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Pinterest: The photo sharing website that has people who’ve never tweeted or dug or stumbled ohhing and ahhing and drooling and pinning like it’s their job. Everything is just so pretty and perfect and amazing and inspiring, it’s easy to understand why. Well, yes, that’s true, but there’s a reason I no longer have an account there. Because it makes me feel like shit.

I know that I’m not the craftiest mother on the block, but after Pinterest, I feel like an utter creative failure. Clothespins with outfits drawn on? Pfft. People are building play kitchens! From old Ikea bookcases! With their own bare hands! My cooking may be tasty, but it’s certainly far from pin-worthy and my house looks downright filthy compared to the boards on the site.

Surely, I can’t be the only mother feeling less than adequate compared to that perfection. So, as a service to any of you who might be feeling similarly, I’d like to offer a few snapshots into my life. Guess which ones they are..

A loving breakfast.

Laundry, laundry, laundry.


A child’s bed.


Clothing organization.

.Arts & Crafts

Now, don’t you feel better about yourself?

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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Kelly 2 years ago

ahhhhhhhhhh thank you! I literally feel better now! Plus I laughed. Properly.

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Julie 3 years ago

heh heh heh- I don’t know who you are, but I LOVE you!!

Alex@LateEnough 3 years ago

I love this so much. I dreamt I joined Pinerest one night. It was so sad and scary.

Sara 3 years ago

If it makes you feel inadequate, why make a post obsessing about pinterest even more? Why not just delete your account? Leave it to those of us who enjoy it!

VboysMama 3 years ago

Whisper cackle laughing right now totally trying not to wake up my kids (who are going on night #5 sleeping in my room) …this post is so funny I want to wake the big guy sawing logs (and I’m talking big huge redwood sequoias with a gas powered chainsaw)…but you know what happens when you wake a hibernating bear. They wanna eat. And my messy kitchen is CLOSED for the night. So…I’ll continue reading Scary Mommy and whisper cackle laughing in the dark!

Denise 3 years ago

I’m so glad I’m not alone! I was feeling completely inadequate and wondering why I even go on here if I’m going to feel bad about myself when I saw your post. Thank you!

Bambi Casady 3 years ago

I love that your home is exactly like mine, all the way down to the basketball goal knocked over in the basement! I had to chuckle at that! That is my house to a T! I have all those pictures on Pinterest as well. With 2 teenagers (they aren’t bad), a 5 year old, 2 year old, and they daycare that I run….Oh, who am I kidding, my house would look this way no matter what! I say, I’d rather have a messy house and happy kids anyday!

cindy 3 years ago

I think it was just that you didn’t use the flash when you took your pictures…yeah, that’s it. No flash.

Jess Renee 3 years ago

I love this, stumbled onto this while googling something completely unrelated. Glad I’m not alone in not being able to keep up with my kids’ wake of destrution visited on my home every day. Thanks for the Pintrest heads-up, I was getting curious, as an adult living under a rock with young kids, trends are some of the last things I know about.

Janine 3 years ago

Thank you for this blog post. Now I know I’m not the only one!

Ellie 3 years ago

Awesome. I can’t stop laughing. You made my day.

Molly 3 years ago

I’m a little late to this party, but this post made me laugh like a madwoman! I am afraid of pinterest…between blogging, triberr, facebook, and twitter I already neglect my kids enough. If I added pinterest, someone would call social services for sure.

Becky @ Sowing Little Seeds 3 years ago


Tiffini S. 3 years ago

This is one funny fucking post. I am still laughing. Thanks!

Shey 3 years ago

OMG! I love it! I am so glad I am not the only one whose house is NOT neat and organized! Thank you for making me laugh and allowing me to realize that I AM NORMAL!

CuvieMama 3 years ago

Thank you so much for this! I seriously come home at the end of a day and go ohh my I cant invite people over here.. its horrendous Im embarressed to host! ( living in a townhouse till our home 4 hours away sells) But now that I see my house is NORMAL and my kids play room is I sure dont feel bad at all! THANKS!

Off Duty Mom 3 years ago

Love this. I love Pinterest, but my life will never look like my Pinterest boards. :)

ashley 3 years ago

Thank you! you made my day!

K.D. 3 years ago

Awesome. I love this post. I love your photos. I am so with you. Do kids want aesthetic perfection? No. They want love and participation and happiness and laughter. Awesome post.

GrimFuture 3 years ago

This is great and too true! (I pinned it) 😀

Heidi Bryan 3 years ago

Thank you God…I have an account, and I never use it for fear of feeling even more inadequate as a mother and homemaker

Dr. Momsie 3 years ago

Love it! Shouldn’t laugh so hard at work :) It’s got me thinkin . . . I may have some new pics to pin from my own collection!

Anele 3 years ago

I love you!! You make my day nuff said! 😀

Mindy 3 years ago

I heart you. That is all.
– From a fellow Pinterest hater

Kelli 3 years ago

I try stuff on Pinterest. if it works out yay. If not I don’t care.
It might be eatable anyway!
Life is too short to compare yourself to those on the internet.

Lolo 3 years ago

Well geez. Pinterest motivates me. I see it, I pin it, I do it. Ive found so many fun things to do with kids and recipes to use and even DIY laundry soap that has literally changed my world (no more eczema on me or my kids). So I’m a full blown pinterest fan. Lol

Also…funny today is the first time I’ve felt motivated to comment on one of your posts..I just reblogged someone’s excerpt of your Motherhood Manifesto.. (with a link back to the publisher, of course)

Dee 3 years ago

I have to pin this. Have. To.:)

Candy 3 years ago

I am totally pinning this post in my Must Reads. This is hysterical. I don’t even have kids at home any more and my house looks more like yours than anything on Pinterest.

Paige 4 years ago

This is an awesome post, so refreshing, made me laugh out loud! I’m new to your site, but I will be back! Thanks for sharing!

Claire G 4 years ago

Hah! I love the clothes organization most of all, because having clothes actually IN drawers, instead of in a pile of clean laundry bigger than my children is a huge accomplishment here. I dont care if they’re folded, or even in the right child’s dresser, just get them off my floor & into a drawer!!!

Sara 4 years ago

Well put!
Im glad im not the only one who felt this way!

Nicole 4 years ago

Listen to me… those pictures are NOT normal! My house looks exactly like yours. Don’t feel bad!

Jessica Hollis-Brown 4 years ago

Holy shit, Pinterest is an awesome escape and inspiration, but apart from the recipes, the crafty stuff is just wishful thinking and mental masturbation. I love it, but that arts and crafts station is frightening!!! Who DOES this shit? Anyone? Or is it all a conspiracy to keep us Slacker Moms guilt tripping? LOL

vikki 4 years ago

Thanks for a great post. My children are all grown and gone now, but as I go through Pinterest and all the great blogs out there I feel like I really was a bit of a failure. At least I think we all have our failings and even if our homes don’t look like the wonderful ones on Pinterest, we still love our children. Now I am into spoiling grandchildren and that is a bit easier.

Katie 4 years ago

I feel like I should pin YOUR pictures on a board called “Reality”.

Katie @ Wildwood Creek 4 years ago

Too funny!

April 4 years ago

I love this! Martha Stewart used to make me feel like a failure…now Pinterest makes me feel like a COSMIC LOSER! I look at all the pictures and think “If only I had the maid, the butler, the cook, and the nanny I was supposed to have, my house could look like this too. Of course after I won the lottery”!
Thanks for letting me know that I’m not the only one that feels like a bowl of cereal and milk is a nutritious breakfast! :)

Nicole 4 years ago

Thank you. Just thank you.

Helen 4 years ago

I feel your pain…I’ve got company coming NEXT month, and I started cleaning last month!! Haven’t gotten very far, though…

SL Schildan 4 years ago

Nope, I don’t feel better. You have no idea. Don’t drop in for coffee or a glass of wine without at least a 2 or 3 day warning. Weeks would be better. Seriously.

Katie 4 years ago

Love this! I always say our house is a home not a museum. :)

heather r morgan 4 years ago

You better get back on Pinterest and pin those up at once, I would follow you in a heartbeat! I use Pinterest to keep stuff I want to find on the Internet that I don’t want to download, some of it *your* graphics from Scary Mommy btw…

Alethea Ballard 4 years ago

PS – I went to my Pintrest site all of once. Thought about recommending it to my friend but didn’t want to torture her. It’s like Martha Stewart – makes you feel like a colossal underachiever.

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) 4 years ago

Beyond awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! And my life is like YOURS! :)

Kymberly 4 years ago

Love it.

Wait … in Pinspeak I believe I should say

“Yes Please!”

Lis 4 years ago




Me AND my husband are dying here.

MJ 4 years ago

Now i dont feel so bad about not being “perfect”. I can totally relate to your photos. Thanks for sharing!!

Deena Pasley 4 years ago

Your photos could have been taken at my house. Glad to know I’m not the only one who has a house with that “lived in” feel!

Dana 4 years ago

I’m crafty, but I’m totally not organized. It’s terrible. I could be about ten times more creative if I could just find my danged supplies. :(

Susan (5 Minutes for Mom) 4 years ago

Oh my gosh… seriously laughing out loud.

I can totally relate to the reality photos.

But I still am in love w Pinterest. I love looking at the photos and imagining (or lying to myself) that I’ll do it all one day.

Cindy 4 years ago

Thank you thank you muah muah! I cannot do Pinterest for the same reason. I always say, an empty TP roll goes in the trash can.

Cassie 4 years ago

I think all social media is here to ruin us! Don’t get me wrong, I love it! But other than blogs that you can choose what to read/not read, it’s all there to make you feel like crap.

Emily R. 4 years ago

I feel the same way about Facebook. It bums me out looking at pictures of people I know having fabulous lives.Pictures of their amazing vacation in France. Pictures of their perfectly well coordinated families. My life is pretty mundane.

Maria 4 years ago

I can’t even get an invitation to pinterest, so yeah- you’re doing better than I am!

Michelle @ one crafty mama 4 years ago

Knowing that the vast majority of people live in the real world makes looking at the drool worthy pictures on pinterest tolerable.

Thanks for the smile.

UnSuperMom 4 years ago

I am the 2nd photo every time… Reality is so beautiful! Thank you for sharing :)

Jodie 4 years ago

LOVE. OMG, so true. While I love Pinterest, these pics closely mirror my house!!!

Nuts about food 4 years ago

Hey, not fair! You keep all your crayons in a box! ;o)

Jen L. 4 years ago

Great post (I really did LOL and I confess that I’ve pinned 2 of the pictures in recent weeks.) Now I’m going to Pin this 😉

Beth 4 years ago

That was very funny and yes, it made me feel better! But I still love Pinterest! Just pinning it makes me feel that some day I could make it happpen. And sometimes pinning is enough! Then I can let it go.

Annette 4 years ago

AMEN sister!

Stephanie Devine 4 years ago

The second pics look like my house for sure! : )
The first pics are very cool, but let’s get realistic…. LOL

Tiffany Barry 4 years ago

Pinterest and I are definitely love-hate. I love seeing all the ideas, and I do use some to help make my life easier… but mostly, I just laugh and wonder how much time they spent setting up that perfect shot just for Pinterest while I snuggled with my 4 year old or cooked dinner with my husband beside me and our daughter seated on the counter.

What does that little quote say? Good moms have dirty kitchens and happy children.

mydirtca 4 years ago

You just Pinned the nail on the head. My house looks more like yours most days but I do love to live in my Pinterest house in my head. It’s a lovely, perfectly organized, beautifully decorated house with toys but no signs of playing children. Mostly because they’re sitting on a couch in white gloves reading Anne Of Green Gables to one another. Ahhhhh, see, Pinterest CAN be a good thing.
Thanks for your hilarious post!

Paula 4 years ago

You wrote an interesting article but the more I think about it the more I disagree with it. Pinterest is a great tool but it’s how it’s used that will either make you feel inadequate as you say or make you feel you can achieve something.

Personally I only use Pinterest to pin things I like and which will be of use to me one way or another. I pin a lot of crafts tutorials but I only Pin those I think I can actually make or teach me something I didn’t know.

I see a lot of beautiful pictures on Pinterest and by following the links I discovered they belonged to people who are either interior decorators hence the dream houses, all nice and tidy, professional photographers hence the amazing pictures or people whose business very much depends on the quality of the images they produce. Then I started looking at the the boards people have created and I see Style boards showing skinny celebrities in glamorous outfits, idyllic places people say they’d like to go to or live forgetting that would only be possible if they had millions in the bank and the list goes on and on. If you surround yourself with images of things you know you can’t have or achieve I’m not surpised you end up feeling inaquate. It’s good to have dreams but a certain dose of realism is needed too.

abnormalmommy 4 years ago

Thank you for this insight into the down-falls of being a member on this crafty page. I just “requested” to be a part of their Stepford wives-ish website and your comments are making me re-think it. But it may be important for us “normal” people to stick with it to represent real life. Hmmm….

Sara 4 years ago

Giant sigh of relief! Thank you woman!

Anne-Marie @ This Mama Cooks! 4 years ago

You’ve hit the pin on the head. (Ha. Sorry.) Seriously, those gorgeous pictures are from Martha Stewart and her like minded minions and are a total fantasy, which is the appeal behind Pinterest. You’ve probably noticed that women pin pix of Johnny Depp, Matthew McConaughey, and Clooney, not their husbands. Fantasy!

Kelly M 4 years ago

I like pinterest for the same reason…a girl can dream!

Jenn 4 years ago

Ha! Thank you for this! Feeling better about my laundry…

Cindi @ Moomettes Magnificents 4 years ago

You are so real! Thank you! Actually Pinterest has inspired me to become more organized and made me realize I’ve become a slacker because blogging took over my life. I’ve gotten some cute craft ideas for the grandchildren, new recipes, much needed decorating tips. It’s been a good kick in the pants. But I can dream, and laugh at the silly sayings & be reminded by words of wisdom.

Pamela D Hart 4 years ago

I used to keep cut out pictures from magazines of things I liked in a photo album, now with Pinterest I can keep them all organized on my computer. One LESS thing sitting around cluttering my house!

Stacey 4 years ago

Oh you make me giggle. My house looks like your house. I like pinterest because I like to dream that my house could look like that. I know deep down it’s not true. And actually, it’s the food that keeps me coming back.

Corrin 4 years ago

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. It makes me feel worthless about as often as it makes me feel far superior to some of the shit people pin.

Kristin 4 years ago

I could not agree more!!! I deleted my account this afternoon. I kept getting emails that people were following me… i felt inadequate AND stalked!!!

Kris 4 years ago

thank you, thank you, thank you! I bow to your post. I’ve always much enjoyed coming here with a glass o’wine (or Brandy) then wallowing in the shadow of the perfect pinterest life.

Katy 4 years ago

I am so buried in my chaos filled life, that I cannot fathom how anyone has the energy, time, or creativity to do any of those crazy/perfect pictures above! Yes, I do feel better about myself and my REAL home! Thanks!

Sharon {Grumpy, Sleepy, and Bashful} 4 years ago

Thank you! Enough said. :)

Nicole 4 years ago

I have those same blue-handled scissors!

Shop with Me Mama (Kim) 4 years ago

LMAO. Love this post, now I feel normal again!

Foster Johansen 4 years ago

I’m getting more & more addicted to Pinterest. I’m going to get some of this products in my house real soon.

Thanks for sharing those lovely pictures.


Jack@TheJackB 4 years ago

I keep getting messages from “friends” who are trying to get me into this nonsense but Pinterest seems to be a place that I can’t get into without cutting off my “pal” and taking shots of estrogen.

More importantly I have a rule that says I cannot be on more than 4 “social media platforms.” Who has the time.

Colleen – @amadisonmom 4 years ago

Can we create an anti-pinterest, or something, where we all post realistic pictures of our lives? Because my life looks MUCH more like yours than the ones shared on pinterest.

Talkative Taurus 4 years ago

I’ve been wondering lately what that Pinterest is everyone is talking about. Now I know I prefer your world. It’s more comfortable and more me! Thanks for warning me ahead of time.

Beth Halverson 4 years ago

Thank you for making me laugh so much! My house is definitely like yours, and I always try to Martha-Stewartize my house and endeavors with colossal failures (Reference: Birthday Cake 2008, looked like a pile of diarrhea!). I think I would rather put pictures of magazines up in my house than try to attempt to recreate!!

Best of luck to you, and may you get closer to embracing reality as I am trying to,


Kate@zMOMbie 4 years ago

Hehe, I was CRA-CKING UP reading this last night and made my husband look at it. Too funny and so true!

Doreen (another) 4 years ago

Uber easy recipe, set up the night before and completely baked and cooling by 7:00 a.m. before leaving for work! Flavor: FANTASTIC!!!!

Wendy 4 years ago

OMG! THANK YOU! I feee so much better now! I am right there with you!

Nina 4 years ago

Oh Jill, so so so true. I totally feel terrible–especially about my house–after I spend some time on Pinterest. I do think many of the pictures are magazine type shots you see in Better Homes and Garden, etc. It doesn’t seem like they can be real. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Another issue: I think I’ve gained five pounds since joining Pinterest last week. I find myself snacking the entire time I’m on there. The food pictures are amazing.

Marsha 4 years ago

Funny stuff! I’m a 66-year-old grandmother and those pictures remind me very much of what my “house” and “life” looked like 40 some years ago. Great post!

The Mama 4 years ago

Your post made me laugh so hard I cried. Thank you for helping me avoid Pinterest and the inevitable counseling it would require.

Doreen 4 years ago

Well, “Doreen (Another)” – i’m seriously considering ‘pinning’ that pic of your baked bread!!! O.M.G.! Total #nomnom! :)

Julia’s Child / Sarah P. 4 years ago

Bless you.
But also… who has the time? I see a daily avalanche of web imagery these days, much of it beautiful. But bookmarking it on Pinterest is pointless. I know better than to think I’ll have time to come back to anything I see out there. Better to let it roll past me like a fancy car I’ll never glimpse again: ooh! aaah! bye bye!

Natalie 4 years ago

LOL, you make me laugh. But then again, so does pinterest. It’s not all bad, doesn’t hurt to dream, hey. Seriously, I don’t buy magazines (can’t really justify the cost) but pinterest, in my opinion, is pretty much the same. It has the same negatives and positives associated with glossy mags, but its free.. and you gotta love that. Oh, and remember “Comparison is the thief of happiness”… (I got that from pinterest, LOL)

The World In A Pot 4 years ago

Haha, my house is a slightly messier version of yours and very far from being pinterest worthy. But I did join the website just this morning, it’s fun to dream 😛

Heather 4 years ago

Loved it! Thanks for the laugh. Mine tends to look more like your versions, too. Especially the playroom! Can you imagine sorting all those toys EVERY DAY?! Crazy bananas.

Karen 4 years ago

Cool you put photos of my house up – they arent the ones on pin interest. Clothing organisation – at least your clothing is in a drawer. Both of my DD’s have floordrobes

Rebecca K 4 years ago

LOVE your post!!! I love Pinterest, but nothing in my house looks “pinteresting.” Good for you to know what works and what doesn’t work for you!!!

Heather 4 years ago

ROFLMA!! Hilarious. And true … though I still love Pinterest. I’m just not that hard on myself because, honestly, my life looks much more like yours than all that beauty on Pinterest. Sooooo funny! Thanks for the laugh.

Brittany 4 years ago

Oh Jill I love you so much but you just knew when I read this I would totally know I trumped the Ikea kitchen hack because I built that pottery barn one from scratch with my bare hands and yep – that baby gets pinned!

I adore Pinterest for the ideas and the inspiration even when my house falls short. Also I am building a travel bucket list to knock my husbands socks off and throw our children’s college funds to the wind. Fun times!

You had me laughing the whole way here. Thanks!

Julie P 4 years ago

You’re totally and completely awesome.

sweetcoalminer 4 years ago

Oh my hell. I don’t have pinterest, but I feel you. In fact, I feel like you took those pictures *inside my house*. Thank you!

kisha 4 years ago

I love the reality pictures. I can identify with them way more than the Pintrest pics. Inspiring as it is, its a little like a fashion magazine. You know that they’re all sucking in their collective guts, and then going thru the photoshop of the century!

Motherhood on the Rocks 4 years ago

Amen, sister!

ktquilts 4 years ago

Laughing so hard. I love pinterest, but more as an organizational tool. Having a super old computer, I don’t want to stress it with all my bookmarks. I could see how it could make me feel inadequate, but then I just don’t get on.

By the way, your house looks so much like mine that I am a little worried that you snuck in and took pictures when I wasn’t looking! ;0)

Regina 4 years ago

Oh I love you! You and reality are the same in my life too. Pinterest is a fairyland where I go to dream.

Vanessa Jubis 4 years ago

This was great. So true too.


Helene 4 years ago

I’m totally addicted to Pinterest but yeah it does leave me feeling less than adequate.

I feel completely comforted looking at your pics. Makes me feel normal.

Odd Dad 4 years ago

My wife is addicted to Pinterest. Our house looks like yours, but she does whip up the occasional cute cupcake from an idea she found on Pinterest. I’m the guy who’s responsible for the household duties and believe me, I’ll never have any output worthy of Pinterest.

Tiffany 4 years ago

I think I love you.

Kathryne 4 years ago

Your post was amusing to say the least! I do think some of things on pinterest are a little over the top – but the pictures make me smile and dream and give me inspiration to do things I have seen there. I have made some of the recipes and created some of things and found some great organizing ideas . I never feel inadequate though because I am who I am and pictures cannot change that.

Allison 4 years ago

Love it! Especially the bedroom stuff.

shicks 4 years ago

this is hilarious. but my wife does make things look amazing and pinterest-worthy in our house and she never has mommy dearest moments. don’t judge her for bein’ wonderful. :)

Genienne 4 years ago

Thank you. That’s all I have to say.

Theresa 4 years ago

I love your posts. I am still giggling over this one. My house looks more like yours as well. Real moms unite!

Allison 4 years ago

I think I fall inbetween.

And for the record – you can use canned frosting to make the designs pictured. I do all the time!

Snugglebugmom 4 years ago

Hilarious! And yes, I DO feel better about myself now. Thank you so much for the laugh, it was sorely needed today!

Lynn from For Love or Funny 4 years ago

Okay…my closets used to look like that before kids!

Kerstin 4 years ago

Thank you for this, I just had a good laugh!

Kitty Mingus 4 years ago

Ha! Love it. I have tried to like Pinterest but I just don’t get it!

Amelia 4 years ago

I stopped reading Pottery Barn magazine 10 years ago because it only depressed me. Family Fun Magazine was another failure at our house–who wants to get mailed reminders of all the fun you’re not having? By the time Pinterest came along, I already knew I didn’t want to join. I love your pictures! Thanks for the laugh!

Twinisms 4 years ago

This is why you’re my hero.

mom taxi julie 4 years ago

Hilarious! That’s the reality of it. I think I like Pinterest so much because it lets me dream of what it “could” be like but probably won’t ever be haha.

Gayletrini 4 years ago

Oh I love Pinterest! perfect way to delude myself 😀
You are super hilarious though.

hannah singer 4 years ago

thank you. i love you. this is solid gold.

Amanda 4 years ago

This is hilarious & I definately PINNED IT! LOL

Kate Buckley 4 years ago

Thank you for this post!!! I just started using Pinterest and am feeling the exact same way!

Liz 4 years ago

I do love me some Pinterest, but you’re right. I pin a bunch of crap I know I’ll never attempt to replicate. The pretty pictures make me happy though. They look nice, hung about in my fantasy world. :)

Thanks for keeping it real, Jill. As always. 😉

Doreen (another) 4 years ago

Love your comment! I would pin it but I don’t have an account and will not be getting one!

Jen @ After The Alter 4 years ago

This post really made me laugh and cry at the same time lol…I never thought of pinterest as making me feel bad but now that you put it that way I do! hahahaha

barbara 4 years ago

oh my g*d, I love you. I adore you. You are my Angel !

Thanks for this ! I am so happy to have read it

Sabrina 4 years ago

You crack me up!!! Love this.

anneyazar 4 years ago

Yes, yes, yes :)))

Kristi 4 years ago

LOL…..had me chuckling. Most of YOUR photos look like my house as well!!! *smile* Thanks for the read!

Doreen 4 years ago

…to answer your question: yes.

Want. To. Pin. This. To. Pinterest. Srsly.

Terri 4 years ago

Thank you….that needed to be said! lol I feel the same way…I would much rather live a real life. And, I have time to live a real life since I’m not busy “pinning” everything in sight!

Bev Kimmel 4 years ago

That was a lot of fun, but I still love pinterest. It really helps me keep ideas that I can use later.

shannon 4 years ago

pinterest is the equivalent to photoshoping anorexic models….

Amanda 4 years ago

I love this! I’m currently planning my wedding, and I found a pin the other day that said “I hope my real wedding is half as nice as my pinterest wedding.” So, so true.

Megan 4 years ago

I kind of love you in a non-creepy-thank-goodness-I’m-not-the-only-one-who-feels-this-way kind of way.

Lisa in Texas 4 years ago

I love it! I do like Pintrest…but will never be able to post anything there…I live in reality :)

Michelle R 4 years ago

These people seriously need to get a life. I’m willing to bet our kids are having WAY better childhoods not worrying about us having ” Mommy Dearest” moments because the crayons accidentally got placed in the marker basket!

GlitterQueen 4 years ago

I can dream can’t I?

Diane@InMyOwnStyle 4 years ago

Hi Jill –

You about summed it up for all of us. Very funny post.

Shannonannon 4 years ago

Seriously when did you move into my house? I continue to Pin only because it has become a great shopping list for my husband when he is atoning for something or it’s my birthday.

Meredith 4 years ago

I wonder if that playroom is ever visited by any actual, living, breathing children. Or, as I like to call them ‘tiny destruction machines.’

Nell 4 years ago

Love this!!! Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!!! You made my day!

Nessa 4 years ago

Your laundry room is still neater than mine!

Megan (Best of Fates) 4 years ago

I’m now struck (metaphorically, that is, in case I wasn’t clear) with the notion that we (as in English-speaking people, that is, not specifically you and me) should start using “pin this” as an everyday exclamation. I just can’t decide what inflection to use. I might have to go about my day trying different variations and then report back.

Stacie 4 years ago

I don’t have kids (yet) but my Better Homes and Gardens subscription makes me feel so inadequate that I’ve decided to let it lapse.

Katie 4 years ago

You got one one me… Our crayons are shoved into empty Teddy Grahams Go-Paks containers. At least I’m recycling right?

Marie 4 years ago

I thoroughly enjoy Pinterest not only to organize things I find online and want to reference later, but to check out what other people have found saving me the trouble to scan through piles of magazines for one specific idea. Its efficient and organized so that I don’t have to be.

Kir 4 years ago

Oh that I love REALITY don’t you?????

thank you for making me feel SO MUCH better about myself and my Pin Boards. 😉

jodifur 4 years ago

I love pinterest for the clothes and the shoes. I ignore the crafty stuff.

Kristen 4 years ago

Hell yeah! I use it as a replacement of bookmarks, but if I did anymore repinning for anything else I would go insane. Looks like my house! :)

Elaine 4 years ago

I want to copy this. Like I SO do. Can we make it a “meme” please? I can just about imagine how many of us would link up!!!!!!!

Julie Bouf 4 years ago

No, I feel like double big shit now…cause I can’t believe that’s all the laundry you have. I have 10 bins full in my laundry room. And btw, even though that laundry organziation may look pretty and great in theory (had me drooling), I for one realize that my baskets would be so heavy they would never slide in and out properly.

Joanna 4 years ago

LOVE! You ‘pinned’ the nail on the head.

Jennifer Rustgi 4 years ago

Pinterest is like the evil spawn of Martha Stewart and Dwell (or any other “home perfect” magazine!

Headacheslayer 4 years ago

LOL I was slow to get on the Pinterest bandwagon, but I pin stuff that makes me feel good 😉

For instance–the art organization–that is my dream for my craft room, and it might give me some neat ideas on how to store something. I wouldn’t do something like that for my kids, but for my business, yeah!

I might see something that makes me think, yeah I want to make that–but for me it’s all for fun, color, ideas, inspiration. Kindof like a pinup bucket list.

Sometimes I forward the recipes to my husband or daughter since they are the ones who cook/bake. Or my son likes to look at the chameleon pix I just pinned.

Sorry it was making you feel “less than” cuz you know you rock the world in my book (and hey I pinned your book!!)

wineonmymind 4 years ago

That’s hysterical and so very true. Kind of like FB profile pictures!! Everyone only posts the gorgeous, ( photo shopped ) ones!!
Still love PINTEREST though. Great piece. Will share the link!

bea. 4 years ago


Sarah 4 years ago

Too funny but very true! Love it. Your house looks better than mine but Pinterest does motivate me a bit. Like once a year!

Suz 4 years ago

Thanks for the reminder that I am making the right choice when picking time with my kids over a neat freak house.

Anna 4 years ago

love this even if i do love pinterest.

Helen 4 years ago

I did, only by accident though…it was mentioned on another FB post and someone responded with her pinterest site, so I clicked on it. 10 seconds later I knew it wasn’t going to be one of my “happy places!” :-)

Sarahviz 4 years ago

Can you believe that I have NEVER ONCE even clicked on the site?! I know myself. And I would, much like you, feel like I’m inferior. Which I’m not! Nor are you! We are, what you would call, uh….NORMAL.

Donna Adams 4 years ago

Love this post!!! Just a reminder that balance is the key to a happy life :) Thanks for a good laugh this morning!

Amy Y. 4 years ago

I laughed so hard I cried! I think even some of your pictures looks better than what happens at my house. Love it!

Kristen 4 years ago

Is it wrong that I’m so obsessed I went and repinned your beautiful aspirationish pictures? It’s like looking at a super model and knowing you Ahhhh..freakin’ pinterest.

Helen 4 years ago

should have put my reply here instead of a separate post, but you are so right Karma!

Jennifer 4 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!!! I am pmp after looking at these…SO TRUE!!!!! your pics look good to what mine would be…

Helen 4 years ago

@Karma: I was thinking the same thing! Geez, I AM crafty, I sew, knit, needlepoint, quilt and cook. But I’m not insane about it! This site just made me feel, I don’t know, crappy? and to hear someone who calls themself “loser” respond in such an inflammatory way made me want to crawl through the computer and slap her silly.
The hell its NOT expensive, Loser! I did a decopauged a table and chair set for my daughter. It more than doubled the price of the table and chairs (which weren’t cheap even on sale).
Loser, I sincerely hope you were being sarcastic, because if you weren’t this is SO NOT the site for you!
Karma, thanks for pointing out how inflammatory her comments are, I love this site BECAUSE we can be honest, tongue-in-cheek, and sarcastic (and the reverse) about stuff like this…I saw no one posting nasty remarks about those who say they like “pinning!”

Sheryl 4 years ago

LOL! I’m glad to see we have similar decorating tastes. And my Arts and Crafts center looks just like yours. We even use the same stinking box.

I have dreams of a neatly organized A&C center but I know my children and I’d probably turn into a crazy person chasing them around the house screaming “NO! The RED markers go in the RED MARKER BOX!!!!!”

And damn, therapy is expensive.

KT 4 years ago

Thank you for posting this! It completely made me crack up. I like to think of myself as a fairly crafty person, but I’ve decided Pinterest is not the REAL world of crafting. For instance, when crafting with a 7 yr old and a 3 yr old…not going to come out looking like that.

Karma 4 years ago

Or use grammar correctly…

Lighten up ‘Loser’; it’s a funny post. It’s not about being lazy but rather acknowledging that we all have our Martha Stewart moments and our Roseanne Barr moments. Support each other mommas, not tear each other down.

Also, since you put down that you are a troll, kudos to you for starting an inflammatory conversation. Peace.

sara 4 years ago

Love it!! Be you, be real . Looks like this web site is a sample of what my sister and I like to call “the perfectica syndrome” Guess what……doesn’t really work like that in real life

auntie em 4 years ago

Those pics must be OCD Martha wanna-be’s that will have knife wielding serial killers for kids who will be on a reality TV show about ‘My Mom was to blame for my life of crime’. Go enjoy your happy kids and your blessed home and forget those pinners! :)

Jocelyn | ScooterMarie 4 years ago

When did you sneak into my house to take those pictures?? 😉 I agree – I am the LEAST crafty person you will ever meet, nor can I cook, so Pinterest definitely laughs in my face. My poor daughter – how will she ever survive on the cereal I pour and the meager pile of books we provide? Surely she’s missing out since we don’t have a color-coded art studio in her extended playroom. Oh wait, she doesn’t have an extended playroom either. Damn.

Tragic Sandwich 4 years ago

I like Pinterest, but mostly for pinning things I already like. The only truly aspirational board I have is about travel. So many places I’d like to go. So little interest in creating House Beautiful.

Shirley 4 years ago

This was the best post EVER, I was laughing all the way to bed last night. I even had to share the post with my husband. I just recently found pinterest I must admit I like it but I am not there all day long pinning things. I have gotten good ideas from there but honestly my things will never look as good as they make their pictures look. Plus I do not know to use photoshop to make them look that nice either. But some of the things that I pin are more of a wish list than anything else. My dream home board is just that a dream

mel 4 years ago

I guess some folks don’t get the purpose of (P)interest. all of us have different talents and INTERESTS and what u see are those images of what folks love! sorry if u feel inadequate. but post those things u love and interest u and you may find more posts u like by opening the door for others to do same!

Meghan 4 years ago

Love this! And, oh so true…in our home. Would love to be perfectly organized but, at the end of the day, the kids and I LIVE in our home, not just organize it! 😉 Thanks for reality!

Just Jennifer 4 years ago

Pinterest is cool, but I’m not pinning that perfect stuff. Perfect can kiss my ass.

Lolli @ Better in Bulk 4 years ago

Oh, I love you, Jill. My reality looks very much like yours. Multiplied by a few kids, that is. :) However, Pinterest has gotten me cooking again. And for that, my husband is singing its praises.

Pamela 4 years ago

OH GOD I was just thinking the same thing. I went there. ONCE. Never returned. Bite me Pinterest.

Jennifer 4 years ago

My house looks like all of your photos.

But I do love Pinterest. I don’t let other people’s make believe perfection bother me.

Kat 4 years ago

Looks like my house….except my kid’s bed is currently a pile of blankets and pillows on the floor beside my bed. Because that’s where she wants to sleep for some reason.
I do like Pinterest for recipes though. But I’ve noticed most of my recipes are million-calorie-easy-to-make-shit-from-boxes.

GlamB0t 4 years ago

Oh my gosh. I adore this post and I’m pretty crafty too!

So happy to know there are people out there that also feel like an epic fail after looking at Pinterest.

LeaAnn Schulz 4 years ago

Awesome! I love it!

Kristen 4 years ago

Love it! Thanks for writing this…it put a smile on my face and made me remember that my kiddo is going to remember all the fun times we had together more than how perfect our house was.

katie 4 years ago

this is hilarious. thanks for making me laugh out loud and for reminding all of us to be okay with our own realities instead of trying to compare ourselves to the perfect pictures.

Denise 4 years ago

And this is exactly why I love and adore you! I tried Pintrest, and immediately quit. Too much “keeping up w/ the proverbial Joneses,” and even more humiliating than the “perfect” photo scenes from Facebook. xo

Robin-Lynn 4 years ago

It’s like we live in the same house! I’m right there with you. It’s like those interior decorating magazines that put white sofas in the Family Room – REALLY?

Frances 4 years ago

So glad there is another such as I.

Loser 4 years ago

good for you but guess spelling sure does hinder your ability to do simple task….

Rosa 4 years ago

I’m not too lazy to spell. Just sayin’.

(Notice my mad use of homonyms in that first sentence.)

Brandy @ Insane Mamacita 4 years ago

Love this! It’s exactly how I feel when I look at Pinterest. Which is why I haven’t signed up.

And your photos, would be my photos.

Loser 4 years ago

i totally agree with loser sorry your lazy most of these things can take some time but with a little planning they can be done in a day you people are lazy! and i have kids and a job this is not un-attainable! guess you people sit on ur ass every free moment you get bc you think you deserve it or your “too” tired well im tired too but i know i can rest when im dead! or when i retire and befor you judge i am NOT rich and my husband doesnt make a ton of money!

Stephanie 4 years ago

phew! So my house looks normal then. Our toy room has shelves in a closet for toys, but every toy, lego, and barbie shoe is on the floor.

Loser 4 years ago

You know…most of this is not that difficult or expensive. you are just lazy and pathetic because you do not try. stop complaining just because you can’t put a few peices of wood together. TROLL

Dorothy 4 years ago

You just reinforce my admiration for you with each blog/post. Who actually has time to do that shit?

Penny 4 years ago

I love Pinterest, but I keep it to things that are attainable. There are plenty of other places to go to feel inadequate, both on and offline. It’s also really useful to keep recipes in one place.

Tonya 4 years ago

yup. that is all.

Brigett C. 4 years ago

That’s what I like to see!!! REAL SHIT!! HA HA!! LOVE IT!! I wanna see toys scattered, beds unmade, NORMAL childrens bedrooms and laundry piled to the damned sky, because that is REAL LIFE!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for doing this!! I no longer feel like a failure. :)

Rebeccah 4 years ago

Pinterest doesn’t really appeal to me either. Some of it is cool, like the travel photos, artwork etc., but I am not interested in a lot of it for the same kind of reasons. I’m not organized, not terribly creative and have zero time for much of anything. So yeah, PIN. THIS. is right.

Sweety Darlin 4 years ago

I purposefully put the messiest child in the bedroom farthest from the rest of the house around the corner at the end of the hall for that exact reason. Her room is a disaster area, it has been declared so by the governor!

Of course in the midst of a sewing project my office isn’t much better. I have to admit though I love Pinterest for finding inspiring ideas and keeping boards for reminding me of things I forget. I do that a lot, if it isn’t written down it isn’t remembered.

bcIMthemommy 4 years ago

Mine too!

Ryan (The Woven Moments) 4 years ago

I feel the same way about Pinterest as I do about beauty magazines; after reading Vogue or Cosmo, I feel ugly and fat.

After being on Pinterest for an hour, I feel disorganized and uncreative.

But I still love both. Shrug.

Kelley 4 years ago

Yeah if good old Martha wasn’t enough to make you feel inadequate as a homemaker, wife and mother organizationally and craft wise – now we have a medium where anyone can.

Rosa 4 years ago

Damn. Your kid’s bed has a sheet?

Lauren Demine 4 years ago

I think your photos look like my house! It’s called reality! You shouldn’t feel bad about yourself, no one can live up to those magazine quality standards….well, no one that doesn’t have a maid, nanny, butler, stylist, decorator, etc. etc. etc.

mommytanya 4 years ago

I’m going to pin this post when I get home. ROFLMAO

baltimoregal 4 years ago

Agreed with your point, but I would never pin any of those things. I pin lots of nail polish, paint colors, smart-ass sayings, pit bulls, and things that crack me up. I’m probably the opposite of most pinners. I get irritated by exercise posts, “thinspiration” posts, and jesus-y posts and avoid them at all costs.

Neena 4 years ago

OMG – so true! My house and yours both.
That tower of EMPTY laundry baskets? Can’t find a one around here. They are full all the time!

Lindsay 4 years ago

Apparently there are no actual children living in the pinterest pictures…

Megan 4 years ago

I think the only thing I’ve ever done with my Pinterest page that was somewhat useful is I used it to collect pictures that helped me with the novel I was writing for NaNoWriMo. To collect pictures of places, people I thought my characters looked like and stuff was just to help me keep a visual of what I was writing. Everything else is just fluff & I tried yesterday to pin stuff, boring. Then it was updating on my facebook and I had to delete that because no one wants to be spammed with Pins.

Marie 4 years ago

Bless you for reminding me that I’m human. Your home looks exactly like mine. I love this post!

Shell 4 years ago

Oh, THANK YOU. Your pics are so much more realistic. I’ve started getting into pinterest lately, though my boards are things like “recipes to try” with simple recipes- just so I can have them all in one place. Though I do want a “presents for me” board just in case someone wants to send a gift. LOL

All the style boards make me laugh- pinning outfits that I could never afford- no, I don’t see the point in that!

Jennifer 4 years ago

Bwahahaha! The best thing I’ve found on pinterest, so far, is this little pink plaque that reads: “pin-ter-est (n): A fun reminder of the clothes I will never afford/fit into, the home decor I will never afford/fit into our small home, the recipes and crafts I am too lazy to ever make, the sayings I wasn’t clever enough to think of on my own, the photos I wish I had taken but didn’t.”
But I do check pinterest everyday, if for no other reason than the yummy pics of Rob Pattinson that some chick posts :)

Seriously Sassy Mama 4 years ago

I love Pinterest. It is like looking through a magazine that I did not have to pay for. It relaxes me. I will never have the beautiful kitchens or homes that I pin, nor will I be able to afford the clothes and bags I pin, but that is ok. my girls rooms are a mess, and I have a months worth of my laundry to do. That is ok too.

Denise Dawes 4 years ago

You just made my day!!!!!! My house looks exactly the same way!!!

Kate 4 years ago

I LOVE you. I love Pinterest, but I love you more.

lsg1378 4 years ago

In a word, YES =)

Maria 4 years ago

I love it!

Cindy 4 years ago

I’m not too overly agitated by what I see on Pinterest. You have to keep a real perspective. If I can find a way to better organize my house, that works for me!, its there. I just know it is! LOL

kay 4 years ago


Jadzia@Toddlerisms 4 years ago

It would be hard to overstate how much better these pictures make me feel! Except my clothes “storage” features a falling-apart dresser (Ikea, I’m sure–the house came furnished and everything is of an uncertain provenance) with drawers whose bottoms cannot support the weight of, well, *clothes.* Does Pinterest have a category for Homes of People Living In the Real World?

JCat McGack 4 years ago

They toy room picture you posted is EXACTLY what mine looks like, I agree on the food. I HATE that all my friends are like “OHH and this is the fancy pants shit I’m making how about you!?” and 10 friends are sharing their Pinterest dinners as well.
I may excel in arts and crafts, but everything else… just like you.

Lindsey 4 years ago

F*ck Pinterest. How many “new and different” ways can people find to misuse their time??? Besides, with the time I dont have to not clean my own house, and not make artisan breakfasts for my own family, I find that Facebook & Twitter suffice just fine if i ever get the urge to be completely and totally f*cking useless!

Jess 4 years ago

I love you. That is all.

WebSavvyMom 4 years ago

–>I think that’s why I stick to the photography links and recipes on Pinterest.

Mary 4 years ago

As someone who is totally anti-Pinterest, this just makes me love you even more. How do people even have time for Pinterest? I’m too busy trying to organize my REAL life.

Jo 4 years ago

You are my kind of “pinner”!

Kara Nutt 4 years ago

I can one up you on the child’s bed, I routinely wake up to find my 4 year-old son’s room in total disarray. Not only are the 3 comforters all over the floor (yes he MUST have all three), his vast collection of crocheted “baby” blankets all over the floor, books are everywhere (he apparently wakes up and reads to “baby” blankie in the night), I have walked in to find his mattress off the frame and the cute little white plastic toddler bed up on end most likely used as a ladder at some point, and the rocking chair turned over to make a cave…..
I give up, as long as he’s not hurting himself or doing any real damage to the furniture, it’s his room.

Zena Perez 4 years ago

omg thats exactly what my house looks like! like to a t.

meri 4 years ago

maybe I should add the board of clothes i want to one day fit into that I think about every time I grab a snack out of the pantry. that always makes me feel good.

Dawn 4 years ago

I feel the same way. I was quite into it for about a month. I didn’t have an account, but I’d browse the most recent pins and see all kinds of fab ideas and saved many of them for later ideas. When… I suddenly realized I DON’T HAVE TIME for that crap. I am not Miss Suzy Homemaker, nor am I another Martha Stewart. Even if I had all day long to bake and frost the most beautiful cupcakes, I can’t. I’d have to do laundry, dishes, vacuum, and take out the trash while attempting to not burn the cupcakes and hopefully remember to frost them.
So, I haven’t been back to that site in a couple weeks.

meri 4 years ago

I have a whole board with baking pins so I can make myself feel like shit every time I screw up a recipe.

Stephanie 4 years ago

Oh, man. I know! But, to me, is kind of like thumbing through a magazine. Sure, I’ll dog-ear the pages, but I’ll forget about it in a few days and move onto something else. I have found good ideas for my kids, though, on the more practical side, and for someone still sleep-deprived with no real time to browse or think, it all works out.

Vanessa Jubis 4 years ago

HA! THIS has totally made my DAY! Thank you for giving us the REAL deal :) I heart you Jill!! 😉


Brandy P 4 years ago


Siz 4 years ago

Hahahaha, you’ve made my day!

Katie 4 years ago

Thank goddess your house looks like mine. :) I did sign up for Pinterest recently, but when asked have been saying that I’m not sure how useful it will be to me. I’m not crafty AT ALL, I don’t have the money to redecorate or remodel, etc. I do cook and that is the only thing I think I will use it for…recipes. But I have a feeling that overall I’m not going to use it much. Oh well.

Barbara 4 years ago

Oh, I love this so much. I could have the ideal Pinterest home if I wanted to devote my life to it but the kids would destroy it in 3.7 seconds so why bother. 😉

lesbomom 4 years ago

I absolutely love me some Pinterest! But I don’t think its how people really live, either.

Exurban Cowgirl 4 years ago

I just post pictures of chickens and wine bottles on pinterest…

Kristy 4 years ago

I totally agree, my ‘craft room’ looks exactly like yours. I just joined and sometime I feel jealous that my house doesn’t look like what’s pinned. Then I get kind of inspired to maybe try something new. I also like getting new recipes ideas. Anyway, yes I do feel better about myself. Thanks.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 4 years ago

I’m not on Pinterest, but I do have a secret stash of pictures of perfectly organized laundry rooms. Every once in a while I will open the folder gaze upon the perfection and then return to the reality that is my cave. Sad but true.

Jessica 4 years ago

LOL. You totally snuck into my house for that playroom pic! :) And the art supply bin is identical to mine, too! As for those Ikea shelves in the “ideal” playroom, I even own those, but they didn’t come with the Good Housekeeping staff to line everything up like that, so they look a lot like the playroom floor right now! I can’t give up on Pinterest just yet. I use it for a lot of things. I think of it more like ripping pages out of magazines. I know no “real” home looks like those in magazines (or Pinterest), but it is fun to imagine! As for people claiming their houses look like that on a regular basis, we all know that’s BS!! :)

Jeannine Eubanks 4 years ago

I DO feel better! Thank you! My house looks much like yours, and worse in some areas! you should see my desk. :/

Rebecca @ Unexplained X2 4 years ago

I think I just peed myself a little. If we all did a comparison, that would be awesome…we could call it sucktrest…real life, the way it’s supposed to be!

Eccentricess 4 years ago

I think I love you.
Your “pins” made me laugh and made me look around my house with a glowing appreciation.

Admittedly, I did also spend much of today blowing my annual fun money on IKEA products…

Rae 4 years ago

Oh I am so PLEASED I am not alone! I joined, spent about 20 minutes depressing myself and haven’t been back! I apparently have plenty of followers, though, as the emails indicate. I hope they aren’t let-down, cause I was over it as soon as I found it!

Marinka 4 years ago

I wish you’d give us a hint as to which photos are yours. We’re not mind readers, you know.

Ludicrous Mama 4 years ago

Were you in my house?! Those second pictures look like my house… only neater!

jojo 4 years ago

Lol. Bound and gaged. That was great, gave me a nice smile here at 4am.

Ruby 4 years ago

Ha! I only heard about this site today…
I like how u have used Hipstamic photos, always makes. everythIng look better!

Rose 4 years ago

I have to admit that I am tempted to write really snide or negative comments on a lot of those pins but feel like it’s all to ‘nice’ for that. It won’t be long before it’s overtaken by all the corporate marketers anyway.

Lollie (The Fortuitous Housewife) 4 years ago

Electrified perimeter fence…where do I get one?! Can I put one around myself? You know, on those days I wish I could change my name from “Mommy” to ANYTHING else.

Lollie (The Fortuitous Housewife) 4 years ago

Hello, this is the Martha Stewart magazine subscription office calling. We’d like to know if Scarry Mommy would like to renew her subscription?

Pinterest (hello, my name is Lollie and I’m a Pinterest addict) and Martha both seem to have the same opposing affect on people — love or hate, inspire or demean.

The one reason I love pinning, but won’t ever renew my MS magazine subscription…no back issues, with one or two ideas I’ll never actually do, collecting dust on my bookshelf (which leaves a spot open for a certain, soon-to-be-release Scarry tome!).

Eeyore 4 years ago


Janeen 4 years ago

This made me laugh a lot. 😀

stef 4 years ago

I might have to add you to my blogroll!
This is what I’ve been thinking for SO long (pretty much since the day I first saw Pinterest) but I feel like the ONE nerdy outcast of a woman for not adoring it as, the “crack” so many profess it is to them. For some reason your blog post helped me realize I don’t have to have a pinterest account to be normal and I went and hit the “delete my account” button, quite happily. So, thanks. I’m happy living in reality again.

Janeen 4 years ago

LOL So true. The first one though, I’d like to pin and then send to my husband as a big hint for Mother’s Day’s. lol But I do agree, your pictures make me feel better. lol I see the pictures as ideas, something I would like to try out and do knowing full well that my mileage will vary especially since I have an 18 month old toddler who is SO good at getting into stuff that we’ll never have a totally clean play room unless I hide all of the toys away in large totes. Not to mention, a lot of pictures I see are unattainable because I rent and renting means not doing neato things like painting with chalkboard paint which I’m sure the management company would frown on (even though I’m sure they’ll be equally unhappy with the fact that my older daughter has used the DOORS for her chalk drawings instead in absence of said chalkboard walls). lol I do use it for wedding ideas for my younger sister and that seems to be helping her a little. It’s all about the ideas even if they don’t get fully implemented. I have fewer issues with Pinterest than I do with mommy boards though. Pictures are one thing, mommy bragging is another thing entirely…

christina 4 years ago

Oh thank you, thank you for showing me I am not alone. I was beginning to think everyone’s house was all neat and tidy. Just kidding…really whose house look’s like those on Pinterest? Not anyone I know with actual children living there. Who has time to do all the craftiness that is pinned. I am lucky if I get an hour or two to myself a day, and that is usually spent washing dishes or cleaning cheerio’s off the floor.

cheryl @ a pretty cool life. 4 years ago

Sadly, those feelings of inadequacy have been around since the beginning of blogs. Pinterest has just amped it up. Plenty of blogs give the impression of perfectly behaved children who craft all day, wear handmade clothing, frolic through fields with balloons while smiling for mom to take perfect pictures, birthday parties are extravagant, handmade ordeals coordinated down to the last detail, etc., etc., etc.

I think everyone knows, deep down, blogs and Pinterest are just a highlight reel, and not the behind the scenes. The reality you showed is true for just about everyone.

Meredith 4 years ago

Oh my god thank you for doing this. Every single person I know is on Pinterest and whenever I visit it I end up confused and depressed.

Stay sea 4 years ago

I found you through Pinterest. Just saying.

Jen 4 years ago

Wow. That playroom is fantastic. If only, but with my kids… Hahaha. Yeah right!
Thanks for sharing! My house, definitely *not* like pinterest! Mine is what I like to call “lived in”, especially with 5 very active kiddos & 2 dogs!

Practical Parenting 4 years ago

I have no intention of trying to be like the perfect Pinterest people….but somehow I’m transfixed by it. Are they only showing their craftiest days or do these people really craft 24/7. I’m good for a craft or two…but nothing that belongs on Pinterest. And if the kids are actually doing the crafts, why are they so perfect? I love my kids…but their projects are not Martha Stewart perfect. Fascinating. Also? If I actually make even a third of the desserts I’ve pinned I will gain 300 lbs.

MAMNM- Holly 4 years ago

Pinterest is like my crack. It doesn’t inspire me, it is just a form of escape that won’t show up on a piss test. Oh, sure I TELL myself I am going to frost insanely perfect cupcakes, make melted crayon art and never have a book out of place on the shelves I crafted myself out of old farmhouse floor planks and recycled dental floss. However, mostly I look at my pinboards and think “BULLSHIT!”. Seriously, look again at those pictures. Who’s kid’s room looks like that? I’m sure it did when they took the picture, but, and it’s a BIG BUT, somewhere in that lovely room there is a closet, and in that closet there is a child. Bound and gaged! That perfect playroom bookcase probably has an electrified perimeter alarm. And I bet those were the only 3 good cupcakes and they had to crop out the rest that only had a letter on each that spelled out “EAT ME”. It’s true, I know these things…

Eve Guiles 4 years ago

Hm, I never thought to compare myself to what I find on pinterest, that could be depressing. I just enjoy the pretty!

Jen 4 years ago


Tammy Hoge 4 years ago

LOL! Listen….I know many more people live life according to the second pictures than I do the first pictures. Life is beautiful and messy but no less blessed. Feel good, laugh at our inadequacies and count our blessings.

Arnebya 4 years ago

That damn playroom just pissed me off. And made me swoon. Both of which are reasons I am not on Pinterest.

Bonnie 4 years ago

I love Pinterest. Not to visit daily for hours at a time or anything, but this morning for example I wanted ot do something fun with an avocado for breakfast, so I searched avocado on Pinterest and was presented with a few awesome simple recipes, I picked one and made it, and it ended up being a quick, fantastic breakfast I hadn’t made before. We do some seasonal crafts and baking with the kids, it’s a great source of ideas. I am an artsy, crafty person, I’m a creative cook, I love making things myself, so there’s a ton of inspiration there for me, and I do also pin my own creations. Yes there are a lot of “over the top” things on there, I skip them and look for the ones that appeal to me. Clearly, there are a ton of people who do love Pinterest, it’s either your kind of thing or it’s not. I don’t compare my house, my stuff, my life, my abilities, or myself to anything on Pinterest. Probably because I feel pretty good about my own life and the way I’m living it 😉

Erin 4 years ago

Although Id love to have a house that looks and runs like the pinterest pictures, my house definitely looks more like and probably runs more like yours. :)

Alison 4 years ago


Alison@Mama Wants This 4 years ago

Haha, thanks Jill!! I admit, I’m addicted to Pinterest, but only to Pin desserts. I can’t look at Home Interior pictures anymore, I feel like I live in a hovel after that.

Melody Thacker 4 years ago

Love your take on Pinterest, it made me laugh! But you do have a good point. Living up to all those “picture perfect” images would be impossible for us normal women!

Missy 4 years ago

I love pinterest. It allows me to escape my real life and plan my dream life. lol

I actually have been inspired to do a few thing from pinterest. Rather then making me feel inadequate it has inspired me to the fact that I can do those things.

Mama Kat 4 years ago


Billie Hester 4 years ago

I am not creative at all, but I do like to look at other people’s creativity. My pictures would look similar to yours.

Amalie 4 years ago

thank you! that is why I never go on pinterest, I just get depressed.

Life with Kaishon 4 years ago

: ) Yes. I feel much better.
My drawers look just like that.
And so does my frosting ; )

ChiMomWriter 4 years ago

Can I have that closet, though?

Mel 4 years ago

ps. I may Pin this. Just say’n.

Mel 4 years ago

You’re awesome… I love that. I still love Pinterest… but I love that too. ha ha ha.

Caitlynne 4 years ago

I love this post. Plus your playroom looks way more fun than the pinterest playroom…who could even have fun in that clean of a room?

Lisa A 4 years ago

I feel more like this about “Facebook” people posting and flaunting their pathetic little perfect happy lives in my face. :) Before anyone gets their panties in a bunch this was written with good humor. Ok maybe just humor.


absence of alternatives 4 years ago

Exactly how I feel whenever I pick up Pottery Barn and William Sonoma catalogues. *Shudder* I get stomach cramps.

Lin 4 years ago

omfg…I know you get this a lot but, I love you. For reals.

This has to be one of my favorite posts because it’s so real & definitely made me feel better about my messy ass house.

Chelsie 4 years ago

I love this so, so much. To be fair, I’m on Pinterest. And I’m addicted. BUT… (Possibly offensive material ahead) I’m really ridiculously sick of all the “inspirational” (read: religious) pins that seem to be popping up these days. I get it, ladies. You love God. But seriously, pin it all on a single board so I can ignore it. I go to that site to look at pictures of sparkly shit and cats in funny clothes.

Jessica@MakingHomeSweeter 4 years ago

OH MY GOSH. BAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA this has GOT to be my favorite post from you EVER!!!

I JUST said to a friend today that so many SAHM’s blog things like “How to Make a Pottery Barn Sofa with some Thread, Fabric, and old Wood!”

Seriously, it makes me feel like CRAP. So depressing sometimes. And it’s even more insulting when you find out they have like 6 kids. Awesome post, will be sharing this!!

Cat 4 years ago

haha that playroom pinterest pic has me panicking that someone would go to the ER. If my kids didn’t pull it over on themselves, they’d climb it and jump off! I like pinterest as a more reliable version of my browser’s bookmarking tool (I have to reinstall a lot), but I purposely don ‘t go searching around on there because I feel so uninspiring afterward. Thanks for the post!!

laura 4 years ago

See…I think you’re a better mom then me! You give your kids Life cereal for breakfast. Mine get poptarts or the old back up…I’m sleeping in, get the cold pizza out!
Also I sent a request in to be part of that group and I swear they must know me, cuz it’s been 4 days since my email and no answer to join. They are “big brother” o_O

Karen 4 years ago

Um…I think Pinterest is a waste of time. You’re just cruising the internet for hours on end so you can find an art project or find inspiration? Come on! lol.

Tiffini S. 4 years ago

I officially love you. I always wondered what the fucking point of Pinterest was. A way to spend even more money? A way to waste even more time? A way to never EVER be done with your home or life or family.

I admit, I called ‘done’ on my home with a tattered sofa, less than a dozen nail holes in the walls (and even less pictures hanging from them) peeling wallpaper in the bath, and crappy kitchen tile. When I heard about Pinterest from another site which already had me doubting my decorating skills, I just thought “Fuck it. I’ll never even get close.” and I was done.

Maria 4 years ago

Love it. (And hey, how did you take pics of my house???? ;)) I got an invite to Pinterest last week and haven’t activated it yet, mainly because I had no idea what it was all about. Hmm.. maybe there can be like a Dark Side Pinterest?

Jessica 4 years ago

I don’t think about it as making me inadequate, I just use things like this as inspiration to just try that little bit harder to be more organized around the house. I’ll never be as neat and creative as anyone on pinterest, but it has given me a few good ideas for organizing and keeping things tidy.

Angie 4 years ago

I actually really love Pinterest! I’m all for inspiration, as well as dream boards, goal boards, etc. I see Pinterest as visual bookmarking. So if I find jewelry that’s right up my alley, a fun recipe I want to try, a gift for my wife, something for our pets, a great blog post, etc. I can “pin” and come back later. Plus I’m sharing and promoting! Plus, I think a lot of people who pin actually pin a LOT of their own stuff – so someone, somewhere, MUST be out there doing it. *wink*

But on the other hand, I am an artist… I go on various art communities daily for inspiration and because I love, love, love viewing other peoples arts and crafts. And than I feel down because mine doesn’t compare – so I totally understand. Totally.

I’d say, instead of hating on Pinterest, why not make a “my life” board and pin your own pics?! I bet YOU will inspire someone else!!!

Nikki 4 years ago

You just made me feel SO good about myself. I needed that ego boost, thank you 😉

Carmen 4 years ago

That is too damned true! It’s form of addiction for me..and a little daydreaming. And I’m going to PIN this :)

Mindy Harris 4 years ago

amazeballs.t hank you

Sarah 4 years ago

Ha! Soulemama, whatever.

Karen 4 years ago

Thank you!!! I needed that… But I’m worse than you. When I saw the picture of your cereal for breakfast, the only thing I could think was… “At least she has granite countertops!” Rofl.


Amy 4 years ago

Hilarious … the other day I said to my kid “this house is a wreck” and she says, “that’s because people live here, Mommy” … works for me!

XLMIC 4 years ago

Dude…you should totally pin that shit! I pin pretty stuff and also crap that just makes me laugh …like boob scarves and the photo of my kid with the potty stuck on his head. Yes, I break the rules and pin my own shit. Shhhhhhh…don’t tell the pinning police!

Sarah 4 years ago

Come on mama! You don’t really think pinterest is for real? It is a fantasy world and all that Shiz is so staged. Pinterest is fun like looking at a glossy magazine is fun while we wait in line to buy jumbo boxes of diapers and super absorbency tampons. I just don’t buy it that all that stuff is for real. You are real and so are all the mamas hanging out here!

Kristie 4 years ago

I love Pinterest. Seriously, I’m an addict. My recipes never look like the ones pictured but I like to imagine they taste better. And I love to craft. Crafting & Zoloft are the only reasons I haven’t committed mass murder. If I don’t get my daily fix of sewing, crocheting or refinishing furniture, I’m an ueber bitch. My house will probably never look like something from BHG but it doesn’t mean I can’t dream or that I’m unhappy with what I’ve got.

Ashley Bustamante 4 years ago

For what it’s worth, I think Life cereal is delicious, and your mesh hamper is pretty sweet. :-)

Thank you for being a real person and not something out of a home decorating catalog.

Carrie 4 years ago

Hellz yeah!

The minute I get off that damn site I realize I can’t cook, I have no love life, I suck at comebacks, my shoes are shit, my clothes are boring, my hair is jacked, my apartment is ghetto and I’m a fatass.

But damn if I don’t go right back the next day.

You’d think it was dick.

Amanda 4 years ago

I am newly addicted to pinterest and I love it. But I love you more. And you’re right!

Carrie 4 years ago

I go insane on how quickly my two boys can mess up their playroom. I’m glad to see there is a doppelganger of ours out there.

Tracy 4 years ago

I’m going to do everyone a favor and not post a picture of my kitchen right now. Also – I am currently cuddled up in that exact same froggy blanket 😉

I like your life in pictures, it makes me feel like I’m not alone in my lack of white lighting and sunbeams in my kid’s play room.

Trish 4 years ago

So awesome. (even though a I do enjoy pinterest). This is how I feel about Amanda Soule.

Anon 4 years ago

I say those pics are total BS. First, the blue thing with the laundry basket drawers—you put more than one of those damn diaper covers that comes with cute little dresses in it and the white laundry basket is going to bend and collapse. Cool idea, but it would never work. The playroom…there is no way anyone under the age of 20 has ever laid eyes on it and I feel pretty confident stating that nobody under age 25 has been allowed to cross the threshold. The bedroom is a little creepy and I suspect that it is something that one would have found in Michael Jackson’s house. No thank you.
The cupcakes are the kind that someone makes and then screams at everyone in the family that dares to walk into the kitchen. Not the way I want my children to remember me in the kitchen! The cool looking tray with the strawberries and cookies is pretty, but let’s face it, do you really think that anyone other than a mom is going to appreciate it? Might as well grab a box of muffin mix, slop some milk into the mix and stir it, plop it into some paper lines muffin cups and bake it while you make sure your teenager brushes his orthodontics completely.
I am not Martha Stewart, and I don’t want to be, can you imagine having to grow up in a house like that? My house is well lived in and that is fine…ok, it is often a little more than well lived in, but I am working on that. 😉
I am a mom, first, not an interior decorator, not a pastry chef, and not a neat freak, and when messes happen, nobody freaks out about them, sometimes we leave the mess until the next day and I spend my time cuddling with my 13 year old daughter because she is in a mood to let me or I listen to my 16 year old tell me about the latest game he is playing (which I never understand, but he is talking to me and that is all that matters). The mess can wait until later, my kids need me and that trumps all.

Recovering Supermom 4 years ago

FYI–my laundry pile can beat your laundry pile. :) And I think you may have convinced me not to join Pinterest. I’ve been feeling like I need to do it to help build my blog, but I’m kinda trying to get away from all of that perfection.

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 4 years ago

Dying laughing. I love Pinterest…but I love this post more.

Elizabeth 4 years ago

I love you. That is all.

Alexandra 4 years ago

Jill, you said you wouldn’t share those pictures of my house.

I trusted you.

Dagger. heart.

Thank you very much.

xoxoxoxo KISSES xoxoxoxo

YOU ROCK MY WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. I wouldn’t buy a book from someone who kept a home like that…what for? Nothing in common. But I WOULD buy FIVE books from someone like you.

Carolyn 4 years ago

Damn you are funny. And correct. I have a pinterest a/c, but realistically pin what I think I will be able to do/make/create.
Thanks for the laugh! I feel better :)

Kim Dee 4 years ago

LOL. I thought I was missing something, but yah, that would just make me feel like crap too. I feel ineffective enough! Don’t need a whole lot of picture perfects to make me feel more so. My photos would definitely look more like yours. My days are spent constantly shoveling snow during the storm.

Tammy 4 years ago

OMG, it’s about time I find a real person and not all these HGTV Dream Home Wannabe’s that I see on pinterest. I honestly think that folks that have photos like that have much more time on their hands than I do. I have nine year old, two year old and thirty nine year old boys along with a SIL that lives with us. My house looks like a train wreck every day but it’s a happy home.

Dr. G 4 years ago

You rock. I completely agree.

Symanntha 4 years ago

I have 3 words for you: staging, nanny, reality. 😉

cheryl 4 years ago

oh I love it, you should post your photos on there for us to follow.

love your gameroom photo the best!

Pam 4 years ago

Yes, yes, yes….
In honor of this post I suggest we all PIN and make One Board seeking photos of honest to goodness real life.

It is kind of like Food Bloggers, how the heck do they make mashed potatoes look like some kind of three layer delicacy and since when do cupcakes have to look like little Dutch Towns and Random past Presidents?
Keeping it Real… while secretly learning how to knit and paint random crap with chalk paint, cook while trying to look as hot as Nigella, and
styling my kids hair for random (extremely well planned) photo ops.

Pam aka Momma

Tara 4 years ago

Thank you so much for this post! I feel better. I thought I was the only Pinterest hater.

shanita 4 years ago

and i am pinning it :)

shanita 4 years ago


MillenialMonstr 4 years ago

LOVE THIS!!! Thank you, yet again, for the much needed reality check. Pinterest scares the crap out of me, I don’t want any part of it, and I’m slowly watching all of my friends fall victim to it! Why?!!! And where do they find the time for it?!! Whatever. I’m just not even going to look, I don’t want to know… And for the record, you are FAR from an “utter creative failure,” LOL, you sort of have this awesome writing thing working for you 😉

Kelli 4 years ago

Though Christmas has long gone, my almost 4 year-old daughter remains Rudolph crazy. (Yes, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.) So I found a Pin of some cute marshmallow candy thingies on a stick that looked like Rudolph. How hard could it be? Right. It was ridiculous! WTF? Who really makes this stuff?

Oh dear Scary Mommy, you are definitely not alone feeling less than adequate compared to that perfection. This is why I steal all of my Pins and hope to pass them off as my own.

Flawless Mom 4 years ago

You just made my night. No, you made my whole damn month. And I needed that badly. Awesome.

Amanda 4 years ago

Pinterest is like your “perfect Facebook friends” on crack. Because one would have to be on crack to obtain enough time out of their day to perfectly organize, clean, manage, and photograph these supposed masterpieces of household godliness. I, my friends, am not on crack and proud of it.

Kasondra 4 years ago

I’m laughing hysterically over here. My husband says it means I need to go to bed…I thought it was funny.

Marla 4 years ago

I find FB far more deflating – people I ‘know’ who lie about how perfect their lives are. Pinterest is for the most part strangers – and I don’t feel the need to keep up (or rather, that I’m lagging behind). It is, as mentioned above, pure escapism from the reality that is my life (which is very similar to your personal photos).

a Book for My Daughter 4 years ago

Thank you! I can’t get the smile off my face. To be honest, I have not used Pinterest, mostly because it made me feel inadequate—however you just summed up why perfectly. I never really thought about it in those terms. I used to feel the same way about Oprah and her “live your best life.” I’d feel inspired while watching an episode showing a family taking in 10 orphans or a woman who started her own company out of her livingroom, and then I’d look at my own life: messy (small) apartment, two kids, a full-time job and I’d just feel exhausted! I had to stop DVRing her.
Thanks for making me smile—it’s been a long day!

Randi 4 years ago

I love you, Jill. :) Those other people must have nannies and a whole lot of money. :)

Christina Rodriguez | The Diva’s Home 4 years ago

Love the contrast between fantasy and real life.

Kimmy 4 years ago

Thanks for saying what I’ve been feeling. This is so hysterically funny that I just HAVE to pin it to my “LMAO” board! Thanks!!!

Lady Estrogen 4 years ago

Yeah. That looks just about right.
I keep a container of that Betty Crocker stuff in my fridge and scoop me out a finger full every now and then.
Wait. Whut?
This isn’t the confessional area? Awe, shit.

Jenn 4 years ago

Pinterest is eye porn. That is what I use it for. And fuel for my dreams.

Cindy 4 years ago

LOL and so true!

Jennifer 4 years ago

Jeez, your kid’s bed looks a thousand times more inviting than that ridiculous pouf, which made me laugh out loud. Thank you for justifying my avoidance of Pinterest!

Stacey Olsen 4 years ago

Hilarious as usual…but I’m confused. Are all those pretty and crafty things on Pinterest actual photos of what people really did? Shit. I thought they were photo-shopped.

Helen 4 years ago

they’re Stepford Wives, you’re not…and I LOVE the livingroom shot…makes me not feel so inadequate!

Jean 4 years ago

That’s why I just shake my head & laugh at so many of the things I see on there. My house is a mess, but we LIVE in it, we don’t just exist in it.

Kristen Daukas 4 years ago

Hah!! That’s probably why the majority of my “pins” are snarky little posters! But not those awful “stay calm” ones. And really.. what kid has that bed? On that porch? If that much effort went into bedding in my house, it would be M-I-N-E… doubt the Rooster would even be invited in.

Lauren 4 years ago

LMAO! I thought pinterest was a fantasy webpage?? you know, where we go and pretend that life is really like that while ignoring the 2 year old who is locked in his highchair watching Dora the Exploer for the 5th time in a row!

Jenny Georgio-who 4 years ago

Thank you! I pin but I know i can’t do that crap. I do feel useless but oh well. I’m happy to know that others are in the same boat as me!

Kimberly Taylor 4 years ago

i don’t care which ones are truly yours, i’m pinning them all! :)

Sili 4 years ago

You are right. I confess, I do love Pinterest. But here’s the secret. I once took an awesome pic and put it on Twitter when I first moved in. It looks AMAZING. Beautiful stencil on the walls, scarf thrown over the window, gorgeous new bedding. But guess what? Outside of the shot there were black bags housing my clothes, boxes strewn all over the place and hangers that could’ve caused deadly accidents. When I see a pretty pic on Pinterest, I just assume that’s the case there as well ;-).

Tseidel 4 years ago

You’re pinning the wrong shit. Lol. I pin music videos, audio recordings, landscapes, my own pics in case one goes viral (hint hint).

Pin what you want! You don’t have to pin perfection.

Galit Breen 4 years ago

Hee! At least you buy *whipped* frosting! That’s the bets kind, isn’t it?! :)

Kristin 4 years ago

It’s so true. Especially every single one of them.

Pinterest has made me feel even more disorganized – because I have “boards” with only one pin – and then I have other boards with loads pins that ought to be on the lonely one pin board. It’s all too much.

Kristin Shaw 4 years ago

Ha ha ha ha! My husband and I are sitting on the couch laughing our heads off, and he doesn’t even have a clue what Pinterest is. Love it.

Meshelle 4 years ago

Oh so true, I love pinterest. I can’t help but wish I could use every little thing I find and pin on there.

Lisa 4 years ago

Thank you!! Ha ha I’m glad I’m not the only one who isn’t crafty or organized. My house is a mess.

Shelley 4 years ago

LOL…Love it….my house looks the same way <3

Megan 4 years ago

I LOVE pinning for escapism. It’s like window shopping, excpet you’re not wandering the store wanting to try on the dress in real life.
My home is never pretty enough to be on Pinterest. Except Michaels showed my Christmas garlanded banister on theirs (highlight of my 2011!)

scrappysue 4 years ago

sure do! thanks for the REAL deal!

Tanya Doyle 4 years ago

Please tell me those really are your personal photos. And if they’re not yours, then tell me who’s they are. So that I can friend them.


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