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The Truth About Breastfeeding Twins

Image via Shutterstock Was it me or was it the twins who did the sucking at breastfeeding? Maybe both. After surviving one adoption, several miscarriages, fifteen rounds of fertility treatment, hellish high-risk twin pregnancy, bedrest with a toddler, and almost dying from postpartum hemorrhage, I certainly knew better than to expect breastfeeding would smoothly. It […]

5 Things I’ve Learned Breastfeeding Twins

Image via Shutterstock I didn’t really find my true commitment to breastfeeding until the day I straggled down from my hospital room to the NICU for my girls’ 6AM feeding. A sweet nurse said this to me: “Your daughter took all two ounces of the breast milk you pumped for the 3AM feeding. Keep it […]

Why I Gave Up My Dream Of Breastfeeding

quit breastfeeding

The long-awaited day arrived after five years of infertility: My twins were born. I always thought I’d breastfeed, but that plan changed when they were born 10 weeks early. I had a couple of friends advise me not to start at all because of how hard it would be to run back and forth between […]