10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer

10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer

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What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


sheila 11 months ago

love this!

Kat 11 months ago

I’m one of those moms that finds every excuse possible not to go in MY OWN POOL! I feel guilty about it too… I have bad arthritis so a lot of operations scars, ugly arm and the madication made me gain weight. My daughter BEGS me to come in the pool every time. I need to look at that list and remember #3.

    Kat 11 months ago

    ** medication

lynn besen 11 months ago

#3 yes!

dani 11 months ago

I lived this. And though I hate that someone else experienced this, is nice to know you’re not alone. I’m in the beginning stages of the divorce and I’m so excited to start my new life.

It’s me 11 months ago

#2… YES!

The only thing I need to remember is to start shaving on a daily basis once the shorts come out. Being Mediterranean has it’s downfalls and hair is one of them!

vee 11 months ago

#9 all the way. Nothing you see in a magazine is real life. They might have good bodies, but no one has an airbrushed to perfect body.

Jacki Wilbur-Smith 1 year ago

Man, this is not related to this specific post, just the blog in general. I have been going through some major shit with my now 15 year old daughter for the past year, and stumbled on this via Facebook – so awesome to have someone say I do not have to be perfect etc, coz I have felt guilt for telling her to f*%%ing get over herself sometimes even though I know she is going through shit, but for crying out loud, I AM HUMAN! So thanks heaps for your posts

denise 2 years ago


Clearly not a scary mommy… 2 years ago

“Pale skin = fewer wrinkles”

Why assume your audience is white?

Nishie 2 years ago

I love this! Just want to add to #4 – “unless they’re so small (or practically non-existent) that gravity has no effect”

Shari 2 years ago

This is so spot on – hilarious! Sharing it on my Facebook for sure.

Claire 2 years ago

I love this! I am blogging about getting back to the pool and am sharing this, (of course giving credit to you) on the blog today. It was so needed today. So glad I read it! Happy Summer!

Toni Campbell Shaw 2 years ago

It’s taken me 60+ years to get this body & it’s pretty perfect to me!! Could use some toning but I look & feel fantastic!!! Cept the left knee & that is getting replaced, soon!

Cheryl 2 years ago

Love this! I try so hard not to be self conscience in front of my daughters but it’s difficult!

Shy Pattie 2 years ago

So good.

Brittany Handler Toft 2 years ago

Thank you! So true:)

Alice Scholes 2 years ago

So true….I love it!

Martha Burns 2 years ago

As a grandmother, still waiting to go in the pool…..so not worth the vanity.

Peter 2 years ago

I love woman who are ‘body positive’. My wife has had 3 children and thinks she looks “huge” but to me looks awesome and I tell her so often. I see large women who wear tight clothes, short shorts, bikinis etc and still think they are sexy. It’s really unfortunate that I can’t convince her otherwise and chooses to wear unflattering clothing to cover up. I wish women would stop thinking All men want what Hollywood and TV pushes. The majority of us men are not that shallow…

Diane Goodhart 2 years ago

YES!!!!!!!!!! Now I feel soooooo much better about myself…Thanks for sharing!!!!

Connie Tibbs Franklin 2 years ago

The one about your child kit Remembering your spider veins or muffin top really hit home. What they remember is you playing with them more than anything.

Mande Kay Sumner 2 years ago

I’m almost 40 years old and I am very self confident. I am also courteous enough not to share parts of my body that other people may find offensive. Again, I am almost 40, strutting around in a string bikini is for the 20 something crowd.

Helen Subacius 2 years ago

Now I feel a little better.

Karen Edelmann-Schweppe 2 years ago

I like #9 a lot!

Shannon Casey Schinkel 2 years ago

OMG So true……. I work SO hard at fighting age….. But for 46 I look pretty damn good I think……

Bronwen Metcalf 2 years ago

#9 is so true!

Juli Hutchens Miller 2 years ago

Super love . :). :).

Ann Thompson 2 years ago

This list rocks! Once one reaches maturity, appearance is NOT what it’s all about!!!

Clare Eller-Spears 2 years ago

I wont judge you if you dont judge me. Deal? :)

Lynn Coffey 2 years ago

Thanks for reminding me! My first beach venture is in 2 days! Lol

Kimberly Santoro Kral-Chase 2 years ago

Lol. My boobs won’t ever sag!

Kristen @ Busy Kids Happy Mom 2 years ago

Oh My Goodness – this is perfect! Love #9! Get out there are where those suits ladies!

Tammy Gunter 2 years ago

I wish every dressing room had this on their wall!!!

Tamela Georgeson 2 years ago

Thank you for the reminder!

Dorothy Taylor Heath 2 years ago

that’s incouraging.


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