I don’t get it.

I have never gotten it and I will never get it.

It’s completely and utterly baffling to me.

Perhaps one of you can explain…

As mothers, we all play countless roles in a single day: Nurse, Chauffeur, Chef, Dentist, DJ, Fashion Director, Janitor, Launderer, Banker, Dietician, Personal Shopper, Photographer, Plumber, Caregiver, Maid, Cheerleader, Counselor, Storyteller, Teacher, Exterminator, Coach, Negotiator… The list is endless.

So, why is it so difficult to take three seconds, play secretary and fucking RSVP for a kid’s birthday party?

Someone, please tell me.

I just don’t get it.


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    • lara says

      completely agree. when that envelope comes home in the backpack – i take the 2 minutes to a) check the calendar and b) call the friggin rsvp number. 2 minutes. wth?! what REALLY gets my goat, is the kid that SHOWS UP without rsvp’ing (nor bearing a gift, smirk). that’s balls.

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      • Jennifer says

        Totally agree, but then I’m one of those bitches that if you don’t RSVP, I’ll be calling you until you answer your damn phone. You don’t want to RSVP then I’ll make you uncomfortable lmfao.

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        • Melissa says

          Me too! I will embarrass the sh*t out of anyone who doesn’t RSVP. I was a lunatic for my baby shower. People say it isn’t the duty of the guest of honor, but my friends were nice enough to throw me a beautiful shower. I wasn’t going to make then track down my ignorant family members too.

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  1. Karenelise Metz says

    because most mom’s nowadays are assholes. and secretly, they’re just annoyed that there’s a day out there to celebrate your child. when they’d much rather jack your day and talk about their children and how much better and awesome their birthday/years/lives are going to be compared to yours.

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  2. Julie says

    OH. MY. WORD. Here’s what gets me: When you DON’T RSVP and then you bring your ENTIRE FAMILY (complete w/ 4 children) to the party. That happened to me twice in the SAME party. *steam*

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    • Tracy says

      Julie – that happened to me this for my son’s birthday party this year! No RSVP at all (despite a couple reminders from me) and then they show up with two parents, two kids and THEIR GRANDPARENTS who were in town. I suspect they weren’t going to come, and then at the last minute decided they needed something to get their house guests out of their own home for a few hours. So pissed off.

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  3. CJ says

    Seriously, I understand!! I am having a 1st birthday party Saturday and STILL don’t know how many people to plan for. I sent invitations a month ago and even sent out a mass text message a week ago plainly asking people if they were or were not coming because I need to plan food and kids goody bags. I heard back from about 1/3 of them. People suck!!

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  4. Eve says

    I hear that! Funny thing is that the moms who don’t RSVP are also the moms who get all pissy when you don’t RSVP to their shit. I say, the Golden Rule applies here too biotch!

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  5. mamacrat says

    Swear to god there are people who don’t know what it means to “RSVP.” I got replies for my daughter’s 6th birthday that read, “I’m RSVPing for Helena’s birthday.” That was it. No, “We’ll be there with bells on.” No, “Unfortunately Margaret is unable to attend.”
    Yeah? Are you serious? What part of respondez don’t you get?

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  6. Amanda says

    Are you inside my head??? My son’s birthday party was last weekend, not only did one child not RSVP BUT the venue called us to tell us that his parents dropped him off 50 minutes early. WTH?!?! we weren’t even there yet!

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