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Pinterest: The photo sharing website that has people who’ve never tweeted or dug or stumbled ohhing and ahhing and drooling and pinning like it’s their job. Everything is just so pretty and perfect and amazing and inspiring, it’s easy to understand why. Well, yes, that’s true, but there’s a reason I no longer have an account there. Because it makes me feel like shit.

I know that I’m not the craftiest mother on the block, but after Pinterest, I feel like an utter creative failure. Clothespins with outfits drawn on? Pfft. People are building play kitchens! From old Ikea bookcases! With their own bare hands! My cooking may be tasty, but it’s certainly far from pin-worthy and my house looks downright filthy compared to the boards on the site.

Surely, I can’t be the only mother feeling less than adequate compared to that perfection. So, as a service to any of you who might be feeling similarly, I’d like to offer a few snapshots into my life. Guess which ones they are..

A loving breakfast.

Laundry, laundry, laundry.


A child’s bed.


Clothing organization.

.Arts & Crafts

Now, don’t you feel better about yourself?


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  1. 3

    Megan says

    I LOVE pinning for escapism. It’s like window shopping, excpet you’re not wandering the store wanting to try on the dress in real life.
    My home is never pretty enough to be on Pinterest. Except Michaels showed my Christmas garlanded banister on theirs (highlight of my 2011!)

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  2. 9

    Kristin says

    It’s so true. Especially every single one of them.

    Pinterest has made me feel even more disorganized – because I have “boards” with only one pin – and then I have other boards with loads pins that ought to be on the lonely one pin board. It’s all too much.

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  3. 11

    Tseidel says

    You’re pinning the wrong shit. Lol. I pin music videos, audio recordings, landscapes, my own pics in case one goes viral (hint hint).

    Pin what you want! You don’t have to pin perfection.

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  4. 12

    Sili says

    You are right. I confess, I do love Pinterest. But here’s the secret. I once took an awesome pic and put it on Twitter when I first moved in. It looks AMAZING. Beautiful stencil on the walls, scarf thrown over the window, gorgeous new bedding. But guess what? Outside of the shot there were black bags housing my clothes, boxes strewn all over the place and hangers that could’ve caused deadly accidents. When I see a pretty pic on Pinterest, I just assume that’s the case there as well ;-).

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  5. 15

    Lauren says

    LMAO! I thought pinterest was a fantasy webpage?? you know, where we go and pretend that life is really like that while ignoring the 2 year old who is locked in his highchair watching Dora the Exploer for the 5th time in a row!

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    • 16

      VboysMama says

      Whisper cackle laughing right now totally trying not to wake up my kids (who are going on night #5 sleeping in my room) …this post is so funny I want to wake the big guy sawing logs (and I’m talking big huge redwood sequoias with a gas powered chainsaw)…but you know what happens when you wake a hibernating bear. They wanna eat. And my messy kitchen is CLOSED for the night. So…I’ll continue reading Scary Mommy and whisper cackle laughing in the dark!

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  6. 17

    Kristen Daukas says

    Hah!! That’s probably why the majority of my “pins” are snarky little posters! But not those awful “stay calm” ones. And really.. what kid has that bed? On that porch? If that much effort went into bedding in my house, it would be M-I-N-E… doubt the Rooster would even be invited in.

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  7. 20

    Stacey Olsen says

    Hilarious as usual…but I’m confused. Are all those pretty and crafty things on Pinterest actual photos of what people really did? Shit. I thought they were photo-shopped.

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  8. 21

    Jennifer says

    Jeez, your kid’s bed looks a thousand times more inviting than that ridiculous pouf, which made me laugh out loud. Thank you for justifying my avoidance of Pinterest!

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