Moving Forward as a Widow Parent

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It was the night of January 3rd, 2013 and, suddenly, I was a widow with a four-month-old son. I was now a widow parent to an infant when just a few weeks ago my entire world seemed so hopeful.

I tried to fall back into the life I had, but it seemed impossible. Daily tasks that once seemed simple were now arduous.  Making dinner, which was once one of my favorite pastimes, was like climbing a mountain.  Bathing my newborn was difficult and going food shopping welled me up with tears. Not only did I lose my life partner, but also my son would now never know his father. I went to work each day only to come home and sit in my bedroom each day silently crying.  I didn’t know how to take the next step.

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As months went by, I realized that something needed to change. I didn’t want my son to grow up in a house strewn with sadness; I wanted him to see that tragedy can transform into strength. So I walked out of bedroom and made a plan for my family.

I asked for help: Asking for help is something I always had trouble with. I want to be known as someone who can handle it all without a second pair of hands. My mother lives in my house so she helped me with daycare.  I was afraid that now as a single parent, my son would be raised by someone in a daycare facility that I don’t even know.  My 71-year-old mother took care of my son every day while I was busy at work in an ad agency and kept an eye on him as I worked online from home.  I couldn’t have financially made ends meet without my mother’s help.

I asked questions: My late husband’s family is like my own.  They know things about my husband that I never learned and they can relay those stories to my kid as he grows up.  His spirit remains alive in my son and through the stories they have told me, the pictures they have shown me and the videos that I have now seen. I also now have two sets of extra parents with my sister- and brother-in-laws and a bunch of cousins that playfully surround him every time they see him.

I give up feeling guilty: All parents, especially single parents, feel guilty about not being a good enough parent and not being present enough. As a widowed parent, I feel this in droves! My jobs leave me little time to spend with my son, but I know when he is not with me, he is with people who care for him immensely.

I started to take care of myself: More than anything, I want my son to live in a positive household, which is difficult. I am obviously sad and feel a piece of me is missing, so I made my mental health a priority.  I started going to weekly therapy and recently joined a widows’ support group.  Taking care of myself can only help my son so he sees his mom as a strong person who triumphs over adversity.  This example will hopefully show him how to do the same, as he gets older.

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I let myself lose control: I was the person who wants to be control and plan everything meticulously. Before my husband passed, we moved into a new house and I planned out everything from the dreadful mortgage process to the labor and the actual moving. The thing is: nothing went as planned.  Every single thing went wrong.  As with many homeowners, the mortgage process took quadruple the amount of time it should have. We had our baby two weeks early, one day before we were about to close on the house.  And we had to move in the new house a couple of days after my C-section.  Four months later, my husband was gone and I sat in our house alone with my son and now had an outrageously high mortgage on a single-person income.

So, now I take things day by day. I carve out time to be with my son—even if it’s just him coming with me to Trader Joe’s every Saturday, which he seems to love. I have small outings for just us. And I do things that will instill his father’s spirit. A couple weeks ago, I brought my son to a Brooklyn feast, one that his dad went to each year. It was unsettling. For a minute, I felt like a three-legged table; I wished that my son would be able to walk down the crowded feast street with his dad holding hands. But he just has me instead… and that’s ok.

About the writer

Natalie Altieri is a New York-based writer and a mom to her 2-year-old son John. She is a contributor to and has written for Daytime TV Magazine, Video Age International, Pop Photo and Yachting.


asha 6 months ago

Hi there. I just got married dec of 2014 and got pregnant immediately husband died May 2015, i was 5 months son is now 1 month old and i am totally struggling taking care of him alone.i am also getting sick from all the exhaustion of taking care of him and am afraid to get my baby sick as well :(

My situation may be very different from urs because right after the wedding i found out my husband was abusive. A month before he got sick he admitted to me that he hangs out w/ gays and does drugs w/ them. A month after he died his doctors told me he actually had aids. My baby and i are lucky as i tested negative,hence, my baby will not get it as well.during the time when my husband was critically sick i vowed that i will forget everything and forgive him and start fresh as long as he survives his sickness.after he died i was so gets worse evryday.what actually helped me recover was when i found out afterwards he had aids.this is because i kind of hated him after finding that out.there is some hate but of course i still live him more. It is very hard.i dont know why these things have to happen to us.

Melanie 1 year ago

I always thought divorce would be my greatest enemy, then cancer took my husband. My daughter turned 14 only 6 days before he died. I’ve made it almost 2 years. It took a long time to crawl out of the darkness that had enveloped me. Still trying to pull my daughter out of it. You never know what will happen in life and when the last time will be that you get to hold someone.
Immediately, I started trying to make life happy for her but, it was like climbing a mountain. Every day tasks exhausted me. We do the best we can and that’s all we can do as widows. Best of luck to you.

joseph muhoro 1 year ago

great lady, may God help.

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Chrissy Rameika-Ortiz 2 years ago

Omg i can’t imagine. Some womens’ (and mens) strength astonishes me. I hope i never have to try to be as strong as these women commenting and in the article. God bless you all!

Tashie Dawn 2 years ago

My husband died when our youngest was three months old. I threw myself into work, two jobs, and booze for about six months before I was able to get a grip. I had family/friends who helped with my kids while I was lost. I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful man about two years later, and he not only joined into a mix up and broken family willingly and cheerfully, but pushed me to move forward in ways I never dreamed possible. And I learned that life must move forward, not only for your kids, but yourself as well. We don’t forget those we’ve loved and lost, but its okay to move forward, find love, and be happy, and still honor the life and memories of those you’ve lost.

Osielymm 2 years ago

its crazy how your life changes in one second. its been 4 weeks since my husband of 10 yrs passed away. I have 4 yr old and a 23 month old. 2 BOYS. the hardest part is staying strong for the kids. I have my good days and my super sad depressing days. Its like a void that cannot be filled. this article is so true. I cannot live sad and depress forever my intentions are to provide fond memories of their dad and to create new happy memories about us. I see my husband spirit in both my kids that gives me comfort I see the role of wife has been elimated so now I have more energy and time for my kids. I enjoyed being a wife and a mom. Now Im just a Mom. And will do my best at being a mom to my 2 boys,meaning I have to be energetic and healthy to keep up with them and to always expose them to the good things the world has to offer. Show them family is important.


britney 2 years ago

My son was 6 and my twin daughters were one month old when they came home from the NICU. They were home for one week when my fiance was killed in an accident at work. He was out of state when it happened and never met his newborn twins. Its been almost 2 years (August 28th) and its still something i struggle through everyday. Losing him was the worst and hardest thing ive ever dealt with and i dont feel like ill ever be the same person again. In a way im thankful the girls were so young because they didnt have to struggle with losing him like me and my son did. But i hate that they will never know their father. Without even realizing it i was dealing with depression and anger every day. Recently, though, ive realized that he would have hated for me to waste my life like that. I made a conscious decision to move on and to be happy and to do all the things we wanted to do and would have done for our kids. Im taking the love i had for him and putting it to my family and our home. Ill never stop missing him but i try to tell myself its pointless to miss him and i should be grateful for the time we had.

Elizabeth Groulx 2 years ago

It’s nice to hear about other widowed mothers. Reminds me that I’m not alone.

Gadija Abrahams Chothia 2 years ago

O this story made me cry! :(

Jake Burns 2 years ago

Hats off to you Nat.

Melissa Lee Sneed 2 years ago

my husband killed in car wreck when our son was 2.. now he 15. its been hard at times its not the life I had planned for us but its a life that we adjusted and made work for us.

Cassandra Dunseath 2 years ago

Thank you so much for posting this. My daughters father who wasn’t my husband died as well. However he passed away while I was pregnant with her and has never held or met her. I have remained strong and hate the fact that many people say I moved on too fast. I am with someone now because of the fact that my daughter deserves a physical father on earth. She is still too little to know about her father but I show her pictures of him and she kisses him. Again this blog and story touched my heart and I wanted to say thank you

Emiley Simpson 2 years ago

Wow. That really touched me. I’m a widow as well. Our daughter was 2 when my husband passed. Now she has just started 6th grade. And we’re still truckin’. Best wishes.

Donna Lawrence 2 years ago

I lost my husband 6 months ago yesterday. My boys are now 3 5 & 14. He was only 36.

Jesse Gruenwald 2 years ago

When my husband died having to look at my kids and tell them, was the hardest thing I have ever had to do, I was like mommy has something to tell you come sit down and the excitement on their faces waiting for the big Disneyland trip or puppy announcement was just beaming from them and I kept thinking here I am about to break their hearts for the first time when It should have be a first crush or the first bad grade just something small to ease them in to this kind of pain…. and here we are a year later and they are doing what kids do best !! They have taught me how move forward to have gratitude and to know the real meaning of forgiveness. I hope I am doing as much for them as they are for me!! Cheers to all of you and your strength I hope it only gets stronger!!

Susan 2 years ago

I could have written this. My husband took his life without any warning in June 2013. My kids were 11 months and almost 5. I’m sad for my kids in different ways – my daughter is heartbroken over missing daddy and my son will never know his daddy. This was always such a fear and when I heard of such things, I wondered how the person goes on, but somehow you do, especially for the kids. I wonder what my life would be like if I didn’t have the kids. I’ve had to keep going and take care of my kids and if they weren’t here, I might be a serious mess staying in bed all day, destructive behavior, etc. Like the article said, every simple task is a struggle and every day is exhausting. I can’t make dinner fast enough, everyone wants something yesterday, shopping is like a circus, and I feel like I never get a break. I am very fortunate to have great family and friends so I’ve been able to have some alone time and I even took a short vacation with friends this summer. I’ve learned that I need to takes breaks in order to be a good mom to my kids. Stressed out, exhausted, irritable mom is no good.

Cathy Hoogeboom 2 years ago

My husband died unexpectedly when I was 27 and my kids were 1, 3, and 6. It was crazy. My family lives 1000 miles away. But we are all better than we were and are happy again in a new, different life. I have nothing but respect for anyone who has endures this type of tragedy BC it is way way harder than it even seems.

Agnes 2 years ago

My husband (now ex) did not pass away but rather chose to commit a crime when my son (now 9) was 15 months old, leaving me to raise him by myself. My son has had no contact with his father since and never will. I know my situation is nothing like yours but I totally understand everything you’re saying. You have my complete respect.

Stephanie 2 years ago

All the best to you and your son. I’m so sorry for your loss.

Kali 2 years ago

I was widowed 26 months ago when our daughter was only 4 months old as well. It was sudden and unexpected. I have been lucky to have lots of help from family and friends but it’s not the same. I don’t think the sadness will ever leave

Kelly Brady 2 years ago

Nobody can. I’ve been a widow for 3 years 1 month and 6 days.

Sandi McNutt 2 years ago

Some widows / widowers are lucky to have found the strength to carry on life for the love of our children. It is NOT an easy road to travel, but somehow you can find the strength to persevere. Hang in there the best you can to all that are faced with this unfortunate journey in their lives.

Jessica Irvine 2 years ago

Heavens bless all the widows who have posted. My mom was widowed suddenly, and all of us had it hard, but we are all ok and we love our mom very much. As a mom myself, I have deep respect for how she just kept going – for and because of me and my sisters. She wasn’t perfect, but she was AMAZING nonetheless. You all have my unwavering respect.

Kathy Silveira Levesque 2 years ago

My son was 7 and my daughter was 1 month shy of 3 when my husband died 3 and half years ago. We have been so lucky to have support and love family friends and other resources for bereaved families. Sure there are days that are incredibly hard but the three of us have carved out a happy little life. I promised Brian I would try to give them everything we had hoped to in life and the main thing was always love and happiness. I think I have given them that for the most part.

Susan Burns 2 years ago

This year will be 11 years since my husband died. I was six months pregnant with our miracle son. We tried so hard to have kids, Brian would have been 43 and I was 37 when our son was born. It is a very tough journey, but it does get better. This won’t happen to everyone, but I did meet a great guy and he is proud to call my son his son. There are times when I have to reflect on Brian, but Chris deals with it. I still have my moments of just breaking down and crying, but not as much. To the newly widowed moms, it does get better.

Mel Hopkins-Staples 2 years ago

My son was 3 when my husband died. It’s tough an hard and will always feel like a constant battle. You can only do your best and I can say day by day I’m stronger and my son and I are happy xx

Kristy Pennington 2 years ago

These stories are heartbreaking. I cannot imagine summoning that amount of strength. My heart goes out to you. ❤️

Yas Reid 2 years ago

Painful. I can’t imagine having everything you want and then the following day it’s stolen from you without any notice. I went through a similar experience, but it was because I made a choice. I chose a future for my son over his fathers’ addiction filled reality. I just wanted what so many seemed to have. I wanted my son to experience a great male role model. I wanted him to be his best friend! Instead he got me and that’s ok. But it’s still one of the hardest things I see when a son is hanging with his dad doing “men” things. I smile and I look away sometimes. Then I remember what this was all for. I can never understand the pain of losing that best friend, father, and role model, but I can only hope that we all find the strength and courage to raise these little ones in the best memory of them! ✌️

Jennie Reis 2 years ago


Noemi 2 years ago

I too lost my dear husband when I was 3 months pregnant. I went from being the happiest person in the world, being pregnant with our first child… to being the saddest and unhappiest person on the plant. I tried my best not to mourn as much during my pregnancy, I did not want to feed that negative energy to my baby, I did not want to risk my baby being a sad baby, I did mourn after giving birth.

I am happy to say that almost 8 years later she is the happiest and most loving little girl ever (with a slight temper… well ok a really big temper LOL) but after all of my dispair, saddness, depresion, not eating or sleeping for the longest, and panicking ($$$) we have stood strong along with my and his family and friends by our side. I will forever miss him, she will forever miss having her dad which she loves, even though they have never met… but we are a couple of string gals and we will keep on going as long as we are blessed to wake up every morning.

Many hugs to all.

Jamie Gray 2 years ago

Wow tears!! Amazing strength!

Laura 2 years ago

Thank you for writing this. Sadly this happens way too often. My husband died in 2009 and our son was 3 months old at the time. I thought I was the only widow with a baby and turns out that was the farthest thing from the truth. It was a huge struggle to grieve and raise a baby on my own and many times I just wanted to crawl in a hole. Like you, I sought out support and therapy and it has helped immensely. I understand the bittersweetness of doing things with your child that you were supposed to do with your husband. Little steps will get you through. My son is 5 now and it took me awhile to accept that I was enough for him. He’s happy and healthy and silly and full of love and like is Daddy in every way. Again, thank you for sharing.

Viviana Capella 2 years ago

hats off for u ladies…you are very strong and inspiring women. God forgive, if one day I go thru this, dont know if i could handle it the way you do, I guess God gives us parents the strenght we need. You are inspiring.

Andria Menges 2 years ago

My son was 2 months old when his father took his own life, reading this helped me remember how I got through the bad times, and to know it really is okay if he only has me, I am so sorry for your loss, but appreciate that you brought awareness to other people, and support to me. Thank you.

Maritza Orozco-Ramos 2 years ago

This is so sad!

Aimee Walling Badtke 2 years ago

My Daughter’s Father passed away when she was 7. It hasn’t been easy, many other family members have passed since and others have come in and out of our lives. Now she is 13 and we are very close. She is strong and independent and couldn’t be prouder. It all comes down to letting your child see you cry & be scared but also letting them be apart of the recovery & healing. Don’t give up and don’t forget to let yourself be happy again.

Betsy Argentieri 2 years ago

I was 13 when I lost my mother, and now I’m a mother to two sons. When you lose someone like a parent, when you become one this is your worst fear. I honestly balled my eyes out reading this, but good for her! Setting the example for her son! I can’t imagine what that’s like, but I know how it is knowing everything you’re missing out on with one parent gone. Seriously don’t have enough tissue :( my dad did an amazing job raising us alone, you single parents are heroes

Colleen Acker 2 years ago

You are so strong to share your story and to carry on with such courage and positivity. I am in awe.

anonymous 2 years ago

My best friend past away a month after having her 4th baby. Her fiance was forced to take on the challenge of dealing with this horrible tragedy and caring for his 6 kids ages 1 month, 6 yrs, 8 yrs, 11 year and his two from a previous marriage 17yrs and 18 yrs. I have to say he is an amazing father and has really worked hard to keep everything going as normal as possible and keep them happy. He reached out to others for help and made things work. I know its very hard on him and I have stepped in to babysit the baby while he is at work, taking the kids to school in the morning and taking them to fun events like birthday parties and such. while others say Im doing a good job helping out I just feel like its not enough, because no one can fill the void she left behind. Sometimes I feel guilty when I’m spending time with the kids because I know it should be HER doing it. I end up thinking how I would be willing to give up seeing these special amazing kids for the rest of my life just to have her back and have her enjoying them instead. So I love them as my own and try my best be there for the family. I know she is looking down on them and help guiding us all.. and making sassy remarks on the silliness of my emotions :)

April Greg Jones 2 years ago

I have the biggest lump in my throat

Serena Adkins 2 years ago

My daughter was 2 1/2 and I was 8 months pregnant with my son when he passed. This article touches on just a little of the heartache we’ve faced since April 2013..

Christina Salcedo 2 years ago

Awe! That story is amazing and so sad. :(

Elena Wishnack 2 years ago


Attie Lordan 2 years ago

My heart goes out to all of and I am in awe of all of you. Your strength is inspiring.

Lisa Hunter 2 years ago

I’m on the other side…my dad died at 34 & my mom was left to raise me 10 wks old, my two brothers 7 & 10…my mom raised us to make sure we knew my dad’s side even though we lived far away & always made sure I knew who he was since I wouldn’t know him

Kate M Shannon 2 years ago

My biggest fear. I think about how I probably wouldn’t be strong enough to take care of our girl if anything happened to my husband. He’s my other half, we grew up together. My conclusion usually falls to having his mother take care of her and checking myself into a psyche ward (at least until I could face the world again). It’d be the only responsible thing I could think of, and even thinking about it makes me want to cry.

Jessica Shields Wywierowski 2 years ago

My husband is currently home with hospice. We have a 4 year old and I am due with another in November. Thanks for this article…helps to realize I am not alone in this journey.

Anna Stewart Sauce 2 years ago

Stay strong! I know from experience that this journey of solo parenting is tough. I hope joyful days find their way into your life soon.

Billy Bob 2 years ago

Not even going to read the article

Jennifer Jamison 2 years ago

My husband passed away from cancer a few months ago. Our son will be 2 in a few months. This story just shares a fraction of the pain….

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 2 years ago

Not reading this out of sheer lack if desire to bawl hysterically. I don’t want to even consider the loss if my husband before our son could truly remember him.

Jessica Cheyenne Chapman 2 years ago

My husband died suddenly when he was 26 years old. Our kids were 2, 3 and 5.

Savvy Salino 2 years ago

blessings & positivity to all of you <3

Stephanie 2 years ago

My mom became a widow at 27 with 3 kids under 4 and a 4th born 3 weeks after my Dad passed away from Melanoma. He was only 28, I was 4. For those Moms dealing with this now- stay strong, love yourself, love your kids and know that each day will get better, a little bit at a time.

Michelle 2 years ago

I am sending all of you hugs and positive thoughts. You are incredibly brave and amazing mothers. Wish no one in this world would have to suffer this

Christin Chambers 2 years ago

That is so heartbreaking.

Hanna Imran 2 years ago

My prayers are with you all. I can’t even imagine the pain.

Tina Shive 2 years ago

Omg I can’t imagine continuing without Scott Robert Shive II. I feel like I’m strong but there is no way to be prepared for that.

Elizabeth Kordek 2 years ago

I didn’t kill me
It actually made me a better patent on a lot of ways
Especially not having to be as scared of his threats and crap

Clarissa 2 years ago

This is my biggest fear ever… as a stay at home mom with only job skill (one that paid so little that it wasn’t worth me working) I worry about this a lot, I try to remind myself that I could do it if necessary it just wouldn’t be fun

Mason 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing what your life has been like since your husband passed. I can’t even imagine. Hugs from your former boss!

Kara Salacki 2 years ago

Jen Clements- this is worth the read.

Sofia Nolasco 2 years ago

Scary mommy is killing me . So sad =(

Jessica Herzog 2 years ago

Omg… Crying giant tears right now. What a strong woman and mother. Really makes you thankful for what you have. Thanks for sharing ❤️

Maria Sandström 2 years ago

This happened to me in april 2008. Our daughter lost her father and I lost my husband who also was my soulmate and best friend. There will never be anyone like him. Someone’s greatest fear is my reality.

Tiffany Thatcher 2 years ago

I lost my husband to suicide when my boys were 4&6. The only reason I kept going was because my kids needed me. My boys still struggle with their grief and it’s been 4yrs. It’s been a struggle but it’s brought us closer. We’re survivors.

    Shawna Parrish 2 years ago

    My very best friend’s wife was lost due to suicide when their son was 6 months old. He is an amazing father to a wonderful 3.5 year old. He has tons of struggles but he always pulls through. I only wish I lived closer to help more than being on the other end of the phone.

SK 2 years ago

I have no words. My husband travels for work and I have this intense fear he’s just not going to come home one day and this will be me.

You are so strong to be able to make your situation work, feel good about your decisions and put yourself as a priority as well. It sounds like you have an amazing support system!

I hope you the best with your son!

Amber Nicole 2 years ago

My dad died when I was 6 months old. My mom was my hero! She was a single mom till I was 9 and worked so hard to put food on the table for me and my 3 siblings. My heart goes out to all of you moms going through this. I hope to never know your pain.

Kerrie Ray 2 years ago

I feel every bit of your struggle. My husband committed suicide when my girls were 3 and 5 after a major struggle with depression after struggling with the loss of his son after getting hit by a car 4 years prior. I also had just been diagnosed with a brain tumor which I had removed 6 months previous. I could barely brush my own teeth and shower, let alone take care of my kids. The best thing you can do is take care of yourself and show your kids how strong you are. Plans never work out so go with the flow and take everything one day at a time! Love and well wishes to you :)

    Tara 2 years ago

    Kerrie, you have more strength in your pinkie than I will ever have in my entire lifetime. My heart goes out to you! You are amazing!

Katherine Casey Govoro 2 years ago

My biggest fear.

Mary Dunn Lardiere 2 years ago

You are all so incredibly strong. My dear friend is going through the same with twins. It’s beyond heartbreaking but we are always there for her.

Monique Gutierrez 2 years ago

So sorry for your loss, I seen my mother go through that when I was 4yrs, she was 7months pregnant when my father passed, and stood single for another 5yrs, strong woman, you have to be. Very much respected

Lori Sp 2 years ago

You ladies are incredibly strong and inspirational. I’m so sorry for your losses, lots of love and happiness to you all!

Liz Robertson DeVanie Morrison 2 years ago

I have been there! Lost my husband when my daughter was 18 months and my son was 3 weeks old! Thankfully through God’s help, I made it through that time in my life!

Mary Vineyard Archer 2 years ago

I am a widowed Mom with five kids… thank you for this post… being a single parent is amplified 100X as a widow(er).. reading this was like taking words from my own mouth.. while I’m not as far as this lovely lady, I am a work in progress…. hugs to my other widower parents, and to whoever wrote and posted this… thank you

Kayla Nicole Brunner 2 years ago

Mine passed when I was 19 and my son was two months old. I grew up quickly.

Jenny Kruschke 2 years ago

Oh my. I couldn’t even imagine.

Carey Reid 2 years ago

Your story brought tears to my eyes and chills down my body. I can’t imagine going through that. Thank you for sharing your story.

Rachel Willis 2 years ago

Thank you for sharing your story. I too became a widow. My husband lost his cancer battle January 5th 2013.
It’s hard coming out of the daze and sudden bursts of grief that comes in waves. We were married for 16 years (high school sweet hearts)
I was left with our then 16 year old daughter and 4 year old son.
I did try dating someone exclusively and I ended up pregnant. He didn’t stay with me past my 3rd month in pregnancy.
We find strength in the moment we feel like we can’t keep going.
If you would like to have someone to talk to feel free to email me.
All the best to you and your son!

Laurel Larson-Kennedy 2 years ago

My kids were 1 and 5 and it was sudden. Not how I intended on starting my 30’s. But you make it you find it within you to do it. I had friends and family that helped and loved me thru my crazy time (aka early grief). Once I let myself go of the guilt for my kids not having their dad anymore and guilt over my husband dying life started to get better. And everyday I rise I get up with the intent to show my kids no matter what happens you keep going and living and that is how we honor their father.

Melissa Sprouse Gormley 2 years ago

One strong Momma! <3 <3

Ellen Smith 2 years ago

My husband died on the day my son turned 13 months old. My girls were 5, 4 & 2. It was unexpected and devistating. I use to say I has no choice but to carry on. I’ve come to realize I was selling my self short. I could have easily fallen into dispare but instead choose to do my best to give our children a joyful childhood. They will face enough without their Dad by their side, I don’t want to make it worse. Its been a long 20 months since that fatal day, but we are carrying on with as much joy as we can.

Fredrika Re 2 years ago

Been there

Teri Buentello 2 years ago

I felt like I had written this article . I lost my husband to cancer two and a half years ago and I was left with two young special needs kids which I love immensely but couldn’t shake the feelings of panic , fear , being alone and simply having to be responsible for two children on my own . That is something no one understands unless they’ve gone through it . Thank you , it’s comforting to know there are other people who can relate and that guilt plays no part in trying to be happy , moving on .

Shannon Knox 2 years ago

This was so heartbreaking. I’m secretly terrified of this happening to me.

Rhonda Scoby 2 years ago

My baby yr and half when my husband died. Not sure who has it hardest my youngest or my oldest. Situation sucks all the way around. All widows with babies have my prayers

Sara Hawkes 2 years ago

my worst nightmare…losing my husband or my children

Vanessa Reynders 2 years ago


Kimberley Andrews 2 years ago

I lost my husband when my eldest was 2 and then found out I was pregnant.
I constantly felt like I was being looked at to begin with.
But like the woman who wrote this, I too didn’t want my boys growing up in an unhappy, living in the past home.
A weight lifted the day I decided to live again

    Mar211 2 years ago

    Bless you! My mother had a 3 and 5 year old when my father died. Your kids will see you as a pillar of strength and will appreciate you very much! I know I admire my mother’s strength. God Bless.


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