Why does your vagina have hair? (And other burning questions from my three year old…)


Why Boy

Mommy, why does your vagina have hair?

Mommy, why is your tummy so big if there’s no baby in there?

Mommy, why can’t I stay up all night?

Mommy, why do I have the hiccups?

Mommy, why are there tiny dots on your nose?

Mommy, why can’t I climb on the cabinets?

Mommy, why don’t you like Sponge Bob?

Mommy, why can’t I have cookies for breakfast?

Mommy, why do I have to wash my hands?

Mommy, why are there lines on your forehead?

Mommy, why can’t I sleep in your bed?

Mommy, why does your tushy jiggle when you walk?

Mommy, why don’t you stand up to pee?

Mommy, why do I have to go to school?

Mommy, why can’t I have Goldfish for dinner?

Mommy, why are your legs so prickly?

Mommy, why do I have to brush my teeth?

Mommy, why don’t you have a penis?

Mommy, why do I keep asking why?


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  1. Alison@Mama Wants This says

    At least he has the correct names of your privates assigned to the correct gender.

    I do like the last question. Anyone have an answer to that?

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  2. Suzanne says

    HA! Some of those are really good questions – why CAN’T we all have cookies for breakfast?

    When I was about 3 1/2, my mother took me into a public bathroom with her at a busy rest stop. After she helped me pee, it was her turn. As soon as she pulled down her pants I shouted “MOMMY! WHY ISYOUR BOTTOM IS ALL HAIRY????” at the top of my voice. I’m unsure if she’s ever forgiven me.

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  3. Lady Estrogen says

    I haven’t got to the endless questions yet, but they will point to my boob/stomach area (which pretty much morphs into 1 giant area, let’s face it) and just keep pointing and starring and yelling MOMMY MOMMY MOMMY – I think it’s a mixture of fascination and horror.

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  4. jacqui says

    When will you be posting the answers to these questions? Because I’ve also been wondering why I can’t have goldfish for dinner and why your legs are so prickly.

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    • Jane Filmore says

      We are in the middle of potty training my 3 year old son. He has been trying to get a “look” at me when I pee. He had mentioned the “beard” down there before. He asked me how I pee. I told him that boys and girls are different. And that boys have a pee pee and girls don’t. He then asked to see my pee pee. I know my son and I did not want him to go asking other people to see theirs so I just stood up quickly and showed him, nothing more than what he has already seen when I am changing quickly. Was I wrong? He seemed satisfied. I then told him that it was not ok to ask to see others’ pee pees or to show his to anyone who is not mommy or daddy or the doctor. Does that seem ok? I’m now second guessing my decision and feeling like some kind of horrible mom.

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  5. Nicole {at} Modern Style Mama says

    Being a mom to four boys…my favorite question of them all is…
    Mommy, why does your vagina have hair?

    My top three questions so far have been
    “Mommy, why is your penis so small?”
    “Mommy do girls have their penis cut off when they are born?”
    “Mommy do you pee out of your butt?”

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  6. Vanessa says

    LOL oh the questions! My kids are full of them it freaks me out because a lot of times I really do not know how to answer them so I just say, you guys ask too many questions! That is soo wrong but what can I do?

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  7. Elizabeth Flora Ross says

    OMG this left me in tears! SO funny! And true. My 2.5 yo daughter loves to point out that I have hair on my “whoo whoo.” She thinks it is hysterical. She is also astute enough to note that my nipples are bigger than hers. LOL She also enjoys pointing out the moles on my face.

    She hasn’t asked Why yet, but she also has a speech disorder. I’m sure it’s coming…

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