15 Things Veteran Moms Really Want to Say



Becoming a mother is like walking into a high school cafeteria. The cool moms, women who manage to get dressed and brush their teeth on a daily basis, sit at their own table. The moms who breast feed sit together, while the formula moms sit elsewhere. The sleep trainers swap stories at their table. The co-sleepers eat their lunches alone, so they can finally stretch out. The attachment parents wear their babies at the corner table. And everyone waits for a new mom to drop her lunch tray, so they can gasp and point fingers and roll their eyes at her missteps.

Well, this is the picture perpetuated by the Mommy War mentality, an archaic notion that reduces grown women to catty school girls. This analogy falls flat for too many reasons to count. We’re all moms, so we haven’t been served a meal in years, and we don’t know when we’ve eaten food that’s still warm. And given an opportunity to complete a sentence, most of us wouldn’t waste it on passing judgement especially on new moms.

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The us vs. them mind set is the exception not the rule. When an “experienced” mom sees a “newbie,” the look in her eye as fruit loops cascade from the open van door is not judgement; it’s nostalgia and camaraderie. We’ve been there, and if a child didn’t need our attention “now, Mommy! Please, Mommy, please! Mooooooooomeeeee!” we’d say…

1. It’s totally normal that the car you used to get detailed religiously looks like the place Goldfish crackers go to die. Just yesterday we found the remains of a hot dog beneath our seats.

2. We’re truly impressed you prepare healthful, organic meals everyday from scratch, but don’t beat yourself up if when you lay in bed reviewing what your child actually ate, you discover his calories came from pickles and Nerds. It happens.

3. We agree that the hands-down best high (no matter what you did in college) is the one you get from your baby laying heavy in a heap on your chest. Thank you, oxytocin. And no judgment here if you forgo a night out to cash in on the opportunity to cuddle up.

4. Don’t worry if you consider purchasing a taxi cab because you heard the plastic partitions can be made in soundproof material. We already looked into that.

5. There is nothing wrong with you at all if while cleaning the nursery in a few months, you tear up throwing away the nasal aspirators because your big girl can blow her nose all by herself. These milestones come out of nowhere.

6. Don’t you dare think less of yourself if you do the sniff test to your clothes before you consider washing them. A little spit up on the shoulder? If you can scratch it off, it’s perfect for running errands. We applaud you for “Going Green”!

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7. We get it if when you decide to return to the gym, you do it under the guise of getting your body back but know deep down it’s for the childcare room. We’ve seen them sanitize the baby swing. No harm. No foul.

8. We applaud your homemade cleaning products. Vinegar is magical! We didn’t notice at all that you turned to Clorox and Lysol when your little one got his first stomach virus. We thought “projectile” was hyperbole, too.

9. Don’t question your strength just because you can’t take the lollipop your precious little one has been licking for 45 minutes. There is nothing stronger than a baby holding candy. Nothing.

10. No judgement here if you consider asking your husband to celebrate your birthday or his birthday or next Tuesday with a vasectomy.

11. Please don’t underestimate your parenting prowess when your little one embraces Time Out as an opportunity to play quietly and use his imagination instead of reflecting on his bad behavior. Enjoy the minute of silence.

12. We still think you’re fashion forward after you spent the entire day with Cheerios tucked into the folds of your scarf and a chocolate kiss mark on your cheek.

13. We admire any answer you can muster (as long as it doesn’t include details about grooming shapes and vajazzling) when your cherub asks about pubic hair while you’re both squeezed into a public restroom stall.

14. It’s not lying to tell your babe that Caillou went on vacation with his Mommy and Daddy and won’t be back for a long time. We call it self preservation.

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15. You’re still wearing a nursing bra but haven’t breastfed in months? There’s no statute of limitations on those things. We can’t blame you for avoiding a bra fitting. One change at a time.

We could go on and on because motherhood is the great equalizer, and we’re all just doing the best we can. Instead of passing judgement, we’re looking for strength in numbers. However, if you happen to come in contact with Judgey McJudginstuff herself, we fully support you thanking her for her insight while patting her shoulder with a hand that may or may not have poop under the fingernails.

Welcome to the club.

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    • says

      Thanks so much! I certainly appreciated when experienced moms could relate to the chaos that erupted in my home. It was refreshing to feel like I wasn’t alone and my children were not wild animals!

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      • kerri says

        This just isn’t true. I rocked/nursed my first baby to sleep every night of his first 12 months of life, and then he started falling asleep on his own and slept 12 hrs/night from then on (until he turned 3 and started waking up at odd hours, but that’s another nightmare for another day).

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        • Jo says

          I’ve always had excellent sleepers. They all slept alone by 6 months or earlier through the night. Now they don’t need rocked to sleep and I cherish all those nights I got to rock and cuddle and sing to my babies. They’re only little for a very short time. Soak up every minute of it!

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      • Ellen says

        Every child is different, every parent is different, and every child/parent relationship (and bedtime pattern) is unique, even with individual children within the same household. Find what works for you and your child and don’t worry if it doesn’t follow anyone’s advice. Yes, I went through a period with each of my kids when they INSISTED I lay in bed with them until sleep came. I came to cherish that quiet time with them, and now, as teenagers, they’re capable of going to bed by themselves, but they still prefer to be “tucked in,” and those couple minutes my husband and/or I get with them at the end of a hectic day are still precious.

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  1. Debbie says

    Good for you Emily. This can be a big help to first time mothers. I remember the days when I thought I wasn’t doing anything right and all this advise was coming my way.
    Ladies when it comes to advise take what works for you and throw the rest in file 13.
    Love is what is important for that little one and you are going to be ok.
    You are right when it comes to the judging mothers. Don’t worry about them they are the most likely to have the brats.
    And yes always remember the self perservation. It is not lying but surviving.
    Thanks Emily for the smiles this beautiful Monday morning. have a great week.

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    • says

      Thank you for your thoughtful response, Debbie! You’re right! We have to take the advice that feels right and comes from a good place. In the end, we go with our gut, and that’s often the best guide! Enjoy your day!

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    • says

      I wish I could have cubicles installed in my SUV, so my children can see, hear or scream at one another. Sheesh! And I am so glad to hear your vehicle looks like that, too! Fair Grounds?! I LOVE it! Thanks for reading!

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    • Courtney says

      I really believed that was my novice idea….hahaha….boy was I wrong. Still, seriously, we need one of those invented. Maybe it is the way GMC can raise their stock prices.

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  2. Kate @ Did That Just Happen? says

    Dying laughing over here! So true, so very true! We aren’t looking to judge, we are looking for strength in numbers! I swear that for years I went to work with spit up on my outfit – it’s just a given! Despite our notions that burp clothes will “catch and/or clean up” everything – they don’t!
    Well done Emily, well done!

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    • says

      Kate, thank you for stopping by! When I was still teaching, I was working in smalls groups when one of my students asked in horror, “What is on your shoulder?!” It was baby snot. Awesome. I told her, so it could be birth control inspiration :)

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  3. says

    YES to all of this!!! I literally just found a bagel under the seat of my car that may or may not have been at least 2 weeks old. It was so hard it could have been used as a weapon. I find myself way too often looking at the mom with the screaming kid in the grocery store or the mom chasing her kid in the park who is about to try goose poop for the first time and thinking stay strong mama…we’ve all been there! I sure do hope they know my look is one of support and not one of judgment, because honestly I can’t judge I’m hiding in the bathroom typing this and confessing about 2 week old bagels in my car.

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    • says

      I am so glad you find nearly calcified food remains in your vehicle. Ugh! I try to keep at it, but it never fails there will be something I miss. I hope my face looks like a supportive one, too and not like I smell something bad. If my smile ever looks like a grimace, it’s because I have a bad memory of that very thing happening x 100 :) Thanks for reading!

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      • Heather says

        Honestly, it can get even worse than the old food. I’m hard pressed to figure out how the poor martyred frog I found in my van got there. And no one is owning up to it either.

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        • Gen says

          OMG! “Poor martyred frog” – I’m laughing because we didn’t know we had a poor tree frog slammed in our car door for months before my dad discovered it flatter than a pancake! We just never knew!

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    • Cat Buchanan says

      I usually actually SAY something supportive in addition to smiling at the kids. Then I wave in the general direction of my 7 year old and let them know “I’ve been there”.

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