10 Cards For New Moms


I spent a half hour in the Hallmark store the other day looking for the perfect card to send to a new mommy friend. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t exactly what I was looking for.

In case you’ve ever encountered the same problem, I made a few to share…

Might as well let new moms know what they’re in store for, right?

Well, I certainly think so. 


  1. 1

    Kim says

    Love this. I’m going to a baby shower this Sunday. I think this might be to realistic for a first time Mom. I will be sharing them with the others. Thanks for a good laugh.

  2. 11

    Allison at Motherhood, WTF? says

    This is perfect. I’m going to a baby shower this weekend and encountered the same problem in the card aisle. Didn’t help that I was standing there with two cranky, fighting kids.

  3. 14

    Angel_DWMW says

    As a mother of 2 boys, I completely agree with “Boys are disgusting, Best Wishes with Yours!” WHAT is their obsession with bodily noises & functions; creepy critters; and mud puddles. I’m fully convinced those obsessions are part of their Y-Chromosome! (But I wouldn’t trade my demon boys for anything on earth)

  4. 16

    Pam says

    Awesome, my favorite is the behind wiping.
    Worse mommy moment ever, major ummmmm ‘explosion’ outside a cafe in San Francisco. Ran out of those nifty wipes. Had to use my sweat shirt and the night gown I had packed in my suite case. I still miss that sweat shirt and I washed the night gown and gave it to my sister-in-law because I am just mean that way at times.

  5. 19

    Coffee Lovin' Mom says

    I am loving the daughter one but I think my favorite is the never peeing alone again…I’m loving that one too..

  6. 23

    Laura says

    I think I would have to think twice about a so-called friend who gave me a card like this. Birth is beautiful and should be celebrated.

    • 24

      Kristin says

      My births weren’t particularly beautiful, but the kids sure are. This is celebrating them! Just with some silliness and reality and much-needed “Laugh, Mommy!” attitude.

      The juxtaposition of the pictures with the words is perfect.

    • 25

      Angry mother says

      Do we need to be ompletely serious andboring all the time. I wld have laughed hard if given one of these. Know that all my girlfriends wld too.
      Love them scary mom, pls approach hallmark right now!!!

    • 26

      Jennifer says

      I was actually kind of mad at all of my friends for not telling me about this side of being a mother. I appreciate the honesty.

    • 28

      Katie says

      Birth shouldn’t really always be celebrated. It is a self-centered choice made by the parents to gamble with a child’s life (they could be born with any sort of mental or physical illness) and is leading to world over-population. I know that AFTER the fact parents are the most selfLESS creatures on the planet, but in lieu of the self-centered initial choice, I prefer to say “I wish you a happy and healthy baby” instead of “congratulations”. I thought these cards were funny.

  7. 35

    Sarah says

    I saw a great card the other day on someecards.com. Congratulations…you’re 19 kids away from your own reality show!

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