Why I Won’t Stop Sharing Happy Pictures

Sarah Reinhart
This is me with my gang. We are mostly happy in this picture. Even though it was a hot day as we walked along the waterfront, and we ran out of snacks, and I maybe snapped at my husband for drinking the last of the water we’d brought with us waaaaay before we made it back to the car – we are mostly happy here. It’s a happy time. I post a few pictures like this one every day on Instagram and Facebook. I am one of those. One of those moms with a penchant for digital documentation. I am a constant chronicler. My family’s curator of all our good, and happy times.

But every so often I’ll see an article come through my newsfeed that dismisses my happy picture-taking-posting-to-social media-hobby. Or worse, one that condemns the happy sharing. It’s bad for my kids. It’s annoying. It’s a way to get blocked, hidden, un-friended, un-followed. It’s wrong in general.

[Insert aaaalll the big-eyed emojis and shoulder-shrugging GIFs here]

Because after feeling a twinge of WHOOPS, I wonder: Am I portraying us as TOO HAPPY?

And then, Nah. This is who we are.

I remind myself of the reasons why I love to share – and will continue to share – my family’s happy pictures on the internet.

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1. Social media can be used for good. Wait, what? Social media isn’t just a place for narcissists? Self-promotion? Advertising? Venting? Political hubbub? Negativity?


No, no it’s not. At the root of social media is connection. I know, I know–digital connection. But digital connection IS REAL. It has real energy. It can propel real movement. Let’s use it to raise each other up, support each other. Sharing the happiness is sharing love.

 2. Pictures tell stories and stories are powerful. No further expounding necessary because a picture is worth a thousand…


3. Living smaller isn’t the answer. You don’t have to shrink to make others feel bigger or better about themselves. Can I quote Marianne Williamson here? I think I will. “…As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” Feel good. Feel good. Feel good. Go ahead and post an after baby’s bath cute photo or that sweet family bathroom selfie because those moments made you feel so good.


4. $h*t happens and sometimes life more than sucks. We all know this. We ALL know this. Let me provide a quick example. The week before last my son brought home head lice from a friend who graciously passed it on through a baseball helmet. My other children got lice.  I had a house and family to de-bug. That meant our washing machine was running constantly. Consequently the sump pump broke. Our basement laundry room flooded. Among other things, our internet modem fell onto the wet floor. Let’s look at this break down: itchy, infested children. Flooded basement. No washing machine. Broken modem. No internet. Nooooooo. Just no.


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I could go on and on with these kinds of examples; I have five children! For every happy picture I share I assume people know there could be 10, 20, 50 images of our unhappy times too. (And sometimes I post about those times as well.) I am honest about the good and the otherwise.

But overwhelmingly there is good. Lice or no lice, there is good. There is happiness. I look for it every day. And the more I look for it, the more I find it.


It was Maya Angelou who said “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that’s really the bottom line. When I share happy images on social media my intention is that other people will see them and feel happy, too.

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About the writer

Five years ago Sarah Reinhart, put down the keys to her middle school classroom and picked up a camera instead. Now a mama of five (!), part time writer and photographer in Louisville, Kentucky she blogs at sarah-reinhart.com to share the occasional photography tip, her family's stories, and all the joy in the every day. Catch her on Facebook and Instagram/Twitter: @shreinhart

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Amanda Reynolds 4 months ago

Thank you for this post. It was so uplifting to read. I am THAT person too. I post a bunch of happy pics of us too. Keep them comin!!

Dave Greenbaum 9 months ago

Who doesn’t like pictures of Redhawks. Way to represent!

Amara Rojas-Schupp 9 months ago


Karen 9 months ago

Share on sister! I love to see the happy. I love to see the scribbled on couch, or the bag of flour that Johnny and Susie just through all over the living room. Life happens in the happy and not so happy moments we share with our families. Why not show everyone that we’re not alone in our experiences?

Daria Dustin Mirra 9 months ago

Amen! Love this!

LeighAnn Dodson 9 months ago

One one of my favorite articles!

Melissa 9 months ago

Let the positive vibes flow! Let’s see what the world can produce…THANK YOU.

Mono 9 months ago

Yes!!!! This was great. Thank you!! If someone else’s happy picture makes you angry maybe you should log off facebook and start doing something that makes you happier inside. DUH there are crappy times in between, some comical some not but why am I not keeping it real if I chose to mostly post the happy ones. I don’t get it-do you want a picture of me fighting with my husband because he still can’t find the effing scissors?!? No!! Great article!!

Nelsie Alcoser 9 months ago

We should rejoice and share in the good times! Let the good times roll!

Stephanie Scholtz 9 months ago

Yes! Great post, completely agree! If you don’t like the way I use social media then unfriend me, of course I’m only going to post happy memories on my Facebook, why would I air my problems online?! My profile is for ME not for anyone else, it’s a bonus my family and friends share these moments but it’s like a diary for me, I love to go back through my pictures and statuses because it makes me happy and be thankful for what I have!

Muriel Forrest Thrower 9 months ago

I liked this read.

Sophie 9 months ago

So you don’t think you’re a narcissist that is self promoting? Good for you that you’re happy- no one wants you not to be. Anyone who is your “friend” probably wants to see your happy pics. But NO one (ok maybe your mom but no one else) wants to see them every day. And they do make people who do not have perfect lives feel bad. That isn’t your fault but understand. If one of your beautiful Children was critically ill and your family’s days were spent at the hospital, would you post pics of that? Would you be jealous of the happy perfect people? Just think before you slam your critics. You are self promoting and putting it in other peoples faces- you don’t have to be ashamed just be realistic :)

Aimee Bermingham Miller 9 months ago

I love to post happy pictures, but I also post all the silly mess ups we have too. Or the comical drama that occurs. Real life.

Maren Berven 9 months ago

YES. Love it.

Melanie Ann Perez 9 months ago

Totally agree too much negativity!! My three kids are my life & drive me completely insane but I will share all of our happy moments whenever I feel like it because, we are just that…happy!

Fran MacCallum 9 months ago

Great article…we all need more happiness in our lives!

Megan Crick Posey 9 months ago

People are too grumpy anyway so they will pick about something all the time. I say share away!! I do!

Meli Slaucitajs 9 months ago

Never dim your light to make others feel better. Shine on. Love it

Natalia Kapsalis 9 months ago

Plus, am to supposed to whip out my camera at a funeral and then post the pictures? Take a selfie while arguing with my husband? Ridiculous! My Facebook page is a virtual photo album. I look back at these pictures all the time and marvel at how much they have grown and how much we have done.

Shaina Bolin 9 months ago

Share those happy pictures! On bad days, I need to remember that it’s not all bad!

Dianne LaRoche Johnson 9 months ago

I love happy posts! I enjoy seeing family pictures, too. When I spend time on FB, I want to smile.

Beth Carney Burbank 9 months ago

Happy to admit I’m exactly like this. I have had my own sister tell me to stop posting so many pix. I told her oh well defriend me. What’s ironic is that she lives 6 hours away and sees us maybe once a year. Anyways I love seeing my friends pix. Hell I even like looking at pix of friends friends that I don’t know. Lol

Valerie Moxley 9 months ago

Yes!!! Love this!!

Karri c 9 months ago

Yay! Thank you! People always make me feel like an a*hole for posting daily pictures of our life and happy pictures. Social media is our way of sharing our family’s experiences with friends and family who live far away. I want to see happy people. I love to see families happy and loving each other! What’s wrong with happy?

Kim Marsh 9 months ago

My wall is 99% pictures of my son and 1% funny cat pictures. Don’t like it then anyone’s free to unfriend themselves (chances are I didn’t like you anyway

Victoria Ronald 9 months ago

I am this mum too

Verónica Díaz 9 months ago

Hell yes!

Sylvia Sinsay 9 months ago

Great post!

Keri Taylor 9 months ago

It feels really good to go through your old posts and be reminded how much fun you had with your kids

Kristy Dixon 9 months ago

Yes yes yes!!!!!!

Sarah Meyer 9 months ago

Agreed…that’s what I was trying to say earlier in another post. You hit the nail on the head here.

Denise Susan Nicholls 9 months ago

I post pictures of.my.4 kids…lots of pictures….and quite probably an annoying amount.of pictures…happy ones, nit so happy,funny,everyday ordinary life pictures (you.might not find a pic of my kids shelling peas special…to me its special for.personal reasons, its a link between my happy chikdhood and theirs…no one is particularly smiley looking but the moment was special) my photos are set to private.if you dont like my photos and im a nuisance please, go ahead and block me or delete me or just simply dont look at them!..im hugely.proud of.my.kids…two are special ed.ucational needs and life.is.often VERY DIFFICULT and I share those.moments in words and statuses..i tend to use fb as a diary…im.not.going to tell you I had a row with my husband or I desperately want.this.or.that or.i can’t afford this and.it makes me.sad …but I will share photos of.my special, beautiful babies..my fb.my rules. If you dont.lime.im afraid.i really dont.care. (great article btw)

Lindsay Davies 9 months ago

I love this, I couldn’t agree more! Thanks for assuaging my guilt for posting happy pictures

Joan Wedege Lundkvist 9 months ago

Same here!!

Melinda Hicks 9 months ago

This whole thing about sharing only happy pictures is fake ticks me off. I am not going to take pictures of my kids on bad days because, lemme see, I DON’T WANT PICTURES TAKEN OF ME ON MY BAD DAYS. I mean, heaven forbid we treat our kids as we’d like to be treated. Beyond that, I don’t believe that airing my dirty laundry for the world is healthy, appropriate, or appreciated. You know what I call people who air their dirty laundry on social media? Attention w****e’s, and I block them.

Joan Wedege Lundkvist 9 months ago

I couldn’t agree more

Viviana Capella 9 months ago

Im one of those and proud!!

Kumi Obayashi-Ward 9 months ago

Love this!!!

Abby Shumka 9 months ago

Absolutely. Sometimes I feel weird posting pictures of our new baby but then all the likes and comments reassure me that so many people out there love her and love seeing her too.

Jennifer 9 months ago

I wish more people posted photos. Real photos. Not selfies in their bathroom. The best part of Facebook is seeing what is going on in other people’s lives. I’m a happy-photo-poster too. I hope other people enjoy seeing my happy photos as much as I enjoy seeing theirs.

Sharon Garland Carlson 9 months ago

Love AND appreciate this. From….another happy, positive, encouraging, family loving, haters stay away, proud picture posting mom!

Stephanie Lewis 9 months ago

All those pictures made me happy and smile. Why would anyone want to stop that reaction for others??

Chante McGinnis 9 months ago

I love this article!

Jess Diamant 9 months ago

Totally. I have a million happy photos up of my baby and family. I love sharing the good times. I just imagine that the detractors of this happy sharing are really just saying that pretending everything is perfect all the time detracts from people who are having a hard time opening up and seeking help. So I have also been very open and forthcoming about my battle with postpartum mood disorder. I’m not a Debbie Downer about it, but I feel like being honest about struggles is what normalizes and de-stigmatizes the not so perfect side of parenting.

Kimberly White 9 months ago

I totally agree with this! I always share with my friend my struggles, but I don’t post them ALL the time over the Internet. I just want to spread some joy!

Sherri Keates 9 months ago

Thank you! I needed that!

Susan Pittman 9 months ago

Please don’t EVER allow yourself to be shamed or guilted into not sharing your happy times. That is what LIFE IS ABOUT. How is it that people don’t get that? Has evil and bitterness really infected society that badly? Those of us who live far from loved ones rely on social media as a free and convenient forum by which to keep people involved. That’s just the reality of the age we live in, and I’m glad we have it.

Angela Brown Loyola 9 months ago

I agree with this! ☺

Jessica Sconyers 9 months ago

Yes yes yes!

Beth Rose 9 months ago

I am one of those moms. I would much rather see happy pictures of families then posts whining about petty things, which seams to be popular right now.

Olivia Martinez 9 months ago

I’ll admit to this lol Sometimes I feel guilty but if they don’t like it they can easily delete me lol

Megan Hammack 9 months ago

I freaking love this! I get flicked crap all the time for being to happy, posting too many pics of my smiling kids or happy moments, or blessings if you don’t like it unfriend me…..at least I’m not negative or full of drama!

Jess Diamant 9 months ago

I’m all for sharing, but I do believe in having some honesty about the challenges, too. Painting a perfect happy family picture on Facebook when things are kind of rough isolates others who are struggling. We should unite in the happiness and the struggle, rebuilding the village through social media.

Jen Walker 9 months ago

I’ve never seen anybody complain about a Happy picture.

Dinah-Maria Moyer 9 months ago

I LOVE THIS and could not agree more!!!

Brandi Ann Davidson 9 months ago

LOVE! I try to post a daily picture of my kid and a blurb about how happy he makes me. If it annoys others they can suck my big toe!

Lisa Smith Edwards 9 months ago


Megan Drotar Covino 9 months ago


Melissa Moss 9 months ago

I am one of those moms and I’m okay with that! If you don’t like my photos delete me.

Gayle Berry Seeman 9 months ago

Someday ” we” will be gone and these pictures will serves as reminders of us to our loved ones. I take “selfies” with my grandson and don’t usually even post… They are his record of the times he spent with his Nana. Other people don’t take pictures of us… So I will. It’s about US and not anyone else’s opinion of us.

Ashley Marshall 9 months ago

Amen. Get called an over sharer all the time but I stopped being bugged this is my life. I’m documenting my child’s life

Carol A McCullough 9 months ago

Nothing wrong with sharing pictures of your family. I do it mainly to have a keepsake of my children growing up and so friends and relatives can see my kids grow up. I love seeing my friends and family members’ pictures too. Helps keep us all connected!

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 9 months ago

I love this!!!! I am the picture taking/ posting mom

Trina M. Greene 9 months ago

Yep 3-5 pics is my daily average. The grandparents might start rioting if it was any less 😉

Wendy Martin 9 months ago

I prefer to air my family’s CLEAN laundry. In a swell of emotion, I’d rather share things I can be proud of than angry moments that I wish I could take back later. Positive is always preferable, because I’ve never regretted anything I said in happiness!

Jennifer McInnis Wiggins 9 months ago

Love this!! As a mom that recently debugged I am in complete agreement that we all know there crappy times so lets celebrate the happy times.

Brittany Conkling 9 months ago

yes!! I’m not sorry I choose to share our happy moments rather than air my dirty laundry on Facebook =)

Jackie Stuerze Zaraza 9 months ago

I love this! There’s enough negativity going around on social media, it is beautiful to see positivity once in a while (the more often the better!)

Ashley ‘Schriefer’ Flaumenhaft 9 months ago

This makes me happy

Rosa Linda Royer 9 months ago

Well said :)

Kristin Jones 9 months ago

Guilty and no apologies

Zodi 9 months ago

I live 5000 miles away from my mother, father and everyone Ive ever grown up with. If I didnt use social media to keep up and show people the good times, the bad times and the ugly crying time, they would get upset and feel left out. I support happy pic posting.

Abby Jo Palacios 9 months ago

Love this article and I am one of those Mom’s as well! And YES there are bad times~ Yep, some days it feels like there are more bad than good times but that doesn’t mean you throw it all away! All in all, the good tends to outweigh the bad anyhow because we’ve made it through the “bad days” :) Share ON!!

Sunshine Cowan-Belmer 9 months ago

As a fellow mom of 5 I wish I could say i overshare pictures but I hardly ever get to take pictures of my kids while I work 50 plus hrs a week. So share away and enjoy every moment with your kids.

Jennifer Cherevka 9 months ago

I’m more than happy to admit I’m one of those moms! Don’t like it? Unfriend me or unfollow me, I really could care less. I’ll do as I wish on MY Facebook page. :-) and I use it to share pics if my kids with family. I’ve had family that isn’t local tell me time and time again how they feel like they have gotten to watch my kids grow, thanks to my over sharing. :-)

Katie VanderSchaaf 9 months ago

Love this! Love sharing!

Cookie Go Go Pants 9 months ago

I agree

Crystal Wilson 9 months ago

I am one of those moms! 😀

Sara Santini 9 months ago

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Allison Scites 9 months ago

I love looking @ pics so I say share away!

Aubrey Wright 9 months ago

I’m one of *those* moms too :)

Courtney Grogan 9 months ago

As someone who gets called out all the time for oversharing or posting too many pictures i love this!!!

Kristin Tower Anderson 9 months ago

Share away. There’s way too many miserable people in the world. Happy is good!

Jessica Price 9 months ago

My thoughts exactly!! Share on sisters!!!

Nicole Butler 9 months ago


Teresa Perez 12 months ago

Brenda P Madrigal! You keep posting those happy pictures of your beautiful family…your real friends want to see them :-))

Viviana Capella 12 months ago

Love it! Ohhh I thought Ibwas the only “social media maniac” out there

Silvina Monge 12 months ago

Such a Beautiful articule!! Thank you for sharing

Sarah Barfoot 12 months ago

I’m one of those mums too! If anyone on my friends list doesn’t like it, then seriously they shouldn’t be on there anyway!!

Candace Sandifer 12 months ago

Yes! Love this!

Beth Wood Hanson 12 months ago

I’m sure that a lot of my friends get tired of my continuous posting of pictures of my children and perhaps I have been unfriended or unfollowed for it. But I know that my parents, in laws and grandparents enjoy them and that is mostly why I do it. And as more and more of my friends get married and have children, and I see pictures of their children on social media, I know they understand. How could you not want to share those amazing moments with all your friends? Those times made you so happy, how could you not want to share that? And to my friends without children, be patient with me.

Judy Kraatz Clark 12 months ago

Amen sister! Totally agree with you… Mommy to 4….

Jessica Sato 12 months ago

Oh my goodness how precious

Micheline Lacroix 12 months ago

U don’t remember the clothes basket pics?!?! rofl

Lyn Mahler McCullen 12 months ago

That’s right!!!!!! I’ll buy as many helmets as needed :-)

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 12 months ago

Beautifully written. It’s so true. Sometimes sharing that happiness can be the spark that helps people in the right direction. I say negative Nancys need not apply……who doesn’t love a Rollie pollie baby pic

Sarah McGregor 12 months ago

This picture is wonderful!!! Happy loving kids!!

Nicole Lynn 12 months ago

I enjoy looking at happy pictures!!!!! Bring them on :)

Mike Da Silva 12 months ago

One day, I’m gonna die. And at some point, everyone I know and love, they will also die. We all will. Should I morbidly dwell on that, or celebrate happy moments, even if I have to look a little harder than usual to find them? And like others have said here. This is MY wall. Don’t like it? Unfriend me. I promise not to cry.

Deb McLaughlin 12 months ago

You didnt lose anyone worth keeping. Keep posting x

Deb McLaughlin 12 months ago

Oh I love this!! I share alot good and bad…. but it is mostly good because life is good! We shouldn’t be ashamed of wanting to share that.

Angi Webb 12 months ago

Love !!

Kathryn Mink Gutierrez 12 months ago

I had no idea that there was a “thing” on FB about posting happy kid pictures. Makes me feel happy none of my friends are douche-baggy enough to openly complain about it! Ha!

Pam Kelley Marrese 12 months ago


Angela Clark 12 months ago

I post pics to remind myself how lucky I am to be a mom when I never thought I could have my own baby. I post pictures so that my family – who lives all over the US- can watch my son grow! And so they can see what I am experiencing- mostly pure joy. If anyone has a problem with that- then they are not a friend.

Peggy McCloskey 12 months ago

OMG post post post! Good or bad, pretty or ugly. It’s life.

Gretchen Allen 12 months ago

I’m one of those moms too!

Shayla Aretz 12 months ago

I love everyone’s happy pics! I love knowing that my family and friends around the country are enjoying life. Thank you for sharing everyone☺

British American 12 months ago

Love the last family photo. So adorable. :) It made me smile. Keep sharing!

Becca 12 months ago

You live in Louisville?! I thought those bridges looked familiar. I’m in New Albany and work in Louisville.

Melinda Hicks 12 months ago

I post happy pictures because I don’t take pictures when they’re not. I mean, WHO DOES? Oh, you’re sobbing your eyes out, your face is covered in something sticky and your diaper is sagging. PHOTO OP!

Brittney Holland 12 months ago

Some people overdue it with the pictures. BUT I’m not a Facebook complainer. I just unfollow people that are irritating and move on.

Denise Susan Nicholls 12 months ago

I post waaaay to many pics. I dont care…dont like it, then unfriend.me…its your problem but its MY wall

Sarah Bovyn 12 months ago

Great article! I see lots of people on here complaining about mom’s posting too many baby photos, well I just became one of those moms a month ago & I know I’ve lost “friends”

Angie Rose Knode 12 months ago

Great article! I too post pics ALL the time. I even once got a smartass response from my ex fatherinlaw abt taking so many pics of the tulsa zoo from our road/family reunion trip this summer. We live in sc and not sure if we ever will make that trip again (hopefully we will). We all had the time of our lives and really enjoyed our family trip. I made sure to take a lot of pics. Not for me. They are for the kids. So they can relive the great times they had with mom & dad growing up. I really dont care what anyone else says. In the end the only ppl that matter, dont mind, and the ones that mind, dont matter : )

Sarahbenz 12 months ago

Well, thank you so much and I couldn’t agree more sharing wonderful pic.s of our children/family will help memories be remembered children are only young once. That last pic. really made my day, I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Krystle Smith 12 months ago

Love it.I am a photoholic.Some day all my photos put together will be lovely memories for my kids to share :)

Wendy 12 months ago

Great post, I agree completely! Just one question: why, oh why, with five children would you ever consider a white sofa??? Of course, it’s not any more! :-/

Sarah Schultz 12 months ago

Love this!!!!

Jamie Bushnell Jones 12 months ago

I love every word written here! ❤️

Cari W Ortiz 12 months ago


Chelsea Kelly 12 months ago

Nailed it!

Alice Barber 12 months ago

Great article! I am a picture poster too. I honestly don’t care who it bothers, I AM a generally happy person! I am positive and enjoy my life. Why should anyone apologize for that??

Christy Maxson 12 months ago

Even if someone’s life isn’t all that is expected by others, what better way to focus on what you do have by posting happy pictures/moments. :)

Jessica C Hudgins 12 months ago

I love this!

Shannon Wagner 12 months ago

Amen. I get irate when I see the ridiculous “we know you post fake ass pics trynna look happy when your life sucks” tirades. Get real people, nobody cares if you’re impressed, they only care to share their good moments.

Natasha Davies 12 months ago

I love this.

Lindsey Boehne 12 months ago

I post happy pictures to remind myself that not every minute sucks :)

Amy 1 year ago

Your couch photo is soooo beautiful! That made me grin so much 😀 Share the happy.

David 1 year ago

I don’t think it’s “happy” pictures that cause critical responses. I think people (often erroneously) assume that there’s an underlying message to certain projections of happiness – “you have to be like this to be happy.” The picture shows happiness, but the subtext that others read is “We are happy because we fit the mold of an uber-white, bourgeois family with all the trappings.” And the negative reactions are often just poor attempts to engage in a conversation about variety in the underlying factors that create happiness.

This is true of so many kinds of posts. Take, for example, the “humble-brag:” “Hiking through the Himalayas with nothing but a backpack and my 35mm camera made me realize how small and insignificant I am.” That is a truly narcissistic kind of post, and I think such people do a disservice to the true gravity of their own experiences by using them to stroke their egos. I feel that it’s worthwhile to try to encourage that poster to share his/her experience in a more reflexive and meaningful way, but most people who feel the same impulse will just dress him/her down for the humble-brag and bring a bunch of negativity into the conversation.

It may be the way of things, but I think that if you want to avoid negative feedback on any posts, the simplest answer is to post in original ways that clearly put substance ahead of form.

Beth 1 year ago

“Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows,
Everything that’s wonderful is what I feel when we’re together,
Brighter than a lucky penny,
When you’re near the rain cloud disappears, dear,
And I feel so fine just to know that you are mine.”

Keep up bringing a little sunshine to the world. Some people stick their foot out so it can be stepped on. Those who complain are in need of professional help. And a hug.

Aleta 1 year ago

I’m one of those moms too and I only have one child :) Some of my husband’s friends have threatened to unfriend me on Facebook because I share pictures of my son so often. Ah well, go for it, I say! It’s communication on a visual level.

Hoopz Gise 1 year ago

Love this#!

Jett Dixon 1 year ago

Ha! I know completely what you mean. I have a friend whom I adore completely but he only posts pics of asses. Like 10 pics a day of just nothing but asses. So he had to go in a “special” group for just himself. Still love him though. But what I think I’m trying to convey isn’t so much that you should unfriend anyone who posts things that don’t interest you. Because let’s face it not all the people we care about like the same stuff as us. But what I’m saying is if a person posts pictures of their lives.. Their kids.. Their marriage… Their day to day… And you have no interest in them or what their posting to the point that you block them… Then maybe it’s time to reexamine if they are really even a friend or why you even have them on your list.

Keah Young-Mroz 1 year ago

I live my life, enjoy my family; and still find time to post pictures. People could say, where do you find the time to respond to a Facebook post. The answer is, we make time!

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

The great things about Facebook is that you can remove people from your feed. If you think someone is over sharing or you don’t like what they are sharing, you don’t have to unfriend them completely. There are a number of people that I have removed from my feed and they don’t even know it. It isn’t usually because of over sharing, but because I don’t like what they post. I don’t care to see calendar girls or videos of you racing your motorcycle at 120 MPH or gym selfies. I like that person and want to keep in touch, but I don’t need to be THAT in touch. LOL
I also like that Facebook lets you group people so you can control how much of your stuff that they see. I have a family group, close friends, work people, kids, etc.

Mandi Loranger 1 year ago

THANK YOU! Those kind of comments drive me bonkers. I promise that I’m not trying to convince the world that we’re perfect, however I prefer to share good news that makes people smile.

My Special Kind of Crazy 1 year ago

That picture of the sofa looks oddly familiar. Oh yeah! MY sofa. And that picture of your kids lovin’ on the new baby…also looks oddly familiar. Oh yeah! My daughter with her younger sister.
You say digital connections are REAL and I agree. I see your pictures and I see my family. I see other pictures of families that are completely different from mine, yet they are oddly familiar.
Families go through many of the same experiences. I don’t think posting pictures of the “happy times” at all indicates a family doesn’t have those “other” times.
Keep posting! I’m going to check out your blog!

Tania Pietrangelo 1 year ago

Loved it!

Iris 1 year ago

Absolutely ace. I love sharing what makes me happy, it usually makes other people happy.

Kathleen DiPaolo 1 year ago

The only thing I find is that when I’m really having a good experience and just living in these moments of my life, I don’t have time to take or post fotos. When you’re living it, there’s no time for the daily posting. I don’t get where people get the time?? this is why some of us wonder about the intentions of frequent posters. You wouldn’t post if you did not want a reaction.

Arnebya 1 year ago

None of us can control how someone else takes our sharing. None of us is responsible for only sharing one type of picture, whether it’s my laundry — MY CLEAN LAUNDRY — on the floor, where I pick from it daily, or smiling children. Keep on keepin’ on, mama, because I will tell you this: your pictures do nothing if not make me smile. I PURPOSELY, Sarah, purposely some days, go to your instagram just to smile.

Stacey 1 year ago

I love this! As a Mom to 7 kiddos, I know how much bad there is with the good. But, like you, I share our happy moments more than the bad moments. Although I share those too! I adore the colored on couch picture because it says so much, but the other pictures say even more! Great post!

Ami Milliken 1 year ago

I agree. Grab happiness as often as you can!

ken 1 year ago

From Louisville too. Traveling there in a few days with our 4 kids from 3 pregnancies, oldest only 6. One had severe special needs the first couple of years. Lots of sadness….

When there was a fleeting moment of happiness, I picked up the camera. In a typical blog post I may post 5 to 10 pictures of happy moments. (Less than a second of total time, right?)

It has created an image of our family for some that all is good despite the words I write and real challenges we faced. As things have developed with our challenged lo, it is becoming more difficult to see the everyday challenges – because she is doing so well. It is easy to say the behavior is normal toddler behavior.

It isn’t all normal, and these reactions have tempered my FB activity for sure. I still take the pictures but have found myself pausing on publishing. But I push forward with posting albeit more guarded.

Thank you for reminding me why.

Christelle Korb 1 year ago

Who wants to see sad and depressed pics anyway

Andrea 1 year ago

I love this. I’m no Pollyanna, but darn it if I don’t love all the happy pictures I see on the internet, especially the ones of the people I love. And cute animal videos. I can’t get enough of those, either.

Alison 1 year ago

I love your happy, Sarah, and I love that you’re spreading it. I have always loved your pictures – of your family, your home. And I’m not ashamed to say that yes, I too, share the happy, because why not?

Morgan Anderson 1 year ago

I love that you are focusing on the positive!

Sandy Anderson 1 year ago

The white couch! Oh my word. I just can’t. How did you not loose your mind?!? Bless you for your sanity! Did it come clean or do you now have a colorful couch?

Cyndie 1 year ago

The people who don’t like “happy” are sadly miserable themselves! Happiness us contagious!

Mary Jane Holland 1 year ago

id rather share a bunch of pics of my babies than 50 of my face

Ashley 1 year ago

Pretty sure I read the same article and it was so pretentious, poorly written, and just stupid. You don’t wanna see my pictures then unfriend me. Idc!

Kate Roettger 1 year ago

Yes! Shine on!

Sarah Reinhart 1 year ago

Woah, this is kind of surreal. Thanks again for the feature! Yay happy pictures!

Amy Richardson 1 year ago

Love it!

Kelley Dorning 1 year ago

Never stop sharing your joy!! It might be that moment that helps give someone in despair a little hope.

Nuru 1 year ago

I love this! I personally don’t know any true haters but I hear of people un-friending and getting mad about people showing only the happy…I look at it as there is enough unhappy out there I want to share the goodness in my life, is my life perfect? hell no! is every day great? not a chance. Do I want to waist everyones time pissing an moaning about it? Absolutely not!
Keep sharing the good!

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

A million likes for this post

Leslie Cantwell 1 year ago

I LOVE this!!! Sometimes I too feel guilty putting up so many happy, proud pictures. But what I should be looking at is this–who has made me feel this way?? You are absolutely right–life isn’t perfect for anyone (and if they say it is, they’re lying!) but what I post is true to life. We ARE incredibly happy. We ARE a family that likes to have fun. We ARE a family that is crazy about each other. And if I have to feel guilty about that, then maybe it’s time to do some “housecleaning” or get off of Facebook all together. Dimming someone’s light to make yours shine brighter is no way to live.

Momikoto 1 year ago

I post happy pics too. After all, it is my Facebook so I can post anything I want. Let the positivity flow everyday in our lives.

Jamie Lyn Chambers 1 year ago

love it, feels like u took the words right out of my mouth!!!!!

Rhonda Wyant Wittkorn 1 year ago

AMEN! Yes! Thank you.

Becky Lewis 1 year ago

Such a great philosophy. I plan on never feeling guilty again for wanting to share so much.

kate 1 year ago

How self-centered can you be to think that anyone gives a crap about your poor cluttered newsfeed (learn to use the “unfollow” feature) or if you think that the only reason anyone could possibly want to share their happy moments is because they want “likes”? Good grief. What a thing to complain about.

Mary C. 1 year ago

Amen! And yay! Love this post!

BFD 1 year ago

Sorry for the double posting. I thought my first one disappeared… Oops :-)

BFD 1 year ago

I post many happy pictures, but when people feel the need to share ALL the time it’s incredibly insecure because it seems that you need a lot of attention (“likes”). I LOVE to see other people’s pictures and always “like” them, but someone who posts constantly is only cluttering up my feed and dilutes the message that you are truly happy. Truly happy people don’t need daily reassurances. If that makes me a “jealous hater”, then so be it. But someone who calls other people names is only trying to make my day sucktastic rather than vice versa. (shrug)

Sarah Protzman Howlett 1 year ago

Imagine that!

bfd 1 year ago

I mostly post happy pictures on Facebook also (except for the occasional nasty day), but the only time that others are annoying is when people overpost. When people post every fucking day how “happy” their life is, I tend to believe they are either incredibly insecure and need constant attention and reassurance (i.e. “likes”) or they are fake. If that makes me a “jealous hater”, then so be it. But if you are calling other people names, then you seem to be the one to want to make other people have a sucktastic day. (shrug)

Andrea Spence Accinelli 1 year ago

If someone doesn’t want to see your pics, they are free to unfriend you. Post whatever you like.

Nicole Hoffman Schaffer 1 year ago

The problem is that people mainly post the “happy” pics and leave out the bad day pics. I think people get annoyed when every picture depicts something totally wonderful, when in reality, it isn’t (at least not all the time). I like posting happy pictures too, but sometimes people go waaaaay overboard!

Damaris Santos-Lugo 1 year ago

I feel identified!

Mary 1 year ago

I do love sincere happy pictures. However, I did know this one young mom who used to ‘stage’ each and every picture to make it look they were living a literally picture perfect life. She even admitted that she staged these happy picture moments and that most of them were not real.

So, everyone posting a truly sincere happy picture, go for it, enjoy the moment and enjoy reliving the happy moment and thank you for sharing that happy moment. All the moms who post staged pictures….who do you really think you are kidding?

Michele Holberg 1 year ago

Love the pics. So natural!

Cheryl Baessler 1 year ago

BTW I’d rather hear about happy stories than complaining and whining!

Cheryl Baessler 1 year ago

Posting on FB is a way to keep in touch with family and friends that live in far away places like Canada and the Philippines. We don’t see them too often unfortunately.

Emily Loucks 1 year ago

Well that picture is adorable, and I’m happy to see it :) (dink here)

Suzette Nortega- Noble 1 year ago

the author articulated my thoughts right on the money. Spread the love & happiness!

so 1 year ago

I personally don’t care what pictures you post on Facebook, but if you have the need to post every single day, then you need to understand that most of the rest of the world (your family excluded) really doesn’t care about most of it so we need to filter you out a lot. Oversharing doesn’t mean you are happy to me, it means that you desperately want attention. That’s fine, but also understand that most of us are busy and need to filter out the fluff.

Patricia Paredes 1 year ago

I love it ! I’m also a mother of 5 and I love sharing our happiness and memories too …

Alexis Panopoulos Roman 1 year ago


Rita Allee 1 year ago

I share happy pictures of my kids but I share other pictures and other things that happen in my life. I love my kids but I have other interests and hobbies outside of them. I do tend to wonder about women who post nothing except pictures and comments about their kids and don’t have anything else in their life…but hey if that’s what makes them happy, whatever.

Natasha 1 year ago

I think the “haters” are talking less about happy photos and more about too many photos in general no? The banal and mundane everyday life of raising children does not need to be documented quite as much as it is now. I doubt many lives are interesting enough that facebook needs one pic every single day.

jennlw 1 year ago

I saw an article (blog?) not too long ago about how Facebook is really Fakebook and how people post all the rainbow and unicorn stories and pictures of their lives, which can cause others to feel like failures since their lives aren’t all rainbowy with unicorns trotting by. While I understand what the author was getting at, I seriously doubt anyone really believes everyone else’s life is 100% accurately portrayed by their Facebook posts. Some people are more positive, some people are more negative, and some seem to be inviting drama. Facebook is just a snapshot of what each poster’s life is all about and I think most of us understand that. What we all should do is “like” the things we like, comment where appropriate, and scroll by what we don’t feel like engaging in. Don’t tear each other down for having different needs or communication styles!

Christy Combs 1 year ago

I see a lot of comments saying they have “friends” that over post. I think if you feel the need to put the word friend in quotation marks to refer to them then they probably shouldn’t be on your fb. You obviously don’t value them as a friend and likely they feel the same about you.
I ONLY post happy things. No one needs to know my personal issues within my relationship or what financial issues my family is having. So it’s a lot of my kids doing what they do best. BEING KIDS!!

Lianda Jane 1 year ago

Agree 100%

Sarah Fritz-Maldonado 1 year ago

Love this!!! I once had some trick say that I was trying to fool the world with all these happy posts and comments… Really? Had it ever occured that maybe I’m happy… Sorry her marriage and kids aren’t like mine but that doesn’t mean the whole world is miserable… I dislike people like that… Power to all the happy moms!!!! Keep posting

jennlw 1 year ago

Sucktastic! I GOTTA remember that one! 😉

Megan 1 year ago

Lol – “sucktastic”. That one’s getting added to my vocabulary for sure!

Brittney Holland 1 year ago

Some people on Facebook are just flat out annoying no matter who or what they post. The pics the author put up are fine because they actually tell a story. The pictures that get on my nerves are the ones of the same thing, everyday, fifty times a day. No variety. I Will gladly unfriend myself.

Monica Tutko 1 year ago

I love this. I would hope that anyone who has a problem with me sharing family photos would feel free to locate the remove from friends option.

Lorraine Coroy Ungarian 1 year ago

My friends happy pics make me smile and even for just a moment forget my troubles and briefly be happy for my friend that they are happy, even if that happiness didn’t last long! I always hope my pics do the same for my friends and family. There is too much sadness in this world, so I share happiness!! 😀

Marnie Chan Demeterio 1 year ago

I share pics because my family is scattered all over. And because I have a kid who wants me to post stuff so her grandma can see it. Even her poems about poop.

Lisa 1 year ago

Keep posting happy pics! I post happy photos because I live overseas from my family and I want them to see our kids having fun. I wouldn’t dream of sharing negative stuff because I’m just not going to rain on anyone’s parade. Don’t want people worrying about us. I can’t believe people would bad mouth happy families. When you’re having a crappy day someone else’s cheery photo can turn things around.

Tina Darwish Oshaana 1 year ago

Good for u. I never get sick of seeing pictures of happy families! And happy does not mean perfect. We are a family of 6. And we have had that marker-all -over-the-couch moment :-) and many other moments!

Jennifer 1 year ago

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SAYING ALL THIS!!!! AMEN AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! I am that same kind of mommy and it’s great to know that it’s ok. That I am not the only one that wants to share happiness. The world is full of negativity already… what’s wrong with a little bit of happiness!

Luly Alcrudo-Roquette 1 year ago

Exactly. Sharing happy moments rocks! whomever is bothered or judges you for being happy is not really your friend.

IBeeSkipper 1 year ago

The comment she makes about social media and keeping connected is very important to some of us that don’t all live around the block from our family and friends. Social media is a quick and easy way that almost everyone has access to keep those people in the loop. Also when people make snarky comments about family photo sharing it trivializes the things that I feel are most important.

Casey Asmus 1 year ago

The pic of colored all over couch nose picking boy!!! Love it.

Rebecca Labonte Montanez 1 year ago

I love this so much.

Jordan Everhart England 1 year ago

I love posting happy pictures of my family! I get that it portrays a “perfect family”…but everyone knows that we all have our problems/struggles…I just choose to not focus on those! Really, nobody wants to know about your problems…and I don’t care for them to know either!

Heather Crudo 1 year ago

I have 3 small kids and I post my share of cute family moments, plays, preschool graduation but I definitely have “friends” who are over posters with the family photos. I don’t need to see every waking moment of your children’s lives! It’s annoying, makes you look like a bragger and WILL get you unfollowed or unfriended. So you won’t stop sharing happy moments huh? You you go on and continue to post Suzy homemaker! You most likely don’t have much of an audience because everyone has already unfollowed you. You just don’t know it.

Momagain 1 year ago

Unhappy things are, quite often, private things. I may text, call or email the friends or relatives who need to know, or may have useful advice. But generally, outside of the occaision situation when you just have to laugh and are willing to laugh at yourself publicly, nobody photo documents the crappy things in life, broken things, angry faces or weeping partners.

Sarah-Marie Martin 1 year ago


Kirsten Gilbert 1 year ago

I post pics all day long. if you don’t like it, delete me. :)

Melissa Sitton 1 year ago

Great article, and what a inspiration. I love for my friends and family to see how happy I am.

Amanda 1 year ago

Love it! So true :-) keep on spreading happiness!!

SarahBrian Montminy 1 year ago

Yep! If you don’t like it, you know where to click!

Amber Nicole 1 year ago

Love this! I share a lot because my family and life is what’s important to me. I guess I could go on and on about negative stuff, post sad song lyrics and political bullshit but I’m happy! And if you don’t like it kindly F off. :)

Marlo Madeya Glavan 1 year ago

Yes love this :)

Ciara Agnew 1 year ago

I started doing the 100 Happy Days thing and I was thinking that too many were pics of my kids. .. but I like them & they make me happy! So I continue to share them! :-)

Christi Adrian-Monson 1 year ago

The way I view Facebook is as a 24/7/365 party. I share the same things I would have shared 20-30 years ago (if I had been an adult them)… funny antecdotes about my frustrating yet adorable toddler… political influences in our world and lives… awesome recipies I found that my culinary friends HAVE to try sometime… Sometimes, I’m in a good mood and my posts are happy, “perfect” and light. Other times, I find myself overwhelmed and challenged and reach out to friends and family for sympathy, support and advice. Still others, there is just too much going on that day and I have to decline the invitation to socialize. But this idea that we are different online than we would be in “real-life” is ridiculous. REALLY stop and think. Think about your posts… then think about the last family get together or holiday party you attended. Were your interactions REALLY that different?

Paige Jax 1 year ago

Yes yes yes!! I agree with you on everything in this post!!

Victoria Rosenberg 1 year ago

Yes!! So refreshing after so many negative articles on the topic that seem to be floating around! Love this! :)

Elizabeth Vasquez Bennett 1 year ago

To be honest, I would probably block this woman. I personally use Facebook for offbeat news stories, political happenings, and things that make me think about the outside world. I like my friends, I like their kids, I even post a photo of my family once in a while. I just don’t like it when the same family is clogging up my news feed with what I believe are variations of the same photo each day. That’s my opinion. To the author of the article I say “Rock on Sister,” …but I would still block you.

Victoria Valderrama 1 year ago

I’m so over snarky negative ppl!! Post the positive let it flowwww

Kristin Nosbusch 1 year ago

I live and work in a small town and I hear, if not on a weekly then a monthly basis, how much people enjoy seeing pictures of my kids. And I assume they say much the same to the other people they follow on Facebook. A lot of them are moms who’s kids are grown up and maybe are raising grandchildren far away. Sometimes they’re moms my age that are going through the same ups and downs we are. Sometimes they’re women without kids that enjoy seeing family life but don’t want that lifestyle for themselves. I know I love seeing pictures from friends and family especially if those people are physically removed from me. For me, it’s about staying connected.

Christina Herrera 1 year ago

Agree with Deirdre Popp, our life isn’t perfect by any means but I don’t share all the serious and negative stuff we deal with, to me that is private and no one really wants to hear about it. I chose to share the positive…. why not? There is more than enough negative to go around. Keep sharing the positive and positive will return to you!

Monica Montenegro 1 year ago

Love this. And I too post lots of pics of my kids having fun & being happy. I prefer to see others happy too. Why put negative energy out there.. Anyway if someone gets annoyed they can block me..won’t bother me in the least.

Grace Manter 1 year ago

I also look at it as my own little time capsule. 10 years down the road, I’ll get to go back through my old Facebook and see what I posted as a new mom. (Because it’s much quicker for me right now than making a journal or scrapbook..)

Amanda Albert 1 year ago

Maya Angelou – very powerful episode!

Christine DeRoss 1 year ago

I’m afraid to post to much about my life on social media because I am so happy. It’s sad, I feel like I need to hide my happiness because I don’t want to rub it in anyone’s face.

Jennifer Clark Jones 1 year ago

love this :)

Mrs B 1 year ago

Great Article. Especially LOVE your husband’s blue tuxedo shirt. Awesome!

Ncb Ncb 1 year ago

This is so great! I feel like this too! I feel blessed by my family.. I dont take a bunch of selfies or pics of my new toys, or bitch all day about how shitty everything is.. the only thing I really show is my beautiful miraculous kids.. I have family all over the world and want them to see my littles get big.. and I am so happy when I see my FB friends post pics of their beautiful families !! I think its an honorable way to FB, however I do know there are people who hate people who post baby pics! I say, hide me, because there is no accomplishment or possession that I will ever value more than my kiddos and my family, so I will continue to share for those who care :)

Kellie Scarbrough 1 year ago

Yes thank you! Bring on the happy!! I’m not dumb-I know real life is messy but that doesn’t mean the bad times have to define us!

Jennifer Lee Orr 1 year ago

I love this article! So good

Nichole Ferello 1 year ago

I think that if we can’t be happy for others, we can’t expect them to be happy for us when we are in good times.

Cassie House 1 year ago

Most people that post thier troubles just want the attention or the ones that post financial issues just want a handout. I prefer to keep my personal business personal. I do occasionally vent onfacebook but not often. I do however see MANY people that try to make themselves look better than they actually are.

Lindsey Hebert 1 year ago

By far my new favorite page. You’ve got it all…The good, the bad, and the funny! Thanks for being real!

Tamara Bui 1 year ago

I love this and agree completely

Jennifer Breva 1 year ago

I want my friends to be happy. Why is that wrong? Happiness is not finite. Someone else’s happiness does not cause you to have less.

Samantha Shay Epstein 1 year ago

I love seeing pictures of happy people. I like reading the bitchy posts too. I’m really shy so it is easier for me to socialize this way.

Chris Becker Omerod 1 year ago

Ohhhhh, the couch!!! Enjoyed this article. I am one to post happy, funny and uplifting things. I have problems just like everyone else but I don’t wish to share them with everyone. Be happy!

Angela Noon 1 year ago

Agreed! If you don’t want to see so many cute happy family pics, get off the internet yourself.

Jett Dixon 1 year ago

If you are on my Facebook friends list then I want to see your life. I want to see pictures of your kids, your vacation, your wedding, special meal you made or had… I think the problem with the whole “don’t share your family pics and life on Facebook” mentality is Infact because we aren’t selective enough about who we are sharing our memories with. Your true friends and family (especially if you live far away) will want to see what’s going on in your life and probably be thankful to have this connection. If the girl who sat behind you in third grade doesn’t want to see pics of your family maybe you should rethink who you are friending.

Ashlee 1 year ago

I LOVE this post! I saw that article (or one of them) the other day and felt my own desire to retort as well. The fact that there are unpleasant moments does not make the happy moments a lie. Some of us have family and friends who live hundreds of miles away and love to see photos of our babies as much as possible. My biggest problem with the article I just saw was that it ended with a line like, “which is how it should be.” To each his own. Personally, I fall on the side of picture sharer and embracer of joy.

Thank you for this!

Aimee Nicole Wilson 1 year ago

Thank you for this!!! I agreed with every word! ❤️

Kimberly Dawn Jansen 1 year ago

Thanks a ton for posting this!!!

Brittany Lowry Cupp 1 year ago

Love this!

Tarina Harrison Baker 1 year ago

Long live happiness!!

Megan Clement 1 year ago

YEEEESSS!! Love this and thank you for sharing!!!

Kelly Enders-Tharp 1 year ago

Yes. Yes. A million times yes! I have my family all over the internet and have for years. When I die, my kids will now of all of our journeys, in my own words, with our own photos. I see my FB page as a diary of sorts. They will truly know who there mother was and how much they all meant to me . . . good days and bad days.

I’ve also used it to help normalize surrogacy and now, families that have 2 moms. Some people say I’m putting too much out there . . . I disagree.

Lisa Louie-Herrero 1 year ago

Love this!

Jenn Kelley 1 year ago


Loralea Clay 1 year ago

This is, by far, my favorite blog/page. Thank you for doing what you do, please don’t stop.

Angie Lopez 1 year ago

I agree Idk why so many negative people. My pictures are real, I’m happy, my kids are happy, yes we do stuff together and I like to take pictures so one day when they are older we can go back and remember those times, Idk why so many nasty people would find it annoying. Please unfriend me if my positive happy family bothers you lmao.

Christine Gritmon 1 year ago

Amen! Keep happying!!! <3

Ashley Crtalic 1 year ago


Kristen D’Allegro 1 year ago

Keep sharing… the world needs more happy!

Kimberly Webb 1 year ago

Jealous haters whose lives suck unfortunately. Misery loves company and they want everyone else to have a sucktastic day as well.

Nelsie Alcoser 1 year ago

Cuz I’m happy:-)

Julie Summers Alspaugh 1 year ago

I believe the line we’re looking for is ‘haters gonna hate’…. so we can go on and let them and get on with our happy selves! Love this!!

Katie Smart 1 year ago

Love this!!

Grace Bonnelly 1 year ago


Deanna Turley Weigel 1 year ago

I love this article. This is exactly how I feel about this topic.

Amanda Jackson 1 year ago

Amen! Some things are worth sharing and some things are more appropriate being handled behind closed doors. I hate when fb friends post all about their drama. Attention seeking much????

Michele Diaz 1 year ago

LOVE this.

Emmi 1 year ago

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I think I know exactly what article you’re referring to since I just read one like that. It really ignited my pregnancy rage. It’s my personal page and I don’t care who follows it. I share the memories for myself and for my family (my parents live across the country). Even for my husband since he works a lot and doesn’t get to share in all the little moments of our days. Some days aren’t good, and I’ve posted a tantrum picture or two as well, but over all I try to focus on the positive things in our lives. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to look. *shrug* And when I see my friends’ happy photos, I’m happy for them too and glad I get to share in those parts of their lives!

Stacie Small Mendoza 1 year ago

I prefer to see happy things on Facebook. Too much negative and sad things posted on Facebook these days. All it does is bring me down. Bring on the happy!

Deirdre Popp 1 year ago

I had a friend post a somewhat snarky status about everyone’s perfect families. Uh, no. We deal with serious issues I don’t share. I try to keep my posts positive because it causes me to *look for* the positive things worth posting–and worth fighting for.

Julieta Rivarola 1 year ago

seriously. so over the “facebook isn’t real” bs

Carrie Nelson 1 year ago

Spread happiness!!! Yay! Lovvvvve this!

Neli Tavares Hession 1 year ago

Amen! Love it!

Laci Duke 1 year ago

who in the world HATES happy pictures? LOL


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