The Best Ice Cream Cake


Evan turned five yesterday, which I did not give him permission to do and am not all that thrilled that he went ahead and did it anyway. But, my baby wanted me to make him an ice cream cake for his birthday and, what my baby wants, my baby gets.

Jeff has long talked about a “Yodel Pie” from his youth. Like all of his family recipes, it consisted of three ingredients: Yodels, ice cream and hot fudge. I’m sure it was good, but I was also sure it could be better. Instead of using jarred hot fudge, I made my own. And, I happened to have both vanilla ice cream and Oreo’s, so I crushed them up and doctored up some Oreo ice cream with far more Oreo’s than any store bought ice cream would ever boast. Also? A heart attack in a bowl.


I wish you guys could all taste it, because it’s kind of unbelievable. If you want to give it a shot, here’s what you need…

Two boxes of Yodels (or Swiss snack cakes), each cut into six slices

Two gallons of ice cream, whatever flavor you want, softened

Hot fudge. You could use two jars, but I think the fact that it was homemade was what made this so good. And it takes five minutes.

{How I always make mine: Simmer 1 container sweetened condensed milk, 1 bag semi-sweet chocolate chips, one unsweetened square of baking chocolate and 1 tablespoon of butter until melted. Mix in 1 tablespoon of vanilla. That’s it.}

Then, you just layer. Start with the Yodels, add the ice cream and then the hot fudge.



Keep repeating until you reach the top of the bowl, sprinkle with all of the chocolate flakes that have fallen off during slicing, and then stick it in the freezer for a couple of hours to firm it up.


The kids literally licked their plates, and that includes Jeff. They’ve already asked that I make it for every other birthday this year, which is fine by me since I can’t overcook it or ruin it by frosting too early.



Happy birthday, my sweet boy.


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  1. 5

    Kelly M says

    I can confirm how yummy it is. My friend, Diane, has been making these cakes for her kids birthdays for years. The only thing she does differently is put the entire thing in a big bowl. She layers the yodels on the bottom and the sides and then fills it with ice cream and hot fudge layers. After it freezes she lets it sit for a minute or two and flips the whole thing onto a plate. It’s a round, dome cake! Easy to cut and it looks really cool. Enjoy!

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  2. 8

    diane says

    My mom actually made the yodel cake for my birthday!! That’s how far this recipe goes back. To get the cake out of the bowl, I fill the sink with hot water, put the bowl in for a few seconds at a time. I will eventually slide right out. Thanks Kelly for the shout out =o)

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  3. 9

    Lori Z. says

    Am I the only one who has never heard of a Yodel? I see what it is, a HoHo, but is “Yodel” some East Coast thing? Is this a division of the country, like saying “pop” when everyone knows it should be “soda”, or am I truly ignorant on how best to give my kids juvenile diabetes?

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    • 12

      Emma says

      Bless you, you poor unfortunate creature. If I could bring you a cake from the other side of the world I would. Spare a thought for the southern hemisphere gals, who are doing it tough being pregnant in 80% humidity, 110 degree heat, end of the school frantic-ness and Christmas!

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  4. 16

    Amy at Best Baby Strollers says

    What a fantastic idea – you’ll ge your sugar rush for an entire week! I’ve got a birthday in my family this month, perhaps it’s time to give it a try… :)

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  5. 17

    Kelly says

    You are my people… I can screw up any pin except a dessert. When it comes to dessert, I can even make up my own because what doesn’t taste amazing with hot fudge, ice cream, and MORE chocolate! I’ll have to give this cake a try :-)

    For last year’s b-day, I layered chocolate icecream, hot fudge, graham cracker crust (crumbled up), and topped it with peanut butter pie filling. People went bat shit crazy over it!

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  6. 19

    semevel says

    and when your child becomes morbidily obese and develops diabeties they will want expensive medical treatment and being a pathetic mother who is being told what to do by a 5 year old you can keep giving them what they want

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    • 20

      Jennie says

      Seriously?! You’re berating a mother for giving into her kid the only day of the year that it’s acceptable? Having a yummy confection on one’s birthday will not make one morbidly obese. Jeez, get the stick out of your butt, and remember why this site exist-so people can come here and say what they need to get off of their chest and not get judged for it.

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      • 21

        TheHeadacheslayer says

        Amen Jennie! Holy cow….I cannot imagine how letting a child having a special treat on their birthday is bad!

        And then you have kids like mine who beg for things like brocolli as a part of their birthday meals…..yeah, letting him have a “chocolate” cake (he’s allergic to dairy so we have to improvise) is just *SO WRONG* (sarcasm included)

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  7. 22

    Hana says

    My oldest a.k.a. my husband is going to love this! Plus I’ll have something to threaten to take away from the kids if they are acting up. “No Yoddle cake if you don’t share!”

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