20 Reasons My Two Year Old Had a Hard Day

My two-year-old said, with a mischievous look in his eye, “Mommy. I had a hard day.”

I turned to his older brother and said, “Did he just say what I think he did?” He shrugged. Five-year-old brothers tend to not care what two-year-old brothers are saying.

So, I asked, “Did you just say you’ve had a hard day!?” He smiled his coy little smile and replied, “Yeah” as he continued to twirl in circles for some unknown reason that was making me slightly queasy just watching him.

I didn’t know whether to be horrified that he’s obviously heard this sentence one too many times, laugh at his cuteness in saying something so grown up, or be worried that I’m coddling him too much and therefore, he already thinks his life is rough. At the ripe old age of two years old.

Instead, I gave it a little thought, because having three kids makes me pensive when it’s not making me yell-y, and thought to myself, “Hmm. Maybe life was hard for this kid today.”

After all, I could think of several reasons that, in his mind, life was extra tough that day:

1. He had to get out of bed at 9 am after sleeping for a short 14 hours straight.

2. I wouldn’t let him eat potato chips for breakfast.

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3. I dared to tell him his pacifier was just for bed time and took it away so he could eat a real breakfast which he changed his mind about ten times. Nothing must have sounded good to him since the potato chips were off limits.

4. I dressed him, so of course that always makes my day a little tougher.

5. He was forced to drink out of the yellow cup at lunch instead of the blue one.

6. I wouldn’t let him squirt his brother in the eye with a water bottle.

7. I wouldn’t let him jump on the picnic table in the backyard.

8. I wouldn’t let him wrap the cord to the blinds around his neck.

9. I wouldn’t let him play with a knife.

10. Basically, I prevented him from his various attempts at taking his own life.

11. I changed his diaper when he was stinky.

12. I made him wear shoes to go play outside when it was a whopping, scald-your-bare-feet-on-the-pavement, degrees outside.

13. I buckled him into his car seat.

14. I mistakenly put his blanket on him the wrong way at nap time.

15. I didn’t hold him for 25 minutes after his nap giving him time to wake up and be happy again. After all, he only napped for two hours after his short 14 hours of sleep the night before.

16. I made him eat pasta for dinner that had tiny flecks of something green in it, therefore making it so obviously inedible.

17. I told him hitting his brother in the head with whatever object was in his hand at the time was not okay. (Repeat 10 times)

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18. I held his hand while going down some stairs.

19. I attempted to actually brush his teeth instead of letting him suck on the toothbrush for 10 minutes.

20. I told him to be quiet and go to sleep.

After looking back, I realized that life was so very hard for him that day. Hopefully I can live up to his expectations tomorrow. But, I seriously have my doubts.

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Meredith is a mother of 3 who is all about trying to be “real” when it comes to motherhood after years of trying to fake perfection. But, it’s the hardest job she’s ever done. She loves blogging about all the perfect and not so perfect moments on her blog, Perfection Pending. You can also find her on Facebook and Twitter where she loves to commiserate with other moms who aren't afraid to share photos of their messy houses, laugh at themselves, and admit that parenting sometimes sucks.

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Amanda 4 weeks ago

Gene…. i am afraid you are mistaken. YOU are a problem.

Gene Vanover 1 month ago

you got a 2 year old in diapers and using a pacifier your the real problem here.

Payton 1 month ago

My daughter (2 years old), said she’s not going to school ever again because it’s too tiring. She goes to “mommy’s day out” twice a week for 4 hours……..

Julie R. 1 month ago

When my son was that little he sad the same thing. Lol, and my favorite is when he said he’s had a bad day (he’s 9 now) because he didn’t get to do 1 out of a 100 things that day that he wanted to. I tell you what, you give them world but say no to a cloud and that just ruins their day!

Kathleen 5 months ago

Omg best reply ever!!

Tiffany 7 months ago

I always ask my 2.5-year-old why she says stuff like that, mainly for the comedic value. The other day she told me she was sad because a tiger bit her leg, and I though “Fair enough. That would make me sad too.” No idea how a tiger got into our house or where it is hiding now. Luckily her leg isn’t showing any obvious signs of gnawing, so I’m hoping we are in the clear. 😀

Ashley Stokes 9 months ago


Candace Cook 9 months ago


Kristen Burton 9 months ago

Mine had a tantrum Bc I cut his san

Leanne Chow Kranenburg 9 months ago


Deanne McLellan 9 months ago

You could be right about that

Lisa Franklin Smith 9 months ago

#21 in our house…His big sister touched him.

Kristen Zimmerman Miner 9 months ago

This is classic!!

Vicky Howard-Schultz 9 months ago

I actually read this even though my kids are grown and have left home. Toooo funny.

Karissa Lynne Clausen 9 months ago

True story

Katy Graham 9 months ago

That’s why I do all that I can so those poor boys don’t have rough days

Kerry Sears 9 months ago

We had homemade chocolate chip cookies. Hey it’s homemade that counts for something right ? Lol

Kacee Adgate Greer 9 months ago

# 19 is my fav!

Samantha Arriaga 9 months ago

This sounds like the horrible days that my 9 month old son and my 4 year old and 1 year old nephews have in a daily basis

Elize van der Walt 9 months ago

Oh the toughness…of MOM’s day!!! Cute blog.
Vividly remember these

Valerie Hale 9 months ago

Complete with exaggerated, frustrated growls and hands thrown down by her side .. I can see how my 2 year old has a rough day, too! Ah kids… lol

Allie McCurley Wilson 9 months ago

#11. Pitches a fit every time I change him! I tell my 2 year old son if he hates diaper changes so much maybe he should start using the potty for #2 too instead of demanding I put a diaper on so he can go #2. Why is pooping in the potty so traumatizing? He’s been pee peeing in potty for 9 months now. Lol I just don’t get it!

Angela Stenglein 9 months ago

Can definitely relate to #3 taking paci away 13 buckled car seat and omg #19 the worst attempted to brush teeth

Priscilla Prettyfaceboss Cruz 9 months ago

Lmaooooooo! This is adorable

Carrie Cook 9 months ago

Exactly! !!

Amanda Mirambell-Grice 9 months ago

If it’s not your child, what does it matter?

Katy Butt 9 months ago


Marika McKnight 9 months ago

Had a rough day at the office this made me laugh out loud thank you I can relate have 1 and 2 year old sons :)

Meredith Ethington 9 months ago

Thank you! 😉

Meredith Ethington 9 months ago

Thx for sharing again Scary Mommy. :)

Mika Lawson 9 months ago

My daughter was lucky to sleep 4 hours in 24 for the first 6 years. At 14 we now manage 8 hours on a really good night.

Nikki Lewis 9 months ago

My daughter is one and a half and doesn’t sleep 14 hours at night, and I’m lucky if she naps an hour. She’s too afraid to miss something!

Jessica Burns 9 months ago

Neither of my kids would take a pacifier, but I wish one of them would have because she is six now and still sucks her fingers

Rachel Cushinotto 9 months ago

As my mother in law says, “a cracker in the belly is better than a steak on the plate.”

Melissa Eaton 9 months ago

Mine didn’t take one but I would say, just like in life, we choose our battles. Let’s not judge other parents. I haven’t seen any kids that graduate high school with one. I think they’ll be ok. 😉

Jennifer Thiele 9 months ago

My son doesn’t take bottles either he likes sippy cups with a straw. I breastfeed

Mary Schneider 9 months ago

Give him 10 years. lol My teens can easily do 15 hour stretches, especially when they have to get up for school. 😉

Dawn Est Robbins 9 months ago

i told my 3 year old at 4pm I WAS TIRED that if she took a nap when she woke up we could have icecream…. she woke up at 5 AM and said, “noneya we have icecream now?” WE DID

Samantha Lea King 9 months ago

My son wouldn’t take one.
It’s proven that using a pacifier is better for a child’s teeth rather than them being stuck drinking from a bottle, so even if they are 3 and using a paci it’s better for them rather say being 3 and drinking from a bottle….

Frankie Dominguez 9 months ago

Our twins won’t still have one by then. Once they start to speak enough to express their woes, pacifiers are gone

Angie Nicholson 9 months ago

Mine had cream cheese and chive crackers the other day..I was thrilled he ate

Lydia Quinones 9 months ago

So totally true!! Except my 2 year old has yet to master that much language, so we are in the “have a 15 minute tantrum” stage because of any one of these things … working on sign language …

amy 9 months ago

I think some women forget this website is for moms to come to avoid the crazy mom wars seen in most pregnancy groups and Facebook pages. Mostly this website is to have a good laugh when you the mom are just not having a good day, when you feel like maybe you are failing then see a blog post on here of another mom who comically states how her day has been the same. There is nothing about this site that is serious, honestly I would make the comparison version of this to the satirical website cracked.com just this site is the mommy version. Get off your high horses, wipe off that spit up in hair and relax.

Jennifer Thiele 9 months ago

My son wouldn’t take one

Stacey Finch 9 months ago

There are many two year olds who still have them. I have even seen four year olds with them. I would not allow my daughter to have one.

Virginia Heiner 9 months ago

This had me laughing… It’s so true.

Mary Elizabeth 9 months ago

I wouldn’t let him bite me!

amy 9 months ago

I disagree with this comment, my ex sil was a hardcore drug addict who didn’t have any involvement with her kids other then shoving them off to other people. My niece and nephew have been able to speak full clear sentences since before two, and are exceptional in school. Some kids develops better then others really doesn’t depend on the mother could very be from the father.

Daniela Chiaramonte 9 months ago


Kaylene Pryor 9 months ago

Seriously, if they’ve eaten SOMETHING.. I call it a win lol

Kellie Brown Speer 9 months ago

Lol. I didn’t read. I’m sure it would fit a certain guy at our house, too, then!!

Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 9 months ago

Even more awesome the second read around… And I think many of these also apply to teens… 😉

Melissa Lavender 9 months ago

I wish my two year old would sleep for 14 hours

Life With Teens and Other Wild Things 9 months ago

omg smashing the like button on that one. LOL

Lee Cassese Tierney 9 months ago

My 2 year old had pizza for brunch, 11 am. We’ve learned to pick our battles lol

pamela lewis 11 months ago

OMG LMAO at that one….i giggled a bit thru the blog and the comments but “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!” got me …. i have now almost pissed my pants laughing

megan 1 year ago

Being two is crazy making at its finest!!

Kelley 1 year ago

As a mom to four boys and a lead toddler teacher of 14, I have to say for the most part they are very dramatic at that age…

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bob 1 year ago

so interesting…that’s kind of like encountering someone who doesn’t speak your language and talking louder thinking that will make them understand you!

bob 1 year ago

well I understand what you’re saying but you know even as adults we say we want an answer when in fact we don’t really want one and perhaps, is it possible, kids pick up you don’t really wan the truth?

bob 1 year ago

hey my daughters 14 she still prefers the yellow plate. you know what? in my revolutionary child-rearing thinking I actually give her the yellow plate! I know how she feels because I prefer the blue one but I don’t tell her because she’ll just say im weird.

bob 1 year ago

Exactly. ask and parents must be open to the full family picture I am reluctant to say here. kids don’t live in a bubble and frequently if not always theyre response and reactions although on the surface appear mysterious reflect how they feel in total.

bob 1 year ago

I don’t get this reasoning business what the heck do you mean? toddlers? look them in the eyes, listen to them, try your best, love them. if they don’t like a broken cookie give them a whole one. whats the big deal? is that too difficult to do? they don’t like a broken cookie same as you don’t like a piece of cork in your wine or coffee grounds in your coffee.

bob 1 year ago

yes did you ever hear of parents teaching their non-verbal kids to sign? wow I never heard of that but that seems pretty fantastic. I view kids, even my 14yo daughter like aliens who don’t know how to handle the world they’ve been thrust into: friends, love, parents, strangers well everything we take for granted and be honest we’re not so great with most of it.

Amanda 1 year ago

I know, right!!! ( smh) My little ones have a fit when they are served “broken food”.

Channie 1 year ago

That elbow line…..I nearly fell off my chair laughing!

chrisgtfc 1 year ago

Omg totally my 2 year old too 😉

Chaali Kim Seymour 1 year ago

This is so where I am right now!!

Brigid Rowlings 1 year ago

Ha ha ha ha! This is the best!

Meghan Rabuse 1 year ago

My 2 yo crosses her arms, stomps, growls and says “I’m mad!” Thank you Daniel Tiger

Jessie 1 year ago

After reading this thread I couldn’t resist. I asked my grumpy two year old if she was having a hard day.
“NO three weeks!”
I asked why, she was having a hard day, err three weeks.

Amy Wecas Baehr 1 year ago

Hahahahaha the comments!! “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” Thank you.

Danielle Fritz 1 year ago

Whenever my 4 year old has a hard day,it’s usually because someone had a toy he wanted to play with and they didn’t give him a turn or someone pushed him or took something without asking and didn’t get in trouble by the teacher. One of those will set the course for his entire day going wrong. He hates all the injustice in the world and takes it all personally…he’s way to much like me.lol

Danielle Fritz 1 year ago

What was the comment? I didn’t see it? :-/

mlitz 1 year ago

I regularly ask my two year old why she does things. She thinks anger and sadness are the same thing for now. Asking hurts nothing. Expecting answers is a life long misadventure. At least with two year olds it’s a fun trip.

Amie M. 1 year ago

Get out of my head, devil woman! HAHAHAAAA!!!! Every single day!

Joneen Young 1 year ago

Haha! Sounds very familiar… …

Christina Vessells Baldridge 1 year ago

Yeah, the first commenter was crazy. If he can’t articulate his feelings how is he supposed to answer? Wonderful sentiment but I’ve had a two year old and that wouldn’t have worked. Now that he’s three, maybe

Lauren Chapin Karpew 1 year ago

I asked my 3 yo why he was screaming at me after lunch the other day-because he ate his own pear, and now it’s gone. Uhhhh, ok???

Anastasia Morgan 1 year ago


Robyn Ritter 1 year ago

Lol my 3 year old got stung by a wasp at 8:00 last night and I thought that was the rough part of our week…then she peed in the floor, shit her pants and then pooped all over the bathroom this morning. Poor kid hasn’t had an accident since we started wearing big girl panties…she cried and apologized…guess I’d do the same if I had just desecrated half the house!

Angela 1 year ago

I have been speaking to my child like he was an adult from about 10 months on. He didn’t start speaking at all until about 18 months, but when he did he went from baby babbling to full on sentences pretty quickly. Sometime between 2 and 3, he learned to express feelings and to recognize them in others. He has seen me cry a few times and had the wherewithal to ask me why I was upset. Now, I know this isn’t typical of most children his age, but unless they’re taught, they’re not going to learn to express feelings in appropriate ways. It doesn’t hurt to ask. Maybe you’ll get a completely ridiculous response, but I don’t think the suggestion of asking is a bad one.

Michelle Mesics 1 year ago

hahahahahaa this is the funniest thing I have read in a long time

Lizzi Mills 1 year ago

I loved this !! Took me right back! As for reasoning with a toddler – I applaud the sentiment and I think we all parent more sensitively these days and want our kids to know that their feeling matter – but that first comment did make me chuckle!!! Bless!

Lizzi 1 year ago

Roflma!!! Seriously???? Ask a 2 y/o ? I ask my 12 year old and he can’t articulate it. Hell! I ask my partner and he can’t either!!! Not trying to be judgemental or bitchy in any way but OMG! I applaud the concept but really???!!! Do you have kids????

Sheri Schmitt 1 year ago

This also works for a very strong willed 1 yr old !!!!

Daniel Nielsen 1 year ago

Replace the chips with pizza and yup, spot on acount of our day!! LOL!

Brittani 1 year ago

My two year old wouldn’t eat her favorite meal (macaroni) because I mistakenly put a little pepper in it. Here is our conversation…

Lulu: “Ewww mommy, it’s got black stuff…”
Me: “It’s okay, you eat pepper all the time. It’s good.”
Lulu: “No… I don’t like it.”
Me: “Oh that’s okay cause it’s just dirt.”
Lulu: “Lulu’s mac n’ cheese dirty?”
Me: “Sure, we’ll go with that.”
Lulu: *ponders* “Ok” *nomnomnom*

My two year old’s logic is that dirt is better than pepper…

auntoni 1 year ago

I think it’s great your comments automatically are numbered! And I thought your blog was fun and funny. My only concern was when you worried about “living up to his expectations tomorrow. ” That seemed to indicate you might be too hard on yourself.. (?) You’re a wonderful mom! (And nuece). Xoxo

auntoni 1 year ago

This is one of my favorite s too Meredith. (;

grant 1 year ago

Asking your child how they’re feeling is treating them like a human being……U people need to wake up, disconnect yourselves from the centuries of parenting brainwashing and respect your child as a person and not a pet….

Harriet Light 1 year ago

This is my son all over lmao x

Kookie 1 year ago

You don’t reason and give in to a 2yr. Old. You start laying down rules. A 2 yr old – still in diapers? And a pacifier? Maybe we did things different, but at 2years old the pacifier was gone and training pants were worn. Mine are grown up and well adjusted.

dadwhosamom 1 year ago

Do you not understand that this was intended to be a humorous post? There’s little need for psychoanalytic parenting advice to understand that “my stomach is angry” means they’re hungry. They’re two year olds, they’re not that complicated.

dadwhosamom 1 year ago

“Because” is the typical answer to any question that starts with “why”.

Heather Curran Brigham 1 year ago

My son is 3 and a half…SPOT ON!!!

Courtney Edens 1 year ago

And your first commenter had a valid response, but I will completely agree that there is no asking and/or reasoning with a 2 year old. This was funny and so much like my days.

Mel 1 year ago

Wow, reading these comments I feel like I’ve been doing everything wrong. I’ve been asking my two year old about her feelings since she started speaking. I don’t always get a rational answer (sometimes a scream) but I didn’t know it was so stupid to ask at all. She asks me about my feelings…

Paula Rica 1 year ago

I didn’t think the comment was that bad, to be honest.

Alison Sutton 1 year ago

This was a laugh of a read. However; Sucking on a toothbrush for 10 minute, a dummy at the age of 2 years old and changing a nappy of a 2 year old and most of the other things on this list that I have never had to deal with. I have 6 kids, including twins that were AP, breast fed and extended toddler breast fed, toilet trained before 2 years of age [night and day toileted] YEPP! I had a laugh. By the way, My kids are now 29 years down to 21 year old twins. I have 2 married and 2 grandchildren. That scenario ’20 Reasons My Two Year Old Had a Hard Day’ sucks. SMH. I love Scary Mommy, but this is WOTT :)

Jordan 1 year ago

My 5 yo will tell me she had a hard day, even if we were just playing Candy Land and eating ice cream 10 minutes before, if the wind blows the wrong way. My 3 year old tells me he had a hard day when he cant watch Netflix all day or gets in trouble. If I ask the 5yo why she had a hard day, her response is ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS “It’s just not my day!”. They dont honestly know. Yes their feelings may be valid to them, but that does not make it a legit reason. Are some of you even really parents?! Sounds to me like you have extremely mature infants/toddlers/children…

Veronica Armendarez 1 year ago

omgosh this had me laughing so hard bc i literally go through this everyday

Jess 1 year ago

I’m frustrated by the semi-dismissive attitudes toward 2 year-olds in these posts, and the generalizations that suggest giving toddlers a voice and a choice is a bad idea. I worked in a daycare environment with that age, and later had my own… My daycare babies liked structure, and were surprisingly open about why they were angry (or sad, one told me it was my singing), and were given choices about activities, cup colors, and books. There was the odd meltdown, but we all survived.

As for my own daughter, she was actually way easier at 2 than 3, or now twelve (3 is the new pre-teen, 12 on her is just kinda grim and grumpy). I did give her some choices even when she was pre-verbal (blue cup? Or yellow? Noodles, or sandwich?) but mostly she was cool with what she got (and there were no siblings to compete with, so there’s that). Even at her most difficult, there weren’t tantrums because I could read her moods and defuse the bombs before they happened.

At three, she was definitely more opinionated, but we still worked together. When she gave herself a haircut and I asked her (in frustration at the sitter who left her alone in her room, stating, “she said she wanted privacy”), “WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING!?!?” She calmly stated that she wanted to be like the lady who cut her hair. (I was not expecting a response). Now as a twelve year old middle schooler, she spends more alone time in her room, isn’t as talkative as she used to be, wakes up grumpy, doesn’t cut her own hair, and my biggest frustration is that when I take her shopping, she tells me she doesn’t want a Second pair of shoes, or a new leotard for dance… So the “give them what they want as toddlers and they’ll want it All as teens” argument is unfounded, in this household.

I won’t generalize and say “all three year olds are balls of control-freakishness mixed in with a smattering of fashion sense,” or, “all twelve year olds aren’t greedy”- because all toddlers, preschoolers, tween, pre-teens, and even adults are different.

I loved scary mommy’s take on the things that make the world hard on a two year old, but wonder if sometime we could do a similar satirical post on our own rough day for perspective. (StArting with, “the Starbucks line was too long, and then the barista spelled my name incorrectly,” and ending with, “my best friend was passive-aggressive on Facebook”). We aren’t all that evolved from two, after all– we’ve just (hopefully) learned to keep our tantrums private.

Sandi Marbach 1 year ago

wow…there are some bitchy comments on there.

Patricia Balansay Mackey 1 year ago


Katie Maple 1 year ago

omg story of my life!! haha this was hilarious

Tiffany Zemke 1 year ago

OMG lol at the first comment. Reminds me of the time I got bitch slapped by internet asshole crusaders for telling my 3 year old “because I said so” after the millionth “why?” Apparently I’m supposed to very clearly articulate an answer every time she asked me why, and that would miraculously make her instantly understand and never ask me why again.

Jordan 1 year ago

Yes, let’s teach our 2 year olds that they can have whatever they want. It starts with a colored cup, Then when they know they can have that, it’s a candy at the store, or a new toy. Once in a while, yes, let them have the color they’d like, but you let your 2 year old tell you what to do once, your 22 year old will end up in jail because they robbed a store “because they wanted the store to give them the money he wanted”. It may sound extreme, but a 2 year old is not capable of making mindful choices.

I found the article hilarious, as my two year old, lives that life daily. Scary Mommy is intendid for people with a sense of humor. And those that can keep their panties out of wads.

Serena 1 year ago

Because being in a classroom of little ones all day everyday still gives me absolutely no idea what it’s like to have my own one kid? I know exactly what I’m talking about and I wouldn’t post anything if I felt that I was just talking outta my ass or quoting textbooks.

Serena 1 year ago

Many of you are right, I do not have children of my own but I do work with a preschool full of toddlers everyday for many years. They are my passion and my life and I am blessed to study, to love, to educate, to nurture and to babysit so many children everyday. Yes, their reasons for having a tough day may not compare to the trials of adult life and asking them what’s wrong will not give you the articulate response from an older child. However, it is important that we respect their feelings, comical as they may be, and help them articulate. Their feelings at that age matter because it is the foundation of a self confident child later on. Listen to your children people. You may be surprised at how insightful some of them may be. Of your child cannot yet give you some idea at age two why he is upset, you may need to be talking to him more.

Elizabeth Jane 1 year ago

I think my two year old did all of these things today! Right Daniel Nielsen?

Amy DeRochey 1 year ago

I can completely relate to this list! I have a 2 yo and this is spot on. She is quite smart with a strong vocabularly, but I think that expecting them to articulate feelings (or anything complex for that matter) is expecting a lot. It isnt sub par parenting, its called being realistic. As a matter of fact, expecting too much from your kids can damage their self esteem.

Rachel Phillips 1 year ago

Brilliant x

Katia 1 year ago

Seriously, Meredith, this is outrageous. I still prefer reasons 1-20 to “mama, bhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrissssssssssssssskfkjjjjjjjjjjjjjjsooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!” *tantruming while pointing at unclear object which is none of the twenty items you’ve presented to him*.

Awesome post :-)

mom of boys 1 year ago

Loved the article and the site in general. I love reading stuff like this and thinking “Thank god, it’s not just me!”
I have to say though, I’m a little surprised by the harsh replies to the first comment (and amused by them) since this is normally such an accepting place. No, she probably doesn’t spend much time with two yr olds. However, some two yr olds can give articulate answers to questions like that. My boys range in age from 18 yrs to 7 weks and the two oldest were very articulate at that age…though i probably just have weird kids.

lisa wood 1 year ago

A mom with three kids could be asking her kids what the matter is all day long. Don’t poke a bee’s nest. Hilarious article.

Stacey 1 year ago

Ya but I teach my son to eat what is made. He needs to appreciate things because when we go to someone’s house for dinner, the last thing I need is him being rude to the host because he doesn’t like the food that was cooked and doesn’t want to eat. This was a struggle when I lived with a roommate and it was her supper night. Kids are starving and someone is sharing their food with you. Eat it and be thankful, or you don’t eat.

We all have our own values and rules of the household, doesn’t make us bad parents or parents who don’t care about their childrens feelings. My opinion is we don’t need any more kids who feel entitled to everything in this world. When he can cook his own food he can have whatever he wants. When he starts paying rent he can decide what groceries are bought or move out and buy his own.

Nothing sickens me more than children who walk all over their parents. Curb the tempers and entitled attitude while they are young or you’ll just end up with a spoiled brat who will bring that in to their adult life.

Jaime 1 year ago

I reall

Joy Snider 1 year ago

Heather, you sound like a sub-par parent. But don’t worry; most of the people here do. Two-year-olds aren’t stupid, and I feel really bad for children whose own mother has such a low opinion of them.

Stacey 1 year ago

My son is 7 and still needs his blankie (that he’s had since birth and affectionately calls it “B”) on him a certain way. I giggled when I read that line, cause I can relate.

Heather Kristeena 1 year ago

Boy someone got a memo I missed. I wasn’t aware you could reason with a two year old. It’s all about damage control if I remember correctly

Heather Kristeena 1 year ago


Joy Snider 1 year ago

I am able to get answers from two-year-olds. They’re not sophisticated, but they’re honest and I can understand them. Maybe the first commenter is just a better mother than those who think they “can’t” communicate with their child.

Deb McLaughlin 1 year ago

The comments were even better than the article!! Can we guess how many kids Serena has??!! 😉

Erin Emery-Sokul 1 year ago

So true

Eleanor Moody 1 year ago

The article was cute and the first comment was hilarious, but the fact that this little kid looks exactly like my brother did when he was little takes the cake. Seriously. Send me a pic of this kid in 10 years and let me do a side by side!

Julianne Mckendree Lankford 1 year ago

Haha I can totally relate to every single one!!

Monica Aguirre 1 year ago

The comments are hilarious!!

Domestic Goddesque 1 year ago

My two year old had very good communication skills for her age, but asking her what was wrong would still have unleashed a tirade of “all the things that are wrong with her life”, rather than providing a helpful insight into her feelings that day. We didn’t give her the nickname Dimpled Assassin for no reason. She’s the same now at 4-and-a-half.

Bridget Ann Nash 1 year ago

Love this!

Miranda Young 1 year ago

Sounds like my 3 year old

Jodi 1 year ago


Dana L Rhea 1 year ago

Seriously just described my two yr old. Lol

Amanda Matheny 1 year ago

Wow, lol I can completely relate to this. My son has done several of these and those that have not happened I can totally see. Lol. My son has never said anything like that to me though, not yet anyway.

Jodi 1 year ago

The article was funny.. But the replies to the first commenter were rude. When my now 6 year old was 2 we always sat down to talk about his feelings. I never expected a super deep conversation, but he would tell me what was wrong. I always asked him his opinion on what he wanted for a meal or what bowl/plate/cup he wanted to use that day. If i can choose what cup I’m going to use, then why couldn’t he? To this day, if there is something bothering him or if he just wants to have a chat with us, he will ask us to sit down so he can talk about something. He’s past the point of caring what plate he uses. But why should we treat our children like their opinions and feelings don’t matter at a young age? They’re smarter than you think.

Christie Clinkenbeard-Sandoval 1 year ago

Hilarious! AND so true!

rawrmama3 1 year ago

I have 3 kiddos (20,18, and 2 3/4) I always ask what’s the matter or why they are upset or whatever then listen, does it not make you feel better when you get that from someone you love and trust? Even if it is babble to the extreme, let your little people express their woes, in their own way. It might turn things around for them.

Joie 1 year ago

If I were to ask my 2 year old anything he starts screaming about Thomas the Train and his friends. You can’t ask a child that age for a straight answer. You won’t get it.

Suzanne Mills-Houlberg 1 year ago

I love scary mommy. She completes me.

Meg 1 year ago

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” AWESOME!

Denise G. 1 year ago

Wow, Jennifer. Aren’t you “Miss Perfect Parent?” Isn’t that the point of your comments? That you are a better mom? I suggest you get a sense of humor so you can understand this satirical post better. Heck, when my oldest (who is 3) was two, she talked in short sentences and complained about the silliest things. Naturally, that is what a two-year-old worries about. 😉

Jenny Brown 1 year ago

Reading the comments under the article made this even funnier!!

Nikki Ortiz 1 year ago

I think this is the biggest reaction to a comment that I’ve ever seen lol.

Megan 1 year ago

we have clear cups… no difficult choices there

Kirsten Johnston 1 year ago

#19 lol

Dawn Cerasi Patel 1 year ago

Most of these are hilarious! But a 2 year old sleeping 14 hours plus a 2 hour nap? Where can I get one of those?

Selene 1 year ago

If your kids were never as unreasonable as this article suggests, then ALL kids must be the same way right? lolz

Uju 1 year ago

Well, as a reply to No. 1 commenter- I always get a slap in the face when I ask… So these days (if I’m wise enough) I stay away from his arm’s length when I ask. So I kinda think he thinks it’s a stupid question…if not why do I always get slapped?

mae rome 1 year ago

I agree that there is satire in the article, and I agree you’re not going to get a logical response from most 2 year olds. Keep in mind though, a tough day is a sliding scale, meaning a 2 year olds bad day ( based on his experience) could equal a pretty stressful day in the parents life. His scale is limited, and variations from normal experiences can be very stressful. To me the article borders on sarcasm, sort of a ” how hard could your life really be” scenario. If you held him for 25 minutes after his naps on a regular basis don’t punish him for expecting this. Grow up, when you have children it’s not about you anymore. Children are people, they have their own feelings, and they repeat things that you say so if you don’t want to hear that his day was tough, then don’t complain that your day was tough.

Kylie 1 year ago

Mine is 14 months. While she can’t tell me what is wrong, she can nod and shake her head correctly. Do your teeth hurt? Nod would you like some medicine? Nod. Are you tired? Nod. Are you hungry? Nod. Ect ect. I’m pretty sure a two year old understands more than you think he may just not vocalize it like you would.

Uju 1 year ago

Well, I always get a slap in the face when I ask… So these days (if I’m wise enough) I stay away from his arm’s length when I ask. So I kinda think he thinks it’s a stupid question…if not why do I always get slapped? Ask him…really?!!

Uju Uduma-Ikpa 1 year ago

I always get a slap in the face when I ask… So these days (if I’m wise enough) I stay away from his arm’s length when I ask. So I kinda think he thinks it’s a stupid question…if not why do I always get slapped?

Susie Chadwick 1 year ago

I realize the post was humor, but that was my first thought as well.

Melinda Ragona 1 year ago

Two year olds have it sooo rough can totally relate….maybe when their four year old sisters get bossy.

DC 1 year ago

I had a non verbal 2 year old and his older brother who was conversant at 1 year old. The 1 year old would have given me some super verbal response that may or may not have had a basis in reality (Because I prayed for super powers and didn’t get them) but his brother at 2 would have certainly thrown something at me then glared. Of course, he wouldn’t have told me had a bad day either … so there’s that.

Jill Weyer Ross 1 year ago

It’s a cute article, but the comments are seriously the best part!

Lindsey Kelly 1 year ago
Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

good one, i like that wine bottle idea. if you find one let me know. i’ll be sure to stock up! :)

Catherine Boulter 1 year ago

Oh wow, LMAO at that first comment…. And some of the follow up responses. Great blog :)

Juile 1 year ago

I think that wasn’t the point of the whole article. It was completely meant to be satire. Maybe she did ask him why he thought it was a hard day but that wasn’t the point of her article. Her point was how hard HER day was dealing with all the crap that a 2 year old can dish out. But, I agree, people are being hard on the first comment.

Lindsay Jones 1 year ago

I guess I lucked out with missing the terrible twos with my daughter. I now have had the horrifying three’s, four’s, five’s and by next week moving on to sixes. Yippeeee! Also my eleven year old girl just shrugs and rolls her eyes. I’m not sure at any age they can really talk. .or maybe they regress lol oh did I forget to mention I’m currently brewing #3? FML JK

Meredith 1 year ago

Thanks Tracy! Such a nice comment. :)

Eileen Teresa Laurent 1 year ago

Love it! So true…poor lil kiddies

Helen Russo 1 year ago

Shit, mine couldn’t and still can’t at 5, be reasoned with. WTF was she thinking?

Caroline Owen Gilmore 1 year ago

This was just hysterical and the laugh I needed after my morning with my 2 1/2 year old. She is my third and most stubborn, strong-willed child. Just for kicks I’m going to take that first commenters advice and ask her what she is feeling next time. She’ll probably spit in my face and run off with my cell phone.

Christine Medeiros 1 year ago

My kids sleep from 7-7, and my youngest takes a 2 hour nap from 11-1 each day. I don’t know how I got this lucky, but I ain’t asking any questions! Lol

Melissa Pastorello 1 year ago

Yep, and #10.

Mila 1 year ago

I agree with you. Just because some people’s kids are not able to express what they think doesn’t mean that parents shouldn’t try asking. They both might actually learn something from the experience. Have a little more faith people – even if the answers make you laugh. My 2 year old responded “I just feel sad, can we go back to the beach?” which I thought was a quite reasonable and appropriate response.

Sandy Broda 1 year ago

Before I had kids I once saw a mother get down on her knees and attempt to have a conversation with her toddler about why he was ignoring her and running wild through the restaurant. I still remember her saying ” it makes mommy so sad when you won’t behave.” I remember thinking that “mommy” had a lot of sadness ahead if she thought this would work.

Laura Kelly 1 year ago

My first was a terrific sleeper, my second however is 2 years 3 months and waking up at 7 am is sleeping in…he finally ends up falling asleep around 10 pm after working at it for about an hour. he was a great sleeper up until about 23 months (never 14 hours at night and 2 during the day however, i think i’d pass out from joy), this too shall pass i suppose!

Sarah 1 year ago

Oh my gosh – this post cRaCkeD me up!!! I can totally relate. I was ready to run away today, but its good to know other people are going through the same ridiculous things as me. Thanks for the laughs!!!

Amanda Spina 1 year ago

My 5 year old will come in from camp saying “whew mom! I had a hard day today!” And I ask her what she did, and it’s usually: “we played freeze dance AFTER getting out of the pool and then when we went inside we had a science project. Then we had to clean up!” Lol. A hard day for a kid is usually just being busy so they don’t have idle time. I like her being busy. When she gets home she just wants quiet time before bed :)

Beth Smith Barene 1 year ago

Too funny. Pity the humorless naysayers because their children will be boring and unimaginative. I still call my kids things like “creepy little boy” at 17, 19 and 21 and we have the most fun, loving relationship moms and sons could have. We basically raised our three best fiends. FRIENDS! I mean friends! Lol

Vicci B. Chuc 1 year ago

LOL I have had three two year olds in my world. My first two year old was actually not too bad, when I had my second child there was a thirteen year age gap and by the time my second turned two I had a seven month old. That poor second child had it rough, between a teen age brother who seemed to be in trouble all the time and a seven month old sister the only way he could possibly get any attention was to throw a fit, the world is a rough place when you’re two and the “middle” child! LOL

Heather Michelle Robinson 1 year ago

Bahahaha!!! That just made my day! Lol

Heather Michelle Robinson 1 year ago

Please educate me in the ways of reasoning with a 2 year old. And when you are finished with that educate me in the ways of reasoning with people who obviously don’t or never have had a 2 year old and have no idea what trying to reason with a 2 year old will do to your brain and his/hers refusal to stop screaming cause they don’t care if you have a legit reason that they can’t wipe ketchup on the walls -_-

Heather Michelle Robinson 1 year ago

My kid sleeps from 9pm to 8:30 am and then takes a nap from 2:30 to 4-4:30. He does it on his own. I have no idea how he does it. But he does.

Amanda 1 year ago

This comment literally made my day!

Sara Renzi 1 year ago

I always say you shouldn’t negotiate with terrorists. Especially 18 month old ones.

Sara Renzi 1 year ago

When my nephew was 2 & “Life Is A Highway” was his favorite song because of Cars, he one night moaned “My life IS a highway!” It had been a long day so I guess he wins.

Meredith Ethington 1 year ago

I cannot reveal my secrets. 😉 He’s a good sleeper now. But, we JUST started sleeping through the night at about 18 months, so I paid my dues, for sure. Plus, he’s kid #3, so there is always one kid waking me up every night, even if he does sleep good.

Meredith Ethington 1 year ago

I usually just get a shoulder shrug. :)

Meredith Ethington 1 year ago

I would REALLY like to see a cat get baptized though. 😉

Emily 1 year ago

My two-year-old daughter had a hard evening yesterday because:

1. She asked Daddy for water. He gave her water in the wrong cup.
2. While Daddy was filling up the right cup with water, she saw milk in the fridge and decided she wanted that instead. Daddy said no because dinner was 20 minutes away.
3. Neither of us gave in to the hysterical sobbing that ensued.

This morning she had a hard morning because I wouldn’t let her take her baby doll’s wooden cradle in the car with us on the way to preschool. Not sure how she was planning to rock the cradle from her carseat, but it was quite a tragedy. We compromised by taking the baby and the blankets from the cradle, which she eventually threw on the floor where I couldn’t reach them while driving. Cue cries of, “My baby! My baby!” Then when we arrived at school, she was heartbroken to discover that Baby couldn’t actually come inside with her. I promised to take good care of Baby while at work… hopefully she doesn’t realize Baby is spending the day on the floor of my car where we left her!

Jennifer Bush Luce 1 year ago

OK people. 2 year Olds are charming savages, not mini adults. Scientifically proven. They can be IRRATIONAL. Lighten up. Love you Scary Mommy.

Moira Mattingly 1 year ago

The comments on that article are as funny as the piece itself. Thanks for the chuckles!

Deidre Westover 1 year ago

The world is huge and intimidating for adults. Imagine being two and having to deal with it. From his perspective, that probably was a rough day.

marika 1 year ago

There are tears streaming down my face from laughing at the smell his own elbow bit. I can soooo imagine my 2 year old doing this.

Christina Theisen 1 year ago

Well said. I agree with you 100%.

Andrea Wald McDonald 1 year ago

And I bet you will wonder why your children have no sense of humor. And make assumptions based on a joke.

Jean Brunson 1 year ago

Totally relatable!

Andrea 1 year ago

My 6 year old does the same thing. I ask him why he tried to tun over the 3 year old neighbor kid with his bike and I get an answer of “Because I don’t want the sky to be blue”. WTF?

Amanda Moore 1 year ago

I’m really curious how much more sorcery was used for the 2 hour nap after the 14 hours…. I will be first in line to learn said sorcery, especially if it eliminates multiple cups of water, potty breaks 5 mins apart, needing the correct nightlight placed just so, finding the “favorite” stuffy in the pile that they can’t sleep without, etc…

Jill 1 year ago

For the win!

Susannah Lewis 1 year ago

I literally LOL’d. And that rarely happens. Perfection!

Kristie Ackley Babcock 1 year ago

My daughter had a paci till she was 2 1/2. There are a worse things than a paci at 2. Don’t sweat the judgmental haters!

Maya 1 year ago

The cup thing… If he is like my son, he could ask for the yellow cup. After I have poured the drink, he will say he wants a different cup. And I am not going to keep changing cups at his whims.

Amethyst Kelly 1 year ago

My 4 year old still sleeps with a sippy cup.. and my 6 almost 7 year old cant fall asleep wihtout her baby violet singing. Picking battles can eb a battle lol

Cara Jump O’Brien 1 year ago

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with asking him why he feels he had a bad day! There’s been many reasons I’ve wanted to stop following this page….but it’s been like a train wreck….I want to see what asinine parenting predicament you get into next.

Anonymous 1 year ago

I actually also wondered why she didn’t ask her child although after reading the other comments I am thinking the logic my child had at age 2 is the exception not the rule… I could have asked her why her day was hard and she would have answered me.. (she is now three and still pretty good at reason and logic)

Ellie Key 1 year ago

Just…really, really, really good. *snort*

Sara Jensen 1 year ago

The article bothered me, I know it is supposed to be funny but I don’t appreciate the attempt to try making a 2 year old seem ridiculous. Yes, I have had 2 year olds…I had 2 boys, one is a teenager now. I also taught for many years in a pre-school and daycare, so I have had lots of experience with 2 year olds. Neither of mine talked at 2, one didn’t till 3, and the other at 3.5 so them saying they had a hard day at 2 wouldn’t have happened. They did tell me that when they could though, and I didn’t run through a “poor me, I had to do ___ unreasonable things for you today” list. If a child expresses that they have had a hard day, try to understand it from their viewpoint, not coloured with your complaints you have about being a mother and doing what a mother should do. 2 year olds are not the enemy, talking to them won’t make them spoiled. Realize that they get comfort from things being just so, it isn’t done to make your life difficult, but to try and make sense of the world. They may be upset about something that happened last week because some other event triggered a memory, so now they have to process it all again. What upsets them may sound ridiculous, but to them it is real.

Nicole Webb 1 year ago

The response comments are on point! Ahaha

Heather Rotz 1 year ago

Libby, you are mistaken. Each of my siblings spoke in full sentences well before age two, as did my own children. It is not exceptional. We looked at our children and spoke to our children like human beings. We did not talk down to them or treat them like babies. Two year olds SHOULD be able to communicate effectively. If they cannot and there is no medical reason, perhaps you aren’t communicating effectively. This page is not for real moms. I unsubscribed today because I’m fed up with the selfish whiny needy fake moms who wear their children like a burden and treat them like they are just another chore. Easily 80% of you couldn’t care less to make sure you encourage the best from your child. That requires a selfless act. You people seem to be confused as to the difference between selfish and selfless. I’m done with you hateful selfish people. You don’t care about your kids.

Kazia Jordan Wagner 1 year ago

I have a two year old, my youngest of four children. This is such a hard age… 3 is hard too

Jennifer Drager 1 year ago

Not saying at all that tantrums reflect bad parenting…I am saying that talking or even signing helps the child to actually tell you whats going on instead of freaking out….and yes even two year olds are capable of this

Tracey Hutchison Verbakel 1 year ago

Thank you. Lol

Tracey Hutchison Verbakel 1 year ago

Are we talking about “Serena”? Maybe she thought this was the alternate reality page….

Kim Emerson Olson 1 year ago

OMG! Thank you for saying something about the comments (I don’t usually read them – but I’m glad I did this time). Flipping hilarious!

JaNell Williams Frisby 1 year ago

They all are familiar and made me smile. This one made me laugh:

19. I attempted to actually brush his teeth instead of letting him suck on the toothbrush for 10 minutes.

Kerri Maree Gallen 1 year ago

Yeah I’m with the first commenter on the article.

My son is 3. But we’ve been conversations for well over a year. He would have been able to tell me what’s up even if it had of been comical.

It’s sad that so many people don’t see what their children are capable of. We don’t dumb things down in this house, never have.
He’s a great little talker.

Janet Keene 1 year ago

I think it’s horrible that so many people are making fun of this lady for suggesting you try to have a conversation with your child. True, two-year olds are not yet capable of expressing their feelings in ways that don’t drive us crazy. I have a 2-year old myself, who cried all the way to day care this morning because we had the nerve to put shoes on his feet. I get it. But there is nothing wrong with asking a simple question to acknowledge your child’s feelings. Just because something seems totally irrational to us adults doesn’t mean it isn’t a big deal to someone who has only been alive for 2 years. I’m not saying we should cater to their every whim or indulge their tantrums. But when you child, whatever age, says they’ve had a rough day, taking a minute to say, “what’s wrong, honey?” does not deserve the ridicule everyone is heaping on. The answer you get may indeed be nonsense, but I think it’s great to make the effort.

Melissa Foerster 1 year ago

Thanks again Jill Smokler for providing a good dose of humor to start my day. I just read the articles and not the comments. Holy crap reading those would give me an ulcer.

Kristi Cohen 1 year ago

Comment one and all the replies made my day!!

Jennifer Drager 1 year ago

apparently all these parents think their babies are to dumb to communicate or know how to “articulate”…maybe thats whats wrong with the world today? Heather Heather Heather you rock!

Mandy 1 year ago

Hahahahaha. Ahem.

Sorry – yeah, asking a two year old about their feelings is like asking a brick wall to tell you about their day. Not happening.

Lindsay 1 year ago

Can nobody here take this damn article for what it is? It’s meant to be reflective and funny. I’m sure she asked him why he had a hard day. Or if she didn’t, big effin deal! He’s two. Calm down.

Rachel Bennett-Kinnison 1 year ago

#19…so glad I’m not the only one!!

Sara 1 year ago

Neither of my children could speak at 2. One was at 3, and the other finally spoke just to me at 3.5. He only spoke to others, and usually at a whisper, when he was about 5.

That said, if the kid says he has had a hard day, I don’t care what it looks like from the adult viewpoint, the child should be made to feel their opinion matters. If they feel they had a hard day, they deserve to feel they had a hard day. If they are shut down when expressing their feelings that young, it will only get easier for them not to share as they get older.

Madelyn Stearns 1 year ago

There’s no harm in trying. Jeeze you moms are mean. I thought this was a page for all types of moms to share their experiences and support each other. I was so wrong. You’re just a bunch of gossipy high schoolers.

Diana Mvw M 1 year ago

Soooooo glad we had consequences. I couldn’t have handled that!!!!

jao 1 year ago

It’s not that you don’t have a point, but that you seriously could not have been more of a sancti-mommy about it.

Randi Laird 1 year ago

My favorite is when I ask “why did you break that/hit your sister/rip that book” and they respond with a super sweet smile and “because I love you!!” Um, thanks?

Amber Dawn Thompson 1 year ago

I think this is ridiculous, children are rational thinkers when given the chance most of the time. They are still ppl with feelings and opinions

Jennifer Drager 1 year ago

Libby my children are not and have never been “exceptional” they are just normal kids with normal development. The difference is their moms background in child development….Andrea I bet you will wonder why your teenagers act out.

Susan Maccarelli 1 year ago

Hilarious Meredith! I have an almost 3 year old boy and he has the EXACT same bad day every day!! I loved this!

Michelle Wallace 1 year ago

Ahh…Serena–too funny!

Jen 1 year ago

#14! That’s my 3 yrs old. All. The. Time. I’m glad I’m not the only one!! She *always* has to have her blanket on just so or she flips out. & #15, especially if she wakes up a bit cranky in the mornings.
Thanks for sharing! :)

Amber Dawn Thompson 1 year ago

Mine tell me when they had bad days

Theresa Williams 1 year ago

I asked one time my then 2 year old twins, why they were fighting. My daughter said because her brother looked at her from across the living room! I had to ask didn’t I.

Tripmom 1 year ago

Maybe he is concerned about global warming, and has deep feelings of trepidation about the situation in Russia.

Silly 1 year ago

Did you just land on planet earth? If he can’t express his feelings through words then what’s the point in asking him? Haha That sounds as silly as the person who thinks who can reason with a two year old. We require a sense of humor on earth.

Tripmom 1 year ago

Wow, You read that in a book, didn’t you?

dreen 1 year ago

You must be taking early childhood development class. Text books do not apply to the real world. Obviously you do not have children and when you do boy are you in for rude awekening!

Cristina 1 year ago

Hahahaha! My hubby and I told the 2 year old that last night as we stepped over her after she threw herself on the ground because it was bed time.

Brenda Dobson 1 year ago

Sounds like your own family

The Outnumbered Mother 1 year ago

Wow, nice to know that the rational 2-year-old does exist. I thought that was an urban legend. SMDH

Libby Olson 1 year ago

Jennifer Drager your children didn’t speak full sentences because you talked to them and challenged their brains. That certainly helped a lot but it was their own unique developmental process that enabled them to speak in complete sentences. Your children were exceptional for being able to do that at age 2.

Andrea Magee 1 year ago

How about you cut his food up into bite size pieces so he wouldn’t choke when he really just wanted a whole sandwich to cram in his mouth…

Sara 1 year ago

I don’t see anything wrong with the first comment and I’m surprised as to the reaction. I have a 2 year old and I ask her what is wrong when she is upset. She is able to give us enough detail most of the time to allow us to identify any overarching problem and find a solution. Maybe that approach doesn’t work for everyone but it works for us. Every kid is different.

Jody 1 year ago

I never liked green flecks in anything either when I was a child.

Jody 1 year ago

My kids I could reason with from a relatively young age. Their dad, not so much.

Christine Peterson 1 year ago

sleeping 16 hours a day?! what’s that like? even as a newborn we didn’t total that in a day.

Anita Walsh 1 year ago

So many mean ppl, a little bit of mob mentality. So she said something that most of you felt unrealistic. It was not hurtful ,no reason to beat her up. Children do say amazing things . Asking them questions is sometimes eventful , other times regretful (tantrums), other times hilarious as you never know what they may come up with. Some two year olds can articulate thoughts even if they are not always relevant . Never hurts to ask. If they run away screaming and streaking ahh well so be it another day in the life of a two year old.

suzanne 1 year ago

I agree. Although I do love reading the comments. Always funny. my daughter is almost four and has spoken clearly and well since about 1.5. So with her I can ask and get a more logical (for her age) answer where with her cousin who are 3 and 5 I have to ask small things or sometimes just smile and nod.

Jody 1 year ago

Yeah, I found it humorous, but I also wondered why the author didn’t try to find out what about his day was hard. (Seriously you can’t let him drink out of the cup he prefers? If you really think it’s not a big deal and he does, give him the color he prefers.) I do have children, they were both once 2 years old, and they were never as unreasonable as this article suggests.

Meredith 1 year ago

I know. I’m a mean mommy.

Brenda Adler 1 year ago

The article doesn’t say she didn’t ask or communicate with her kid. It’s a list that the kid would have given if he were capable or remembering and saying it all, which he’s not. It’s funny because we all know how seriously blankets and cup colour can be to a two year old and how hard as a parent it is to always remember

Katie Coleman 1 year ago

I am in the thick of it right now!!

Meredith 1 year ago

I totally agree. I was being serious at the end, because it’s TRUE. They do think they are having a hard day. And, to them, everything is probably hard. It’s still funny to me though. :)

Meredith 1 year ago

Ha! So hilarious.

beth 1 year ago

We ask anyways or phrase it so they learn. Asking “what’s wrong” is too broad and can be frustrating/overwhelming for the askee. (think about how YOU feel when you’re upset and someone demands to know what is wrong.)
As people who deal with little humans (and big ones) we need to be more clear and at times, insightful. (ok it helps to be insightfull a lot of the time!). Try rephrasing the question.
“What is not working out?”
“Does that upset you?”
“Are you trying to —– but it isn’t working?”
“What can you or I do to change this?”
Or just let him know what your observation is. “It looks like your stuffies won’t stay in your arms” “Eating cereal with a spoon just works better than a fork”
These are just ideas to get YOUR thinking juices moving. Living with kids means we have to think outside of the usual box.

Meredith 1 year ago

That’s awesome.

Meredith 1 year ago

If ONLY he could express that. It sure would make my life a whole lot easier. After all, he still thinks wrapping cords around his neck are a good idea….

Grandma 1 year ago

Maybe it is my age or just the fact that it has been 30 years since my youngest was two but I agree with all of you. I have had wonderful conversations with my (yes 2 year old) grandsons. It is easier to do as the grandma than it was as the mom. But fun none the less. Enjoy the answer that time does not last long. Toddler logic is logic just different.

Sarah Noftell 1 year ago

Of course you should ask them and I’m sure the writer did, just don’t expect the response to be logical to anyone but a 2 year old :) It is also good to keep in mind that to a 2 year old these are real hardships… especially the green flecks in their food!

Karissa 1 year ago

I agree with Katie, my husband and I have been having conversations with our now 3 yo for a year or so and I love finding out why they say something that they have heard us say before. Often it is “toddler” logic; however sometimes it is fun just getting into their minds for one second.

I love the satire of this blog; however unfortunately not digging the harsh comments.

Melanie Heckert 1 year ago

best laugh of the week!! all my kids are beyond 25, but i have 5 yr old twin granddaughters who would love to contribute their opinions!! Funny!

Rachel Boda Dobies 1 year ago

I’m sure at some point she did ask him why but that doesn’t make for as funny a story as going through all the struggles he faced that day, which aren’t really struggles at all. Lighten up people!!!!!

Jeanette Page Gates 1 year ago

Thanks for the funny post! And so sad that so many missed the point that the 1st comment with hahaha after it means how funny that we think we can reason with a two year old! That was a “joke”.

Speech therapist 1 year ago

Because, developmentally speaking, and two year old is incapable of understanding “why” questions…

Michelle Bechky Lynch 1 year ago

I often ask my two year old questions. Just for the sheer hilarious of the answers. Like “why do you want a hot dog and grapes for breakfast?” And she responds “because the moon.” Having already survived four 2 year olds and being the middle of trying to survive my fifth, sometimes I need the laughs. But reasoning? Not so much.

Erin Colquhoun-Levesque 1 year ago

Bang your head on a wall. Saves time :)

Andrea Wald McDonald 1 year ago

Oh, so that is why my kids don’t talk ever. I never talk to them. Or challenge them. I just keep them around as accessories because they are cute. Thanks for the tip, Jennifer.

Rain Mom 1 year ago

LOL..good morning DINGBAT!!!

Jaclyn 1 year ago

I have 3 kids. 4, 2 and 1. Agreed you can’t get an answer out of a two year old. But when asking “for fun” your 2 year old will have tantrums and throw things and cry?
Ha! I must have it easy.

beth 1 year ago

I did not see it as satire but as child-centric…HER child’s point of view. I saw this as the mom pondering what would constitute a ‘bad day’ for a 2 yr. old. She never did say if she did ask or not but I would suggest asking anyway because who knows what the answer will be!
For those whose children went into a tantrum, yep, that is natural. When they are calm and having a ‘good day’ talk about different feelings for about 30secs. or just identify ‘feelings’–“it looks like you’re happy” or “you seem upset because you want potato chips and I won’t let you have them” type stuff. Quick and lean. Some children need to be schooled directly in identification of stuff (not just feelings) and it also helps create a bond between you two. Teaching nuances & life skills is a long term project…little bit upon little bit.
I work with children and have had 4-2 year olds (the last one was 23 years ago) and just spent a week with a 2 yr. old granddaughter. They are both delightful and patience-testers.

Morgann Johnson 1 year ago

So accurate its scary!! This is my 2 year to a tee, except no siblings yet…EVERYTHING else is on point.

Meghan Marsden Parsche 1 year ago

I know my two year-olds have super deep thoughts they like to share with me about their days…

Tiffany Steen 1 year ago

Omg! These comments are as funny as the article! Thanks for starting my morning off with a giggle. And I agree with the majority. I have had 2 two yr olds and I think the bit about not negotiating with terrorists hits the nail on the head! Lmfao

Annette John Wieseler 1 year ago

I’m not sure what I laughed about the most. The original post, or the comments after. My cheeks hurt from laughing so hard!!!

Kristen Helsel 1 year ago

First of all, I think the article was hilarious and relatable.
But, secondly, I’m a little dumbfounded by the responses to her comment. When my son was 2 (last year), he was fully capable of telling me why he was in a bad mood (“Because I’m hungry.” “I’m just sleepy.” “Because ______ happened.” Etc.)

Emily 1 year ago

Well yesterday my 4-year-old’s “heart was broken” because I didn’t tie the drawstring on her shorts.

We have bad days.

Chris Bowen 1 year ago

Because he’s a ginger will be one of the reasons!

KMH 1 year ago

First of all, I think the article was hilarious and relatable.
But, secondly, I’m a little dumbfounded by the responses to this comment. When my son was 2 (last year), he was fully capable of telling me why he was in a bad mood (“Because I’m hungry.” “I’m just sleepy.” “Because ______ happened.” Etc.)

Beatrice Leavens Brown 1 year ago

She got out of bed. But hugs abd cuddles usually worked. Kept them all active and didn’t have much trouble.

Sarah OnFire 1 year ago

Especially minus chloroform. ..?!

Brandi 1 year ago

OMG! My son does exactly that with his magnetic Thomas trains. The trains magnetize to each other, but not other toys. He gets so mad and yells “I can’t do it!” or “Fix it!” all the while slamming the toys together and crying.

Kristin Crackel 1 year ago

I ask just for the continued hilarity. “Mama, I’m in a mood.” What kind of mood, I asked my 2 1/2 yo. “Um, a green one!” Hysterical!

Lori 1 year ago

HA! “We don’t negotiate with terrorists.” That’s just perfect.

Sarah Ignelzi Dearr 1 year ago

Substitute cat for older brother and 2yr old daughter instead and that sounds like my days..

Kim Brennan 1 year ago

Jamie Gordon your comment made me laugh so hard I cried, I’ve experienced that!

AvidReader 1 year ago

Any time I asked my three year old daughter why she does/says/feels something, she looks at me like I’m brain damaged. Lol. Thanks for the laugh……asking a 2yo why. I’m still cracking up.

Kathy 1 year ago

hahaha this is hilarious! You are ALL pro-mommies! Serena, sorry for the bashing. This site seems to be a beautiful vent, you aren’t alone, we gotta laugh or go insane sort of collection. It is glorious. Nothing wrong with asking a 2 yr old. It can be entertaining but it can also be asking for another tantrum to live through. The smile on his face mentioned in the article would be a true give away to me….he’s feeling like a big boy by repeating something he heard that he doesn’t even know the meaning of. However you handle it makes for very interesting copy. Wish I had had something like this when I was raising my kids.

Jennifer Goodwin Cook 1 year ago

Lmao reading the replies to the first comment

Melissa Munkers 1 year ago

This article has a lot of things that apply to my son and he is 4! Does this stuff ever stop?! My daughter is much easier, she will even tell you why she is having a bad day, even if it’s just because we didn’t go to the park she wanted to go to. The one we went to didn’t have the red slide. Sorry honey, you don’t always get your way but that is no excuse to act like a crazy person.

Wendy Turner 1 year ago

The article was hysterical. I had a 2 year old once (only once!) and that was 9 years ago. I used to think sometimes, “you’re worried about THIS? Try mortgage, Buddy!” I’d totally hang out with this mom.

Having said that, I found the reaction to Serena’s post a little extreme. She never suggested reasoning with a 2-year-old, or expecting a logical, well thought out treatise — she just suggested asking him why he thought he had a bad day. I did this with my child and was sometimes amazed by his insight. And by the time he was 3, he was well used to articulating his feelings — for a 3 year old. It made the F*ing Fours much easier, and now that he’s a pre-teen, he has more emotional maturity than most of his peers (and many adults, for that matter). When people heard me talking to him when he was a toddler I’d get the same reaction Serena did, but stuck to my guns — and I’m so glad I did.

And for the record, my child reaches far beyond participation trophies and medals. He works hard, and doesn’t have achievement handed to him in any way, shape or form.

Jamie Gordon 1 year ago

I asked my 2 year old why he was having such a hard time yesterday. Yeeeeaaaah, he slowly let the milk he was drinking drip down his chest onto the floor while never breaking eye contact with me, he looked possessed. “THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU”!!

Sahar Soliman 1 year ago

LOVE this! I’m getting addicted to your posts!

Tasha Gilchrist 1 year ago

All of this times twins.

Keighty Palmer 1 year ago

It’s genuinely confusing how many people are taking this so seriously.

Julie 1 year ago

Lol, try having a 2 year old, 4 year old, and 6 year old with Expressive Speech Delay, yeah that will make your day! Because they looooove answering questions! (Same child through the years) He’s now 8 and my husband and I can’t believe how much he talks like a “normal” kid, I say it in air quotes because really how normal is a kid. Thank you years and years of speech therapy!

Darlene Murphy 1 year ago

Why so serious people? It was a joke meant to make stressed mommas laugh, but we could all keep judging each other and totally missing the point. Yah, that’s way more fun :/

Yomara Alvarado Cruz 1 year ago

That first comment was pretty hilarious

Stacie Greenlee Dobbe 1 year ago

It’s satire. Funny. Sarcasm. You know…not to be taken seriously! I’m sure the author talks to her kids. Lighten up parenting police!

ferla 1 year ago

When I ask my 4 year old what is wrong his answer is always ( crying as loud as possible) “BECAUSEEEEE” hmm ok buddy. And my 2 year old aswers could be, no mommy, or she would simply ignore me.

Kathleen Eade McGonigle 1 year ago

Wow guys. It’s satire. I’m sure she did ask him why and he said something else completely irrelevant that he had heard at some point. You can ask to show support but MOST kids that age can’t explain where their feelings come from. Especially not at the end of the day, rather than in the heat of the moment.

Jennifer Zapf 1 year ago

well if only this list changed when she got to be 7 or 10 or 13, or for me at 47… Yes I’ve had a hard day too….:)

Sarah Veltman 1 year ago

The article was funny. And true.

What isn’t funny is all of the Judgey McJudgersons around here. There’s a way of expressing opinions without being a bully and shaming other people’s opinions…no matter how the ‘offending’ post is worded.

Heather Stone Farley 1 year ago

Laughed until I cried. My son will be 2 this weekend and my daughter is 7. I’m quite looking forward to asking him about his feelings today so I can see how fast my reflexes are when he starts throwing stuff at my head.

Sara Keeler 1 year ago

“We don’t negotiate with terrorists…” hahaha. I’m going to have to remember that. My terrorist is only 13 months :-)

MamaJesse 1 year ago


Jennifer Zapf 1 year ago

connect with a 2 yo.. ok.. I’ve not read this post but that is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

Maxine Quinnell 1 year ago

That first comment did make me laugh! I wouldn’t say the commenter didn’t have kids, but she probably had a 6 month old. Just one. I have had my most amazing parenting advice from strangers, who have one baby, and who ‘know it all’ Heck, if my 4 year old is upset, and i asked her whats up all i get is a ‘aldfbowbgf aseefobwfeowb aobfwobefw! obfweo!’ yup. If i ask her to repeat that, she does, exactly.

lisa 1 year ago

Thank you writing the article. I enjoyed it. I *almost* miss those days. Now I have two teenage boys…..and I’m at a loss most days. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing”, they reply. When it is obvious its something. Im a big believer in…if you cant express it, repress it. Use your words. Yesterday I reached my limit of 400 eye rolls, 2000 sighs, and 799 various other annoying things. I had to tell them…stay out of my sight….and I went to bed at 8. Hopefully today will be better.

Lacey Jones 1 year ago

Developmentally children can not reason out frustration in the emotional regions of their brains like adults can. This is why tantrums happen. These areas of the brain become over loaded and can not process so they crash and your child is upset. Reasoning with them does no good. They do not possess logical or abstract thinking yet. The best thing to do is mirror there feelings (ie oh your angry arent you) and give them some space. But you know that is just science and years of trained child psychologists studying small children and their brains. Obviously that first commenter knows way more than anyone and has been around a f*ckton of kids. 😉

Tracy 1 year ago

Seriously? I don’t think Meredith needs to “ASK” her toddler — I think she likely hit the nail on the head! Her list of 20 is both funny and at the same time probably exactly why her little guy’s day was hard. The fact that she can both understand that and joke about it (in a way that won’t humiliate him since he’s not going to read this!) makes her a wonderful mommy! Never underestimate the value of perspective (and being an example to your children of one who has it.)

Eva Macdowall 1 year ago

LOL… Love it… Related to every single point…!!!

Meredith Ethington 1 year ago

And thanks to all the COMMENTERS who made me laugh out loud this morning.

Marissa 1 year ago

LMFAO at all these responses! “We don’t negotiate with terrorists” just made my day.

Olivia Hsu-Cheng 1 year ago

Just because many 2 year olds can’t articulate a deep and thoughtful answer doesn’t mean that there aren’t 2 year olds who could. Both of mine could when they were two.

Carole Filangieri 1 year ago

Asking your kid what’s wrong at any age lets them know that you’re interested in how they feel. And before I get piled on, I have two, age 16 and age 11; I’ve been through the toddler years. Two-way communication is key, and remembering that no matter how ridiculous I think their problems may be, there are enough people in the world who are all too happy to tell them that. As mom, I’d rather be an empathetic ear.

Debbie Ricard Rimac 1 year ago

Ha ha ha!!!!

Jennifer Weatherford 1 year ago

How about if they are extremely strong willed? I don’t think there is reasoning that comes along with that.

Brooke Wondra 1 year ago

Every one of you are missing the point… no one is laughing at the thought of asking him why his day was so bad (I agree with all of you on this.. great to engage and let them talk it out), but it’s the fact that she is suggesting he can correctly articulate to you a deep and thoughtful response, as opposed to the typical 2-year old answer (see above: My three yrold said something similar, I asked him why his day was so hard, his answer?
He tried to train his dragon but toofless(toothless) wouldn’t listen because he wasn’t hiccup). That’s why it’s funny to so many.. she was suggesting a good-deep heartfelt conversation would follow.. with a 2 year old.

Shannon 1 year ago

I agree. You may not get a clear answer, but a quick “Why did you have a bad day?” never hurts. They have to learn how to express themselves sometime, and this lays the groundwork. And, yes, I have kids. Four of them.

Paige Lancaster 1 year ago

Seriously laughed out loud at this! My son is 2 (26 months), he would not be able to tell me why he had a bad day, or even that he had one. According to some of the people commenting he rules my house and I don’t talk to him, ya know since I can’t have a conversation with him. And oh em gee, he still gets a pacifier at bed time. Bad mom!

Tami 1 year ago

I didn’t get him his glass of milk fast enough yesterday. How dare I make him actually wait for anything!

Christine Baldo Sturges 1 year ago

My two (now 7) had a bad day bc he put his finger in the dog’s butt. Come to think of it, that was a bad day for the dog.

Nicole Marie Risch 1 year ago

Asking a toddler what is wrong even when he or she cannot fully explain the issue isn’t a bad thing! It gets their minds working.

Anne Marie Salter 1 year ago

#19 had me busting up!

Sarah Ibrahim 1 year ago

Finally! I like you. Not bagging anyone’s parenting, but seriously? Laughing at someone because they treat their toddler like a, you know, human! Something we commonly forget they are! I like the saying, “if you want them to talk to you about the big things later, listen to the little things now. Because to them, they have always been big.”

Sarah-Marie Martin 1 year ago

Wait until he’s 3!! It only gets worse.

Cali Stern 1 year ago

Asking is one thing but reasoning with a raging 2 year old that acts like he’s a hormonal teenager…yeah good luck let me know how it works out for ya!!

Rachel 1 year ago

I can’t even get my 5 YEAR OLD to tell me a coherent reason as to what’s wrong all the time. I don’t know is usually the answer I get. Serena you are not a parent OR you are and you have amazing children that should be the ones to find the cure for cancer, inexpensive fuel alternative and the next president or something… seriously…

Katie 1 year ago

Thank you I completely agree!!

Hannah 1 year ago

Hahaha!!!! Great read, loved it… Laughed and snorted my way through it! I totally put my 2 yr olds blanket on the wrong way, when he was going to sleep the other day, lol, I never knew life as a two year old was SO hard :)

Destinee 1 year ago

The best answer I’ve ever gotten from my two year old was to the question “Why are you crying?’ His answer: “Bopper (brother) hit me!” Pretty on the nose answer. However, when his brother was 2, if I’d asked him, I would have gotten something flung at me in response. Children are all different; it’s pointless to have an in depth conversation with a toddler because they don’t (usually) have the skills for it. However, if your child can truly speak (and as the parent of an autistic child who is verbal but cannot truly communicate, let me just tell you, there’s a world of difference between being verbal and being able to communicate), it doesn’t hurt to ask something along the lines of “Why are you upset?” In the instance described in the article, though, it probably wouldn’t do much good-“having a hard day” is too general a term for a two year old to follow (usually).
That said, I did get a kick out of the article-just my two cents to add in on what the other commenters so far have said. I think Katie has it right, though.

Sam 1 year ago

All toddlers are different, you’re 100% right about that. But it seems like a lot of us have kids who aren’t interested in explaining their day in depth like a 5 year old could. There’s a difference between even 2 and 3 years old, even. I’ve asked my daughter how her day went after my long day at classes when I was in college and the first thing she said to me? Mama, cookies. That’s it. LOL

Regina Corley 1 year ago

Scary Mommy, do you have a recipe for a sense of humor? Maybe something in the crockpot? (or a wine bottle?) Because, yeah. Maybe there should be a mandatory check box before you can comment on posts where you acknowledge that you have a sense of humor and aren’t going all “MommyKnowItAll” in your comment. That could work, right?

Autumn 1 year ago

I just asked my two yr old why he hit his cousin with his ukulele (which has become a permanent attachment to him for the last 3 weeks) and he threw himself on the floor (never releasing the ukulele) and screamed his head off. Thanks for the advice, I’m so glad I had this conversation with him!!

Alison 1 year ago

I asked my 2 year old if he had a bad day. He looked at me like a 2 year old would, and demanded chocolate for lunch. That’s being 2 for you. And for people asking what’s ‘wrong’ with communicating with a 2 year old – nothing at all. But don’t expect a well-thought logical answer. Because they’re TWO. Sometimes, I can’t even get a straight answer out of my grown man husband.

Kelly Davidson 1 year ago

Loving the comments. Laughing really hard trying not to pee my pants at those!

Nicole Mae Davis 1 year ago

Hey hey now I always ask my kid why they are upset. Then I get the real eye opening comments like ‘because your mean mommy’ ‘sister stuck such and such toy in the toilet’ ‘because we didn’t go to (insert trivial place here)’. Its really easy to reason with my 3 year old and fix all her problems 😀

Hollysglad 1 year ago

Mine had a fit because I wouldn’t let him leave his convoy of cars in the middle of the hallway. How dare I? Next time I’ll ask him why because I’m sure he’ll give a clear answer and not throw something at my head….

Holly Elizabeth Green 1 year ago

Yeah if I was to ask my two year old why he would say cuz and throw a fit LOL.

Lisa Lacey 1 year ago

As the mother of six children I have learned that just because a book worked for one child or family does NOT make it a miracle answer for everyone. Someday maybe you will be blessed with a child that this book/parenting style doesn’t work for and you will realize how wrong you were to say, “it’s not hard”. I was once naive and thought that I had all the answers too and wondered why EVERYONE didn’t just do what I was doing(I mean it would make their lives so much easier, right. Lol) Then I matured enough to see that all children are different and need to be dealt with differently, and that it was okay to have stages that were just plain and simply HARD… Facing it with humour is a way to get through those tough stages.

Lisa Roy 1 year ago

She gives her two-year-old a pacifier?!

Michelle Roberts 1 year ago

My first thought was Oh I have the same floaties for William! Then I read the 1st comment from the headline and thought Ugh, way to TRY and suck the fun out of an adorable story.

Christina Rowden 1 year ago

Same here, Jennifer. I’m glad to see there are some parents here who are asking their toddlers questions and engaging them in conversation.

Cecilia 1 year ago

Too cute!

Sammy Starr 1 year ago

Your comment made me laugh probably way too much hahaha

Ethel Balbina Biny Halpin 1 year ago

This is so funny and the responses were just as funny. Here comes PJ….lol

Daniel Schrader 1 year ago


Edelina Villavicencio Rose 1 year ago

This was so awesome and so true.

Katie 1 year ago

I’ve been having conversations with my 3 year old for well over a year now. When she says something like that I love asking her why. Her answers are what I call “toddler logic” and very much like this list (which I found to be very funny!) but we do in fact have conversations about how she feels. All toddlers are different and on different levels, so that may not work with all of them, but why are so many parents shaming each other for suggesting communication with your child???

Tammy Wylie Barnes 1 year ago

You make my life better. 2 year old boys…..smh….
I’ve had three of those….and lived to tell about it!!!

Megan Spjute 1 year ago

Because the cat looked at him.

rowan marx 1 year ago

love it haha 😀 My 2 year old has hard days sometimes and I always feel for her when she does even though it does drive me a little potty :p I made her day bad the other day because I told her off for putting mascara on the cat and her bed and today she feels sad because I wouldn’t buy her a sweetie or let her eat the cat food hahaha . I always tell her “I understand” even if I do or I don’t but I never excuse her for being bad haha. Just because she feels that way about a wrong coloured cup and not a grown up problem doesn’t make her feelings any less valid, because by belittling them now I would be teaching her that her opinion is less important than others when she’s older :)

Christin Joy Newman 1 year ago


Dani Caldwell 1 year ago

My youngest would sleep 13 hours at night plus 2 naps. So yes, 14 hours is possible.

Janet Fragle 1 year ago

This list is genius. And when I lose my mind and try to reason with my 21 month old and ask her what is wrong, she gives me a death stare which just makes me paranoid. Yeah, not gonna happen.

Angie Christine 1 year ago

If you need a book to talk to your 2 year old………

Karen Campbell 1 year ago

I have a 2 yr old & 1 yr old. I find the funny in this……so sorry most people didn’t.

Sophia 1 year ago

Laughed myself silly! OMG – you have my kid!!!! The toothbrush – yep. The stairs? Defo. Must be a guy thing…. Thanks for this xx

Beth Blye 1 year ago

OMG that about sums it up!!! I wish my day was that hard…

Jacque Heimer 1 year ago

I totally get that the post was meant at humor and if your kid was crying his eyes out you’d be concerned. But at the same time I think many parents would ask why. Like, “really? Tell me about it!” And yes I have children. And did daycare for awhile so I’m quite familiar with two year olds. I agree that commenter could lighten up a bit, but what I’ve read here are a bunch of mean and judgmental posts in response. How does that make you a better person? And the comment above mine? Kids will latch on to a phrase they’ve heard once and use it. You also don’t know that the author blew her son off. It’s a blog post that was in humor and there’s likely a lot more that didn’t get into the post. So yah how about ALL of us step off our high horses and support each other and disagree without being mean ol’ bullies?

Michelle Edwards Shelton 1 year ago

Oh Heather Heather Heather. ….obviously its too early in the morning for you to be debating the specific details of a humor blog (did you even read it?). Its okay…we will let this one slide…I will let you borrow my 11 year old who still reasons like a 2 year old at times (including a complete meltdown because our kitten would never see her Mom again). Once you can reason with her, we will let you try a real 2 year old.

Stacey 1 year ago

OMG, I love this article and these comments. Sometimes it feels like I’m the only person in the world dealing with the madness of a tiny little dictator. This was a funny reminder that I’m not alone!

Angie Christine 1 year ago

I can’t even reason with my 8 year old! Reason with a 2 year old…….. BAHAHAHAHAHA – now THAT’S some funny s^it!!

Cecilia Baquirin-Torres 1 year ago

Jennifer Drager, I’m sure moms do try and talk to their toddlers (with responses ranging from humorous to aggravating,) but they will still throw tantrums, because, well, they’re toddlers, and toddlers do that. It’s perfectly normal and does not reflect bad parenting at all. There are ways of handling tantrums, but they don’t work 100% because toddlers are unpredictable.

Peggy Anthony 1 year ago

My son will be 7 in 3 months…we still can’t ask “what’s wrong?” We can, but we will get the obviously reasonable answers:
I didn’t ask for a spoon for my cereal.
You walked too far before stopping mid-stride to give me the hug I asked for.
I can’t get all 20 stuffed animals from my bed to yours mom, and it’s not ok for you to offer assistance.
You tied the left shoe first.
And many many other reasons!!! You’d think that this almost 7 year old was spoiled and indulged, but he isn’t!!! If I could be his obviously reasonable ways out of him, my life would just be too simple!! You don’t ask small kids(in my case, an almost too big small kid) for an answer, because they are endless, not fixable, and of no help to you!!! There is no instruction book for them, because really, who can figure them out!!!!

Amanda Lemaster 1 year ago

The comments are funnier than the article!

Tiffanie Staples Lasseigne 1 year ago

Clearly that person does not have a two year old…. or a sense of humor

Sara O’Brien Farmer 1 year ago

Someone actually sent an email to a mom list I’m on asking for tips on how to reason with her 18-month-old. Seriously.

Lindsay Harri 1 year ago

My little guy just turned 3 and since he started talking I would always ask him whats wrong when he would say something was wrong. I still ask him all kinds of questions so he understands why things happen.

Tamera 1 year ago

Well, as a therapist who works with children, I understand that the common consensus is that children of that age is that they are irrational and do no have the ability to process such things. However, very young children DO process things and have their reasons for expressing such. There is obviously something that the child perceives as a “hard day”. They may have heard their parent use the same expression and have tried to understand what that means for the parent….then associate the same expression to events in their life. This is a part of their psychological development. Yes, I do understand the humor in this and have had similar experiences with my own children. Give Serena a break….she is right. Asking a child about reasons for their feelings is an important thing to do to help them process feelings and emotions openly even if the response is screaming and biting a stuffed toy. It will also help them become a caring and empathetic adult.

Trish 1 year ago

Snort! My two year old was never more upset than the day he realized he had to wear a raincoat in a rain storm. And to add insult to injury, he couldn’t bend his arm in a manner that would allow him to smell his own elbow. The tantrum was epic. But having a deep and meaningful conversation about his feelings sounds totally possible. Thanks for the advice, Miss Nokids.

Michael Cheri Pitts 1 year ago

Reasoning with a two year old works about as well as baptizing a cat.

Nicole Marie Pastier 1 year ago

Reasoning with a two year old is very far fetched! My 3 year old has times where she won’t reason with me still… I do ask her why mommy didn’t like her actions, or why she had to sit in time out, but it does not always work :-) I love the people who are oblivious to the true life with a toddler, gives me a good giggle!

Heather Rotz 1 year ago

What is wrong with asking them? And what is wrong with you for thinking that it means she’s never had a 2yr old? I always asked each of my three children and it helped them learn to communicate effectively. Same for my grandbabies. You raise smarter children when they are given pause to think. I think it is really rude to hear your child give a potentially valid complaint and you blow it off just because you think he doesn’t have a right to a rough day. I also think his statement indicates someone in the authors home complains entirely too much. Embrace the fact that there is a two year old and start viewing the world through his eyes. You can learn so much about the world around you as well as yourself by listening to your children.

Ellen Graham 1 year ago

Toddler reasoning = funny. People who would judge your whole parenting style from a humorous blog post = hilarious!

Cathrin Holt 1 year ago

Wait till you turn 3, kiddo. Both of our days are gonna get even harder!

Jennifer Lloyd 1 year ago

Yeah a lot of two year olds can talk or at least in some way let you know what’s wrong…BUT it was supposed to be funny!

Ruthie 1 year ago

All the yes.

Jacki Cahlander 1 year ago

LoL!!! YES!

April Sumner 1 year ago

LOL that is what I tell my kids all the time that they don’t know how good they freaking have it. I would trade places with them

Laura Kelly 1 year ago

Waking up at 9 am after sleeping 14 hours straight? What is that sorcery and how do I achieve it!!?

Amy 1 year ago

Hahahahahahahaha! Hold on…I’m asking my 2 yr old what he thinks of the current situation in Iraq…

Sarah Ibrahim 1 year ago

We do not only express ourselves verbally, but with body language and actions too. I’m sure that’s what she means.

Rebecca 1 year ago

I have 4 kids. Three daughters aged 17, 11 and 3 and the son is 14. On a bad day, not sure I would get anything coherent out of any of them! LOL! Maybe the 17 year old because she is quickly moving into “pre-law college major so I over-analyze and lawyer everyone and everything”, which, by the way is just as horrid. The son is worse than a menstrual teen girl and the 11 year old has “pity me, I am the middle child” tatooed to her forehead and could win an Oscar for “best female lead in a drama series”. Maybe the 3 year old is the best bet for a reasonable conversation on her bad day, but I would guess she was upset about any of the above reasons, in addition to a number of others that will not cause any permanent harm to her young psyche. And if they do, well, I guess its job security for a future therapist out there somewhere.

Amanda King 1 year ago

It’s a funny blog post. Not really a window into what happened. How do we know she didn’t ask or give him a hug and just didn’t record it? Some of you take this all waay too seriously. I love this post! My son is three now, far worse then he was at 2. Because now he does have his complaints for the day locked and loaded to talk about ! LOL

Karen Orr Segovia 1 year ago

I once asked my 3 year old why he was upset. His said it was because his Grandma’s cat wouldn’t say “hi” back to him.

Jessica Sanchez 1 year ago

Cuz he’s a ginger.

Karen LM 1 year ago

Who says the mom and 2 year old didn’t connect? The article was about what her thoughts were regarding his comment. Doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of asking and weird answers and connecting and communicating and hugging that didn’t make it to the post because that wasn’t how she chose to frame her story.

Or maybe she just let him continue twirling in circles, as he seemed happy enough to do so; and she went on about her never ending mom-business. That’s fine too. Why assume anything is broken or needs fixing between them?

Jennifer Drager 1 year ago

Ya because its totally better to let the two year old scream and throw tantrums instead of teaching that talking is the best way to get what we want across. I can tell that the two year old rules most of these houses.

Kimberly Wilson Parsons 1 year ago

I am having a hard day. Because I am so obviously failing at parenting. If only I was so wise and perfect like Whitney DiFalco.

Cecilia 1 year ago

Mine wanted to connect a toy car to his toy train and he wanted me to fix it. Full-blown tantrum on that one.

Jenneca Reeves-Yarbrough 1 year ago

Heeeee! The commenter has no clue, we can only hope she’s a newbie and will learn in time. FYI green flecks are only acceptable when from the green crayola they’ve been chewing on 😉

Cynthia 1 year ago


Kristy Lee Tellyalater 1 year ago

Wait you can reason with a 2 y/o?!?!! It’s only been 5 yrs since I had a 2 y/o in the house. I must have forgot that part! Lol

Samantha Carlin 1 year ago

Haha Ruth Irvine that kid had an easy day, it’s rotten mother didn’t stop him from feeding the goldfish sun cream, refuse to allow him to eat the roast potatoes that he’d painted green whilst mum popped to the loo or made him wear more than wellies and a swim hat to the shops!!!

René Chartier Kokoska 1 year ago

I couldn’t get past the fact that the kid, 2 years old spoke so well.

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Oh, you can. Just don’t expect them to accept the rules of logic, physics, or order of the universe. They reject our reality and substitute their own… and theirs changes every 30 seconds or so. lol

Dee Dee Hensley Kasitz 1 year ago

Redirection? Talking it out? Logic? Yeah, none of that has EVER worked with my girls. They dig in their heels and can hold a grudge! Watch out world! If I survive parenting them, they will be forces to be reckoned with!

Lindsey D’Lugos 1 year ago

Sure, sweetie, you be sure to ask your two year old when you finally have one because obviously you don’t have kids now

Ana Hill 1 year ago

My 12 year old still won’t eat foods with “weird” green specs on it. Just wait ladies who are rationalizing with a toddler…geez…get a sense of humor. If you don’t now… When they are 12 & stare you down because they can’t buy the sheer half top at Forever 21 you will pray for humor because logical rationalizations get eye rolls & door slams!

Cristina 1 year ago

My tot just turned 2 and his rough day yesterday consisted of being cranky after a nice long nap (I wish I had a nap), and then he wanted water, but not his water, my water. Same water, different bottle.

Traci Muller Rylands 1 year ago

My two-year-old was slow to talk so we hadn’t even gotten THAT far in our communication yet. 😉

Kendra Rowley 1 year ago

I always ask knowing I’ll get a ridiculous answer because A) it’s hilarious and B) I want to get him used to it at an early age that I do care why he’s upset or what’s wrong…it may be something ridiculous now but eventually it won’t be, and I want him to know I care :)
But also the answers give me just the laugh I need, love the sense of humor on this page!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

See! That’s why I agree with that first commentor. You get a funnier answer if you ask. 😉

Cime 1 year ago

Number 14 gets us all the time. Daddy puts a blanket in her one time and all of the sudden it’s the only correct way to do it!

Mary Schneider 1 year ago

Really? Geez people lighten up. She suggested asking the kid- not a bad idea- you might’ve gotten a funnier answer for the article. And it’s not a bad thing to let our kids feel as if we hear them and are interested in what they’re feeling. No need for the pile-on.

I agree, though, someone needs to get her sense of humor checked.

Mindy 1 year ago

To be fair to Serena, I *do* always ask my three year old why he’s upset, but I get pretty much the answers above.

Sam 1 year ago

L M F A O (all over the fucking place because you’ve obviously never asked a 2 year old if they can reason with you/conversate over their “hard” day because that never works). I’ve had a 2 year old of my own AND worked with 2 year olds. You cannot ask them if they had a hard day and expect something older children or adult-like to come out of their mouths.

Liz Shuster Hoult 1 year ago

Trying to ask most people what’s wrong or how they feel is usually like asking a two year old!

Cecilia 1 year ago

I asked my 3 year old this question and he said “Yellow peaches!” (I gathered he wants yellow peaches, but that didn’t answer my question.

Melanie Lynn 1 year ago

Frustrated about a playground conflict? And how exactly would my 2 year old express that? Lol!

Liz Shuster Hoult 1 year ago

Hey trying to get them to speak is the hard part. My two girls, they were speaking very well by 18 m, my son, pssshht. Nothing! Variations of “eh”! He will repeat the basics, say ma, Dada, baba, Nana(is sissy), lala(other sissy) and YES, ( and eeeee for please!) but just nods and says eh when trying get him to say anything else! Waiting for the lightbulb moment!

Christina Romanski Cates 1 year ago

Yeah let’s ask and reason with 2 year olds. Smh. Mine was freaking out just now because his Cheerios were sticking to his hands….he’s still crying.

Nicole 1 year ago

After reading this this morning, I asked my daughter why she was upset, despite knowing it was because she had fed the rest of her cereal to the dog, and she threw her empty bowl at me before ripping off her diaper and running through the house peeing on the floor. Glad I opened up that line of communication

Kat Bierman 1 year ago

I ask my 2 year old why. She then says it was because I wouldn’t let her stab the dog.

Rebekah Lynard Cox 1 year ago

My mother used to try to reason with my daughter when she would beat her head on the floor (~ age 2.5). Oooooo why are you doing that? You are going to hurt your little noggin! What is wrong? Supposedly my sister and I never did this so she was confused.

Becky Detzel Bogle 1 year ago

What really must be hard is being the perfect parent all the time and mot having a sense of humor.

Tiffany Allen 1 year ago

…mine too!

Judi OBrien 1 year ago

I so enjoyed the comment thread after the post (enjoyed the post as well!!)

Melanie Candela 1 year ago

Everyday in this house!

Oh WOW 1 year ago

Endorsing a two year old’s irrational feelings is a damned good way to build a three year old brat. We don’t negotiate with terrorists. If you have, or plan to have, children, you damned well better grow a sense of humor!

M Gerri Tekulve 1 year ago

oh wow….why so serious ? im pretty sure this is meant to be funny and entertaining. by all means unlike the page. we do not need negative vibes here.

Regina Brookman 1 year ago

^^ I was thinking the same thing.

Brenda 1 year ago

If I asked my 2 year old why he had a bad day, he would scream NOOOOOOOO! at me & cry for 20 minutes.

Rachelle Johnson 1 year ago

Or perhaps that commenter has only dealt with obedient children? My son is as strong willed as they come, I know his way of doing life has been a shock to my mother.

ky 1 year ago

I love when someone tells parent they’re obviously “doing it wrong”. First- the article was obviously meant as a joke, but having had two 2 year olds, I can tell you that the list of things mentioned probably WOUKD seem like a bad day to a toddler. As an adult, the author was able to see the irony in that and share her amusement. Second- every child is different. My girls could have explained shat was wrong at 2 years old, but most toddlers can’t. I think the parent knows a little bit more about their child’s behavior and communication skills than a stranger online. Lay off- she’s a mom trying to find the humor in life. She should be praised, not “schooled”. Geez.

Niki Richmond 1 year ago

That comment had me laughing. The replies had me rolling. I’ve taught 2 year olds for years. I’ve asked several what was wrong. Once? A little girl told me “you remember that time Natalie hit me?” YA KNOW A MONTH AGO?!

Jamie 1 year ago

You cut my sandwich in triangles and i wanted squares…I can’t wait for this stage again…

Michelle 1 year ago

She was trying to carry 15 little people down the hall and kept dropping them. I offered to get her a basket.

Jammie Leigh Marcantel 1 year ago

My toddler had it rough because the dog snatched his beef jerky he was waving around like a wand.

Aisha R Crenshaw 1 year ago

Oh, that was awesome!

Karen Stump Woody 1 year ago

Wow, poor kid, that DOES sound like a rough day! Lol!

Donna 1 year ago

HAHAHA my daughter was upset this morning, so I asked her what was wrong, and she said “the dog just licked me” (we were in the car…dog was at home) I asked her “right now? he just licked you now?” and she said “yea mommy…not nice” followed by whining tears….lol

Julia Koenigsberg 1 year ago

bahahaha #10

Jennifer Drager 1 year ago

Andrea i actually asked my toddlers lots of questions…all my children spoke clear full sentences by the time they were two. Maybe because I talked to them amd asked questions challenging their brains.

Michelle Smith Kerouac 1 year ago

Then kindly unfollow the page, and let people with a sense of humor have a laugh.

Hilde M. Vonk 1 year ago

How dare you put anything green in his food. Cruel and unusual punishment, I say!

Kathy Knox 1 year ago

Wow. No way that woman has a kid that is two yet. They are illogical, temperamental creatures at best. And may I ask the obvious? She states to ask him why he had a hard day THEN says he “may not be able to express it correctly.” Then what, exactly, is the purpose of ASKING them?! My four year old could not tell me WHAT was wrong until maybe six months ago. He could only tell me how he FELT. And hell, even now it takes prodding to get him to tell me.

Tracy McKinney 1 year ago

She must have missed the warning at the bottom of the page, lol.

Cindy 1 year ago

Most likely he only said it because he heard someone else say it, and has no idea what it really means. It would do no good to ask him why he had a hard day. But you can certainly try. Meanwhile I’ll have a conversation with my six year old about taxes being so high. (He, out of the blue, once said “You know, taxes are just too high.”)

I agreed. He nodded wisely. We felt we had a very civil conversation.

Gabriella Vagnoli 1 year ago

Yeah I bet that 2 year old was bothered by the conflict in the Middle East. If only you had asked him you could have had a discussion on world politics that would have been deep and enlightening for both of you.

Ginger Seehafer 1 year ago

I don’t know. I know these post are all sarcastic and funny, but I can see his point! When my 2yr old says something similar (he tells me “I mad!” a lot lately) I’ll ask him why and usually a sympathetic hug cheers him.
I see them as constantly in PMS mode, with all their hormones and growth spurts. 2yr olds can definitely have a bad day! ;D

Amanda Etcheto 1 year ago

My three yrold said something similar, I asked him why his day was so hard, his answer?
He tried to train his dragon but toofless(toothless) wouldn’t listen because he wasn’t hitup(hiccup).

I always ask but just because I know it’ll be laugh worthy lol

Brenda Torres 1 year ago

Hahaha hilarious!

Rachel 1 year ago

Mine was pissed the other day because his fork wouldn’t work. Sorry, kiddo, stabbing crackers isn’t an effective way to eat them.

hahaha 1 year ago

You must not have kids. Try asking lol. How about I ask a wall why it let someone graffiti on it I would probably get a better answer. Lolz!!!!!!!

Yesenia Soto 1 year ago

This is my life !

Rebecca Fisk 1 year ago

This is hilarious….especially the pasta with green flecks!!

Jenn 1 year ago

Or when he tells me he wants Ritz and then screams when he gets the bowl because he didn’t mean ritz he meant triscuits and i should have known.

Elizabeth Griffin 1 year ago

Everyday! Hahaha. Perfect post.

Donnamarie Melendez-Wilson 1 year ago

Lol that was funny..

Mom of 3 1 year ago

if I asked my 2 1/2 year old why he had a bad day the answer would NOT be, “so and so bothered me on the playground.” He gets over that in 2 seconds. It would be, you didn’t give me the right color vitamin this morning; or I wanted Oreos not chocolate chip cookies.
Ask them–hysterical.

Ashley 1 year ago

Omg that’s awesome!

Christina Elston Gallagher 1 year ago

Reasoning with a two year old? Now, that I’d like to see..

Gemma Cockcroft 1 year ago

Or maybe he wanted Weetabix instead of the Coco Pops I gave him for breakfast (That he had asked for originally) and then his heart was broken because when I did finally give in and give him Weetabix, ‘the milk wasn’t working’ (aka not going chocolatey like it does with coco pops)

Rose Geiger Rose 1 year ago

Apparently not…I just babysat for my two year old grandniece last week. She was winging balls at my head for fun (they were soft of course). You cannot reason with a two year.

Paula Wright 1 year ago

I remember having twin 2 year olds it was hell. Ask and you shall receive more complaints.

Jay Emme 1 year ago

I wish to god I was sat next to commenter #1 while they read the replies.


Steph 1 year ago

Or his banana. It’s just never quite the same when it breaks. And how dare I not know how to fix it?!

Jackie Doerner 1 year ago

No kidding. That would just ADD to the things that made his day hard. Ugh.

Melissa 1 year ago

I always buckle his seat belt in the wrong order.

Kat Armstrong Nicholson 1 year ago

Well? Did you ask him?

Dara 1 year ago

I just took your advice and asked my 2 year old why they were so upset. She threw a spoon at me and started biting her stuffed bear. Clearly 2 year olds are masters at verbal communication.

Heather Wadland 1 year ago

How about reasoning with him? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Murphy 1 year ago

You must be new here.

Karen 1 year ago

Or maybe his apple wasn’t sliced the right way. That’s what drove my 3 year old to tears yesterday!

Kristen 1 year ago

His granola bar was broken. And the broken ones don’t taste good.

Jill Smokler, AKA Scary Mommy 1 year ago

LOL. Ask a two year old?! For reals?

Seriously?? 1 year ago

Seriously?! Please go find your sense of humor.

Serena 1 year ago

How about ASKING him why he had a hard day? Sometimes young children can give answers that force us to see things in their perspective and in his mind some things might be hard. Perhaps he might give an answer that he may not get to do the things he sees big brother doing. Or maybe he is frustrated on a playground conflict and cannot express his feelings through words exactly yet.


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