10 Steps to Prepare For Motherhood


I opened a diaper the other day (one attached to a child), and a baseball-size ball of poop rolled out … into my hand. Like any normal human would do, I shrieked. And then, like any mother would do, I calmly threw it away.

It got me thinking that there should be a way to determine whether one is really able to handle parenthood. I mean, really. Babysitting does not count. I babysat all the time growing up … and I had three siblings. None of that prepared me in the slightest for having my own kids. I wasn’t privy to the late-night feedings or early-morning vomits that I am now.

So I’ve devised a test, and it doesn’t involve staying up all night listening to crying. That’s the easy part!

1. Procure a baseball-size hunk of feces—human, animal, whatever. Hold it in your hand for one minute.

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2. Have a friend or spouse fill his or her mouth with fake blood and run to you screaming. Put your hand in the mouth and try to determine the source of bleeding.

3. Dip your hand into a jar of peanut butter, and rub your hands together like you’re spreading on lotion. Run your hands along every upholstered surface in your house.

4. Fill a few sippy cups with milk, and hide them like you would Easter eggs around the house, except upside-down. Set a reminder for 10 days, and then try to determine where they all are … and how to remove the smell from your house. It doesn’t matter whether the cups are “leak-proof” or not. A cup filled with milk sitting upside-down on your carpet for 10 days will leak–guaranteed.

5. Buy a bunch of children’s books and marvel at how 99.99% of them have animals in them. Understand that every creature—rhinoceros, duck, porcupine—in those books is 99.9999% easier to care for than caring for a child. Many books have different ideas about how an animal should sound. “Ribbit” in one book and “croak” in another don’t jive. Talk to your spouse about consistency in animal noises. It will save for confusion later. Also, agree on animal noises for animals that you don’t know. We’ve told ours that giraffes say “Munch crunch” as they eat leaves from a tree (and we stole that from a book). Because your kids will want to know.

6. Find a college bar, and hang out there until someone looks like they need to vomit. Stand 5 inches away from their face when it happens.

7. Scoop a hunk of mud out of your yard and throw it in the tub. Now, take a cup and try to scoop out every piece of that mud as it breaks apart. This is what happens when someone poops in the tub. Poop (and probably mud) is harder to corral than a goldfish.

8. Learn silly sounding words like Boppy and Bumbo and Mamaroo, Desitin and Boudreaux’s. Those are serious things.

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9. Get a regular screwdriver, and try to fix a pair of loose glasses. Those tiny screws? They’re in all baby toys/implements. Bonus points if you put a recording of a screaming toddler on while doing this.

10. Study Baywatch-era photos of Pamela Anderson. If you want a mid-90s rack like that, don’t nurse or pump for 8 hours. And, voila! A chest of rocks.

If you got through this little test, congratulations. You are definitely fit to be parent!

You are also fit to be a serial killer.

About the writer

Claire left her job as a magazine editor to raise her two kids. These days when she's not freelancing, she's kissing stubbed toes, reciting storybooks from memory and dreaming of wine. You can follow along on her site http://clairevath.wix.com/portfolio.


Susan Maccarelli 2 years ago

So funny! I especially like the one about throwing dirt in the tub. My daughter was never a big tub pooper but I swear my son plans it that way every time and give no warning. Sigh. Great post!

Ariel Clarke 2 years ago

soooooo excited lol

Andrea Hosimer Kahkonen 2 years ago

LOL!!!! This was quite humorous 😀

Isabelle Verreault 2 years ago


Christina Martinez 2 years ago

10 and 4 lol.

Ingrid Walerius 2 years ago

#4 today ugh

Barbara Walden 2 years ago

hilariously true!!

Roshni 2 years ago

I can certainly vouch for the extraordinary generosity to provide an endless supply of poop!! 😛

Katie Shurtz 2 years ago

Giraffes actually bleat kinda like goats. Googled it, Kid just had to know.

Amanda Sanders 2 years ago

Lmao I’m not sure how much of that I could really handle lol

Greg DesBrisay 2 years ago

Or parenthood (except for #10). Why be sexist?

    claire 2 years ago

    You’re right about that. As the author of this post, I certainly should have said “parenthood.” My husband is an equal partner in going through all of these rites of passage (although he escaped being vomited on in the face).

Noble Monet 2 years ago

#4 is my current situation

Michelle Nash 2 years ago

lol well before became a mom I already had a little bit of insight on being mom because I worked in daycares for a long time lol

Ainslie Rimmer 2 years ago


Mehta Punjasthitkul 2 years ago

Oh come on, my baby can drink way more Guinness than those frat boys

Margarita Miranda 2 years ago


Pioneer Mom 2 years ago

Ha ha ha! Loved reading this post. So true!

Alicia Sibley 2 years ago

Don’t forget the diarrhea explosions in public when they take antibiotics.

Shelby Leigh Edwards 2 years ago

Ew wtf.

Amie Conner 2 years ago


Heather Schultz Dragone 2 years ago

The constant need for food…..as if they haven’t eaten in days!!!

    Earleen Kemmish 2 years ago

    OR….refusal to eat anything.
    Great piece !!!

Claudia Brito de Caraccioli 2 years ago

So funny and so true!!!

Ashley Turner Williams 2 years ago

I read your posts everyday, it’s like you’re looking in my Windows! :-)

Alisa Aaland 2 years ago

Oh, and Don’t forget random moldy chunks of food stashed in any space large enough to hide it! It’s like they’re worried you’ll forget to feed them, the little squirrels :)

Alisa Aaland 2 years ago

I had the poop one a couple days ago, except found on my 5 yr olds bedroom floor (and the size of a dime). I had to think fast & grab it before she ate it, thinking it was chocolate. Room inspection followed,of course,as I don’t want that mysterious smell in a few days!

Anne Pollis D’Angelo 2 years ago

Hilarious and true!!

Rebekah Poirier 2 years ago

hahaha yes !!!

Tina Marie Tate 2 years ago

You forgot have somebody chew up food and then spit it into your waiting hand. I can’t be the only mom that has said ‘spit that out’ and had to catch it in my hand and then dispose of it. Haha

~va~ 2 years ago

Haha…I think I could handle all but the vomit and the poop…I actually am a little concerned about having kids for that very reason…I have OCD and right now I can take care of kids just fine when they are healthy, but if a kid gets sick I’m not sure I could handle it…my plan right now if it happened is get another adult to take over and get out of there, but that is a less appropriate response to one’s own children…(spit up is fine though…it’s just the vomit that incapacitates me…and I can change diapers as long as wipes are available…)

    susan 2 years ago

    ~va~ maybe you can share the duties with your spouse, significant other, partner, good friend, whatever your situation is. I couldn’t (and still can’t) clean up vomit without also vomiting. I can clean up all sorts of poo, and whistle a happy tune while I do it, but vomit – ugh. In fact, I have to stop this note because I’m getting nauseated. But find someone else to clean that particular mess. In the worst case (if you are alone), throw some pet miracle sawdust granules over it – the sawdust absorbs the vomit horror and then you can just sweep it up. That removes a lot of the “ick” factor.

    Maura 2 years ago

    Having a child is the most sure-fire way of curing you of your OCD!

    claire 2 years ago

    Vomit incapacitates me too. It is my worst fear. And I wrote this post. And survived. But that doesn’t mean every time one of my children coughs I don’t freak out a little … at least until I know we’re not in the vomit zone. When one of my kids started gagging a few weeks ago, I literally backed up as he was walking toward me. This post sounds like satire, but it isn’t. :-)

April Huyler 2 years ago

I would also recommend catching some of said vomit in your bra. (Or maybe that’s just my children’s preferred barf bag?)

    claire 2 years ago

    As the author of this post, I should have included that. I have indeed had my bra used as the vomit catcher.

Cindy Finley 2 years ago

So true! One more thing … accidentally washing a disposable diaper to pull out clothes covered in gel pellets.

Lacy Stark Alonzo 2 years ago

#10 lol

Nadine Van Houten 2 years ago


Pamela Sweetapple 2 years ago

disgustingly accurate hahahaha

Alicia Hill 2 years ago

Then try to catch said vomit in your hands.

Eliza Young 2 years ago

If your blog doesn’t prepare me for my impending motherhood then nothing will

Melissa Judy 2 years ago

LOL at #10!


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