10 Comebacks When Assholes Criticize Public Breastfeeding

I was in a lactating coma for six years. No, I did not nurse a child into elementary school. I popped out four babies in five years.

I was on such a hormonal roller coaster that I could never come up with witty comebacks to assholes who made comments about public breastfeeding. When a passerby offered “Why don’t you try that at home?” I could only muster, “Why don’t you go fuck yourself?” The emotional pendulum swung and I started sobbing to complete strangers, “I just said the F word in front of my baby!”

Now that I am out of the estrogen fog, I’d like to offer these comebacks to breastfeeding moms…

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1. If you can use boobs to sell beer and cars, I can use mine as a buffet.

2. Do you eat your meal while sitting on the john?

3. That’s a great idea. You can borrow my blanket to put over your head.

4. Sorry to burst your bubble. Boobs are more than recreational fun.

5. Thank goodness you have a neck. Look away! LOOK AWAY!

6. Nursing is easier for me. I can’t hold a bottle and my wine glass at the same time!

7. It was an accident. I was just holding my baby when my 36Longs fell into his mouth! My bad!

8. If you are fishing for a snack, just wait your turn.

9. If you think this is gross, you should have seen the placenta. Oh, wait. I have pictures.

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10. Trust me. No one is more horrified by my giant areola than me.

If you are currently in a lactating coma, breathe in and out. Then, practice these comeback lines. Memorize them. Being a good mother means being prepared for anything…especially, when assholes attack.

If you are an asshole… fuck you very much.

About the writer

Kerry is a recovering teacher who blogs at HouseTalkN. Kerry blogs about life shenanigans, house crashing and house stalking. Her mother threatened to read that blog so she writes about things like 69, dildos and her moral shortcomings at In The Powder Room. Kerry brings shame to her family on a daily basis on Facebook and Twitter @HouseTalkN.


Julie 1 month ago

I had always heard about people getting criticism for nursing in public, but all I ever got was encouraging comments from strangers. I’m thankful that it’s becoming more common and accepted!

Katy 5 months ago

My son hates being covered when I breastfeed him and I have has my share of bitchy comments. I tried everything in the book to keep it discreet, but there is a point where you kind of just go fuck it and feed your baby.

Jessica 6 months ago

next dumbfuck who call breast sexual organs is gonna make me snap and want to hunt them down and punch them in the face with an anatomy book. A sexual organ is one directly used in the procreation of a child. Chop of your dick or cut out your oversees and tell you can still have kids. Oh wait you can’t! Now chop off you breast, you mean breast aren’t necessary? Damn pesky facts. Also fuck people who think men breast are different from women breast. Hint they aren’t. They are both fat, nipples, areoles, and mammary glands. Men can even lactate! Oh the horrors! Honestly I don’t give a fuck if your offended by my breasts. They are just lumps of fat with a purpose to me. No sexually organs, not private parts.

Jen 8 months ago

1. If your boobs get to ruin my buffet, then I think we’re all gonna need a beer to make through this very uncomfortable meal. You’re buying.
2. No, but I don’t eat meals topless or obtain nourishment by sucking on someone’s body part either. Funny how we’re not all at the same place in life huh? Like so many others before and after you(I’m one of them), maybe you
could figure out how to feed your baby while simultaneously not being naked in public.
3. Thanks, I’m gonna need it so I’m not staring across the table looking at your boob, pretending to hear what you say while your boob is being sucked on.
4. Sorry to burst YOUR bubble but regardless of what anyone says to your face, you are making everyone here uncomfortable.
5. Yes, because the princess and Mother Earth is feeding her baby in the nude the rest of us peasants must stare at the ceiling for the duration. Anything else your highness?
6. Somebody call CPS.
7. Your accident, everyone else’s tragedy.
8. Thanks, barfing always makes me dehydrated.
9. No thanks, like every other mom, I’ve seen it all, and plopping your naked boob out at a table in this restaurant doesn’t just make you gross, it’s trashy.
10. Trust me, your giant areola is just one small part of the horror.

If saying what everyone else is thinking makes me an asshole, meh. Coming from someone who doesn’t respect public space as public or expects people to set aside a lifetime of public nudity taboos I’d say I’m not the unreasonable one. Feed your baby any way you want, don’t tell me I have to put up with seeing you naked. Figure it out, just the way you’re going to have to figure out how to potty train and everything else without being a total public nuisance. The rest of us non clothing optional people did it, so can you.

Jen 8 months ago

Well I know I won’t make many friends saying it, and that works for me, but right back at ya lady. Plopping your boob out in a restaurant or anywhere uncovered takes balls, I’ll give you that, but it also assumes the rest of us take on the responsibility that is yours of feeding your kid. Just like you take your three year old to the bathroom right away so he doesn’t pee on the supermarket floor, you do what you have to do so your child is fed and we don’t have stare at the ceiling while you run around in the buff. It’s called public etiquette . Model it, so you can teach it. Breastfeeding moms (and I exclusively pumped for six boring months at home for three kids, in public Covered Up if I had to) yes you are natural, and yes you are making people uncomfortable and yes no shoes no shirt! No service means you. You can’t claim baby and then say your not naked. Figure it out. It’s not the public’s problem.

Crystal Womack Poe 12 months ago

Y’all make me want to move to Scotland right this minute. This is ridiculous and it’ll never end.

Mama 12 months ago

Haha I shared this on fb asking people not to be the asshole… which apparently translated to “you’re an asshole if NIP makes you feel uncomfortable”… uhm no. We never said that… but IMO all your defenses are making you look like that asshole I asked you not to be.. let’s not make anyone feel badly for feeding their little humans, no matter how they choose to do it. “Mind your business, just mind your business”

Connie Worley 12 months ago

I never had a problem nursing my son in public. Then again, I didn’t care what others thought nor will I with my next child.

Sara Jelinek 12 months ago

I needed this when I was nursing!

Valerie Ward 12 months ago

I breastfed 4 kids, often in public (cause what else are you gonna do with a hungry baby) My oldest is almost 30 years old and not once did anyone EVER make a comment to me.

Lisa Collins 12 months ago

Love these

Stephanie Stocker Kurtz 12 months ago

I love #6, and with baby #3… He got fed in a lot of places I would rather have not… But I couldn’t ditch my other 2 kids to feed the baby in private! Thankfully I never had mean words said to me!

Melissa-Beau Briggs 12 months ago

Yep, totally said number 2 and it just happened to be perfect timing since the b***h was holding her lunch!

Baby’s Breath 12 months ago

I can’t judge another mother who wants the best for her baby. Happy healthy babies. Happy healthy mommas. Do what you do best the best way you know how.

Monica Davey 12 months ago

I think “Go fuck yourself” is a perfectly acceptable comeback, maybe the best one.

Tamara 12 months ago

I once had an older gentleman look offended when I was discretely breastfeeding feeding my daughter at dinner in public. I said loudly to my girlfriend “Did you know it has been legal to be breast feed in public in [insert state] since [insert year].” He quickly paid his bill and left.

Jennifer Lockwood 12 months ago

It’s ridiculous that this is even an issue. It’s your baby, screw everyone else.

Julie C. Price 12 months ago

I was in a Food Court, covered, in a corner and a jerk came over and made a nasty comment. I said to him “You eat here, why can’t he?” He just turned and walked away.

Gene Vanover 12 months ago

thats why you have breast , people are just stupid.

Jennifer Eberhardt 12 months ago

Breastfeeding is completely natural n fine. I understand how there’s people that don’t want to see your bare chest. If your going to feed just cover up is all their saying. They make all kinds of cute little cloth linen for coverage too.

Jillian Dawn 12 months ago

I love number five! Look away! LOOK AWAY! See what people don’t think about is that people who bottle feed don’t have to go to a special super secret space to feed their kid, why should someone who is breastfeeding, it’s what boobs are made for!

Randall Ian Carlson 12 months ago


Mariam Abdo 12 months ago

Why is it okay in America to see gratuitous boobs on the beach, at VS and all day long but we clutch our pearls when boobs are providing nourishment. Someone explain it to me…

Katie Jo 12 months ago

Lol need to remember these when my 3rd comes in a few months.

Jill Fiedler Hylla 12 months ago

Love these!!!!!!

Danielle Ford 12 months ago

I breastfed and I never did it in public or in front of anyone, except my husband occasionally. I don’t see any problem with people public breastfeeding, but I was not comfortable with it and I didn’t want to make others uncomfortable so I didn’t do it.
I also think it’s a little unfair to judge others just because having your breast exposed in public makes them uncomfortable, especially men. They are conditioned all their lives that breasts are sexual so, if you choose to BF in public, then I really don’t think you can whine, when people notice it.

Tina Dodd Ward 12 months ago

I love how people say “well you have your boobs out there”. I think as long as mom does things in the right order: pick up baby, position, then lift shirt and latch baby there is very little bare boob involved. Now don’t whip out the boob, take the kid out of the car seat, change diaper, make a phone call and then feed. Really how much boob is visible?

Ben McFadden 12 months ago

I don’t know why she needs ten “comebacks”.
I thought her original “Why don’t you go fuck yourself” was working just fine.

Chelsea Kruse 12 months ago

How classy

Pam Crossley 12 months ago

I say. God bless the mothers who put forth the time and effort to breastfeed their babys. For those who don’t want to see it, then look away or move to a different seat. God gave women the means to have breasts that provide food and nourishment to their babies. For those who can’t or choose not to breastfeed, that is ok too. That is why formula was made. As long as you are feeding your children, continue on… the Lord will bless you.

Missy Jenkins 12 months ago

Good Lord. Put a wrap on and shut it

Brehan Stetka 12 months ago

#9 LMAO!!!

Josee Parent 12 months ago

I have no issue with breast feeding and I’m all for it. Though how about breast feeding moms stop making comments to me because I feed my baby formula ??? Goes both ways ! Just saying ! Respect !

Jennifer Osso 12 months ago

If you are comfortable covering do so. If you are comfortable not covering then do so. Just do your thing and F the haters. Can’t live your life pleasing everyone. If someone has a problem seeing you feed your baby in public then that’s THEIR insecurity. And, all this whipping the whole boob out is just BS. Most moms I encounter feed rather discreetly cover or not.

Rochelle Holloway 12 months ago

I just love this.

Becky Gilliam Buckner 12 months ago

#10 is too funny.

Carly Hooks Cosson 12 months ago

Love #6!!!

Stacy Hersey Buckley 12 months ago

#1 should be an official campaign slogan.

Samantha Lynn Belden 12 months ago

I don’t care if a mom wants to breastfeed and I don’t expect a mother to cover a baby’s face, especially if a baby dislikes it. I’m not asking moms to cover their babies. Just have some modesty and cover your boob. I don’t want to see it and neither does my husband or child. Even if I look away I’ve already seen what I don’t want to see. You can put a baby blanket or the top part of your breast and still leave the baby’s face uncovered. Respect is a two way road. Respect that the people around you don’t want to see your exposed breast and they should respect you are feeding your baby and even if a little under boob shows it can be appreciated that you are at least trying to be respectful of the people around you. Public breast feeding isn’t the problem. It’s the child like thinking that respect for what you want is a one way road. Being naked is a very natural state but I still have to wear clothes in public.

Tiffany Mach 12 months ago


Lauren Kauffmann 12 months ago

I am currently breastfeeding and I have always covered up in public. It is completely natural but it is still a breast. I don’t want you to see mine and I don’t want to see yours. There are so many great covers that take about 2 seconds to put on. I don’t understand why this is so complicated. I’m not saying go in to the bathroom or hide, I am saying be considerate of other when you want others to be considerate of you. Respect isn’t given its earned and if you are going to have a sense of entitlement with no regard to anyone else then I’m sorry I cannot get on board. It is such an intimate moment I share with my little one, I don’t need the entire world to experience it with me and frankly I don’t want to experience it with another woman and her child.

Hannah Marie Huffman 12 months ago

My mother was the only nursing nazi I encountered. She was the only person to tell me to cover up..that was really upsetting.

Alicia Neal 12 months ago

No one was promised a life in which they were never made uncomfortable. I see things done all the time I wish I didn’t. It doesn’t mean the other person is wrong or that I have a right to harass them, shame them or otherwise be an ass. I look away, I move on, I get over it.

Megan Weber 12 months ago

I get annoyed when I make every effort possible to be discrete and people still INSIST on trying to figure out if I’m feeding my baby or if I’m snuggling him to sleep. Even in the darkest far away corners or in my car. Creepers, lurkers, GO AWAY!

Tawnya Rene Hunt 12 months ago

Now this is my personal opinion BUT I am a breastfeeding mommy and I love it BUT I don’t wanna see women breastfeeding in public and I sure as hell don’t want others to see me breastfeeding! It is totally possible to keep that private and not make others feel uncomfortable and be respectful…. just how I feel and others are more than welcome to their own opinion

Katrina Rollin 12 months ago

I stopped at 4 kids in 5 years…

Ronin Cheburashka 12 months ago

Breastfeeding in public? That’s hot.

Candice Hibbs 12 months ago

Will we defend the choice to have no pants and underwear on in public next. This is all kinda getting ridiculous lol. Modesty and respect for those around u too much to ask? I know what’s coming… Outrage! Lol well I have friends in la leache or however it is spelt and not once have they not shown respect and modesty. So those of u who are not and upsetting those around u are just rude and disrespectful I have no respect for u if u have no respect for me and my family. So don’t be surprised when people r upset and negative towards u. These debates have all but got ridiculous. It has nothing to do with what u feed or how u feed or any of that. It is about respect. And some of u and I am happy to say not all or most of u don’t give the people around u it. Most people are happy enough to see a mother try to be modest with her baby. Even if not totally successful. The attempt to be kind in that matter can go a long way. Quit looking for a fight people.

Amanda Moose 12 months ago

When my husband and I are out in public and I breastfeed no one ever says anything to me, of course he does cary a gun in a holster on his side, maybe that’s why. Lol

Lauren 12 months ago

I liked to say “Oh, this is nothing. Wait until my husband gets his turn!”
That usually shut people up.

Patrick Reinhard 12 months ago

I like her very first comeback! (MOM)

Kayla Metcalf 12 months ago

I try to cover in public but im not apologizing if my baby pulls the blanket away! do you know how hard feeding with a cover or blanket is? seriously its not as simple as “cover it up” sometimes .a baby is hungry when theyre hungry and im not going to wait to feed because youre uncofortable. Trust me im a modest person but my kid comes first. I havent had to say anything yet but thanks for starting me out with these comebacks

Nadia Caswell 12 months ago

#6 LOL

Alice Thomas 12 months ago

LOVE IT!!!!!

Alicia Neal 12 months ago

The first time someone was nasty to me about it, I was covered. Completely. That’s when I decided I don’t care and I might as well be comfortable if people will be ugly anyhow.

Courtney Lee 12 months ago

I think everyone should stop eating in public. Pooping is natural but I’m not gonna do that in the middle of a restaurant. Take that sandwich home and hide your shame!

Collin Wright 12 months ago

It should be like the bubblegum rule, if you don’t bring enough to share with everyone, then it’s impolite to partake while others are thirsty! Oh yeah, and bring cookies next time!

Naomi N Albert 12 months ago

I had a boss ask me why I would not pump in the bathroom. I told her to go eat her lunch in there. There wasn’t anywhere to really pump so I used to put a black poncho on & pump at my desk. I put a little sign in front of my cubicle.
I used to BF with a cover while grocery shopping. No one ever noticed or said anything. I used to tuck a blanket under my bra strap so I didn’t worry about it falling.

I even perfected pumping without hands. When my daughter was in the NICU a parent came over & started talking. They asked what that noise was. I said my breast pump, he was surprised & got a little embarrassed because I was fully dressed & standing up.

I donated between 3,000 to 5,000 ounces of milk because one of my twins passed away. My living daughter had allergies so I didn’t drink dairy or lots of other food products that could cause issues.

Jenny Kruschke 12 months ago

I say just tell people to eff the hell off. Seriously, you can’t win as a mom. You can’t formula feed, because ya know, breast is best and formula is evil and blah blah effing blah, so you better breastfeed, but you better not do it in public in case you make anyone uncomfortable. Apparently moms shouldn’t leave the house, ever.
I formula fed both my kids, but if I had breastfed them, you damn well better believe I’d have done it wherever I was. Yes, a child’s need to eat IS more important than your self-proclaimed right to never be uncomfortable. We’re all adults, get the hell over it.
(Side note, why does a child eating, via breast or bottle, make you uncomfortable? That sounds like your problem.)

Cathy S’Carey 12 months ago

Lol number 6.

Deborah Ford DeRousse 12 months ago

I did it whenever and wherever I wanted, don’t look if it offends!

Michelle Green 12 months ago

I have never had a comment… I think my resting bitch face makes people think twice. Idk how I would react if someone said something to me but I think it would probably be along the lines of “go F yourself”.

Kristyn Zak 12 months ago

I love this!!! “36Longs” hahahaha!!!!

Laura Gavlinski-Hansen 12 months ago

This is honestly one of the best things that I have read in a while….I so want to make a little copy and laminate it for all of my breastfeeding and pregnant friends…wish I had these comebacks when my little ones were all nursing, and the pic with the machete mom- that is bad Ass for sure….love love love this

Pamela Carroll 12 months ago

Who cares about a strangers opinion of your choices … About anything ! Ignore.

Jennifer Goddard Allen 12 months ago

I still like “go fuck yourself” the best.

Jennifer Michelle Jones 12 months ago

The last one cracked me up.

Chantal Granger 12 months ago

I was asked twice while nursing my first to go else where to nurse and I DID use a cover. Both times I stayed polite but never left for their comfort since I was fully aware it was in my right to Not be covered and nurse so leave me and my blanket alone. Didnt use a blanket/cover as often with my second because of the season too hot but was still not a fan of having my boobs hang out so still tried to be discret and not flash people more then needed

Kelly ‘Slempkes’ Hanson 12 months ago

I’m currently nursing my 4th baby. All have been breastfed and I’ve nursed in public with and without covers. Those who are suggesting that a mother bring along a pumped bottle don’t really know what you’re asking. Lactating isn’t really something you can turn off, so even if you managed to have a bottle ready to go, when baby gets hungry, your body responds and you get a let down. How absurd is it to feed your baby a bottle while you have milk leaking through your shirt.
I’ve only been asked to cover up once in all my experience and it was by another woman. I was discreetly nursing my third baby, my top covered everything that baby didn’t and there was no skin showing. Some people are uncomfortable with the process, they know it’s happening and it freaks them out and no amount of discretion will satisfy them.
Covers can be great for some but my babies always threw them off by about 3 months. They were more of a struggle than they were worth.
My point in all this babbling rant is that asking a new mom to pump, bottle feed, or cover up is asking an already overwhelmed person to add one more thing to her list for the comfort of the general public, not herself or her baby. Having a baby and raising that baby are not easy things. Do we as a society really want to pile on one more thing?

Yolanda Leland Kelley 12 months ago

Its your decision to breastfeed or not my only issue cover up. Not everyone wants to see it.

I dont feel breastfeeding is over sexual I just dont want to see it. I believe in modesty.

Megan Brooks 12 months ago

Men see boobs in the bedroom and its on TV too for crying out loud. Grow up and let us women feed your children. You have no complaints of seeing our boobs otherwise. So what a woman is breastfeeding in public. I swear, if I see someone make a deal out of it, I will stand up for that woman. Its uncalled for beyond measures.

Yvonne Eres Nuss 12 months ago

I was very discreet about it, back in 1979. I received several compliments from people that did notice a baby under that blanket. Nursing was not very popular back then. But formula sounds very unappetizing.

Meagan Lenahan Xydias 12 months ago

Love #9 lol

Courtney Fallon 12 months ago


Rachel Acker Janiszewski 12 months ago

The pro private place to breastfeed is any place eating is acceptable. I don’t care if you breastfeed covered or uncovered. But it’s not ok to breastfeed in the bathroom ( gross seriously would you eat your dinner in there), in the middle of Macy’s ( um I don’t sit down and eat my dinner there)

Amanda 12 months ago

Thank you so much! I am going to take the time to memorize these before I have my fourth kiddo in June! lol these are great!

Lindsey Christiansen D’Lugos 12 months ago

Fuck you very much, love it!

Kelly Daniels 12 months ago

I love #10! Giant areola! Lol, sad but true

Tara Moylan 12 months ago

I dunno… “Why don’t you go Fuck yourself” seems to be a pretty good comeback! :-)

Maura Leigh 12 months ago

these are awesome!

Dana Marie Cain 12 months ago

Whether a woman’s chooses to nurse or bottle feed it is no one’s business except the woman. People really should do a better job of minding their own.

Alicia Neal 12 months ago

I support you if you cover. Or give a bottle in public. Or if you formula feed.
Why can’t my right to feed the way that is most comfortable for me and my child be equally lauded and supported? Minus all the slut shaming about how I must want men to stare at my breasts?

Amy Rhodes McInerney 12 months ago

Thankfully I have never had an issue and I notice more and more moms bfing in public…I do use a nursing cover so maybe that helps

Sandra Leigh 12 months ago

We should be able to live in a world where FEEDING our babies is natural and normal regardless of how they are fed. No woman should be shamed being BF or FF. There shouldn’t just be support groups for BFers, but FFers too. We all need to feel accepted and supported and helped along the way as our babies grow not torn down by society and one another.

Anastasia Moccaldi 12 months ago

This is one of those topics people will go round and round about. As a mom of 3 i breastfed many many places. Though never had to flash my boobs around town. While boobs were put there to feed babies they are looked upon in our country as sexual objects. Deny it all you want but they are. I personally don’t want anyone other than my husband to see them as they are a private part of my body. Just like the nether regions. My husband doesn’t want anyone else to see them as they are a private part of my body. So while i did not hide in a bathroom or go home to nurse i did cover them out of respect for myself and for him. I mean seriously, what loving husband wants other men walking by to be ogling your boobs no matter the reason? None.
On the flip side if the coin, a few years ago I saw a woman in the petting zoo area of a major zoo where myself, my husband and my children went with her boob out for the world to see and the baby down on her lap and it was incredibly disrespectful to us all. I don’t want to see your boob, i don’t want my husband to see your boob and i certainly don’t want my children to see your boob. Complete disrespect to everyone there to force that on us. And that look away crap is exactly that. You don’t know it’s there till you already saw it and why should i have to look away from nudity in a public place? Unless i walk my family into a strip club i should not have to worry about anyone seeing ta tas.
As i said i did cover up while i breastfed all 3 of my daughter’s (unless i was at home with my family) as to not offend myself or anyone else around me nor to give any passerby man a free peep show and i can honestly say that all 3 children of mine are just fine. They survived quite well. With that being the case i truly feel that anyone showing them to everyone is really doing it because they want other men to look and the law says it’s legal as there is no real other reason to do it that way. I know ill get bashed for telling it like it is by some but after living it 3 times there is just no other reason for sitting somewhere with your boob hanging out and bouncing around while burping your baby. Regardless of whatever your excuse is. That whole “Its natural” thing is another load of crap. So is menstruation but I’m not going to flash my cooter all over Walmart changing my tampon in the middle of isle 3. Gross. Some “natural” things in life are perfectly fine to do in public places but in a tasteful way with respect for yourself and others.
And now the non exhibitionists will click like on my comment and the angry exhibitionists will start slinging insults at me and telling me I’m just awful for calling them out and not wanting to look at their bare bouncing boobies. And saying its all in the name of feeding their baby. Which I’ve done 3 times already not publicly topless so not buying it.
And GO!

Melissa Misenheimer 12 months ago

Breastfeed with boobs out or covered. Use a bottle filled with breast milk or formula. I support you completely

Melyssa B Yogini 12 months ago

How about this: Your ignorance is showing. I have the right to nurse anywhere I have the right to be. I’m here, I’m nursing. Deal with it.

Dulce De Abreu 12 months ago

Hilarious! I was living in AZ when I was breastfeeding, covering up was not an option lol. Besides, if anyone stared I would stare right back

Sarah Koebler 12 months ago

I was lucky. I never got criticized by anyone but my mother…

Kit Normand 12 months ago

I’ve breastfed in public many many times. And have never used a cover because my son doesn’t like it. I’ve never once had anyone give me dirty looks or give me a negative comment.

Jenny Fortune 12 months ago

Who is criticizing people? Your family members? Strangers? If someone looks at you for 2 seconds it’s not criticism. Some people have resting bitch faces. If it’s your family sorry they are tactless assholes!

It’s funny when you’ve formula fed and breastfed there are plenty of doubt and emotions attached to both. I think, *usually* no one gives a shit what you are doing either way and the mom being asked to cover isn’t the norm, it’s just what we hear about.

Nicole Gluszek Petkova 12 months ago


Stephanie Santucci 12 months ago

Luckily I had nothing but support. If someone didn’t support me, they certainly didn’t speak up. I love humor, even inappropriate humor, but for some reason these one liners don’t do it for me.

Traci Sharp 12 months ago

I’m just gonna stick with the “go fuck yourself” comment

Jennifer 12 months ago

I do not recall ever once getting crap about breastfeeding in public. This was 13 years ago and I would whip them out anywhere, in front of anyone. I didn’t make a big deal about, and neither did anyone else. Sorry for anyone who has been hassled, but I don’t think the world is quite as ‘hostile ‘ to breastfeeding as some represent.

Verónica Díaz 12 months ago

Whoever wants can look and think whatever they want. I don’t give a shit.

Verónica Díaz 12 months ago

I feed my baby and I don’t give a shit.

Chelsæ Völcjak 12 months ago

I don’t have children so… I obviously don’t breastfeed children… but I do have a functioning brain. In a world still predominantly run by men… more specifically America… being a well man – oiled machine, women should symbolize sex, and seeing a woman naturally feeding her child somehow takes that symbol away and makes them look like “animals” which I’m completely dumbfounded by. I like what I saw someone say… “mind your own tits”. Do what works for you & your child & nevermind what anyone else thinks or says.

Jenny Skender 12 months ago

I have had nothing but support while out in public breastfeeding. But just in case someone should ever say something-these are good.


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