so much and i owe my life to you!!!

Jenny 2 years ago

So wonderful!!!!

Rachel 2 years ago

Can anyone tell me how I can contact Jill directly about helping some of the families that weren’t as fortunate as the winners ?

    Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago :)
    I’m a little backed up, so may take a tad longer than usual, but I’ll get back to you ASAP!

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 2 years ago

While I’m beyond thrilled for the lucky 103, I completely understand the heartbreak and disappointment the rest of you may feel. We had no plans to have a Christmas event – I’m still not finished dealing with everything from Thanksgiving, and we just don’t have the funds – but there was no way I could turn down this generous opportunity once it was presented.

That said, having to pass on only a fraction of random names was gut wrenching and continues to be so as the e-mails pile in. We’ll continue to try and grow Scary Mommy Nation to help as many people as we possibly can, and hopefully, every family in need will one day benefit from it.

Carrie Smith 2 years ago

How AMAZING You Are!!! This literally puts me in tears! So very Blessed that you have put this together, YOU and the ones who have Donated, have made a wonderful influence in my family's life. (And many others as I see reading comments in your blog.) We cannot wait to give back some day. <3 Thank You! <3

Beverley Austin 2 years ago

thanks for the Thanksgiving care, glad those that were picked for xmas will have some help

Sad 2 years ago

I know you had a lot of families to pick from, but scary mommies that need it most? how did you pass on one that lost their home in a fire? :(

Hilary 2 years ago

I just want to say Thank you again for the Thanksgiving project! What you do is truly amazing. You are a miracle for so many! Have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your loved ones as being close to them is what should matter most

Stephanie 2 years ago

Woo! I just want to jump up and down. This is SO GREAT!!

Kimberly Dawn Matte 2 years ago

Wish I could get one of those for my three kiddos :-/

Jennifer McGurn 2 years ago

"The greatest good you can do for another is not just share your riches, but reveal to them their own." -Disraeli Scary Mommy has been a place of refuge for me as a new mother of two babies – a 20 month and a 2 month old! While I too have struggled to put food on the table and gifts under the tree this year the struggle that weighs heaviest on my heart has been "am I doing it right?" Scary Mommy has provided us a place to vent our frustration, laugh, share, and most importantly to be reassured that while we may sometimes make mistakes, in the end we ARE getting it right :) Hang in there moms! Your children love you more than you know! Merry Christmas to all and THANK YOU Jill!

Kimmie Rose 2 years ago

This is amazing.

carma williams 2 years ago

I have chills all the way down to my legs and I can’t breathe. I feel like I’m being punked. Omg… is this really real? Now I’m crying… I gotta get off of here…. I might faint.

Candi 2 years ago

I wish toys4tots was available in my area. Unfortunately on their website our county isn’t serviced.

Alison 2 years ago

This? This is truly amazing. I love it.

Kristina 2 years ago

What an amazing gift that you all are providing to many needy families. I was lucky to receive a Thanksgiving gift card, and I have had a friend help me with bills and even a bit extra to buy a few gifts. God has blessed me this year, and I’m glad to have found this site! Bless all of you and Merry Christmas.

Theresa 2 years ago

Unfortunately my county is not covered by the program

Jennifer Lopez 2 years ago

that is so cool for those families in need. I think every child should be able to get something for Christmas it's not their fault their families are broke or they are living on the streets. The children should never suffer.

Kris Hoffman 2 years ago

Such a blessing for so many! You really are amazing!

Margaret Johnson Brandon 2 years ago

unfortunately Toys for Tots doesn't reach us out here in the mountains the closest one is in Richmond 3 hours away

Tawney B 2 years ago

I am literally FALLING ON THE FLOOR right now! I cannot even express the JOY and ABSOLUTE THANKFULNESS I have in heart for everyone who is involved in this program!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH SCARY MOMMY, Toys R Us and Toys 4 Tots!!!! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT TO SAY!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jen Albert 2 years ago

That’s amazing! I was blessed enough to have received help from the Thanksgiving Project and I think it is amazing that you have been able to get some help for some families for Christmas!

Thank you so much for reaching out to moms who need help, sometimes it is very hard to ask for it. I know one day I will be able to return the favor.

Christina 2 years ago

Oh my goodness. This us so amazing. I am so happy for those chosen to receive such an amazing gift! I must admit that I am a wee bit jealous. :) I am one of those that struggle horrifically and can’t provide very well for my babes. I am SO happy to those chosen though! What a huge relief for you all!

Stephanie Karg 2 years ago

May the blessed families enjoy the extra help. 100 people get the opportunity that many of us don’t get. I know times are tough for a lot of people and to be able provide a good christmas for there families is wonderful. This by far is the hardest Christmas for us by far. With only 4 gifts per child, my children will learn what the meaning of the Holidays really are. I am not blessed to have a lot of my family around, but given the ones we do with friends, it will be special.
Jill, Thank you again for the Thanksgiving card. It helped with groceries after Thanksgiving, but was more help then you could ever imagine. I wish there were more wonder people and organizations in this world like you.

Best Wishes

wendy 2 years ago

I have no words, tears of joy…..a heart filled with gratitude…..MY best gift ever…………… thoughtful is unexpected kindness.

Liv 2 years ago

This is awesome I’m so glad so many families are being helped. If the families are anything like mine I can only imagine this means the world to them. I’m crying just imagining the Christmas all of those children will be enjoying. There really are Christmas miracles for some.

Zofia Williams 2 years ago

how awesome! so glad you could help those families. I'm sure it was difficult to choose out of the thousands you've helped with Thanksgiving!! Wishing a Merry Christmas to all!

Rachel Rader 2 years ago

sorry just depressed congrats to those who got it may you all have a blessed xmas with your children Just ignor my frustrated rant.

    Liv 2 years ago

    I understand how your feeling as my family is about to be homeless. I’ve had to explain to my children that we won’t have what they know as Christmas this year but we will be blessed as we will have each other. My kids tell me all they want for Christmas is a home and all I can say is I’m trying and keep praying. God works in mysterious ways and though we weren’t chosen as recipients either we try to remain positive. Keep your head up I’m sure things will get better and we will add your family to our prayers. We wish you the best.

      Erin 2 years ago

      Liv, your story touched my heart. I’ve been in the same boat. I had to leave my career and am unable to work due to my very sick special needs son. We were nearly homeless too and my car just got repossessed and my sister moved in and saved the day. Now there’s 14 people living on our house (she has 12 dogs, I have NO animals) and its hell, but we’re together. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve begged God to take me from this world. My heart sank when I realized we were NOT one of the families chosen, but I also know God must have something better in store for us. I keep prepping the combined 9 children that there won’t be a “Christmas” but they are convinced Santa will come thru. Sorry for my off topic comment, but I’ve got faith God had something else in store for us too

Amy 2 years ago

Unfortunately, I live in a county not covered. Guess we will be explaining to our daughter that Santa couldn’t fulfill her wish list again. I hate this. I am pleased others are getting help. Blessings to them.

heather 2 years ago

Jill you are amazing. Wish I had gotten one of those emails but I do want to thank you with my whole heart for the Thanksgiving help and all that you do.

Rachel Rader 2 years ago

Im glad those chosen get to have xmas but i cant help but feel depressed at the same time as all money i got for the month from social security is now in limbo i didnt get my new debit card which was in my husbands name and because of that i cant talk to them to get them to resend a new one cuz the account isnt in my name and cant change it as he passed away. well the account is now blocked so i cant even talk to them without putting in the card number which i dont have. and to get social security to transfer it to my new card( different company) will take 2 weeks to verify the accounts and another week to take the money from the old account and put it into the new account and u know the gov.i cant have them send me a new deposit already to the new deposit till they recoup the other money. no early transfers. im behind on rent 2 months now as well as car payments. and now i have to pay electric (which is also past due) by friday or it gets shut off. im out of options and feel useless just when something good comes along something bad always folllows in my life an ill never get ahead. IM done and if it wasnt for my girls then i wouldnt want to be hear anymore.

    Stephanie 2 years ago

    I feel your pain. It is heartbreaking to know that other people get the opportunity and you don’t. It makes me think why my family and our situation isn’t good enough. But I know that there are A LOT of families that are just as set back as we are. 100 people out of the thousands is a really hard choice for Jill to make. I don’t know what the other families stories were. We are a family of 4. I lost my mother unexpectedly last year and had to pay for a very expensive funeral. I have a -217.83 back balance. And am only able to find work for 15hrs a week. I know what it is like to be stressed and worry about how to make my 2 loves have the biggest smiles on their faces. . Am I sad and disappointed that I wasn’t one of the lucky ones, of course I am. But I am not going to give up hope. Maybe we were the lucky ones for the big prize. Please never lose hope.
    I wish you and your family get the opportunity to embrace one another and enjoy the love behind the holiday.

      Tori Gascoigne 2 years ago

      Keep your heads up girls!! I too was bummed that my kids weren’t chosen, but it’s ok. I have already accepted there will be no gifts under our tree this year. Yes it sucks, but it’s life. My 2 year old has lead poisoning from the house I owned, I had 2 weeks to move and in those 2 weeks I had major back surgery which has left me in a wheel chair most of the time. My husband fights for our country and when the govt shut down they lost funding for his job. So jobless he is. $198/wk unemployment is paying our rent only, nothing else. But I still manage to get up everyday and fight through each one. I keep getting knocked down and feel like I’m never going to get back up. It’s awful having to tell the kids there will be no presents this year. I feel like a failure as a parent!! My bills too are months behind, it took almost 9 weeks to get unemployment approved. We moved to a different county and I had to reapply for food stamps and I literally just got them 2 days ago and mind you I moved Oct 1st. My life sucks and I feel like giving up every day. So please know you’re not alone in this and try to smile :)

    Anna 2 years ago

    Rachel: I would like to help you. If I reach out to Jill, is it ok to get your address?

      Connie 2 years ago

      Anna, you are an amazing person for offering to help Rachel. I wish I was in a position to help also. I read her story and sooooo wished I could do something. Thank you sooooo much for helping her out.

Theresa Robison 2 years ago

You are an amazing person Jill I as a single mom try to provide and continue to get short but teach my kids everything is not about getting things it is about being there for the ones we love I don’t have alot again I am trying to give my girls a happy holiday without their dad so we will be together and try to have a good holiday thank you for all you do for the families needing it I help others everyday whether it shovel them out or lil food if I can I believe what you do for others will come back to you and that is what I teach my kids always help someone you never now what someone is going through and someone always is having it harder than you! Thanks again Jill for all you do you are an angel with a heart of gold!

Theresa Robison

Theresa Robison 2 years ago

You are an amazing person Jill I as a single mom try to provide and continue to get short but teach my kids everything is not about getting things it is about being there for the ones we love I don’t have alot again I am trying to give my girls a happy holiday without their dad so we will be together and try to have a good holiday thank you for all you do for the families needing it I help others everyday whether it shovel them out or lil food if I can I believe what you do for others will come back to you and that is what I teach my kids always help someone you never now what someone is going through and someone always is having it harder than you! Thanks again Jill for all you do you are an angel with a heart of gold!

Theresa Robison

Lawry 2 years ago

WOW just WOW….Who would’ve thought just a few determined Mommies (The Most Determined Being You!!) Could grow something sooo big!!! I am so proud to be a Scary Mommy!!
Congratulations to all the recipients!!
Way to go Ms Jill!!!

Laura S. Wotring 2 years ago

That's awesome for all the recipients! I can not imagine how hard it was to pick which families would be blessed this season!

Veronica 2 years ago

You are an amazing person to help so many people. I have not been this happy or excited in a long time!!! I have worried over Christmas everyday. My daughter does a count down, and instead of it being happy I was worried about not being able to get much if any. My family and I are so grateful. You are an Christmas angel to our family, and we are for ever grateful!!!!!

    Jen Albert 2 years ago

    The dreaded countdown, lol. I can relate, my kids do that too.

Joanne R. 2 years ago

I am literally sitting here in tears and goosebumps! My husband and I were just talking last night, wondering how we were going to swing bills and house payment this month, let alone Christmas for the kids. You were our miracle for Thanksgiving and you, along with Toys R Us, really came through for us for Christmas. I seriously don’t know how to thank you for all you have done to make this time of year a little easier and less stressful for us. You are a real angel!! All I can offer is a thank you!!!

Mychelle Powers 2 years ago

Jill, you have no idea what this means to me! I am still off work because of a very nasty surgery, and my daughter’s birthday was December 7th. There was no money for presents. I am a scary mommy at heart, because I have been up trying to paint dragons and Japanese symbols on the living room walls to turn it into a karate dojo (sort of) for her because I felt so bad about the birthday situation. Shes loves karate, and since our furniture got repossessed 3 weeks after my surgery, turning the living room into a dojo is no big loss. I will send you a picture of the room when I am done-don’t laugh-it is a true labor of love! I paint a bit and rest my stitches, paint a bit and rest my stitches…Thank you so much for everything! It is horrible to say, but I was actually dreading Christmas after managing to live through the sad birthday situation. My heart is full again thanks to you! I will keep in touch! Through the power of love you have lifted many burdens from my heart this Thanksgiving and Christmas. Wishing you the happiest of Christmases, Mychelle Powers

Robyn clark 2 years ago

Oh wow! You are amazing! You are going to make so many families happy this Christmas.

Lisa 2 years ago

Wow. Wow!!!!!! So happy to read this!

Kate 2 years ago

The Thanksgiving Project renewed my faith in humanity, and this renews my faith in corporations. Simply wonderful!!!!

Kat 2 years ago

Jill, you are an absolutely amazing lady! You have inspired so many people and helped so many as well. Congratulations on getting Toys R Us on board to make those families’ holidays special!

Lacey Heald 2 years ago

omg thank you so much! It was such a huge help at thanksgiving but this is just amazing. I can't even explain how much of a help it is. You are the best Jill, you really are!!!!!

Amy Smith 2 years ago

I just texted my husband in tears. You have no idea how much this means to me. I can barely type right now – you have changed our whole month. Thank you!

Kim Ahern 2 years ago

All I can hear at the moment is the swooshing of the blood in my head in time with my heartbeat. I'm thinking its shock…. I can't believe it…and I can never repay your kindness enough. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


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