Insane Works of Sandwich Art


You know how Pinterest can make you feel like a slacker mother whose cooking and homemaking and craft skills don’t compare with all the other mothers out there? Well, today for a change, it made me feel normal. No way would any sane mother present sandwiches like these to her children…

mermaid sandwichcow sandwich nemo sandwich art flower sandwich
piano sandwich

boat sandwich art
sun sandwich mouse sandwich artbutterfly sandwichface sandwich

crab sandwich art

Somehow, I think my kids will survive on plain old peanut butter and jelly just fine.

Plus, I won’t end up institutionalized when they chuck the masterpiece I spent three hours on directly into the trash can. Slacker moms for the win!


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  1. Wendy says

    I don’t know if the idea of eating half that stuff is bothering me more or if thinking about how much was wasted is bothering me more. A rat?? Yuck.

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  2. Chris says

    Who has to work THAT hard to get their kids to eat?!? And you just know there’s some kid who whines “But I wanted a castle, not a pirate ship!” and refuses to eat anyway.

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  3. Janine Huldie says

    Or on the floor, too!! Seriously, what kind of person made these and they must not have little kids, because every time I try to do anything I get interrupted about 20 times before I just give up on a even a good day!!

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  4. Heather says

    I can barely get the pop tarts in the toaster let alone craft some bullshit food like that! I try…I really do… I just have this block or something. True Story : I wrote a blog post about my horrible breakfast making skills, and after school pick up I was talking to my 12. yr. old on the drive home. It went like this… Me: I wrote a blog post about how bad I am at making food. The 12. yr. old : Yeah…well my friend’s mom packs him sauteed veggies for lunch every day. Me : How the heck does she send veggies to school?? The 12 yr. old : Tupperware mom, she uses tupperware. Me : blink, blink, blink…

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    • Keline says

      You’re not a loser, you ‘re just too busy parenting! Pinterest is the opposite of original – it ‘s where people go to take others’ creative ideas (and usually fail at replicating them). I’m a wedding planner, and Pinterest is the bane of my existence. You want a thousand paper-folded cranes hanging from the 80ft ceilings of the historic church you booked? That sounds great! Who’s doing it for you? (Cuz I sure as hell ain’t!!)

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