The Screamer

Do you get sick of screaming at your kids? Do you wish someone else could do it for you? Well, in my twisted mind, someone can!

About the writer

Deva Dalporto is the creator of the viral videos "Suburban Funk," “I Just Need Some Space,” "What Does the Kid Say,” "Let It Go - Mom Parody," “Knock It Off” and “I’m So Cranky.” NBC recently called her the “Weird Al of YouTube Moms.” Her viral videos have been on The Today Show,, CNN, Headline News, Fox News, Today Parents, Yahoo’s homepage, Today Australia, HuffPost Parents,, PopSugar Moms, Babble, CafeMom and many more. Deva is a contributor to the anthologies I Just Want to Be Alone and The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets. Deva blogs about the crazy, amazing journey of parenting at My Life Suckers.


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