25 of The Saddest Santa Pictures Ever


The smell of pine filling the house. Matching pajamas on Christmas morning. Ornaments passed down from generation to generation.




The biggest thing I miss out on as a non-Christmas celebrating mother isn’t any of those things. It’s screaming Santa pictures, of course. I just can’t get enough of the jolly old man pathetically holding a child screaming bloody murder. That’s just the kind of mother I am.


Since I won’t be sharing my own Santa pictures with you, I present you with some of my favorite’s from the Scary Mommy Facebook page…


terror with santa

Funny Santa

crying with santa

I hate you, Santa!

screaming with santa

screams with santa

screaming boy with santa

crying babies with santa

scared kids with santa

crying girl with santa

Funny Santa Picture

scared girl with santa


scared kids with santa

crying girl with santa

crying girl with santa

Sad Santa
Screaming Santa
Screaming at Santa
Crying Santa
I hate Santa!
Crying with Santa
Scary Santa
Crying with Santa

Sad baby

Christmas tears
There were too many hilarious photos to post, so check them out on my page. And keep posting them! I love living vicariously through you.


  1. 4

    Kelly @ In the Mom Light says

    Ok seriously, who are these people that want to dress up like Santa and make kids cry all “holiday” season??? Seem like you’d have to be kind of a weirdo to do that job!

    • 5

      Jenelle W. says

      The Santa’s I have known or have talked to don’t do it to make kids scream. They do it to help the magic of Santa live on. It’s a thankless job with screaming kids, getting peed on, and being bored our of your skull – but they do it for the kids that love it.

  2. 10

    Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says

    I. Love. These. Way better than happy Santa photos.

    For the record, I’m still scared of Santa. And don’t even get me started about clowns.

  3. 11

    michelle says

    #10 santa is kinda creepy lol. Also I love the ones with siblings. One is smiling because they are so happy to be with santa then the other just freaks out.

  4. 12

    Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes says

    One word : Hilarious! I just adore the sixth one! Both kids, so nicely dressed and so very very angry…
    The one with the dog is great too.

  5. 16

    Erika says

    I don’t know why you wouldn’t take your kids. I take my Jewish kids every year to see Santa. It pisses my husband off, and makes it even more hilarious. Start a new tradition this year!

    • 17

      Erin says

      That. Is. Awesome. I was one of those Jewish kids growing up – technically still am – and my father used to BE Santa at Christmas parties. Lasting impressions on both of us for sure.

  6. 18

    Julie Warwick says

    The funniest ones are when one kid is sitting there and happy and smiling and the other one is screaming bloody murder!

  7. 24

    Lollie ~ The Fortuitous Housewife says

    Sitting in my little home office, or as I call it “The Cell”, laughing my a** off.

    I particularly love the juxtaposition of the holiday-best ensembles some of these poor tikes were forced to wear — makes me wonder if it’s Santa they’re crying about or the outfit.

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