Shit, I Chose The Wrong Name For My Kid


You know, 9 months is a really long time to come up with a baby name. But apparently, not long enough for me.

Because when my daughter was about a month-old, I looked down at that sweet, scrunched up face and thought, “This baby is absolutely, definitely not a Presley.” Oh, man. We gave our kid the wrong name.

But I said nothing. I just figured I would get used to it. Presley just needed to grow into her name. Or I needed to grow into it. Or something.

My husband, along with our family and friends, would call her Presley and I would just bristle in silence. Although in all fairness, you really can’t blame them because that was her name. I pretty much just called her “the baby” or sometimes tried out names like Lila or Harper when no one was around.

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Months passed.

And then one day, I ever-so-casually mention to my husband, “Hey, what do you think about us changing Presley’s name?”

And he looks at me like I am CRAZY because our daughter is 6 months-old now. But he knew I was crazy when he married me so isn’t this really his fault?

After debating this issue for two MORE months, we finally start calling her a new name when she is 8 months-old. Yes, 8 months-old.

This kind of thing happens to everyone, right?

So that’s how “Presley” became “Summer.”

I totally stole the name Summer from the now-canceled Fox TV show, “The O.C..” Sure, some people name their kids after famous sports stars or silver screen legends, but I personally think characters from cheesy teen dramas are more the way to go.

Unless you’re a newlywed, legally changing a name is not easy in this post 9-11 world. At least not in New York City. They wanted to make sure my child wasn’t a terrorist or perhaps changing her name to try to avoid some kind of prison sentence, debt or IRS investigation. Now I can’t account for every moment when she’s napping but I think she’s led a pretty honest life so far.

It took six visits to civil court to officially change her name to Summer.

On one visit, I sat in the courtroom and each person got up to request his or her name change.

There was Woo Wo who wants to flip things around and change his name to Wo Woo.

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There was a transvestite who wants a more feminine name.

There was an Asian man who wants to change the first names of his 5, 7 and 11 year-old kids so their first names sound more American.

And finally, a woman who wants to change her name but couldn’t tell the Judge whether her middle initial “H” stood for Harriet or Hazel. She simply can’t remember anymore.

And I suddenly realized two things…

1. Being a judge in New York City must be one hell of an entertaining job.
2. And it turns out, I’m not so crazy after all.

About the writer

Kelcey writes the humor blog, The Mama Bird Diaries and co-founded the cheeky advice site, The Mouthy Housewives. This Columbia Journalism School graduate also drives a gold minivan because you can't fit five kids on a Vespa. An award winning journalist, she still secretly longs to be an Olympic ice skater. You can follow her on Twitter @mamabirddiaries.

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Jonni (pronounced like my dad, Johnny) 3 days ago

I woke up one day, turned to my husband and said “I’m pregnant.” He said “I know.” I said “it’s a girl.” He said “I know that too.” He wanted Amber but I had gone to school with a couple Ambers and they were both stuck-up and snotty. I like Allyson, plus his great-grandmother’s middle name had been Alice. My whole pregnancy she was Ally, but when she was born she was an Allyson. A few friends call her Ally now. When I found out I was pregnant again, my husband thought another girl, I thought a boy. We agreed on Trevor Lee for a boy, but had a hard time with a girl’s name. He wanted Nicki. I didn’t want to give her a nickname for her real name, so we went with Nicole. Then finding a middle name to go with that and our long last name. I was looking through a baby name book and saw Raine, which that book said it was a feminine form of Ryan (my husband’s name) and we agreed on Nicole Raine. He doesn’t remember the conversation and I can’t find anyplace now where it says Raine is feminine for Ryan, but her name is Nicole Raine, and she goes by Nicki. She says she wishes we would have just named her Nicki Raine. When she was 2, my husband had some health issues and was told he couldn’t have any more children. 4 years later, our 3rd was born. She was the hardest to name. He liked Regan, I liked Piper. I pored through baby name books, making lists. Trinity because she was the 3rd. Tiffany, Olivia, Zoe, Phoebe. Nothing sounded good with our last name. Then we came across Kyra. It is Greek for ladylike, which she definitely isn’t but the name is so her. We call her Kyra the Destroyer. Picking names is hard.

Brooke (and I like my name) 1 month ago

I cannot wait to name my baby Tranvestite! We can call them “Trans” or “Tite” for short – and it’s PERFECT for a boy or a girl! Get a clue, Kelcey.

Holly 1 month ago

Hi there! I noticed that you used the term “transvestite”, which might not have been the best choice. I spoke to a friend in the LGBT community to see what the best way of putting this is, and this is their message:

“It seems like there’s some confusion here between cross dressing and transitioning. Individuals who cross dress don’t identify as transgender (incidentially, the term ‘transvestite’ isn’t one we use anymore, since it was invented by psychologists and not by crossdressers themselves.)

Individuals who identify as transgender generally don’t cross dress. Transgender individuals may change their general clothes and appearance as part of transitioning.

TL;DR: Someone looking to change their name and pronouns may not identify as a crossdresser, but rather as transgender. There is no way to know for sure other than to ask the individual. Saying ‘transvestite’ makes you appear both outdated and potentially offensive. The correct term for a cisgender person who wears clothing that does not match their assigned gender is crossdresser.”

I loved the article besides that, I just wanted to share this tidbit of info with you! :)

Julie 1 month ago

When my sister was pregnant with her first child (a boy) I sat up in bed one morning and said if they have a boy they are going to name him Ryan. That night we went over to her house for dinner and I saw a list of names and she was like we don’t care for your input in names (mind you that didn’t stop her when I was pregnant with my 2 kids). I said dear Lord I’m not telling you what to name your child but I did tell them what I said. Lol, guess what they had a boy and named him Ryan! I can guarantee it wasn’t from anything I had said!

Julie R. 1 month ago

All my life I was going to name my little girl Page (not Paige, but Page). And I was lucky enough to find a man that not only agreed to name her Page it was actually one of his top 2 before we even met. After she was born we named her Page and I didn’t really think it fit her. It always felt “off” but she is 13 almost 14 now and she has definitely grown into her name! Now when we named our son Luke I never looked back!!

Susan 1 month ago

My Mother wanted to call me Jody. Thank God my Dad stopped her because that is definitely not me!

lauren 1 month ago

When I had my son I named him just so I could have his initials TNT, but he came into the world such a beautiful boy. When my little tanhyn was so commonly referred to as tanya, I had his name changed. He was 2 when it was legalized. Now my pretty boy is Dayden. (But I liked Tanhyn so much I kept it as his middle name.)

Stephanie 1 month ago

I personally prefer Summer. My Summer is 5….nice choice! :)

Jodie 1 month ago

9 months is NOT long enough!!! Here is the thing, the 9 months of pregnancy, there are so many ideals- what kind of parent one is going to be, planning delivery, when to go back to work- the baby is going to be perfect and sleep through the night, your body is going to be in such a better shape after delivery- When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t know if I was having a boy or a girl- so, I picked out names- Griffin Jay Henry or Raven Nichole- I loved the names and that is what they were going to be- the first time I held her, she became Stephanie Angel- and all I heard, she will grow into her name- she is almost 18 and I call her “Bug”- one of her baby nicknames because she is still not a Stephanie, nor is she a Raven- she is bugg

Rhiannon 4 months ago

Awww! Naming babies! What fun! I got to name all 5 of ours. My husband said, “You’re the one that has to carry them for 9 months and you’re the one that has to deliver them. You get to name them.” Due to a long, difficult last name, three of the five use their middle names simply because the names I liked didn’t work as first names.

It’s OK, though. In addition to my mother and brother, my grandmother as well as a number of siblings on my grandfather’s side all used their middle names. Don’t know why they did, though!

Alaina 5 months ago

When my son was born we gave him a name I never really wanted. I called him by his middle name from the day he was born. Luckily his Dad did too and so everyone else did as well. We had it legally changed when he was 4 so he could start school without confusion.
The process for changing it was easy though(10 years ago), I just filled out some paperwork, had it notorized and submitted it to the court clerk. We had to publicly post the requested name change for 30 days, which consisted of pinning it up on a bulletin board inside the courthouse. 30 days later we came back took it down and the clerk gave us our official name change paperwork. Then we had to submit that paperwork to the vital statistics office. But we waited 10 years before actually doing the second part and just kept the court documents with his birth certificate. Then since he was almost 15 and going to be be getting a permit soon, we submitted the birth certificate change, to make it less confusing/difficult for him. I am not sure if you’re all sensing a theme about when I finally get things done? I might, maybe be a procrastinator?

Summer 5 months ago

My ex just had to name our son Alan. He actually wanted him to be a Jr. I pitched a giant fit about it. I didn’t want his name to be Alan, let alone a jr. In the end we compromised by throwing an extra middle name in. So now he’s AJ. He’s only 8 but he’s asked me multiple times about changing his name because legally he has to use Alan on forms and official documents. He refuses to answer to Alan and has gotten into trouble at school for just because he hates it that much.

Meranda 5 months ago

My 2 year old is named Charlea. It’s pronounced Charlie but EVERYONE who reads her name says “Charlie-uh” ! I hate it. To make it worse I didn’t particularly like the spelling from the beginning. (my husband chose it and I figured since I chose the name he could choose the spelling) I decided when she was a year old that I regret naming her Charlea. (just think how annoying it will be for her. All her teachers calling out charlie-uh during roll call!) My husband still doesn’t know how I feel about it. I’m still hoping it will grow on me.

Bianca 6 months ago

Despite being born 11 months later, my parents called me the same as my brother: I.e. Erica. My aunt rescued me when it came to the papers and added a “Bianca” to the form. I’ve gone by that almost ever since, except for when we moved to London and my primary school teachers insisted on calling me by my “real” name. Only in postgrad did I reclaim my rightful name. Be CAREFUL what u name your kids: or at least be able to defend your choice of name., for crying out loud!

jenn 7 months ago

If you can handle Jamie, go with it. It’s a beautiful name for a man.

Lizzie 8 months ago

My sister named her daughter Juliet after a tv character, and she named her that with all intentions of calling her Jules. But she is definitely not a Juliet or a Jules. Since about day 2 she has been Julie and my sister regrets her name, and wishes she had just called her Julie.

Jill 8 months ago

I wish I would have asserted myself. We chose or son’s name right away, he is named for his grandpas, but I wanted to call him Robin for his nick name. Husband and grandpa he is named for don’t like Robin, so I said fine, but he is a Robert and not Bobby. I still regret not seeing my foot down. He is such a Robin.

Lyla 8 months ago

Growing up Melissa Anne I had the number one girls name the year I was born and to add insult to injury, the number one middle name as well. I hated it. LOATHED IT. Every year in school I was one of three, four, sometimes FIVE Melissa’s in class. I think Melissa is a pretty name, but it’s not me at all. When I was 30 years old I was invited to a get together with 3 other Melissa’s. None of us knew each other and the grand total of women there was five. Four out of Five. That was the straw that broke the camels back. I realized I could either hate my name forever or do something about it so I spent a few weeks trying out different names and decided on Lyla, it too was popular, but it ‘fit’ me.

When my daughter was born I spent forever coming up with the perfect combination of not at all popular but not too weird. Ivy Quinn. Back then Ivy was in the 400 range of baby popularity and Quinn was completely unheard of. Then Glee came out with the cheerleader named Quinn and Beyonce named her daughter Blue Ivy. Oh well, she’s almost 7 now and she adores her name.

Strategsister 8 months ago

That’s why we stopped telling the family. They have a lot less to argue about when the little one’s already arrived and the ink is dry.

Now we tell them “We’re waiting to meet the baby to name them” which is never true, but they don’t bug/offer their own obnoxious ideas. And they only fuss a little after the birth.

Sharon Tomas 8 months ago

Parents should have a name for their newborn baby very shortly after birth. It boggles my mind that anyone would procrastinate for up to 3 years to do so. We named our daughter Carol Michelle but ended up calling her my her middle name. That creates enough problems later on. Her first name, maiden name and married name are on her drivers license while her first, middle and married name are on her college degree. We did her a disservice by calling her by her middle name but would never have gone in a actually changed her name entirely.

Loleet 9 months ago

I feel the same way about my son’s name. My husband, however, thought I was crazy when I mentioned that I wished we could change it. My son was three when I finally said something. He’s seven now.

Jenna Strollo-Caramanica 9 months ago

I wish I had chosen a different spelling for my child’s name. But she’s 6 now and it doesn’t matter anymore.

Wendy 9 months ago

My youngest is named Bodhi. I was a huge Point Break fan. I asked him a few months ago (he is 15) if he wanted to change it. He gave me a look only he can give and said “Why? I am the only Bodhi “last name” in the country, and possibly by the world. I’m seriously unique”. I just stood there and laughed. Yes, he is seriously a unique kid!!!

loa 9 months ago

My daughter’s name is
pheonyx evelynn rose
It is a beautiful name

loa 9 months ago

My mother found out when she got married that the name on her birth certificate was baby girl Hirschi. ….
He parents had just forgotten to file papers after choosing a name.
She said it was awful feeding it fixed

Also my grandmother had to change her name from Harriet to rita…
Her birth certificate said Harriet but she’d been called rita all her life
She found out when the priest at her wedding was performing vows

MyLove M. Barnett 9 months ago

Thanks Daisy! Everyone just calls me Love, (it’s much less awkward) and my brother’s wife is Hope, her daughter is Faith, and my daughter is Grace. It’s our thing.

Daniela Hoffman 9 months ago

It was very hard to decide on my son’s name but we finally came up with Avi Joseph (we call him Avi Joe sometimes) and it also worked that we named him after two special men… My daughter’s name we picked out right away, Evelyn Rose… I love both of them, fits them perfectly. In Jewish tradition you don’t announce the baby’s name until it’s born and I like that because it keeps all the opinions at bay until its too late

Courtney Whener 10 months ago

Benjamin Jack is our first and we knew it immediately. It fits him perfectly. This new baby cooking? Not so much. 2 months left and I have no idea what her name is. :(

Chanel 10 months ago

Hehe my daughter’s name is Rose Amelia 😉 Our future son will be Rory Arthur too

Karla Manus Kuepker 10 months ago

We liked last names as first names, unusual but not weird or hard to spell/pronounce. For our twin girls we started with Avery Hayden and Presley (can’t remember), and my mom was a little disappointed. If I had felt strongly about it I would have stuck to my guns, but we mixed it up a bit and went with Avery Grace (for my dear great aunt) and Hayden Lenore (Lenore is my mom’s middle name). I love the names and wouldn’t change them. They have more regular, feminine middle names if they don’t like their unusual ones.

Jennifer Maugel 10 months ago

We named our daughter “Harper.” We also live in New England so you can imagine the accent. “Haapah.”

Wilma Rodriguez-Linton 10 months ago

My daughter’s name is Hadyn. Turns out it means “wild” …and she does live up to it. 😮

Daisy Hill 10 months ago

I think it is lovely. Not a choice I would make for mine but I’m also not hippy dippy…anymore….lol. I call my girls My Loves so its not far off. I am happy that you own it. Daisy hill sounds like a geographical location that MyLoves parents grew up…daisies in her Mommas hair! Perfect!

Lisa Fox Mills 10 months ago

My 8 month old’s name still sounds strange coming out of my mouth!!!

Lauren Buehler 10 months ago

Lol lol!!!!!!

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

Wow. I didn’t know it was a competition. YAY! Here, give me my trophy before the La-Da’s and Abcde’s get here.
Seriously. It could have been much worse, and to reiterate for anyone who didn’t catch it in my unedited and original comment, I actually like my name.
It’s just not the easiest to walk around with, is all, unless you actually like having conversations with strangers about your parents’ possible drug history.

Kate Cahill-Scarpena 10 months ago

I have one who we gave a name to… and everyone “warned” us boys with that name were tiny blasts of endless reckless energy – real naught list material. Didn’t heed – now I have one of those of my own. But It fits him… or he fits it. LOL

Cyril Gabriel 10 months ago

tell him its a family name

Jessi Lauritzen 10 months ago

I still like Journey better lol

Priestess Danaca 10 months ago

Raven Mikayla. My boys picked Mikayla and wanted it for her first name but I was intent on Raven since she was conceived around Halloween. She’s got jet black hair, is very laid back and incredibly interactive so her name definitely suits her

Lesley Faverino Wills 10 months ago

Holy crap….your parents named you MyLove?! You win, that’s so sad.

Chrissy Fieler Harris 10 months ago

Annie never hear it and classic and my middle name.

Penelope never hear, classic also

Neve change

Maria Featherstone Baisley 10 months ago

Misty – waaayyy easier at ten months, than thirty years old, to get people to accept it 😉
(P.S. I loved both of her names ♥)

Nicole Gabriella 10 months ago

I realized early on that my daughter, Brittany, should have had a different name. However, I never changed it. She is now 18, & has complained a thousand times about her name not suiting her. “WHY did you give me a fluffy, prissy, cheerleader name?” I have apologized & told her that I blame the drugs they gave me during my c-section. Honestly, I was prepared for a boy, who would have been Wyatt.

Christina Grimm Coulter 10 months ago

I loved the name Beckett for my son, but my husband did not. I settled for Jesse. He looks like a Beckett and nothing like a Jesse…

Misty Blue 10 months ago

I also legally changed my daughter’s name when she was 10 months old. I remember that cringe, and the inability to call my child by her given name. It was certainly challenging to explain to people. The looks were priceless. But I have zero regrets and remember, people DO get over it.

Summer 10 months ago

Totally sounds like something I would do! And I love the name btw. :)

Michelle Alves 10 months ago

Addie after my great grandmother but now there are so many Addison’s who go by Addie. It’s annoying but I love her name Addison Olivia. Our next is Elizabeth Blake. We will have Addie and Ella :-)

Kimberly Garcia Abner Rodriguez 10 months ago

Alexander Jarrett for my son..wanted an A name since my hubby is Abner..he didnt want a lil Abner (thank goodness for that)..since we both liked Alexander, thats what stuck…Jarrett is after the youngest boy on my side..(Im 1 of 4, being the ony girl) & he was upset bc he has a few handicaps & wont have a wife & a son named after him (like the 2 other boys have) so we did Jarrett to give him a kid after him…my daughter is Juliana Charlotte..Juliana after my husbands aunt Julia & Charlotte after my maternal grandmother..

Jaymie Praught 10 months ago

I don’t regret my daughter’s name…exactly. I kind of regret the spelling but I don’t know how I should have done it. The only name we could agree on was Raehlyn. I was worried people would pronounce it like a hyphenated name Rae-LYNN (which they do anyway). So I added the H in the hopes that people would say it all as one word and put the emphasis on Rae. I guess for proper pronunciation I should have spelled it Raylin, but I thought that looked weird and she’s named after my middle name which is spelled Rae :

Alissa Gabriel 10 months ago

Yes! 14 weeks early so we picked Jacob sort of randomly. 10 minutes after filling out the form, Al Roker comes on the tv and announces, for the 10th year in a row, the #1 US baby name – Jacob. Oops.

Kilee Zeman 10 months ago

Yep, I think this all the time, and my kids are almost 4 and 14 months! I hate picking names. It’s so damn hard, right Morgan !??!?!??

Amanda Jewett-Mathis 10 months ago

I LOVE my boys’ names: Alexander (Alec), Liam and Cameron (Cam)!

Carly Mainwal 10 months ago

I chose Reagan Grace Justine and I love the two middle but I didn’t realize how strong of a name Reagan is. It’s a great name and I still love it but it puts a lot of pressure on her to be something strong and outspoken

Rebecca Zoretic Sward 10 months ago

So, I never actually had to go through the process of changing my kids names but I can say that I 100% couldn’t even entertain names until I met their sweet faces. My daughter wasn’t named until almost 48 hours after we had her. Some lady from the hospital kept hounding me to file paperwork and I was like “dude, can’t we just call her baby girl???”

Kel Collins 10 months ago

My daughter is kortnie & I wouldn’t change it for anything

Lucille Auchmoody 10 months ago

Not me.

Opichi Miller 10 months ago

I chose Kara (K-air-A) and Raven for my girls :)

Rachel Rudden 10 months ago

Them: “what’s your daughter’s name?
Me: Marley.
Them: Miley??
Me: Nope. I named her after the artist that CAN sing.

I now introduce her like a pirate: MARRRRley.

Laura Sevilla 10 months ago

I am contemplating changing my daughter’s middle name. Her name is Eliana Bethany – I never liked the name Bethany much, but my mom asked me to give her a middle name starting with “B” to honor my late grandpa Ben. I couldn’t find any B names that I liked and the only one that sounded semi-decent with Eliana was Bethany. But she’s 14 months old now and it still hasn’t grown on me. She’s so not a Bethany, even though it is a middle name and it’s not used on a day to day basis, I still don’t feel it fits her and I really just don’t like the name. Taking name suggestions that start with B that go with Eliana if anyone has any…

Jennifer F Turner 10 months ago

I thought I was the only one.

Erin Bateson McEvoy 10 months ago


Gina Marie Muse 10 months ago

Finally just started calling my 7 month old by his name instead of babyman or mr. man. He is Alexis the 4th and because it’s a family name I had no choice and wasn’t thrilled since it’s such a feminine name. We decided to shorten it to Lex since daddy is already Alex. Still not sure I love it but it suits him

Matt Dyck 10 months ago

My wife and I picked our kids names before we got married and 6 years before our 1st was born. We had a list for boys and girls and ended up using both #1’s, Sydney for our daughter and Xavier for our son and they fit perfectly! To us it’s more about the match with the last name and the meaning behind their names and why we picked them.

Annieke Wessels 10 months ago

Should have called my son Hurricane instead of Noah…

Amanda Avery 10 months ago

I have two boys my oldest is tucker and youngest boy is Dylan. Dylan named after Matt Dillon on gunsmoke and spelt like bob Dylan tucker is in old folk song old dan tucker.

Desiree Bovero 10 months ago

My son’s name is eli michael. Id been calling him eli since i was 10 weeks pregnant, long before i knew he was even a boy! haha never thought of changing it!

Lindsey Nicole Elstein 10 months ago

I knew before kids were even a thought that I would name my first son Noah. And we did. He fits it’s perfectly! My girls names were not names you typically hear and while we came up with them early in the pregnancies, it wasn’t until they were born that we knew they were the perfect names for them. My middle daughter, Fallyn, was named after actor/comedian Jimmy Fallon and just like her name she is unique and silly and boy does she fit it we. My youngest, Graesyn, came about after a character on my favorite tv show. But we thought she was a boy for so long and had already considered her a Greyson when we found out she was a girl, that we just stuck with it. We call her Grace for short and she is such a grace!

Stephanie Watkins 10 months ago

We went through names like crazy but I think I picked wisely. My Cassidy loves her name and my Melody loves to sing.

Melissa Bye 10 months ago

I wanted Anthea for my daughter, but her dad hated it, so we agreed on Angelina. Her middle name is Vincent and I love her name!

Brianne Augusta Nye 10 months ago

Most people (nurses and such) just call him baby Nye lol.

Laura Noble 10 months ago

I just call him Obi lol

Brianne Augusta Nye 10 months ago

I’m so glad I’m not alone! No one can pronounce obi’s name right lol.

April Easterwood 10 months ago

I named my daughter Chandler( and NO. NOT because of FRIENDS) and as I was wondering on middle names I arrive at a baby shower to find everything monogrammed with Chandler LEIGH because she is the 7 th generation LEIGH. I get it. It’s tradition but I hate hearing her name out loud. Leigh just doesn’t sound right with Chandler. I’ve told her to feel free to name her children whatever she wants. Lol

Hannah Fisher 10 months ago

This is hilarious because I named my daughter summer after Rachel bilsons character on the OC too

Laura Noble 10 months ago

For the first month i wondered if we had picked the right name. I just called him baby. Now he’s 8 weeks and he’s definitely a Corbin

David Wilson 10 months ago

No no no. :)

Kaara Moyers 10 months ago

I made a point of giving my children very traditional middle names, should they decide against the unusual first names I gave them. Their middle names are Gabrielle, Connor, Lily, and Daniel; first names much less traditional.

Kaara Moyers 10 months ago

My youngest sister’s name is Arwen. :)

Kaara Moyers 10 months ago

Tiffany, my nephew is named Elijah for the *exact* same reason.

Erin Ricciardi 10 months ago

My oldest son is 12 and his name wasn’t a name that either of us felt was amazing, but it was the ONLY name we could both agree on! Needless to say I always felt like we just kinda gave up and settled because it had come time to just make a decision.

Lydia Lettrick 10 months ago

We picked chloe for a girl and Jesse for a boy when we were still dating. Got married and Chloe was born 2&1/2 yrs later. Then 2yrs later Jesse was born

Allison Leighty Liesen 10 months ago

Our sons name is Ryland… In the category.

Haley Empey 10 months ago

Omg I sooo badly wanted a RUBY. I lost the name too Grace. I love Grace, but loved Ruby more

NicoleandRyan Swartz 10 months ago

We chose Atticus for our now 4 month old, changed it to Ezekiel last minute and now I have name regret. Wondering if he’s more of an Atticus after all.

Tiffany Heston 10 months ago

We didn’t find out our twins genders until they were born. We named them Evan Scott and Lydia Ann and we love their names!

Kortney Tenaglia 10 months ago

My son is Monty. I have no regrets.

Hannah Olson 10 months ago

No I never second guessed my son’s name. I didn’t find his name until the day after he was born though(I didn’t find out the gender until he was born). But I know someone who changed their child’s name.

Mandy Tiltrum Sturgeon 10 months ago

We have a Jase too. We do like Duck Dynasty but is has nothing to do with his name. And people ask all the time!!

Barbara Starr 10 months ago


Jennifer Chandler 10 months ago

In Florida a birth certificate has to be submitted by the hospital within 5 days or they will be fined. If the parents want to wait we still submit “Baby Boy Smith” and explain they’ll be able to change it whenever they decide.

Kelsy Swiernik 10 months ago

Thanks, me too! My husband and I had so many naysayers when we decided on her name. Now I can’t imagine any other name for her.

Beau InkDoll 10 months ago

Nope. Never!

Autumn Clark 10 months ago

My oldest is named Jayden. I know, I know… I honestly had never heard the name before I picked it. I had heard the Aidens the Caidens, and the Hayden’s, but not Jayden. I’m sorry buddy…

Tammy Thompson 10 months ago

I named my granddaughter. Well, I suggested what I thought would be an excellent first name and my daughter loved it :) I was happy and surprised. Her name is Salem.

Teresa Bobo 10 months ago

I wanted to change my son’s name for the first year…but was convinced that no one did that….i wish i had known that i wasn’t the only one…i would have done it.

KellyandJohn Kraszewski Trugon 10 months ago

Ya my son has a cool name, Alex Ryan, but if I had a do over he’d be Peter James after my dad and pop

Tammy Thompson 10 months ago

Shen-o-wa I love it. Amazingly beautiful and soulful. Hahaha edit to type it correctly LOL

Nermeen Elsayed 10 months ago

I like that name. Is it pronounced Shen-wa?

Nermeen Elsayed 10 months ago


Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

I LOVE the name Lorelei!

Jamie Wright Forrest 10 months ago

Never once. I always knew he would be named Justin. My favorite name!!

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

I get the Jennifer struggle. So many Jennifers! I tried to be more creative with my kids (without going too crazy) for that same reason!

Aaron Reed 10 months ago

Nope I’m happy with the ones we chose. It fits them.

Lauren Martin 10 months ago

I think I’ll keep the next one a secret if I have another one, everyone had an opinion or what they thought was a better name and its just ridiculous. It’s MY baby, I’m the one that will say his name the most in his lifetime so I might as well name him something I like lol

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

Haha I don’t think it would matter. I spelled my daughters name the traditional way, Lydia, and people always ask if it’s Lydia or Lidia, and once I was asked if it was Lytia…I’ve never seen it spelled any way but Lydia, so I’m not sure why people get confused. Haha.

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

I KNOW! Yes, my parents and in laws and friends have one on my side or any of our friends like the boy name we have in waiting, which is my husbands great grandfathers name, but that sure won’t stop us from using it if the time comes. I can’t understand why anyone would compromise on a name they don’t love just to appease their father or their mother in law, etc.

Susan Goodman 10 months ago

I think people just feel the need to criticize and push their opinions on you, no matter what you do. If you’d gone the other way, they’d probably have something to say about that too. We just can’t win. : /

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

My sister in law kept all 3 of her sons names private until they were born, because people are less likely to share a negative opinion if that’s already the baby’s name!
Ember is a beautiful name, by the way.

Angela Woodcock 10 months ago

Love Lucian

Lindsay Kudia 10 months ago

My husband and I have loved the name Presley since April 2013. We got pregnant this year, and our daughter is due in February. We haven’t met her yet, but we feel like the name fits her perfectly! And then I got a promotion, and we relocated to Memphis in October, so now it seems like we named her after Elvis, but we don’t care! It’s already been decided! Oh, and we took this little photo when we toured Graceland.

Kirsten Sperlik Battaglia 10 months ago

We named my son Nicholas thirteen years ago, to this day random people still call him Christopher, including family members!

Jacqueline Ann 10 months ago

My daughter is now 22, someone told me she would be teased her whole life because I named her Taylor, a boys name…she has about 5 or 6 close girlfriends named Taylor and knew only 1 boy…for the most part I think name your babies what you want! I’m so glad I named her Taylor, I love her name as much as I love her

Daysha Bigelow 10 months ago

We named our youngest Summer. I love her name. The one you decided on is pretty!

Samantha Jo Adam 10 months ago

Melanie Koppen our daughters names are the best. Someone named their daughter Luna in Watertown and two people came up and told me, lol.

Michelle Linger Mandair 10 months ago

We have a nine year old son named Braiden. We thought we were so original until we went to pre school, ha ha. There are a few, but all the boys names rhyme now too. Braden, Jayden, Hayden, Kaden, Aiden….funny how that happens.
We call him Brady anyway so that helps

Gail Archibald 10 months ago

We have a Max too. He could never be called anything else.

Aimee Morgan 10 months ago

The younger daughter is our Patricia. We LOVE the name so much! It is such a classic

Michelle Linger Mandair 10 months ago

We have a four year old daughter, Lucy. I have loved her name since high school. So many pets share her name. I don’t care because she is 100% a Lucy Jane!
Our dog is named Madison (aka Madi) and we know tons of kids with that name too. Pets are family too right, it shouldn’t matter as long as you love the name.

Abby Colleen Netterville 10 months ago

My exhusband and I are now divorced. I kinda wish I hadn’t been so passive about letting him give our son his first name (but then again I never planned for divorce or to only have one child) especially since its an Arabic name. At least I was assertive about giving him a middle name I liked and insisting I call him my his middle name.

CeeJay 10 months ago

I had chosen a name for my oldest child & absolutely loved it but everybody else hated it. Tags like Charlotte the harlot got bandied about or Charlie, when I chose Charlotte, what happens if it’s a boy?? What then. So I chose a new name……nope no-one liked it, then another, same result. In the end I chose Mary-Rose, a name I saw in a soppy romance novel but the other way around. Everybody loved it but me!!!! But that is what I ended up naming her. You might think ‘WHY???”, but when your a young 17 year old having her first child, & you’ve embarrassed your Church going parents I wanted to do what ever I could to make them accept what I had done & their coming grandchild. To this day I hate her name, she is not a Mary-Rose or a Rose, she is what I wanted to call her in the first place…………..Xenia.

Cheryl L. Poole 10 months ago

yeah, shoulda named him Damnit. lmao

Morgann Tomlinson 10 months ago

We have had “discussions” that I spelt my kids names wrong. I love their names they are who they are now but at doctors offices and school attendance gets a little annoying for the first time. Tysen (not tysOn) Tristen (I didn’t like TristAn reminded me of distran) and Taiya (tehya) i don’t know why:)

Megan Hartley 10 months ago

As I read this thread I am so confused. Is it me or does anyone else thinks it is insanely weird for people to let their family’s have a say in the name? My dad insisted my son have his initials? Really? That is insane to me! You had your kids, you don’t get to choose your grandbaby’s name. Sorry it just blows my mind how people can let someone else decide something like their child’s name!

Holly Walton 10 months ago

Haha! No, but that would have been funny! Nah, it was Outlaw. You would not believe how many times I was asked to spell it.

Melanie Sherman 10 months ago

I seriously thought I was the only one. When I was pregnant, we decided on “serenity” but now that she is here, I can’t help but wonder if we made a mistake

Donna Cubbage 10 months ago

I knowwwwww, right? Lol

Karen Buck 10 months ago

I LOVE THIS POST!!! You know how nostalgic you feel when you have your baby??? I had all these long flowing names picked out, but my sister came to California to help me, I was so thankful I named my firstborn after her…my kid’s middle name is Sue!!! I’m so sorry for my kid. Waiting for her to get married so she can drop that middle name and keep her maiden name.

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

LOL EXACTLY Holly! And please tell me your maiden name is Wood!!!

Cali Stern 10 months ago

I thought so too but I get a lot of grief about it

Lauren Martin 10 months ago

When I was pregnant with my first, I didn’t tell anyone her name until she was born because I didn’t want a bunch of judgement for a personal decision, such as naming my own child. Something that will define who she is as she grows. So my little Ember was born on Christmas Day (her due date), and she fits her name to a T. My sons name is Jacob, which is of course very common, and sometimes I wish I would’ve named him something else, but he just fits it.

Heather Hofstetter 10 months ago

When we were picking names for our first, our joke was that we wanted a name that would be appropriate, whether he was a Supreme
Court justice or a pot-smoking surfer. Lance totally “fits” his name, and I’m still not sure which direction he’ll go…

Carmen is spicy and feisty, and totally lives up to her name as well.

Jennifer Manlapaz 10 months ago

I chose the right names for my two but know some who have changed their or their kids names.

Lauren Martin 10 months ago


Vanessa Middleton 10 months ago

I wanted to name my daughter Jaycen if she had been a boy. My mom hated it because it wasn’t spelled “correctly”, but I loved the name Jaden and my hubby didn’t like it so it sounded like the normal “Jason” to him, but spelled more like the name I had my heart set on. I love the nickname Jase, too!

Vanessa Middleton 10 months ago

I call mine Demandrew. Lol

Rebecca Verlander 10 months ago

He’s ended up replying to both names haha

Thi Pham 10 months ago

Out of curiosity, what was wrong with Skyla Grace? x

Tiffany Hampton 10 months ago

I named my second Elijah, because I couldn’t name him Frodo. That’s just wrong, so I named him after Elijah wood haha

Nicole Sharer 10 months ago

Hey same with me lol. I chose Aurora 25 years ago and she was finally born in September. It’s perfect.

Melanie Koppen 10 months ago

he will corect people my baby does and even spells it for them

Melanie Koppen 10 months ago

i love Breckin for a girl!! everyone told me no thats a boys name i still love it for a girl good for you!

Colorado Mark 10 months ago

Natasha spelled backwards is AhSatan. Fail.

Holly Walton 10 months ago

Amen! Isn’t it fun when they ask “Wow, is that REALLY your name?” any time you get carded, or pay for something? I used to get that all the time, with my maiden name. “No, I just have them put that on my checks, drivers license, and legal documents for sh!ts and giggles!”

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

Or having to defend your parents’ literacy skills, in the case of those crazy spellings. I shit you not, I have an ex-aunt whose name is Darse, (rhymes with sparse), because that’s how southern people pronounce Doris down here, so that’s how they thought it was spelled. Just put some thought into it, that’s all I’m saying. It’s totally your choice, but all choices have consequences, and naming consequences, unfortunately, affect the children more so than the parents.

Lynn Ward 10 months ago

My child is Emma Rachel, named after family members. But oh… She was born around the same time Emma was born to Rachel on “Friends.” I didn’t even like “Friends!!!” I hated when people assumed that we named our baby after a fictional TV character!

Lynn Ward 10 months ago

Nope. My Emma is most definitely an Emma (even though she was “Chloe” until my 8th month of pregnancy, and “Emma” turned out to be the most popular name that year).

On the other hand, trying to pick a name for the child I’m currently carrying seems to be a much more daunting task.

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

<—Not a stage name or a pen name. PLEASE consider your children’s futures when choosing a name LOL There’s nothing quite like having to justify your legal identity on a daily basis. (FTR I love my name, and I love my hippy dippy parents, I’m just saying shit aint easy and the struggle is real!)

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

<—Not a stage name or a pen name. PLEASE consider your children’s futures when choosing a name LOL There’s nothing quite like having to justify your legal identity on a daily basis. (FTR I love my name, and I love my hippy dippy parents, I’m just saying shit aint easy and the struggle is real!)

Melissa Hughes 10 months ago

I chase my Chase too!

jfi 10 months ago

Smokey was my dad’s nickname from the time he was in my grandma’s belly, because he kicked like a horse (and there was a TV horse named Smokey at the time). Family still calls him that. And it TOTALLY suits his personality! About 15 years ago or so he got a horse. And named it Smokey.

Angela Cash 10 months ago

My son has my maiden name. His dad and I broke up and with all of the hormone changes and eventual crash I was all “there’s no way, my son will have MY name!” Well, needless to say my sons father and I patched things up and are now married. My son has begged me to change his last name to Cash. I don’t even know where to start with changing his name.

Samantha Earley 10 months ago

My sons name I fell in love with the name Owen. Dont hear it too much and you cannot shorten it or hack it. He was easy.
My husband wanted to name our daughter olive or scarlett. Took us MONTHS to figure out a name we both liked.. one day I came across madison and we both loved it. I do NOT let people call her madi …I hate that! So we made sure her initials were M.A.E. so we call her mae

Tammy Thompson 10 months ago

My oldest daughter is Kassandra, fast forward a few years and EVERYONE was asking if we got her name from Wayne ‘ s World (omg…no!) And Kassandra became a very popular name. I don’t like popular or common, I like unusual and unique. Our son is named Briar Scott. It fits him…he is a Briar, I can’t picture him having a different name. When he got his driver’s license he checked 3 times to make sure the lady had his name right because he gets Brian a lot. One lady told me she had thought I misspelled his name on the sign in sheet at the doctor’s office. And then there’s the baby of the group…Chenoa Leigh. My husband is Native American and we decided to give her a name that showed her proud heritage. Chenoa means white dove. Perfect.

jfi 10 months ago

Cutthroat bitch!

Kim Burleson Lowe 10 months ago

We wanted our girl to have a strong name…that was fitting for a surgeon or news anchor. lol It was a battle for the longest time. So, we each picked a name.She’s Stafford Alexandra. It suits her.

Natalie Voytek 10 months ago

Oh definitely. She looks like a Rebecca

Holly Walton 10 months ago

I like unique names too, but not “hey, I pulled this out of my @ss!” “unique”. At the end of the day, you have to remember that you’re saddling a kid with this name for life (unless they hate it enough to change it). Kids are mean: it could get them picked on all through school. Names help make a first impression: what will employers, college admissions boards, etc think of your child, based on their name? And how will the child feel with the name? There’s “unique”, and there’s “I dumped Scrabble tiles all over the floor, and this is what I got!”.

sara 10 months ago

I wish I’d named my second something different. His bio father picked it out and I agreed thinking he was gonna be a good Dad. I didn’t totally hate the name but didn’t really care for it either. Now he’s almost 12 and haven’t seen his bio father in 10 years and haven’t heard from him in 6.

Donna Cubbage 10 months ago

I love the name summer. My hubs said it’s too stripperish. I fought with him and fought with him. The one thing I had going against me is she was born in December. Lol for the record I also loved skyla which he also thought was stripperish and turned down. I wanted one of those names for years. We settled on grace. Pretty but damn I wish we could have used the names I really wanted. We went with Gracie Sky. Meh.

Christina Biondo Glover 10 months ago

Wow that is so crazy! Do you wish you had picked Sophie or are you happy with phoebe? I love both names.

I really wish I had pushed for William more.

Donna Cubbage 10 months ago

I have an Aiden also. He’s in 4th grade and there has always been 2 or 3 Aidan’s or Aiden’s in his class. It’s a pain for everyone. Still love his name though.

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 10 months ago

Our son is named after our friend. We never second guessed the choice.

Rebecca Blumenfeld 10 months ago

My son’s are LMS. I feel your pain there!

Kristin Elizabeth Maverick Zapparolli 10 months ago

We were loving Isis for our second daughter but abandoned it after one too many ‘like the terrorist group?’ comments. We went with Giovana and I’m still not crazy about the name for her!

Susan Goodman 10 months ago

My daughters name is Skylar. I’ve always thought the -er ending was more for a boy.

Shelly Boyd Stephens 10 months ago

I named my daughter Mallory upon the suggestion of a student of mine. I loved it right away. After she was already several months old, I looked it up in a baby name book. It means BAD LUCK. I called my sister who, without skipping a beat, informed me that if you have faith and work hard, you don’t need luck. :). It hasn’t bothered me much since.

Jennifer Scotto-Robinson 10 months ago

Oh man, hysterical!

DenandTesch Riley 10 months ago

Love Brenna!

Daisy Hill 10 months ago

Lol @ princess pogo stick”.

Staci Headings 10 months ago

My son was Stephen Jacob all thru pregnancy. On my due date I decided it was the worst name I had ever heard and bought a baby name book. I consider it divine intervention!

Olivia Caves 10 months ago

Save the hassle of people making rude comments and putting you off-don’t tell them until baby’s here! That’s what we did because I knew people would turn their nose up at the name Tariq (pronounced tar-ick), hell that was my first reaction too!!

Maureen Fuentes 10 months ago

I named my son Riley, which I love but I hate that whenever I make appointments for him everyone thinks I have a girl. The name is originally masculine but it seemed to be rapidly associated with a girls only type of name, I sometimes wonder if he’ll get picked on at school. He’s only 2 now so I’m sure my worries are baseless.

Olivia Caves 10 months ago

The reason I wouldn’t name my son Edward (also a family name, that I’ve always loved) just couldn’t handle the constant “is it because of twilight” we no doubt would have got

Marnie Joy 10 months ago

I wanted to name our son Jack or Roman. Roman Aidan was my first choice. But my husband fell in love with Ryan when we were about eight weeks into the pregnancy. He is of strong Greek heritage, so towards the end we debated over Nikkos, but ultimately decided it would be hard to fit in with such a strong Greek name in America. Both of us were relentlessly teased over our names during childhood, so we wanted to avoid that at all costs. I was really undecided until he was born and then I took one look at him and knew he wasn’t Roman, Jack, Nikkos, Caleb, or any other name on the list. He was 100% Ryan Benjamin. It still had to grow on ME, but I knew it fit him. It means “Little King” and he always has been. At almost nine I can’t imagine him as someone else and he loves his name.
Now our daughter- I think she was easier in some ways. A few months into my pregnancy my husband tragically lost his younger sister. We decided if the baby was a girl we would name her after his sister. Sure enough at the ultrasound we were told to expect a girl. The debate then became about giving our daughter his sister’s first name or using the middle. I had a really hard time picturing calling our daughter Samantha because it just hurt to say it and remember how much everyone was always going to miss Sam. So we decided to give our daughter the same middle name- Elise. Her first name could have been Sophia, Zoe, Isabelle, Jordan, or Isla. But we narrowed it down to two in the end- Molly or Alexandra. And when she was born, we immediately knew she was our Alexandra. We usually call her Alex, but I love the variety of options she has down the line.
So that’s how we came to have Ryan Benjamin and Alexandra Elise. <3

Mark N Jenna Campbell 10 months ago

I’m not a fan of common, popular names as I grew up with the name Jennifer! Most girls in my school were Jennifer so we were numbered! I have 3 boys and one girl. My boys were so easy to name, but I struggled with the girl. I settled with Kerrigan and she fits it perfectly. I do regret her middle name Leann and have contemplated on changing it. Not happy with it at all even though it sounds ok together.

Kathleen Magann 10 months ago

Ever since our daughter Phoebe was born my grandmother has occasionally called her Sophie and last night we found out my husbands grandmother had an argument with my father-in-law cause she was certain Phoebe’s name was Sophie! The grandmothers live in different towns and we have never mentioned anything about the name but Sophie was actually on our short list lol

Ashley Nadine 10 months ago

I LOVE last names used as first names…and as a teacher and mother I personally believe in picking as UNIQUE a name as you possibly can.

Wendi Waldrop Medley 10 months ago

Nope. Even though my oldest doesn’t like her name.. Brittney Laurynn( we call her Laurynn). It fits her though. My youngest is Morgan Grace. Which fits her.

Amy Lane 10 months ago

My middle name is Jean. I absolutely hate it.

Kelsy Swiernik 10 months ago

So many people fought me on my youngest daughters name…Lorelei Rose. I get so many complements now. I think it fits her perfectly. My older daughter couldn’t pronounce it at first because she was two when she was born…her nickname for her is Lola or Rose. She’ll answer to all three of them now.

Kirsti Edwards 10 months ago

I didn’t get to choose my son’s name. He is adopted, and i must admit his name would not have been of my choosing. I am fairly traditonal with names, and his is highly unusual. That said, I wouldn’t change it, as I could not bring myself later in his life to tell him we altered his identity, as it didn’t suit our tastes. I am hoping he may shorten it when he starts school to something less quirky though! ☺

Kate Slagle 10 months ago

That was a requirement for me too, if they became a doctor or a lawyer I wanted a name that wouldn’t be “princess pogo stick” haha

Jemima Bailey 10 months ago

She was Tamsyn, now she’s Jessica. My fave name but already a few in the family but in the end we decided it didn’t matter. I always called her Jessy so no surprise to her. People mostly reacted fine but I expect we had a fair amount of rude comments behind our backs!!

Elizabeth Tiemann 10 months ago

Haha we have a Rylie and keep saying that she’s too riled up all the time. We should have named her something like Serenity. Lol

Rebecca Verlander 10 months ago

My son is named Lucian. I love his name but most people pronounce it wrong. It’s pronounced loo-Shan but even his teachers call him loo-see-an

Louise Birdie Hall 10 months ago

I thought long and hard on all four of mine, older two named our forth. I love all their names and they suit. Jacob, Tegan, Lucas and Aimée Rose (my girls are named after Doctor Who companions, I changed the spelling of Amy though).

Jesika Logan 10 months ago

I was the sole contributor to my sons name so my husband said the next one “he” got to pick the name. We had a girl. He named her Anna Claire. It’s not bad, but I fought it literally until she was born. I was in labor throwing out different names. Only reason I let it go was bc my son was 19 months and could say Anna. Lol I usually call her Claire

Brittney Baker 10 months ago

My baby has a weird name- waverly. She looks nothing like a waverly! I was made fun of my whole pregnancy but stuck with it. Secretly tho I look at her and say.. You don’t look like a waverly.. But can’t think of anything I’d like. I call her wave. Or wavy so far

Cherie Shea 10 months ago

I feel your pain. I am a science space nerd named my daughter after Aurora Borealis…the northern lights…unbeknown to me that was Sleeping Beauty’s name, bc of course I care less about princess anything…and yes I live it daily so annoyed! Should have named her Coral, our 2nd choice
And besides growing up in the 80’s sleeping beauty was always briar Rose unless I never paid any attn to it…so yeah that’s prolly why …

Carrie Sealy-Morris 10 months ago

The traditional spelling is Orlaith, so you wouldn’t be out of order adding an h

Lislie Hernandez 10 months ago

We were so unsure with my youngest it was either between Avivah Lee and Danila Rose my husband wanted Daniela rose but I was totally in love with AvivAh I’m glad I stuck to it because she is a perfect Avivah, Daniela doesn’t seem fitting for her at all

Carrie Sealy-Morris 10 months ago

Yeah my ex forced his view on our daughter’s name, after an horrific labour. I couldn’t get my head around her not being Bronwen, until she was about 6 months old. She’s Isabella (we both liked it but it was his choice. Like most things were.)

Tara Sander 10 months ago

Nope. With both of mine, I knew the moment I said the name out loud and they had a certain ring to them. At least to me. :)

Shelby Taylor 10 months ago

I named my first born, everyone thought it was weird and didn’t like it but I didn’t care cause he was my baby and I made him in my tummy. He is Prosper Levi and I don’t regret it one bit :)

Kristy Wolfe 10 months ago

Totally second guessing my choice and she is 1 and a half! It happens..

Sheila Cocks 10 months ago

Lucy she is Orla! Don’t change it now!

Petra Kermek 10 months ago

First two no but shamefully and sadly admitting that I do for third…. Lol… We couldn’t find the name so we take my father’s name… Don’t get me wrong it’s nice name… Vjera (Faith in English) but all that locomotion not being able to pick… Such a bad aftertaste… Lol but it suits her…. And all I fine!

Lucy Cocks 10 months ago

Really?! What did you change it from? how.did family /friends react? Did she get used to her new name easily? sorry for the tones of questions!

Lucy Cocks 10 months ago

Lol iv heard that before! it’s an old irish girls name!

Michele Stephan 10 months ago

I love unique names….debating on Dublin for a girl. Wanted a different Irish name. Since I’ll probably never make it to Dublin i thought it was fitting.

Michele Stephan 10 months ago

Both really pretty names!

Venuz Perez 10 months ago

We named our daughter Elisa Naveh! I love Naveh but I’m still unsure about Elisa I wanted to name her Evy and my Son wanted her to be named Eva and my husband didn’t want to so my son is been calling her Eva since she was in my belly and she loves it I think she might change her name when she grows up!!

Rachel Mendoza 10 months ago

Yep, gave one of my children someone’s middle name to honor them and now I can’t stand the bitch. Lmao! She’s the only child of mine who doesn’t hear her full name when she’s in trouble.

Michele Stephan 10 months ago

Pacey is a cool name! My middle name is Patricia…i’ve never liked it.

Michele Stephan 10 months ago

I have only regretted telling people names i’ve chosen while pregnant. People are very opinionated and when someone takes your name…never a good thing

Eva Vilhelmsen 10 months ago

It’s a male name in DK – never knew it could be a girls name

Michele Stephan 10 months ago

Lol i chose declan. Im due on st Patrick’s day, im of Irish decent. The name means a man of prayer. It has been 7 years of heartache and praying for a miracle. But my husband hates it too.

Carlos Leal Jr 10 months ago

Don’t say that . Lol. :p

Lucy Cocks 10 months ago

She really is!

Aimee Morgan 10 months ago

We names our second daughter Pacey for about 12 hours and then changed it to Patricia. Seems like nothing -12 hours- but it’s on video ugh

Jemima Bailey 10 months ago

I changed my little girls name at 11 months. It is ridiculously easy in England, I went to the registry office and filled out a short form and paid them £11. I showed no ID for me or baby, not even old birth certificate.

Jennifer Martin 10 months ago

I realized at about 6 months old that my daughter’s initials are SNM :/

Janci Ann Francis 10 months ago

My daughters name, Chloe Marleen fits her so perfectly. I cant imagine her with any other name.
Now MY name?? I used to daydream all the time as a kid that I has a new name. Anything at all other than janci Ann Francis

Suzanne Yingling 10 months ago

Orla is a sweetie!

Mariah Hamilton 10 months ago

I knew a girl in high school named Jo King….seriously! So I’m glad you though ahead!

Kassi Wojtowich 10 months ago

My boys are Gabriel Ray (Gabe, mostly, unless he’s in trouble then I bring out the full name lol) and Christian Michael. Their names fit them perfectly. I can’t picture any other names when I look at them.

carol 10 months ago

don’t worry, my brother in law changed his son’s name when he was like 2 1/2. no lie. it wasn’t that the name didn’t fit though. they live in england, and there were just too many harrys at the park, so he changed it to spencer.

Lucy Cocks 10 months ago

Sometimes I have a teeny regret when someone spells my daughters name wrong (it’s Orla and auto correct always changes it to oral) I sometimes think was my husband right when he said he didn’t like it? Then I look at her face and think nah it suits her! Still thinking if adding a H on the end though 😉

Mandy Koonts 10 months ago

My three kids are apparently named “not me” “wasn’t me” and “I dont know”. Its all interchangeable.

Lucy Cocks 10 months ago

Awww mop top!!

Christa 10 months ago

I wanted to name our daughter kylynn shae my husband said NO so we/he agreed to kylee ….I said ok… but I get to pick the spelling. so we named her Kyleigh Madison . At first I still called her kylynn shae… I couldn’t help myself …so I in turn started just calling her Ky baby (play on cry baby …she had colic till she was 8 months)… it took about a year and I finally started calling her Kyleigh. She is 10 now and she likes her name and she makes a good Kyleigh, it fits her, but I have told her the story about her name lol

Laura Foster Berggren 10 months ago

I had three names picked out for my son, but I had to look at him when he was born. The names were Magnus (my husbands family is Swedish), Cole, and Rowan. I took one look at him and I just knew he was a Rowan and still is, but he gets called Bubba a lot too! :)

Rachael Fager 10 months ago

My daughters name is Stevee Rae I admittedly waffled on it a bit during my pregnancy as I got tired of explaining that yes I was having a girl and yes her name would be Stevee Rae, but I stuck with it and it 100% fits her and I do get looks but when people get to know her I I feel like their iffyness goes away when they see that she is a Stevee Rae through and through. Breyer full first name is Stevee Rae her middle is Jean so technically she has two first names lol I’m sure this will be something that will annoy her to no end as a adult when she has to fill out paperwork or when I’m enrolling her in school but meh

Suz Anne 10 months ago

Nope, both are correct :-)

Laura Foster Berggren 10 months ago

I hear ya! I named my daughter Sydney after my grandfather, and my cousin had a boy and wanted to name him Sidney after Sidney Crosby, but felt he couldn’t because there was already a Sydney in the family. So he ended up naming him Crosby.

Alexsandra Gagnon 10 months ago

We had a few picked out. For a girl, it was Isabella Grace and for a boy, we had Jameson Neil or Hunter Nicolas…

I’m 8 months and we decided on Hunter Nicolas :)

Laura Foster Berggren 10 months ago

Devil Spawn is what I call mine sometimes. LOL

Karen 10 months ago

I would never tell anyone IRL but I admit now that I misspelled my kid’s name. I THOUGHT I had seen it spelled this way, but no, turns out it’s just wrong…and it sounds wrong if you pronounce it that way. So we always go with the shortened version now. I wanted the one extra letter so his name would have an even number of letters …so incredibly stupid right?

Tineke Bosma 10 months ago

Mirthe Maria, Jelle Douwe and Jonas Benjamin. Those are my kids names. And they fit perfectly!

Kerrie Motta 10 months ago

Lol, my oldest (6) is Liam, bc I wanted an Irish name that was easy to spell and pronounce (very short list) and every time I would tell people his name they would say “like Neeson?” And for months I had no idea who that was, and to this day, I probably still wouldn’t be able to pick him out of a lineup.

Christina Fetko 10 months ago

I have a sweet, spunky Ruby. I was met with a lot of resistance when we decided on that name but we held our ground. I was reading Wicked while I was pregnant and they mentioned “ruby mines” a few times. All I could think of was beautiful, sparkly red. Lily is also a beautiful name!

Tineke Bosma 10 months ago

My 6yo is aan Jonas too!

Natalie Esturiene 10 months ago

I regret nothing. XD

Paula Christian Howard 10 months ago

I love my kids names. ..Alex, Mollie, Garrett. The only issues that comes up are spelling. . the alternate for Mollie, but it was a family name so whatchagonnado? and my son just recently informed me that nobody knows how to spell Garrett and he wants to change his name to Steve or Dave (he’s 9yo)

Caitlin Leeann Turner 10 months ago

My mom wanted to name my Ricky-Ann I’m glad my sister talked her out of it ahahah.

Paula Christian Howard 10 months ago

I’m somewhat in the same boat… at least it’s his middle name, so I only use it when I’m mad at him.

Caitlin Leeann Turner 10 months ago

I love my daughters name – Serenity Leigh. Leigh is a family name.

Dawn Lamping 10 months ago

We named our son Jonas six years ago and had no idea who the Jonas brothers were.

Lisa Alop Stahlman 10 months ago

My daughter is Piper. Many people ask if it’s after he Orange is the New Black character. I didn’t even watch the show until she was a few months old.

Kathlynn Leigh Calkin 10 months ago

I’m the most indecisive person I know, but I’ve always known my daughter was Avarey. And her name has always suited her perfectly, the one thing in my life I’ve never second-guessed. With her sister, we’ll know for sure if she’s really a Delia when she’s born. :)

Natasha Tanji 10 months ago

Don’t regret it for a minute! Always wanted to name my daughter Skye and I had to fight my husband for it but by the end of my pregnancy he loved the name and it just suits her so well! If I have a boy I think I’ll name him emmit :)

Wendy Bentley 10 months ago

My daughter was suppose to be Andrea but somehow it ended up Amber on her birth certificate, which is beautiful . . . But her last name is Sprinkle. She’s in her 20’s now, we kept the name which fits her perfectly, and no, she’s not a stripper. Lol

Jamie Lynn Hays Bivens 10 months ago

How can you name your child wrong? Issues?

Brendi Price Davis 10 months ago

We picked Lyla for our daughter when I was 5 months pregnant. Lyla means dark haired beauty. I am a natural blonde and my husband has brown hair. She came out with a full head of thick jet black hair. Lyla was the perfect name for her. :)

Michelle Trotta 10 months ago

Yes, that is true. It fits my daughter perfectly. The original name I had picked for her was Lillian. She is sooo not a Lillian!! Do you shorten it to Ellie or Elle? We haven’t yet…she’s just Ellison. But I could see her being called Elle when she’s older.

Katie 10 months ago

My daughter’s given name is Kylie Grace and I hate calling her Kylie. Her name is Gracie for Pete’s sake! Her dad and his family insist on calling her Kylie. If I say Kylie it’s Kylie Grace. But just look at her, she’s a Gracie. Lol I wanted to change it at around six months, but, I didn’t and now my two year old says I Kylie. I lost. My family calls her Gracie though.

Andrea Gabbitas 10 months ago

My brother is Ryan he was a little spit fire too. It mean little King and he thinks he is.

Holly Minges Nicholson 10 months ago

Yes. We named our son Liam, without realizing how popular the name was. While the name fits him perfectly, I wish that we had changed it when he was younger to William (which oddly enough, the name Liam is short for).

Ann Authier 10 months ago

No. I chose a name with spiritual significance before she was born and wouldn’t dream of changing it. I couldn’t see her as anything else.

Kellyann Medina 10 months ago

My name was suppossed to be carly

Meghan ‘Root’ Kowalik 10 months ago

When I went to have my second, he was going to be Alexander, with Max a very distant second possibility. We took our first look at him and knew he was Max.

Becca Rogers 10 months ago

I know a lady with a little girl who’s middle name is Jamison!

Marylynn Maldonado 10 months ago

Surprisingly, no. And I second guess EVERYTHING!

Sarah Shook 10 months ago

No I considered her name long and hard and picked a name of blessing. It fits her perfectly

Lindsey Geib Fischer 10 months ago

We named our middle guy Weston and announced it to everyone. During the night both my husband and I realized he was absolutely NOT a Weston. So we changed it to our back up, Bryant, and we’ve never looked back. Didn’t even bother me when people tried to rib me on the switch. So so glad we changed it! Go with your gut people!

Nicole Perry 10 months ago

That’s my husbands name 😉

Kylie Warren-Wright 10 months ago

I love Harper too…..maybe I should have asked them to change it….lol!

Nicole Perry 10 months ago

So far so good. My daughter had a name before I even got pregnant… Her name is Aurora, fits her perfectly !!

Laura Diana Cotto 10 months ago

Yikes yes.Ariella is just like the little mermaid.

Julie Sampson 10 months ago

Going through this now. We named our 11 week old Colton, but now we think he’s more of a Jameson, which is the name I had picked in the first place (my husband didn’t like it , but he’s the one who brought up changing it).

Rachael Woods-Mina 10 months ago

Not at all.. Somehow their names just fit! I’ve got a Cynthia, Arianna and a Savanna.. All lovely, All work.

Terene Mullins Stiltner 10 months ago

We didn’t name any of ours (3) until after they arrived! No worries. You’ll know.

Karen D. Wicks 10 months ago

Nope. Good thing too, we put a lot of effort into naming them just right for how we saw them.

Courtney Ellingson 10 months ago

My kids didn’t have a name until a couple hours before leaving the hospital. lol. We had names in mind, but couldn’t come up with the right combination until we actually met them. :) My son’s name wasn’t even on the list. haha. You’ll find something you love!

Heather Rabinowitz 10 months ago

My daughter’s name is Annabelle . Imagine my chagrin when the scary movie Annabelle came out this past October .

Courtney Ellingson 10 months ago

My mom wanted to use they name Carly for one of her girls 25+ years ago but my uncle called ‘dibs’ on it. 20 years later, he finally had a kid, happened to be a girl and guess what? She’s not names Carly. Use whatever name you want! haha. None of me or my sisters are much of a ‘Carly’ though … so it worked out for the better.

Crystal Mackenzie 10 months ago

My kids call our 18 month old wish, short for aloysius (al-o-wish-us) his first name is jamieson and its odd at drs or when people call him that

Meredith Montañez 10 months ago

I was wholly against using any family names for our children, for fear of setting a precedence and hurting feelings. 24 hours of labor later, apparently we need our first born after my father-in-law. I don’t regret the name at all, but it took some getting used to.

Andrea Hunter 10 months ago

My husband and I picked out our daughter’s name (Bree Lorraine) about seven years before we had her and never looked back. When she was born, it was so surreal that our Bree Lorraine was actually here…. so much so that I really questioned whether or not she was really “Bree”! She’s nine months old now and, yep, she’s our Bree! So glad I didn’t change my mind about her name at the last minute because she embodies all the spunky, girly fun that I always imagined she would. :)

Nancy Hillson 10 months ago

Not for a second,

Nancy Hillson 10 months ago

also known as Twister, Tornado, the Tsunami and Typhoon

Laura Fast 10 months ago

My big sister wanted to name my big brother Mada (after an elderly aunt) if he was to be a girl … Months later, the baby was a boy and my parents named him Adam. … Great aunt Mada was thrilled she had the baby named after her even though it was a boy! Adam/Mada :)

Mandy Giese Bart 10 months ago

My youngest is Olivia, but she was almost Delilah! I still sometimes wish we had gone Deliliah. She is 5 now.

Danielle Hatfield 10 months ago

Nope… Their names are perfect!

Michelle 10 months ago

I can totally relate. We had major baby name regret. We legally changed our son’s name at 9-months and have never looked back!

Lori 10 months ago

While pregnant we had a baby name chosen … But I reminded the world that we had to SEE her first … Because what if she didn’t Look like that name. Then we saw our tiny scrunched up baby and … She didn’t look like any name haha so we stuck with the name we pre-chose … But definitely it’s a concern I pondered while thinking of names !!

Westina Barnes 10 months ago

I haven’t. I know a lady who renamed her son a few months after he was born and then again when he was around a year old. I don’t get ur, but ik

Desiree Divina Gonzalez-Lacy 10 months ago

I have four, Girl who is 20, Boy who is 18, boy who is 17, and my last one a girl who is 8…I get all names mixed when I’m yelling at them, and still say “hey you!”

Raydee Swanson 10 months ago

I love my sons first name but sometimes I second guess his middle name, Ford. It’s the same middle name as my husband but I get tired of hearing the Ford jokes. I sometimes wish i would have given him my maiden name as his middle name.

Melissa Ryan Bouchat 10 months ago

I’ve got a JR and a Nicholas. We knew we wanted to call our first boy JR before we knew what the JR would stand for. Btw it’s James Richard, both family names, so that worked out nicely. He is almost 12 now and has introduced himself at his new middle school as James, which is fine… But I’ll always call him JR. :)

Barbara Monroe Lopez 10 months ago

Never. Not ever.

April Paras Larsen 10 months ago

Nope still love their well chosen names!

Tiffany Brown 10 months ago

I can honestly say that I love the names we picked out for our girls. The oldest is named after my Grandma since she shares a birthday with her and right after she passed away is when I found out I was pregnant. Our second is named after her grandma since she passed away a few years ago and we wanted to keep the tradition of honoring our loved ones. Now for the third one, that’s another story we can not decide on a name so it will be the 11th before she finally gets a name!

Lisa McAuley Mendenhall 10 months ago

When my daughter was born her name was Kennedy. She was 9.5lbs and didn’t look like a tiny little Kennedy. After my husband left that night from the hospital I changed it to Jayden. A stronger name. When my husband came back to the hospital, I told him I changed. He was happy!

Ratt Fink 10 months ago

My son is definitely Remy Mavryk

Erin Brown 10 months ago

Yes! I want to rename all my kids with something that is cool like Autumn Rain!

Erin Eskew 10 months ago

My daughter is only 4 1/2 months old but I LOVE her name. Her first name is Izabellah (Isabella). I’ve had that name picked out since I was in 9th grade (I’m now 29). Her middle name is Rehann (pronounced Re-ann).

Michelle Page 10 months ago

We had names picked for both sexes but had a hell of a time with it. We decided not to tell a sole and kept it a secrete until they were born! We didn’t want to have others skew our opinions!

Tiffany Cupp Seavy 10 months ago

We named our son Edward after his paternal great grandfather. Every one thinks its cause of the books/movies. His karate teacher even calls him Twilight!!! Lol!!

Kari Adams 10 months ago

I wasn’t fully decided on my girls’ names until I held them. Now, looking at my girls, I’m convinced that their names fit them perfectly. My Ava is a sassy, full of attitude diva. My Bella is a sweet, reserved, people watcher. I don’t know how, but I hit the nail on the head.

Lisa Rardon Hallam 10 months ago

Yep. Sophie. I loved it 9 years ago when it wasn’t popular. when our daughter was born my hubby still loved it but I hated that it was the number one name. I caved and I still regret it.

Debbie Ann Noble 10 months ago


Monica Sanchez Ontiveros 10 months ago

Never. My son is 100% a Gabriel.

Monique Teixeira 10 months ago

Nope! my girl name is Noor DaSilva, a mix of european and Portuguese as she is a mixed baby!

Paige Fratesi Salstrand 10 months ago

Yep. We changed my son’s name when he was 1 because it was *wrong*–for him anyway!

Alyssa 10 months ago

I knew pretty soon that my oldest would be named Norah Arlene. It just seemed to fit. Even now, two years later, she’s just a little, caring spitfire. Like my grandmother, Peggy Arlene.
Our youngest, though. Oh my god. I didn’t know I was pregnant until she kicked, then from there on out, we could not agree on a girl’s name. A boy’s name, yes. Not a girl’s name. We argued, and bickered, until about a month before we agreed on Fiona. Then, the middle name. Couldn’t agree there. I wanted a family name, he didn’t like any that he could think of. So, we agreed on Siobhan. Thank heaven we did not give her that name. She is not a Siobhan. She’s too quiet and sweet to really fit that name. I would be changing her name if we had.
So, we asked his grandma what she thought, because we were considering maybe her name. She hated her own name, but suggested her mother’s name, Pearl, two days before I had my c-section. It fits perfectly. If his grandma had lived (she passed 2 days after I had Fi), I think she would’ve agreed.

Kristin Lindsey Cook 10 months ago

Mine was with spelling! Thing 2 was named Jaden. We just clicked on the name. We knew it was used for both sexes. I thought that Jay-den, was too masculine as “Jay” was male, so I lost the “y”. And we’ve seen tons of variations for male & female. Since then, I’ve never been settled. Y’s” are curly (hence girly) or maybe it should’ve been “i” – I like that too. And I’ve even met other female “Jaden” Mom’s and had simpler conversations. She’s nine and I still can’t decide if I like it!

Amanda 10 months ago

My son, Parker’s, was named after Parker Lewis (Can’t Lose), lol. Long live cheesy TV shows!!! :)
And at least you changed her name before she graduated from high school, right??

Sarah Hogan 10 months ago

Love all the names we chose! They suit them perfectly. My children are definately their names lol!

Gina Millward 10 months ago

My daughter is named Emmitt. It has sentimental meaning to my husband and I. I get so tired of asshole people saying “why would you name a little girl that?” Because she is an Emmitt, her name fits her and it has special meaning. That’s why asshole. Why do you name your kid What you named them? Because they are your kid. So shit up!! (Sorry about my rant)

Heather Kahalewai 10 months ago

I love my daughter’s name, which is Lyric. I remember seeing some lady with that name on some talk show when I was in high school and the name has always stuck with me.

Amy 10 months ago

So funny, I actually have a Preslee and was going to name her HARPER until I saw her… I said from the moment I saw her that Preslee was going to be her name. I STILL love it 6 years later. My son on the other hand is 3 and I named him CRAWFORD after my mom’s maiden name. I debated for 2.5 years if I liked it… it felt great to name him after mom but his name seemed so big for a baby!! Finally, now, at 3 years old I completely feel he is a Crawford and I love his name, but I cringed for a long time when people said his name when he was younger! So glad I’m not alone!

Amy Sowers 10 months ago

Every day! She will be 1 year next week and we still call her ‘baby’. Erg!!

Paige Gutheil Henderson 10 months ago

This is too funny. I don’t know why I thought of you when I read this Abby Huwer. I think it’s cause you should have a blog. You could write funny shit like this.

Brooke Chavers 10 months ago

Yep. Every time!!

Hannelore Cat 10 months ago

I worry rather than regret. I worry her name is too weird as Ezri. But I still love the name.

Natalie Voytek 10 months ago

My oldest sons name is Nicholas but goes by Timothy. Doesnt look like a Nicholas.
My oldest daughter looks like a Rebecca
My 2nd daughter is Rachel but I always felt she looked like a Madeline
My youngest son is a Brody, looks like a Brody but I wanted him to be Matthew
Youngest daughter is Naomi but I think she looks like an Evelyn.

Margaret Arcara 10 months ago

Well I named my boys Colin and Luke and picked their names when they were in my belly and always loves their names. Then I got pregnant with my 3rd and a girl so for the entire pregnancy I had the longest list of girls names I just could not decide! My husband wanted Ava I wanted Lyla so once we had the baby we settled on Kayla. But I have to admit when I first laid eyes on her face I thought she looked like an Ava but I couldn’t get over the fact that Ava is such a popular name right now and I liked that the name Kayla really isn’t that popular right now. Her middle name is Anne and I really liked how Kayla Anne sounded. Also the baby photographer at the hospital asked me if we chose a name and I said we were talking it over and it turned out her teenage daughter’s name is Kayla Anne. I took it as a sign!

Anyway….My baby will be a yr old end of this month and I still wonder if I went with the right name!!! It kinda drives me nuts! I keep hoping that once she has hair and starts talking and has her own personality she will fit into the name. If not then when she’s like 7 I will tell her hey you were going to be an Ava or Lyla if you like those better let me know we will change it lol!

Chantal Granger 10 months ago

Had my firsts name picked out for months then changed its as i was geing prepped for an emergancy csection. Dont regret it she was suppose to be Harmony Rose but became Lillian Ruth. Second was going to be either Amber Rose or Ashalynn Rose hubby filled out the paperwork Ashlynn Rose. Lol it suits her even if it wasnt my choice

Constance Martin 10 months ago

I second guessed all 3 of my kids names! As they grew up and developed a personality they really grew into their names. All 3 of them have the perfect name! Funny how that worked out.

Marisa Major 10 months ago

My Sons Name Is Beau (Pronounced Bo) Bradley, I Love His Name Always Have Always Will.

Amber Schaefer 10 months ago

When I had my twins, we already had the names picked out. Just before entering the OR I handed my husband two envelopes; I said if you can’t decide immediately who is who, leave it up to faith and have the nurse pick an envelope. Ironically, he did both! Baby A was Carson, Baby B was Ethan. The nurses each picked an envelope, and sure enough the envelopes matched what my husband decided.

Tracie Lynn Crosco 10 months ago

Yes. His dad had to have a Jr. I let him if I could name the girl if id pregnant again. Ha..ended up divorced and now I have this constant name thing. Ugh lol…wish I could change it..

Jane Leidig 10 months ago

Nope, love all mine, no regrets, Jasper, Wiley, and Milo.

Samantha Thomas 10 months ago

Nope love my 3babies names. Peyton.Skyler.Dakota

Corrie Logan 10 months ago

My first, no. She is an ella. My 2nd, I was stuck between addie olivia lynn, or olivia lynn sophia. When she was born I picked olivia. About 2 weeks later, I was looking at her- and said I should have named you addie.

Jennifer Rollin 10 months ago

I named my son Kyan Alexander. I almost didn’t use Kyan since I am always saying it’s spelled like Ryan but w a K. Pronounced that way to not like cayenne the pepper haha.

Kathleen Rogers Bennett 10 months ago

My husband and I couldn’t come up with a name we felt suited our son until a few hours after he was born. Our daughter on the other hand we knew almost immediately what we call her and it suits her perfectly

Jodee Kelly Rochelle 10 months ago

I had picked out my second sons name. After he was born I looked at him and changed it. He would have been Christian but he is now Cody. He just didn’t look like a Christian.

Jessica Sanchez 10 months ago

I agree with someone’s post below, it’s your kid name them what you want. I’ve seen some unique names while being a social worker. Three of my sister-in-law’s refuse to call my daughter Harper. Her middle name is Rose so they call her Rosie or Rosita one went so far as to tell my husband that she didn’t like the name (btw he chose it). Rude old lady!

Lydia Quinones 10 months ago

I love my Esther Lilly and Alejandro Daveed

Katie Marchetti 10 months ago

I love my Violet and never gave it a second thought 😉

Stacy Hebein 10 months ago

I didn’t name my first until he was 3 days old. I wanted to be sure. With my second I knew before he was born. I choose Aeron Jasper Sheldon (Sheldon after my brother who passed) and Memphis Raylan. Their names fit them perfectly :)

Marie Jones 10 months ago

I feel my son’s name is perfect for him, but I know it’s kind of weird. He has the name of a 90 year old. lol. Elden. He can always go by his middle name and be called Patrick, or Pat, or even Rick. I guess. Poor kid. 😛

Sofia Stark 10 months ago

In Sweden you have many many months after the birth to pick a name as the government really only cares about the person number ( kinda like ss #). It’s not uncommon for people to start with one name and switch to another.

Jessica Sanchez 10 months ago

My mom’s family all call me Jessica and my dad’s side Jessie. Evidently my dad would say “Jess – eee-ca”. So i became Jessie which I actually prefer but i never introduce myself as Jessie.

Sarah Crossley 10 months ago

Dont love our sons name but we literally up to the last min still hadnt decided what to name him lol And I think about it all the time lol

April Leon 10 months ago

My daughter is Lila Elizabeth, although many people aren’t sure how to pronounce it I will always love Lila from my fav book series “Sweet Valley Kids”. She now has a baby brother Beckett- fell in love with Beckett upon hearing it. I may call him “Baby Beckett” into his thirties.

Michelle Baker 10 months ago

My husband named our daughter, signed the birth certificate and tied all the loose ends while I was unconscious from emergency c sec. Asshole.. So she is who she is cause she is a daddies girl.. At 15… Savanah does not fit my mouthy, hard edge, pink dyed haired teenager.

Brie Hooyenga 10 months ago

Yup, I regret my child’s middle name every day. Damn pregnancy hormones got the best of me at the time.

Melany Anderson 10 months ago

I sometimes wish I named my daughter Ainsley instead of Ansley since EVERYONE calls her Ainsley. I feel like she will spend her whole life correcting people. I still love her name though!

Sandra Leigh 10 months ago

My son is Michael, after his uncle to honor him, but to be slightly original we call him Mikey. It suits him well. Everyone quotes the Life cereal commercials. It’s cute.

Kelly Rogers 10 months ago

Only her middle name. Her name is Harper middle name Rhys. After she was born and several times since (she’s now three) I’ve had the strongest feeling that I should have gone with Harper Jean. I remember how much we loved Harper Rhys but that Jean has been stuck in my mind!

Liz Livingston Swords 10 months ago

Yes. Not sure my 2nd kids name fits and he’s 15 months!

Brittney S. Hartsock 10 months ago

I named my son Damien. I have not one regret, he lives up to it daily!!

Jen Apple Duckworth 10 months ago

Nope I picked amazing names I will never regret them. Grant Aster and Estelle Grace.

Erin Patrick McGregor 10 months ago

I have thought this about each of my kids – and I’m sure I will about the next (due in March) – sometime around the 1-2 month mark, but I’ve grown used to it and. They’ve grown into it. That being said, I don’t think people are nuts to change a kids name :). Sometime the name just doesn’t fit!

Sue Loftin Coleman 10 months ago

Nope. Cause after they were born it took me 2 days to name them both.

Kathryn 10 months ago

My eldest was nearly named Eithne! We didn’t have the guts to go through with is and she is Cecily instead. 9 years later I still have that pang of “maybe we should have picked that”. :) I think Cecily suits her better, she’s not a wild one, well usually!

Debbie Newton 10 months ago

I’m 39 weeks and second guessing the name we have picked. Thankfully I have a *little* more time to be sure.

Samantha Goblindancer 10 months ago

My little Rohin was chosen by his father, I picked his middle name frost. I still absolutely love it. Rohin wasn’t my first choice but its perfect for my little man

connie 10 months ago

hahaha…….. My parents fought about my name forever. Or until I was about 9. They fought so hard that on my birth certificate my legal name was Baby Girl Cunningham. Which threw the teachers for a loop every fall when they would do their first roll call. I knew they had gotten to my name when they stammered and stalled and then said my finally landed upon name (that was always penciled in to the side)

Hillary Hopkins Lamont 10 months ago

This is why I think it is so insane to start referring to the unborn by a name until they make an appearance…makes it hard to undo!

Kat 10 months ago

I think it takes longer than 9 months for a child to “grow into” their name. I questioned my daughter’s name in the beginning but it definitely suits her now at 2. Plus, that’s what middle names and nicknames are for, right?!

Whitney Paul 10 months ago

I had a hard time calling my second child by her name for at least a month after she was born. Now, I can’t imagine calling her anything else. She’s most definitely a Sadie! She was born in 2012 so everyone thought I named her after Sadie on Duck Dynasty which I did NOT. Both Sadie & my oldest, Layla, have family names for middle names. I often wish I would’ve given them their own unique middle name as I sort of feel like I only really got to choose one of their names as their middles were used already & the lasts were a given. Oh well! :)

Donna Van Leusden Riguidel 10 months ago

I guess I was lucky. I picked Darby in my teen years and the name suits her so much I am really glad I didn’t go with anything else!

Chantelle Dean 10 months ago

I have a Sid Daeton Alec and Louie Austin, Alec was my grandads name and Austin is my nanas maiden name – their names suit them to a t although i would rather drop the Daeton (his father chose it)

Kaitlin Wade 10 months ago

I laughed at this. My daughters name is Presley Harper. She is a Presley harper through and through!

Joey Graham 10 months ago

We almost gave ours a Dumbledore-ish 4-name name…..but after working in HR for nearly 10 years, I knew it would be a nightmare for employers. We went with a 2-name name and it worked.

Monica Gray Gettings 10 months ago

I have a Chad and a Cara. The only kids at school with their names.

Linda Miller 10 months ago

Honestly, no…I named her Vivian, and I still love it. Sure glad I stood my ground because the father (aka: sperm donor) wanted a different name..Now he’s gone (thank goodness) and I’m happy, she’s my Vivian

Calliope Du Hymnia Gerber 10 months ago

I feel like I should like the name Presley because I like uncommon/cute names.. I named my son Milo! But god I think The name Presley sounds horrid!

Kelly Caflisch-Arnoldussen 10 months ago

In Wisconsin you have the baby’s first year to change the birth certificate, only after the year is up would you have to go to court to change it. I have never heard of people doing that before though!

Rhiannon Reynolds 10 months ago

Explaining that to said child in 15 years will be interesting.
I’m not saying this is a bad thing, just that there are a lot of ways that child could take it.

Rebecca M. Kiefer 10 months ago

I did. All my kids had perfect names but our youngest, after he was born I wasn’t sure it fit. Now it’s perfect but there was a little bit of time where I wasn’t sure.

Gabby Kashow 10 months ago

My daughter’s name is Montana, because we love the state, but I can’t even tell u how many times I hear, “like Hannah Montana?” I wanna throat punch people when they ask that stupid question!!

Sharma Breau 10 months ago

Never. My girl is an “Adele” through and through…

Elizabetb 10 months ago

Love this article! Choosing a name is so difficult! Especially if you’re trying to chanhe your name to fit the person you’ve always been inside! I feel for the transexual changing her name and I truly hope she got a good one!

Victoria Mérida 10 months ago

Omg my husband made me change it from Ana to Eva and I’m still bitter!

Rosemary Coates 10 months ago

Nope. She chose it!! I would lay in bed reading out a list of names… only ever got a reaction to Tahnee (Aboriginal for Wave… also Russian for Fairy Queen..both definitions describe her to a t!)

Rebecca Rose 10 months ago

My mom threw a fit when we picked out the name Piper for our youngest. She told me “it’s not a real name.” Now she wouldn’t have it any other way. She is definitely a Piper.

Danica Wyant Jones 10 months ago

For half a second, I thought I named my son the wrong name. Not because I thought Drake didn’t fit him and not that I didn’t love the name, but the rapper became very popular a few months after my son was born! Ugh. I’m glad I didn’t change it or obsess about the musician, because my Drake is very much a Drake. Expecting baby number 2 soon… let’s hope a pop star named Zaria doesn’t rise to fame any time soon!

Jessica LeighAnn Burks 10 months ago

All my kids are perfectly suited to their names

Nicole Hess 10 months ago

I’ve been calling my son the same thing since he was born and have his name tattooed with my other kids, but, I put another name on his BC to appease his father >ugh< six YEARS later n I still haven’t gotten around to fixing it LoL it will be soon tho

Deby Bennett Weinkauf 10 months ago


Sherry Alward 10 months ago

yup, my first (emma) should have been a samantha!

Nancie Gundersen Quinton 10 months ago

My first is 4 and I’m still very content with his name so I don’t concern myself with obsessing nonstop over his baby brother’s name to make sure we pick the right one. They’re stuck with it for life, I don’t want to pick a name and not panic for the next 9 months that it might not be right.

Nancy Welker Fortais 10 months ago

I named my daughters Anna and Sarah. Good, traditional names that will never go out of style, yet aren’t trendy. Anyway- no one can pronounce or spell our last name (pronounced “forte”) so we went with classic first names that people couldn’t mess up!

Mary 10 months ago

My daughtet is 4 and I still think i choose the wrong name…

Marisa Johnson 10 months ago

To be honest, I have never absolutely loved my eldest name (Molly). This is what my husband wanted, and I’m happy I gave into him. I am however liking her name more and more as she gets older. Her sister’s name is Lucy (I choose this), and I’m absolutely love the sibset! Both of their names are also Beatles references too, which makes me happy :-)

Meegs Allyce 10 months ago

My first born is Dylan peter James, James is my fathers middle name, peter I was told was my exs grandfathers name… Nope! His name was William he just went by peter ! Grr.
Youngest son is Leiam john. John is his uncles name and my grandfathers middle name

Desiree’ Breschi 10 months ago

We legally changed my sons name when he was 9 months old. I thought we were the only crazy ones!!!

Amanda Jean Palmeter 10 months ago

My kids names are Brogan and Braylinn, still love Brogan, bur seriously thought about changing Braylinns name to Sage.

Kimberley VanMeter-Sanderson 10 months ago


Jessica Jones 10 months ago

I am not crazy about my daughter’s middle name but it isn’t worth obsessing over or even thinking about changing.

Loni Orth 10 months ago

I have a Clover Dell, and the only thing I kinda regret is not naming her Clover Shane, after my dad. But “Dell,” has been in my grandma’s family since the 1800’s at least it’s still meaningful, but really wish it was Shane anyway. Oh well. :)

Freda Lau 10 months ago

Love the name we gave our daughter. I fell in love with the name Rosalie when I read the twilight book. yes!! After the character, Rosalie! Although strong and vicious, but with a gentle heart. Husband adored the name Charlotte from the time we were dating and said our daughter’s name will definitely be Charlotte. We couldn’t come to an agreement with the name thus we ended up with Charlotte Rosalie. 😉

Caroline McDonald 10 months ago

No way, I didn’t even pick my son’s name till I met him. I really think they have a name already, we just need to listen closely enough to hear what it is. :)

Jen Sowden 10 months ago

I gave my son my husband’s middle name.
Several months later my mother in law told me that my husband’s middle name was for one of her ex boyfriends.
I second guess myself every time I consider his name.

Really, what mom ^wants^ to name her son after her mother-in-law’s ex-boyfriend?

Lucy Backwell 10 months ago

Why do a lot of people feel the urge to make up silly names to saddle their poor kids with?!!

Diane W. 10 months ago

We only had 22 hours notice before adopting our son…and less than 2 hours to pick a name and call a lawyer. I sometimes second guess what we picked, but we didn’t have much time to really think about it. The first name that came to my mind is what I went with.

Brycie Pettley Downey 10 months ago

I have 3 girls, and I never had second thoughts on any of their names even if people do say them wrong every so often: Breckin(usually comes out Brooklyn), Addison, & Afton(usually comes out Aspen).

Amity A Nash Barboza 10 months ago

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I loved the name Rachel, because of the character from the show Friends. But I didn’t think it would go well with our last name of Barboza. Then I fell in love with the name Allison, because of the character from Melrose Place. But I associated that name with a blonde haired blue eyed child, and since my husband is from India, I knew my daughter would have very dark hair and dark eyes. I know, I know…… I had very weird ideas back then. Must have been the hormones! So! I turned off the TV, got out the baby naming book, and fell head over heels in love at first sight with the name JENNA. And she is every bit as sweet and lovely as her name.

Penni Cholette 10 months ago

All the time! And he’s almost nine years old now lol

Jamie Korn Pie 10 months ago

The only name I regret is my oldest daughters middle name. Her middle name is Maureen after my mother (who’s middle name is also Maureen). My mother and I haven’t been on talking terms for at least 12 years (my daughter is now 13. Also her first name is Harmony. Any ever met a harmonious 13 year old girl? Me either lol.
My youngest daughters name is Parker. People either assume she’s a boy (if they hadn’t met her before) or think her first name is Taylor (our last name).
My middle daughter gets called Candace too. Her name is Cadence.

Lucy Backwell 10 months ago

Errrrmm, changing the baby’s first name after EIGHT MONTHS is a bit bad. Dunno. Don’t like Presley and like Summer though so you probably did the right thing

Lisa Fortin 10 months ago

My son will be five months on christmas day & i named him Rylan! A name i took almost the whole pregnancy to set on! Sadly im just not feeling its a good name but i dont have a replacement, he was gonna be Lochlan but i switched to Rylan :–

Erin Zartmann LaMaster 10 months ago

A few times because no one ever hears Ashlynn always Ashley

Erica Gatlin 10 months ago

I wanted to name my daughter Siri, a strong Norwegian name. And you know, Apple killed that dream for me.

Kathy Crowder Kuiper 10 months ago

That’s awesome. I like Summer. It rolls off the tongue better than Presley.

Rachel Hamilton Scott 10 months ago

I named our son Sawyer Graham and sometimes think he looks more like a “Graham” than a “Sawyer”. It also annoys me when people (including my husband) call him Soy-yer instead of Saw-yer.

Laura Sauer 10 months ago

We named our son Avery. Loved that name ever since Murphy Brown named her son that in the now ages old TV show. Seemed like a great name at the time. It IS traditionally an old MALE name. But it recently gained popularity among girls. And then my son had another Avery in his kindergarten class — a girl. And now? Love the name still, but sorry, kid. We gave you a girl’s name.

Tory Poole Stephens 10 months ago

Love both my boys names 1st is Jaxon Slade & 2nd is Memphis Zane. I picked the first names & husband picked 1st sons middle name there 7yrs apart so to let my 7year old fell apart he picked his brother middle name.

Mary Nichols 10 months ago

I have a madilynn grace for my first it fit her and annabella taylynn for my second hers was a good fit also

Mariela Pero 10 months ago

yes! And we changed it after 8 weeks of his birth…no regrets!

Nicole Hess 10 months ago

My son is six YEARS old, I’ve been calling him the same name since day one (and have it tatooed on my body) but have yet to switch his birth certificate >< LoL

Sabrina Keown 10 months ago

I wanted to name my younger daughter Harly Quinn but my husband wanted Alice from Alice in wonderland. And now I’m glad we did. She is such a happy and curious little girl. <3

Claudine Johnstone 10 months ago

Yes. We named our girls as soon as we knew their genders and told everyone. Miss 4’s name totally suits her.With my now two year old we seriously considered switching the first and middle names around but regretfully we didn’t. I love her first name but her middle one would have suited her personify more. Our 8 week old was named at the scan, towards the end of the pregnancy I had huge doubts but couldn’t think of something both liked, when she was born I decided it was hormones and stuck with it. By the time she was week old I knew it wasn’t her name, I actually cried if I trie to say it. So we chose a name that had been on my options list each pregnancy but hasn’t made it. It’s the perfect fit.

Tina Gillotti Stys 10 months ago

I love my kids name. I have a Cassandra Marie, Shelley Summer, and Josef Daniel.

Lori Parish 10 months ago

My husband named our first 2— Alexandria (Ali) Lee
& Asher Ryan. Both I loved and have a portion of them family names.
I named our second 2— Katherine (Kates) Elizabeth
& Paige Marie. Again, both have portions of family names for legacy reasons. But so far all of them fit their names. :)

Courtney Challis 10 months ago

I wanted to change my kids name and asked my hubby I could a month after she was born. He said no. I like her current name and it suites her personality. However, I still wish I had changed it. Or get a dog…

Tanisha Bonsdorf 10 months ago

Both of my sons suit their names. My first born,Carter we didn’t name until we met him and he suits the name perfect.

Brittani Medina 10 months ago

Devyn, Janelle and Madison

John Hudson 10 months ago

Yes. Wish I’d given Ian another middle name. Named him after a friend that didn’t turn out to be much of a friend.

Holly Jo Huttner 10 months ago

My daughter is the 7th Adelaide in many generations. We always thought it was pretty and unique. My husband and I decided on her name when we were dating – 6 years before she was even born. She’s 2.5 now and every 3rd girl I see is called Addy! Super annoying! We’d also chosen Elsa as a 2nd girls name if we ever had one- not any more!!!!

Brittani Medina 10 months ago

Nope i have 3 daughters love all thier names never gave it a second thought. They fit perfectly with thier names to. Unlike myself ha

Adriane LaValley 10 months ago

While watching The Blue Brothers, my late hubs FAV movie, I was like.. What about Jake? (As in Jake Blues) And we can make it more formal with Jacob. …had no idea the years previous and the years after ..Jacob was lead runner for most popular name. Poor kid..there’s a ton of Jake’s.

Paula Heaney 10 months ago

Our second boy was born on 6th June, 2006 – 06/06/06 – i’d be rich if i had a pound for every person who said he should be named “Damien” (from the movie, “The Omen”)

Kristin Byers 10 months ago

Really wanted to name our youngest Alice Liliana, but hubby hated the name Alice. We settled on Liliana Skye (Lili for short). Both Alice & Skye come from my family (Alice-a doll thats been in the family for several generations that my grandma gave to me when she passed. Skye- one of the islands my family came from, other is Moray, which was almost her middle name.)
My oldest and I still slip up from time to time & call her ‘baby Alice’ and shes already 5 months old. Lol. But she does seem like an Alice.

Beckah Chasteney 10 months ago

I have a Brooklinn. Who is three. It’s Apperently popular but I haven’t met another one. And now I have a Nevadah which is unheard of :) they suit their names, I’m happy with them

Sara Hughart 10 months ago

Nope. Hailey Anne and Adam Robert here. Both middle names are family names. First names I chose and the hubby did not argue.

Andrea Wadsworth 10 months ago

Never doubted our names! Our girls are Trinity, Raven and Phoenix. Our 19 month old son is Talon.

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

My husband and I had our 1st daughters name picked before she was even conceived (Elliette Ruth). She is our little Ellie-Belly and it fits her so well. Our 2nd daughters name came to me early on in our pregnancy when I heard it on a tv show, and we both just loved it. (Lydia Rose) We got lucky, no real disagreements for us, and no regrets.

Amy Snipes Jennings 10 months ago

Nope. I have a Liam, sort of after Liam Neeson, and Simon, sort of after Simon Pegg. Their middle names are family names.

Nicole Carrington 10 months ago

My nephew named my daughter when I was still pregnant. He said that’s my new little sister in there and her name is Kennedy. My mother’s name is Faye so that’s her middle name. She was born 14 weeks early and has had to fight her way through life since then. Her name is strong. Kennedy Carrington. Very fitting for a little fighter.

Inga Collins 10 months ago

I’m not crazy about my middle daughters middle name. She is Madilynn Michelle. But it’s too trivial to worry about. I think once you call them something for a while that’s who they become to you. I can understand them wanting to be called something else when they get older. But they aren’t a pet they are a person. Pick a name and stick with it.

Meaghan Caston 10 months ago

My daughter’s nickname started out Lily, but it didn’t take long to see that she was no delicate little flower. Now she’s 6 year old silly Lilly. Glad we didn’t get much monogrammed!

Autumn 10 months ago

Hey, better the name of a character on a drama than a contestant on America’s Next Top Model, right? To be fair, I wasn’t obsessed with the show or the particular contestant; I simply fell in love with the name when I heard it. I just changed the spelling slightly from Analeigh to Annaleigh because I didn’t want the first four letters of her name to spell “anal”. 😛 It all worked out, though, and my girl is an Annaleigh if there ever was one.

Andrea Tanner 10 months ago

I loved my daughter’s name Liliana, I had some second doubts but she is finally growing into it. I don’t like the nickname Lily, I changed her nickname to Liana, it suites her more I think

Miriam Lokelani Smith 10 months ago

Our second was “Javier” for a couple weeks, but we changed it to “Xavier” because it never felt natural to say Javier, and he’s super pasty. I was hoping maybe our second would be darker-complected like I am… Oh well!

Monica Miller Johnson 10 months ago

No doubts here! Isaiah and Sophia! Biblical and a classic!

Tiffaney Marie 10 months ago

If i would have had my child when i was 18, he would’ve been Xander. I hate that name now.

Gina Taylor 10 months ago

I decided on our sons name Graison (like Grayson) and ever since he was born in 2010. It’s either doctors calling him a HER or calling him Garrison!?! Like that’s not even spelt close! I couldn’t tell you how many times both of these occasions have accurd.

Also I had picked a girl name when I picked Graison just in case he was a girl.
Sophia Marie. Well August I had our baby girl. Well now that’s 2014 top girl name >.<

Jessica Branch 10 months ago

My middle daughter was nataleigh while in my belly. When she was born it just didn’t fit. So I changed it to isabella. My mother called her nataleigh for months lol oops

Britanni Jeanette Button 10 months ago

My youngest’s name is Kensington… My husband picked it while I was still drugged up & feeling sentimental after my c section. He was overseas. So I let him name her that. The first year I hated it so much I started calling her “kensi”. Her name is still Kensington but I just call her kensi. Lol. Everyone is like “come here Kensington!” & I’m like “no. It’s kensi.” Lol

Stephanie Bredesen 10 months ago

Other than the spelling I chose, I love the names I picked for my boys, Devan and Kai.

Cricket Lesso 10 months ago

We decided before we had a kid we’d name a boy after both our dads- Andrew William- and call him Andy. Fit him fine. When he was 6 he said “I feel like I’m Ben.” I expected him to change it every week, but he stayed calm and consistent, politely correcting people until it stuck. He’s now been Ben longer than he was ever Andy and we’ll legally add it to the front of his name sometime. BTW, I understand partners discussing names, but why do so many people care what anyone else thinks about their child’s name??? Even parents and other relatives??? I hate it when I hear, “So-and-so wanted to name her daughter Riley all her life but then family friend/cousin/co-worker named HER daughter that, so she couldn’t.” WTF? What’s the big deal if there are two Rileys? I’d never give up a lifelong dream for such a stupid reason.

Kathi Barfield-Brewer 10 months ago

Nope. Although there’s a little irony for my youngest. Her middle name means Grace. She is a klutz like her mommy.

Crystal Kusie 10 months ago

I wanted to name my son Xander, and EVERYONE hated it. I started to think of other names, but when I met him he was totally a Xander. I can’t imagine calling him anything different.

Kayla Dowling 10 months ago

I’ve thought about renaming my oldest, “Stop that”…. 😛 I think the names I picked fit my kiddos though.

Angela Hawley 10 months ago

I have a daughter named booie .. Yep she the only booie in the world.. She had a different name at birth , never ever used it, no one knew she had a different name. She had it legally changed at 18 to booie… You would have to know her.. But it fits , it IS her

Melanie Koppen 10 months ago

That was my BIGGEST fear while choosing a name, I chose Zaylee Rose and I love it!! shes 6 now and loves her unique name :)

Michelle Katz Berkowitz 10 months ago

I let my husband pick one of our child’s middle name and I regret it. So does she.

Jennifer Vossi 10 months ago


Christi Monson 10 months ago

The only thing that ever gives me pause for my daughter’s name is the spelling. But you know what… whatever. It’s a beautiful, culturally appropriate name. So, yes, my daughter will spend a lot of time teaching people that Caillean is pronounced KAY-lynn… but Gaelic is a beautiful language and the meaning [“precious girl”] is perfectly fitting for my little fae child.

Cali Stern 10 months ago

I feel bad for spelling my middle sons name the way I did… Skyler…everyone assumes he’s a girl because of how his name is spelled :(

Otesa Middleton Miles 10 months ago

Summer, your name is becoming more popular.

Leanne Hamilton 10 months ago

I love both my boy’s names!

Skyler and Naois

Emily Brewer 10 months ago

David Dale… he’s a junior. He looks exactly like his father too, so the name fits, lol. I’ve had a girl and boy name picked out since I was younger, but when I married my husband, I didn’t mind if we had a boy to make him a junior. I love my husband and my precious boy! Next year we will have another one, so I’m in hopes that boy or girl, we can use one of my prepicked names. Isaac Alan for boy and Elisabeth Rose for a girl.

Natalie Mortimer 10 months ago

I regret letting my now ex have a say in the kids names. I picked our daughters 1st name… Mila and he picked the 2nd Electra

Brynne Bradshaw 10 months ago

No, I love my girls first names Karma and Faith. But I wish. I wish would’ve given them my last name instead of their dads.

Kathleen Price 10 months ago

Our 1st son was named Nathaniel Todd. I can’t remember why we chose those two names, but he hated them. We had always called him Nathan, so, at 10 years of age we legally changed his name to Nathan Daniel (BTW, he had 2 uncles and a grandfather with the name “Daniel” and we didn’t use it when he was born, because we didn’t want to take the name if either of the uncles had a son.) As it turned out, one uncle had no children and the other had only girls…we were in the clear. We also went through the legal questions about debts, etc. but in the end, his name was changed. But…if he was in trouble, I did call him “Nathaniel Daniel” much to his displeasure.

Brooke Barrett Hunter 10 months ago

I named mine Jacob Doyle and we call him JD. Doyle is my dad’s name and Jacob is the name my mother picked out. He was not named after the moronic Twilight character. My mother died a week before I found out I was pregnant so we gave JD the name she picked.

Lisa Hirsch Lozano 10 months ago

Nope, love my girl’s name and it suits her. :)

Lindsey Burken 10 months ago

After the Twilight premier I wanted to change my Isabella ‘ s name but she was 6 ! The best part was when Bella became the #1 dog name and Isabella the #1 human name :)

Danielle Fritz 10 months ago

Omg I thought I was the only one! Lol This is almost exactly what I went through. My lil ones jacka** father, HIS mother, and my mother, stood there arguing and while I was in a lovely cloud of happiness mixed with morphine baby bliss that I didn’t want ruined, I made a terrible decision to let his father pick the name, the whole name because I wanted everyone to stop bickering and leave me alone w my baby. Several months went by and it just wasn’t his name. I tried to get used to it but cringed every time I heard it. So I called him baby all the time and the name I liked when no one was around and finally at around 6 months his first and middle name were changed and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made.

Alexis Richter 10 months ago

I do not regret their names but after 8 and 6 years of yelling them I think you could get sick of anything 😉

Joan Togno 10 months ago

I gave my twin girls boy/gender neutral names, Logan and Rowan. It fits them perfectly. I second guessed Logan’s middle name after a few months because it’s a fadish type name, Ansley. But it’s girly and fits her. Now Rowan is on the baby name lists for 2015. Blah. I wanted something different and now it’s popular. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be another Brittany.
I hated my middle name so I changed it when I got married. My mom wasn’t very happy about that.
If we have more kids they’ll have gender neutral names too because I really don’t like any girl names.

Amber 10 months ago

We did the exact same thing!!!!

DeAnna D’Oregon 10 months ago

Oh, I might have rethought Jaden almost 13 years ago of I had realized how popular it would become, and how many spellings there are

Katherine Page Saldaña 10 months ago

We left the hospital undecided on a name. Finally a week later, we chose Ellison Lynnlee. She’s almost a year and I’m still not sure about it

Bowdown To Joaquin 10 months ago

5 years later I wish I named my youngest Zachary instead of just Zac so that he had the choice to shorten his name.

Kate Carstens 10 months ago

My 5 year old has told us she’s changing her name to Alice when she gets older.

Johanna Coppock 10 months ago

My daughter is Hayley Rose. My son would call her Ro-Ro when she was a baby because he was only 2. It has become her nickname and we most often call her Rosie. She insists her name is Ro-Ro and yells at me when I call her Hayley, like at the doctors or church school. She will say “I no Hayley I Ro-Ro!”

Amanda Yahnian 10 months ago

Named her Makenna, couldn’t imagine her as anything else!

Jessica Muratore 10 months ago

Yep I changed my son’s name at a month old. He’s four months old now and James fits him perfectly! ♡

Talia Gamble 10 months ago

Presley is way prettier than summer. Just sayin.

Brenda L Watson 10 months ago

Bummer! Glad it worked out.

Lynn Jones 10 months ago

Our little Joe fits his name perfectly. He was one year old yesterday.

Jamie Shoemaker 10 months ago

Yes! Didn’t change it though.
My ex husband and I could only agree on Hope for our daughter.
It’s a tradition in my family to give a girl Anne somewhere in her name, so she got the middle name Anne.

She’s a November baby. Right before Christmas that year, my father was ogling her while I was holding her and started saying “hi, Hope Anne! Santa’s coming soon, Hope Anne! What are you ‘Hope Anne’ that he brings for you??!!”

D’oh!!! So I didn’t like her name for a few months. But we don’t use first and middle names like that all the time, so I got over it. Though, 13 years later, she’s more often just Hopey. :)

kaycee 10 months ago

My son James is only a month old and I feel like it doesn’t fit him right. I’ve always loved the name and it was the ONLY boy name my husband and I could agree on, yet I’m having issues with it. I find myself not even using his name. My middle child calls him “baby jamie” which I think is cute, can I just call him Jack? Maybe weird since his middle name is Daniel. Hmmm.. right. Maybe not then. I’ll just forever and always call him “my handsome man” which is what I’ve been calling him since he came out of me. So glad I’m not alone.

Grace Katherine 10 months ago

My now exhusband refused to agree on any name with me, until he saw “Lorah” and said, “well, I don’t hate it.” I was eight months pregnant and said, “FINE, Lorah it is.” He is no longer a part of her life- his choice. I still wish I had named her Charlotte, and could call her Lottie. But I suppose Lo is good enough. She’s two, and it would confuse her to change it now. Besides, Lorah fits her just fine, so it’s alright.

Esperanza Alvarado 10 months ago

I have two girls Julissa Nohemy & Roselin Mikeyla.. My husband picked first name and I picked middle name..I gave my firstborn my middle name Nohemy. And I just loved the name Mikeyla. :)

Erin Rogers 10 months ago

Never have doubted it. I dreamt of him as a boy before I actually knew and named him Christopher Mark in my dream. It fits him perfectly.

Lola López 10 months ago

I name her Enya, never regret it ^^

Rhonda Flaming 10 months ago

I changed my sons name street we brought him home from the hospital birth. He was 4 days old. I was lucky enough to live in a small rural community and they still had the stack of birth certificates from the previous week. All I had to do was initial the change. When my husband came home from work that day I announced the change. His name is Ranger and it fits him perfectly.

Kaslynn Wilson 10 months ago

MEEEE TOOOO! 3mo Lydiana Ruth… HATE Ruth for her. Definitely want to change it to Joy. We call her Lydi and I can’t decide between sticking to Lydiana (cringe when MIL calls her only “ana”) or shorten to Lydia (which is so plain). Urg!

Jennifer Klebsch 10 months ago

Nope. He was named Alexander long before conception, and arrived fitting the name to a “T”. Thank goodness, as I had no back ups. :)

Manda Seipel 10 months ago

We picked Tabitha and it fits our girl perfectly

Allison McGarry 10 months ago

My one 3yo twin boy is named Rowan. I like the name, but he is so NOT a “Rowan”. When he was about a month old we nicknamed him Pip. Even now, three years later, I can’t imagine him as anything but Pip. It might not work for him when he’s twelve, but he’ll always be Pip to me

Alveda M Zahn 10 months ago

My son was Jason Aaron for the first two days of his life. His father whined that the baby should be a junior, so I changed his name. I hate to admit, the change fit.

Ingrid Hitchcock 10 months ago

I love all three of my babies names, we used to spend the whole nine months guessing what we were having, we used to say well if its a boy he will be this or a girl she will be called this and then as soon as they were born we would call them something different as they just didn’t look a Charlie or a Lucy, so now we have a Joshua Dermot, Maximus (max)Michael and our princess is Amara Chloe, all of their names have a connection to a family member on both in both of our families. I think we find it harder to name the fish!

Natalie DeVicaris 10 months ago

My daughter’s name is Presley Drew and she’s definitely a Presley. :)

Tara Coffing 10 months ago

I refused to agree on a name until I met my son. I thought “what if he does not look like an …” Everyone thought I was crazy, I guess I was not crazy and may have saved myself, and him, some future difficulties. I recommend meeting your child before deciding on a name:)

Haley MacDonald 10 months ago

I just had my third her name is Autumn Sky , her twin sisters have what I refer to as “normal” names. Cassandra Dillon and Katelynn Renee. It’s not the actual names do much as the reason behind it. My twins have namesakes for my sister and best friend that passed away and My two surviving siblings. An Autumn Sky is beautiful. I’m glad I’m happy with all three names ;).

Melissa Scott-Miller 10 months ago

I think I did a good job with Camille. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

Victoria Lalande 10 months ago

I named my son Bentley and never regretted it. The name fits him well and he has so many different nick names out of it.

mommagem 10 months ago

November 16th 2007, I make yet another trip into Labor and delivery to stop labor, I have not packed my bag yet because This kids not coming until the 27th that’s still 10 days away…. by 3pm I was welcoming my 2nd daughter (who was supposed to be my 1st son according to all 3 ultrasounds) I didn’t even have a name…. for 8 weeks her birth certificate said Schanalyn Joy…. but I bristled every single time someone called her that…. so Once the pain meds wore off I made a few calls and when they sent me the paper work to make sure her name was correct on her birth certificate I simply had it notarized and she became Grace Elizabeth when she was just about 3 months old…. You are NOT crazy sometimes our kids just are who they are!!!

Brandy Bruso 10 months ago

I went with a simple and strong name for my son and a sweet, feminine name for my daughter. I have Robert Ethan and Alisyn Marie.

Lindsey Hillyard 10 months ago

My little brother was named Blake Keller. One name approved by my Mom’s side and the other approved by my Dad’s side of the family. Of course then the argument was what he’d go by. Neither side won and since he was 2 days old he’s been Scooter. He’s now 28 years old and I’ve never known him by any other name. He tried to go by Blake for a minute in High School. It didn’t last :-)

Jenn 10 months ago

OMG I just brought this up the other night. BUT my son is TWO! I named him after my dad (who I love) but I feel like I should’ve named him after his dad. His dad is the sweetest, most amazing person I’ve ever met & I love him deeply. This is his only son so I feel I made a mistake. Any advice? He says suck it up, its too late.

Cortney Kramer 10 months ago

I had both of our kids names(first and middle) picked out since I was in Jr High/High school. Our son, Hayden Andrew, is named in memory of my baby brother and our daughter, Kyra Jade, is also named after someone very special so, No, I have never once and never will regret what we named them because they both have very special meanings:)

Amber-lynn Vigini 10 months ago

My oldest boy Riley I wanted to name even before being pregnant, my second son Roderick was a name their dad picked. I didn’t like it at first but its growing on me. I know a lot of people don’t like it

Tiana Easterbrooks 10 months ago

I spelled it wrong….her name is Dillyn.

Gina Moser Teague 10 months ago

I named my son Aidan before I realized it was very, very popular

Kim Doudna-King 10 months ago

I wanted to name my 2nd daughter “Shae” until I realized that with our last name it would sound like “Shaking.” We went with Brenna, wich I love but everyone calles her Briana. Ugh!

Raven Foster 10 months ago

Serenity Nikohl is a beautiful name. I wouldn’t change it for the world. Hopefully she won’t either lol. She is my serenity. She brought peace to my life:)

susan 10 months ago

I’m the same! I’m Susan Christine after my Mum’s Mum and her Auntie. No one ever called Auntie Teen by her proper name and when I was about 25 my Mum was talking about me being called after Teen and my Gran and Auntie Teen said “but I’m a Christina!” My Mum was horrified but Teen just fell about laughing 😀

Christine Baldo Sturges 10 months ago

Nope! Love my Brendan Zachary

Lauren Kozloff Sinrod 10 months ago

Back in 2000 we named our daughter Emily. I love the name but had no idea how popular it was. I had nightmares about her name until she told me years later how much she loved it.

Raven Foster 10 months ago

This is awesome lol. This is what I like to see on this page!;)

Janet Jaworski 10 months ago

When i was pregnant we made a list each. Then we circled the matches. Then decided what we will probably name them. When my babies were born we finally decided. They totally fit their names. The kids grow into their names. Its the parents that have to be sure. Its confusing to change a name after 6 months. I dont think i could do it. Parents just pay attention to initials. You dont want the kid to get teased. I also paid attention to how many syllables each name had. Didnt want the name to be to complicated to pronounce.

Sunshine Medina 10 months ago

I called my 3rd “baby” for several weeks because I couldn’t decide (didn’t know you could leave the hospital without a name). He’s 3 years old and I still wish I picked a different name

Hope Gillion 10 months ago

I named my daughter Ayre-Ana Belle

I felt my daughter would be uniquely beautiful and that’s the kind of name she should have. I think it fit her beautifully :,)

Regina Amundson 10 months ago

Second guessed my daughters spelling of her first name. I spelled her name “Hayley” and tried to stick with the Scandinavian spelling since she’s half Norwegian. However found out the most popular spelling was “Hailey” and everyone spells her name that way until I correct them. Even considered legally changing the spelling.. Too much paperwork ..

Kate Hood 10 months ago

My daughter told my father today: “My parents call me Ali, but you can call me Lucy.”

Alison Fabello 10 months ago

I like all of my kids names but my 2nd swears he’s changing his from Parker to Jude lol. Which tbh would fit him.

Crystal Woods 10 months ago

I picked out Logan.. And 2 months before he was born it became Joshua. But he just turned 2 and I’m still satisfied with Joshua.

Payge Holly 10 months ago

I love my girls’ names! Gracelyn Rose and Gabriella Violet. Even as I realized how popular Rose is becoming as a middle name, I still love it, and Violet is a family name. Now I have a Gracey and a Gabbie!

Shawna Parrish 10 months ago

My second daughter, I doubted her name for the first few months. But now I couldn’t see her name being anything else. She is complicated and so is her name lol! Aria-Quinn Jordan Parrish

Holly Walton 10 months ago

That’s why these fad names are ridiculous. Pabst. That was in a baby name book, for crying out loud. How would you like to grow up, sharing your name with a beer? Stupid hipsters.

Pick a REAL “first” and “middle” name, and tada! Happiness.

Danielle 10 months ago

I decided in choosing a name with my husband that we would pick the first name together ( boy or girl) and he would choose the boys middle name. Or I would choose the girls middle name. We had a boy and even though Marshall wasn’t my first choice for a name we went with it. I love finn Marshall name!

Cathy Allen 10 months ago

And I have a daughter Viki

Nicole Kirch ODonnell 10 months ago

I changed my mind a few times during the pregnancies. my original names for each daughter were Hailey, Zoe, Isabela and Eleanor. I wound up with Cassidy, Tessa, Chloe and Sadie, and thier names are perfect fits! Lol.

Tricia Baggott Torres 10 months ago

I wanted to change my oldest son’s name when he was a baby, but now I’m glad we didn’t. I can’t imagine him as any other name.

Stephanie Harkness Miller 10 months ago

We named our son Max from where the wild things are. He is indeed wild. Also, that year Max was the #1 name for dogs. People everywhere have dogs named Max. It is kind of awkward to meet someone and have them go “oh my dog’s name is Max” ummm ok? I must admit that it was odd at first to call my son Max. Everything about being pregnant and having a baby is kind of abstract in a way. Suddenly you have this baby and he has a name that you have been calling him for months. You feel like you should know him because well of course it’s Max. You’ve been expecting him, but he is still a stranger. It was weird. I did question my choice even though I have always wanted a little boy named Max. He is most definitely a Max though.

Sage Rogers 10 months ago

My oldest is Jaydn (a combo of two names I would have rather named him to appease my ex. Spelling as well but I justify that because it’s only one letter off from the composer Haydn) my first choice was skylar but I second guessed it. I think skylar would have fit him better.

My other kids are Tristan James, Wesley Pierce, and Isla Blaire and I love their names

Laura Lee Barnes 10 months ago

Nope! I love Elize Dominique. Her father is french and it sounds so beautiful in french but I wanted something my English family and friends could pronounce nicely in English. We were going to go with Maryse or Gabrielle.

Cathy Allen 10 months ago

My 5 year old granddaughter just changed her name from Zoe to Zoey

Lauren Rodie 10 months ago

I named my girls Marley and Arwen. I changed both their names days before I gave birth. I pissed off a lot of people. I will probably do it a third time to be consistent.

Alexandria Shaban 10 months ago

I don’t regret his name i regret the way I spelled it bc nothing comes with Camren and people call him caRmen when read out loud. But I hate the traditional Cameron spelling. :(

SoFi 10 months ago

^^^that should be *nixed.

Also, I tell my son if he ever becomes famous and needs a stage name he can (must) use it. Lol.

Aimee Hempy-De La Cruz 10 months ago

Nooooooo waaaaaay

Cassandra Pirch Hawkey 10 months ago

Out of my 4 only one I second guess his name. And its not that I want to change what we call him, but I named him Charlie and call him Charlie, but wish I’d of given him the full name Charles. :/ oh well! I’m not changing it, if he wants to be Charles when he gets older ill help him change it. He’s just shy of 4 now.

Laura Mailman Cabrera 10 months ago

I as well picked cheesy soap operas for my kids names; my son Lucas (one tree hill) and daughter Gabriella (desperate housewives) and I’m still happy with their names:-)

Leah McAllister 10 months ago

Went into the delivery room thinking we were set on john Patrick. When I woke up I had a Caleb hunt.

Amy 10 months ago

I have. Friend who named her son Torque…yep. Like a torque wrench. And that’s what happens when men name children.

Tanya 10 months ago

LOL – just wait. She’s going to hear this story all her life, decide she likes Presley much better, and hold it against you. (Especially when she wants something!).

Elizabeth Dale 10 months ago

I worry because Mary will probably end up being teased ‘mother mary’ because she does mother everything, and Florence will get the bad ‘aunt flo’ jokes, but they are 100% a Mary and Florence (judging off the older women ive met by those names <3)

Ashley Corwith 10 months ago

I’ve never rethought my son’s name; he was named after a kid my brother grew up with who was always patient, kind, and mature. My son has grown into all those things.

Ashley O’Connor 10 months ago

This happened with my second child. I settled on a name I didn’t love when I was 40 weeks along. Ended up regretting it. When she was was 6 months old we were just sitting on my bed one day and it hit me what her name should be. From that moment on she was her new name. She’s 3.5 years old now and I’m so glad we made the change! She was born Aubrey but legally changed it to Ruby. She is definitely a Ruby!!! Fits her perfectly!

SoFi 10 months ago

My son is 11 and I still b*tch about how he was not named by my first choice (mixed by the hubs).

Amber Manchester 10 months ago

My boys are Anthony Michael (named after his uncles) & Andrew Joseph (Joseph after my step dad). I Never second guessed their names ☺️

Amanda Mitchell 10 months ago

My youngest son’s name is Jaxon and for the first year of his life I thought he should’ve been Owen. I’m glad we stick with Jaxon because it totally fits him, he grew into it.

Michele Reid 10 months ago

Only my first born’s middle name. Third one isn’t here yet, will keep you posted. LOL

Stephanie Russell 10 months ago

My mother claims Jacob should have been Jethro.

Rosemary Faber 10 months ago

I was called the Babe for the first six weeks till the christening…then Mom had to come up with a name…

Carrie Lyons 10 months ago

I love our daughter’s name, Adelle ( a family name). However after bringing her home from the hospital we heard that a new singer named Adele was making news, now all we get is “oh did you name her after the singer?” So annoying especially if anyone knew my taste in music knows I would never go with that!

Christina Biondo Glover 10 months ago

My oldest sons name is fine but I have questioned my youngests name since he was born 6 months ago.

One day on the way to work I mentioned William Robert as the name (family name) but my husband vetoed. I had the baby and we agreed to Matthew James. My aunt kept wanting to call him William (I never told anyone about the convo between my hubby and I) for the first fee weeks until she got used to Matthew. But I swear it was a sign that I should have named him William. Oh well.

Jennifer Quilici 10 months ago

For My daughter Ichose Genevieve Elizabeth after her late grandma and i got a lot of ‘Oh her name is a mouthful’ comments, but I love her name, wish I could trade her!

April Marie 10 months ago

This is why I had a couple of names and waited 3 days after birth to decide . My son is definitely a Julian August.

Rachyl Fojtik 10 months ago

We debated on the name and had mixed reviews from family so decided on using it as his middle name instead. But it fits him better than his first name so that’s what we call him. Everyone is fine with it now that they can see his cute face!

Heather 10 months ago

We changed our daughters name when she was 4 and a half to the name we had called her since day 3.

Michelle Walker 10 months ago

When my son went to head start and there were 4 other Jayden’s in his class, I’d wished I’d named him something else. :/

Mary Schneider 10 months ago

If I’d had my way, my babies would’ve been Kaitlynn Rose and Jonathon Alexander.

Their names are totally different (Picked by ex), but… it’s ok. They’ve grown into them. And both still had middle names that were tributes to the grands, so I’m happy about that.

Bonnie Irish Minor 10 months ago

We decided on Evelyn Grace before we were even sure it was a girl… Had a c-section after 36 hours of labor, and they played Hey Jude on the radio while doing the surgery. I tried to convince my husband to let me name her Evelyn Jude lmao because I thought it was a sign. Smh. Glad he wasn’t as sleep deprived and drugged up as I was!

Chelsea 10 months ago

I’d rather not add yet another paperwork session after a mandatory waiting period, if you please. From the day I knew I was first pregnant, I said, “if it’s a girl, her name is Raelin.”. The grandmothers threw fits, lectured me against it. But when she was about 9 months old, my mom came to me and said “You know, she really IS a Raelin. That name is just perfect for her.”

Tonia Jorgensen 10 months ago

No I only wish I had another boy so I could name him Lars. I made my girls promise to name one of their boys Lars and one Jorgen and an ode to their Danish heritage. The boy I have is Blaze and I love his name.

Meaghan Oldershaw 10 months ago

I wanted to name our youngest Mavis but my husband didn’t like it.

Kim Hughes 10 months ago

We had picked out Nolan, but he showed up and I announced ‘he’s a Connor’. I gave my husband the ‘don’t even think you can win this one look’. He’s my Connorman.

Meagan Cameron 10 months ago

All I can say is have a few names in reserve. We totally thought we were going with one and then he popped out and we both knew instantly he was another on our list. And it’s fit since day one!

Emily Ann 10 months ago

We picked Jase for our son because we both absolute loved it…& we were limited in choices due to my son’s father wanted their initials to match “JSL” ….now my mother(who’s a huge fan)goes around telling people we named him after the guy from Duck Dynasty. Never even seen a single show *sigh* lol

Karen Huffman Fifelski 10 months ago

Nope, not once.

Jenn Adrien 10 months ago

My son is Kælen. I love it for all its Gaelic-ness and we’ve only ever met one other boy by the same name. 4 of the 15 girls in my 4th grade were named Jennifer and so a unique name was important to me.

There are a lot of girls named Caylin, Kaylen, Cailyn, etc. I do hope that my son will not have problems growing up with what some may consider a girl’s name.

Roxana Larrabee 10 months ago

I wanted to name my daughter Samantha but my her father wanted to carry on a tradition family name. So Susan it is. I often look at her and I ask myself does she eveb look likea Susan? And why the heck a Susan supposed to look like.

Sydney Schultz 10 months ago

Castiel and Audia I picked their names for a reason they might not like them later but they have meaning

Anja Hovde 10 months ago

We are trying to decide on a name right now and reading something like this does not make me feel any better!!!! Haha

Jennifer Quilici 10 months ago

My middle son, his middle name I second guess all the time because we last minute named him after a family member we dont talk to anymore. But all the other names fit my kids perfectly

Kate Koontz 10 months ago

This is why I advocate having names in mind when u have your baby, but waiting to name him or her until after you meet them. You have a day or two or three to fill out the forms etc. Take the time :)

Karlye Ramer 10 months ago

What about naming my child “No.” I say it 5 billion times a day it might as well be his name…

Tara Worthington 10 months ago

I chose strong names for later in their life- Dominic and Ava

Kayla Kehler 10 months ago

Nope! My babies have become their names, it’s who they are :)

Natalie Gantner Werts 10 months ago

I have a Presly. She’s precious. The name is precious, but I still want her to be Audrey. My hubby was persistent. I was hormonal. I caved. Ugh. Oh well. 😉

Kelly Plair 10 months ago

I always wonder if I chose the right name. I’m so indecisive. But I never considered changing it! It’s a done deal! I think naming the next one will be easier. Now I know how many times a day I have to say a three syllable name

Krystal Bilsky 10 months ago

I hate jace and declan

Mariah Renee Leigh 10 months ago

Nope! “Ryder” suits my son perfectly and I absolutely love it.

Emily Bladen Leigh 10 months ago

We named our triplets in the womb. Baby A James, baby B William and baby C Christopher. Based on the babies sizes at birth and the viewing of the c-section video, B and C were taken out in the wrong order and named incorrectly. After 4 days of worrying about everything we decided to tell the noenatolgist the mix up and ask for them to change their names. She wasn’t pleased. Clearly shocked by our request, it must have been the first time for her. On their medical records it says William formerly known as Christopher and Christopher formerly known as William :) but I don’t regret fixing this mistake. They SO fit their correct names!

Ricki Weinman Dworkin 10 months ago

My parents named me Erica. It wasn’t common back in the 70’s & was always mispronounced & never fit me. I HATED it. I found a nickname for it in a baby book when I was in 7th grade & have been called Ricki ever since. I should have legally changed it but was afraid to hurt my parents’ feelings. So it’s only Erica on legal documents. I still hate it.

Mishelle Moore 10 months ago

Only one of the boys names did I question over the years. As it turns out he grew into the name and wore it quite well!

Rachel Ramirez 10 months ago

Should have named mine Tiny Satan.

Keandra Day 10 months ago

Stefan Alexander, Xander Robert and Addison Rye..all perfectly fitting and don’t regret them at all

Lisa Hobbs 10 months ago


Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

9 months is plenty long enough. I can’t imagine wanting to change my kids name after it was already her name

HeatherJosh Bradshaw 10 months ago

My husband did not like our daughter’s name Taylor, and wanted to change her first name to her middle name Diane. She’s still Taylor and it totally fits. I second guessed our 3rd’s name Braxton for a minute, but I love it! It was everyone else besides us who didn’t like it so well. The whole family ♡’s Braxton. :)

Julianne Burns Keller 10 months ago


Kristy Pow 10 months ago

Nope I never second guessed their names :)

Jacqueline Carter 10 months ago

Love my kids names! Jake and Naomi :)

Taylor Holt 10 months ago

Weird was just googling this

Michaela Laabs 10 months ago

I love my kids names!

Rachael Plantenga 10 months ago

We decided on Elsa about 5 months into the pregnancy, she was born the week Frozen came out. You can only imagine how many times I’ve had to explain “No, we did NOT name her after Queen Elsa.” So irritating.

Ichha Sethi 10 months ago

Yeah….sometimes “asshole” is more fitting.

Jenny Stamer 10 months ago

I picked a name I love but she may hate one day and that makes me sad
Her name is Temperance

Danyele L. Hidderley 10 months ago

Nope. My girl loves her name.

Kelly Gallant 10 months ago

YES!! My 3rd a boy… We named him Chase and for the first two and a half years that kid NEVER sat down.. I constantly chased him… It was exhausting, wished many times I would have went with Ryan!! He does make a cute Chase though :))

Lynsey Russell 10 months ago

I loved the name Adalyn until I names her that and then I met like 15 other adalyns. Sooooo annoying.

Kylie Warren-Wright 10 months ago

When Victoria Beckham called her daughter Harper I wanted to change my then 5 year olds name on the spot.

Daisy Hill 10 months ago

We went armed with several name combinations and I met them first. I love my childrens names and I hope they do to. Nora and Claire are classic and I feel like when they are professional adults they can be proud not embarrassed.

Melissa Richard 10 months ago

The only name we could agree on was Jared….and our son was 4 days old by the time we could finally agree on it! Hahaha I really wanted Jagger, so we comprimised and he is Jared Jagger. I still think he suits Jagger more, but in all honesty, we call him squishy face and smelly pants more than anything! LOL

Jennifer McPhillips 10 months ago

My almost six year old girl is called Summer

Christina Annette 10 months ago

I named my daughter Lily… Just like everyone else in the world lol
Didn’t know it would be so popular

Bryanna Ward Lemanski 10 months ago

I totally wanted my middle kid to be a Ruby, but everyone hated it so I went with Lilly. But she came out with flame red hair and a fierce attitude. She’s now 10 and still has that copper hair and lives life to the beat of her own drum. I’ve nicknamed her Ruby.

Melissa Vanderzee Fillpot 10 months ago

Nope. Both of my boys were named in honor of family members that we love. Not one regret here! But I understand how it could happen.

Ginger Hipp 10 months ago


Jamie Baker 10 months ago

Nope they are their name for sure. #3 was up in the air until birth, but we made the right choice

Stephanie Corliss 10 months ago

YES… I let my husband pick my youngests name… And can’t stand it… lmao

Suzi Michelle 10 months ago

Lol I like presley

Melissa Stoddard 10 months ago

My son was Everett for my pregnancy but when I went into Labour it changed to Zachary

Holly Elizabeth King Green 10 months ago

All the time, but then every once in awhile I say their name to them, or say it to someone else, and love it again.

Jamie Klaman 10 months ago

Nope. Both are perfect

Jessica Monteon 10 months ago

We were doing Desmond for most of our pregnancy and my husband all of a sudden wanted Jack. I liked it, but not as much as Desmond. He IS a Jack, but he totally could have been a Dez or Dezzy too. I totally have name regret.

Nicole Williams 10 months ago

After 6 mo?? Kinda odd

Felicia Winnett 10 months ago

Nope. His name is awesome.

Kara Hudson 10 months ago

Totally. Changed ours from Jack to Jace when he was about 3 months old. We tried on a couple others in between.

Michelle T 10 months ago

That is pretty great.

Michelle 1 year ago

I like all my kids’ names except my third’s middle name. It is Lee. I hate it, so I call him George instead. The funny thing is that we named him after his grandfather Lee George, so we could change his name and he would still be named after him. I wish my husband would let me.

Megan 1 year ago

My daughter had a first name the second she was born, Ryann, but I couldn’t come up with a middle name. She was 4 weeks early so I thought I had plenty of time. Since she was born 2 days before Christmas I finally decide on Noelle and it suited her.

Now I want to change her last name and it is such a hassle. She used my last name from the time she was 8 month old for everything. Day care and preschool never minded her last name was not her “legal” one. Then when we were enrolling her for Kindergarten I found out it was required she use her legal last name. It was then I realized that I had totally forgotten to tell her what her “legal” last name actually was. She still uses my last name in all things except school so we are working on getting it changed permanently.

Susan K 1 year ago

Yes, this made me cringe too!
Otherwise, a cute piece. I never named my kids until they were born. Then it seemed obvious, right away, that one of the names from the short list fit, and the others definitely didn’t.

Jenn 1 year ago

This makes me feel so much better! My 3.5 week old daughter doesn’t have a name yet either…. We just can’t agree on one for her!

Cyndy 1 year ago

I remember liking names while pregnant that I NEVER liked before or after. I advise pregnant friends not to name their kid something they’d never liked before!

Cyndy 1 year ago

I’m enjoying reading these comments so I’m adding one more. When my youngest daughter was about 8, I mentioned that had she been a boy we would have named her Colby. She get SO upset and wanted to know why we didn’t name her that anyway. She even attempted to demand we start calling her Colby. Too bad for her I don’t give in to small adorable tyrants! For a long time she vowed that she would change her name to Colby as soon as she turned 18, but she hasnt mentioned it in quite a while. She is now 13 and her name, Elayna, suits her perfectly.

Cyndy 1 year ago

I very much wanted to name my firstborn something different, but his dad wouldn’t agree. It took me forever to start calling him by his name instead of “the baby”. I still would love to change it, but he’s 21 now. As in 21 years old. So I’m thinking he wouldn’t be down with that.

Valerie 1 year ago

I too have toyed with the idea of changing my daughter’s name! She is Lucy (which i do love) but i have always wanted a Violet, so much so that i call her that on occasion! My husband won’t go for it though, and since she is three now its probably not worth it. Love Summer instead of Presley! :)

MamaFive 2 years ago

Basic respect is something that it appears YOU are lacking, not the author. This piece very clearly had nothing to do with the man who wants Americanized children’s names- which by the way bears no impact on their “quality of life” as you assert, nor does it have to do with the person that despite your anger, may very well be a transvestite, not in fact transgender. You should really educated YOURSELF, I suggest by watching some Eddie Izzard stand-up to give yourself a broader understanding of the difference between the two, which a name change does not firmly denote.

Also when someone tells me to do or be something, for the sake of MY child and the way they’re being raised- well let’s just say they’d best run fast, because nothing is likely to stoke my aggressive side quite so sharply.

Kimberly Furnell 2 years ago

I swear the name I picked for my daughter was akin to a "pregnancy craving". I loved it when pregant afterward I liked it, a lot. But I liked other names WAY more. But we kept it because it IS a beautiful name. And I like to think she somehow influenced me from the womb that it's "her" name. So I totally get feeling differently after the baby is born. My daughter: Violet. What I wish I'd named her: Scout! Ha. Everyone is glad she remains Violet I bet!

carol 2 years ago

my brother in law changed his son’s name when he was like 2 1/2. the reason? his name was harry, and every time he’d take him to the park and go to call to him, a bunch of other kids would turn around. (this was in england, so apparently everyone was naming their kids either harry or william at the time.) my brother in law finally got fed up and changed his name to spencer. i thought that was hysterical. it was difficult for the adults…well, okay, it was difficult for me…to stop calling him harry. but the kid was fine with it.

Debbi 2 years ago

My mom’s name was Patricia Jones before she got married. Her legal name was Baby Girl Jones until she was 3, that’s when her parent’s decided it was time to name her.

Virginia Nitz 2 years ago

Aithne, in Gaelic is pronounced ETH-na (short E-like Egg; na-like nah)
I love how you've pronounced it though :)

Christina 2 years ago

I had decided without a shadow of a doubt I was going to name my daughter Cassidy. My husband loved it and all our family said they loved it too. (This was before we found out if she was a she or a he but we already “knew” she was a she and never talked about boy names). Well right before the big day to find out for sure she was a she everyone started trying to call her Cassi. Cassi is a fine name and I think it’s pretty but I was naming her Cassidy and I told them if I wanted her called Cassi I would just name her that. Well no one would budge and said it’d just be natural thing that would happen. So my husband and I started rethinking the name because Cassi just wasn’t doing it for me. The night before we found out what she was we were still up in the air. We had Mason picked out for a boy but knew we weren’t going to have to use it. I was a watching Teen Mom when my husband came to bed. The name Maci popped up on the screen and my husband said that was a cool name and he really liked it. Then the name Dalis (girl) popped up on the screen and he said he liked it too. So we tossed those around for awhile. I still was pulling for Cassidy but we had decided that he would name a girl and I would name a boy so I didn’t know what would happen. Well we found out she was a girl and he said her name was Maci. Now she’s 8 1/2 months old and Maci suits her perfectly. For a few months when she was first born I tried calling her Cassidy because I felt we had made a mistake but Cassidy nor Cassi suits her at all. Maci is definitely the winner. It makes me kind of glad that our family put up such a fuss about calling her Cassi. If they hadn’t she would have gotten the wrong name.

Nyarai Foya 2 years ago

I name my babies wen I see them. has worked well for me so far.

Stacy Norsworthy 2 years ago

I was Jodi Lynn up until I was born. My mom took one look & I became Stacy Lee. I'm much more Stacy than Jodi! lol My younger brother was Stephanie Lynn until he was born. My parents couldn't decide on a name (ad didn't like the name Steven) for so long the government was sending them notices. Dad saw a bull rider named Dean & so Steven Dean was named.
A girl I know was sure she had an older sister who had died because there were lots of pictures of her other sisters with a little girl who had a different name, until her parents told her that they changed her name as a toddler.

Jen Lewis Roose 2 years ago

My youngest daughter is Lauren, I wanted Charlotte by my ex husband didn't like it. I still think that she should have been a Charlotte so she could be a charlie, as she is my most personality filled child and it would have been fitting to call her charlie after her late grandfather ( my dad who passed in 1991) whom I swear is reincarnated in her every time I see her beautiful yet mischievous grin! But she is also a lally, sometimes a sweet pop sometimes a devilish lally boo… I have learned to live with Lauren! :-) thanks for the insight!!

catfish moon 2 years ago

My boyfriend does not like simone for the same reasons…says it is a slut name.
Sad because I love it.

Sarah L Little 2 years ago

Don't feel bad! I have four children, three of them are boys. Somehow they all have names that sound alike. Gavin, Aiden, and Daimhin. I get their names mixed up ALL THE TIME, and I mean all the time. I dislike the spelling (Husband had to have the Gaelic spelling) of Daimhin (I always have to look to make sure I spell it right, and have spelled it for other people constantly for 3 months now). He will HATE US when he gets to kindergarten and has to frakin spell this name, with all the extra letters in it. Frankly, I hate it. I don't think he looks like a Daimhin, and… I just hate it :/ I haven't got the courage to tell my husband though! He really liked the name, and you should have seen some of the other names he picked out.

Amanda Gilds 2 years ago

We have 2 Sally’s in our family…who are not legally named Sally. One is Wanda and the other Sarah. Very confusing when I was a child!

Amanda Gilds 2 years ago

We are going with Melody for our new baby…hehe. :)

Jesse HK 2 years ago

Really? You’re going to insinuate that a trans woman choosing a name that fits her gender is crazy? And the same about a man who is just trying to make his kids’ lives a little easier? THOSE are your examples to show that everyone there was crazier than you?

Also, the term is transgender, not transvestite. Practice some basic respect. Your child is growing up in a world that’s only growing more accepting, don’t mess it up.

Anne Moon 2 years ago

With my middle daughter, we could NOT agree on a name, up until I was around 7 1/2 months. I wanted something a little more exotic, but strong and lyrical. I just KNEW she'd be a wild one, so I wanted a name that would suit. He vetoed most of the names on my list, and every variation thereof, until we finally agreed on Aithne Katrine (AITH-nee… English phonetic, because I couldn't find out how to pronounce it in Gaelic), meaning "pure fire". I figured that if her name was too much for her, she could just go by Kate from her middle name. My mother started calling her Nene though (nee-nee) when she was only a few months old… and it STUCK! Now, it's how she introduces herself, and it suits her. She's Aithne to the doctors, to the teachers, etc, but to all her close friends and family…

My youngest one, it was much the same boat. He HATED anything I liked. We got into fights constantly about names for her (I recall, on at least one hormone-packed afternoon, that baby names book taking flight… ) I finally went to him and said "I know, how about Lessa?" He asked me why, and I told him that it was the name of a main character in my favorite book series… to which he replied "You don't name babies after characters in books!" and went back to his video game! So I played with it, and on I think Babycenter's name widget, I put in the "name fragment" of Lessa… and it gave me Alessandra, meaning "guardian" or "defender". Coupled with the ONLY name we'd so far agreed on, Skye (which I refused for a first name), it was perfect, and he agreed to it (mostly to keep me from interrupting his game again). I planned on calling her Lessa from birth, I just had to… sneak it in there. When I was in the hospital in labor, he asked me "What are we naming this kid again?" I told him, and he asked me to spell it. I did… at which point he looked at the paper, looked at me, looked BACK at the paper, counted how long the name was, and asked, "Why did I agree to this one? I was playing WoW, wasn't I… " She was Lessa from birth, and I tried to look at her and see Alessandra… and couldn't. I tried it on her, and couldn't like it. I had to explain to everyone WHY her name didn't seem like any kind of variation of *her name*. At around three or four months, I actually proposed a legal name change… which luckily was shot down!

Now, Lessa is six, and she answers to both Lessa and Alessandra; she uses both at school (her papers all read Alessandra, and she has to write it on everything because it's more of a challenge, but everyone including her teachers calls her Lessa), and she introduces herself with both, and loves both. She also loves the story of WHY her FULL name is Alessandra, but her REAL name is Lessa (as we put it… ) Asked which name she likes better, she answers "Both!" with a grin!

Babs 2 years ago

That’s very sweet!

Babs 2 years ago

I call my son “Pete” it stands for Sweetie-Peetie. I like it because I am the only one who calls him Pete, not even close to his real name.

Cherie 2 years ago

I wrestle with this very same “Wrong Name” demon…I gave my husband (who is quite the prankster) the wheel on naming our 3rd baby. He said Claire Isabel. I loved it. I thought “clear promise to God”. Lovely, right?…My husband points out, after the birth certificate is signed, that her name came to him “clear as a bell”….I will never live it down, nor will I ever change it. She is the most beautiful Claire Bel I ever knew :)

Holly 2 years ago

Thank you, I was looking to see if this was pointed out before commenting.

angie 2 years ago


angie 2 years ago

My cousins name is

Stefanie nykole clyde !!!

Her moms stepdads name is Stephen, Idk how she got nykole but clyde is her dads dads name

Liz 2 years ago

Name changes are so much easier in Ohio. My parents gave me the wrong name (IMO), and all it took was one court date and about $100 for me to change it as an adult, nearly no questions asked :)

Joanna Abbott Palmer 2 years ago

Love the reference to OC. This is why I have a son named Cohen.

J Renee Green 2 years ago

So curious, what is your daughters name – the one she owns "like a boss" …?

Katie Walton Riehle 2 years ago

All of my kids have 3 names; the one on their birth certificate, the one mom uses, and the one dad uses, the latter two completely unrelated to the legal name (eg. daughter Bryn is called Lily Belle by mom and Franny by dad.) Good thing that we had that 'what do we name the baby' argument. The main uses for the legal name are school, mixed company, and when they are in trouble.

Elaina Christy Hargis 2 years ago

My parents couldnt agree on my middle name so I have two middle names. When I was pregnant with my son I was bound and determined he would have the middle names james patrick but I couldnt decide on a first name to save my life. The moment I looked at hi. I said hello Connor and its just perfect. I CANT imagine being anything other then Connor James Patrick. :)

Susan Brooks Weiss Holmes 2 years ago

What a compliment to you and your child having a cousin with the same name! Like they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I love the Levy Jeans bit too!

Tricia Duncan 2 years ago

My daughters name is Tessa. She is named after the main character in Tess of the D'urbervilles Novel. She also has a cousin with the SAME name two weeks younger..really? Couldn't find your own name? My middles son has the name everyone makes fun of. His name is Levi, which everyone always mistakes and says levy. His middle name is James after my dad. So when you put them together and scream them it sounds like I am yelling for Levi Jeans. It gets laughs but I love his name. Or third child my husband named. Rune Pennington. Rune is Norwegian in origin and we love it. It also means secret lore. (what happens when you let a man pick, but I love it. His middle name is Pennington after one of hubbies family member. So he will either be a very smart nerdy metro sexual guy or just really hate his name. It fits him though. Perfectly.

Nelli 2 years ago

I watched wayyy to much O.C. in the last few weeks of pregnancy, and even though Taylor is also a family name, it definitely was an O.C. pick as well!

Mamabirdmc 2 years ago

I have a feeling this will be me after naming our baby upon delivery in another 4 months… I always thought I knew what I’d name my baby, but now that I’m pregnant nothing is settling quite right! Good for you having the balls to change her name months later!! This has only happened to me once; I changed the name of my hamster from Chester to Simon when I was a kid. Basically the same situation. Haha. You’re awesome.

Anna Hettick 2 years ago

My dad thought I was going to be a boy. KNEW I was going to be a boy so they didn’t even pick out a girl name.

Yeah I’m definitely NOT a boy. So they named me and then changed my name when I was I think 4. I can remember having to go with them to the court a few times but I can’t remember the exact age.

It makes it SO MUCH FUN when you are trying to travel out of the Country…considering my original birth certificate says one thing and my social and drivers license says another. We finally got that fixed about 12 years ago. I’m 27 now. Yeah…procrastinate much? :)

Fran 2 years ago

My first two were twins, and I “lived” with a baby name book the entire time. In the introduction, the book said not to use gender-confusing names, such as Francis/Frances or Aaron/Erin. Well, I’d never heard of “Erin”, and found it was Irish for “peace”…I loved it, and wasn’t about to let some stupid book tell me what I could or couldn’t call my baby… When I told one of my nurses which name I’d picked, in a beautiful accent, she said “Erin…what a beautiful name!”…and I never looked back.

Sara 2 years ago

i knew the name i wanted for a boy throughout my pregnancy ad never waivered. After i gave birth my husband suddenly vetoes it! He chose our son’s whole name and whilst i like the first name i want to change his middle and last names. I think now that i might, esp give that my last name is different from his which is a problem at customs. My son is only nine months and i know two other women who did this

MomChalant 2 years ago

I always knew my first boy would be named Noah. But even knowing for so many years, I still feared that I would wonder about his name after he was born. Thankfully, I didn’t. Although, I kind of want to experience name changing court just for the hell of it.

Kelli Carlin-Auger 2 years ago

I had our last child (4th) at age 39. We did not want to know her sex but I had convinced myself she was a boy and we would name him Jackson which means “Jack’s son” and since my husbands name is Jack, I thought this was a perfect name for our son. Well, when our baby girl was born, I was fortunate that someone told me that you do not have to name your baby before you leave the hospital. You can take them home and figure it out. The hospital OB Dept. called me daily “do you have a name for the baby yet?” After 5 days I could finally say “Yes but we’re still trying to figure out how we want to spell it!” Then we had to take her back to the hospital for her footprints and official name paperwork. It was fun having time to play around with different name suggestions and letting her 3 much older siblings help pick her name. Our final choice was Lilly.

Jenna Karvunidis 2 years ago

I had a friend change her son's name when he was three. It was a minor change and she had a legit concern, but just saying – you aren't alone!

April 2 years ago

My daughter who is now 19 is named Sydney Amanda and everyone thought it came from Melrose Place, but I just liked the name Sydney and Amanda comes from my sister. We just had her last name as well as my boys (14 and 17) last names changed to my maiden name. Their dad has had no relationship with them, refuses to pay child support, and has been in trouble a couple of times so they took my name! I don’t know why it took so long and was so hard for a judge to understand that. Especially for my older son who was a junior. He even changed his middle name to my grandfather’s name because he is getting ready to apply for college and he plays football and when he googled his name his dad’s mugshot popped up! Thankfully, we got it done.

Shelley @ThatGirlShelley 2 years ago

You did have guts to make the change. We had a hard time with naming all 3 of my children. We went back and forth until the end. Sometimes I wonder if they would have preferred a different name. I guess we will find out when they get a bit older. You and your husband definitely had guts with going through with the name change. I wonder if you kept Presley as the middle name.

TennGirl13 2 years ago

My first name is Andrea but my family always called me by my middle name Kaitlyn. I hate the name Andrea for myself! It’s strange to hear coworkers call me by my first name. When I get change my name for marriage, I’m going to drop my first name.

Stephanie 2 years ago

Our daughter is named after a tv character to: Amelia after Amelia Pond from Doctor Who, which our fellow Whovians alway pick up on. She’s only 5 months old but her name definitely suits her. Her hair hasn’t settled on a color yet, it started jet lack but has gotten lighter and redder, so she may even en up being a redhead like her namesake!

scarletspud 2 years ago

Out of my three kiddos I feel like I really only nailed it for one of them. My daughter Uinta. My boys, Bodhi and Porter are fine. But Porter is REALLY not a Porter. His middle name is Smokey, which is what I call him. And a much better fit to his rascally little ways.

Arnebya 2 years ago

I am giggling but greatful to never have felt this (though I’ve always wanted to change my own name). I was worried with our first daughter, Chobe, because stupid ass people made faces, asked what it meant. The more I explained it (it’s a river that runs through Tanzania), the more I liked it. And she is absolutely a Chobe. I do regret the middle name my middle daughter does NOT have. It was supposed to be Simone but my husband said that was the slut in his high school’s name; he never got to find out her level of sluttiness firsthand but he’d always think of her when saying our daughter’s full name, so… Then there’s the boy. Poor thing is gonna be on the no-fly zone fo sho.

Anita @ Losing Austin 2 years ago

In the end, I think it matters most what they feel like they are. If you’re wishy washy about the name and don’t use it, or bristle when others do, they will probably never mesh with that name. I feel like if I’d been called one thing for a long time and all of a sudden everyone started calling me something else without it being my decision, that I’d feel lost. Even at 8 months.

I think that’s part of why we went with simple names though, where they could make the name, not the name make them.

Anita @ Losing Austin 2 years ago

Caliber? Like the tool? Well, that’s an interesting one :)

Jennifer Peterson Jokinen 2 years ago

I remember that!

Robin 2 years ago

Wow! I first thought you were going to say your name was Rhiannon since that was a popular Fleetwood Mac name for a long time but probably a decade before you were born. (Also, your parents knew that Stevie was her nickname, right? Her real name is Stephanie.) Love Sabrina, btw. :)

Susan Blalock Beauregard 2 years ago

I named my girl SUMMER –luckily while I was still in the hospital.

Brandy 2 years ago

I love my son’s name Kyler, a little Unique but not out there. I had the name Jayden picked out but when he was born he was most definatly not a Jayden (wouldnt have fit him). The only other name I like was Anikin and I didn’t want to torture my kid with that name although I absolutely love the name. I finally let my cousin pick out his name (She choose Kyler) and I love it, it fits him perfect!!!
Just the past year or so he has decided that he hates his name. About this time last year he wanted me to change his name to Edward (He has a man crush on the guy from the twilight movies) a few months ago he told me he wanted me to change his name to Tony (and he says just because he likes that name better) and yesterday he came to us and told me that he wanted me to change his name to Anikin (yes, I spit my mouth full of Ice tea right out as I LOL). Kyler definatly fits him better than Edward, Tony and Anikin. I am sure he will grow out of it and learn to love his name, I have always had a love-hate relationship with the name Brandy half the time I like half the time I don’t.
We did have a girl in one of my grade school classes that didn’t fit her name. We were on an outdoor ed or some field trip and they grouped us in fours and we were getting to know each other by talking and all three of us told this one girl that her name didnt fit her and we all at the same time told her what name she should be and it was the same name. In that case I think the girl was given the wrong name (I cant remember the girls name or what name we thought her name should be that was over 25 years ago). Poor Thing.
I guess in the end names are important so we really need to think long and hard about the names we give our children. :)

Melissa P. 2 years ago

Just curious..what exactly is a “Presley”.

Stefanie 2 years ago

I can totally relate to this in more than one way. My first son was named Berkay Yusef (bar-k-eye) Berkay means strong moon and the Yusef was meant to be Joseph but my husband asked that it be spelled as his fathers name is. I used Berkay and Joseph when addressing him and at the age of about a year and a half he looked at me and pointed to himself and said “I am Joseph.” Well that was that. I still call him Berkay sometimes but I had it changed on his birth certificate to Joseph Berkay.
I was named Stefanie Yavonne and I have cringed my entire life when responding to being called ‘Stefanie’. I enjoyed the brief time that I was overseas in Iraq and many referred to me by my last name Farren. I honestly feel like I am lying when I am asked my name and reply “Stefanie” . Any thoughts on being 38 now and finally changing it?

Ronessa Butler 2 years ago

I was pretty sure we mis-stepped on Aevryn once I saw her. I had envisioned us calling her "Wren" and she just isn't. Her middle name is Elise, and I toyed with calling her that or some nickname thereof for awhile. But, Aevryn stuck and she is SO an Aevryn now. (But I think she would also be a super cute Ellie. I avoided that one consciously though, because her older sister is Lily, and that sounded like a tongue twister.)

Amanda Martin 2 years ago

Our daughter Amber was named after a character in House (the one they called mean b!tch or something similar). She was actually a lovely character (who unfortunately got killed). Probably safer to go for cheesy show, less tragic! I love Willow as a name, wish I’d thought of it!

Sandy 2 years ago

When genealogy is your hobby you quickly realize how many people ended up going by names that have nothing to do with their birth names. I have to believe that it’s not that unusual for someone to not fit his or her name.

Jamie 2 years ago

Hello I wanted to clarify that the person you describe as a transvestite was more likely a transgendered person who was legally Changing her name so that she would have an easier time when applying for work or anything that requires you show an id (flying, buying beer, etc). Just wanted to point that out it wasn’t likely to be that they just casually wanted a more feminine name. If you would consider looking up the differences and changing the word in your piece to transgendered if it seems more appropriate, I think t will be more accurate. As well as considerate of the trans community. Thanks :)

And I think summer is beautiful, good choice,

Jessica 2 years ago

Haha! I thoroughly enjoyed this but have to admit the idea of my babies being born without a name (or it not fitting) horrifies me a tiny bit. Both my boys had girl and boy names picked for them before they were born which we wrangled up together during pregnancy. #2 had a girl’s name but no boy name until about 3 weeks before birth when we sat down with a list and went through them one by one with the determination that no baby of ours would be born without a name :) #3 is many months away but if it’s a girl the name is awaiting her arrival; still working on a middle name for a boy. We want to continue the tradition of a first name that we just plain like and a second in tribute to someone/thing we admire. We’re going for names to live up to and become :) Hope it works…

BonnyBard 2 years ago

You’re right naming a baby shouldn’t be this hard. I managed to complicate my life and my son’s with the name I chose, and I wanted something simple! I’m part American, part Brazilian, and part Italian and we live in Italy, I wanted a name that worked everywhere… big mistake! We called our son Alexandre (pronounced Alexander) we chose the unconventional spelling because that’s how it’s spelled in portuguese, and we figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Ha! Were we wrong! So now I keep going back and forth do I go through all the hassle to change the spelling or do we just keep correcting people and he keeps getting called in a thousand different ways? It’s maddening!

Daphne Hoyle 2 years ago

I think they were waiting to discharge us cause Tsisquaya's birth certificate wasn't complete. Woman kept getting aggravated cause we hadn't decided on her name. At 2 days old, she finally had a name. :)

Stephanie R 2 years ago

I wish I would have thought of doing this with my daughters middle name (I don’t know what I was doing naming her after a sedan, seriously). Now I cringe every time someone says her middle name.

Caroline Lane 2 years ago

Lovely name change. I couldn't decide on a girls name until the bitter end. I'd settled on Rae and somehow between the recovery room and my room she became an Ella. And shes definitely an Ella.

Kristina 2 years ago

My first we couldn’t come up with a name. I was so over daddy’s bs! We were going over names, as I was sitting on the toilet, and he kept saying no, no no! I opened the door and told him either we come to an understanding on the name or I put Cousin It on the birth certificate! I am not playing about this! Don’t push me!!
Within a few days we came up with a name.

Curious Little Kid 2 years ago

I went through an entire baby book, highlighted all the names I like (about 7) and just whittled it down from there. there's no easy way to pick a baby name and certainly no guarantee it's perfect. The thought never went through my mind one could actually CHANGE the name. How did family and friends perceive this? Certainly will be a fun story to tell when she gets older! :)

Laurie 2 years ago

Good for you! Thankfully I liked the name we picked for our daughter but I wouldn’t have hesitated to change it if need be.

CJ 2 years ago

We changed our daughter’s name when she was eleven months old. Our state gives parents a one year window, so we simply had to send in a piece of paper and pay for a new birth certificate. Easy as can be. I think it happens more often than people would like to admit.

Shay 2 years ago

I laughed out loud when you said you bristled when relatives called her Presley but that it wasn’t their faults b/c, well, that was her name. Hilarious story!

Misty 2 years ago

This gives me hope that I can change Caliber’s name to Cody some day. That’s what happens when the nurse asks the MAN what to name a child while the mom is busy with labor.

Allison Martin 2 years ago

It's a pickle isn't it? Naming kids that is. Neither of mine had a name for the first 3 days of their lives… I desperately wanted to name Seth Julian … but Aaron wasn't for it. He is definitely a Seth… in fact he goes by Sethy for now. <3 The only Nolan I knew before my Nolan was born was a calm, sweet, quiet child… I thought that was a good omen. HOO BOY, are the two Nolan's different! Mine is a whirling dervish! lol

Amanda 2 years ago

Naming your kid after a TV show character is the way to go. I have a Lyla because my husband and I LOVED the show Friday Night Lights. There was an adorable Lyla on the show, and hearing their Texas accent say Lyla over and over…we were sold. If we meet someone and tell them her name,if they are fans of the show, they always ask if we got it from the show. Yes, yes we did.

Allison Martin 2 years ago

I was convinced that our 'Nolan' had the wrong name for about a month… I thought he should have been named Cole. I didn't have the guts to go through with the name change, and luckily I can't imagine him not being Nolan now… though he still kinda 'looks like' a Cole. lol I guess I am crazy too! Great post!

Ariana 2 years ago

I didn’t like the name “we” (as in husband) chose for one of our twins…he made it up. Arrison was named after me, and I really didn’t like the idea of having a namesake, it felt egotistical to me. But after he was born, there was simply no other name for him, he is, and has been since day one, a most unique individual and only a one of a kind name would truly fit him.

Kate 2 years ago

When I was 5 i decided i didnt like the way my name was spelled because there were 5 others in my class names “katelyn” or a different spelling so i begged and pleded my mother for 5 years to legally change the spelling of my name, to I now regret it but i dont think i will legally change it again.

Redd Merrow 2 years ago

sooo, my doctor was wrong on #3 and I had a girl…we had only picked out boys name for almost a week..she hated her unusual name until she was 15 now she loves it owns it like a boss…and my cousin is named william, his parents hated it started calling him sean as a baby , never been called william since.

Charles 2 years ago

I think Maryland’s got it right. I’d even suggest going a step further and imposing a mandatory waiting period, until the first birthday, to designate a legal name. That way, children could be given names based on who they are, rather than according to some fleeting whim. Of course, some parents would still insist on following the Procrustean method, which is kind of like buying shoes and then trying to make your feet fit them.

Dorothy Campbell 2 years ago

I can relate to this completely. I never was able to feel comfortable calling my 1st son by his name, middle name, or even junior. When he was a couple months old I called him Charlie which is a nickname based off his middle name and it was an instant relief. I wouldn't legally change it but I know he will go by Charlie forever. Everyone that knows him says yep he is a Charlie!

Kat 2 years ago

This is so awesome. I hope the story doesn’t end here. I can’t wait to find out what Summer thinks of the name change. For what it’s worth I think BOTH names are darling for a little girl. It was a win win! But at least you can sleep at night now, I would have hated to live with that regret!

Wendy 2 years ago

That’s exactly what happened with my mom! They just called her “Baby” until she was 3, and her little brother was born. A popular song at the time (1921) had the name Marjorie in it, so that’s what they went with, and it suited her!

The Next Step 2 years ago

You are not crazy at all. I keep toying with the idea of changing one of my girls names to Norah. Many crazy reasons why – but she’s already 3+ so, it’s probably never going to happen.

Angela Killian Arsana 2 years ago

I still call him baby boy, or the boy at times. It became a habit.

Angela Killian Arsana 2 years ago

Our third edition to the family was our first boy, so my husband wanted to give him a name from his culture (as he did with the previous two) but this time for the first name. So he was baby boy Arsana for the ENTIRE hospital stay. the day I was discharged they came in and demanded he choose a name and threatened (jokingly(i think)) that they would name him baby boy arsana legally. LOL. So seven days as Baby boy, my husband FINALLY came up with a name.

TJ 2 years ago

My grandmother didn’t have a name until she was 3 yrs old. They just called her “the baby” until her mom got pregnant again and they figured they’d better name her since she wasn’t going to be the baby anymore.

JamieLynn Bluett Lashbrook Walker 2 years ago

I have always wanted to change my 7 year old daughters name as soon as I wrote the birth announcements. Her middle name is used so much because it goes with practically and first name, Marie. I waned Louise or Denim. Wish my husband would let me change it. My daughter wouldn't mind either. Love my other two kids names though.

Emilie M 2 years ago

I had a friend who at a young age, gained the nickname “nutmeg” which was shortened to Meg and then her parents legally changed her name (I think it was Sara or something) to Meg. I wanted to change my name to the traditional spelling for a long time because I got tired of correcting people’s pronunciation and spelling; but, now I love it. I must say that I like Summer better, but I have been traumatized by an MIL with an Elvis obsession so Presley does make me bristle a bit.

anna whiston-donaldson 2 years ago

Too funny! Glad you worked it out!

Sabrina 2 years ago

I was born in 1987, during Stevie Nicks’ solo career. Guess what my parents named me? I desperately wanted to change my name when I was a kid and would get my friends to call me by other names. I hated being called “Steve” and I hated having to find a way in emails to tell people I’m female without flat out saying it. When I was in school teachers asked me about my name and I’d say I was named after Stevie Nicks. The response was “That’s awesome!” “Were your parents hippies?” or “Who?” It happened every. single. year. So I legally changed my name to Sabrina when I was 23. My mom hates it and refuses to call me anything after I asked her to stop calling me Stevie.

As for naming your kid after a character in a teen show, my 5 week old is named Willow. At least I didn’t go for Buffy.

Cathy 2 years ago

This cracks me up! My mom wanted to name me Monique but my dad didn’t like it, so as the story goes, she looked at me really hard and then said, “Hi Cathy.” Then my grandpa started calling me Katrina and she was upset because she like that better and was all, “why didn’t you mention that name before? I love it!” So I grew up as Cathy, with grandpa calling me Katrina. I very nearly changed my named to Katrina when I went off to college, fresh start and all that. I wish I had done it, I always wanted a “full name”. Having to always answer, no, it’s just Cathy. With a C. gets old :)

jessica o 2 years ago

We wanted to name our daughter after my husband’s mom who had passed away. Decided to match middle names. So… we have a Sophia Magdalene, come to find out a year later, his mom’s middle name was Madeline. (Apparently an accent kept some family from speaking clearly.)

Jenn @ Mommy Needs A Martini 2 years ago

So funny! I desperately wanted to change my first daughters name but just didn’t have the nerve! 3yrs later, no other name would fit her but I still don’t use her name lol Good for you! And kudos to your hubs!

Amanda 2 years ago

You definitely have a very understanding husband! I like Summer-it sounds sweet & fun. Presley sounds a bit mean. I’m not sure why, but that’s my morning feeling.

Great post!

Cathy 2 years ago

In Maryland it’s much easier. Only a little paperwork and some cash, as long as both parents agree. ANd in the first year it is free to change your child’s name. We changed our daughter’s name legally when she was about 8. We named her one thing and called her something else since the day she was born. Lead to all kinds of confusion. Finally she said, “Mom, i’m a Millie inside”. So we went to court, got the papers and now she’s a Millie on the outside too.

Ashli 2 years ago

My legal name was always Ashli but from before I was born I was called Nikki. My mum had 6-8 (probation)teenage girls in the house and boy or girl they wanted to call my mums bump something. My dad got to name me and I already had a cousin across the country named nicole so I got ashli. I went by nikki till I was 20 then just work was ashley and now at 27 only ppeople from my childhood and close family call me real confusion till my mum adopted her 8th child and her name is ashley haha.

Becky 2 years ago


Gina 2 years ago

I had a friend who’s parents couldn’t agree. The mother named the baby Patricia Jones and the dad just called her Jodi. We all knew her as Jodi.

Anne 2 years ago

Our child is 4 months old and currently has NO legal name…we can’t decide and have not sent in the paper work at all yet…!

jasbeeray 2 years ago

This is my first! I am sorry but I find this hilarious! For 9 months you have been calling her everything else but presley! Poor baby. I’ve known friends who changed their given birth name at a much of older age. How would you feel if after 18 years, Summer changes her name? By the way, I love Summer over Presley 😉

Amy – Funny is Family 2 years ago

I know more than one family who decided they didn’t like their baby’s name and just started calling the baby something else. Usually Baby. In two families, the parents can’t agree, so they both have names for the child, and haven’t decided what the kids will be called when they start school.

Good for you to save your daughter so much hassle in the future by making her name change legal. Also, mad props to your husband for going along with it!


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