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Without Scary Mommy Nation, we would have spent Thanksgiving evening eating noodles and maybe, if we were lucky, a half chicken from Boston Market. But thanks to the generosity of complete strangers, I was able to prepare a turkey, stuffing, side dishes, pies and more with enough leftovers to make soup and sandwiches for days. The meal was so much more than a meal, though. It was proof to me and my family that people really do care, there is good in the world and that we would be ok, at a time when we were doubting all of those things. I’ll never adequately be able to express my gratitude, but I will say again, thank you. From the bottom of my heart.

When I saw my approval email I couldn’t stop the tears from rolling down my face. I was desperately trying to find a way to adjust our budget to allow for the cost of a Thanksgiving day dinner that wasn’t a cheap rotisserie chicken and some potatoes. I realized to even make this happen we would have to not pay at least one of our monthly bills. I hated the feeling of failing my family. I thought isn’t Thanksgiving all about family? And here I’ve failed mine. I looked at Twitter and saw the tweet saying applications were being accepted. I thought surely there is no way that my little family deserves this help. We always find a way to survive even if it means a less than traditional Thanksgiving day dinner. I said the same thing I always do. We will be fine, we don’t need help and moved on with my day. Later as I tried to make the last $20 in our bank account cover a few more weeks of groceries and put gas in the car I realized I could ask for help, I needed to ask for help. So I applied with very low hopes we would be chosen. Then I got the email. The email that lifted a physical weight off of my shoulders. I have a million other things to worry about but this was one thing I didn’t have to fret over anymore. I am finally looking forward to making a delicious dinner without the guilt of knowing I didn’t pay our electric bill just so we could have a turkey and stuffing. Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart. It is incredibly humbling to need help like this and I am hoping once I am finished with nursing school I will be able to give back tenfold to those moms just like me, other scary moms who feel like they are at the bottom of a pit with no ladder. I want to one day be the helping hand that reaches in, but for now it was the scary mommy nation that extended a hand down into that pit to help pull me out. For that I am eternally grateful. Thank you so much.

I have spent many sleepless nights with my babies by my side either nursing my newborn or dealing with whatever ailment real or “real to them” my 2 & 5 yr olds have or just plain worrying if I’m doing things right. I found Scary mommy in Facebook and since the day I found it I have pulled up your page to laugh, cry, feel confirmed in the craziness that is my life & is in fact others lives as well, and recently I searched for the reality that I’m not alone it needing a little help. You have found a way to help single moms in a position that they can’t do it all by themselves for the time being, but you do it in a way that’s not demeaning or so humbling it becomes embarrassing. Thank you. I opened my email today hoping to have heard from my mom or brother who both live overseas, I needed a little Internet hug because I was feeling down. I received my confirmation email that my little family was “adopted” for thanksgiving and I just started crying, my sons birthday and Halloween just passed and I was barely able to do the minimum so knowing thanksgiving will be awesome just about made my year! I can’t wait to be in a position to pay it forward and be on the giving end of this project but in the meantime…. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

We weren’t planning on having a Thanksgiving dinner at all in 2011, so when I was able to receive help, I felt like I’d won the lottery. I cried tears of joy ripping into the envelope and vowed at that moment to pay it forward. This year, I have a job, have paid down debt and am able to contribute to someone else’s meal. Doing that was one of the proudest moments of my life.

I am totally in tears writing to thank you from the deepest part of my heart. Today was an especially hard day, and this good news has truly touched and overtaken me. I am so very thankful to be chosen to receive this help. I can now know in advance we will have food and a Thanksgiving meal. You are helping myself and the other recipients beyond just the food. You are helping us all have some hope, some strength, relieve a little of the stress, to feel some peace and for that we are all so deeply grateful.

In a time where we were grieving and financially hurting after a major death in the family, Scary Mommy came to the rescue. We were able to have an amazing Thanksgiving thanks to them. We will be forever grateful for the generosity of the community.

I can’t even express the emotions running through me! Thanks to the kindness of perfect strangers, I can breath a sigh of relief for the first time in weeks. Thank you to everyone for being so giving and helping those in need! My spirit has been lifted, and my family will pay it forward for sure!!!

I happened upon the Scary Mommy site looking for a place to vent and connect with other mommies. After a few days I kept seeing a thread for Thanksgiving assistance. Being too proud, it took me several days to fill out the application. Once I completed everything, though, I felt right at home. The Thanksgiving help came at a time when I needed it most. My hope is that I can one day give back to Scary Mommy Nation.

I’m sitting here near tears…Thank you so much. This money means food on our table and I thank you from the bottom of my heart and the rest of my family’s heart. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thanksgiving wouldn’t be possible this year without your love and kindness and generosity.

I was waiting to hear on my disability claim and we were so very broke and behind on our bills. Scary Mommy saved me at Thanksgiving with a gift card to my local grocery store. I cried when I received it, it was such a big help to our family! I recently was approved for disability and I’ll never forget how Scary Mommy came through for me!

There are no words for the relief you have brought to my family. Knowing that there are people in this world who want to bring happiness into the lives of strangers has changed not only my holiday, but my outlook on life. From my family to all of yours, thank you.

I was confused for a moment when I saw the envelopes in my mail this afternoon (Huh? I don’t know anyone named Meghan in Arizona…). Then I remembered Scary Mommy, and my heart skipped a beat. Words cannot express how grateful I am to Meghan, and to the woman with the postmark from Kearny, NJ (signed simply “Me”) who also, incredibly, included “a little something extra for the upcoming gift-giving season.” You have made my family’s holidays immeasurably brighter. Thank you so, so much.

I wanted to send a note of thanks to you for organizing the Scary Mommy Thanksgiving and for the generosity of your readers. Because of $50 that you sent, our family was able to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving meal with turkey, dressing, cranberry sauce, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, Jello salad, and pumpkin pie. It’s not often that we can afford a $50 meal, but thanks to you and your readers, today we could!

Can you help give another mother Thanksgiving this year? Learn more about the Thanksgiving Project or donate below. 

(You can also mail checks to: Scary Mommy Nation, PO Box 20866 Baltimore, MD 21209)

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What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


Sandy 1 year ago

I applied for The Thanksgiving Project and honestly did not expect to be approved. Then I got an email saying I was approved. I WAS OVER THE MOON!!!!! This Thanksgiving, I will be able to feed my family, my parents, my son and his wife, and my grandparents. All because of Scary Mommy. I even had a little left to be able to help a less fortunate person with gas to be able to get to a doctor’s appointment. I can promise that the people at Scary Mommy will NEVER know how much this means to my family and I. THANK YOU, SCARY MOMMY!!!!!

Christina 1 year ago


I went to my mailbox today and saw a white envelope from Scary Mommy Nation. You are all so wonderful…from Jill and her crew who make all the wheels turn, to the folks who donate…every last one of you are awesome! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for everything.

Yanira 1 year ago

I just donated and was thinking if maybe we can do something for Christmas. Like a toy drive or secret santa’s for the kids.

Carolyn Stallard 1 year ago

I just wanna say thank you to all the donors who help moms like me who can’t afford Thanksgiving dinner. You are all angels and very appreciated!

Katie M. 1 year ago

My small family and I were recipients of support from the Thanksgiving Project last year, and it was truly a blessing. Instead of worrying about putting food on the table, we were afforded a little bit extra, and shared a lovely meal with some of our friends who were also struggling.
It is absolutely my pleasure to say that our world has changed dramatically in the last year, I was offered an amazing job, which I love. I have made a donation this year, and plan to contribute yearly, knowing that this was the type of kindness we needed — and I hope to Pay-it-Forward to someone else.
Thank you so much for this program.

Amy 1 year ago

My family is so lucky to be able to help another family have a wonderful holiday. I would love to continue to help the family that we adopt throughout the holiday season, if that is possible.

Jessica S 1 year ago

I just want to thank you for approving my family! Means so much to be able to give my kids a good Thanksgiving this year. Finding out I was expecting my 3rd little one just 3 weeks before finding out i will be losing my job of 15 years this year, and having the father decide it was all too much and leaving has not helped the stress. Knowing my boys will have a good meal on the table this year helps more than you will ever know. From the bottom of my heart, Thank you!

Amy 1 year ago

I need help with thanksgiving dinner please

Rachel Rader 2 years ago

I applied when it up on Oct. 15th and have yet to hear if i was accepted or not. in fact i have not heard anything at all. at least say yes or no or on waiting list so im not worried about whether or not ill have thanksgiving dinner with my children.

Rachel Ciapponi 2 years ago

I once saw a confession that said she was turned down because she didn’t post enough on the boards. Is this true?

Adventures of teddy a. bear 2 years ago

<3 sharing!

Amy 2 years ago

Thank you for everything you have done. Means the world to me and other familes!

Kelly Inman Kaufmann 2 years ago

Do you get a match after you donate or just simply donate ?

Melinda Weidenborner Ebelhar 2 years ago

Please keep accepting donations as long as possible; I’ve sent one and will send another with successive paychecks.

Karen Ross Olenick 2 years ago

Many employers offer matching gift donations for donations made by their employees. As a 501 (c) (3) charity, scary mommy nation should be eligible to receive matching gifts. I’m going to check with my own employer tomorrow and make my donation and hopefully they will match it as well. While matching gifts may not be processed in time for thanksgiving, depending on a company’s processing timeline, the money could certainly be collected and used towards next year’s thanksgiving drive or something. Just a thought since many people have access to this benefit at work and it literally doubles the employee’s donation. Found money for non- profits such as this!

Amber Harvel 2 years ago

Does everyone who applies get help? I was just wondering because when i filled out the application it said I’d hear something back in 24 hrs and i haven’t heard anything yet.

Michelle Krieger Feit 2 years ago

I just made my donation. Today we received a little extra and now it’s my turn to give.

Leah Walen Aldridge 2 years ago

So very sweet. Now I’m crying too. It is inspiring to read such positive stories.

Melisa Hennessy 2 years ago

I haven’t received from you guys but growing up after my grandma died and my mom being a single mom with mental illness and only getting state help, christmas and Thanksgiving were always so depressing (especially since gma died two weeks before christmas). We didn’t have the money to support us in a normal month so the holidays were especially hard. I used to listen to my mom cry herself to sleep because she wasn’t able to do any better. I remember one year my friends anf their families pulled together and got us not only both holidays of meals, presents and took me to cut down our tree from a tree farm. With my brother locked up in juvie, mom and i had planned on just ignoring the holidays that year and just try to survive. It turned out to be a pretty awesome year.

gina 2 years ago

Thank you so much for accepting us! I have had a brain tumor for a while, but my husband was able to work up until late last year when he was diagnosed with a neurodegenerative disorder. It has been hard and we didn’t even think Thanksgiving was going to be possible, we are so behind on bills. This made the start of our holidays a whole lot brighter :)

nat 2 years ago

As I am sitting on the couch, reading parents magazine and chewing on my bottom lip while waiting for labor to begin with my 2nd child, I look down at my 20 month old who is laying on the floor drinking watered down milk because she still drinks a gallon and a half each week and I think to myself “how the heck am I going to do this with 2 kids???”. Then I come across an article about this project and immediately get online. My budget to feed my family each month is $300 a month. $75 a week. It’s hard. We are the working poor. Too rich to get food stamps, too poor to afford child care & meat. It sucks. I have no shame. Food is expensive. How do I apply???

Corinne 2 years ago

I wanted to say thank you so much to the kind donor who helped my family this year with Thanksgiving dinner. We had a belated dinner due to the mailing snafu, but regardless, we had it and it was wonderful. With my 2 kids plus the one I’m fostering for the last year, things have been really tight. I put my foot down to the abuse and have been a single mama for quite some time. This gift was a true blessing and I want to thank Jill and the Scary Mommy Family for doing this as well as the donors who graciously give to help others out. What a beautiful community. Many blessings to us all! <3

Priscilla 2 years ago

Jill – What a splendid project you started! Kudos to you for starting a project that reaches people whose needs may not be met in any other way. As a mother of 5 children and a husband who works full time but yet there is little to no money left for extras, it was a blessing! May God richly bless you as you coordinated this and the giver who enriched our lives.

Rebecca 2 years ago

Below is the email we were fortunate enough to send as our thank you to everyone who helped our family have an amazing Thanksgiving holiday!

Happy Thanksgiving Jill, and the entire Scary Mommy group!! Our mail arrived today, and in it, your awesome gift! Our photos will be coming your way, of our amazing dinner that was made possible by your generosity and over whelming kindness. I can not express our thanks, aside from saying it plainly. Thank you. From our family to yours, bright blessings on you this holiday season!!

LeSheika Chamberlain 2 years ago

Thank you so much for a program like this. You truly don't know how much it meant to us to receive the gift card. It came at a time most needed. I thank God for caring hearts like your that made our Thanksgiving possible. God bless you all and your families.

Caris Joy Reynolds 2 years ago

I just want to say thank you for helping us out!! Thanks to you I was able to provide a great meat for our 7 children!! God Bless You!!

Ramona Kearse 2 years ago

I am so grateful for the beautiful Thanksgiving gift card i received on Friday it really didn't matter that i received after the holiday because it was still a blessing to my family since thanksgiving is everyday i'm thankful also for your efforts to bless those who requested and received the cards God bless you in all you do and have done. Signed Completely Satisfied!

    Mychelle Powers 2 years ago

    Ramona, it is true, if you find just one thing everyday to be Thankful for, even at the worst of times, it helps get you through, and gives you at least one reason not to throw in the towel. I always have my beautiful children to be Thankful for, but having a kind hearted person to help us have a nice Thanksgiving meal this year was absolutely counted as a blessing. We also had our meal after the holiday, but lots of people do because of conflicting schedules, etc. Love, Thanks, and Best Wishes to all scary mommys everywhere! Mychelle Powers

Susie Hodgins 2 years ago

Than you from the bottom of my heart! I am making my grocery list now!

Francheska Nowlin 2 years ago

I was told of the program by my co-worker and appreciate any help that I receive during the holiday season. This is a wonderful thing that you are doing for not only myself but for other families as well.

Selena 2 years ago

Thank you so much for your dedication to this project. Having a nice holiday meal during this difficult time means more than words can express. The kindness and generosity brings light in the darkness. I pray that I will be back to work soon and that next year I can be a donor rather than receiver.

Jessi 2 years ago

Just wanted to say thank you to all the ladies and gents that donated money time and sanity to getting everyone taken care of for thanksgiving … My family appreciates it more than you can imagine

Chrissy 2 years ago

Just donated – Amber @ Crappy Pictures posted about what you’re doing and my eyes welled up. I know it happens all the time, everywhere, but I close my mind off to it until someone brings it to my attention. Glad to help someone out this season and I will keep them in my thoughts.

Jessica 2 years ago

while money has always been tight, i’ve never had to worry about feeding my child….. besides what’s another $50 on a credit card if it can help feed a family :)

Stephanie 2 years ago

Amber at Crappy Pictures linked me over, and I just donated. Thank you so much for stepping up and organizing this!

Mychelle Powers 2 years ago

I am very excited to think that I may actually get something in the mail other than bills for a change! Thank you so much! It is just me and my kids, and it is a dark, lonely, and scary time for us. $50.00 may not sound like much to some, but it will be a God Send to us at a time like this, so I am anxiously watching for the mailman after getting your email! Acts of kindness such as yours bring light into the lives of people like me and my small family who are alone this season. In my life, holidays were always centered around close family and good food. The last couple of years has been sadly lacking in both. I am trying to be both mom and dad to my kids, going to school full-time to try to better our lives, and working part-time as much as I can and still be there for them. I do have hope for all of us to have a better future, but it is hard to know my kids are going without while I try to procure that for us. Thank you again for showing me that it is not useless to have hope, and that there are others willing to boost you up when it is your turn to be down for a time. Before I had children and consequently divorced, I was in a position to help others, and did so without any expectations of fame or glory for it. Just knowing I was doing the right thing was what mattered, so I guess I’ve been a scary mommy all this time and never realized it! It is the way I was raised, and I hope to get to that point again someday. When I receive my card from you I plan to buy enough to invite 2 other people who have no one to eat with on Thanksgiving this year! Have a wonderful Holiday, and I will let you know how ours was! Love and Kindest Regards, Mychelle Powers

megan 2 years ago

i dont know what i would have done without the help this year! After being injured at work it took a toll on my income. I hope that come this time next year i will be on the other end and able to help someone in need! Thank you again! You have made a huge difference for me and my family!! I will be forever grateful!

Cathryn Rogers 2 years ago

Hello Ladies,
I’m writing on behalf of my sister/friend Stacey Williams. Stacey is a single mother of 3. Christopher 10, Journey 4 (going on 30) and Jourdan 2. Stacey lives in Elk Grove, CA. One would think since she works for the state, she has a very good paying job and life is good; well for her it is not. She struggles so, so bad feeding and clothing her children. She goes to agencies that give free stuff for children. I help her with what ever I can. I help buy food when I can. I donate clothing and shoes for the 2 younger children from my 2 younger grandchildren. We live about 125 miles from each other and it’s not easy to always get help to her, not to mention her income is more than mine and I have to help with my own 4 grandchildren’s well being. Stacey is a very proud needy mother. I wish I had of heard of your wonderful blog organization before now. I got on your site to submit for Stacey some Thanksgiving help. She is so tired and stressed every single day about everything bills, food, clothing special occasions for the children that she can’t do because there’s just no money. After paying rent, household bills, child care including extended care fees for the oldest son gas, she’s stressed. The fathers help a very small amount financially and she gets 0 help with time for herself. Her children are with her 24/7 when she’s not working. As I said, I would help her in that area as well but I nor she can afford the gas to get to one another most of the time. I’m reaching out to you for any help or suggestions for my friend. Thanks for listening. Bless you for this outlet.

leila benlarbi 2 years ago


Tiffany Curry 2 years ago

I read the article on yahoo that “Scary Mommy” was doing this to help families in need. I don’t always know where to turn or who to help when I have some means set aside to help people. I have my own financial struggles, but I also have a family that helps and supports us. I have a loving boyfriend that works diligently and hard every day to provide for us. I have a great job with good benefits and I am lucky enough to be able to send my kids to private school (not leaving a lot left over after paying tuition). I know there are others out there that are not as lucky. I made a donation today and I truly truly hope that is goes to great use and that I was able to ease someone’s pain and/or struggle even if it was just a little bit.

Kindell Young 2 years ago

This is the first time I’ve had to really reach out for help. Things haven’t always been roses for us, but never this bad. Thought I was finally getting ahead by going back to school, but being down to one income is hard, so very hard. It is a blessing from the good Lord above that there are still good people in this world, willing to part with their hard earned money to help people like me, who aren’t looking for a handout, but need a hand to get back up. Thank you all so much for putting a little bit of hope back into our lives. We appreciate you so much. I only wish I could hug each and every one of you. For the first time in years, we’ll actually get to have a turkey, instead of noodles. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I look forward to being able to repay the favor in the future.

Bella 2 years ago

Every year I am grateful for all that I have and but there have been times when I did not and others have reached out to me. I call them my Angels. Even now I cannot really afford to donate but if it means another will not go hungry then it is money well spent.

Dawn O’Haro 2 years ago

What a great project! Thankful for wonderful people like you who see a need and do something about it! Happy Holidays to those families I was able to help. God Bless them all!

Deanne Rayborn 2 years ago

In the past, my kids and I have been “those people”. I’m a single mother of 5 who was recently laid-off, but I’m using some of my severance money to pay it forward. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Tabitha Moore 2 years ago

Glad to be able to donate! I remember when my son was little and I was going through a costly divorce and although my son always had what he needed I remember eating peanut butter and crackers for every meal of the day. I remember have to call my parents to borrow money to pay the electic bill or buy diapers. I hope this will be the kickstart for some people to start getting back on their feet or at least let them not have to worry for a day! Happy holidays and I hope that everyone who can will pay it forward.

Maureen 2 years ago

This is a wonderful project and I am so happy that my family and I are able to contribute. I am lucky to have Thanksgiving dinner with family this year, and the money that I would have spent purchasing our dinner can go to someone from Scary Mommy. Thank you again for organizing this. Praying for you all and God Bless.

Emily S 2 years ago

I will be donating my $50 tomorrow morning. I can not imagine not being able to give my children Thanksgiving Dinner as I had it as a child growing up. I will be praying all you Scary Mommies. Much love!!

Shannon 2 years ago

I am very grateful for Scary Mommy! Normally we are the ones adopting a family or child for holiday gifts yet this year after my husband became disabled and no longer able to continue working we needed help. Our savings were drained by hospital bills and the holidays were looking bleak, but thanks to Scary Mommy we will have a great Thanksgiving!

Ebony 2 years ago

Thank-you all so so very much, we’re normally the first to jump on board with things like this however when my husband lost his job back in July we never thought he’d still be out of work this close to the festive season, things have been very tough financially and I’m so very grateful that we can now still celebrate with our children what should be a fun and magical time of the year, I really hope this time next year we can repay the generosity we’ve had show to us xx

Jamie 2 years ago

I am very thankful for scarry mommy, because of them my family will have a great thanksgiving. I am a single mom of 4 n which 2 of my children my 11yr n 22mnth old are on the autism scale. Also my22mnth is allergic to milk soy eggs pnuts blueberries strawberries n more. Buying food for just her is 80 a week without foodshare its a struggle. I am so thankful my children will have a wonderful thanksgiving!

    TIFFANY CURRY 2 years ago

    Hi Jamie,

    What state/area are you in?

      Jamie 2 years ago

      I live in Wisconsin

Colleen 2 years ago

The best thing I did last Christmas was to take care of a few kids who were in need. One of them asked for clothes, which touched me so much because when he could have asked for anything at all, he asked for some decent clothes.

So I’m so happy to donate to this project and help a family in need. We are lucky to have good jobs and enough money not to really want for anything. I welcome this opportunity to donate directly to a family in need and make a difference.

Beki Rumfola Gonzalez 2 years ago

I know what it feels like to go hungry so your kids can eat… I have been so blessed and those days are in the past, I hope this small gesture can help a family have a wonderful holiday. God Bless.

Carrie Rogers 2 years ago

As a single parent and a full time student, I know what it's like to do without. If I didn't have amazing friends and family, we would be doing without a lot. I can't give much but I'm glad I'm in a position to be able to give anything.

Sonia Davis Beckham 2 years ago

I just want to say a big thanks from the bottom of my heart and God bless you all.

Whitney from Oklahoma 2 years ago

Grateful to be part of something so amazing. God bless y’all this Holiday season!

Chevon 2 years ago

What a great thing!!!

Meg 2 years ago

Glad I can help a family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. This blog has been a safe haven for me for awhile now. I know what it’s like not being able to pay the bills. Thankfully I’m not there anymore, but I didn’t get through it without help. Happy to donate.

Emily Marie Pursel 2 years ago

I am a single Mom who has struggled since my son's dad left me while pregnant. I am so blessed to have worked my way up to a wonderful job, gotten sober, and begun to live my life as a (reasonably :)) well-adjusted adult. That said, I never could have done it without others. Not everyone is as blessed. I just hope that those who are suffering tonight trust that with love, compassion, and hard work, it WILL get better. I promise.

Amy 2 years ago

Hoping my donation can be the start of a wonderful holiday season for a family in need. This is a fantastic project and I’m thrilled to be able to join!!

Joleen 2 years ago

Just donated. I’ve been reading this website since I was looking up parenting websites when I was 5 months pregnant. The absolutely honesty about parenting and children had me hooked. I love the fact that things aren’t glossed over and there are statements about people being super tired, overwhelmed and even cranky about parenting. Bring on the snark and sarcasm! That is my idea of heading into parenting with your eyes open.

Things have been tight since I’m a single mom of my 3 month old, but I’ve now returned to work and things are getting better. The thought that my donation will allow a family the chance to have a real Thanksgiving instead of ramen (or for some families nothing) makes me feel so glad the Scary Mommy Nation is here. Keep up the good work! I hope the money keeps coming and everyone that applies can have Thanksgiving.

Deborah Traxel 2 years ago

Jill – the first year you did this our family was a recipient of help. That year was the first time I ever used a food bank, enrolled the kids in free lunch, and had to choose between electric bill and Thanksgiving dinner. More than the obvious help; the personal notes that were sent by people along with the gift cards we so touching, I have them still today.

We are doing better now and that year is just a blip on the radar of life. I am so happy to be able to turn around and help another family this year. Thank you for putting all of this together. We made our donation through paypal but would love to write encouraging notes to people if you need volunteers to do that.

Howard and Gareth Levy 2 years ago

Hi Jill, This is a lovely project. Making a dofference in the quality of a family’s life, on a very personal level. We’re very happy to contribute, and ask you to put our name on your list for next Thanksgiving donation time. Warmest wishes to you and your family Howard and Gareth Levy

Cole 2 years ago

Love and prayers to all of you. I hope that all of you have a good holiday season.

Mim Ratkiewich Royston 2 years ago

I think this is a wonderful way to begin the holiday season. Hoping that i've helped some family enjoys a special Thanksgiving feast.

Carole Filangieri 2 years ago

This is a great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Roxi Hohimer 2 years ago

I too know what it's like to survive on macaroni and rice. I am fortunate to have always had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It's my favorite holiday. I hope my donation will help make it special for another family. Blessings.

Jaime-Maria Nelson 2 years ago

My wife and I find ourselves in a fortunate position and able to make a $200 donation. We just had twins earlier this year and hope to never wonder where their next meal will come from. I remember, as a kid, my Mom having to go across the street to borrow peanut butter and jelly, or eating nothing but potatoes for an entire summer because that is all we had. I hope those families in need get the “break” they have been waiting for. Paying it forward. Happy Holidays to all.

    tracey 2 years ago

    Where or who do we talk to to get help ? I have a 4 year old and a mentally disabled step son! Both me and my husband both lost our jobs everything is getting shut off my car is about to be reposed ! We owe 2300 in rent and utlilites alone the pantrys have helped us get through weekly! We moved back to Florida from Ohio to be my sick mom and everything has gone wrong for us! Its putting pressure on our marriage everything is just overwhelming; (

      SS 2 years ago

      Have you talked to the Department of Social Security? Dealing with them sucks BIG time, but that’s your best bet for where to start looking to find help. You should be able to get help as the parents of a disabled child, you should be able to at least get state insurance for your kids (if not for yourselves, depending on your state), there’s cash assistance tied to a work program (you get help finding work and get cash assistance for participating), there’s food stamps, you can get aid in paying for rent and utilities, etc. DSS is where you apply for all that.

      Look into WIC- it can help with food for your kids (at least for your 4 year old).

Katie Schubert 2 years ago

I know what it is like to wonder where the money for next week’s groceries will come from, and having to decide whether to buy gas or groceries. I have a good job now and don’t worry about feeding my 3 girls, but I haven’t forgotten that there are other people like me out there who aren’t “well” yet. Money is still tight, but not so tight that I couldn’t afford to help someone less well off. I hope some family has a wonderful Thanksgiving with my donation.

Melissa 2 years ago

I don’t have much extra money. Like many people, our family is struggling to make ends meet…behind on bills and always trying to figure out where the money will come from to keep going until next week. But this week I do have $50 to donate. I may not know how we are going to pay our hospital bills from the birth of our son, but I do have a wonderful family that will provide us with Thanksgiving dinner. I am not worried about being able to feed my child and have a nice holiday for him. And because of that…because there is someone to help us, we want to help another family. Happy Thanksgiving!


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