A Case of The Man Cold

For the past several weeks, I’ve been sick. My throat has been sore. My nose has been stuffy. My sinuses have been achy and I’ve been coughing up green crap incessantly (sorry for the visual.) It’s no doubt that with an ear and strep infected son who insists on permanently residing up in my face that I would get sick. I finally went on antibiotics for a sinus infection last week and have slowly been on the mend. Unfortunately, just in time for my husband to get sick.

Now, I love my husband. I truly believe we are soulmates, my life wouldn’t be complete without him, he is the love of my life and all that crap, but when he’s sick? I have visions of stabbing him repeatedly with sharp kitchen utensils and making a run for it with our children.

What? He gives me no choice.

You would have thought he was dying yesterday. In fact, fifty years from now (God willing,) when he is on his death bed, I imagine his face looking remarkably similar to the way it did for much of the weekend.

I’m sick, he proclaimed pathetically. Barely mustering up the energy to get out of bed, he drove to the Minute Clinic to get a dose of antibiotics and a bucket of sympathy. An hour later he called sounding defeated. Did they give you something, I asked. No, he whimpered. The strep test was negative and she said it couldn’t be a sinus infection if it just started.

It’s a cold.

(A man-cold.)

Someone, save me. We may not survive this week. Either one of us.

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Laura 5 years ago

OMG! This is so my DH. I love him to pieces but he goes to pieces if he’s tired, in pain, or even a little bit sick.

That said, if I’m under the weather he’s an absolute peach and does everything for me. πŸ˜€

    Laura 5 years ago

    Granted…also he gets a nasty, nasty stomach flu

MomofTwoUnderFour 5 years ago

I just made my husband read this. No lie. For some reason though I think I found it more amusing… Hmm!

mommydevyn 5 years ago

I know your hubby may gross you out and frustrate you when he’s sick (mine does, too! He loves to be babied…ugh! LOL) But it might be a good idea to use the sick time as some calm family bonding? You all should cuddle up on the couch and tune into the TV. Speaking of TV…there’s a new show premiering tomorrow called I Kid With Brad Garrett featuring Brad Garrett from “EVerybody Loves Raymond” (uh, hilarious!) The show is about how kids react in different social situations and seems totally funny! I’m definitely going to tune in tomorrow…You should, too! Use your hubby’s sick day to relax as a fam :)

Memoirs of a Single Dad 5 years ago

I admit I’m not the most pleasant when I’m sick but I’d also like to think that when the shoe is on the other foot I can be pretty nurturing and helpful. I’d like to think…

LostThePlot 5 years ago

“Haven’t you ever ‘eard of Lemsip?” Now that video was priceless.
And it’s so unbelievably true. A simple cold becomes a life threatening disease. Reminds me of my ex partner. Wasn’t so much a cold, but pricked by a ‘non-poisonous’ fish spine. The drama queen ended up in and out of hospital for 8 months because he didn’t keep it clean, well done genius.

Back to the age old man cold or ‘man-flu’ as they like to call it over here in Aus, because of course the flu is much worse. For this reason, I enjoy single life, the only thing I dread is my sweet son catching it when he’s older, at least now while he’s small, when he catches a cold, he refuses to let it stop him from doing anything. (Just my luck). For one day I think I’d like a bed ridden child.

Good Enough Mama 5 years ago

Oh. My. God. I love you for this post. LOVE! YOU!


(still cracking up…)

Tina Crowder 5 years ago

I find it interesting how if my husband is sick, his company gives him time off with pay and his wife takes care of him. If his wife is sick, his company doesn’t give him time off with pay to take care of her! She is left home alone with all the kids, trying to conquer it herself.

Hailey 5 years ago

I feel your pain my husband is currently afflicted with the man flu although in his mind it has turned into anthrax…I mean I feel bad but you really cant reach the nightstand by the bed for a cough drop
I would like to recap the past hour
“babe? honey? can you bring me some ginger ale?”
“you forgot the straw honey”
“can you get me a extra pillow the squishy one I like”
“honey can you pour me some theraflu”
“honey I cant reach the remote can you turn down the t.v.”
“honey my feet are cold can you bring me a pair of my wool socks”
“honey I love you do we have any vicks rub?”
“honey can you bring me some orange juice”
but I love him so I do what I can

Linda Szmulewitz 5 years ago

So true! It seems I never have just my kids to take care of. My husband feels left out and then suddenly his illness appears and now have one more “child” to care for. It’s amazing!

@mommysparadise 5 years ago

Oh dear, I can defenitely rely to this post. My Hubs is the same and as a matter of fact, all my Ex-Partners too (no, I don’t have that many but they are all from different countries, even continents). I guess men just are like this, we have to live with it. And keep the knowledge that we are the stronger breed to ourselves ;-).

SydneyHouseHusband 5 years ago

Yes very funny. Have your laugh ladies. No argument from this mere male. Open your own jam jars next time.

    Laura 5 years ago

    Lol. How do you think they get open when you’re not around? πŸ˜‰ You know we all love our hubbies.

Alexandria 5 years ago

i know its wrong and all but when my husband gets a cold i want to punch him. the worst part is all of the hype leading up to the actual cold which starts like a week before whining all day “i think i’m getting sick” ugh.

Sandra 5 years ago

It’s hard not to put that pillow over their head, isn’t it?
My deepest sympathies…

kisatrtle 5 years ago

that video is too much. TFS. Why it this a universal truth? All men act like babies when they are sick.

Susan 5 years ago

And people wonder why I didn’t want to marry and have children!

Slade 5 years ago

I generally find this true of the youngest male sibling. My best friend is that guy. I love him, but when his wife was pregnant with their first child he also thought he was going to die from a cold. Fear of my wife ever giving me the same look has prevented me from acting the same way.

Brandi 5 years ago

Man-colds are the worst…men are such babies! *comfort*

Megan (Best of Fates) 5 years ago

So now I have the phrase “man cold” stuck in my head – but it’s being sung as the main phrase in the Supreme’s hit Love Child.

Man cold… never meant to be… man cold.. take a look at me…

Bejewell 5 years ago

The Man Cold is a universal truth. Did he ask you for a blow job? Mine always asks for a blow job.

    Jack 5 years ago

    I have to admit that sounds like an excellent cure.

Rach 5 years ago

ah the dreaded man flu. My husband is the worst- he lays against the headboard of the bed with his eyes closed breathing heavily through his mouth. you would think he had some terminal disease. no just a head cold. ARGH. He got man flu pills for his birthday- if they dont work orally i think I can find some other way they could work πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

Angi B 5 years ago

My husband is terrible at this too! Ugh. It doesn’t matter if it’s a small cold or a huge flu, he makes it seem like it’s the end of the world. I mean, this is the guy who asked me – while I was in active labor – to compare labor to an earache.

Unfortunately, my BIL is the worst. He makes most men look like brave souls! Last year he went to a concert and returned home very late. Threw up (once). Took the next day off. They were going to see my mom, so she made rice for him. He would ONLY eat cheerios while laying on the couch moaning. Then, when my dad offered to take them out (he was thinking a pancake house, since you can get bland food there!), my BIL jumped up and said he would like to go to On The Border. Gah.

Ahlam 5 years ago

This always happens to me. He expects me to do the things his MOM did for him! As if I dont have 3 other kids! sheesh!!

Kate Coveny Hood 5 years ago

Chris is a total sissy about being sick. To the point where he asks me to put my hand on his forehead to see if he has a fever. I kid you not. Men are wimps.

30ish Mama 5 years ago

Men are the biggest babies, period. That’s why we give birth, if it were them the human race would be extinct.

Erin I’m Gonna Kill Him 5 years ago

Greg acts like he’s afflicted with gout or diphtheria every time he gets the sniffles. The one time I finally blew a fuse and told him to ‘call his mother’ if he wanted sympathy and spoon feedings…he had pneumonia. Nice of me.

liz 5 years ago

This story could have been mine just a few weeks ago! Craig was soooo pitiful, was CERTAIN he had some nasty infection, went to the doc and the doc told him the same thing I tried to – that he had a virus and to take some mucinex D.

dusty earth mother 5 years ago

My husband moans, loudly, wordlessly and incessantly, when he’s sick. I’m not remotely kidding. MOANS. “Ehhhhhhhhh… mmmmmmmmmmmm… uhhhhhhhhhhh…” The first time he did it, I thought he was messing around. He wasn’t.

The Flying Chalupa 5 years ago

I’m Gonna Kill Him pointed me in the direction of this HILARIOUS video a little while ago. I love love love it.

Oddly enough, when I showed it to my husband, he didn’t find the humor in it.

Glad you’re feeling better!

Sarah 5 years ago

A few years ago a friend asked me what was wrong with my husband who lay sick and dying on the couch. “Man-i-tus” I responded.

Fortunately, I have now found myself a younger, somewhat healthier model. Apparently he only gets a cold – I think he may be a freak of nature. πŸ˜‰

Jack 5 years ago

If men could have babies we’d put you all to shame. We’d pop that sucker out and be ready to whatever, whenever we felt like it.

Nor would we complain about baby weight, cellulite or sore nipples.

But the point is moot because we can’t birth the children so it really doesn’t matter.

Anyhoo, I’ll let you return to fantasy land. You folks keep the hearth warm and we’ll be back with some fresh meat to cook.


Crystal 5 years ago

What a bunch of wooses! My hubby had a man-cold too…and he thought he was dying. Moaning, whining, whimpering…ugh! seriously!!? Did he see those 4 babies come shooting out of my delicates? Don’t complain to me….ever! Good thing they aren’t in charge of having kids…I’d only have 1 kiddo instead of 4! Plus he gave me his germs…and I’ve been sick for the last 4 weeks. Phlegm, mucous, coughing…I’m totally gross, but still have to cook, clean, and take care of family. WTH?!

erica 5 years ago

My husband would kill me if I he knew I was telling you all this… but one time, he was so, so , so sick, we had to get a babysitter at 10 pm for our sleeping child and go to the emergency room.

We were there for 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. The verdict? A virus. Take some Advil.

A cold. We spent 4 hours in the ER for a cold.

He said he had chest pain… I thought heart attack…and so we went. After all, it does run in his family… but really, babe. The ER? For a cold? Ugh.

eternallyjas 5 years ago

Give him green tea with triple echinacea by yogi tea 3 times a day stat… before it does turn into an infection. Statistically this stuff has 100% effectiveness rate if given 3 times a day before infection ensues. Also nasal washing with a neti pot or natural saline nasal spray can keepmucus bacteria to a minimum. My kids get the nose and ear flushing regularly and haven’t had any infections since I started it last year.:-)

eternallyjas 5 years ago

Give him green tea with triple echinacea 3 times a day stat… before it does turn into an infection. Statistically this stuff has 100% effectiveness rate if given 3 times a day before infection ensues. Also nasal washing with a neti pot or natural saline nasal spray can keepmucus bacteria to a minimum. My kids get the nose and ear flushing regularly and haven’t had any infections since I started it last year.:-)

Lois 5 years ago

My hubby is the direct opposite of this. I have to force him to go to the doctor. He once had strep so bad and for so long that it migrated to his inner ear. That was a fun night. The result of his not ‘giving in’ to any illness is that he has very little sympathy for mine. And that’s just not fair.

Heather 5 years ago

Well, that was good for a much-needed guffaw. It has to be something innate because both my sons behave in the same, melodramatic way my husband does when they get the slightest sniffle. He starts hitting the Nyquil hard at the first tiny cough. The human race would die out in one generation if they had to have the babies. On the other chromosome, both my daughters behave completely reasonable like their mom:-)

Mary 5 years ago

I can totally relate to this right down to the making a run for it with the kids. lol

Brittany at Mommy Words 5 years ago

This just got sent to my husband. I love it. Especially the guy’s face when she asks about her cold. Thank you Jill and GOOD LUCK!

Sandra Guirguis 5 years ago

Sing it sister!! I am always envious that my husband seems to get couch time when he is sick. I have a nasty cold right now and somehow the laundry still gets done, lunches are made, kids are taken and picked up from school, dinner is ready etc… Ugh, I think I will take a nap but alas, I just remembered that we need groceries… oh, to be a man! πŸ˜‰

Jessica @ ATL Mom GUide 5 years ago

My hubby is the worst! but luckily he is rarely sick!

Lolli 5 years ago

If I could post that video up in my bedroom I would. It couldn’t be more true (I mean–she’s even got my name!). Men are babies when they are sick, but moms must keep taking care of everyone.

To be fair, my husband is very kind when I’m sick. He tells me to get in bed and he cooks for the family. Granted, my the time I get out of bed, the house is a disaster and the kids’ hair is a mess….but at least I can lay in bed for a little while.

When he’s sick, I make him stay in his room because I really can’t stand whining.

Liz @ Peace, Love & Guacamole 5 years ago

“Poor little bunny.” Hahahaha!

Good luck not strangling him this week…because you know it will last a FULL week!

    Liz @ Peace, Love & Guacamole 5 years ago

    Sorry about the repeat! I had a toddler “helping” me at the keyboard and I thought he deleted the first one.

Liz @ Peace, Love & Guacamole 5 years ago

“Poor little bunny.” Hahahahaha!

Good luck not strangling him this week…because you know it will last a FULL week.

Ally 5 years ago

LMAO!! Okay, don’t hate me, my husband is a total trooper when he’s sick. I tend to be a bit more of a whiner. (While I am managing the household and holding down two jobs, of course.)

Jennifer 5 years ago

Oh yeah. Men can’t handle the sickness. Meanwhile we are continuing on with everything we normally do all while we are taking care of everyone else being sick.

After I was pregnant the first time I told my husband he never, ever had the right to ever complain about not feeling well ever again. He knows he will get no sympathy from me.

Amy ~ Eat. Live. Laugh. Shop. 5 years ago

Man-colds can bring down the house like no other illness. It annoys me so completely that I am often utterly speechless and simply leave the house so “the kids and me don’t catch it.”

Kir 5 years ago

oh yes, the “man cold”….a fiery beast for sure.

your only hope is that you get ESPN, that you can convince him that soup out of the can is just as good as the homemade kind and that it’s over quickly. πŸ˜‰

thinking of you.

SaucyB 5 years ago

I think ‘man cold’ is a pandemic and it must be stopped. My husband gets the same way and it’s monumentally annoying.

SaucyB’s last blog..Really Real NJ: Lord Stirling Park

From Belgium 5 years ago

Oh yes, and if you dare to stay home he’ll wonder why you haven’t cooked or cleaned the house, because you know, you where at home..

Monked and Fifed 5 years ago

Love this! I’ll never forget the time my Mister was sick…he decided that “a bath” would make him feel better? Well, apparently the heat got to him, bc I walked passed the bathroom door to find his tattooed, naked self having flipped right out of the tub, groaning, sprawled on the bathroom floor.

Hillarious, yes, but a little dramatic, don’t you agree?!? LOL. That’s man-flu for you.
:) a.

Michelle Saunderson 5 years ago

OMG, a man-cold is the worst. Men become utterly helpless whiney babies, but we women are still expected to carry on when we get sick. I feel for you. I love the video too.

OHN 5 years ago

Why is it that when mom is sick the only thing you hear is “do I have any clean socks”.

The human race would be LONG extinct if it were left up to men to do the actual reproduction of humans. (not to even mention if they had to endure infertility work-ups, surgeries etc)

As the mother of three male beings, I have done everything possible to ensure they do not think that death is knocking when they get a cold/sinus infection/hangnail, whatever. I think of it as my gift to three future daughters-in-law.

tracy 5 years ago

Oh yikes..don’t get me started. What is funny though, is even mother’s of adult men go all sappy/nurse on their “boys” when they are sick.

When my sister had 3 boys I told her to toughen them up when they were sick – none of that lovey-dovey stuff. Their wives will thank her someday.

Hope he mends soon – or get him a motel room so you don’t have to hear about it.

Francesca 5 years ago

Dear Jeff,

If you have the strength to read this, I want you to know that your sister wives are here if you need us. I’ll happily fly Mama Kat to you for spoon feeding and soup making. I’m pretty sure she’s also good at cold compresses and speaking in soft, hushed tones.


    Jeff 5 years ago

    It’s good to know I can count on you.

Jennifer 5 years ago

Why do the men whine like the world is ending, yet when you are really, really sick they come home, “Hey baby, what’s for dinner? Did you find my green shirt and wash it? I thought you were going grocery shopping today. Could you make (from scratch)two sweet potato pies for the work Christmas party tomorrow (it’s 7pm already and the dough needs to chill for an hour, then proof, then the pie cooks for an hour and needs to cool for 2 before I can put it in the fridge, 3.5 hours, thanks babe)? Did you collect the eggs? Honey, I’m going to take a shower and lay down and read for a bit. What happened to the boys’ room, have you see it? So, when are you coming to bed?” However, should jolly man snifle, he’s down for a week of whining and calling my mother-in-law for several pity-parties. MEN!

I’m So Fancy 5 years ago

thank you! I get accused of being “negligent” and “cruel” when H has the sniffles. While he still expects me to feed and care for the children from a prone position on the floor when I’ve been up all night vomiting. It’s the missing part of that X chromosome, I fear.

Angelica Jones 5 years ago

So true…men would completely shrivel (no, not that way) if we weren’t here to take care of them! It’s a proven fact! LOL!!

Making It Work Mom 5 years ago

I love it! That may be one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. Stupid Man-Cold.

Melissa Bassani 5 years ago

yes. yes. yes.

Mommyfriend 5 years ago


Sara Plays House 5 years ago

Good grief. EVERY time that man I love gets the freaking SNIFFLES, he completely falls apart. He gets convinced it’s the flu. Or strep. Or typhoid fever. Drives me up the wall. And yes I entertain thoughts of stabbing him in the eye with thermometers. What of it?

Alissa 5 years ago

Hysterical and too true. What is it about men and their dramatics when they get even the slightest touch of a bug?

B 5 years ago

Luckily my husband usually just climbs in bed and stays there silently when he is sick. Thank God. He accuses me of having no sympathy, but I’m sorry, for all I’ve gone through in the past few years I just can’t muster up sympathy for a few sniffles.

Heidi 5 years ago

Ugh, man-colds are the worst. Why are men so difficult? We have similar situations – I am prone to sinus infections and keep on keepin’ on, because really I don’t have a choice, but then the hubs gets a virus (read: cold) and he shuts down. I try to be supportive but I sometimes just can’t muster it!

Becca 5 years ago

LMAO…I have never seen that video but have experienced the man cold way too many times. And here I thought I was all alone…

Now go, tend to your man. Spend no more time reading comments when there is such need.

(Hope you feel better soon).

Steph – 3 of Mine 5 years ago

The video really drives it home. My DH always thinks he needs to OD on Nyquil and be COMPLETELY useless for DAYS on end … moaning and hacking up stuff. And yet….when it’s me….Up and at it with the three boys AND taking care of the hubs too. GRRRRR. I prefer to say that I’m going to stab him with a fork, I’m specific about my kitchen utensil. πŸ˜‰

myevil3yearold 5 years ago

My husband rarely gets sick but when he does…… no one in the history of the Earth has ever been sicker than he is.

One time he was moaning and laying around in the recliner. He lifted his head and arm out about one solid inch to go for the remote. It was still about two inches away. He tried again this time getting about one and a half inch clearance off the recliner. Then, he looked at me with doe eyes and said in his best hoarse voice, “Honey, I’m sick could you get me the remote.”

Seriously, I was all the way across the room and he was one inch away.

I handed him the remote but swore I would seek vengeance when he felt better. So, the next week the remote went mysteriously missing for several days and hubby had to walk his ass to the satellite box to change the channel. He was miserable.

    Janelle 5 years ago

    oh this just literally made me lol! hahahah! Thanks for the laugh!

    Steph – 3 of Mine 5 years ago

    One of my friends once hid every remote in the house inside the luggage under the stairs when her husband was unemployed. He kept calling her at work. She told him that if he could go 4 hours without calling her, she’d tell him.

    He couldn’t do it.

    Francesca 5 years ago

    This is hilarious.

Nina 5 years ago

Ha! So typical. Bryan once begged me for ice chips, which I had to do in the blender since our fridge is 6000 years old. Anyway, I cut my finger on the blade trying to get some of the ice out. You think I got any sympathy??? Of course not!

Kelly 5 years ago

LMAO!!!! Cab totally relate!

Kim 5 years ago

This post and the video have got to be the funniest things I’ve read and seen in a while. Although I know you are dealing with a very, very sick husband I thank you for taking the time to write this and making me laugh out loud – especially when I’m getting sick myself. Hug!

Rone 5 years ago

I hear ya! Mine gets the man-flu and has to sleep for days.

Elaine 5 years ago

Men are babies. That video is friggin’ hilarious. Hope your “man cold” man gets well ASAP!!!

Messy Mom 5 years ago

I have always firmly believed that men who are or claim to be sick should all be rounded up and sent to mental.. er, I mean, “health facilities” until they are better.

In the mean time, we are required to spend our days at day spa’s or however we see fit.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Meg…Writing Wrongs. 5 years ago

I strained my back last Friday…hang gliding to 5K after fighting off a wild boar. (Okay, I sat up in bed too fast…happy?) I went to work and put on my best waitress/bartender “You’re fabulous, I love serving you, now leave me all your money” face, and tried not to complain…even when I thought I’d be trapped in the bathtub all night for fear of shifting, I didn’t moan. Maybe I whimpered. PART TWO…Husband plays in charity basketball tourney Sat and Sun, acts like he’s 20 on the court, which he’s, well, NOT. To hell with my aching back and gimpy gait…he has more issues than Shel Silverstein’s Little Peggy-Ann McKay. You’d think he’d been the one fighting wild boars and hangliding, for criper’s sake! Farewell, sympathy…hello career as rubber-of-Bengay and medical-tape-miracle-worker. Harumph.

amy 5 years ago

I have recently started to use the line”when I am old and need someone to help me, I am calling you” this is usually addressed to my children after an afternoon of Chucky Cheese, rollerskating etc.
The husband when he is sick I just leave the house since he doesn’t help me when I am sick,I will take that back one day since he did nurse me thru 2 bad bouts of flu and a few surgeries. He sleeps when he is sick and wants to be left alone. Thank G-d.

Alexis Stein Tande 5 years ago

jill- I always relate to your posts…for years now. but this one…I have never related to you more.


Brittney 5 years ago

I’m glad I’m not the only one that has visions of stabbing my husband with sharp things when he is “sick” :) Divorce is not an option for me….ehhh, except sometimes I feel like divorcing him when he is sick:)

Lynn from For Love or Funny 5 years ago

Jill, you always make me laugh! This time, I’m laughing in sympathy!! I hope you and your husband feel better very soon! :)

The Domestic Goddess 5 years ago

You have my sincere sympathies. I have been laid up for three weeks in excruciating pain because of two badly herniated discs. While the husband has been great at doing just about everything around here, today he stayed in bed instead of going to work, I got the kids off to school (well, one kid, since the other one is sick) and when he finally rolled outta bed at 1pm (in the afternoon!) and I reminded him I needed a nap because I had been up since 3am with the little one and HELLO! HERNIATED DISCS! I can’t recuperate without sleep! He was all, “But I’m siiiiiiick.” HELLO? REMEMBER ME? Girl who leans to one side like quasimodo and limps?

There must be something on the Y chromosome that says, “When sick, you will turn into a pile of gelatinous mess with eyes.”

vanillasugar 5 years ago

god i love you.
you speak my “i want to kill my hubby when he’s sick language too’
i swear jill when my hubby is sick i want to throw him in the garage for quarantine.

Diana @Hormonal Imbalances 5 years ago

Why is it that men always seem to sicker than women – with the exact same symptoms? Can you imagine a man being pregnant? Lordy, my husband would die.

And you know what? When I am sick, he’s sick. Or getting sick.

It’s not fair.


    Tom Wakeling 5 years ago

    Diana , Hey come on now it depends of what kind of man you are! : }

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 5 years ago

DUDE..man colds are the worst!!!! They are such babies!!!

Sunday 5 years ago

I am sad to say that the cold I have had for the better part of the last three weeks may have been a man-cold. Too bad no one gave me a freaking little bell.

Moomser 5 years ago

My husband watched the video and left muttering under his breath “you women think you’re soooo funny…”. Remember Jill, just stroke his head and say “you poor bunny” and then remind him what happens to bunnies in movies like, say, fatal attraction… bwahahaha

meredith 5 years ago

i just saw this on your fb page. i feel your pain, love the video! saw that a while back, always makes me laugh.

Jenn 5 years ago

Oh, honey, I can so relate.
Last night, he told me that he can’t sleep, because my cough was keeping him awake, and he needed sleep to get better.

Old School / New School Mom 5 years ago

I totally feel your pain. Wil acts like an overgrown baby when he’s sick. Meanwhile, when I’m sick? He thinks he is saving the world by “letting me sleep.”

    pammiesue 5 years ago

    He “allow’s” you to sleep? What a guy!

      Giselle 5 years ago

      OMG your comment just busted me up!!!!ha ha! Too funny!

Loralee 5 years ago

Your green mucous turns me on, baby.

My husband that can lift couches by himself turns into an incapacitated three-toed sloth when he is sick. I always treat him well and baby him thinking that the favor will be returned when I am sick.

Instead, when I feel wretched, I get treated like I should be that chick that births and then goes and works in the rice paddy right after giving birth in “The Good Earth”.


Christen 5 years ago

Haha. I understand this completely. This is the reason women were made to give birth and men were made to just sit back and watch– They can’t handle it!

Janelle 5 years ago

omg. this is hilarious. love the video.

Barbara 5 years ago

I KNEW where you were going with this post just from the title and the first sentence. It must be in chromosomes. I guess they can’t help it. Be patient, honey, and lock up the sharp objects for a few days.

Deidre 5 years ago

My god!! How true is this? My husband becomes no longer functional as a human being when he is sick! Thank you for sharing, I feel much less alone in this crazy world!

    pammiesue 5 years ago

    LOL. My hubby expects to roll over and die w/ the slightest hint of anything. And requests hot fudge sundaes as THE cure. Yeah, what ever. He makes the third of my children. I did however, realize after reading these posts… my maiden name is MANN. Oh yeah, next time I get sick? I’m cashing in THAT chip!

Autumn 5 years ago

I believe the man cold has become an epidemic i have encountered many men with exact same symptoms. Fatigue, sore throat, inablility to rise out of bed and constant whineing. Oh well what can you do besides daydream beating them.

Amy 5 years ago

this was so wonderful, I have been there so many times, how she doesn’t cover his face with a pillow, I will never know!


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