Lord, Grant Me Patience This Summer Vacation

The countdown has begun. Nine days until the official start of summer vacation at our house.

It’s not like an excited “Nine days until Christmas” type of situation either, but more like a “Nine days until I get three root canals in succession” type of feel. And I certainly wouldn’t use the term “vacation” to describe it, either.

In a perfect world, my children and I would spend our summer days together frolicking in the sunshine, eating ice cream, and bonding over the teamwork it required to grow the most perfect and deliciously ripe watermelon in our backyard family garden.

But reality bites.

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My children thrive on a schedule. Open-ended chunks of time lead to chaos, tears, and just all around misery for everyone involved. Of course, I try to prepare for the situation by signing my kids up for an endless line of summer activities, but given their varying ages, there is nothing offered that accommodates all three of them at the same time. As a result, our days involve me frantically trying to shuffle them to their various activities at different times of the day, and my children having nothing but hatred toward the entire damn process. “I don’t want to go with to his class Mom! Why do I have to go? Why don’t I ever get to do anything fun? It’s not fair!”

Don’t get me started on the cost of these activities, either. One could feed a small village with the money spent on a one week gymnastics class for a toddler alone. And there is no guarantee that your kid will even be able to do a somersault at the conclusion of the week. “What am I paying you for? He is doing a log roll. That is NOT the same and really requires no skill whatsoever. Why are you clapping?”

We’ve spent a small fortune already on swimming lessons for the girls. My six year old is still in the beginner class that requires putting your face in the water and simply blowing bubbles. She is petrified of water levels beyond ankle deep, and so far swimming lessons has done nothing to alleviate that fear. She never passes, yet we still keep forking out money for these lessons because at the very least, it gives us an excuse to get out of the house.

Of course, there is always the beach. It’s free and the kids love it. Me? Ugh. It takes longer preparing for these trips than the actual time spent at the beach. The whole sunscreen application process alone takes the better part of the morning. Not to mention the snacks, drinks, toys, towels, and bags of other useless shit that has to come with us every damn time. I am not an octopus. I have two arms. It is inhuman for me to carry all of this crap around while at the same time successfully preventing my 3 year old son from playing “Frogger” with his life in the parking lot.

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And how about all the sand? I despise it. It’s everywhere. The van, the house, the couch, under the sheets, in between toes, behind ears, the silverware drawer. I have reoccurring nightmares involving my children burying me in the sand. I can breath, but I cannot move or speak. They are standing over me with an assortment of popsicles that are, as a direct result of their intentional placement in space, repeatedly dripping into my right eyeball like some sick form of Chinese torture. My son is driving his dump truck back and forth over the mound of sand which is his lifeless and now partially blinded mother.

This is the point where I wake up every single time (unable to move, sand everywhere, face burning to a crisp, and a right eyeball that is now swimming in Koolaid)…only to realize that it is not a dream after all. “Can I at least get some god damn Visine?”

I wish I were the type of mom who was into crafts and/or art projects. If this were the case, several doors would open and the possibilities would be endless. Monday could be “construct a birdhouse day”, Tuesday “paper mache day”, Wednesday “plant a fairy garden day”, Thursday “use your imagination and make whatever you want using this predetermined set of supplies day,” and so on and so forth. Unfortunately for my children, I couldn’t be a more opposite kind of mother.

I know one thing for sure; my attempts to create some sort of a normal summer schedule to prevent aggressive eye gouging at the end of the day will fail miserably and we will be left with the following scenarios:

“Why can’t we get a pool Mom?”

“I’m bored.”

“I’m hungry.”

“I’m bored and hungry.”

“All my friends have a pool.”

“I don’t want to pick up sticks in the yard again Mom.”

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“Why do I always have to pick up sticks? I can’t live like this!”

“None of my friends ever have to pick up sticks. They get to play in their pool all day long.”

“Buddy’s eating dirt again Mom.”

“Can I have a snack?”

“I don’t want THAT snack!”

“I am NOT going outside. I saw a bee out there yesterday. Do I look like I have a death wish?”

“We’re supposed to be having fun Mom.”

“This is NOT fun.”

“This is the opposite of fun.”

“This is the worst…summer…ever.”

87 days until school starts. Give or take.

But who’s counting?

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About the writer


Jill Veldhouse currently assumes the role of full-time mom to her three awesome kids. Her work has been featured on ScaryMommy, Club Mid, BLUNTmoms, and humorwriters.org. She blogs at jillveldhouse.wordpress.com and can be found on Twitter.


Karen 6 months ago

I’m so with you on this! Although I AM an artist and I love being crafty but the amount of preparation and organization that goes into getting a six year old and a four year old to DO the crafty thing is dang near impossible! By the time I’ve gotten all the supplies, protected every inch of space that could be covered in paint/glue/beads/etc and tried like heck to explain what they’re supposed to do, they’re off doing something else and now have no interest in making a bird house. So then I sit down and make the dang bird house while they’re off yelling at me because I’m not watching them ride their bike up and down the driveway for the 50 millioneth time! God save us all from Summer “vacation” 😉

Jennifer 6 months ago

Those were the days! Now I’m a night shift nurse, mom to 5 kids and I’m not very nice unless I get my sleep! My one child who drives works all summer out of town. I’m just hoping my second oldest doesn’t harm the three youngest while I sleep! I’m worried about the bickering and TV watching! And of course soccer camp is the same week as VBS…

mary 6 months ago

Well, it’s YOUR choice to continue “paying out” $$$ for swimming lessons if she’s still scared of the water! Also, just to get them out of the house is really no excuse!
I appreciate that you “work on” being prepared and that’s a plus.

summersucks! 6 months ago

2 weeks in to summer vacation over here. already done with it. every week we have our friends over with the kids. for a little “pool party” they love it… the other 6 days of the week are me explaining that im not her entertainment and she has 200000 toys to play with, a wiiu, netflix, a pool, and a huge back deck. figure it out kiddo… im pretending to clean the house and drowning myself in coffee…
thank god next week is payday and momma can go hit up marshals and buy a few more pool toys that will give me some peace and quiet for 3 days! (and some new comfy summer clothes because…. wine apparently makes you fat)

Eliza 6 months ago

We’re Unschoolers so imagine everyday is summer time and that’s our lives lol. I only ever hear “I’m bored” when rainy weather coincidences with the wifi refusing to work xD

3mama 1 year ago

I taught them early on that “I’m bored” is a bad word. I have taught them to say, “Can you help me find another activity, please?” You should see the shocked looks on people faces when they hear that from a 5 year old!
I have also ruled out the phrase “Are we there yet?” They are to look on a map or GPS and figure it out. My nephew kept asking that this weekend, i would have strangled him if i could reach him! So i gave him a math problem instead, we are going 70 mph, destination is 90 mi away, calculate how long it will take to get there. A couple of math problems later, he stopped asking :)

Kimberly Robertson 1 year ago

Love the post! I think that you should consider utilizing some of your unstructured time this summer to visit your friends! It would be a good way for you to also enjoy some of your “summer vacation.” I am sure that your friends would assist in entertaining your children for a day or two while you enjoy great conversation and a glass of wine! If you are fortunate your friend would be skilled in crafts and pancake making (heart shaped with chocolate chips!) Plus the “sand” could be left at their homes!:) (see you next week?????)

Kelly 1 year ago

I enjoy summers with my kids. I do dread the “I’m bored”. I try my best to keep them busy, but it can be a real challenge. When I was growing up I had an endless supply of neighborhood kids to hang with. I often feel sad my kids do not have the same.

Sherry Sembera Malone 1 year ago

Hahaha, love it! This is my life, but we do make arts & crafts projects, Father’s Day craft this week! My kiddos range from 2 yrs to 13 yrs. My 7 yr old is special needs…so NO BEACH or POOLS…I can’t swim and I can’t physically keep my eyes on a 2 yr old and a special needs child at the same time! I enjoy the break from making school lunches, but then making summer snacks/meals every hour and trying to keep a routine is…! 😉 Please Dear Lord, Grant Me Patience!

Stacey Critchfield Crate 1 year ago

Wow! Going in with that attitude of course she hates summer vacation. I get that most of the writers here are sarcastic, but this wasn’t funny, just sad. No I’m not the perfect mom with the perfect plan every time, but I look forward to all the fun things I get to do with my kids over summer break. Gives me a chance to be a bit of a kid too. Yes, it takes preparation, but doesn’t most good things? I have 4 kids, 11, 8 and twin 3 yr olds. I get that it’s a lot to juggle, but wow…maybe she should just put them in daycare or with a nanny and go to work because it doesn’t sound like she enjoys her time with her children. Sorry. Not a fan of this one.

Wilma Rodriguez-Linton 1 year ago

No joke! This is what it’s like for the majority of families with children with autism. Rough stuff.

Melanie Lynn 1 year ago

I get it. I love it. It’s very funny. It’s the nature of the blogs. Get a sense if humor, People.

Sophie Wortley 1 year ago

I do love the freedom with no routine!….but the kids do drive me a bit nuts at times. Great tip Lori!…..”bored” only earns extra chores….I must remember that one x

Zury Apolinario 1 year ago

Oh boy all the perfect moms are here ! Whatever their lifes are probably worst than the ones that vent the frustations of the kids.

Chrissy Webb Hill 1 year ago

I get the sarcasm, but that’s what happens when you have children and you need to be a parent to them.

Casandra Mellow 1 year ago

Love the “beach” part :)

Andrea 1 year ago

What about locking them outside with nothing but a water hose. Worked for us when we were kids.

Paula Kaye 1 year ago

I guess I am wierd, too, bc I look forward to summer, no set schedule, and esp. NO HOMEWORK! My son plans alot of our activities. We swim alot and have friends over. We stay up late, watch movies, play outside all day. I do not make him study, except for summer reading that the school
requires. Enjoy seeing my son all day all summer :)

jenn 1 year ago

I feel so sorry for the lot of you! We only have 18 very short years with our children and then they are gone, poof, just like that. Why can’t summer be laid back just enjoying the company of your kids who you don’t get to see all year round because of school. We sit around wondering why kids are shooting up schools and haven’t learned to empathize with those different from them. It’s because all they do is hear you complaining about what a pain they are to be around. Why should they care about their neighbor is they don’t feel cared about at home. And don’t get me wrong, I know you all love, love, love your children. And believe me there are times I go crazy with the chaos. But at the same time I remember that they are going to be gone soon and need to know that right now in this moment they are the greatest gift ever given to me. Then they will be able to take that love and compassion I share with them and share it with the world. That’s how we make the world better. Sorry for my rant and I hope you all enjoy your children and read a book called “Good Discipline, Great Children” by Dr. Ray Guarendi and you will learn to see your children differently.

Jeremy C. Joseph 1 year ago

Who chose to have kids???

Kayla 1 year ago

I feel you. we are 2 weeks into summer vacation here and im already pulling my hair out.
I got the damn pool… I made sure i did… thinking this $100.00+ big ass pool would keep her busy for most of the day 5 days a week… but guess what?? that lasted 2 days… TWO DAYS… now she gets in it for about 5 mins and wants to go do something else… I honestly cant wait until she is old enough for sleep away camps! “see ya in two weeks sweetie!! have fun! dont forget to write me everyday”

Christie Moore Stephenson 1 year ago

I understand that this is a blog for over the top sarcasm ,and Lord knows I’m a lover of sarcasm but, I think this one is far too negative and crosses the line to the status of not funny.

Nicole J Estrella 1 year ago

I looove summers with my kids. School routine goes out the window. There is tons of free things to do in our community and we joined a pool club. Love every
second of exploring the audubons, the museums, splash pads, parades, summer concert series etc with them.

Maggie Basiaga 1 year ago

I started reading but it’s so negative i closed the window. Lol. Sorry.

Linda Neylon 1 year ago

funny…but wow…87 days of summer vacation?? Ours is only around 65 at best.

Anna Alicia Herrera 1 year ago

I wish I could afford to take my crazy kiddos on a summer vacation.somewhere fun theyd love that.but it is scary having them home all summer 3 kidos with 2 hyper prob 1 autism repeating constantly I need a vaca too lol but thats wishful thinking im just glad I dont have to get up early I dont like mornings but hopefully when I get back on my feet I can take them somewhere

Melanie DeLuca Gibson 1 year ago

The blogs are called “Scary Mommy” for a reason…if you find her sense of humor, dose of reality, and sarcastic bite offensive or unimaginable, you probably want another blog…just sayin! Personally, I think it’s awesome (and yes, I’m not only a teacher but also love my own two rug rats more than life itself! But I still can appreciate when someone writes about things we all have thought about at one time or another – even if you are “mom of the year!”)

R Brewer 1 year ago

Local libraries have story time and other activities on a weekly basis. Check to see what days they are to take advantage of them. They’re free.

It’s Me 1 year ago

I remember back in my day thinking summers were the ultimate test of boredom. This was when kids were allowed to roam the neighborhood from dawn til dusk. But we still were bored. I remember breaking pop bottles on the road just for fun and crawling through the sewer drain on a dare. Those are NOT constructive activities which is why summer camps came to be and that is exactly where my children will be every week this summer!

Tasha Kendall 1 year ago

Omg the girl in the middle looks like my daughter x

Samantha Shay Epstein 1 year ago

My kids don’t have a choice. I have to be with them because we live downtown. I have to take them to the playground or the pool to play,etc. the only thing we signed our girls up for is soccer camp for 1 week just so they can be better prepared for the fall season. Other than that, it’s me, three brothers and dad when he gets home from work!

Christie Moore Stephenson 1 year ago

I’m a teacher and after a long day at work where I have cared for and looked after other people’s children, I come home to care for my 7 yr old and 2 yr old alone because my husband works a 2nd shift, job. I still find time to ACTUALLY go outside and play with them AND get my house work done as well as homework, dinner, bath, and bedtime- all by myself – without a spouse at home. You SAH mom’s, stop being so lazy! I do all you do and work 40+ hours a week! Summertime is a blessing to actually spend time with your kids and get to know them more intimately. To watch them explore and learn. To have lazy days, picnics and water fights. Stop complaining about actually having to be a Mom!

    Candi 6 months ago

    Here’s a thought…….how bout you go enjoy your kids and stop being so fucking judgemental toward mothers who don’t do it like you. I’m willing to bet you’re not so perfect yourself, sunshine. So stfu.

Catherine Betts 1 year ago

We’re two days into summer vacation here and it’s crazy already!

Jolene Stensland 1 year ago

Way too many of these “my kids drive me crazy” blogs pop up in my news feed and I always find them obnoxious. My son is only 5 months old but I can guarantee our summers are not going to be like this. I’m a teacher and you better believe I am going to make the most of my breaks with my kids. You only get so much time, every day can be an adventure even if you’re just experimenting in the kitchen. What I notice is the women who write these are often educated but CHOSE to be SAHM. If you don’t want to be with your kids, get a job that will be fulfilling to you and pay a babysitter who will enjoy them and has the skills to handle and diffuse normal kid-whining.

Rachel Smoot 1 year ago

Love it Jill! Couldn’t be more true, especially the sand!

Lisa Buffaline 1 year ago

You crack me up!!!!!

April Easterwood 1 year ago

For those of you who take this blog too seriously…lighten up. This is hilarious. Of course she loves her children and wants to have fun with them…what mother doesn’t?!? She is just telling it like it is and to that I say preach it sistah preach it

Monica Montenegro 1 year ago

I’m counting down the days to summer break. Yes it gets crazy at times but I love it. I have a 3&6 year old.. The beach is our favorite place & we go a lot but we also do a lot if stuff at home. I want my kids to have fun using their imagination..we do nature walks, parks, painting, library day and/or play in the back yard..

Diane Burke Ptacin 1 year ago

Oh dear lord the beach. I feel like I’m prepping for a major invasion. But the sand doesn’t bother me. As long as I can stand in the water with my toes digging into the sand while I make sure the kids don’t go into the deep water, I’m happy.

Dana 1 year ago

Omg hilarious and spot on! I’m pretending not to dread the summer with NO camps and a big move coming up. My toddler still naps and my 6 year old is super needy so just getting him down requires minor acrobatics of the mind (and Netflix). Then we’re stuck inside. Let’s not get started about how much she hates walking. And we live in the city. Hmm how many days until school starts again?!

Jennifer Clark Jones 1 year ago

Up until this year, I could so relate. But this year my 10 and 4 yr old have actually been pretty good. They each have one class this summer, one in June one at the end of July. We have weekly park trips, the library (my work) has a summer science thing once a week. Check with the local school district, they offer free lunches in the park every day for most of the summer. Yes there are a few free gaps in there, but they have spent them happily catching and trapping bugs or lounging around watching Netflix nothing wrong with that. And we are 3 weeks into summer already.

Wendy Abbey 1 year ago

My thoughts exactly!

Vicci B. Chuc 1 year ago

The dread is surfacing for me. A husband who is gone all week then returns on the weekends for his days off which include nothing but him sitting around while I take care of everything and the kids plus the four dogs and cat. Two and a half months of torture and fights and trying to find things to do since the entire city picks up and moves to the lake for the summer while we are stuck in the city because we can’t afford a camper or a cabin. Ugh, but when hell is over both my kids are in school full time finally, Grade 1 and Grade 2 :) Can’t wait until I can be an employed person again outside of these four walls

Helen Russo 1 year ago

it’s barely started here…and I’m already looking forward to August 18th!

Darrell Melissa Farszmil 1 year ago

What ever happened to kids hanging out with neighborhood kids going to the park, hanging out at each other’s house etc..when I was a kid that’s what we did during summer. Now there’s summer camps, day camps, week camps etc..all with a different theme. It’s a bit much!! & costs a small fortune. I have 2 boys, we let them each choose 1 camp. The 1 decided on a resident sleep away basketball camp. He’s 15. And the other wants nothing to do with camps, lessons etc. he’s 9. We did invest in a local amusement/waterpark season passes. We had them last year & it worked out well. And we have a pool. But honestly I miss the days of kids just being kids & playing with friends. And I refuse to run myself into the ground trying to entertain them. If they are not happy with the options they have they can read a book or watch a DVD.

    Alison Nikkel Hartley 1 year ago

    I agree. My boys play outside with all the neighbourhood kids. But I’m very lucky to live in a neighbourhood with kids as a lot of my friends don’t. So it all depends on the situation. Some areas the kids have all grown up and only a few people move in. We had a big change in our area with 4 new families moving in all with young kids. Makes for a very fun neighbourhood.

Abigail 1 year ago

From 2010 until 2013, I cared for my Mother (passed 8/22/13) in Rhode Island, while my husband was a SAHD over 300 miles away in New York. This will be the first summer, since 2009 that we’ve spent the entire summer ALL TOGETHER. I’m looking forward to it. I don’t work and my husband works for himself, at home.

I’d say this summer will either be phenomenally awesome…..

It will be the summer that defines “familiarity breeds contempt”.

Hopefully the 10 days in Rhode Island and 2 weeks in the Adirondacks will make it lean toward the former, instead of plunging us into the latter. LOL

Our routine, this summer, while at home, will consist of taking backhoes and bulldozers (I do wish I could fit one or both of those up the stairs) to the kids’ rooms, tending the gardens, chores, and finding new and interesting responsibilities to lay on my daughters’ shoulders (aged 9 and nearly 11). Oh, and reviewing what they learned this year and un-schooling them a bit while I’m at it.

Ebony Goldsmith 1 year ago

I’m also in mid set of less is more. Pull the bandaid off and make them entertain themselves. I’m assuming they own as much colorful plastic as my kid does, if they are so bored, then let’s throw away all those toys. Or they can go play with them. Either you end up with less junk, or entertained kids. After a while, they learn to play without direction.

Angie Ramsey 1 year ago

I partly agree with what you are saying, YES be kids!! but on the other hand, I am their mom, not their playmate. I am making meals, cleaning house, tending the yard, grocery shopping, laundry…. No, I don’t have hours every day to entertain you. It’s not my job to keep you having fun. Sure help me bake! Help me garden! We will laugh and have a good day, but no, I’m not your entertainment. Find something to do.

Mary 1 year ago

We’ve already been off for a week. For me it’s the first summer that I’m not a SAHM. But we really needed the money. Fortunately I have one full day off a week.
I understand why many people want year round school. Provided of course all schools in a school district are on the same schedule. I’ve heard horror stories of children in the same family being on different schedules meaning they can’t take a vacation without pulling children out of school. My only problem with it is it doesn’t leave an opportunity for teen summer jobs!

Danielle Murphy 1 year ago

So funny and soooooo true!

Jennifer 1 year ago

And for all of us working moms, we would gladly trade our left arm for a summer of memories.

Angela Wickwire 1 year ago

My 5 yo has been terrible this week. I swear something has taken over his body. It’s only been the first full week out and I wanted to run away. Plus my 4 month old is teething.

Susan Trottier 1 year ago


Lauren Skees Bentrup 1 year ago

I tell my kids I’m not their entertainment committee, lol. We only schedule swim lessons in the summer..

Annika Miriam 1 year ago

This is *so* accurate and describes my summer expectations (and experiences) to the dot. Only exception: I like the beach, but it takes ages to get there. Also, I would love to do something crafty w my boys, but they refuse flat-out! ‘Uhm, mom? We’re not THAT kind of children. ‘ Well, thanks a bunch for telling me *after* I spent a day’s income on supplies, buddy. But now that you say so, I can see that fighting with your brothers nonstop for weeks is much more appealing than playing a board game. (All the while, in my head: Gaaaah! )

    Alison Nikkel Hartley 1 year ago

    My boys don’t like crafting so much but I found that they love to make slim and goop and flubber. You van find these recipes on line and the messier it is the more my boys like it. I’m a mom of 4 boys and I know it can be hard but give it a try. We just made slim last week and my youngest (6) brought it to his Kindergarten class to show everyone. Of course he made it green to look like boogers. Lol.

SoberJulieDoingLife 1 year ago


Heather Beckey Bixler 1 year ago

I hope all moms who share this sentiment (not to discredit it) show their appreciation to their kids’ teachers, who put up with them most of the day the rest if the year. Remember: most of us enjoy coffee and alcohol.

Chrissy Bolton Millsap 1 year ago

It’s bitter sweet for me. I am a teacher and look forward to summer “vacation.” I also have a two year old and a 7 month old so I can relate to this article. It takes longer to get ready for the beach and the time you actually spend at the beach. It’s more work than fun. Lol

Jennie Fisher Zimmerman 1 year ago

I must be weird. By the time summer arrives, I am DONE getting kids ready & hauling them everywhere. I love the unstructured freedom to sleep in [until 7 :)] and enjoy my kids. When it gets a tad boring, we travel to see family and explore the areas around where we live. LOVE SUMMER. By the time school starts again, everyone is refreshed and excited to head back.

    Monica Montenegro 1 year ago

    That’s exactly how I feel..

Melissa Senk Killebrew 1 year ago

Funny and real.
Working moms have different schedules for summer though.. It’s lining up camps and things they can go to during the day while you work. I never envy SAHMs except during summer vacation.

Mary Salter Straub 1 year ago

I read a quote a few minutes ago that went something like this “Dear Lord, grant me patience, because if you grant me strength I’ll kill them!” Too funny, and true!!

Rachel Murray 1 year ago

Summer hols, yeah! I actually get to spend time with those interesting little beings that are my own children.

Barb Breeden 1 year ago


Heather Kelly 1 year ago

This will be the second full week that mine are out of school. Last week wasn’t an issue keeping them busy. But with the rain, it sure is getting expensive to do so!

Anne Bahin Thompson 1 year ago

Amen!!! 2 weeks in and already half crazed!!!!

Lisa Plunkett 1 year ago

So pleased that our longest school holidays is 5 weeks (I’m in Australia). I can’t even imagine trying to keeps kids occupied for 12 weeks!

Lisa 1 year ago

I’m soooo glad that our longest school break is about 5 weeks (I’m in Australia). I can’t even begin to imagine trying to keep kids occupied for 12 weeks!!

    Tricia 1 year ago

    Besides maintaining the knowledge base of my child, I wish we had more year round schools here in the US. I live in a small town and most activities are at least 30-45 minutes away, not to mention I’m a single working mom and have to pay for full time “everything”. Thank goodness for my stay at home mom friends with children the same age. I still pay them, but it helps to break up the monotony for my 9 y/o daughter who regularly whines she has “no one to play with”, has “nothing to do” (never mind the piles of dishes and laundry laying around) or is generally miserable and repeatedly verbalizes how bad her life is. Her father live with his mother and she is mean to my daughter and he is unemployed, which is part of her drama, but I digress. I really want to say THANK YOU Scary Mommy for helping me feel “normal” in the role of mom.

Lori Stover 1 year ago

Bored at my house earns an extra chore. I don’t hear it much after the first week. I also gave up the rat race of classes. We do something fun once or twice a week and the rest of it they must entertain themselves. Once I gave up trying to make summer magical it became better.

Kari Truax 1 year ago

I agree with quiet time every day. We read and draw daily.

Carrie Zoll DeNote 1 year ago

Make a schedule to give your kids their structure and don’t make the activities too crazy to implement so you can enjoy them too. I just sat down and planned this week for my three kids and it included free parks and quiet time. Everyday. There is quiet time every day.

Eli Thompson 1 year ago

I’ve been on the road with my 3 year old and infant (now 6 months old) since Easter with only 4 days +/- at home between these 5 trips… My husband has worked on two of these trips, too. #kamikazemommy

Kari Truax 1 year ago

So true. And yet so thankful my boys are happy with nerf guns, sprinklers, Star Wars swords, and a soccer ball. I have all but banned Legos (those are winter toys). Not looking forward to the first time I hear “I am bored”

    Kylie 1 year ago

    Ooh I really like idea of Legos only in the winter! We don’t have any in the house yet, but I dread the day someone gives her some!


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