Ten Commandments of Motherhood

1. Thou shalt not pee alone.

2. Thou shalt not shower uninterrupted.

3. Thou shalt not make meals that everyone loves.

4. Thou shalt not have a crumbless floor.

5. Thou shalt not step on a LEGO without swearing (at least in thy head).

6. Thou shalt not finish a phone call without thy progeny squealing in the background.

7. Thou shalt never truly “finish” the laundry.

8. Thou shalt not judge another parent without karma biting thee in the arse.

9. Thou shalt not gaze upon a sleeping child without a melting heart.

10. Thou shalt not halt the hands of time, no matter how much thou wishest to do so.

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Annie Reneau writes about motherhood and other hilariously beautiful things on her blog, Motherhood and More. Last year, she convinced her husband and three kids to live as nomads around the United States, which was every bit as crazy and amazing as it sounds. She uses her Facebook page as therapy and has finally joined the cool kids on Twitter

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Michelle 1 year ago

Aw, tthis was a reslly good post. Taking a few minutes and actual
effort tto create a superb article… but what can I say… I hesitate a whole lot
and don’t manage to get anything done.

Gayle Nelson 1 year ago

Amen lol

Sarah Pickering 1 year ago

This is so true

Carol Philips 1 year ago

All true!!

Rossann Grimm 1 year ago

Yah…number seven.

Susan Scofield 1 year ago

So perfectly said.

Jerry Keith 1 year ago

Boy this is so true in your case. But she is a diamond isn’t she?

Jeff Randall 1 year ago

They left off a few…..

Caroline Welch 1 year ago

Sooo true luv being a mommy x

Kathy van Wie 1 year ago

So true.. all of these! However with Newfs should be well used to at least #1 and possibly #2. :-)

Roni Lee Osborn 1 year ago

So true.

Marion Fowler 1 year ago

All true !!! come in number 10….

Aimee Scanga Sheppard 1 year ago

Love it!!

Rita Klitsberg 1 year ago

They’ll grow out of all of these! Only thing that won’t change is #7 ….. there’s always laundry. The only way I could think of realign finishing the laundry is pulling the shades and doing the wash in the nude. Then all your clothes, including the ones on your back, are clean. At least until the next AM!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Cripes lol Yeah my daughter’s mad that he’s taller than her… but his cousins are all 6+ feet, one is 6’7″ (!!!) so I see no end to the growth spurt in sight.

Sharon Horner May 1 year ago

Wouldn’t trade it tor the world!!

Beatrice Leavens Brown 1 year ago

My 14 year old son, rests his chin on my head, and we have the summer to get through. Last year he put on almost 6 inches from June to Sept. My 16 year old daughter is almost as tall as he is.

Beatrice Leavens Brown 1 year ago

Or the one about never eating a hot meal at home again.

Susanne Lee Matthews 1 year ago


Emily Francis 1 year ago

Especially the Lego part

Lori Margeson Thomas 1 year ago

Tried to halt the hands of time…doesn’t work. :(

Valerie Osborne 1 year ago

Yes this is pretty accurate

Sandra Thomas 1 year ago

How true

Dawn Lawson 1 year ago

So miss the days when mine were little. Almost killed me running round after them but wouldn’t change it or them for the world. No 10 :-( x x

Sonya Isokangas 1 year ago

This is painfully(both good & bad pain) true

Rebecca Buckelew 1 year ago

So true ..too funny but wouldn’t trade my last 24 years of motherhood for the world but yeah no time …lol

Sogo Creation 1 year ago

So True!!

Connie Zerbe Gaugler 1 year ago

I guess that about covers it all.

Eliza Hardy 1 year ago

Ugh number 10 (tears)

Lorraine Schofield 1 year ago

So true. Sometimes I long for these days…… They pass too fast. You open your eyes and they are getting married…………

Michelle Remmel 1 year ago

Lets call this the 10 Commandments of Parenthood. My husband is a fantastic stay at home dad. A lot of this applies to those dudes too.

Francine Smith 1 year ago

I love this Jill.

Jessica Smith Meyers 1 year ago

Number 7!!

Suep Higginbotham 1 year ago

I love this is true in mom who care an love for a childs just leasing to them it our heart an there woh tough our.

Dana Sprouse 1 year ago

Absolutely right for the best years of your life.

Gwyn Rooney 1 year ago

and it keeps on going again with grandchildren but would not change it for the world

Helen Ward 1 year ago

That last one got me.my only baby is 26

Mary Etter 1 year ago

Or the one where you will never have your own drink and not have to share ~~~~even after they are adults~~~~ LOL

Eleanor Buick 1 year ago

So true, but would’nt want it any other way !!!

Louise Toogood 1 year ago

So true!! Xx

Gina M Fenech 1 year ago

❤️ain’t that the truth❤️

Lani Ortiz-Pineda 1 year ago


Rosanne Dill 1 year ago

This is so true. I know these commandments all to well. Lol

Margaret Severson 1 year ago

Ohhhhh….. <3

Emma Miller 1 year ago

Love number 7 …. So true xxx

Kay Massey Okino 1 year ago

Very very true!

Lawanda Kirby Estep 1 year ago

Amen! Thank God for that Baby!

Edith Ashmore 1 year ago

Oh, so true and that goes for Nanas too

Misti Parker-Laye 1 year ago

Love Love Love this… (y)

Kristen Yuhas 1 year ago

Where’s the commandment about never getting adequate sleep again? :)

Christine Jacobs 1 year ago

Thou shall know no better joy!

Lisa Shelton 1 year ago


MyLove M. Barnett 1 year ago

Or the one about not getting to sit down and eat a hot meal through completion until the kids are big enough to fetch and fend for themselves LOL

Ashley Pletcher 1 year ago

Yes very true!

Cheryl Podrasky 1 year ago

How about turn back the hands of time for just a moment?

Ciara Hall 1 year ago

Wow 5 of those don’t actually apply to me lol

Kathy Hubbard 1 year ago

thou shalt not go a day with out telling there child/ren that they love them, and give them a kiss good night

Jean Michelle Finnerty 1 year ago

Oh yah.

Michelle Simpson 1 year ago

3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 apply to me :/

Janet Solesbee 1 year ago

I love this!

Motherhood and More 1 year ago

Jill – Awww, you made them look so pretty! Thanks! :) – Annie

Jacqueline Dalla Rosa 1 year ago

Lol awesome

Nancy Cook 1 year ago

Grandmothers too

Kathy Kahler 1 year ago

All very true.

Jennifer Mare Reinhardt 1 year ago


Stephanie Garcia 1 year ago


Jacqui Massie 1 year ago

I love this.

Kathryn Wilson 1 year ago

Love this!

Sandra Marie 1 year ago

so true

Kelly Frerichs Tubbs 1 year ago

Amen to that, sooooo true

Thalia Lima Gamiochipi 1 year ago

hahahahaha “karma biting thee in the arse”

Jennifer 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing this humorous post! Heading over to check out Motherhood and More. Love finding new blogs to add to my list to brighten up my day!

Keren Slack Ellis 1 year ago

I wish….I wish

Linda Chandler 1 year ago

#7. LOL

Kylenn Petersen 1 year ago

6 7 8 killed it lmfao

Sara Sweeney 1 year ago


Ruth Ann Tuleweit-Campbell 1 year ago

these commandments don’t take much to follow

Rhoda Brenneisen 1 year ago


LorenayJesus Onate 1 year ago


Sheryll Cacanindin 1 year ago


Laurie Cavalieri 1 year ago

lol. amen

Laurie Cavalieri 1 year ago


Dena Stelly 1 year ago


Helen Russo 1 year ago


Anna Schaeffer 1 year ago

Yes…these are followed every day!

Barbara Hiemstra Ticich 1 year ago


Kristina Marrone 1 year ago

Amen this is perfect:)

Adriana 1 year ago

And Fatherhood…… Fathers have to deal with the same things believe it or not.

Maria Gibson-Holden 1 year ago


Betsy Beauchamp 1 year ago

With 4 sons from 32-22, I also wish for # 10. All are taller than me. ::sigh::

Diane Burke Ptacin 1 year ago

7. Always, freakin 7.

Alexandra Raistrick 1 year ago

Amen to number 7

Denise M Allain 1 year ago

It does not end.. ever… only increases when you become a Gramma

Shari Madera 1 year ago

As my tiny preemie son is graduating 8th grade, I wish I could do number 10.

Stephanie Cannon 1 year ago

Damn Legos!

Linsey Sellstrom Clark 1 year ago

I would do ANYTHING to make #10 possible !! <3

Amie Conner 1 year ago

Truer words were never spoken!

Kathryn Richards 1 year ago

Perfectly accurate!

Lori West 1 year ago


Anita Willerson 1 year ago


Amy Moraski 1 year ago


Christina Damm 1 year ago

Amen 😉

Taina Cruz Gonzalez 1 year ago


Samantha Gildea Sletmoe 1 year ago

Thanks! Sharing

Jahnna Domenech 1 year ago

#7 is so true!!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Yesterday I realized my baby boy (!!) is taller than I am. By a scant half-inch but still!! So not allowed!
So number 10 made me tear up.

Amy Galloway Faulkner 1 year ago

So true!

lesbomom 1 year ago

This is great!!! I love images that capture motherhood. And this one is so SPOT ON!!! Thank you.


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