Is Scary Mommy The Right Website For You?

Is Scary Mommy The Right Website For You?

So, you’ve stumbled upon Scary Mommy. Welcome! Before you spend any more time here, let’s determine if it is, in fact, the right website for you.

Do you:

Have this whole parenting thing figured out?

Have children who are always respectful and perfectly behaved?

Believe that life should always be taken seriously?

Judge mothers who give in to tantrums, allow the television to babysit and don’t feed their children an entirely organic diet?

Maintain a meticulous home?

Believe that each and every moment with your family is a blessing?

Troll the internet looking for posts to leave nasty comments on?

Believe yourself to be a better parent than everyone else you come into contact with?

Always look put-together, never wearing yoga pants for anything other than practicing yoga?

Never feel the need to have a break from your children?

Believe that four letter curse words are crass, dirty and inappropriate?

Not understand sarcasm?

If you answered yes to the above questions,
the exit door is just a click away, and you should use it.

If you answered no, welcome to Scary Mommy.
We’re glad you’re here.


About the writer


What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


Beth 11 months ago

Love this site! Thank u!

Rose Karluk 12 months ago

Please tell me how I can unsubscribe. Got on the wrong site.

Martha 1 year ago

I just stumbled upon this site and man it is refreshing! Yes I am a scary mom most of the times.
Still growing as a parent and a human being, leaving judgments about parenting or other parents far behind me at every step. The scary mom manifesto, words to live by.

joanlipnick 1 year ago

please unsubscribe

joanlipnick 1 year ago

need to unsubscribe

EvRoland 1 year ago

I love this website! I’m a scary mommy fo sho! Lol ♥♥♥♥

Arlene 1 year ago

I love this website!!! ⌒.⌒

shellybean 1 year ago

no I never wear yoga pants!!! I wear sweats lol

Tiffany 1 year ago

Wait, I thought wearing yoga pants DID look put together.

Lynda 1 year ago

My 9 yo twins loudness level is approximately 2 decibels below a Boeing 747, it’s 8am on a Sunday morning, I haven’t had coffee yet, and they’re fighting over….. Well….. I don’t even know. I’ve just threatened to beat them to death (I wouldn’t, but THEY don’t know that). Is that wrong? BTW, thank you for existing and all my fellow scary mommies out there

Kat S 1 year ago

I am a brand new scary mommy and I love this site!

vickie wiliams 1 year ago

As a first time mother, I was not a Scarry Mom. It was the father’s wife, who made me scared for my son’s life.
The wife works for DCBS and at time of my conception, August 2000. She used her employment . To make my son and I life a living HELL.

April Doiron 1 year ago

Hey, well I don’t wear yoga pants except to do yoga in, but that’s just because my southern belle mama would scold me from Heaven for doing so. Besides that, carry on, carry on.

Kami Fox-Varela 1 year ago

You wrote it and you hit every mark. So I judge you for understanding.

Jan Johnson 1 year ago

I consider myself the perfect mom—
I am now working on number six great grand—I won meanest mother of the year many years running— and I didn’t kill a single one of them !!! —
So there!!! Love your site— thank God I don’t need it any more—

Rhiannon Reynolds 1 year ago

I only answered yes to the yoga pants question, only because I’m not fond of yoga pants and while I rarely wear make up, I always brush my hair (after the shower I take while the TV babysits the toddler so I can manage without him getting into something)

Megan Janel Fagley 1 year ago

I’m in!

Maryanna Bridget Reynolds 1 year ago

Love this blog makes me smile everyday. Makes me feel better about my parenting skills and or lack there of all the time. :)

Maryanna Reynolds 1 year ago

Tell it momma tell it like it is. I love love love this blog you make me smile and feel better about my parenting skills or lack there of everyday. :)

Marie 1 year ago

Thank you for your wonderful blog.I am a grandmother raising and Aspergers grandson,he is 10 and until I read your article I thought I was struggling all alone,I am new to your site but loving it.

Melissa Ouellet Trezza 1 year ago

After reading just a few of Scary Mommy’s posts, I determined it is the PERFECT place for me. Thank you for being you, Scary Mommy!

Betsy 1 year ago

im totally a scary Mommys

Krista Goff 1 year ago

I love this website! makes me feel normal :)

Tia Isaman 1 year ago

Love this-I am a Scary Mommy!

Sheryl Hackel 1 year ago

Judging other parents — not ok. I thoroughly enjoy these posts! Can I still stay even if I did puree my own baby food, though? 😉

Laura Edgerton 1 year ago

AMEN. Reading this site keeps me (mostly) sane. Reading posts from other women constantly badmouthing other moms’ thoughts and/or choices makes my tummy hurt :-( This site was always supposed to be a forum in which we can express ourselves without judgment. Keep up the great work!

mcckitty 1 year ago

I knew this was a site for me after reading one blog and happening upon the confessionals. I love this site because it makes me feel like it’s ok I’m not perfect I don’t have all the answers. I just recently sent an expectant mother friend of mine to this site. She’s got the makings of a scary mommy. This site keeps me going some days when I just want to quit. I’m thankful for it!!!

Kate Junk 1 year ago

LOVE this!

(One minor thought though…)

Don’t automatically assume the moms who don’t wear yoga pants are trying to prove something or are out to make others feel bad. Some of us just aren’t comfortable enough in our bodies to wear a fabric that doesn’t hide anything…

Lisa Morgan Echols 1 year ago

Hello Scary Mommy friends. My name is Lisa. I have two kids, five cats, one dog, a husband and an ex-husband. I have a job I love, even if I do work about 50 hours a week plus commute. I cannot keep my house clean, remember to sign my kids’ agenda from school at night, cook anything but a frozen pizza by the time Friday comes or fold laundry more than once a fortnight but I love my family more than life and love that Scary Mommy shows me that I am not alone!!

Michelle Hill Tharp 1 year ago

Whenever a friend is having an especially challenging day as a mom or is confessing an “oh so less than proud” parenting moment…I always offer them my “Mom of the Year” Sash and Crown. lol…I always say we survived our parents and our kids will survive us. ❤️

Michelle Hill Tharp 1 year ago

Love that!

Ginny King 1 year ago


Monika Marie Benada 1 year ago

I thought I was the only one who was just trying to make it through the day and feeling like I was messing it all up. WIth Scary Mommy we are all sisters who realize that at the end of the day, the kids know they are loved and that is more beautiful than anything that you can pin in pinterest.

Rebecca Eskew Clawson 1 year ago


sonja 1 year ago

Aren’t we all? Mmmmm… I do wish sometimes on the replies from previous posts people will read the fine print(that isn’t so fine), but fortunately those negative comments are few and far apart! So glad to have found this site when I had my baby. Keeps me sane knowing it’s not just me and if not, at least gives me a great old chuckle! Thank you for this site!

Viki Lynn 1 year ago

Perfectly worded, love it

Maja Masterl 1 year ago

Scary Mommy is my soulfood. Your posts always come at the right time and gives me that “I’m not alone” feeling.

Heather 1 year ago

:( My home is meticulous. It’s the only thing I feel like I have control over anymore in life. Organizing and cleaning keeps me sane. But…I still love Scary Mommy. Even if you don’t love me back.

Michelle Blood 1 year ago

Had to post it again?! Geesh! Love this page.

Thomas Dikel 1 year ago

I’m a scary daddy and Scary Mommy is the right place for me! Both the comic posts and the serious posts are great and good for the soul. I stumbled across you a few months ago and am endlessly glad I did. Thank you ladies.

Summer Crnkovich Young 1 year ago

Yep, I’m in!

Ashley Hobbs LaVoie 1 year ago

Wouldn’t survive with my sanity in tact without Scary Mommy… Gotta get a onsie for DD and t-shirt for me (you should make one for our hubbys too!) Y’all also remind me to be more understanding and encouraging to other mommy ladies

Kara Jeannette 1 year ago

Love the manifesto!!!! So good.

Tara Schultz Karmin 1 year ago

I read these posts and think “hey look, I’m not so crazy after all.” How do you read my mind Scary Mommy????

Nicolemarie Gorman 1 year ago

I am not, and will never be, a mom. I am grateful that there are women like you living the motherly life with grace and humor, so that I don’t have to. Thank you.

Lisa Vulcano Roa 1 year ago


Anie Alja 1 year ago

Love it…

Jaime Lynn Symons 1 year ago

Yes it is =)

Esther Bedik 1 year ago

Is there a website called Scary Grandma?

Kelda Teunon 1 year ago

Love, love, love this! These are words to live by!

Angela Welch Courteau 1 year ago

yes.. YES it is…

Liesl Cronjé 1 year ago

Beautifully said

Paula Heaney 1 year ago

Scary Mommy posts always make me feel so much better about my parenting – and i can sooo relate to so many of the posts – drives me nuts when some people get right up on their high horse and make huge issues about some of the posts, which, although based on truths lots of us can relate to, are also lighthearted and humorous!

Megan Benham 1 year ago

I like this page, but the last story was a little baity? Is that even a word? The one that said abusive parents or not or something like that.

Holly 1 year ago

I’m not even a mommy yet and I come to this website all the time. Love it!

Emilyandtj Brinjak 1 year ago

Don’t move to my neighborhood whatever you do…..I’m immune now though and I laugh a LOT

Kristie Wagner Ingram 1 year ago

LOVE IT!!!!!

Stark Raving Dad 1 year ago

Best. Manifesto. Ever.

Emily White Donahue 1 year ago

Just love reaffirming how much of a belonger I am..even tho I’m a few years too late. Once a mother..always a mother tho..and I’m the mother of Em all!

Eileen K. Fischer 1 year ago

Love it.

Crystal Woods 1 year ago

YES! Perfection.

April Barra Scepanski 1 year ago

So glad I found your page! It’s nice to know I’m not alone!

Shannon Doran 1 year ago

Yes, yes it is

Sarah Grimm 1 year ago

Scary Mommy is my sanity check. I have read so many articles (then sent them to DH) to say “here, this is EXACTLY how I feel!”

Joyce Covner Bouchard 1 year ago

Yes it is!

Melissa Overmire Fenton 1 year ago

Preach it Jill

Jessica Bullard Perez 1 year ago

Amen to the manifesto!

Michele Kildea Abbajay 1 year ago

I love you! I am NOT perfect! THANK YOU!!!!

Kasey ‘Maddick’ Boling 1 year ago

I never doubted this was the right website for me.

Donna Burnetta Thomas 1 year ago

You rock!

Amy McDonald- Waldron 1 year ago

Well said! :)

Charity Perkins Stratton 1 year ago

❤️ your page and spreading the word to my scary mommy friends! Keep up the good work

Mrs. K 1 year ago

So many of these let me know it’s ok to feel how I feel, I’m not the only one. Thank god, I’m much more “normal” than I think!

susan beattie 1 year ago

Oh yea! I’m in the scary mommy club :-) good work ladies 😀 xx

Maria Elena Rodriguez 1 year ago

Amen! Its the perfect website for me

Kelly Moore 1 year ago

I love this page .. I know I am not alone

Christina Potito Rogers 1 year ago

I’ve been a fan for a while but never saw this. I absolutely love it. A manifesto all parents should live by!!!

Abigail Michael 1 year ago

My name is Abi and I feed my child McDonalds and Fruit Shoots, am I in?? Lol

Abigail Michael 1 year ago

The replies can be as great as the articles, v amusing

Elizabeth Rose Maury 1 year ago


Beatrice Leavens Brown 1 year ago

I love this page. Wish it was around 15-18 years ago. I may not have been so lost and hurt by what some people said.

Julie Carrico 1 year ago

Love Love Love this page…. thank u.

Candace Parker Livingstone 1 year ago

I ‘m SO happy this was posted. Lately I found myself in fits of eye rolling rage whilst reading some of the post comments. Life is funny – laugh!

Colleen Baxter 1 year ago

Definitely the right site for me!

Melissa Dierna 1 year ago

Love the honesty of this site and the moms who follow it.

Catherine Lindsay 1 year ago

I love this page! Having a sense of humour is what I’ve needed to stay married for 18 years and raise three boys. Reading Scary Mommy helps, too!

Felicia Winnett 1 year ago

And sadly, many who so desperately NEED to see this…will not. Might post it regularly to male sure they eventually do…they are exhausting and irritating to even see comments from.

Michelle Smith Sturgell 1 year ago

On my honor…

Ashley Fowler 1 year ago

Love this page! To all the mothers who can’t handle a funny story or sarcasm about being a mother I just feel bad for them, because without sarcasm and laughing my way through being a mother I wouldn’t survive. Also yoga pants, flip flops and a T-shirt/sweatshirt is completely exceptable in any situation once you become pregnant and have kids! This website assures me I’m doing it right, even when others judge my meltdowns or counting to myself to try and regain sanity!

Marie Wyld 1 year ago

I love this site. In my life I’m surrounded by alot of smoke screens and Ppl trying to fake it and Ppl who just don’t get it (esp the man of the house who isn’t home much at all). It is great to know it’s ok to not have our shit sorted and my child will be ok.

Vicky 1 year ago

I have never been so happy to be part of this site and more at ease

Christina Schubert 1 year ago

It’s called “Scary Mommy” do they think it’s the place where they find $500 custom made witch outfits (accentuating toned tummies) and ideas to turn their yards into Disney worthy haunted houses for Halloween. Say, where is that free range sea salted caramel apple recipe? Is the waxed paper cruelty free?

Jo Ann 1 year ago

This is very well put. I love it!!

Chelle Geden 1 year ago

I’m a scary mommy beast, I belong.

Teresa Howick Wilson 1 year ago

A great reminder for us all

Karen Smith 1 year ago

The mother who thinks she is doing everything wrong is doing everything right. Vice versa. Think about it! Love this FB page and website.

Kathy Toelke Sulik 1 year ago

Love this web-site and wish more people operated according to this manifesto!


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