10 Reasons It’s Awesome Having Twins

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1. The 2 for 1 deal. I did not enjoy pregnancy and counted down the days until it was over and I could shed the 75, yes 75 pounds that I gained and feel like I had some control over my body again. Having twins is incredibly hard, but knowing I’m not going to be pregnant again (or at least for a very, very long time) is a big plus.

2. The attention. Being pregnant with (and being a mom to) twins, you feel like a celebrity.When they’re babies, everyone you walk by will enthusiastically exclaim, “Is it twiiiiiins?!?!” The answer to this question is so painfully obvious that some could find it annoying, however when you are stuck in the house with twin babies feeling like you have absolutely no idea what you are doing day after day after day, any human interaction feels like a win. Especially one where you play the rock star.

3. Loving your husband even more. A dad of twins is essentially a second mom. At 3AM when you are each semi-awake with the twins and are both covered in equal amounts of milk, poop, drool and probably your own tears, you realize wow, I love this guy even more than the day he was tearing up the dance floor to “Take me Home Tonight” at our wedding.

4. Photos Opps. I mean, hello?

5. Double the milestones. So far raising twins has been hard. Like harder than running a marathon hard (I have run a marathon and trust me this is wayyy harder. Some days I honestly feel like I would enjoy running 26.2 miles over caring for twins). But of course, there are moments that make everything worth it. First smiles, rolls, steps, hugs, words. And the greatest part is, if you miss the chance to catch one of these spectacular moments on camera, you have a second chance with the other kid usually only days away!

6. Best Buds. I have not experienced this one yet (even though people keep telling me they will be “instant playmates!”) since right now they mostly try to grab, bite, knock each other over and cause general harm to one another. But I’m ready and waiting for the day that they play peacefully together while I sit on the couch and watch anything on Bravo while drinking a hot coffee.

7. The Ultimate Excuse. Can’t fit into any of your pre-pregnancy clothes 18 months later? Does your stomach look like road map that a tractor drove over? Haven’t so much as looked at your husband in 3 days? Having take out for dinner 5 nights in a row? Don’t want to go to that wedding shower? Ignore all phone calls? Cancel plans last minute? It’s fine, you have twins!

8. The Twin Bond. My guys just started talking a lot, and in the morning they wake up saying, “Hi brubber!” from crib to crib. Holy cuteness. I mean, come on! I melt.

9. The Kindness of Others. I live in the northeast which is not known for being the friendliest of places. (Hello, did you hear about the winter we just had?!) That being said, it’s humbling how much family, friends, and strangers are willing to help when it comes to twins. And we’ll take it.

10. Endless Entertainment. Twins are Expensive with a capital E. But the good news? There’s no need to pay for expenses like cable TV or movies at theaters. Who can beat this?

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      Theresa says

      One night when our twins (b/g) were around 4 months old, my hubby and I sat up in bed listening to the monitor. Even though they couldn’t talk, just the way their voices changed, higher or lower, made it sound like they were having a conversation with each other. Or in this case, it sounded like our daughter was yelling at her brother to be quiet because she was trying to sleep! (he was colic for a very long time) No word of a lie, it got quiet for a few minutes before our son started to cry again but that little bit of no sound sure made us laugh!

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  1. 14


    Ha. My twin boys are 5 now and I just cringed watching that video — why are they so close together in that table?! LOL. Mine are at the opposite ends of the table & they still manage to fling fart noises/spit of affection at each other. Just you wait :)

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    Jo says

    My twins are seven, and they are best friends. I wish I could share a video of them when they were just under one year old: It really shows how they interacted and how they still interact. It wasn’t until later, watching the older videos, that I realized they had been “talking” to each other before they ever talked to us! My daughter was already bossing her brother around.

    Gosh, since they were toddlers they have been playing with each other, now for hours and hours at a time. They work out “compromises,” like, “I’ll play Barbies with you, if the droid army can attack their dream house.” They take turns on their own, without me enforcing it. They share. They love each other like crazy. They also drive each other crazy, and pinch each other sometimes, but not often. Twins are a blessing. Congratulations on your boys!

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    Brittany Davis says

    My twins just turned 3 and I am still waiting for the “best friends” part, tho they are certainly getting along better than they used to. ;) We had Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome during pregnancy, complete with fetoscopic laser ablation surgery and weeks (and weeks and weeks) in the hospital, both pre- and post-birth. I do not think I could ever meet two small people so very different (identical or otherwise) and tho the road was hard (SO HARD), I would not trade a single day of it. Congrats to you!

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    Alice says

    My twins turned 27 today. I made them a video with photos from birth to now and set it to Springsteen’s “Growing Up”. Ladies, relish every crazy stressful zany moment you have with your little ones.
    Nothing can prepare you for the day you send them off to college, I still can’t think about that day without feeling a profound sense of loss.
    I know how crazy life can be with twins, especially when they’re really young. Enjoy them….even when you don’t want to…..because when they’re 27 and they are building their dreams…out conquering their worlds… they forget to call Mom.

    If anyone needs an ear to talk to, I’ll be happy to listen…I’ve been through it all and survived lol.

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      Veronica says

      Your comment made me cry. I have a 6 year old son and 4 year old twin boys. I can’t believe how far we have gotten with them and I fall more in love with them each day. Just the other day I was thinking about life before my kids and what I wanted out of life. A career, to travel, to accomplish my dreams. Now my dream is that my boys live a happy and healthy life.

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