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Three Years Ago

Three years ago today, I sat down at my computer and started a blog.

I had no expectations, and being Queen of Starting Things And Not Following Through, I was pretty confident that it would be just another experiment to end up in my project graveyard.

A baby book of sorts, it was intended to be. A way to keep track of Evan’s early days and his growing siblings. A place to update friends and family with pictures and cute stories of the kids. That was it.

I had no idea what I was getting into.

early days

Three years later, and this little experiment has become an enormous part of who I am. It’s my solace, my community and my fourth baby. It’s found me friends and jobs and opportunities I couldn’t have imagined. But, mostly, it’s served as that baby book for all of my kids. The best baby book I could possibly give them.


Thank you all for being part of the ride. It wouldn’t be the same without you.

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Three Years Ago

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