The Reality of Newborn Babies


Because every mom-to-be should know what real newborn babies look like…


{Thank you to my good humored Facebook friends for sharing their, um, beautiful babies!)


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    Nicole says

    haha omg My firstborn was vacuumed out, and was all swollen from 3 1/2 hours of just pushing alone. I remember looking over and I thought (I kid you not), “I had an ugly baby!” I was very depressed. Luckily once the swelling went down from her freak cone head, she was adorable.

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  2. 2

    audra curtis says

    My oldest was stuck in my birthing canal, thus 17 hrs of labor and an emergency section later, out came HUGE FOOTBALL head. Yes like the cartoon Arnold. I’ve gotta go hunt for pictures…funny 17 1/2yrs later he now has a HUGE EGG shaped head lol

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    Alison says

    My first had to be removed by ventouse after 12 hours of labor, and during that time, he had gone from perfect position to turning sideways. He emerged with a massive bruise on his left cheek and minor abrasions on his forehead.

    A midwife kindly said that it looked like an angel gave him a very hard kiss on the cheek. :)

    Thank goodness they get cuter as the days go by!

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    zinkemom says

    I wish I had better pics of my twins after my c-section and NICU stay. My son’s placenta was pushing on the side of his head and he came out with a lopsided head. I took one look at his 34.5 week head and thought for sure we were gonna be dealing with severe impairments. Within a few days he was round and as perfect as could be though.

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  5. 13

    adiba says

    Omg!! freaking HILARIOUS!! So glad someone else realizes that all babies are NOT CUTE! I have this thing I say whenever I see a baby that’s kinda sketchy looking, but the parents are obviously drooling with adoration. I point out the obvious in a saccharine-y, syrupy, cavity inducing super sweet voice….like this:

    “awwwwwwwwwww……looooooookkkkkk… have a baaaaayyyyyyy-byyyyyyyyyy”…..

    See…..I’m not saying the kid is cute….but because my voice is all high pitched and annoying….they THINK I’m complimenting the kid. Meanwhile, I’m trying not to make eye contact with the mini alien. Lol


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  6. 14

    adrienne says

    Haha! I had a hard labor with my second. I crowned for 4 hours before they pushed him back up the birth canal for an emergency c-section. I couldn’t pass his shoulders and he was “sunny side up”. He came out of it with a bruise in the shape of a muzzle and three cuts on his head. Poor thing!

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