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It’s here! Today is the day that Confessions of a Scary Mommy finally goes on sale. Thank God.

But, I’m not asking you to buy the book today. I’m not asking that you “like” this post or tweet it or Pin it or share it in any way. You’ve done that already, more than I ever could have expected.

Today, I want to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart. because without you, this book would never exist.

I never wanted to be a writer. It was never my life’s goal to publish a book or go on tour promoting it. The fact that my little online baby book has led here still has me pinching myself and shaking my head. I’m not entirely sure it’s all real.

My very first blog post was almost an apology. An apology for asking my friends and family to follow along, once again, while I embarked on my next big thing.

Up until my blog, I was known for starting projects with a bang and then allowing them to fizzle out once I tired of them after a few short months, when I got bored and moved onto the next big thing.

That’s never happened with Scary Mommy, though, and it’s entirely thanks to you. Your comments, your confessions, your guest posts in the Society and your presence on my boards have me more in love with this site than ever. Starting a blog was the single best decision I’ve made in my life.

I began the blog for my children. To give them something to look back on when they discovered their baby books blank and the photo albums with gaping holes.  I want them to one day see me as the imperfect, mistake-making but ever-loving mom I am. Though it might embarrass them at times and we may hit bumps over it in the future, I’ve always considered the blog a gift to them. At the end of the day, a love letter, really.

But, this book? This book, I wrote for you. It’s my story, but it’s also your’s. With your confessions interspersed through the pages and your presence always a part of my writing, the book represents our shared view of motherhood–the good, the bad and the ugly. The truth.

Thank you for giving me the inspiration, the material and the support. We certainly have a story to share.


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    Lynn from For Love or Funny says

    Jill, I want to thank YOU for writing your book! When I read it, I felt an overwhelming surge of relief…I’m not the only Scary Mommy who let her toddler eat a slug by mistake. And it’s okay to laugh about it! Wishing you much success!!!

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  2. 10

    Life with kaishon says

    I am so excited! I preordered and I got my message last night saying it was on the way. I can’t wait. Thrilled for you and all you have accomplished.

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  3. 13

    Natalie says

    So happy for you! You’ve worked so hard now enjoy the ride :) We love you and all of your wonderful stories and all you have done for all Scary Mommies. Thanks for always letting us know that we are all “normal” and we are all just doing the best we can. Best wishes for your books huge success!

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  4. 16

    Arnebya says

    Everything you are experiencing is so well deserved. Congratulations. Thank YOU for constantly reminding us that this shit is hard, there is no one correct way, (or hell, even 12!), and it’s not always pretty, but damn if it ain’t fun.

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  5. 18

    Abby says

    The only “scary” thing is wondering what might have been for the chances you didn’t take, so big congrats to you for all your hard work and well-deserved success. I know there’s nothing like holding your own book in your hands (well, maybe your own kids, but I don’t have those. I have plants. Not the same thing.) Anyway, congrats!

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  6. 19

    bree says

    Yeehaw!! The day is freakin’ HERE!! So excited for this next chapter (yuk, yuk) in your life!! Congrats on all your success SO FAR and all of the great things that are coming your way! Good luck on your book tour (and next time, come thru Pensacola..that’s an order.)!!

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  7. 20

    Dani says

    So excited for you. Isn’t it cool where life takes you when you just let it? You have a talent for being approachable and refreshingly normal and people, including me, enjoy that. There is enough fake parenting crap out there. Go kick some book tour a$$!

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