The Scary Mommy Manifesto




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    Catherine says

    On a day when I just found out that I expecting my second child, and couldn’t be happier or more scared, this is just perfect. Just do the best you can do, and let other Mom’s do the same. Thanks for this!

  2. 15

    Kimberly says

    Love everything about this. Especially the part about motherhood not being a competition. And the part about not passing body-image issues down to my own kids. I needed this today, and I’m thankful you posted it.

  3. 16

    dysfunctional mom says

    This is perfection! I need to send this to my niece, who is newly pregnant with her first baby.

  4. 18

    kerri_bugg says

    Hear, hear! This should be printed, lamenated, and framed in every maternity hospital room and baby’s nursery in America!

  5. 24

    Jeanine says

    Where were you when my kids were babies? I was the most insecure person on earth. I clearly remember a woman behind me at the grocery store asking why I was buying formula. How could I?! A couple of weeks later another woman asked me why I was using a bottle. I did not know either of these people.Complete strangers. I promptly fell into a deep dark post-partum depression. That was the first child. I could not breast feed after #2 was born because I needed antidepressants pronto. The nurse yelled outside my door, “Room 16 is the only one not breast feeding!” They sent a counselor in to talk to me. Fortunately, I was ready for her. She left my room quickly. My children are 10 & 13 now. These incidents were a long time ago, but still sting. Stop judging. You do not know a person’t story.

    • 25

      Leisl says

      Omigosh! What crap experiences On top of dealing with depression. You Poor thing. Congrats for making it as a fab mOmmy in sPite of it all!

    • 26

      Chrissy says

      Boobs are good, bottles are good. To a baby…food is good. Forgive that young woman you were…she did her best and that is all one needs to expect. You kept them alive…how do any of us manage it? I often wonder.

  6. 29

    tracey - justanothermommy says

    In fact, let’s apply these rules to EVERYONE we meet; mothers, fathers and childless. Why the judgment? Why do we judge others? Why do we even CARE?!?

  7. 30

    Tammy @ Skinny Mom's Kitchen says

    OMG this is AWESOME!!! I hope to god it goes viral because SOOOOOO many women need to see this and follow it religiously.

  8. 32

    Shell says

    I’m not usually one to ever say “all moms should…” but I’ll say it here. All moms should live by this!

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