ByEmily Weaver

I Tried Every Trader Joe’s Salad Kit. Here’s How I Rank The Top 10.

I used to hate salad kits... until I went to Trader Joe’s.

Bookworms, Unite!
ByDeirdre Kaye

PSA: Barnes & Noble Is Giving Kids Free Books Again This Summer

Well, this is even better than a free pizza.

Attention, Potterheads
ByDeirdre Kaye

Is A Harry Potter & The Cursed Child Movie Really On The Way?

The trailer circulating on social media is pretty convincing.

A Parenting Poll
ByAllison Kenien

I Asked, Parents Answered: What Are The Unwritten Rules Tweens & Teens Should Know?

From consent to conversation skills, the responses cover a lot of ground.

one, two, three!
BySarah Aswell

This Summer, I'm Always Jumping In

What if I reclaimed a child’s attitude for swimming, just for one summer?

Why Is It So Hard?!
ByKatie Arnold-Ratliff

How To Conquer The Eternal Struggle Of Making Mom Friends

You’re constantly tired, sick, busy, overwhelmed — and you’re supposed to socialize? Well, yes, if you want to stay sane. Here’s how to pull it off.

$$$ Talks

My Husband Is The Breadwinner & It's Killing My Sex Drive

When we both worked, our sex life was great. Now that I’m financially dependent on him, I no longer desire sex with him.

Full acceptance
ByDiana Park

My Gen Z Kids Don’t Need Anybody Telling Them How To Live

Sometimes their confidence can be annoying. But look how far we’ve come from our toxic childhoods.

Blessed Be The Football
ByDeirdre Kaye

Watch These Women Hilariously Roast Harrison Butker In Their Viral “I’m A Chiefs Fan” Skit

Don’t worry; they got permission from their husbands to post it! 😏

Interesting 🤔
ByBrianne Hogan

I Keep Hearing About A Therapy Called Brainspotting. Is It Legit Or Bogus?

It’s most often used for treating psychological trauma.

ByJulie Sprankles

One Of Your Favorite '90s Child Stars Now Writes Nostalgic Romance Novels With His Wife

Danny Tamberelli starred in hits like The Adventures of Pete & Pete, All That, and The Mighty Ducks.

New Favorite Bookmark
ByNat Hrvatin

Alert: Costco Has A Secret Shopping Site That Can Save You Money On Big Brands

Baggallini, Viking, and more... up to 50% off?!

BySarah Aswell

People Are Sharing Pictures Of Costco Food Court Menus From Around The World

Be prepared to be angry and jealous and hungry all at the same time.

school days
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Wonders Why So Many Parents Opt Out Of Their Kids Taking The School Bus

"Why do you do parent pick up and drop off every single day?"

need one
BySarah Aswell

Venus Williams Has Her Own Barbie Doll Now

The tennis great is one of nine athletes who have been transformed into Barbie dolls by Mattel.

ByEmma Coburn

'I'm So Sick Of Parenting My Mother And Mother In Law'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 15 parents vent about childbirth, quitting smoking, marrying the wrong person, and more.

make yourself a priority
BySamm Davidson

I’ve Been Busy Taking Care Of Everyone Else & Now I Have 6 Friggin’ Cavities

And I feel guilt and shame about it, on top of everything else.

get outside
ByKelly Faircloth

12 Essentials That Live In My Pool Bag All Summer Long

Unless it's time for a trip through the washing machine, they stay there.

Just... Why?!
ByArielle Tschinkel

What To Do If Your Pet Is Treating Cicada Season Like An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

A vet talks possible side effects (and getting Doggo to chill).

No Days Off
ByMorgan Music

Dustin Nickerson Totally Nails What Saturdays Are Like For Parents

Comedian Dustin Nickerson’s take on the day where the difference between parents and non-parents is the most obvious.

Great, thanks
ByArielle Tschinkel

Why TF Do I Look So Ugly Around My Period?

Say hello to luteal phase symptoms.

what goes around...
ByKatie Garrity

A Dad & Teacher Has Nailed The Inspiration For The Most Popular Tween Boy's Haircut Right Now

“The Shawn Hunter/ Devin Sawa is back and I’m living for it.”

hard watch
ByKatie Garrity

The Dad Is Totally To Blame For The Half Marathon Mom Ignoring Her Kids


Take Note
ByDeirdre Kaye

What Is “Right Of First Refusal”? Why This Clause Should Be In Your Custody Agreement

What parents getting divorced should know, say experts.

break time
ByKelly Faircloth

11 Work-From-Home Snacks To Brighten Up Your Day

I've worked from home, off and on, for more than a decade. Here's what I keep in my kitchen.

school's in
ByAshley Ziegler

I Love My Kids’ Year-Round School, Especially In the Summer

Trust me, I was as shocked as can be.

Sad Grad
ByMorgan Music

Dad Skips Son's Graduation To Attend Stepdaughter's Award Ceremony

When he rejects his father’s offer to “celebrate another time,” his stepmother’s reaction left him questioning, “Am I The A**hole?”

you're killing me smalls!
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Can’t Wait For Her Son’s "Sandlot Summer" After He Befriended Neighborhood Kids

“I feel like a mom in a ‘90s nostalgia film.”

old dad, new tricks
ByKatie Garrity

This Man Wonders If He’s "Dumb" For Thinking Of Having Kids In His Late 30s

"I don't want to be a geriatric dad, but I don't feel like I'm old?"

We Asked An Expert
ByArielle Tschinkel

Do You Spend Double On Twin Birthday Gifts, Or... What’s The Etiquette Here?

How to ease the sting on your wallet while celebrating twin siblings equally.

ByTeam Scary Mommy

The Absolute Best Costco Meals & Meal Hacks

We asked, you answered.

Reunion Vibes
ByDeirdre Kaye

Reba McEntire Has A New Sitcom On The Way — & “Barbra Jean” Will Be There, Too

Happy’s Place is set to premiere on NBC this fall.

as if we need a reason
BySarah Aswell

Target Is Reducing Prices On 5,000 Items, Starting Now

The move may be aimed at winning back shoppers feeling the strain of inflation and high prices.

more of this
ByKatie Garrity

This Dad Wakes Up Every Saturday With His Daughters To Give His Wife The Best Morning Ever

Several TikTok users praised him for being a present and contributing partner.

leave it alone
ByKatie Garrity

Woman Wonders If She's In The Wrong After Telling Her Sister-In-Law To Brush Her Kids' Hair

Her SIL said she shouldn’t speak on parenting when she is “childless.”

Expert Advice
ByArielle Tschinkel

What To Do When Your Kid Is Terrified Of Flying — And Your Family Travel Depends On It

Your guide to navigating this common, totally normal fear.

dare to dream
ByJen Swetzoff

What This Kids’ Movie Taught Me About The Power Of Imagination

Turns out, I got the message loud and clear, too.

ByEmma Coburn

'Public School Is Ruining My Child'

In the latest Confessions roundup, 17 parents vent about 2-year-olds, meal planning, dating post-divorce, and more.

hamster wheel
ByKatie Bingham-Smith

I Can’t Stop Overthinking Everything. This Trick Helps.

I’d been sitting around obsessing about things I couldn’t control and stuck in a spiral of feeling sorry for myself.

"Why Does My Heart Cry?"
ByMorgan Flaherty

23 Years Ago, This Tragic-Love Musical Defined My Preteen Years

I had to know if the fever-dreamy film held up.

nothing wrong here
ByDeeDee Moore

Cut The Boomer Grandparents A Little Slack

I know, I know — but hear me out.

We're In
ByCarly Caramanna

What Is Pixar Fest At Disneyland? It’s Giving “Summer Vacation”

Coco, Monsters, Inc., Turning Red... Disneyland’s biggest festival yet stars your favorite Pixar characters.

Please, and Thank You
ByCandace Nagy

I Make These 8 “Lazy” Trader Joe’s Dinners On Repeat

They’re cheap, easy, and a hit with the kids (and my wallet).

her way or the highway
ByKatie Garrity

New Mom Shares Detailed PowerPoint Of Rules For Meeting Her Baby

“If they don’t like it, too bad.”

ByKrystal Martinez

14 RV Families To Inspire Your Travel Adventures

“Livin’ in a van, down by the river” has never sounded better, TBH.

Sending To Partner, STAT
ByArielle Tschinkel

A Therapist Shares The Red Flags Your MIL Is Toxic AF

No toxic MILs allowed, only “Toxic” by Britney Spears.

now do pacific cooler
BySarah Aswell

Capri Sun Will Be Available Outside The Pouch For The First Time Ever

You can now buy the juice by the jug.

ByKatie Garrity

Mom Asks For Advice After Another Mom Uninvited Her Daughter To A Birthday Party

She claims her daughter accidentally gave out “too many” invites.

Prepare Yourself
ByCheryl Maguire

The Season Of Pool Lounge Chair Turf Wars Is Upon Us

After having a run-in with a “chair hog” on a recent trip, I asked experts for the scoop on proper poolside etiquette.

the more things change...
ByDiana Park

Gen Z Parties Totally Different Than We Did

For one thing, going out in pajamas and slippers is the norm.

no no no

Let Me Tell You Something About Being A Little League Mom

I’m not here to sugar-coat this.

A Nostalgic Fave
BySabienna Bowman

The Wizards of Waverly Place Sequel Is Coming To The Disney Channel & Yes, Alex Is Back

Selena Gomez is set to guest star in and executive produce the continuation of the Disney Channel classic.

Speak On It, Sis
ByDeirdre Kaye

This Woman Nails Why The Post-Divorce “Glow-Up” Is Real

There are three types of men/husbands, she explains.

i will eat the whole thing right now
BySarah Aswell

Costco Has Unleashed A 3.5 Pound Banana Cream Pie Upon The World

Here are the early reviews.

too far?
ByKatie Garrity

California Bill Targets 'Sephora Tweens' With Skincare Ban For Children Under 13

"Kids don’t need anti-aging products."

where's the red flag guy
ByKatie Garrity

Husband Wonders If He's In The Wrong For Constantly Seeking Parenting Advice From His Mom

He says his wife is “frequently offended” by his actions.

F*cking Finally
ByJulie Sprankles

Yellowjackets Season 3 Is Officially Filming After What Felt Like 19 Months In The Wilderness

“We know you’re starving...”

The Kids Are Alright
ByMorgan Music

Mom Explains The Concept Of "Coming Out" To Her Gen Alpha Kids

H'oh Boy
ByCandace Nagy

What’s Golden Child Syndrome? If You Have More Than One Kid, It Should Be On Your Radar

Don't worry; it doesn't happen overnight.

Money Matters
ByAlexandra Frost

How Can I Teach My Kids How Expensive Birthdays Feel Without Being A Total Buzzkill?

From $1000 phones to Stanleys and blow-out bashes, big kid birthdays these days come with big price tags.

book to screen
BySabienna Bowman

The Chicken Sisters Is Coming To Hallmark As A TV Series

Reese Witherspoon made the bestselling KJ Dell'Antonia novel one of her book club picks in 2020.

ByAllie Jones

Ilana Glazer Is Late For Toddler Yoga

The comedian and star of Babes thinks parenthood is bliss — until it’s time to get her toddler out of the house.

Breathe & Reboot
ByDeirdre Kaye

A Therapist Has A PSA For Parents Of Kids With Big Feelings: You Cannot “Fix” This

It’s time to talk about coping skills.

party pooper?
BySamm Davidson

I Wanna Have Fun, But I Just Don't Know How

It’s not them. It’s most definitely me.

what i know now

I Refuse To Make My Kids Ashamed Of Masturbation

Somehow I felt that I was doing something wrong or at least doing something I couldn’t talk about.

Expert Advice
ByBrianne Hogan

Thinking Of Getting Your IUD Removed? Here’s Your Quick & Painless (Well, Almost) Guide

OB-GYNs share what you can expect.

Let's goooooo
ByCarly Caramanna

11 Tips For First-Time Visitors To Disneyland, From Someone Who’s Been Hundreds Of Times

Don’t let your hard-earned Disney dollars be in vain.

good question
ByKatie Garrity

TikTok Girl Dad Seeks Advice On Which Public Bathroom To Take His Daughter Into

Several moms chimed in with their opinions.

It's Pink... & Scented!
BySabienna Bowman

A Legally Blonde Prequel Series Is Coming To Prime Video & Introducing A Teenage Elle Woods

Elle is set to “bend and snap” viewers back to the '90s.

this guy sucks
ByKatie Garrity

K.C. Chiefs Kicker Spews Hate Against Women At Commencement Speech

Harrison Butker also went after abortion, IVF, and the LGBT+ community.

ByKate Auletta

Jessica Biel Talks Raising Her Sons To Understand Periods, Music & More

Plus, she explained the epsom salt thing.

add to cart
ByTeam Scary Mommy

19 Amazon Purchases Scary Mommy Editors Are Loving In May 2024

Things we've bought on Amazon this month, from our shopping carts to yours.

oh, joy
ByJanine Annett

Great, Now My Shoulder Doesn’t Work

Ah, the unparalleled joys of aging.

here for it
ByKate Auletta

Joan Vassos Named First 'Golden Bachelorette'

The 61-year-old former contestant on the "The Golden Bachelor" will now take on a leading role.

ByDeirdre Kaye

This Dad's "Microfeminism" Is Forcing Other Dads To Plan Playdates

You can stay, sir.

take em or leave em?
BySarah Aswell

A Baby On The Floor At Taylor Swift Concert Raises Questions About Kids At Shows

A picture of a baby in the pit of a Taylor Swift Eras concert in Paris has reignited an old debate.

Hindsight Helps
ByCandace Nagy

I Didn't Plan On Divorce — But If I Had, I Would Have Done These 3 Things Differently

Whenever I get asked for divorce advice, I always share these expert tips.

In Flight Earful
ByMorgan Music

Flier Irritated By Noisy Screens “Would Rather Hear A Baby Crying”

What exactly is the headphone etiquette for kids on planes? Irritated passenger asks TikTok, “AITA?”

makes cents
ByKatie Garrity

Money-Saving Mom Says These Five Things Will Save Your Summer Budget

It doesn't have to cost $100 every time you leave the house.

what's yours is mine?
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Calls For All Toys From Home To Be “Banned” From Playgrounds

She says kids either need to share or leave them at home.

Can't Wait
BySabienna Bowman

Downton Abbey 3 Has Been Confirmed! Find Out Who Is Heading Back To The Manor

Mr. Carson would never spill the tea... but we will.

spicy audiobooks
ByKahmeela Adams-Friedson

The Totally Unexpected Way I Rediscovered My Sexuality

All I needed was a pair of headphones.

Word to the Wise
ByBrianne Hogan

Those TikTok Relationship “Tests” Can Be Fun... & Also Super Toxic

Is the “bird test” for the birds? An expert has thoughts.

I Regret Nothing
ByMorgan Flaherty

My Mom Style Screamed Adam Sandler’s Closet — Until I Found The Viral “Nap Dress”

Consider me influenced.

This Is Fascinating
ByNat Hrvatin

Does Bluey Have Eldest Daughter Syndrome?

A for-real-life eldest daughter looks at the evidence.

times are a changin'
BySarah Aswell

A Mom Shows How Much After-Sports Snack Duty Has Changed Since The '90s

This is so beyond the good old Ziploc bag full of orange slices.

are you ready for it?
ByKate Auletta

Ryan Reynolds Shares Whether Or Not His Kid's Name Is Revealed On Taylor Swift's New Album

The actor and dad got funny and personal on a visit to the Today show on Monday.

ByEmma Coburn

'My Husband Had An Affair With A Drop Off Mom'

In this week’s Confessions roundup, 23 parents vent about play dates, overstimulation, Mother’s Day, and more.

Breaking the cycle

My Toxic Family Thinks I'm The Sh*t Stirrer

Somehow I’m the difficult one.

WT Actual F
ByDeirdre Kaye

Why Did My Mortgage Go Up?! An Expert Explains Why My Payments (& Maybe Yours) Have Spiked

Something to keep in mind as property valuations approach.

Important Reads
ByDeirdre Kaye and Team Scary Mommy

These Books About Body Safety & Personal Boundaries For Kids Are Must-Haves

Add to cart — and then your little one’s bookshelf.

over it
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Says She’s “Unsubscribing” From All Holidays, Including Mother's Day

"Name one man who takes care of all of the holiday preparations for their family."

so very wrong
ByKaty Dulong

My State's Cruel Abortion Laws Made Pregnancy Terrifying

I had a much-longed for pregnancy. And then it all went horribly wrong.

get a grip

Can We Please Stop Worrying About Winning In Youth Sports?

Back in my day, team sports were a learning experience.

fine or over the top?
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Is A Self-Proclaimed "Playground Meddler" Who Will Teach Your Kid “Etiquette”

Her hot take divided internet users.

ByEmily Weaver

Paris Hilton Opens Up About Surrogacy Judgment In Never-Before-Read Book Excerpt

Motherhood — now that’s hot.

ByKatie Garrity

An NBA Star Was Mocked For Missing A Playoff Game For The Birth Of His First Child

Fellow NBA players said he was “crazy” for skipping Game 2.

BySheila Yasmin Marikar

Hillary Swank Had A Feeling She’d Be A Twin Mom

The actor spoke with Scary Mommy about her path to motherhood and her collaboration with Healthy Baby.

Van life
ByMadison Boling

Minivan Moms Are My People

Black SUVs? White SUVs? My people are the minivan moms.

digital age
ByKatie Garrity

This Mom Defends Every Millennial Parent Judged For Always Being On Their Phone

"I'm on my phone [and] my laptop because I have to be."