20 Times Toddlers Should Be Supervised

I have two children. One happens to be rocking out her toddler-hood like a boss. And since she is our second child, I might have gotten a little lazier with supervising her every activity like I did with my first. You know, I gotta shower sometimes. But… from my own experience, there are some situations where your toddler should most definitely have a rational-minded person present guiding them away from acting on their every curious whim:

1. When there is a source of butter close by.

2. When they find a pen. But no paper. And then an artistic inspiration strikes them.

3. While next to a dog’s butt during their button-pushing phase.

4. While eating chocolate.


5. When they have food in front of them that they don’t like. And they want to hide it.

6. While gardening. Because sometimes they like to see what flowers look like when they get smooshed in the mud.

7. When they have had an accident. In their pants. And you had to run out of the room for one second to get some wipes. And you specifically said, “Please don’t put your hands in your pants.”

8. While painting. Obviously. I mean who would give their toddler paints and then not properly supervise them. Only a crazy person.


9. When pouring crackers from a box into something much smaller than a box.

10. When they decide to wash clothes while you are taking a shower. And then you open up your washing machine to find one pair of underpants and a very clean Archie comic book.

11. When they are watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood on Netflix. On your computer. While eating yogurt.

12. While making certain fashion choices.


13. When they are learning how to blow their nose.

14. When they have a toothpick.

15. When they are running down a hill in flip-flops.

16. While playing with stickers.


17. The moment after they learn about spitting.

18. The moment after they learn about peeing outside.

19. The moment after they figure out they are finally tall enough for the water dispenser on the refrigerator.


20. When they are bored. And they know where you keep the syrup.

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Kristina 10 months ago

When they figure out what that button does on the brass door knob and that it’s funny when mommy can’t get in the room.

Courtney Freeman 10 months ago

My now 6 year old took his fish he just got for his birthday yesterday and put it on his giant balloon. It’s dead and now he’s mad.

Sarah Love 10 months ago

The stickers!! That’s the worst!! Lol

Nazia Ahmed 10 months ago

What concerning about Daniel tiger

Jo Zie 10 months ago

Every time they are alone with daddy. I mean it.

Jo Zie 10 months ago

When they are alone with daddy.

Mary Spencer Humberd 10 months ago

Yup! My kids now have their own toddlers.
It’s like watching reruns, only I don’t have to clean things up this time!

Shivi Kour 10 months ago

Oh my gosh! So cute….☺

Rebecca Pastrovich 10 months ago

Too cute!!!

Sam Hursh Kennedy 10 months ago

When they’re left with access to the dog’s food.

Kristen 10 months ago

When they have access to under the bathroom counter- Vaseline, band aids and pads stuck to the walls

Nicole Feigl 10 months ago

#18. I had to tell my 3 year old son this year “Don’t pee on the Halloween decorations or you’ll electrocute yourself like the dog did last year” as he was obsessed for a while at the thought of peeing in the bushes.

Susan Daugherty Procko 10 months ago

These moments are much funnier now that I’m the grandma. I’ve had 8 kids and cleaned up more cheerios, cornstarch and diaper rash cream than you can imagine.

    April A Suhar 10 months ago

    Diaper rash cream is the worst! Oh if only o could find THAT picture! PS hope you have a trophy for surviving raising 8 kids!

    Susan Daugherty Procko 10 months ago

    Lol! I guess it’s kind of a trophy seeing what amazing adults the oldest 5 have become. All the mistakes I made and times I didn’t do it perfectly didn’t scar them for life. I wish you every happiness with your family.

Jennifer Ely 10 months ago

#3 :)

Sara Blevins 10 months ago

When their Grandma gives them markers you THOUGHT were the Color Wonder ones lol

Danielle Dykas 10 months ago

She also will eat toothpaste. She loves toothpaste. We have to hide it now.

Danielle Dykas 10 months ago

Lipstick with Eyeshadow over it.

Kristin Whittaker 10 months ago

With grandma’s purse

Shelly Brady 10 months ago

In the bathroom at all times! Watch the rugs my little put a rug in toilet and told me when I found her it wouldn’t flush!

Danielle Arnett 10 months ago

1 yr old+3 yr old+smuggled sippy of milk= this.

Ashli Cie-Anne Brook 10 months ago

When playing with the kitten.
That poor, poor, poor kitten. This is one of the kinder things P does with him!

Mary Panstingel 10 months ago

Ooh, I thought the picture under #8 was really attached to #7… I about had a heart attack!

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 10 months ago

And when they can open the refrigerator by themselves
And when they ca open a tube of toothpaste
And when there’s a flash drive sticking out of the computer

Good list!

Jen Kolb 10 months ago

When getting baby sister dressed after her bath…

Gabriela A Dp 10 months ago

When leaving them alone with the iPad (multiply that by 100)

Billie Jo York Hays 10 months ago

Fashion choice straight from a fraternity party! Animal House anyone?

Melissa Moore Wilson 10 months ago

While saying “look mommy, I wash my hands” while rubbing hands together and you realize the only thing they had access to was glitter glue…

Candice Burch 10 months ago

Veronica Marie #20

Jennifer Ybarra 10 months ago

Hilariously funny but, sadly, very true!

Malorie Pastor 10 months ago

While quiet with safety scissors…

Valerie Geisler Lajb 10 months ago

Even more fun getting out the stickers stuck in his hair!

Rachelle Adams 10 months ago

I have a toddler that has moved from the freshman toddler phase straight to the senior class…

Kim Hardin 10 months ago

She gave herself a haircut. I cried! Lol

Sara Nichole McAnally 10 months ago

When eating anything with a sauce hahaha

Meri Lowry 10 months ago

Fashion choices

Jennifer McDonald 10 months ago

When they are suppose to be napping, but instead pull out the entire contents of their dresser. Even the drawers she had to climb up to get to. Note, dresser is not bolted to the wall. OMG something so much worse could’ve happened. Oh and the time she’s suppose to be napping and takes off her poopy diaper and uses it as body paint!!

Melissa Harris 10 months ago

When they wake mommy up and they have made me a special breakfast.

Breanna Gardner 10 months ago

The 1st 2 happened to me today! I get out at Target and get baby girl out, she holds up her hands and said look BB I draw.

Diane Bubac Kozubal 10 months ago

Eyes wide open ALL the time!

Tracy Paquette 10 months ago

Five seconds before I read this I moved melted butter away from our 2 year old lol

Amy Evangelho 10 months ago

I’m not eating the paint…

Sahar Ghanem 10 months ago

Eating chocolate

Allison Petrick 10 months ago

While attempting their own make-up lesson.

Stacy Ingram 10 months ago

Funny because it’s true.

Irma Flores 10 months ago

While you are less than 15 ft away from your kitchen and they go in your fridge to grab an egg, then attempt to stick it up their rear, just to see what it feels like to lay an egg

Jacky Susana Chetu 10 months ago

Hahaha….I got those chameleon eyes for my nephew….hope he doesn’t wear them like this.

Charlotte Tait Usher 10 months ago

#16 is there something on. My face?

Melissa Alexander 10 months ago

When they take the raw defrosting chicken out of the kitchen, smush it between there fingers and then spread it all over everything in the livingroom! I used a nearly a full bottle of bleach yesterday cleaning that up. So far no signs salmonella.

Elizabeth Foster Atkins 10 months ago

Even when you lock them in the bathroom to take your shower!

Elizabeth Foster Atkins 10 months ago

Lol!! Great picture!

Amanda St. Pierre 10 months ago

I have 2-yr-old twins and I find there are only two times toddlers need supervision:
1. While they are awake.
2. While you think they are asleep.
Malorie Pastor – should we add “when they are feeling inspired to change their hairstyle?”

Rose Wood 10 months ago

Style choice

Rose Wood 10 months ago

While eating yogurt

MyLove M. Barnett 10 months ago

Definitely while brushing their teeth.

Elina Matson 10 months ago

I didn’t know we had super glue, till the boy showed up with it all over his face! WHAT?!?

Pat Reagan 10 months ago

All if these

Yolanda Martin 10 months ago

What ink pad?

Deb Brandt-Sarif 10 months ago

OMG what a GREAT bra!

April A Suhar 10 months ago

Need a snack and can’t wait until you’re done taking a shower…

April A Suhar 10 months ago

When they bring you “a tissue” (yes, it’s going all the way to the back bathroom!)

Julia Kovacs 10 months ago

After they learn what makeup is. “Mommy I am so pretty! Just like you!”

April A Suhar 10 months ago

When they’re too quiet in their room…to go along with #2, sometimes even when they HAVE paper!

Jennifer Hoid 10 months ago

Nail polish, lipstick, and I’m pretty sure sharpie is different from pen :). Meet my hellion.

Stacie Leigh 10 months ago

Good article… But to shorten it, “at all times” lol its amazing the things they get into. I have twin 2 year olds, and the things they find to get into amaze me… Things I wouldn’t have even thought of lol

Nom de plume 10 months ago


Jessica Vickery LeVere 10 months ago

When they are bored and know where the honey is happened to me today not cool

Lesley Martin 10 months ago

#12 While making certain fashion choices

Jenny Kruschke 10 months ago

When they are awake

Cyndi Pilotte-Sanders 1 year ago

When baby sister didn’t “haff no hairs” and big sis found the Sharpies permanent markers.

Cyndi Pilotte-Sanders 1 year ago

When they open the peanut butter jar and add sugar, then put it in the cabinet with the extra pots & pans that you rarely ever use. Until you see a long line of ants tromping thru your kitchen to said cabinet.

Ashley Schofield 1 year ago

When they’re in the kitchen with a whole thing of oil
When they learn to take their diaper off
When they’re near a tissue box
When the bathroom door is open
When they find lotion
When they find make up
When they find Vaseline and newly printed off pictures

my daughter is EVIL.

Julie Sull Han 1 year ago

When the house suddenly becomes quiet. Too quiet.

Michelle McDonald Kinison 1 year ago

When they learn how to stand on things.. To get to other things.. To get to the m&ms on the top pantry shelf… While naked (he was supposed to be in he tub!)

Aleja Suarez Giovenco 1 year ago


Michele McGuigan 1 year ago

When they know where you keep your make up, feminine products (which apparently look a lot like mini fishing rods as I was told), lotion, Q-tips…pretty much everything other than their toys.

Millie Rose Stubblebine 1 year ago

When they have a tub of Vaseline. Bye, bye all my upholstery and electronics

Jessica Bolling 1 year ago

How about when they’re awake?

Marissa Robbins 1 year ago

First of all…#3 is hysterical!!! Next, I’d like to add while washing their hands in the sink. Because, you know, you *have* to put the stopper down with the water still running because, well, you have to (my 3 year old’s logic). That and how else are you going to get the bathroom flooded while mommy went the other room for literally TWO seconds.

Maria Karakiozis 1 year ago

During breakfast when you have to bolt to the toilet

Lucy Cocks 1 year ago

Every second of every flipping day in this house!!!

Roxanne Ross 1 year ago

And that ladies is only the beginning .

Aletha Scott 1 year ago

When you ask them what they are doing and they reply, “nothing.”

Julie Sindora 1 year ago

When they’re awake.


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