The Band-Aid Addiction


I’ve ignored it for long enough.

I’ve turned a blind eye, I’ve laughed about it and I’ve even supported it. But the time has come for me to face the truth. The ugly truth.

My four year old has an addiction… And, it’s all my fault.

It started innocently enough.”I have a boo-boo,” he pronounced, last year, his eyes welling with tears. I inspected his knee, but there was no cut nor scrape to be found.In an effort to halt the tears and get on with dinner making, I offered up a Captain America adorned piece of plastic.

“Feel better?” I asked as I kissed his grass stained skin.

Yes, he nodded. All better.

And, that was all it took. In an instant, an addict was born.

Lily and Ben were different. Stronger, you might say. They understood the difference between a cut which required bandaging and one which was completely fabricated.  They could resist the call of Johnson & Johnson from the medicine cabinet. They enjoyed seeing their fingertips and toes. Their eyes didn’t light up at a new character adorning a box or the medicine cabinet at a friend’s house. Evan, however, wasn’t so lucky.

The evidence is everywhere. I find discarded, dirty bandages on the floor, stuck to my jeans and wadded up in my sheets. Over the summer, he developed tan lines according to which imaginary injury he was covering. There are crumpled up wrappers littering my bathroom floor, evidence of the haste with which application took place. He cries when they are yanked off, but immediately asks for a replacement. He simply can’t resist their allure, and I simply can’t resist buying them.

So, here we are, with a half-box a day habit and nobody to blame but me.

Well, me, and the person who thought of putting damn characters on Band-Aids to begin with.


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  1. Ali says

    I kid you not…I have a DRAWER of band aids. Nothing else in it. Just band aids.What kind of sane individual has a drawer dedicated to band aids? And the worst part: I am a band aid kibosher – I never let them have band aids unless it’s a mortal wound. What am I saving them for?

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  2. Amanda says

    My daughter is 2 and even if she gets a cut or scrape that requires a bandaid, she won’t wear one. She on the other hand has developed her father’s lovely addiction to PICKING at all her cuts and scrapes and even to poke at her bruises constantly. I don’t know but I guess somewhere in the middle between my child and your child there has to be a happy medium we could find…..

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  3. Stephanie says

    I’m pretty sure I’M going to be the Band-Aid addict. They’re just so cute. And Momma loves stickers. I avoid them in stores already because I’m afraid I’ll buy one of everything.

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    • Sarah says

      Me too!!! My husband makes fun of me for wanting to buy every new box of Band-Aids I see. I wear them proudly, though I’m pretty sure my 8th-graders think I’m a world-class nerd :)

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  4. just JENNIFER says

    I see your character bandage addicted kid and raise you a plain ole bandage addicted kid! Oh yes, my 6 1/2 year old doesn’t care if there are characters on them. Now what do I do with THAT??

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  5. Michelle says

    My 2 1/2 year old is the same way! Every other bump, ‘Oh ‘no! I bleeding! I bleeding! I need a band aid!’ However, no blood in sight. Not even a mark. I’ve been trying to wean her, but sometimes it’s just too difficult to listen to the constant whining.

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    • Erica says

      My 4yo does the same thing almost every time he falls or gets a bump. I stopped buying the character band aids because he changes them every 5 minutes and puts 4 band aids on a “boo boo” the size of a pinprick.
      Then, for a nasty scrape that he got when he tripped and fell onto carpeting after racing around a tiled cafeteria at full speed, all he wants are “Mommy’s band aids” because they are bigger and stay on longer, even though they look boring.

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  6. Breeana says

    Embrace it, I say. Band-Aids are cheap entertainment, and they make great stocking stuffers. Pick up boxes of the cheapest cute ones you can find (they go on clearance at Target), and you’ll never be at a loss when you need a random present for someone’s three-year-old.

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      • Breeana says

        As an added bonus to the “gift” Band-Aids — I placed no restrictions on their use at all, and these days my five-year-old mostly uses them for real injuries. Hours of playing with them gave her great skill in opening and applying them, and half the time now, for minor scrapes, she cleans it up and puts a Band-Aid on without me ever knowing. (Until I find the crumpled wrapper in the bathroom, of course.)

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