Vicariously Celebrating Christmas


Being Jewish, I’ve always suffered from a bit of Christmas envy.

shopping spree

Hanukkah’s great and all, but the lights and the store windows and the Christmas music always has me a little wistful for the month of December.

xmasThis year, though, I got to feel a little Christmas magic through the families on the receiving end of Toys“R”Us’ #NoWishTooBig initiative.


On behalf of the families, thank you so much, Toys“R”Us, for putting some magic back into the season.

xmas Collage

And thank you, from me, for illustrating what Christmas is all about.

PicMonkey Collage

And for letting me celebrate, too.


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    Tova says

    While I appreciate the beauty and feel of Christmas time, as Jews we shouldn’t forget that part of our historical relationship with Christmas was an opportunity for us to be terrorized and arrested and beaten accused of blood libel. Obviously this is not an accepted act that goes on these days, but we need to remember and know our history so that it doesn’t repeat itself…

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      lesbomom says

      I am sure that Jill is not condoning the treatment of Jews hundreds of years ago on Christmas’ past. She is simply being thankful for the opportunity that Toys R Us gave her community members. And relishing in the moment of Christmas spirit. No need to get up on your high horse and try and ruin that feeling of love, light, and joy.

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