Where’s Mommy?



I am with my children all day every day. I never leave, and if I do, they are with me. Every damn day.

So here’s what really pisses me off: The fact that I cannot leave the house to run a quick errand without all of my children acting as if I am never coming home again.

“I want to go with you, Mommy.”

“Why can’t I come?”


As I back out of the driveway I see my children’s faces and hands pressed up against the window, and they are all hysterically crying. Seriously? Why do you want to come with me? Aren’t you sick of me? I haven’t been overly nice to you today.

Here’s what I want: I want to go the grocery store without having to buy a cookie for you to eat before we even start shopping, or argue over why I won’t buy you another box of Cocoa Puffs, or have you run into my achilles tendon 5,000 times because I let you drive the kiddie cart again. I want to roam the store in an absolute daze looking at anything and everything to plain and simply waste time and avoid going home just yet. I want to NOT have to give you my iPhone to watch videos so I can shop in peace. Do you understand the judgmental glares I get from other moms who clearly don’t approve of my shopping methods?! Do you care?! No, you do not. You are selfish.

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Here’s what else I don’t get. You have a father who loves you with all of his heart. He’s the type of dad those sappy Father’s Day cards talk about. Sure, he works a lot, but when he is home, he genuinely wants to be with you. I, however, cannot say the same. Do you know how it makes your father feel that you would rather go with your mom, who you have spent the ENTIRE DAY with, than spend quality time with him?

My children would walk three miles uphill in a snow storm without a coat, pass by their father 6,000 times (but not before asking where mommy is), to tell me that they have nothing to tell me.

I could curl up in the scariest corner of our basement and they would find me in less than three minutes to tell me that they have to go to the bathroom. I can hear them from my corner in the basement.

“Dad, where’s Mom?”

“Dad, where’s Mommy? Where’s Mommy?!!!!” 


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  1. 1

    Jess says

    This made me LOL because I can relate as a mother now and I still remember being a child and being filled with irrational fear when my mother would leave that she would never return!

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    • 2

      grace says

      I’m glad you remember that fear. You’ll be able to understand better than most why kids flip when mom leaves. That fear that she’ll never come back is real and terrifying.

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  2. 3

    Leslie mom of 4 says

    this. i do not understand the total hysteria that erupts when i leave the house and refuse to take them with me. it will forever be a mystery.

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  3. 4

    mommy Crystal says

    My child had one of these fits just last night!! And all I could think was am I horrible for wanting to get out without him? In the end he ended up going because dad does not understand why the little one can’t go…..why is it such a big deal? Just let him go…he wants to go out too haha oh the joys of being mommy :)

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  4. 5

    Amber says

    This article describes my sister to a tee. My mom had to quit several jobs because my little sister could not adapt. I was “miss independent” from the time I was born (my mom says I would scream being held, even as a baby haha), and my little brother was fine after he could walk. My mom and sister were inseparable until until she hit middle school.

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  5. 6

    Korey says

    I didn’t believe this was happening in our house until my husband videotaped my daughter having a full blown meltdown when I left. Luckily, for all of us, she has outgrown this stage.

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  6. 7

    cdphelps says

    My kids called me on my cell phone when I was running a race in another state to ask for help with something at the house. When. Daddy. Was. Upstairs. !?!?!?!? It did not occur to them to go upstairs and ask Daddy.

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  7. 9

    Mercy Langille says

    Yes, every time … and daddy, who they beg to stay with them on weekdays, is waiting to play and they want to come shopping with me. I just say no and leave. Shopping is so soothing.

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  8. 11

    Successful Dad says

    Maybe if you didn’t train your kids to be codependent on you this wouldn’t happen. Teach your kids to be self reliant and they won’t be the next generation of entitlement posers. But then you wouldn’t have so much to whine about from behind your iPad keyboard.

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