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There is one sure-fire way to tell mothers from non mothers (one that doesn’t involve checking their stomachs for stretch marks, I mean.)

Walk into a restaurant, alone, on a Saturday evening. Go to the hostess stand and ask for a table. When prompted for the number in your party, simply respond, one.

Watch for the hostesses reaction. You will know in an instant if she is or is not a mother herself.

The non-mother will look at you with pity in her eyes. She will wonder if you’ve recently split with your husband or have been fired from a job. Did your mother die? Your best friend get diagnosed with cancer? What has a grown woman done to be eating alone on a Saturday night? Poor, poor you.

She will make small talk as she escorts you to a discreet location in the back, by the restrooms. She’ll ask the waitress to be extra nice to you. You deserve it, after all. You’re dining all alone on a Saturday night.

But, if the hostess is herself a mother, your request will be met with pure envy. A meal with no children’s menus, no bickering and no meltdowns over the wrong mac and cheese. A meal of peace and quiet  and good food and a drink. Alone. A meal with someone else doing the cooking and serving and cleaning. It’s almost too good to be true.

Is it your birthday? Your anniversary? Did you just get a new job? Sign a book deal? Cure cancer? What has a grown woman done to be eating alone on a Saturday night? She’ll ask the waitress to be extra nice to you. You must deserve it, after all.

You’re dining all alone on a Saturday night.


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    Kat says

    So true, we fellow mothers can sense each other. We’re slightly envious when we see a mom escaping…..I mean getting out on her own but we’re also the first to applaud

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  2. 5

    Ellie says

    So true. My husband travels a lot and I used to need a break so I would hire a babysitter and go out to dinner myself. I would sit at the bar, grab a drink, read my book or start up a conversation with the bartender or the person next to me, also dining alone. At first, it felt weird to be alone and yes, people did look at me in a funny way. I feel like they looked at my finger first and thought, “oh, it’s okay…she’s married”, but if I hadn’t had a ring, they would feel pity that I was alone. It was so nice to be out, get dressed up, have a good meal that I didn’t have to cook or clean, and enjoy my night out, husband or not.

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  3. 6

    Misfit Mommy @ The Island of Misfit Moms says

    I swear, you just described my FANTASY! It used to involve Benecio delToro and a trapeze, but now, dinner alone sounds HEAVENLY!

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  4. 9

    Alison says

    I can’t even remember Saturday nights alone, never mind dining out alone. Still, a great thing to work towards to. I hope you had your Saturday night out alone!

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  5. 11

    JourneyBeyondSurvival says

    I would seriously kill maim for a meal alone. My husband travels a lot too, like Ellie. I love to slip into a tiny booth for two, prop my feet up and slouch down into my book and dessert.

    After mothering beautifully obnoxious children, who cares who is looking or what people think. People? What people?

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  6. 12

    KalleyC says

    This sounds like a dream come true. A Saturday night out with mo kids, dishes, and fights. Something to look forward to, I now have my eyes on a prize.

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  7. 14

    Gigi says

    The thought of going out to eat by myself used to scare me to bits. But I’m learning the joy of eating by myself. With no demands. No forced conversation. Now? Some days it is totally the best hour of my day.

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  8. 15

    Amanda says

    The last thing I said to one of my boys was that he would not die if he had to wait until I finished eating my own dinner for his dessert. Dinner by myself sounds heavenly. Maybe I could put the boys on mute for a while?

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  9. 17

    Grace {formerly gracie} says

    Ha! A few weeks ago, someone was telling me about endurance marathon where you dropped off in a secluded location and have 30 hours to make it back to civilization. I hate running, but that sounded like an attractive proposition. Where do I sign up?

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  10. 19

    Alicia says

    Great post! I am 7 mos pregoos with my first and I CAN NOT wait for this little bundle of joy!! I will keep in mind though that I might enjoy a Sat night dinner. Alone.

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  11. 20

    Nicole says

    LOL! That is so true! I would think that she was lucky to have a meal to herself, especially since I can barely go to the bathroom without someone little person calling my name :)

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