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S’more Pops

S'more Pops

I am not a mother who bakes. Let me rephrase that: I am not a mother who bakes well. Unlike cooking, where I can taste and alter and fuss around, baking is all about following directions. And following directions? Not something I excel at. Plus, who has the time for things like proper cooling? Not me.

The desserts I like to make are insanely easy, but still impressive. It’s best for everyone that way. Yesterday, I saw a picture of s’more pops. Marshmallows, dipped in melted chocolate and covered in crushed graham crackers? Even I could handle that, I thought.

Today, I made them and they are every bit as adorable and delicious as I had hoped. Plus, they take all of five minutes to whip up, which is pretty much all I can handle these days.

If you’re an inadequate baker, too, I suggest you try them. Here’s how:

Melt milk chocolate in the microwave (30 seconds at a time, for about thee minutes, stirring in between.) Crush graham crackers. Stick marshmallows on some sort of stick. I used paper straws because I had them in the house. Dip in chocolate, coat in the crushed graham crackers and stick upright in a cup to cool in the fridge. That’s it.

After the graham cracker, we moved on to whatever other toppings we had on hand. Next time, I may even go all crazy and dip them in colored white chocolate.

Who’s coming over for dessert?

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S'more Pops

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