Why Me?


Last year, Jeff had pneumonia. He was feverish and sore and tired and all around completely miserable. As the doctor gave him instructions for the next few weeks, he pathetically moaned, why me?

I have to sleep alone?

I have to stay home?

I have to be quiet?

What did I do to deserve this, he cried.

Yesterday, I too, was diagnosed with pneumonia after a couple days of feeling crappy culminated in shortness of breath that scared me enough to get my ass to Urgent Care. After my x-rays and blood work, the doctor sternly gave me my orders:

Stay in bed as much as you possibly can. 

Don’t allow your husband or children in the bed with you.

Don’t share food or drinks with anybody.

Take lots of long steam showers.

Talk as little as possible.

Take lots of naps.

Beware that the Tylenol with Codeine will make you “loopy.”

Just do as little as you possibly can for as long as  possible.

Do you have any questions, he asked as he was finishing up my chart.

Yes, I responded, with glee.

Why me? What did I do to deserve this?!


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  1. a Book for My Daughter says

    I wasn’t exactly sure where you were headed with this story, but as soon as I got half-way through your list of things you couldn’t do, it dawned on my that this prognosis definitely has it’s upside.

    Personally, I always know that I need a serious break from my kids and husband when I watch a movie where a character is in jail reading, I actually think to myself “That doesn’t look that bad!” I guess I’m thinking the same thing about your pneumonia.

    I do hope you feel better quickly, but enjoy the quiet and the sleep!

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  2. Kim at Let Me Start By Saying says

    Yay for pneumonia!
    I had bronchitis so bad last winter, and it took me so long to realize I had it (read: didn’t notice I couldn’t breathe), that the doctors made me basically lay around being served like a queen.
    Other than the whole unable-to-breathe thing?
    It was AWESOME.

    Get well soon (or as soon as you feel fully rested & pampered)!

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  3. vanillasugarblog says

    oh momma.
    please take this rest thing seriously ok?
    this pneumonia shit is serious; it’s hard to get rid of if you don’t take care of yourself.
    lots of fresh vit c, not the pills, the fruit dammit.
    feel better and chin up.

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