Scary Momfinitions











  1. 1

    Amber says

    YUP! Except the sleep thing. I was BLESSED with great sleepers. My biggest problem is getting them to wake up in the morning. :)

    • 2

      Nuts about food says

      And that is already a huge step in facing all the rest. I can’t complain either, to be honest. That is why I am still sane.

  2. 3

    Arnebya says

    Oh, Amber. Amber, Amber, Amber. Leave this place and never return!

    All of these made me smile, but momsonic hearing? I can name that gait in three steps. And then momprehension: I amaze myself with the ability to hear, understand, and respond accordingly when they’re all talking at once.

  3. 8

    Paging Dr Mommy says

    You nailed it! Every single one! Especially the cosmic way that any time I get ready to enjoy a cup of coffee, and hope that it will done in a brief moment of peace and quiet, all hell surely does break loose!

      • 13

        Mamalala says

        We had a firedrill this week at work. My reaction when the firebrick pulled up: firetruck!!!!! Good thing they all know I have a two year old…

  4. 14

    MomEinstein says

    Love it! I can do the Thermomother thing. It’s scary accurate, but of course I check it anyway. Some of the others I need to work on.

  5. 18

    Erin says

    I am prefecting the art of Momprehension, I only have 2 boys but add in there Hubby talking about his day and let’s face it, I got 3!!

  6. 19

    Sweety Darlin says

    Moms-A-Lot: The ability to accomplish a weeks tasks in a single afternoon while daddy sits confused in the recliner!

    • 22

      Katie says

      It seriously just made my day to find out that mom sleeves are a real thing and not just something gross that I invented!!

  7. 23

    Jennifer says

    I know Momlusional so well. BUT I’m absolutely positive that tonight I will get some sleep.


  8. 26

    Jadzia@Toddlerisms says

    Add me to the growing crowd of Momlusional ladies. I am going to DIE if I don’t get a good night’s sleep soon. She Who Must Be Obeyed is now almost four months old and her latest thing is to sleep in shifts with her sister — SWMBO sleeps all day, big sis sleeps all night.

  9. 28

    Carrie says

    Funny stuff!!!

    I could easily change that “Mompiphany” to “Lifepiphany” cause I swear in life….I have no friggin clue what I’m doing half the time.

    I apparently fake it well.

  10. 29

    Sarah May says


    What about momory: the skill of knowing where everything is and everyone’s schedule.

  11. 31

    Samantha says

    These are right on! I have “special mommy powers” that enable me to know what’s just been spilled in the back seat, or whose hand is in the cookie jar even if I’m in the bathroom, or if you’re using your truthful voice/wearing your truthful face. I think it’s a combination of MSP and Momsonic Hearing…keeps the kids (and the hubs) on their toes!

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