10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer

10 Things Every Mom Needs To Remember This Summer

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In addition to being the founder of all things Scary Mommy, Jill is also the New York Times bestselling author of Simon and Schuster’s Confessions of A Scary Mommy and Motherhood Comes Naturally (And Other Vicious Lies)

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sheila 4 months ago

love this!

Kat 5 months ago

** medication

Kat 5 months ago

I’m one of those moms that finds every excuse possible not to go in MY OWN POOL! I feel guilty about it too… I have bad arthritis so a lot of operations scars, ugly arm and the madication made me gain weight. My daughter BEGS me to come in the pool every time. I need to look at that list and remember #3.

lynn besen 5 months ago

#3 yes!

dani 5 months ago

I lived this. And though I hate that someone else experienced this, is nice to know you’re not alone. I’m in the beginning stages of the divorce and I’m so excited to start my new life.

It’s me 5 months ago

#2… YES!

The only thing I need to remember is to start shaving on a daily basis once the shorts come out. Being Mediterranean has it’s downfalls and hair is one of them!

vee 5 months ago

#9 all the way. Nothing you see in a magazine is real life. They might have good bodies, but no one has an airbrushed to perfect body.

Jacki Wilbur-Smith 6 months ago

Man, this is not related to this specific post, just the blog in general. I have been going through some major shit with my now 15 year old daughter for the past year, and stumbled on this via Facebook – so awesome to have someone say I do not have to be perfect etc, coz I have felt guilt for telling her to f*%%ing get over herself sometimes even though I know she is going through shit, but for crying out loud, I AM HUMAN! So thanks heaps for your posts

denise 1 year ago


Clearly not a scary mommy… 1 year ago

“Pale skin = fewer wrinkles”

Why assume your audience is white?

Nishie 1 year ago

I love this! Just want to add to #4 – “unless they’re so small (or practically non-existent) that gravity has no effect”

Shari 1 year ago

This is so spot on – hilarious! Sharing it on my Facebook for sure.

Holli Robertson 1 year ago

I read your blog post and then another and then subscribed!! Love your stuff!

Claire 1 year ago

I love this! I am blogging about getting back to the pool and am sharing this, (of course giving credit to you) on the blog today. It was so needed today. So glad I read it! Happy Summer!

Toni Campbell Shaw 1 year ago

It’s taken me 60+ years to get this body & it’s pretty perfect to me!! Could use some toning but I look & feel fantastic!!! Cept the left knee & that is getting replaced, soon!

Patricia Gibson-Williams 1 year ago

If our worth as women was tied up in breasts and butts I’ll bet most of us wouldn’t mind having the extra. LOL I used to have that killer body and it’s hard for me to put on a swim suit, but I want my son to remember me as the mom who was always doing fun things with him. Not as the mom sitting on the sidelines. Besides maybe if I keep him busy he won’t notice that I’m fat. :)

Caitlin Browne 1 year ago

YOU are a phenomenal woman!!! Beautiful inside and out and I am very happy for you!!

Cheryl 1 year ago

Love this! I try so hard not to be self conscience in front of my daughters but it’s difficult!

Shy Pattie 1 year ago

So good.

Brittany Handler Toft 1 year ago

Thank you! So true:)

Alice Scholes 1 year ago

So true….I love it!

Martha Burns 1 year ago

As a grandmother, still waiting to go in the pool…..so not worth the vanity.

Peter 1 year ago

I love woman who are ‘body positive’. My wife has had 3 children and thinks she looks “huge” but to me looks awesome and I tell her so often. I see large women who wear tight clothes, short shorts, bikinis etc and still think they are sexy. It’s really unfortunate that I can’t convince her otherwise and chooses to wear unflattering clothing to cover up. I wish women would stop thinking All men want what Hollywood and TV pushes. The majority of us men are not that shallow…

Sandra Rees 1 year ago

Remember……that’s their problem, don’t let it become yours

Diane Goodhart 1 year ago

YES!!!!!!!!!! Now I feel soooooo much better about myself…Thanks for sharing!!!!

Connie Tibbs Franklin 1 year ago

The one about your child kit Remembering your spider veins or muffin top really hit home. What they remember is you playing with them more than anything.

Mande Kay Sumner 1 year ago

I’m almost 40 years old and I am very self confident. I am also courteous enough not to share parts of my body that other people may find offensive. Again, I am almost 40, strutting around in a string bikini is for the 20 something crowd.

Helen Subacius 1 year ago

Now I feel a little better.

Karen Edelmann-Schweppe 1 year ago

I like #9 a lot!

Shannon Casey Schinkel 1 year ago

OMG So true……. I work SO hard at fighting age….. But for 46 I look pretty damn good I think……

Bronwen Metcalf 1 year ago

#9 is so true!

Juli Hutchens Miller 1 year ago

Super love . :). :).

Ann Thompson 1 year ago

This list rocks! Once one reaches maturity, appearance is NOT what it’s all about!!!

Clare Eller-Spears 1 year ago

I wont judge you if you dont judge me. Deal? :)

Lynn Coffey 1 year ago

Thanks for reminding me! My first beach venture is in 2 days! Lol

Kimberly Santoro Kral-Chase 1 year ago

Lol. My boobs won’t ever sag!

Kristen @ Busy Kids Happy Mom 1 year ago

Oh My Goodness – this is perfect! Love #9! Get out there are where those suits ladies!

Tammy Gunter 1 year ago

I wish every dressing room had this on their wall!!!

Tamela Georgeson 1 year ago

Thank you for the reminder!

Dorothy Taylor Heath 1 year ago

that’s incouraging.

Grace Myrick 1 year ago

I love my drooping body for it still works.

Rachael Hill 1 year ago

Love it!

Larry Todd Tadlock 1 year ago

The only one is 10 your children in the pool.

Mimi Rose 1 year ago

We All Need To Count Our BLESSINGS, And Be Grateful For Health & Our Families! Have Fun With Your Kids Treasure Every Moment, It’s passes to fast!!! been there done that!!!

Rudy Theobald 1 year ago

# 11. it doesn’t matter what you THINK you look like in a bathing suit. ALL that matters is every night that your husband wants you in the bed with out it!!

Katie | The Surly Housewife 1 year ago

Love this! I think number 5 is my fav. Cuz who really would want to go back to high school. I’m anxious just thinking about it!! Thanks for the laugh! Shared :)

Anna Louise Davis 1 year ago

This. This I love.

Lynn Friel 1 year ago

No. 7 sooo not true. Too many hours on NJ shore baking. Then TX now NM! Many wrinkles.

Rosemary McFeely Boukus 1 year ago

#7= not in my case.

Tammie Fox Harris 1 year ago

I’m just going to start making my own swimsuits, so, I know they fit my body and not what some big-money-grubbin-store thinks I should be wearing. I’ve already started making my own Maxi dresses!

Mika’ele N Clevelnette Edwards 1 year ago

#10…. Get over it.

MW Bovary 1 year ago

And don’t forget to jump in and swim. That’s what your swimsuit is actually for!!!

Mel Frausto 1 year ago

Amén sister

Christy L Baird Koch 1 year ago

im 27 and have a 8 year old – i do have stretch marks and i hate my stomach isn’t flat – i work out and try to eat right or watch my calories .. i weigh 109. ive been bout this weight for years and then af ew years ago i gained and was like 125 and now finally back down to 109 but im still 10-15 lbs more than before i had my daughter. and i do hate my boobs too lol. i have gotten better feeling good bout myself the past few months :) and i did wear a bikini at Idlewild a few weeks ago – but still wish i had abs.

Linda Maiato Simao 1 year ago


Lori Leimann McGee 1 year ago

ALOT of women buy into the unrealistic myth that women are supposed to be PERFECT Barbie dolls ( even AFTER kids ), SERIOUSLY : ( !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sherry Mansfield Perrier 1 year ago

Who cares what we look like beauty is inside our bodies are just a shell it’s what’s inside that matters most as long as you have a wonderful soul

Dawn Dropski 1 year ago

Loved reading this!!

Tamara Martinez 1 year ago

This iapplied to everyone not just moms.

Carrol Pahkamaa 1 year ago

Good Rules !!!!!

Bbf Teach 1 year ago

Love it! #5 :)

Debra Johnson Romero 1 year ago

made my day!

Laura Eckert 1 year ago

Yes!! Do it for your kids. ALSO do it for you… The more you enjoy the water the less you’ll care what you look like climbing out of it. Such a great stress reliever. My daughter and I can bicker all day long on dry land, but the only time we argue in the water is when I’m dragging her out of it 2 hours later.

Susan Cooper 1 year ago

My favorite is #3. So true!

Becci Karl 1 year ago

That’s great!!! And so true!!

Sharon Stephenson Russo 1 year ago

That’s classic!

Carla Petrig 1 year ago

Wish I could look at it that way.

Becky L. Mosley 1 year ago

Great attitude!

lesbomom 1 year ago


JJ 1 year ago

I disagree. Maybe you need to find a new best friend if she talks shit about you behind your back?

Karen Buck 1 year ago

Never cared what I looked like at the beach—just want to be on the beach all the time!

Lia Borges Gyore 1 year ago

Thank you for the reminder. I was self-conscious in a bathing suit when I weighed 105 pounds and had muscle tone. No bikinis for me. For years I didn’t put on a suit at all. Then I realized I was missing my life over it. STUPID! Still not sporting a bikini, but at least I will wear a suit at the beach now. It takes a long time to heal from severe body-image issues.

Maggie Martinez Flores 1 year ago

Lol too funny

Jennifer 1 year ago


Kathleen McMahon 1 year ago

I especially love 8-10

Tamara Springsteed Hancock 1 year ago

I look amazing in a swimsuit, mostly because I’m happy, smiling and having a great time with my kids.

Jan Shifferd 1 year ago


Whitney Nutting Judd 1 year ago

Christy N Travis Jones….Haha!

Erika Edwards Polley 1 year ago

I never felt more womanly or powerful than when I was first pregnant. Do I like all of the after effects of becoming a mother? No. But after multiple miscarriages, I’m damn proud of what my body is today.

Meg Spletzer Raminiak 1 year ago

The fact that we even NEED 10 reminders about our bodies at the beach is pretty pathetic. How about reminding us to enjoy our kids, reapply sunscreen, recognize the real signs of drowning, bring healthy snacks? I’m so sick of women’s body obsession.

Teresa Maday Kremer 1 year ago

Thanks, I needed that!

Katie 1 year ago

Caveat to #4: Unless you don’t have any. 😉

Maura Brady 1 year ago

Actually, I partially disagree with #7. I would agree that a pale-skinned person looks better/less wrinkled with limited sun exposure, but I’ve found that my darker complexed friends tend to have fewer wrinkles than I do.

Dick Jackson 1 year ago

you women don’t give your self enough credit, your all beautiful no matter what size you are. Most women do more in the first 3 hours of the day then most men do all day

Allison Haight Harvey 1 year ago

awesome. thanks so much!!

Nicole Precourt 1 year ago

Ok like 2 out of 10 of these were exclusive to moms. The rest were for women everywhere. Not everyone is a mom or is going to be one. Just because someone isn’t doesn’t mean they don’t feel the same about themselves

Amy Geralyn Albers 1 year ago

I love taking my kids to the beach! I dont look perfect but swimming and laughing with them is the best. My mom never would do that with us and i dont want my kids to remember me just watching them…. after all no body has to like how i look but me :)

David Stowe 1 year ago

Most men don’t prefer skinny women.

Beatrice Leavens Brown 1 year ago

I’m 55, 3 teens 18, 16 and 14. I droop all over the place, if it is droopy its soggy. I have cellulite in all the right and wrong places. My boobs ran farther away with each child. I have decided, that I don’t care what other people see. If I am with my kids, they are looking at my kids not me. My girls are wearing my clothes, but I use theirs also. Comfort is my key to fashion.

Colleen Erickson 1 year ago

This goes along with one of my favorite quotes about bathing suits: “Do you know what you need to get for a bikini body? A bikini and a body.”

Regina Brookman 1 year ago

Hey I’m only 10 years too old for the lifeguards thank you very much, lol

Denise Michaud McCallum 1 year ago

So true, tagged…tx :-)

Sylvia Spar 1 year ago

Good! Than I’m going to the beach this summer, Dammit!!! Lol!

Tracy Carpenter 1 year ago

1. I guess Im the other 10%.
2. YES
3. WHY I wont look bad!
4. Mine and theyre NAATURAL.
5. YES I STILL do.
6. Dont have any.
7. Medium and NO wrinkles.
8. He stills looking at me.
9. I look better than the models.
10. OH I worry a lot still.

Yes Im a bitch but a SEXY HOT Bitch, none the less.

Joy N. Hope 1 year ago

Isn’t that the truth

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 1 year ago


Judy A Draper Leib 1 year ago

true beauty comes from within and if someone cans see that they aren’t worth knowing.,Carried 5 babies, have the scars to prove it and each scar represents the miracles God gave to me…If you don’t like how I look then look the other way.

Kari Clarke 1 year ago

Amen sister!

Monica M. Wiedel-Lubinski 1 year ago

Thank you. I needed to hear this because WOW. It’s hard not to be uncomfortable when walking around basically naked at the swimming pool around strangers!

Marcia @ Menopausal Mother 1 year ago

All of it—–YESSSSS!

Autism with a side of fries 1 year ago


Ann Martin Main 1 year ago

Love this!!!!

Preeta Sanjith 1 year ago

wow this def cheered me up

Melanie Saxton-Dempsey 1 year ago

Amen sista!

Holly Smith Yankus 1 year ago

#4 is my fav! Lol

Hannah Gill 1 year ago

I looked back at some photos of myself the summer before I fell pregnant with my eldest boy. Predictably, I saw that i wasn’t fat at all and if I’d not been so damned self concious and insecure, I could’ve worn that bikini I’d been pining over.

Lynne-maggot Morris 1 year ago

Love this when its hot I put shorts on if no one likes it don’t fucking look why should I suffer and be hot for other people just don’t look x

Kelly Richards-collins 1 year ago

All true but if your that conscious u can do something about it, simple!

Marie Ransom 1 year ago

HA HA no. 4 is funny

Ellie Key 1 year ago

#4 and #8 – hilarious!

Hanneke Broné 1 year ago

Only #3 actually requires being a mom, other points are valid too for women who havent got any children..

Max Solberg 1 year ago

One of the most attractive features in women is confidence.

Leigh Norwood 1 year ago

All I have to say is if that 250lb, 5 ft 11 in man in the tiny speedo can be confident , even though he has never once given birth to a child , then us women should be as well!! I am quite cury and naturally pale , but come every swim season, I take my kids swimming in my cute and covering swim dress. I love what you have written !! ☺

Keri Sharp Sheffield 1 year ago


Tonya Trayler Gonzales 1 year ago

I could have used this the other day, when I was crying in the store trying on swimsuits.

Katie De Oliveira Anderson 1 year ago

I look better now than i did in high school lol

Theresa Brumley 1 year ago

So true. Just embrace your body.

Sheila Gow 1 year ago

I asked my 2 yr old today if my fat belly was icky. She said it was pretty and hugged it. I have to remember she doesn’t care about my being overweight, having cellulite, droopy boobs and gray hair. She only cares I am there for her and she loves me.

Steve Marybeth Dobrowolski 1 year ago

So true…especially #6 after carrying triplets to 35 wks!

Lisa Hopkins 1 year ago

this is so true…enjoy life without regets!!!

Katie Burney 1 year ago

#10 for sure!

Kara Willis 1 year ago

Thank you! It’s hard for me to remember this.

Deidre Smith 1 year ago


Dawn Makoski 1 year ago

Easy said…….

Abbey Butcher 1 year ago

Here Here…….though I’m going to have to agree with #5. I feel like I look better than I did in high school after taking some time to take care of myself!

Andrea Morroni 1 year ago

This is great and so true. I don’t look like I did in high school but them I am 66 and I am still here. Lots of friends from high school are no longer with us.

Patricia Carroll 1 year ago

I love this and need to remember it!!

Ulrika Frank 1 year ago

Breathe, exhale, and RELAX!

Brenda Shepperd 1 year ago

Yes very busy. But it’s worth it…right…I think…just kidding…it’s definitely worth it. Jane I’m like you I have some areas that definitely need a little work but I still look good and I’m very self confident in who I am and its an amazing feeling.

Jennifer Reinhard 1 year ago


Kaleen Repsher 1 year ago

Right, your kids don’t care!!!!! Just be there for your kids and have fun!

Carolyn Stieb-Stanton 1 year ago

I have not had kids, but still have cellulite, muffin top, bat arms, all that good stuff. I do hate the way I look, most of the of the time. My husband tells me I am beautiful, guess I need to remember that more often.

Janett Garcia-Riseland 1 year ago


Samantha Shay Epstein 1 year ago

Number 8 is depressing and the fact that it’s depressing is pathetic.

TomTheresa Parker 1 year ago

Be who you are, not what someone else thinks you should be.

Susan Mead 1 year ago

Love number 7 lol

Alexandria Turzanski 1 year ago

Number 3 for sure!!!

Trisha Lea 1 year ago

Thanks for sharing. :)

Betty Craig 1 year ago


Erin McDermott Scott 1 year ago

Love this! Had to share it :-)

Heather Casady Gibbens 1 year ago

#8! Lol so true!

Brooke Lewis 1 year ago

Especially #7!

Jenn Galbraith 1 year ago

#4, if the surgery is done right, they will drop, but still stay perky in comparison to completely natural. I got mine 6 years ago for ME so I was proportioned. Great surgeon and great results. Then I gained a bit of weight and grew a cup size LOL. 😉 I wouldn’t want to look like the models nowadays, they are all too thin. I’ve got curves but do need to tone up. And my son loves to poke my tiny fat rolls. Time to get in shape lol.

Brenda Shepperd 1 year ago

Some of us worry about the way we look in a swimsuit not because of what others think but because we like to feel good about ourselves. It’s about being healthy and liking who you are. It’s about having self respect and I’m sorry but looking good (in my own eyes) makes me feel good. And for the record, I’m not skinny but I’m not fat either I don’t work out. I am 41 with two kids and my workouts are running them around and laundry and cleaning and yes I also work outside the home. I do however take care of myself with trying to eat decent etc. I am extremely pale and I hate it…but I don’t tan or bake in the sun because I don’t want skin cancer….however there is this great thing called a spray tan that is AMAZING….and let’s face it tan looks better than white. If we as women can’t admit to ourselves that we want to look good then that is a problem and there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. It will do amazing things for your confidence!

Sandy Herron-Dunn 1 year ago

Hear hear! Love it!

Janice Silveira Hamilton 1 year ago

Maw Maw’s included ~~~~ :-)

Chris Szabo 1 year ago

Found the best swimsuit of my LIFE just last week!

Peggy Windisch 1 year ago

Love this!!! Thank you!

Mary Ellen Evans Riley 1 year ago

Yeah! I’m not the only one who is happy they aren’t back in high school.

Janet Williamson Vanwychen 1 year ago

Love it.

Elit Kirschenbaum 1 year ago

Love this!!

Alexandra Sliwinski Kavana 1 year ago

So very, very true!!

Nicole R Lloyd 1 year ago

I love this …

Debra Saylor 1 year ago

And Grandmas really need to just get over it and get out there with the grandbabies. I did. Lol

Bonnie Williams 1 year ago

You r right! Thanks for the reminder!

Amanda Newnam 1 year ago

Thank you! I know I needed to hear this

Melody Mankus 1 year ago

Whoo… #8… Harsh! (Especially when I’m only 31; I had no idea my 6 year could be life guarding! Lol)

Debbie van den Wildenberg 1 year ago

If only we could all stop thinking about our imperfections.

Mary Castro 1 year ago

Love it

Ali McCarron Wilcox 1 year ago

Great timing!

Erika LeBoeuf 1 year ago

Priceless!! Great post!! So true. Thanks!!!!

Jesse Calsetta 1 year ago

Thank you I needed that!!!

Becky Smolski 1 year ago

Thank you for sharing this, Monica Trudell!!!

Meriam DelCarmen 1 year ago

OMG!! I love this!! This is so awesome!! Sometimes you need to get reminded about this.

Amy Kirkman 1 year ago

I love this!! I needed to read this!

Ria Ramlakhan 1 year ago

Love this

Shurtorra Sherman 1 year ago

This is should be for women in general

Kelly Beninghove 1 year ago


Lizzy 1 year ago

I needed this since I’m freaking out about a summer girls’ trip that’s coming up with my favorite ladies. We plan to spend most of our time pool side and I’m just not sure about wearing a suit. Loved the whole list but #9 was my favorite, lol. Bring on the swimsuit!

Barbara Alexander 1 year ago

leaving for Maine in the morning… my bathing suit and I are become good friends again!

Tramequa Surratt 1 year ago

Oh, they will remember *shudder*

Geri Briggs 1 year ago


Kristina Moore 1 year ago


Heather Gochoel 1 year ago

#7 is my summer go to for staying inside where it’s nice and cool. I hate swimming (and not because of the bathing suit factor. I just hate it.)

Margie Sheehan 1 year ago

Amen !

Shelby Shelby 1 year ago

So sad that there are women out there who won’t go swimming for fear of being seen in a bathing suit.

Yes, you will be blinded from the sight of me, and nothing hangs quite where it did when I was 16, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going in the water because of it!

Nina Brown 1 year ago

True. Except #2 is wrong. Women will talk shit about their best friend, let alone other women, behind their back, and they do well into their 80’s.

Barbara Sellen 1 year ago

That’s why grandmas are fun we really don’t care we only want to impress our babies

Amanda Conine 1 year ago


Joanne Coy 1 year ago

Too true!

Helen Russo 1 year ago

ok OK, leave me alone about breaking out the damn swimsuit, will you?

Penny Heiman 1 year ago

I agree with all of this. Now I just have to convince myself.

Dewayne And-Amber Dellraria Harp 1 year ago

Perfect…..and so true Lanie Hux!!

Patty Hammond 1 year ago


Tammie Sue Fisher 1 year ago

Yep! Get over it! Have fun!!

Lori Fanuzzi 1 year ago

Love it so true!

Angie Corrington-Story 1 year ago

Love this!! I must share!!

Lauri Chertok 1 year ago

Thank you

Tanya Lynch Carroll 1 year ago

#9 :)

Nina Smith 1 year ago

Get over it!! Love this!!

Aimee Lindh Renkes 1 year ago

Need to put this on my mirror or fridge! So damn true but hard to remember since am my own worst critic!

Gretchen Serinis 1 year ago

Love it :)

Dammit Jim, I’m a Mom, not a Doctor 1 year ago

I love this

Jennifer Rayne 1 year ago

Love this!

Alisa Zvalaren-nordt 1 year ago

After 2 babies my hubby still loves my body chub and all so I don’t care anymore.

Wendy Lawson 1 year ago

I solved this problem by not wearing a swimsuit. Shorts and a tshirt do just fine and cover a bit more. Besides, try finding a stylish bathing suit in size 26 for less than 100.00. Got better things to spend my money on lol.

Michele Strelka Weir 1 year ago

And the teenage girls who are gossiping about you…..karma is a bitch!!!!

Jen Norton Friendlich 1 year ago

Love this! Thanks!

Chaundra Stewart 1 year ago


Marti Callahan 1 year ago

I think I need to steal it too!

Mary Ellen Caplan 1 year ago

Hooray!!! Well said

Jenny Caylen Davenport Smith 1 year ago


Natalie Faulkner 1 year ago

I love this one and is very true 😉

Barbara Fenton 1 year ago

I love #8 lol

Robyn Stello Amadon 1 year ago

I love you Scary Mommy thank you for giving us all perspective :)

Shannon Chesney Lindau 1 year ago

#4! :-)

Christina Hoover 1 year ago

Thank you. I needed to read this. Everytime I go to the lake I am surrounded by girls half my age, or girls my age, and then of course older ladies, but I always feel like I’m being sized up, I have rather large tata’s and no matter what kind of swimsuit I wear, I can not hide them! I’m pale as all get out, and I’m chubby. I feel like a walking marshmallow most time. I try going to the lake at less populated times too, I read this laughed and think I’m going to the lake during a busy time.

Karen Rosenberger 1 year ago


Sara Sullivan 1 year ago

All true but I still hate the way I look in a bathing suit.

Debbie Hurtado 1 year ago

#3. Gotta keep remembering this.

Angela Lange 1 year ago


Leslee Ziegler 1 year ago

Love this!

Kristin Nosbusch 1 year ago


Bethany Cardinal 1 year ago

share this site every time you get a chance. If I’d had this as a young mom, I’d have been in SUCH a better head space!!!!!!!

Shari Madera 1 year ago

Thank you.

Freddy Anna McTed 1 year ago

Exactly. Applies to more than just mummies :)

Tracy Dickson 1 year ago

Like like like!!!

Ashley Nicole Smith 1 year ago

#11… Don’t leave your kids in the car by themselves..

Bethany Cardinal 1 year ago

OMG!!!!!!! I SO love this page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Hawkins Schelling 1 year ago

I really need someone to beat these ten things into my brain! Why is it so hard to put these beliefs into practice?!?

Heather Alex-Pavucek 1 year ago

I need to remember ALL of these!! I’m really trying.

Jessica Clifford 1 year ago

Exactly what I did today at the beach with my four kiddies

Dena Stelly 1 year ago

This! Love this!

Shawna Abbott-Wallace 1 year ago

Love it, thanks

Christina Cortellese McGinty 1 year ago

Thank you for the reminders!

Kerry Oliver Alonso 1 year ago

I needed to this! I’m going to put on a swimsuit and take my baby to the pool! Who gives a crap what others think!!!

ProudMom OfTwo 1 year ago

Lol. Nice.

Clarissa Sparrow Stagg 1 year ago

So needed this today!!

Shawna Wensky 1 year ago

Thanks for the pep talk, but still not wearing one. 😉

Desereé Cundiff 1 year ago

Um… #4 I only have one that droops. lol the other one is fake, but not by choice cause of cancer. so I just pick about my droopy one instead of being upset about it. 😀

Brittany Taylor 1 year ago

I am almost 24. I am covered in stretchmarks..my boobs have definitely dropped, I have a C section scar that has been sliced 3 times..I have the mom pouch and I still feel pretty damn good about myself. This body wasn’t made to look at it was made to live in and give life.

Tut TheSphynx 1 year ago

It’s really true, we’re more concerned with ourselves than anyone else. I never see other women at the beach and judge them in my mind, never! We need to all chill.

Meredith Elaine 1 year ago


Lisa Stauffer-Vitale 1 year ago


Dana Risa Dinsmore 1 year ago

This list ROCKS!!

Jennifer S. Dunnick 1 year ago


Michele Nichols 1 year ago

#4 lol!

Lori Westfield 1 year ago

This is great!

Mariana Garcia Pontes 1 year ago


Jennifer Ebersold 1 year ago

Love love number 4……..so damn true!


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