5 Signs You May (or May Not) Be Pregnant


Back in my TTC days, (that’s “trying to conceive,” for those of you who may not frequent fertility message boards) I was acutely tuned into my signs of fertility, my menstrual cycle, and particularly any potential early signs of pregnancy. I’m sure I’m not the only person who experienced this heightened level of awareness brought on by a desire to become pregnant, but I always envied those Type B conceivers- you know, those people who said things like, “We’re not trying to get pregnant, but we’re not not trying!” Those laid-back, well-adjusted bastards.

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Anyway. I am no longer trying to conceive, but it seems that old habits die hard. Even though I am relatively certain that every 28 days, good old Aunt Flo will be arriving on my doorstep with her shitty mood and suitcase full of junk food, I still manage to convince myself that I simply must  be pregnant.

Have you ever noticed how similar the early signs of pregnancy are to garden variety PMS? What a joke, especially for those optimistic fertility enthusiasts! Sore breasts? You’re definitely pregnant! Or, you’re about to get your period. You know- one of the two. Back in my days of daily temperature monitoring, I could never tell if my tender boobs were from an actual pregnancy or from me squeezing them every 45 seconds in an effort to determine if they were sore. The old “chicken-or-the-egg” conundrum: pregnancy symptom edition. (Do I keep fondling my boobs because they are sore, or are they sore because I keep touching them?)

It is hard not to fall victim to the pregnancy symptom mirage when you are the type of person who has been religiously monitoring her fertility signs, as I had been doing with each of my pregnancies. I could read my cervix like a psychic reads tea leaves. How could I not notice all these subtle changes happening within my body? Or was it wishful thinking? At any rate, I was certain that when I was no longer trying to get pregnant, I would stop being so preoccupied with potential “early symptoms”. I was wrong.

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Here are some of the most vexing “symptoms” that I become aware of on a monthly basis:

1. Nausea. As it turns out, I am vaguely nauseous and slightly hungry a majority of the time. I have forced myself to pay more attention to this condition, and it seems to happen regularly with no rhyme or reason, and during times at which it is physically impossible for me to be pregnant. Maybe I need to have a good colon cleanse or something. Or go gluten-free. Or (shudder) lay off the coffee.

2. Fatigue. Hello? I have two kids, both of whom have the irritating tendency to wake up at dawn. Of course I’m tired. Next!

3. Food/Smell Aversions. I have decided I can attribute this “symptom” to my bothersome and irrational paranoia of food spoilage. Sure, I’ve had food poisoning a few times, but there really is no logical explanation for why I am so vigilant about expiration dates, produce that is disturbingly “flaccid,” and dairy products that smell a bit “off.”

4. Food Cravings. I’m certain that the cause of this condition is my unconscious desire to continue to indulge my thrice weekly post-bedtime cookie ritual.

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5. Mood Swings. Let’s get real- I am always looking for a reasonable explanation for my emotional reactivity, irritability, and weepiness. Pregnancy is just a convenient excuse. (I must be pregnant, or why would I be crying about this horse wearing a jacket? Because you have PMS, idiot.) 

Does anyone else suffer from this monthly lapse of judgment? Surely I am not the only woman who manufactures pregnancy symptoms even when she is trying not to get pregnant! Perhaps I am doomed until I hit menopause, at  which point I will finally stop experiencing these phantom signs of pregnancy. But I fear that even years after my uterus gives up its monthly foray into crying-over-commercials hell, I will still convince myself that those hunger  pangs are really morning sickness.

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Stephanie Sprenger blogs about the imperfect reality of raising young kids at Mommy, for Real. She’s also the co-founder of The HerStories Project, a writing and publishing community for women. Come waste time with her on Facebook and Twitter.


Amy 7 months ago

I was one of those, “we’re just Not trying to NOT have a baby…” before my daughter was born.
Don’t worry, I have been WELL punished for my brevity, over the intervening 13 years I have been trying to give her a sibling.
I often get the feeling my body ENJOYS torturing me on a monthly basis with the are you/aren’t you wondering, (and somehow, though I KNOW at this point the answer will most likely continue to be, ‘you aren’t,’ I cannot manage to give up hope. My body will hold out…. delaying my period until JUST after I have finally given into “it IS a possibility…” and taken a test. My period will usually arrive minutes to hours after. y best friend has often said, “If it wouldn’t hurt YOU, I would punch your uterus in the face for being a jerk!”

Stephanie Flores 7 months ago

I seriously go through this every month I’ve ever had sex since I lost my virginity. This past month everyhttp://www.sciencealert.com/scientists-who-found-evidence-for-gluten-sensitivity-have-now-shown-it-doesn-t-exist “symptom” I had, I told myself “you do this all the time! You’re crazy!” Low and behold, I’m pregnant!

Lucy 11 months ago

I have a feeling I’m pregnant, one my period is late and then I have all the symptom’s of pregnancy. It feels like my period is coming kind of but isn’t. We have been trying for along time now. I haven’t took a test yet, can someone please respond back ASAP!!!! My period come’s every34 days on time and I just need advice please and thank you.

Kim 1 year ago

Well i think im pregnant

Kim 1 year ago

I am kinda scared my boyfriend said he did not cumm but i know for a fact he did before we had sex the other day i had not had sex for 2 almost 3 years i am happy if i am prego but it will be my first

Gabs 1 year ago

Thankyou for this! I am in the middle of a scare (want to be, don’t want to be, i don’t know!) and I am seven days away from my period. Lo and Behold! I am slightly crampy, teary, and have broken out…My alcohol aversion has clearly seemed to dissipate (pass more wine) and I happily hoed into a burger and fries today (clearly no food aversion) and all these symptoms are typical PMS….Spending hours on the chat rooms left me in an anxious puddle of confusion (despite 6 negative pregnancy tests) and I was obsessively trying to calculate the last 6 months of my cycle. Yep, I have the propensity for anxiety, and I have noticed that although there were some beautiful stories on the chat boards and there is clearly a presence of supportive, kind women (which was so nice to see) they were not for me. There was an internal niggle that I knew I wasn’t pregnant, but thinking about all the symptoms and hearing the relentless positive “yes! nausea and cramps, I think you’re pregnant!” really, genuinely, made me think I was. I am so intune with my body & have always relied on instinct, but wow, it was so easy to get swept away with what are a handful of normal, explainable symptoms. Thank you for this, I love real talk.

Lourdes 1 year ago

I am so glad i found this. I am currently going through this right now. I am 24 years old and me and my fiance have been together for 5 years and are ready to have a child. Unfortunately month after month nothing is happening and I am being to feel really discouraged. We are both well established so we just want a little bundle of joy to make us complete. I wake up every morning feeling very very nauseous, my boobs hurt when i touch them, my mood swings are OUT OF THIS WORLD, i have been peeing more than usual and i am so very exuasted. But this has happend before and i dont want to get my hopes up :(. My cyle is due in about 2 days and while I am trying to stay optomistic and believe that this is finally it theres big doubt in the back of my mind. But reading your post did really put a smile on my face so thanks :)

tabby 1 year ago

All. The. Time. Doing it now. Ttcing, and I’m only 6 dpo, been sick two days in a row, MUST be pregnant! Super fatigued! MUST be pregnant! Even though I KNOW nothing should be happening for nearly another week!

Amber 1 year ago

Ok ladies I need some help here.
So last month I had a bladder infection, gross, I know. Well it was so bad that I started bleeding like a period but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t a period. Anyways, I got antibiotics but the doctor said my BC will not work will the antibiotics. I started taking the antibiotics and decided to stop taking my birth control cause they weren’t going to work. Dumbest move right?! Anyway! I stopped bleeding January 4th that’s a long time to bleed. I didn’t get back on the pills till about a week to two weeks later my infection was gone and my fiancé and I had sex many times unprotected and he finished inside of me many times. Well now that it’s about that time for my period to come it’s not coming. I am moody like no other. My boobs don’t hurt but my nipples do. I have slight period cramps that come and go all day. I wanna eat EVERYTHING. My skin is breaking out like crazy. I’m so TIRED! I get a slight headache here and there. I have takin two pregnancy tests and they both have said negative. No spotting so I don’t know what’s going on. Help girls!

Austin 1 year ago

My friend had sex with a condom on about a week ago, and the girl he had sex with is saying she might be pregnant and she thinks so because, she has been pregnant before. She says she has symptoms of dizziness and basically a lot of the symptoms of being pregnant

Kathy 1 year ago

I’m trying to get pregnant the last couple of months with no success and i swear that all those times right before my period I kind of feel I was pregnant… Every little thing felt like a pregnancy symptom to me. Lol!! I feel silly specially When I get disappointed each time.

Kate 1 year ago

Yes! Omg I love and needed this. Thank you for making me feel a little more normal and less alone on this..”Because you have PMS,idiot” lmao. I tell myself that all the time. Love this article.

elsa 1 year ago

Hi. I’m Elsa from Philippines. i have this problem of mine. about not so sure of pregnancy. Im 19 and still virgin. YES, definitely still a virgin. This problem of mine start when me and my boyfriend do something, I’m not ready to give up my virginity so as to satisfy him we do this thingy , he ejaculate outside of my V, when I got home I searched to the internet if a person can get pregnant without having sex? :'( then a lot of website saying that Yes a person can be pregnant without having sex. :( (you know what I mean). After reading a lot of stories of people got pregy without having sex got me nervous and lead me to panic. Until now im still nervous and in panic state. :'( I cry after reading …1 day of crying didn’t lose a little panic in my body.
then after that night symptoms of pregnancy hit me. ;( im not really sure if im pregnant . i dont want to be pregnant:'(.. i didn’t try to use a PT because im scared – what if the Pt result is Positive or what if Negative? Im really scared.. What Should I do ma’am?
according to my research high doses of Vitamin C can lead to a miscarriage .. So until now im still drinking 4000 dosage of vitamin C everyday, :'( but the symptoms of pregnancy like burping, blood spot/browny spot, stomach cramp.. headaches and moody sometimes .. my last period is last November 18- and we did that thingy after my menstruation Last nov 22. and im expecting my period discoming dec 18. :'( what should I do? Am i pregnant ? I cant go to hospital because I have no Money my family is poor and im scared that my mom will know and get her disappointed. In my case pregnancy is not allowed in my religion until not yet married. please advise me what should to do just to prevent this… please? :(

lorie 1 year ago

my gf went to the health dept last monday oct 27th 2014 an took 3 tests all positive so on tues, wed, an thurs she took one each day all negative now today a week later nov 3rd 2014 she has her period a little confused both of us is she not pregnant since aunt flow came to visit an her at home tests were negative?

rachel 2 years ago

Im frightened, since May my period has only come once. Which was in July, I honesty don’t know what to do. I’ve taken pregnacy tests and they all come out negative my breasts hurt at random times. I don’t have the fund’s to go see a doctor and wish not to burden the hospital with something so small as a miss period. I say my stomach has been bothering me at times and dismissed it. Please do not judge because you don’t know what I have been through but I really need advice im only 20

Natacha 2 years ago

Omg! I love it. I wasnt exactly but than I guess i was trying to get pregnant. Well truth be told I have five children the youngest three being 4 1/2, 3 and 2. See they were all pretty much back to back so you could see my paranoia in why im not pregnant again. Fyi…NEVER EVER use protection. But now i got my period but still have nausea, food aversions, headaches, backaches,heartburn,acne. These things are all new to me considering i dont ever have pms symptoms except for sever cramping first day of cycle. So im obssed and will continue to be obssesed checking to see if im pregnant.

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Ellen 2 years ago

I am currently going through that now. A few months ago I had a lapse in judgment. I know I am not the only one and now 2 months later, almost 3 months later I am scaring myself into thinking I am pregnant. I have been playing with the boobs not sure if they are sore from pregnancy or from my squeezing them to see if they are sore. I think I see vains through my boobs a sign. I have gained some weight and I have been sucking in my stomach which has now currently made my stomach muscles hurt. I can’t de stress. I have two already. One is on the spectrum and I have a tough time with him and I don’t need another child. I had my period recently but I worried it was implantation bleeding. I am afraid to take a test for fear I am pregnant. We are always so good with BC but our last vacation in June we almost slipped up completely. I need to calm down because it will be what it will be. Just praying for a different outcome. I did this to myself a few years ago. I loved your post. I smiled at all the similarities in my life!!!!!! THANK YOU! Can someone please make me feel better. I have no symptoms. =)

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pheona32 2 years ago

Well I’m having slight cramping and I got nauseous today for the first time in a while my boobs are tender last week they were itchy. I’m confused because my boobs get tender before I stay my period but never itchy and I’m never nauseous having lots of gas also I normally don’t have it’s the 18th of August my menstrual isn’t due till the 23rd so I guess I’ll wait it out I’ve also be r n urinating more then often wish me luck ladies!!!

Victoria 2 years ago

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Gracey 2 years ago

Hi steph! Glad to read this blog. I kept having negative in my pt for the past days but i can’t get away from food cravings and getting hungry almost every hour. My period is 16 days due already. Instead of a period, i had this 2 weeks of brown discharge and lower back pain and sometimes cramping. And last 2 days ago, i thought i’ll be having my period because there was a drop of blood and that’s it.
I had my blood tested 1wk after my period was due and negative.
I also did pt last night and still negative.
I had u/a and cbc and got no infection.
Can anyone help explain to me what i’m going through right now? Please.
If ever i’ll be, this will be my first.
All i have is brown discharge for almost 3 weeks now, food cravings, hunger, fart always and constipation, feeling sleepy and tired. Am i pregnant?
The dr said i’m not b/c of the lab results.

Thoko 2 years ago

Sjoe!!!! I am a mother of two teenagers my husband has twoo as well but we are trying to get one. He always predict that I am pregnant and will also get the signs but damn Aunt Flo pop up and I will be very upset

Saniya 2 years ago

Hi, meine i.pill 72 hour k andar le li the.last month 15 june,bt meri period abhi tk ni aai. M’i pragnent.

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Ashley 2 years ago

I think what is worse is when you are trying to get pregnant for the first time. I have no idea what it is like to be pregnant and so I am always wondering every month if I am truly pregnant. I get myself worked up trying to convince myself and I will even take the test but it ends up negative. It would be nice to finally have a positive test but I know everything will happen in it’s own time.

Oni 2 years ago

i married my gf 2 month ago….every time i used condoms!but suddenly my wife told me that she hadn’t period last 3 months rightfully…sometimes it happens,sometime not….but when we did first time sex since then her period is permanently stop…is she become pregnant?

Jennie 2 years ago

You know… I don’t have any close girlfriends but, do want to be mine ? I go through this EVERY MONTH. I always feel and look at my stomach. Like somehow that is an indication of early pregnancy. Yesterday my stomach felt really hard. Turns out I just have gas TMI. But after that trailer for the last Twilight movie I kept thinking I’ll have a baby bump instantly.

When I was in my teens I somehow convinced myself I had become pregnant through other means and missed my period that whole month.

Alfonso 2 years ago

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Lady 2 years ago

I wish there 100% positive signs I been trying to be safe when it comes to sex but I have not had my period this month an I’m scared to death that it gonna be positive when I take the test. I’m hoping it negative I’m not ready to have kids yet

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Julie Boyer 2 years ago

I have a very irregular cycle. I am not trying to get pregnant. I’m 40 years old! However, over the last year, at least 2 weeks prior to Aunt Flo coming to visit, my nipples get really sore, I get nausea, and have food cravings. Never fails!

    Olivia 2 years ago

    Me too I don’t know what to do about it and it’s worrying me immensely. Help!!!

      Julie Boyer 2 years ago

      Well, I ended up taking 3 home pregnancy tests…all positive. So, looks like I’m starting over for another 18 years at least. lol

sweetiepie 2 years ago

I’m 34and my cycle went off January 31 and I got inseminated February 5 to the 9 but its now February the 22 my cycle is due the 26 or the 28 I have no sign of pms and I test and it was negative I had a urinary tract infection is their a chance I could still be pregnant please help.

Gynecologist mountain view, ca 2 years ago

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makayla 2 years ago

for the past 3 months my period has been over 2 weeks late, this month i only had my period for 3 days. both of these are very un usual for me.ive been getting symptoms like sore boobs,food cravings,mood swings,frequent urination, fatigue, senstive smelling. id eventually thought that i could be pregnant because i dont know any other reason why this could all be happening . however out of the 8 pregnancy tests i did only one was postive and that was the 5th one i took but the 3 after that that i took was negative.

can anyone suggest why else this could be happening to me???????????????????????

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Russell Lildoppercash 2 years ago

I have taken t hpt it said (positive) I am hurting in my lower stomach like I’m on my period. My breast hurt I look bigger and I have been hurting a lot.

poems 2 years ago

i had a stillborn in June but i want to try again I’m spotting in between my mental and i still have my period could anybody help me with this issue

Jacky 2 years ago

I got my last periods in December, around month end there.
Was waiting for January, which would have taken place around 25th there.
But had unprotected sex on the 18, 19 and took a morning after pill on the 20th at around 9pm. Its now the 3 February I took
a pregnancy test and it showed positive could I be pregnant for real ???

Tara 2 years ago

I’m a 32 yr old and ttc for the first time. you have just described my life in this blog. the anticipation followed by heart ache and depression month after month …never knew or thought trying for a baby could be such an emotional rollarcoster

marlise1991 2 years ago

hi I was on the injection for almost 3 years and went off it about 10 months ago after that I had my period on and of for about 3 weeks now its totally gone its a month now I don’t know what it is I took a lot of preg tests and all show negative but keep on gaining waight and have mood swings could this mean something I don’t know please help

andrea1975 2 years ago

Not wanting to get pregnant at all. I have four Children. This month I
was late for my bleed. This never has happened before without me being
pregnant. I had all the symptoms of my bleed been due only two weeks
before it actually arrived. Normally these symptoms would only be a day
or two before. Sore boobs, and cramps ( the mood is a good week before)
In my quest to try and explain the reasons why this has happened, I
have convinced myself I’m pregnant. Even though I have taken about 15
negative pregnancy tests. I almost did not take the morning after pill,
after another hiccup (dodgy batch of condoms) as I have convinced myself
I’m already pregnant. Even looked up the hook effect ( where woman
don’t test positive, due to too higher concentration of hormone) ( The
down side of the internet. Little knowledge and all that) Today I even
diluted my urine just to see. Seriously getting on my own nerves now.
Still got sore boobs, and feel sick and dizzy. But there is a virus
floating round our house. Kids have all been off it. My logical side,
says don’t be so silly. So why do I continue with this escapade? Who
knows? But I just wanted to illustrate, if you want to be pregnant or
not how swept away with all this we can get. Paranoia or wishful
thinking can play some silly cruel tricks.

Andrea Hoare 2 years ago

Not wanting to get pregnant at all. I have four Children. This month I was late for my bleed. This never has happened before without me being pregnant. I had all the symptoms of my bleed been due only two weeks before it actually arrived. Normally these symptoms would only be a day or two before. Sore boobs, and cramps ( the mood is a good week before) In my quest to try and explain the reasons why this has happened, I have convinced myself I’m pregnant. Even though I have taken about 15 negative pregnancy tests. I almost did not take the morning after pill, after another hiccup (dodgy batch of condoms) as I have convinced myself I’m already pregnant. Even looked up the hook effect ( where woman don’t test positive, due to too higher concentration of hormone) ( The down side of the internet. Little knowledge and all that) Today I even diluted my urine just to see. Seriously getting on my own nerves now. Still got sore boobs, and feel sick and dizzy. But there is a virus floating round our house. Kids have all been off it. My logical side, says don’t be so silly. So why do I continue with this escapade? Who knows? But I just wanted to illustrate, if you want to be pregnant or not how swept away with all this we can get. Paranoia or wishful thinking can play some silly cruel tricks.

sammiches 2 years ago

i am 29 no kids! ya never know what the signs mean they are all the same seems like! smh! what ever will we do :(

latoya 2 years ago

No period symptoms breast are swollen mom noticed what do you think?

What the hell 2 years ago

Actually I swore this could be so right if I didn’t have unprotected sex with my partner. I just stopped nursing two months ago. I took my ring(nuvo) out for my cycle. At the same time my insurance died. Lucky me:( so ok the stuff stayed up there for days I swear until my two fertilest days! By day nine first it was my boobs, day ten morning sickness in full swing. Two times I barf one when I’m nervous two I’m pregnant. Now it’s the 14 days now barfing after every bloody meal. I believe the 9 month sickness has hit me hard. I can feel the milk filling up in my breast. Damn it!

jamie lim 2 years ago

can I ask something, Im delayed with my menstruation. and how woULd I know if Im pregnant or not without using the pregnancy test?

Emma Louise 2 years ago

I am Exactky the same, no children yet, 26 years old. I want a baby so so much I convince myself every single month I’m pregnant, even if impossible! :(

    marlise1991 2 years ago

    I know you feel im trying aswell to have a baby

tina 2 years ago

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tina 2 years ago

Hey, I have a query regarding dropping the pregnancy through pills (mifepristone and misoprostol). My friend can’t go with the baby so she took the pills within 5 weeks of pregnancy. But now she is worried whether the pill has worked or not, whether she is still pregnant or not? Kindly tell me what she should do and what are the symptoms like after dropping?

Kathleen Girard 2 years ago

Preaching to the choir. I swear I am single handedly keeping ept in business! Well actually know I know they have your support as well lol

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about mass killers, such as Kip Kinkel and Richard Farley.

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