10 Cards For New Moms

I spent a half hour in the Hallmark store the other day looking for the perfect card to send to a new mommy friend. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t exactly what I was looking for.

In case you’ve ever encountered the same problem, I made a few to share…

Might as well let new moms know what they’re in store for, right?

Well, I certainly think so. 

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Donna Cerca Uomo Roma 3 years ago

Your boobs will never be the same again … I know :((

tyler 3 years ago

pretty sure, “Want good karma? Share this post!” is actually bad karma for you…

tyler 3 years ago

pretty sure that putting, “Want good karma? Share this post!” is actually bad karma for you…

Abbey 4 years ago

These cards are great…. sadly true… but still great!

Angela 4 years ago

LOVE THEM! I would love to buy a nice boxed set to hand out at Mother’s Day. There’s no point in crushing a new mom’s hope of ever peeing alone again right away, hopefully by the time Mother’s Day rolls around the new mom can laugh at them too.

(Ps. being able to pee alone – albeit holding the bathroom door shut – is the highlight of my day;)

Lauren 4 years ago

I really like them all but there is no card that could justify motherhood and all of the new experiences and surprises. ; )

Ivette Muller 4 years ago

If you ever want to create and send these cards to someone – let me know. I’ll hook you up with a free SendOutCards account so you can put a smile on 10 new mamas faces :)

JG 4 years ago

I love these cards. They are brutal, but honest. They should be given out, somehow, before conception.


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